The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 12, 1950 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 12, 1950
Page 11
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FRIDAY, MAT 12, 1950 PAGE ELEVEN - x '* " "fl* v :v ; ©\f SE Missourians Behind on Farms Cloudy Days, Rain ^pelay Corn Planting; Cotton May Be Lost , CAPE GIRARDEAU. Mo., May 12. 11—Fifteen consecutive cloudy clays, with rainfall on ten of the days, are causin? some concern over South- last Missouri crops. Farmers are !«'o and a half to four weeks be- blud in their work. Many farmers have been unable o plant corn because of the heavy "ins. Cape Glrardeau County Agent A. D. Arnhart-sais it has been too wet for farmers to no anything except odd Jobs between showers. Scott County Agent Tom Stroup expressed fear that cotton planted n late April, particularly in the flatlamls, might be lost. Waler is standing on top of fields in many areas of the county. R. Q. Brown, Mississippi County 'Bent, reported somewhat better conditions, nut lie said some planters are afraid the wet weather may cause cotton in low lying areas to rot. requiring new plantings/ Wheat prospects were reported poor in both Cape Glrardeau and Scott Counties. EDSON Continued from Page 8 Bjf. still a factor. Kniral Stump advances arguments in developing the Navy's theory that the carrier is the best weai>o]t: The carrier task "group" as used at the end of World Wa:- II fon- ELstea of three to five carriers maneuvering in a five-mile area. If the carriers are kept at least a mile and a half apart, the group is safe against atomic attack, since only On Missco Farms PROLIFIC PORKER— This little pig set some kind of a record, giving birlh to 20 p'glcts on the farm of V. C. Morrow of Rungcr- ng lle, Tex. . . Morrow, at left is helping to supervise the diilicult feeding operation for (.lie oversize litter. Dry Weather and Insects Take Toll Of Winter Wheat Crop During April WASHINGTON, May 12. (/r)-Dry the Gulf or Mexico, caused addi- weather and insects took a'5150,'- _ „,, „ „„.„ ,,, . 000.000 toll in the winter wheat ticularly peaches. Early planted siig- crop tion last month and prospects to the since 1013. cut produc- lowest level . The Agriculture Department today forecast the crop at about G9D,- 000,000 bushels compared with 76-1,one could be knocked out by an A-bomb'dropped in this area, i - • ~~.,v, u ., A Even this would require penetra- 19 i 3 ' uvi 301,000,000 last year, lion of the carrier defense forces. , 000.000 indicated a month earlier. This compares with 537,000,000 in Surrounding the carriers are rings of cuUcrs and destroyers. A 37-ship task force is capable of delivering over 800,000 rounds, or 155 tons of anti-aircraft fire a minute, at ranges varying from 3000 to 42,003 ':et, • . The carrier task force has its radar screen, extending its warning defense well beyond cruiser and destroyer fire. Also, each carrier has the striking power of its 100 fight- ikes with a range of 7CO miles. «vne 110 U. S. aircraft carriers of all types in the last war, 16 were sunk—none of them in the big Esses class. All of those lost were hit by dive bombers and "kamikaze"— the original guided missile. Calls Carrier "Mobile Airfield" Main attribute of the carrier !s that it is a mobile airfield, capable of moving 2000 miles within 48 hours. Iii any defense of Europe, Admiral stump believes carrier forces would be able to move into the Mediterranean and the Arctic. While operation In close quarters Involves obvious risks, one of the frequently overlooked carrier ad r vantages is that as a target, it sucks in enemy planes and destroys them. In the last war, the Navy claims that the record of enemy planes shot down by carrier aircraft was 18 to one U. S. plane lost. The ratio for land-based planes was seven enemy planes shot down for one allied plane lost. For operations in Asian waters, Admiral stump believes that carrier task forces would be able to ,, . Despite the small crop reserves of 450,000.000 bushels from past big ,. g crops assure the country of plenty / n / ma / *"" mm of grain to meet its domestic and export needs. However, consumers may be affected by higher prices. The decline of this year's prospects already has been reflected in strengthening of prices, which now average slightly above the government price support level. Wheat is not the only crop affected. The department said adverse weather conditions during April further retarded farm work and crop growth, particularly in the northern two-thirds of the country. Frost in April, reaching nearly to move into the Arabian Sea, the Persian Gulf, Bay of Bengal, China Sea and Bering Sea. In the last war, carrier task forces remained at sea' for six months at a time, being supplied by sea. In demonstrations at sea off the Virginia Capes, members of the Civilian Orientation Course saw helicopters,' _ blimps, drone planes, bombers and jet fighters catapulted, taken off and landed on the carrier Philippine Sea. Then by moonlight they saw night attack planes take off and land on the carrier deck. Biggest development looked forward (o by the carrier forces is delivery of the new Douglas prop-Jet planes to the Navy. They are now ll\ production. Use of these new planes will require strengthening of the carrier decks, but they will greatly increase carrier range. IT'S HIRE! No Cranking Full Ball Bearings Throughout n Starts Instantly—Like Turning « Lights On Or Off Includes 100 Ft. of Cord 4 vi - PRICED No Gasoline—No Fire Hazard's v No Skinned or Burned Hands *r» Economical—Average Yard " 0 Costs 2 to 3c Per Cutting. I Light Weight '(Approximately 35 Lbs.) 0 Very Low Initial Cost Minimum of Maintenance 'U Anyone Can Use It—Women Particularly. Now on Display at Severas Dealers in BlyHieville and vicinity. Ask for Free Demonstration ARKANSAS GROCER CO. Fxc/usfve Distributors tional dnma; and weatlier. ;e to fruit crops, par. . -'lies. Early planted sug- ir beets and alfalfa have been dam- retarded by freezing Tlie department said seeding of pring wheat — which normally makes up about a fourth of the vhcat production—has been seri- msly delayed in the important Minnesota-Uakota-Montana area. CHICAGO--W)—A catalog advertising a buifalo, a giraffe. 1111 antelope and other animals for sale w;is delivered to C. Otto Rucss. It was addressed to C. Otter Ruess. WARNING ORDEn D. SANTI and N. ANDREOM. DBA .SANTI and ANDREOLI, Pitts. vs. THE E. O. BUIAIAN MANUFACTURING CO., INC., and STAJSTLEY FLORA AGENT, Dfts. BEN T. MAYS, Garnishce MISSISSIPPI COUNTY CIRCUIT COUHT, CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT The defendants, E. O. Butnian Manufacturing Co., Inc., and Stanley Rlora, Agent, are warned to appear in the Circuit Court of Mississippi County, Arkansas, Chickasawba District, within thirty days and answer the complaint of the plaintiffs, D. Santi and N. Anclre- oli, dba Santi and Antlrcoii. my hand, as clerk of said court, and the seal thereof, on this 27 day of April, 1950. HARVEY MORRIS, Clerk By Ruth Magee, I3.C. 4-28 5-5il2;19 by County Agent Keith J. BHbrry A Ilatl Dream? I can't pet over the large crowd that Allan Kline drew at Osccola last week. I finally rode to Osccola with Mr. Lynch in a new car that needed a few extra miles on it. He drove at a speed necessary for new cars and when we arrived there was no place to park within blocks of tlie school. Then, by the time we walked to the high school'therc was no place lo park ours either. I think we got the last two seals in the gymnasium. Mr. Kline sure ruptured my dream boat. He says there is no such thing as a guaranteed security or "security by law." I had Jiopes that they would soon pass a law that would put all fat county agents on a pension. I thought maybe they would see that it is dangerous for me to work, as Im; as I am, and with al! the heart trouble around. And besides, I am a big consumer. Some folks say tliat we need to eat, more so we would not have' surpluses to bother with. Well, anyway, it is confusing. Mr. Kline says that the standard of living will go up In America just as fast as we increase our production per man and that we can earn security by working nnd production—not by law. I notice the papers n»oting President Truman as saying. "What this country needs is the Drannan Plan." Well, r am thankful that the people still have some authority in deciding what kind of farm program this country needs. I still have faith hi the mass thinking of the American people. It will always be belter than liic thinking of a few sclf- npjxiintcd leaders or dictators like some countries have. Missed the Hnaf Last week while I was predicting to yon through this column that you might have trouble with cutworms in the garden, literally thousands of them were hatching out in alfalfa, vetch and our clover in Mississippi County. Armyworms, too. were appearing in great numbers in small grain crops. These worms caused heavy losses In tills county last year, so let this be a warning to you If you have any of the above mentioned crops on your farm. Two pounds of actual toxa- phene per acre should control these worms. If you have small Infested plots or want to protect a few rows of row crop alongside alfalfa or vetch: use a Paris green-bran bait — 4 pounds of Paris green, 100 pounds bran, and enough water, all thoroughly mixed to make a moist crumbly mass. 100 pounds of this (dry weight) bait will effectively FOR SALE State Certified DPL No. Ib Blue Tag Cottonseed 80% Germination OGDEN SOYBEANS 8D% Germination EARL MAGERS Dell. Arkansas Phone 2S11 or 2161 For Sower-cost general-purpose hauling— NEW INTERNATIONAL L-1BO Series TRUCKS -PutyEhg/nsersef IP SAVE YOU MONEY' • Comfo-Vision Gi!>—"roomiest cab on the road" • Silver Diamond vnlvc-in-hcad engine proved for power and economy ^ • " U SS«1 'i-spccd Synchro shift transmission •Single-reduction or 2-spccd hypoid-gcar rear axles for long, trouble-free performance • Faster-stopping Prcs-scop brakes; easier -riding Cradle-action springs • Steel-flex frames huilt to take heavy loads and rough roads • 37° turning angle, shorter wheclbascs for greater maneuverability * >olson five acres. County Fair I understand that the folks In nit' 11 hi; ill a, , he I.eachville Press, among others, around Leachville are making attempt to hold a county fair is (all. It would ue held just pre- ious to the District Fair at Blyttic- ille. Mr. Walklns, vocational ;achcr, and Qlcn Pierce, editor of <rc promoting the idea. These men would appreciate a word of encouragement from you, He Careful Many farmers arc ouyuig anhydrous ammonia storage tanks and factor appilcating equipment. I .nought Corbctl Stockton of Cole Ridge was smart when he asked me f he could use iiis thousanct-cnlloii nhydrous ammonia tank to store iropanc in this winter and use for icating in his home. 1 Inquired of other people who might know If delegation will visit the station and sre their livestock nnd pasture program, ilalanrrd Farming r like Ihe way M. K and Earl Brownlce of uell are funning. I visited (hem Tuesday and I found a lot of Duroc hogs belly deep in white clover. You know Ihe ptgs looked good. They could not look otherwise on a full feed and white clover pas- lure. In an adjoining pasture the while face steers looked just as contented. Also, on the farm I found 40 acres of hairy vetch being saved for seed and to come nearer Insuring a good seed production they had paid some beekeeper to place several hives of bees'in the vetch field. Sucli Weather One week I talk about Irrigation and Ihe nest week about drainage. I wonder it I am causing these dry spells followed by floods? I used to think most farmers should keep a team of mules to run water furrows with, if for no oilier reason. Maybe we can dn away with these "hay burners" now. I saw a his was feasible and they said. 'No. no!— The person making such use of a tank Is risking grave danger with carbon monoxide poison- Ing nnd its use Is tiot to be recom- iicndcd." The State Boiler Inspector said, "Anhydrous storage tanks •ati be used to store propane only iVbere the propane is to be used entirely for tractor operations/' Looks like Mr. Stockton was smart lo find out before he endangered the lives of his family this winter. I.ivi'Slnrk KxjHTirmMit Station Mr. Chandler, assistant county igent. will take 4-11 Club delegates to the Livestock Experiment Sta:ion Visiting Day this week. Several boys from the Promised Land, Gos- •lell nnd Leachville clubs plan to itlcrid. The following week, May ID, is adult visiting clay for North MIs- County. I hope a good farm- PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed Best Prices Kirby Druq Stores Our Telephone Number 4438 Shelton Motor Co. ., . - n iroiiie I nvilcKfr, Ix; snfc H ;i|, i| lo «» fur this new IxM.klol prepared by ih K | t . n ,],, r ;„ Jhe field, The Kquilnblo .kite Assurance Society. TERRY ABSTRACT & REALTY CO. 213 W. Walnut Phone 2381 Btytheville seals in the leaves seals out the rain The Rolo-Baler rolls the windrow into a bale with leaves wrapped inside, protected from (he rain. To feed it simply unroll the hale ... and you have the hay just as il waa in the field — soft, leafy, with the color and protein still there. i Rolled bales shed rain like a thatched roof. They store compactly, will not buckle, may be unrolled or fed whole in the open feed rack. The ON15.MAN ROTO-BALER is priced for home ownership. Stop in and talk to us about a Roto- Baler for your farm. ( PLUS CHALMERS^ V^ S<UFS AND SFAVICf / In 1, 'all In Ji loll '•/n up tat itotagt '•m our loi Utdiny Paul Byrum Implement Co. -ensus Taker Has Easy Time in Squaw Brook SQUAW BROOK, Me., May 12. OF, -The census laker didn't even have ) knock on n door lo count Squaw Brook's entire population. The 13 residents saw him coming -aboard n Canadian Pacific Ifail- •ay track motor car. Enumerator Rolnml Russell of nrownvlllc Junction traveled 32 inles with railway men on the scooter" to reach Uie two-house •llderness comlnunlty. The men here arc railroad sec- IOM hinuls. Nine of the residents ire Larsons—Mr. nnd Mrs, Lllrsoil Hid their seven children. Ford tractor running water furrows through water holes yesterday where you would not want to send * team of mules. Why the tractor :lid not get stuck, I do not know. I saw tills operation on Mr. Mooncy's farm at Dell. I had heard before thai-these tractors were a wonderful tool to make water furrows with. Now I have seen, and approve. TURN YOUR GRAIN into PULLETS Teals al Ihe Purina Research Farm show thai birdi can ilart laying 1 '/j months sooner and la y up to 2 1 more egcj» per blid by 32 weeks o| age — whenth«y gel a balanced growing ration. Purina Chowder Will Do th« Job Aim for those extra tarly fall eggs when prices are highlit by lolling us grind your grain and balance il with Purina Chowder, tl takes so Hllle Chowder per bird la balance you? grain lo grow big w»ll-d*v«l« > oped pullets for early laying. Lei us mix a LAYING RATION Xc*p 1h» eggi coming, Mabt your grain a balanctd laying jarJon wllh... PURINA CHOWDER CONCENTRATE Let us mix a -, HOG RATION Your grain pi op*My balanced wllh Purina Hog Chow male** a top-nolch hog growing and fal(»n1ng ration. PURINA HOG CHOW CONCENTRATE YOUR STORE WITH THE CHECKERBOARD SIGN 4493—Telephone—4493 L. K. Ashcraft COMPANY 122 East Main Phone 4404 MOTHER'S DAY Sunday, May 14 • PanRhurn's Candies • Corday Cologne • Airmaid Nylon Hosiery And .Many Other Inexpensive Gifts BARNEY'S DRUG West Alain GASOI.INK — TRACTOR FUEL — KBKOSENB FUE1, Oil. — DIESEL KUE1, OIL & GREASE G. 0. POETZ OIL CO. 2089—Phone—2089 Office: llfi W. Walnut Bulk Plant: Promised I,and Arkof 2-1 Cotton Seed Produced Ijy University of Arkansna Experiment Sin. BREEDERS SEED Available to Arkansas Growers Extremely early in fruiting and matures quick. Harvest 65 lo SO per cent of crop at first picking. High fin turn out. Staple: 1-1/U2 lo 1-5/32 inches. Three-year average al Delta Substation 712 pounds lint per acre. Other production rcrords In 1919: At Marianna — 892 pounds per acre; Al Mope—628 pounds per acre; In Craighcud County—722 pounds per acre. Uig boll. Predominately five-locked. Easy picked by hand or machine. Seed arc of high germination. Sec Your Ginner or RAY F. PRICE 1M West Walnut Blytheville, Phone 2271...Long Distance 13 A.rk. ANHYDROUS AMMONIA Don't lake less than Hie btsl! We can supply the rertlliier and apply It the way the Job should be done, lor prompt service call 6581 or J38a. Lowest Applicating Prices Available. SCRAPE & WEIDMAN Agricultural Service South ISU RMhc

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