The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 2, 1933 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 2, 1933
Page 3
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MONDAY, OCTOBER S, 19P.3 BLYTHEV1LLE. (AUK,) COURIER NEWS PAGfr ' UNJUST Fast-Flying Roscoe Turner Roscoe Turner Is Mississippi Farm Boy With aj Tusle (or Gas Engines. ! BY PAUL HAItUISON SKA Service \Viitcr NEW YORK.— The world's fJV- long-distance flyer, who 'spans the continent in less tinu than t ' average man takes for a Sunday j i-; real in^ fel- Osceola Society — Personal Beginning of Voyage to End of Earth spoocl pin no, lias traveled across the continent in linu 1 l^ian any other living bein^. Freak Hand Helps Expert Make Rig Siam Doubled Today's Contract Prob'lem TTEIUI'S a band ilial employ:, the triple squeeze to five odd in spades. Can >ou dn it? It's South's contract lor four Miiides. \Vest opi^na a cluli wliieh Ha^t holds with the jack, returnir-K a spade. Wlu-n Kast was in again wi;h the nee of hearts, 1st did not return a diamond, but led a heart, and this is the play that enables South lo make ibe triple squeeze. North. 4J8 ^K65! « A 9 7 A K 0 5 3 Hast: A 6 V A S 7 3 * Q ) 0 B 5 4.AJ97 South: 4AKQ703:! ^Qi » K4 2 +2 West: * 10 91 V J 10 6 . +JE3 * Q ! 0 S -! Solution in next issue. 'i west cards, hand. Tin j'.:ncitng wilii one spade. Mr. Mil! k-r made a n^iuivi 1 double. Wl'.en drive out into the country, ly just a >:iow and low after all. Up above the cloii'js. spc-iding j along at 300 miles an lv:;ir. lr: | thinks Mly about how good that' leisurely e.iicken dinner is going to taste pretly soon. And on the ground— "On the ground." drawbd Co!- J onel Rosco? Turner in what is of his Mississippi ncc'.'nt. "! reckon i I'm as deliberate a guy as you ever did SEC. "Oh, I work, fill vi°hl. And 11 keen busy. Hut 1 take my time'— see? I'm a specialist in whav i-: known as. makin' haste slowly." He yawned prodigiously and settled his 210 pounds fn:o t':o bl«-. Rest chair in his Coney Island ho- Col. Roscoe Turner, shown above '.vaving from ihe co te) room. He closed bis ?ves. srnoolhed down his briaht blue military coat, and composed himself as if for a nap. 1'rctiy soon, though, he continued: YEAKK OF PREPARATION "Take this new record I just made, hoppin' from the ccasl lo New York in ten hours and five minutes. That sounds pretty fasl, doesn't it —yes. sir. that's pretty- fast . . . Kinda makes the covere-J wagons look sick, and all that . . . But you know, actually. I sp?nt five years makin' that fliglit! That doesn't sound so fasl. doss it? Some ]>eople could probably push a, peanut from coast to coast in thai lime." What the handsome flyer really meant, of course, was that he had been trying for trie record oft and on ft;- five years. Some attempts wre not successful, but much cf the time was Spent in slowly and carefully figuring out each detail that might make the reeord possible. Now that he holds tr.e mark lor transcontinental flying in both directions, he Isn't going to ill? trouble of trying to lov.-ei- them himself. Not v.ntil somebody else makes a faster trip will Turner ease himself into the single cockpit of his golden racing monoplane and (ry- to better the time. It was.- prettyT.Mrs.' Carline Turner, who' drove across the country in an automobile to meet her band. who told the most about what a leisurely sort of person he is. "People who are just getting to know Roscoe are never abb f> understand how he could be the man who goes dashing around in air races," slse said. "Flyers as a rule, you know, are crazy about parties nnd dancing and siwrls. They're never still a minute, and lots of them never have even gon? to the trouble of establishing a home. ''We've got n house in Lcs An*- geles, though. And Roscoe won't stir out of it except when lie's working. He's got a favorite corner, with a big chair and an ottoman, and there he sits. He doesn't maintain an office, so he Bets lot- of telephone calls at home. There's an extension telephone in every room of the place, and even at the of his Congressman \V. J. Driver will i address members of tile Osccnla! IWorm-ns 1' club at Hit 1 ' opening mi-fling of tin 1 flub year: Tctsdisy. Hos'.t-.^'.c.s for tin- after-i nccn will bo Mcsdnmr-s Ocorgr Abu'V, H. C. llryiin, W. R. Dyfss. Harry Brooks, A. II. Bim-h anil; H. G. Handy. i Mrs. L. 1,. X'andt-rvoorl of Chicago, \vlia is hero for a visit wlihi her diiui'hliT, Mrs. Hale Jackson,: untl Mi. Jackson, was co:n])liinciH- (•(I wlu-n Mr.s. Jiraxton Bras;u t-n- IcrUilncd uventy frlen'.l.s at an evening bridge party. lliph score prl/.es were w-oii in the order named by Mrs. Hnl^ Jackson, Mr.s. Jntnc.s Dtivi-r and Mrs. R. S. Wilson Jr., and M;s. Vaiuiervoort was presented a I chtumini; t; favov. ey4y Jane Driver, .small daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Urivi-r Jr.. was Hie guest of honor at i • delightful afternoon paiiy ccle- her ^ec3!ld biilhitav when her grandmother, Mrs. W. J. Driv- I'lil^ilaincd twi-nly-lou" Email friends of the honori'c at | I'.er home here Thursday nfli-r- noon. 'Ihe mi(-Ms arriving found an array of toys which amused them for an hour or more, after which >rrs. Driver look moving ]>lclim'S. Tllul , l|av n(l(>mooll to , lc . r lwo Dirty and the guests. who- t , ibu , b ;., d| . c c ^ n[jd ai , ,.„,,.„ B»ptUti at Luxora Reeled Their Ofticebl LUXORA, 'Ark.r-The mftnt»w| of the Baptist church here hid I their anhusl church electtan yesterday. The following officers, wert reclecled: Sunday school superior tendent, Prank Andrews; assist- I tmi S. 8. superintendent,, J, M. I Majors; church citric, Rodney An- [ dn'.ws; treasurer, B. O. Wilklha; a r Istant treasurer, Sidney Ev&ns. I Dr. and Mr.s. R. A. Ktmbrough, Sldwy Evans, J. I. Miltlln and, I VI P. Frozler were elected dele-J nates to the district association which will meet at Reiser Tue.s- iday. Roland Andrews Wins Honor at ClarkiViUe LUXORA, Ark.—Roland ilrcws, freshman at the College of the Ovarks at Clarksville, has I already achieved scholastic honors. He » p as.'plnced In the "class] | AA" group of freshmen and was • the only member or the fresh-1 mun football lenm • to achieve .this I ilutc. The group ol one hundred I :nul twenty freshmen were given I Intelligence tests In order to clas- [ slfy them In various groups and! only twenty were placed In "classj A." HIT ho:i! bulging with scii'nlltk- i-miipiunil. the M-yeiu'-olcl staler The Hear of Oakland, .supply ship ot Armmil Hicluird 1-:. Hyid's Soinh 1'tilar i-xnedliion, [mils out ol log-bound Boston hmbor on the of IILM- inns voyage lo Lltilc Ammca. Conununder of the ship Ls-Capltiln H. A. V. t'ngllsh of the United States Nuvy, :;honn In inset. !he . were then seated in kindergarten chairs around tire dining room to- llable' of Biicsts, the giiesu Includ- of her bridge chib to-j teituinvd wllli n dinner party! tt-thcr with Mrs. Frank Williams. 1 comj'lluiemuiK Mrs. Htarr'.s futlier, STAIN LE! Stint formu)*-Stme , price. InontjMl fo*m, toe... if you pnftr. and played the liiddill;; Mrs. O. E. Massenglll nnd Mrs.'Mr. B. A. Cox, on the occasion of tie lowered lo a height comfort- »|"f "''I' "1.=: S'Nir'f 'c^W W " "' """""I*" 1 ' Mrs '-, •>«><><''!»" »»rtl,d.y. ab'e for the tvo-lo four-year-old I t, '' , I. £' , >.,,', Drlvcr won high score prize and The gucslt, Included H. E. Flet- U.£uPink r^fobovf and 1 W ^\* U ? ^' 1. L - wl °^ lS IV ««• W "'""" s vm "*" M^Uer. Charles I, Drake, R. D. I blue for ihe girls !«1 from'a Jack !,. *!. la '..± k A '.^ K ^ *!!!, nC ',,,°. r : l'^- Thlgpen. K. H. Smith, lien But. Morner Pic in (he center of the j S table to each child's place and re- ! | vealed delightful favors. There! i were refreshments of ice cream, lB«o« club pto an I M,s i ^ ,, ' , , ' bun boils, gingerbread men I animal crackers, and while r.m Mrs. Ed L. tr,<:ml)crs of her :. F. A. White entertained j members of her two table bridge . club Thursday afternoon \vithMrs. uinn entertained I c ; llb Thursday afternoon. Mrs. 6.! McElvaln. two table bridge v Mnssenslll won h!?h score club - ler, T. W. Potter. J. E. Montague, ' 8. M. Hodges. E. M. Jatfe, J. D. Smith, S. L. Oladish, and Ralph FOR SEVERE COLDS South, a de:.ic-r. opened the con- i if;1 ied n:ound tlie table the chil-| Bl ' n Butler and Mr.s. James Driv- ' Solution to Previous Contract Problem •W! double o'ie major, yon tell partner that you hold .strength in ,:ie other major. Over the bid ot on? spade, North went lo three spades. This demands that, if his uavtner holds a minimum and a ; lour-card suif. he should respond I .vilh three No Trump, while it ;l.c holds a five-card suit he should 1 bid four spartw. Any other bid j on the part of South would be ! constructive and considered us a ! r.lld slam try. i East passed and ovc-r Llic- three ! sp.Kles, Soulh bid four diamonds. II'-. Miller in Hit West then bid ! I'oar hearts rnd North bid five I diamonds. East passed again and ; S--!Uth bid five hearts to show nq ' icsios. hearts. Remember- T he. .feilii i linn lie hand is perfectly, .safe'-.lit • live spades. West, of course, passed the live hems and North went to six dia- mwids. His partner had invited a Idien were shown moving pictures j cl ' I taken two vi-z^ ago al the party guests besides the ' club pri?j? and Mrs. Charles Rote high guest prize. - i Members of the Prer.byterirm which celebfiilud the first birth-! Mrs. Rutler was winner of high • Ladle. 1 ; Auxiliary will msd" Mon-l ni "l day of Ciias. Lov:rance III in; store "club- prize. ( ] r .y adernoon at 3 o'clock at the ! l° r many of Peggy Jane's guests | . ;_ .-<-). • |, 0 , ne O f M)S . c. B. Driver »'heh' Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Fletcher and Ihelt- small son have returned from Wi'.it Point, Mks., where they have lived for the past y«ir 111 be at home In Osceola while. appeared. The motion Mrs: 1'. J. Sennnes enlertalned plciure screen re-! her two table club Mrs. D. Mrs. W. D. Burkctt of Basselt, iccretary of foreign missions of Don't Let Coiutipation moved, revealed multicolored ball- j F. Taylor jr., nnd Mr.s. W. E.' the Arkansas Presbyterial. Will Fill IOU With oon.s henped high 'on the side- ' Johnson us extra gnesis Thurstlny conduct, a lesson In "'Hie Mls-| ' Consfipallon allows pclsons to u.onrt!, v.-hieli were ilLslrlbnled afternoon. Mrs. H. L. Driver won iionaries' Ancestry." study text pile up In the bowels and makes among the children. Peggv Jane j high M-ore prize. i which the Auxiliary will use this J°u '«i >ick- M lh« ririi ( received many charming iifts. | > » ' i winter. . I ^•C.'iiL'iSSS.T r * ^ • • Miss Evn. Monlasiic was hostess n * " , | ttlptd ttioujfccds uf m«n »nd Mr.s. C. L. Drake was liostc-ss to tux-h'c e»'t-Ets which included Mr. nnd Mrs. Harlnn Stnrr t-n- 1 Icsut on . BLACE-DRAUQHT. LIFE Where your dollar ia always Bafely invested:' the best estate 1 to leave your loved ones. All modern forms at low n o n - pajlicipatinu rates. Our now low rule ordinary rate for business men will interest you. A talk with W. M. BURNS, Agent Jefferson Standard Life Insurance (k>.. will convince you. UY W.M E. MrKENNEY Svttet.iiy, Arncrirau Rritl^e League \ Preal: dist'-ihntion presents al- j vfvys a bidding problem in con- j tract, 'liie problem hand oiterect j .11 the piitedln^ article shows tlu 1 trill \vith which expert players figure out oach bid in order to ar; ve at th? Ipphcsl ixisslble con- i'-act witii ^LCurity. Here V-r of how Mr. RMph A. M"ii- j incjsiuiti. liolriin" the , dining room table. Roscce talks his way through almost every meal." . Turner's weight (he is larger than any otTicr famous sliced flyer) is a handicap, bui he can't b: botliered about reducing. Mrs. Ti.rner has tried to interest him in riding, golf and tennis, but t :ey just don't interest him. Sh? likes to play bridge, but he thinks games of any kind are only too much wasted energy, when one ol his personal friends is starred in a film, he'll consent to go to the movies: otherwise he walks out after the newsrecl. TEACHES MOVIE STARS Most of Turner's income is derived from charter flying—that is. taking motion picture executives and stars about s.iid Mrs. Turner, "and I remember him lelling me 'hat Ipts cf tinier he'd get pretty discouraged wiih Roscoe—figured lie was too slow ever to get any place. As a kki. he liked to f!y kites because after you got a kite up in the air you csnld jusi );r- down and w.itc..'. it. He puttered around with motors, too. His Minor said to me: 'That boy never cared about anything thai didn't burn gasoline and make noise.' Once he worked hard on the farm for quite a long sSretr-h and l:'.e family thought maybe he'd reformed. But he <iL<:- ! "••"'h. appointed them by iakin» the ' r! ' : - s money. Iw'd made and buying A A KJ 10 75 V None. « K J 10 S 7J 4 C a .','am without the ace nnd qu?en of diamonds and the tuicen of si:?dcs. therefore iic had a perlect i-feht to go io six diamonds to riiow the diamond suit ns prac- t:ci lly solid. Knsl decid?,l lo lake a sacrific; :c-.d bid six Itfaris. At that South v.-i'it lo six =p:idr.s c'nd K"ir. f.Iillei :.; ihe We?' fully iniending to • •Ac- r: sncrifire. r.s he fell that hi" side cou-.i! no: stop the siM .'::ad? contrac'.. bid seven hearts F;i l "jembcr. his side was no: vui- and In could not be Innt niotorcyclo. country 0*1 flights. He knows most of them, is awed by non; of them, and unconcernedly declines to iuduig= in their mode of hectic life. He taught Ben Lyon to fly. and has •-•iven lessons to Bebe Daniels and Robert Montgomery. The latter is one of Turner's best friends because he likes to =il down with a tall glass of soinelhing-or-olher nnd talk about aviation. Montgomery gave him the SIC gold piece that lie carries as 'a luck charm. "Don't get the Itlea that I'm— er—unsocial." said Turner, yawning again. "We have a lot of people over to the house at nights, where \ve can sit s:ill and talk and have a good time. Another I like to do is plav with my lior We keep him right near the house. "When he went into the army, j ho just naturally got into aviation. • Ar.d nq\v he's very serious about ( speed drvclopmenl; likes to work; on planes himself and try out new ] tricks in streamlining. Being d?libcrate about everything, and p'hnnin^ every little detail, is xv-hat n tikes iih nerves and coordination si goo.! I guess. As things are. Im the one who do^s ihe worry- iig. and not much of it at that." N'crti: doubled and. of fosirsc. the h;;nd makCo sevtM j hi arts doubled All Mr. Miller hac Copyright. ISM. NBA Service. Inc.) Get Rid of Malaria! Chill* and Fever! To conquer Malaria, you must do •>o Ihinrjs. (II Destroy the In- Ci.:.on i'l llio bleed. (2) Build up ie blool (o overcome the eftccts iiJ to fortify ajainst further also I can go over and see him often, ("ck. There is one medicine that His name is GTImore, and he's tour ?cts these two things and that Is years old and wcigos 500 pounds Clove's Tasteless Chill Tonic! The We kinda cuff each other around. Useless quinine in Grove's Tastc- 't's fun." jcsa Chii; Tonic destroys the ma- The Turners have been married Mm! infection li: the blood while exactly nine years. He's 38 and we iron buildj up the blood. Thou- the oldest of the speed (lye:-: in-i'Sims nf people have conquered cidenUilly. too. Ihe only cne of al Malaria with ihc aid of Grove's 5c - lOc - 15c BORUM'S the racing pilots who i'as nevo- cracked up a ship (business o earnestly knocking wood). Both h< »nd his wife lived originally in s Co; Inlh, Miss., but they weren't friend until they met tr.erc again ten year- ago. STUniED MOTORS AS BOY "ROfCoe's father was n farmer -.cless Chill Tonic. In addition .o being a noted remedy for Maii 1 ., il is also .tn excellent tonic cf general use. Grove's Tasteless Chiil Tonic is pleasant to take and contains nothing harmful. Even children like It and they can take wifely. For sale by al! stores. —Adv. 4 At The Home Of The Mao Clinic i:\ochester.' Minn.) (lie health ol- :i ir. Dr. D. C. Lockhend. recently -rd in a statement through the prcf.s, "We in the health depart- triint arc concerned about milk f'i in t\\o angles. Because it is the lK>st food obtainable, we \vant to see it cons' vimed in great quan- I ties, nnd because of tlie possibility of Us spreading dise.ise. we wnnl to knoiv that our local supply is produced under nil the refinements of production commercially [jossiblc and that it be pas- inor:»d so tbat ue c.iri j;u.\rantff it site." Telephone No. 7-4 Beinicll's milk ii safe — it's properly ways in Of all the tobacco is used the cigarette is the mildest form Y OU know, ever since the Indians found out the pleasure of smoking tobacco, there have been many ways of enjoying it. But of all the ways in which tobacco is used, the . cigarette is the mildest form. Another thing—cigarettes are about the most convenient smoke. All you have to do is strike a match. Everything that money can buy and everything that science knows about is used to make Chesterfields. The right home-grown tobaccos—seasoned with just enough aromatic Turkish — are blended and cross- blended the Chesterfield way. Then the cigarettes are made right —firm, well- filled. Chesterfield uses the right kind of pure cigarette paper. There are other good cigarettes, of course, but Chesterfield is the cigarette that's milder, the cigarette that tastes better. Chesterfields satisfy — we ask you to try them. (Jhesterfield ^^^^•^^^^ - l» «. -.' _/ ^.LA..-. tf.1^ ^+Jj. » •¥¥ T^T?1> Bennett's Dairy the cigarette thats MILDER the cigarette Il«trr fc M , j i J f ', I

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