The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 15, 1947 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 15, 1947
Page 5
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TUESDAY, JULY 15, 1947 GOP Proposes New Committee Close Check Urged On All Applications For Loans to Europe .BY KI;X OIAXEY Unitcd I'rfss Staff Corrcsjinmlonl WASHINGTON, July 15. (UP) — House Rcpub!lro.n -leaders expect Hie projected sp3c|:' com:nlKec uu loreien relief needs (o to one of .„,,.., t , HIE "slroiificst" congressional Russian nolle v groups ever cientcd. It was Icaru- for the better cd today. BL;YTHEVILLE (ARK.V COURIER NEWS 'A.' si lit . nfcing •HepubMcnn deiramls for assistance fro:n Eur- oj:i*an iKUions promised to b« £0 1'fVvy iiiut to continue fcr so lon-.j llvit only a sDccsilly-ercuicd committee \ IjiwHl j;o\vers couicl perfrrm !he r«Ulc!|Mtcd -'isk. j The decision to osfib!lsh a sp?- Fult-ScaleWar On Propaganda Of Reds Urged WASHINGTON, July 15. (UP) — I!:-irold E. -Stnsson. n ccnlencler for I he 1048 Republic)-!! presidciithl nc:nipcition, Is calling for « "well IhotiRlit out. effective pi-ogi-m" to <le!i!on",KUc to Russia that '•.Ccxmrittiii.--'..? crvnnot succetvfu.'ly sabotage the American svstem." Tlio ex-poi-ein-JM'. ol Minnesota, who recently inter.viev.-cd Premier Jcief ev.illn ( i,t the Kremlin, Mid would not clianjo until etnltn <nvl ether meiubrij-s of (ho i-olitiiiro • - -~ — • fire convinced tihivl country iir'Riu-3 to ftny significant in- filti-Rlion bv Communists. sen. w-lio outlined his views n '.lio address (»BC) Inst i nl<thl, r'r-i h'rf;Wy rii-'oisod tl-.c vl-'.'.-.'ibiill Pli"i for aid t-i Em-ope. • i !''• I''-' discussion on Commnn- ocmmutc? .'--> oatalcsue U. S. ism. Stis'd, r.-id noven-mcnt c- ri"-:.R and determine foreign re- i,or.!s shewed t.hal 40 n-r -cut of nef nerds was reached at a GO?, known enrolled party ncn-b-Wirr sIcerlnR crvramKee meeting l.ils in Now York. unltinc. t'l-i ,,'',, j'OF'enlav ^'lor J—--.'etl .•'ebal/.v | ir-.poVs t.';s "CHUT of O-'ii-um With ,thc COP leadeir'iin tcihintl 1st. nr-Uv-: y ; : , t.-« Oniicd "W^e"" .the co"nuitlce's is rrrtiiii. The only real question Is wrn will b«i on it,. The 'Rcpub'!- cvn lender snici Snenker Jc.-.-'-.'i W. IVf'Tl'n. Jr.. could bi^ expected to mine , snv! "l-ard-headc;l mciii- \inrs who wiV, go to the cere of He nrectl President Truman .„,„ G~v. Thorn n-i E. Dowcy lo work, nut, n coordinated, hi-p-n'tiran prn- Pix?tn to c'-^ir in i-his "Coivniunist renter." And lie listed (he follow- ii-r r!e])i for c-rv—nv.nt C ffi- FCT All the-World to See IT'S HERE! WARDS As n means of curbing Ircqncnl Iralllc law offenders, a l.os Angeles jiicluc lins uivcn recipients (if Iranie lickels a choice- jail for live days, or .1 sticker, sayinj! "Ti-allic Violator," on their cars for a month. Above, Worm Garrison, who chose Ihc slicker, watches police Lieut. Hubert A. Wood apply one of the bhck-and- ycllow "brands" to his car. "-i private is who seek to C---.IKII . 1. '"Exncfr. thorouelily t!io idc.iil- il.v of nil known Co.-' m i;nists o.;id fcll?v. p travelers." S'^sscn c iicl S r.)i» ncwsivBcra -had '^ineic "an - dhcv I f: 2. "Insist t.tvi *-d br cnnnted i nrt 1-ide i)-'-.i m i M^ fronts. '••" p.-'me.s or fiilse i c snrs." 3. Trnwaitc them viijnroiislv fnr hc;r vi'-'atlcns of tile taw. mnk- i"i <;erlaln Mi it l.he are nr,t, nl- 4. , qUarCV> economic or Chnirniiin Clerics A Eaten, R., N. J., of l-lin Home Foreign Affairs coirmlttcc and Rep. Ohri.i- Hpn A Hcrtrr H.. Mass.. wer^ 'ns- .•^iened key roles in drawing up IcjfslMirn to Create Ihe spe^ fonnnitleo. Hnrtr.r prevlnrsly had Hnnrorc-i a bill in csU'clis'i such n ccmmittcc but tl was i?t aside 'If>in^cnrVv when II I'on objected th^t, il wcu-'fl cn^rcarh CTI d-io preserve of f,!i2 Pjreign Affairs Committee. Eatim Changes IMincl Eaton -.was won over by t.'ic st'crin" cormiittce when it was •nr^ur-d l-'-at t-!'o jrft \vas too bit; Siandlc. When the Herter b^l first cnn-,o up fr r disnisslonl-i 'Repub- lioiin councils sonio weeks ai?o it rreat-d ruih i» s'ir t:r?-t t-he -?n•tire GCP mc-n-bershin of the For- eieii Affairs Coniniitice Uireate]i- ec] lo rcsipn. Tl-e srcrial con^re'-s-rr.vil cc-Jll- mittec will hi pfr.V^T to. an-,1 prestTr-bly will work in ccirimc:- ti^n \vi!-h. thrrs snrcial '••>m,iniUce r > er^-led -»" J"-rs^;eiit Trun:an lo ir^kn s^ilf- studies. The Rcp"b'in n - p'--i to set im tile sur"" foreien offaivs c^inirit- tne in I'-e House dnvulcpcd after TJcp. Fvpro 1 '', M. Dirk.=nn. R., JY.. I 1 ?/! crT f'eri conoidcrr-oln t r 'lk with • a rrooo.-nl t-o prcJiibit. nr^."rri-u or ^Ll'.er^inc- to ^.tions which '<lo iwt rirli-inatc m t-'ie Marshall -Plan for EurcptiTi "C- covrry. St-^lc Dcp?Ttment ofliciils op-j pescd mv Vongr'-Fsin.-^i b^n <m Hp/cno Officer Diec .->'d to Fr-^cific foreign countries.! **»«?» said a c^nrre^sio'Tal nTn- Change Urged In Act Curbing Labor Unions WASHINGTON, July 15. (Ul>) — £en. Robert A. Tail, R., o.. co- ri'ind up author of tlic Tart-Hartley ] n w •that, tliey recommended loday thnt the new inbor eommiiiee :iiu- dy the advisability of crmneing the laws restrictions on political activity by labor unions At the same time, he declared his opposition to the pending Aiken- restrictions to Bive*iinious a irjc • LETTERS TO THE EDITOR Americ?n social t'cal i-ifhto." 5. "Ds n-t liehtlv charse of 'Ccmn-.unisf ne imlc'-, \ve arc c'.'idr-nc?." acians! Taft told a reporter he object to allowing union newspapers to would "bona com- the cians! ,.„„.certain of "' O11 campaign candidates and j issues. He said he would object, I however, to allowing obje union to Julv 15. .. ... . (UP) pn| gn literature. «,m,'"h r t ?v£?"\ "o 1 ! J " S w Ol "' Hc s "SB«tcd that uuion neivspa-. n,H i w < . n CTl< ' ls "' 1 Mc '"- I )c '-s mlelH be allowed to 'ake » dn,n-,ter ,-t, th= hosn ,i " ° s W!S «>™>arkcd for The b,b, ,,rn yesterdav. . nd •iib'ishcr C-jnrlei 1 -News: Wi'.'.i Llic very sijlcndltl publicity Kiven nil;- nx-cnl X-ray clinic by joio paper. 1 feel licit' a spec ! .nl Ir'.tci of thanks is (-::a very l<:\st we cr'i cio to sho.v cur np- |:m-i:U:cn for tlie coopcrnllcn we icccivrd. •In ti-.-j Hire? years I have U <in|>'oycd by the association to fet up a program In our county I have seen these clinics i>row from nvnunc! ->n to 2.MO. Tim repre- ;cnls n 1st of Ixird work mid educating the public as « whole lo be mor? tucerc\i'osis-mi:i(led. Your r-ircr -)>-s <-orl.aln]y irivcn Inviihi- ;blc r.s<-:ist"nce to' our work by dloti:if> '[-laipla for it. Tills form of cducalicn Is in-possible to ;v:-nial(- and llinillcss In its scope. A^-'uin our sincere lhanks for Helping to m:;ke l.his clinic such i success. Vei'v (nTy vnurs, Mrs. C. G. rfedmnn. Exee.iilive Secretary its were ar.r| Mrs. Mitchell were married a year ago. 15-year-old mother, Siiirlcy, reporter! rtoin? nicely. Mr. support c!' raft said he thought the joini congressional committee created by the Tjift-Hartley law should study the political restriction and recommend clarification if it round the act "ambiguous".. ,,,.. _ . '-- I Rc P- Fred A. Hartley. !i.. N. .1 _ HELENA, Ark., July 15. (UP) -Who co-anlhorcd the acl with Taft elate to ignore the needs of cer- f u . nc ™ services will be held here snW he was .satisfied it would not — ' •' " lls af 'crnom for L. A. Webster, i prevent iinioli newspapers supporl- 50-year-old police chief here, for ed by dues from tahinp- a stand on -Fights'Eviction Mrs. Llbbic Rubinoff. 85, mother of Dave Rubinoff the famous violinist of stage and radio, ha:; ashed Ihe Pittsburgh courts to prevent her son from evicting her into the 'streel. (NEA Tclcphoto.i political candidates. 18 years, who died'at, his home Sun~clay. He is survived by his wife and Uiree children. tain countries ^nujht. serve only lo force EHstcrn European nations to lie Ihemse.yes even closer to Rus- LONDON, ,;uly 15. <UP) _ T ""' jsecrctary j)fjvinston Churchill re Churchill improves ROOFING 45 Lb. Rolled Roofing $J.85 55 Lb. Rolled Roofing ...... $2.25 65 Lb. Rolled Roofing $2 75 Green or Ret) Slate Y 90 Lb. Rolled Roofing $2.80 160 Lb. Hexagon Shingles .. $4.98 210 Lb. Square Butt $6 75 1 05 Lb. Brick Siding, all co i ors $3.35 ported today that the 72-year-old wartime prime minister wns recovering slowly but steadily from his recent operation, and was able I" be. up nl. least part of each day. Tile secretary , declined to reveal whether Churchill had resumed wrilin ( ; his memoirs. USE IT AS A MOBILE POWER UNIT OThc power of the VPillys-Ovcr- laml "!cc|) pl 1-nghic and selective 2- and •!-whccl drive make the Jeep" a vehicle of amazing versatility, performance and economy. Jeep GET A POOLE MOTOR CO. rhonc SUcIc 4 PEALERS-for FUTURE profSfs get lined up Ttotv wish KRESKY _ riOOR FURNACES Oil BURNERS fORCED AIR FURNACES' WATER HEAURS' RANGE BURNERS Wise dealers sec in today's shortages the handwriting on the wall of tomorrow's profits. That's why so many are lining up now with ' Kresky, seeing in today's unprecedented demand a promise for future opportunity. 1 , * Always a money maker for .dcaJcrs due to its. versatility and -. . :•• adaptability to a wide list of uses, the Kresky line includes Conversion Burners, Range Burners, floor Furnaces, Water Heaters and , 1-orccd Air Units for small homes. A 37 Years of Proven Performance MACK LEWIS 464 N. Main Memphis, Tcnn. BIG REDUCTIONS IN EVERY DEPARTMENTI \ A MODERN KEROSENE KANGETTE FOR SMAU KITCHENS It's compact—l;ikos tnily I! 1 l>y KiJi-incli Hour space, yet lius nil the cooking ami liakin" iac;ilitie.s «!' \\ full si/.c niii^o. .'i liif; wirklcss linriicra for top-of-stovc cooking. Large, liisl-lientiiu; oven willi insnlalcil door tnul top. Convenient storngc space for utensils. Regular £2.49 Colored Sheet Blanket $2.18 Regular $2.69 Women's Blue-White Saddles $1.97 Regular $1.39 Women's Nylon Hose --$1.19 Regular $1.59 Children's . Crepe Sleepers-98c Reg. $1.00 Children's Chambray O'dls 77c Reg. $1.79 Boys' Bib Overalls --$1.57 Reg. $1..49 to $1.98 Men's Straw Hals---$1.27 Reg. $1.19 Men's IX u t f I I • ri •VL? Knit Sportshirls - 77c Reg. $2.59 to $3.98 Men's Work Pants--$1.97 Reg. $1.29 to $1.39 Men's Leather Gloves - - 77c SEAT COVERS $5.00 House Paint • Reg. $8.65 to $8.97 Croquet Set - $5.88 Rc 9 . $4.75 to $4.95 Tennis Rackets $3.78 Reg. $4.95 Junior Umbrella Tent-$3.88 Reg. $59c Bike Kick-up Stand - - 25c Reg. 29e Tire Patch Kit -,- - 17c Reg. $1.79 Auto Fender Flaps - 99c Reg. $35.84 Complete Battery Radio $27.88 Reg. Std. Wt. Inlaid Linoleum---ft, 65c Reg. $2.98 Novelty Cottage Sets--$1.97 Reg. $10.95 Feather fine Electric Iron - $7.95 Women's Blouses Attic Fans Cloths

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