The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 12, 1950 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 12, 1950
Page 13
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It, MM AHIee Tells Hopes for Allies To Maintain Selves in Korea (Aiac.y crouim HEWS WAR LOriDCW. DM.' a. If) — Prime* Minister Attlce .-'told' UM HOUM of tlons «W -mainUln themMlve* In Korea.' memb*n cheertd the ^^ u , D jt, made u a report on the Prime UiniaUr 1 ! world criiii *»lks with President Truman IR Senate Committee Expands Hearing on Mrs. Rosenberg —«™» wivii fmiucuv Alum»i* i»* "••v*. v..« uTwncu invention oi Washington and Canadian leaden nln » down every clue," the to'Ottawa. The Prime Minister re- "'- '-— J " ~ turned by plane from his North American trip today, Immediately reported>fa> Klnc Ocorte and held a conference with hU e»Wnet. Outlining to the HOUM the r*- •BlU of the,trip, AttlM wld: . "On Korea and the Far 1 East wt h«»t agreed on the immediate course which oar ' representatives at the Onrted Nations should' follow. "Wt 'wore arreed that «ri?r««i<m »u«t W halted and we were equally e*rUto that every effort should be nude-to prevent in extension of Hu conflict. "Our long range objective Is to mch a M»bl4 position In the Far East?- .' • ' ConaerrmMw leader Win a ton Churchill asked for further information on any projected use of the atom bomb in these words: • "The President has made a num- b«f of »erjr important and far r*achlna- statements, and whether *jT (rwh statement ii to be made ^Fhlft behalf T do-not know. But I Ie*l • aoene • clearer definition of the position of this extremely important issue should be before us when we debaU.the question'on Thursday." Attlee replied that he was "completely satisfied" with President Truman'a position on the use of the bomb. "I would ask the House to accept my assurance,that there Is no difference of opinion' between us on this vital matter." .he said. At a recent news conference the President aald UM of the bomb In Korea Always had been and was under consideration, but he'hoped it nould not have to be used. A communique at the close of the Truman-Attlee talks said President Truman still hoped it would never be neceesary to use the'atom bomb and promised to keep the British informed of any.'. developments which would change the situation Attlee also said he was satisfied the ' general directives of the United Nations have been followed" by Gen MacArthur in the Korean campaign. Defense Minister Emmanuel Shin- well, In a speech 10 days ago said pen MacArthur had not followed instructions, and had attempted instead to pursue the North Koreans to the Manchurlan border. PARADE i | Continued from Page 1 *>, - -t*-- i-_3-,,.,* i-^I-_ * Shoe," won the fifth 'ard, also «5. it depicted a With the avowed Intention of 'irun- aU'Armed Services Committee today expanded Its examination of the fitness of Mrs, Anna M. Rosen- Winning the »25 first prize In the e8 J° Division »»s the float enter- S U U R 015 "" 0 " School "Unto m -•cene, thU float was entitled Us a Child Is Born." Second-place winner in th'e'Negro Division was Promised Land School ™ £h received 415. This, float was entitled. "Night Before Christmas" •nd depicted a visit from St. Nicholas. . L / f Top_ winners; in the Pet Division for whit* entrants.; W ere Jim and John McDowell, sons of Mr. and Mrs. John McDowell of Blythevllle They won a do prize. Winning the second-place prize of .17.50 was Sandra Crawford, dau- ' ghter of Mr. and Mas. W. R. Craw- .ford of BIytheville. .Bennie Overton • of Blylneville won the S5 third-place prize in this division. i :-• Nejro Winners ; Wuiners among Negro entrant* In the pet-. Division' were ' -Robinson Ntmn, first. S10; King Henry Nunn second. $7.50; and oterao Rear third. J5. ! •••.-•• •. • ' « The Rev. Roy I. Baf-ley, pastor .the First Methodist Church the v. Harvey T. Kidd. pastor of the First Presbyterian Church, and Mrs. Jim Crafton /served as iudges. Led by the "Masked Texan" on his white horse, the oarade also in- •cluded the.Blvtheville High School Band— whose majorettes turned out in winter regalia — and a Santa Clans float snonrared by the Chamber, of Commerce. * Other floats In the parade Included: ;.- • ' "Joy to the World," entered by ,the Junior Red Cross: "Home for .Christmas." Epsilon Sigma Alpha- Television Christmas," Jaycees and Jayceettes; and "Too Little, Too Late." American, Legion.' • Negro Death's Rites Tomorrow For'Rcy. Gathing? Arvlces for Rev. J. H. Gathlngs r*>8erator of the General Baptist District Association and who ha? been a Mississippi county pastor for 39 years, will be conducted at 10 a.m. tomorrow at the West End M. B. Church. Rev. Gathlngs, 57, died at his home on Charllne v Street last Thursday. Rev. P. T. Guy of Little Rock and Rev. M. Freeman will conduct the funeral. Burial will be In Evadale Cemetery after a service to be held at 2 p.m. at Mt. Olive Baptist Church. Survivors Include his irife, Jenny Gathlngs; one sister and two brothers. : • . Rev. Gainings has served u pastor of the following' churches: First' Baptist Church of Catron.'Mo.; Mt Olive Baptist, Locust Grove M. B' Church of Driver *nd West End M B. Church of BlythevilU. Congress Given China Aid Issue Demand for Military Help for Nationalists Gets GOP Backing WASHINGTON, D«. 13, '.«V-A demand for military aid to Nationalist China was turned over to the 82nd Congress today with the public backing of 34 Senate Republicans and four Democrats. Senator Knowland (R-Calif), who failed to get the Senate to earmark 53B,000.000 in such aid yesterday; told a reporter he will try again when the new Congress convenes next month. At that time, the Republicans will have 47 Senators on their side of the aisle, instead of the 43 who now sit there. Taking this into account, Knowland said; "If the administration hasn't completely lost touch with realities It will realize that the new Congress taking over ir\ three veeks Is likely to reverse the close vole, of yesterday. I hope that before then something concrete will be done to encourage the'Chinese Nationalists," Fulhris-M Objects However. Senator Fulbright (D- Ark) , contendedi that any outright military aid to the Nationalists now might plunge this country Into full- scale war with China. . Knowland tried to amend » bill providing food aid to Yugoslavia to require that an equal amount be spent on military assistance for" the Chinese Nationalists on Formosa. Knowland's amendment' was knocked out on technical grounds and he then moved to send the Yugoslav bill back to the Foreign Relations Committee. The idea was to get a Senate vot* on hi« amendment. ... .-,->''* • r ': ,•',-; In what >as generally regarded as a test on the Issue of aiding Chiang Kai-shek's Nationalists. 37 Democrats and ' five Republican' loted against Knowlanc Thirty-four Republicans Democrats supported it. Distant secretary, of berg .•» to b. Deftnit. The committee called a morning leeling to wind .up the testimony -f Benjamin Preedman, retired New York businessman, Freedman says lead« he gave the committee set off the Investigation of charges that Mrs, Rosenberg had attended Communist-front meetings. Freedman, lugging a sm all suitcase full of material^ Appeared at a closed session for three hours and 35. minutes last jilght.' No details 'of his testimony were made public. ,',•'... After the meeting, Acting Chairman Russell (D-Ga) disclosed the committee had ordered three ad- fJ .'! witnesses subpoenaed He Identified them as William Harrfs.' sa.M to be a former FBI employe: Ted Kirkpatrick, a former FBI agenl,fBiid Isadora Schneider. Their home towns were not, «Iveri .Russell'said the committee-also had planned to subpoena James Magraw of New York, who turned up voluntarily last night,- but did not testify. No date was set for his appearance. The Georgia lawmaker said Magraw and Schneider were named by Ralph de Sola, New York, self-styled former Communist, as having been associated with him and as having knowledge-or Hie charges he made against Mrs. Rosenberg De Sola told the committee he had seen Mrs. Rosenberg at meetings of the John Reed Club, which he called a Communist organization, some 15 years ago. Nfrs. Rosenberg, who faced de Sola across the committee table last. Friday, heatedly denied his testimony. A specialist In personnel and labor, relations problems, itfrs. Rosenberg was nanied to the' $15.000 a year defense post by President Truman to handle the military's manpower . problems. , Department Head Is Named at Whisenhunt Go. Donald J. Bagley has been named manager of the "paint, wallpaper and building specialty department Kemp Whisenhunt anei Co.. 109 East Main, it-v:as announced today by Kemp Whisenhunt, owner. ' Mr. Bagley has. been associated with I. E. DiiPont-DeNemours Co. 1 12 years his home (Continued I) troop convoys. Pilots reported .. midday they had killed or r ts link with Misting regional d«- ' wounded 550 Red troop, in Central Korea. r The retreat of the Eighth Army rom it« reformat Un< south of Pyongyang to the 38th Parallel still u> WHS covered by security which, pre- rented locating lt« precise positions, w by Kline Sees Long DefenseBuild-Up Farm Bureau Head Says U.S. Must B. Ready to Fig>» ^DALLAS. n«. 12. (*V-A11an B . Kline, head of the powerful Ame ™<"i Farm Bureau Federation, said today that the U. S must be ready to right for many years. The Vlnlon, Iowa, hoi farmer, m hi., leiiRthy annual report to he tanners' convention, dwelt on he relation of farming, war and inflation.. He stressed his belief that production and not price controls Is the answer to Inflation. Kline also urged more (axes. He said, "We must Increase production and efficiency, but mast Important of all in this struggle with Inflation, we must pay the bill. This means taxes. Tiie cost of war Is paid by Ihe people In any case. The choice Is—shall K e pay It with (axes or shall we pay Jt with In- Ilatton t >" U. S.<IxMt' Balance On the question of war, he said the U. s, lost the "moral balance In International affairs, backed by overwrjelmms force" after World ''We could regain the initiative only if we were prepared to start a war. We are not. Unless this point is understood, we shall make some grave error. In our approach to defense problems." Kline said. "The defense' period may last two years, five years, 10 years or longer." To Increase production for war preparedness and to curb inflation he advocated longer working hours, use of more men over 65 and more women, in the labor force, and in- creaied use of belter machinery. Kline called for a continuation of the present farm programs. . (Se« related ttory on Pa«« ») Holy Year Extended VATICAN . CITY, D«. 17. ^^_ ?hr. Holy Year Jubilee'which *nds lere on Christmas Ev« will be who were unable to make a H ,, s ..,.,age to Rome In the 1950 Holy Year thus will be' given the opportunity to gain -the spiritual benefit* In their own cities. , who opposed the CRATER LAKE for'its location, the crater of an extinct volcano, this unusual lake it known for the extraordinary Uuentss of its water. It is 2,ooo ftet deep has no inlet or outlet and while It is fresh water, it his never turn known , PLENTY OF PEOPLE I U.S. water supply uti now serve over • ' 85MiIlion people! WATER Is Your Cheapest Commodity ...USE IT FREELY! t ' • •'••'..'' BIytheville Water Co BIytheville, Ark. Don't Assume Mailman Knows Where Your Christmas Cards Are to Go Don't Uka 'It for pranUd that the postman knowi where to locate the recipient! of your Christmas' cards st becauM they live In Blytheville. Postmaster Ross Stevens today rged Christinas card senders to full addresses (Including street umbers) on cards that are going other persons in the city. New men, he explained, are al- ays added at Christmas time. have only the street number go by and envelopes which don't e that will be delated and put Tliey to go include State Tribunal Sets Yule Recess LITTLE ROOK, Dec. 12. (/ft— The mnual Christmas recess of the Arcansas Supreme Court will be observed irom Dec. 19 to Jim. 3. The court normally meets oh Monday. Chief Justice Griffin smith said that because two new justices will lake office Monday, Jan. 1, the court will wait until itifsday to reconvene. Chandler Says He'll Stay On Job Till Term Ends ST. PETERSBURG, Pin.. Dec. 12, W)—A. B. Chandler declared todny he would stay on the job until the end of his term as baseball commissioner. His time Is up May 1, 1952. In a statement .to the press, Chandler declared "1 have been asked about my immediate and future plans. These embody no change from the schedule I had set up before I came to the meetings here." (See earlj story on Sports, Page 1Z) Schuman Claims Big 4 Meet Near PARIS, Dec. 12. (AP) _ Foreign Minister'Robert Schinnan told the French National Assembly today that a meeting of the 'Big Four— Russia. the U.S., Britain and Prance—to discuss the German rearmament problem Is "imminent." contribute to post of(lc« headachta which are copiits during the holiday* uiij'wity. . '." ; The post office her*" > joljig to Uk. two «t«p» which wUl facilitate handllni of holiday bu*in«u. _**>* clil d wlt f« handllni of Chrlitjn« card* «m be srt up in thi north end of the lobby where a clerk will take char|« of card; to be anallco. Thus, a uerson with 20 or M carda wIMnot have to slip them through th« mailing alot lone by one. • A »peclal stamp window win speed up lines In the boat office, 3IRO. , Two deliveries each day will b» ma<je by O ity postmen beginning the latter pan ol thi* weelc. The post office will be open alt Jay on Saturday thu> week ant next, 2 BEAUTIFUL GIFT SUGGESTIONS GIVES DECANTER Inspired by CurHer ^ Ives rints and This reproduction of a Colonial decanter is the "find" of 'SO—.a joy to Hive or lo receive; It's an outstanding thought for those who take'pride noi only in what they serve, but also how they serve it. in three colors, this tie- canter of Kentucky Tavern i$ a brilliant way 10 wiih someone ihe Season's Kcst . . . ami you can also buy .companion by Lib IK y. 5L" Vi ^O* 7 '-.:- OTHEI ION» CAM WATCH THAT «!HTUCKY TAVERN TASTl lllMMIf IUIIIUIIH MWUT IMISHILlt, itlllCR __ ---•"-»-r-» _,.,_.„.,, ••••••llL.ll,HtM|«L,KI £lf f so some gentlemen wore dirty shirts! 'During California's Gold Rush, a clean shirt was north its weight in gold, Forty-niners zludly paid fl.SO to have a shirt washed ...and wa i te d four weeks for delivery! i Nowadayso-ou can wash two tubfuls of shir'l.i -or anything else-for one penny. And in Easier washdays are just one of the' living. Think about it for a moment. How many jobs has electricity helped you with during the past „ 24 hours? How many comforts, convemc-ueoi and pleasure* hag it made possible?. . • And yet your electric service is the biggest bargain in the average family budget. Its cost? Less than « pack of cigarettes a day! Sound bun ness management of companies like this one made this value possible. Ark-Mo Power Co.

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