The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 24, 1949 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 24, 1949
Page 9
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MONDAY, OCTOBER «, 1949 (AMC.T Chicks Prepare for Nashville Game; Paps to Face Tough Tennessee Team ft • • • m* ' ' + L Big Line, Power Ploys Feature Scrapper Attack The Blytheville Chicks, o\:er the .500 mark after taking a 20-14 decision from the Catholic High. Terriers last week, began preparing today for the Nashville Scrappers' single wing offense. The Chicks journey to Nashville Friday night to fulfill a two-year, home-niid-home contract In their « al road game of their regular ledulc. The Chicks' series with '• Scrappers began last year and Blythevllle won that game, 39-7. And while the Chicks were getting ready. for their down-state trek, the junior Papooses began Preparing for another home show- Ing, their third of the season, against the strong Jackson. Tenn., Junior High Cubs. The two teams will clash at Haley Field Thursday night. Sessions Toilaj- Both the Paps and the Clucks were scheduled for relative light drills today with hard work to start tomorrow. Both teams will have but three days In which to get ready «s the Chicks are lo depart for Nashville Thursday and the" Paps senior will play that night. Coach Rvissell Mosley's Rice TCU Texas Arkansas SMU . Texas A and M 0 2 DALLAS. Oct. 24. [,ri—James H Tribe emerged from their rough duel with the Catholic team in fair shape. Quarterback E. B. Gee suffered a broken nose In the Terrier tilt and is not expected to'see service this week, except maybe fo the kicking of extra points. Sevcra. other quad members reported minor Injuries but are expected lo he ready for Friday night's engagement with the Scrappers. Nashville Hi? According to scoullng reports the Scrappers again this year are big and depend mostly on power In Bryant Blast Ignored their offensive attack. Tliey operate from both the balanced and unbalanced single wing. d&The Scrappers' line is said to be JBe of the largest and best balanced among the state's Class A teams. The Scrappers are coached by Lester Bradley who has been a member of the Nashville coaching staff for » number of years. Trouble for Taps? The' Paps, who won their last two outings by lopsided margins, are expected to find things much tougher this week as the Cubs are rated high in eastern Tennessee junior circles. The Cubs boast a record of six wins against only two losses and both of their defeats have been at the hands of Ripley, Tenn., Hi-/ School "B" team. They lost to the Ripley Bees by 33-0 and 20-0 scores Their victory list inclines wins over Treadwell Junior High of Memphis, Parsons, Term., "B" team and the Corinth, Miss., juniors. Southwest Conference Race Is Getting Tight DALLAS, TAv o,-( 94 (,7), If 5 a * battle for survival in Southwest Conference football this week. Texas, Southern Methodist and Texas Christian have to win to keep alive flickering title hopes. Texas and Southern Methodist tangle in Dallas, while Texas Christian goes to Wnco to take on the undefeated, untied Baylor Hears, nice, the team that licked both Texas and Southern Methodist, plays Texas Tcch of the Border Conference. Arkansas and Texas A. and M. get together hi another conference game, but this tilt won't mean anything in the title race. More than 76.000 arc due to jam lhe Cotton Bowl in Dallas for the SMU-Texas tilt. Southern Methodist has beaten Texas the last two seasons and probably will be favored to turn the (rick again, Texas lost lo Rice last week. 1715. ill the last ten seconds of. play. The Mustangs may not have Doak Walker back Saturday, but even without .Walker, hospitalized with lhe flu, SMU crumbled the nation's seventh ranking team, Kentucky, last week, 20-7. In other games, Texas Christian outscored Mississippi 33-H7. in a wild battle of offenses; Bavlor blanked Texas A. and M.. 2L-0. and Arkansas upset Vanderbilt, 1-G. Standings: Team \v L T Pet. Bnylor 2. n n i (inn Sports Roundup bj Hugh Fullertou It NEW YORK, Oct. -24. Wl— Next Saturday will be Zuppke Day at Champaign, when the University of Illinois honors one of the grandest guys who ever coached a football team. . . . Incidentally it will be the 25th anniversary of the day when Red Orange took the ball six times in the first quarter against Michigan and scored four touchdowns. ... So what could be more npprorjiiafe than to repeat a fen of "Zup's" sayings that still are applicable and are too good ever to be forgotten? Coach's Philosophy "Football may be a brutal game )ut brutes cannot play it. ... A fresh di-b is belter than a withered star (and they say the platoon system is a new idea.). . . . Neutralltj is being afraid of one side and ashamed of the other. ... A team of eleven good Incklcrs is hard to footballs is apt to list. ... A football coach is responsible lo an Ir- Bucket Head Football There were talks of mutiny floating ground town after the Chicks' u E L engagement with the Catl.olic High Terriers last week . d • number of heretofore loyal Blythevllle fans talked of throwing the Chicks " 1 lhCy " 8tt the "' hC " dS out "< the bucke ^" »»d "tart paying '-That was the sorriest exhibition of sportsmanship I have ever seen ,\ nn .i";'",["'. ——••- •••» i«-""and I -have been watchln K football a lonit time " one fan Vnnm.oiii»rt , "wlball scene again, t o p "H «., sorry on both teams' part but espedallI 'on 7e t o on e of «"'»«*'>« M-tlonilLe^u. and our own players who came out In the open with their roughness™ nrecf ,"„''' ^ ° onference ""' That fan pretty well summed u» the feellnss of u,, srtnn-nHH «.,„„_ " ."' ' or . » showdown of power PAGE NINB Counfy Teams in Action This Week Dove of Peace Hovers Over Pro Football NEW YORK, Oct. 24—(/!•)—Amid reports that the dove of peace fluttering around tile pro'fes- • - •- ••• "'*: UHt" wuu uitn lOUglllieSS. latoJ 1 '»" P«tty *«» summed up the feelings of the 2.000-odd spec- tatois who witnessed the melee. And we're inclined to tmiee In » amt extent. A lot of it was uncalled for, especially one incident »l,e*c'a "i) uievillc player used his elbow to part the hair of an opponent after on a V- t i " rt°t"v i Th i e Calllollc *°y was carried from the field suetcnei ana taken to a hospital but, luckily, wasn't seriously hurt. However, the sportsmanship was notliinjz for cltlipi- t<nm tn in'i/r about 'rlif»'.» u'n i f • t ••"•» iiutiiuift iw* tiuiLi icain. 10 mug happened that what* the fan" old'see.' hurt\nd" nifuMdlV.*'Bu " d n«m° ^ir^d^u^Sd: o ^^^,rtvrr s ^,^^u^ Who's to Blame? What took place Friday night Is over and done with but It will not be easily forgotten. Blytheville has long been known for a oollnl -mart and Sill and Kill The Milky Way completely encircles the world. .500 .500 .333 0 0 l!flOO responsible public. . . . All quitters are good losers. . . . Too many backs run too fast and too long on one spot. . . . Football still Is a great kicking game. However, the kickers are in the stands at S3 per seat. . . . We don't care how big how strong opponents are. as long as they're human. . . ." There arc many others, but don't forget Zup's definition of an AlI-Ameri- — _.. .... ,„ , u ,.,.,^ „, /jui)i ueiununn 01 an Aii-Atneri- ftewart. executive secretary of the can. star-"* player who has weak Southwest Conference, says neither opposition and a poet in the press he nor any of his football officials box." are going to discuss the blasts nt officiating from Coach Paul 3ry- and of Kentucky anil Coach Johnny Vnlight of Mississippi. . Bryant blamed the officials for his team's 20-7 loss to Souther Cleaning the Cuff The National Baseball Congress is trying to line up Junior Chamber of Commerce organizitions as sponsors of district championship non*, •, r j- , L — alfl * ui "i^rici cnampionsntp nor Methodist here Saturday. Vaught professional baseball tournaments, criticized the work of the men in . . After carrying the ball 33 times the striped -shirts when his Missis- against Iowa State. Kansas State sippi eleven ^ook a 33-27 licking fullback Gerald Hackney explained- from Texas Christian at Fort Worlli "I felt fine as long as I had my Saturday n:ght. llands on thc balK but after j W(1B Slew-art explained that his offi- downed I could hardly drag myself ciais did not discuss their work back to the huddle" with the public or with the press and that he also did'nt comment , . on any charges coaches might make I jffjc Mr KAilffV -against his officials. .l»lli««; l>lt,JViUrrV Collepe Bos No. 1 Scorer in Motion NEW YORK, Oct. 24. W'l—Brad Rowland, a halfback on the McMurry team of the Texas Confcr- Meronev Books Ace Abbott for WrestUnq Event Chico Cortex, the purtgy Mexican i ence, today paced the nation's col- bad man. will team with newcomer ! ' c se football players in Individual Ace Abbott tonight in the tag match ' scoring with 78 points. feature of the American Leeion's I Rowl and heads the list by virtue weekly wrestling bouLs at Memorial °' having scored 13 touchdowns. Second with 74 points is Will Auditorium. Cortez and Abbott will team up You "S, who has clicked for 10 toucli- agninst Ralph Garabaldi and young ! rtowlls and 14 points after TD's for Don Keene in the 90-minutc" time j thc Hi!1 sdale (Mich.) midwest in- liniit. best two of three falls ta» dc 'l )cll dent te n "'" event. Abbott, a 200 pounder, hail; Two southern independent play" Bob Mi " er ry and Hcn- >-, a -w puiuiaer, nans iron! ... — ~......... ...,*, Jlv n»in^ £u and will be makin» his I ry '* and Hat "iy Cooper of West first appearance before a Blvthe- i lr f mia Tech-are tied for third, i each with 12 TD's and 71! points. George Thomas of Oklahoma Ls } fifth with 69 points. He's the Big i Seven's top scorer. Randall Clay of . fo!lo "' s Thom:IS . '" vil!e crowd. He is rated as a t'oush heavyweight with a number of years experience in the wrestling ring ; = Tonight's showing will be the j second here for Keene in more than 1 a year. He returned to this circuit 'va two wee;« ago and appeared here „ with Garabaldi In a tag tout against Bill Canny and Ray Clements. I . • In ddition to the main event, two ' Luke Sewelt Named one-fall preliminary matches are T o Jij( n - nn - o j also on the card. In the first Keene '° ™ a ™ge Reds will meet Cortez and In the second Abbott will swap grips with Garabaldi. ' '', M . ' s ' °' m 42 pt " nts ' Br ' 8ht Charles May Defend LOS AN'GELES, Oct. 24. (AP) — CINCINNATI. Oct. 24 <AP> _ Sewel], who led the St. Louis Luke Browns out of baseball's \vinderne.=a. today had shouldered the task of trying to do the same thing for the Cincinnati Red.;. . ...._.. .... - Sen-ell, a veteran major leazue r,^ara Charles, now busy with ex- | catche r, yesterday was named min- hibitions. may defend his NBA I ager of 'he Reds for 1950 nd 1951, heavyweight crown again this year, succeeding Biicky Walters, who was Manager Jake .\llntz disclosed relle '-ed of hts duties in the last , last night that his fighter may meet week of Tony Bo^nich of San Francisco in I coach the Bay City ncxt December. He t past would not say how definite the plans season. Sewell was tinder Walters during th 'YEAR'S WORK CONE—Jeff "Cravath walks with head down after s«ing his Southern California team's lead explode as halfback Frank Brunk ran back kick-off 102 yards with four minutes to go at Berkeley's Memorial Stadium. The sprint and a safety pushed California to a 16-10 victory. Ward's Gro and Market 1044 Chickasowbo SWIFTS PREMIUMj BRANDED BEEF . Scwell directed the Browns to are - their one and only American League Meanwhile. Mints said Charles ' P en »ant in 13+4. . , will fight 20 exhibitions in Latin ! i^ er rTA- 0n vil S '' X " W " k !<>Ur 5UUng i ""^ P" 5 '^ m a Unjicd States banl late next February provided S1CO,- ' as a guarantee. W* Specialise in Phone 2043 PlentJ of Parking Sp*c« Fancy Meats and Groc«rm , fo , olba "- *« '«' '»«< .son.ething houlrl, about it. That no one but the players can be blamed "" »e in c orplls Christ I. Tex., last August, which we thought well worth " or those who are playing, and those who are done with In" p ay luxu lau n the pleasant memories It provides. It is a game worth while." Sports in Spurts The mail the other day brought us a report from the U S " Naval Air Base in San Dle»o, Calif., about Roy Smith, an ex-C!ilck grldder who b no* snagging passes for the Navy's AirPac Hellcats in the West Cwst Serv c e - League. Smith, who played end and tackle for Coach Nig By-' num's Chicks in 1946 and 1947, Is first string offensive end for the HeH- thSt he h " 5 reccivcd blds fr ° m sev"™i west Coast - —„ and the Cleveland Browns at Cleveland, Slid the Bal- morc Colts and New York Yan'« at Yankee Stadium. lx>s Angeles rules supreme in the loop's western section, with five straight A 35-7 verdict over the Green Bay Packers yesterday. W as a mere tuneup for the battle with the Bears. Chicago suffered a series setback yesterday when the New York Giants emerged with a thrilling 35- trlumph "at the Polo n w '" Is m "" 5 ' f ° 0tba " " Iler h!s enUslment THM, , H 8 K ' " I , cld , en(illl 5'. =" rated high among the nation's teams and have lost only one game so far this year That w«, o another Marine's SubPac team which is coached by Blyfhciillc's Oliver C former u" S. Naval Academy (Bo) Copp greats . D °" Whitml "' letes . Arkansas Tech. which already claims several Mississippi Countv ath- f . and baseba " now , s ?n nt W t on ll, basketban roster He'B Lcachvllle Hl * h Sch °°' '"t year and entered Jack nd BHV w h ' - -H?" 111 ?, 6 °' Tcch ' B 'y'»cvlll e -s Elliott brothers, Jack and Billy Bob. are doing all right tor themselves with the Wonder Boy sndriers th« fall. Billy Bob, as a sophomore, Is a starting guard and brother Jack, since transferring there from Ole Miss last mo.Uh Ts a freshman has seen service in several games. However, both are ri ling the Injury list now, Billy. Bob with an Injured ann and Jack with a Wood clot on his leg. Casualties Are Noted in Ranks Of Nations Unbeaten, Untied By Will Grimsler NEW YORK, Oct. 24. W, „ teams held the thinning line of major unbeaten-untied college fool- ball forces today, but the casualty rate is getting terrific. The season may be lucky to squeeze through with as many perfect elevens as last year when Michigan, California and Clemson alone closed out with spotless escutcheons California fell laler Kin a bowl game. Notre Dame and Army, the coun- .ry's two top-ranking powers, appear good bets to survive the last si.v weeks of wrangling without mis-- hap and fourth-place Oklahoma may extend its' string. But the other untarnished teams —California, Cornell. Baylor, Pennsylvania, Boston U. and Virginia- have rough seas ahead. The California Bears may make it if they can get by UCLA, winner of nve of its six games, at Los Angeles Saturday. This is one of the week's feature attractions on a schedule that highlights wctlonal Balo Rouge, 13-7. Minnesota's Gophers, already eyeing thc Hose Bowl, were trimmed by Michigan's defending national champions who bounded back from two straight defeats to win, H-7 Pitt Fails Bear Bryant's Kentucky, riding a five-game winning streak, lost to Southern Methodist, 20-7, and Pittsburgh, with its supporters beginning to dream of a return to that old position ogninst 48-H. warfare. Tough Sleddinjr Cornell and Penn meet in the season finale Nov. 24. Baylor has yet to meet the Southwest titans—Texas. Southern Methodist and Rice Virginia winds up with Penn Tulane and North Carolina. Boston U., with a favorably mild schedule, may be sidetracked by Maryland Nov. 12. • Pour teams with nothing but blj fat victories took a tumble Saturday In the most violent reversal of form this season. North Carolina, Minnesota. Kentucky and Pittsburgh went down with a thump that Jarred budding bowl hopes. North Carolina was stunned by Louisiana State in a night game »t of prestige, slipped up a flred-up Indiana team, These upsets, plus others scattered around the country, promised an upheaval In the nation's first ten, which will be determined by an Associated Press vote today. Minnesota had ranked third In the last weekly standings with North Carolina sixth and Kentucky seventh. Notre Dame, Idle last week, gets back in action Saturday against an up-and-down Navy at Baltimore. Army, which overwhelmed Columbia 63-6, should enjoy another touchdown parade against Virginia Military Institute. Unbeaten Penn entertains Pittsburgh in one of the East's top attractions. Michigan will meet Illinois at Champaign in a game that should help unravel the confused Western Conference race. Texas at .Southern Methodist is the Southwest headliner. Oklahoma, which has piled up impressive scores against five foes, has Iowa State next on the agenda. Missouri Is the most menacing team left on the-Sooners' slate. icxt Sunday. While the Pittsburgh Sleelcrs entertain the Philadelphia Eagles In brawl for the NFL's eastern islon leadership, Tlic big games in the AAC next i perfect record of 'Ictorles. The latest, 28 upset Grounds. Also In ... champion En Washington Prevail Hie New York Bulldogs, 24-13, rho big upset In the All-Amcrican Conference game when the Yankees knocked off the high-riding San Francisco outfit. 24-3. This moved New York into a first plnce He with the Clcvelandcrs. who were Idle, and bounced thc 49ers Into third place. The National League had another upset at Chicago, where the Detroit Lions punctwd the Cardinals "1-7. In two other AAC contests, the Buffalo Bills defeated the 1.03 Angeles Dons dt Buffalo, 17-14. and tile Chicago Hornets handed the Baltimore colts their seventh defeat or the year. 17-7. at Baltimore. Several hours after the day's play ended, rumors axaln were heard that owners of the warring circuits had been talking among themselves about ari agreement, 'flic latest report, had the National League taking In the Cleveland Browns. San Francisco 4Bers and New York Yankees, and drop- Ping the. New York Bulldogs. The rest of the AAC would be disbanded, and the National League would operate a 12-clrcult .layout with' two divisions of six. clubs. Mrs, Ed Bunch Is Winner in Football Contest Attention men: women are be— ginning to move In on a field—grid picking—In which you've long maintained dominance. That point was brought home bluntly this week when Mrs. Ed Bunch, Blylhcvllie, Rl. 3, won the five dollar cash award In the Courier News' weekly football prognosticating contest. What's more, Mrs. Bunch chose a tough week In which to win for last weekend members of the courier News staff looked over more entries—about 150—than at any time since the contests were begun In September. As Interest picks up in the weekly try for the cash prize, entries no* are coming in not only from Blytheville but also from Luxora, Manila. Osceola, and Caruthersville and Dcerlng In Missouri. Wilson Will Get Rial T«t Friday; s. Trumann All of Soulh MUfiLvilppl County's *lx CI»M B t*atns return to action this week with three scheduled for gam« within the county and the other three playing In other Northeast Arkansas counties. Wilsorr« undefeated, untied Bull- Uogs. Uie Dress Eagles and the Kelsor Yellow Jackets all are scheduled for service outside the county while Shawnce, Osceola and Luxora will Play games in their home town areaa, Indlini vf. Fanfhm Sluuniee and Luxora are slated to Set action started In a game at Luxora Friday afternoon during only home showing of the Panthers and will also mark Hie end of their season. which lhe Panlhers of Luxora. will celebrate homecoming. The game homecoming. The game will be the end ol their season. The two teams arc .slated to meet "t the Luxora High School alhlctlc Held at 3 p.m. Friday. Osceola, loo, stays nt homo this week to entertain the Trunnmn Wildcats In n game at Osccolu's ord ol six wins against a single loss Halo Field Friday night. Coach Rube Boyce's Semlnolcs have a record of six wins against a single loss so far this season and will be out to make it seven and one. Their only setback wa-s at the hands of thc Whllchaven, Tcnn., eleven, however. nd they are undefeated In District Class B play. Itevili Kiimr.l Wilson's unbeaten Bulldogs will go alter their sixth straight win ™ ' 'ny night when they move to L Memphis to engage tile strung " Blue Devils. This will Tilt to Decide AIC Grid Title L1TTLK ROOK, Oct. 24. (/P)-Th, 1949 Arknnsas Intercollegiate Conference title may IM decided Nov 11 In Russellville when Arkansas Tech and Henderson tangle, Bolh Tcch and Henderson are uri- dcfealed la conference play. Henderson slapped down a game Magnolia A. and M, snuad latt week 1-0 to chiilk up \[, fifth win )e a loiii-h lest for the Bulldogs nntl ihould Indicate how they will stack up against Osccolas Scmlnotes who they need to get by belore they can start thinking In'lcrms of a district!p. Osceola witne.ttcd ft mile trouble .vllh the Blue Devils but mana«ed to scrape by with a 7-0 win. A decisive win by the Bulldogs this week would give them a favorite's rating over the Semlnoles. Wilson and Os :eola tangle on Nov. 11. Dyers' Eagles, victorious ovci Luxora last week, will travel to 1m- Hemlrlx Academy eleven and tbe bodcn for a clash with the Sloan- Kelser Yellow Jackets journey lo Tyronza In other games this week. Nn Dlvnrcf* Members of the Confucian .Society, In China, do not believe In divorce. The wife Is subject lo her huSband'i authority throughout her life. musical terms are derived Cop Wins Tui-O'War With Circus Elephant BATON ROUGE. La., Oct. U— MV-A hefty cop and a circus elephant had a tug-of-war yesterday. The cop won. A housewife called the police station and reported: There's an elephant in our block. Could you do something!" Desk Sgt. Jack Adams called ir Baton House's biggest patrolman 255-pound H. E. Lambert. Lambert took off on ' 's big game hunt In a squad car. lie found his quarry gamboling clown the middle of a residential street. Tne cop latched onto a dlngllng neck chain, threw his 2S5 pounds into reverse and halted the plodding pachyderm. In a row over AIC competition. -- -•-•—• ^vinn^llliuil, Arkansas Tcch spoiled State Teachers homecoming with a 27-12 victory In Conwny. The rampaging Little Hock Junior College Trojans spotted Arkansas A. and M. three touchdowns and Ihen smacked the Aggies with » six-toiiclKlown spree to win golnz away 33-25. OuachiU continued to disappoint backers by dropping «. 16-13 thriller to William Jewell oJ Liberty. Mo In Hot Springs. A revitalized band of Mountain- ocrs from lhe College of the Ozm ; smothered Arkansas College 18-7 In Bntesvlllc. Arkansas Stale thumped Delta Sliitc 7-ii m a bruising bailie in Cleveland, Miss., and Hcnrirlx bowled over Missouri Baptist 38-1 In Poplar Bluff. The standings: Team W L T Pel. Henderson Arkansas Tech , Little Rock JC Arkansas state .... Onachila Ozarks Arkansas A and M Magnolia A and M Hendrix Arkansas College rj 5 4 3 1 2 1 \ 3 I 3 1 1 ^_ rj Slate Teachers 0 4 This week's games: Friday—Arkansas College at Little Rock Junior College. Saturday—Arkansas Tech vs. Om- chlla In Little Rock, State Teachers Tt Arkansas A. and M.; Hendrix at Southwestern (Memphis), Ozarks nt Henderson. • ' 0 00 00 on 0 0 0 30 30 3 1 1 1.000 1.000 1.000 .500 -133 .333 .250 .550 .125 .100 Patty Berg Wini Again PORT SMITH, Ark.. Oct. 24. {/Pi— Veteran campaigner Patty Ucrg, the Minneapolis pro, won her second straight Hardscrabblc women's op- tn golf tourney by defeating Marlene naucr. 15-year-old Los Angeles tinatcur, g and 4, Saturday. In Iho patriotic hymn, "America," the. word America does not appear. What we mean by a DRY BEER! • Dry beer is not sweet. It's beer as beer should be—cool, clean, full-bodied. It's always refreshing, leaves no dinging ajler-tasle. Try Stag and taste whai we mean! W«1«m Irtwtry (•. ••Dnfflt, St. Lwlt, from the Italian language. An excited elephant keeper from the circus soon relieved Lambert, BLYTHEVILLE LEGION ARENA GOVERNMENT LOANS ON SOYBEANS AVAILABLE The Wilson Soya Corporation at Wilson, Arkansas, operates government licensed warehouses and is prepared to place (he grower's beans in the government loan at per bushel for No. 2 yellow or green beans, and issue warehouse receipts directly !o the grower on them within 12 hours after unloading. Wilson Soybean Corporation WRESTLING LOWEST ADMISSION PRICE ANYWHEREI fleserved S«U on S*te it (he Leeion Arena from 6 p.m. Emy Monday ^ Monday, October 24 ADULTS 50c — CHILDREN 15« New SUrting Time 8:15 BOX SEATS 15* EXTRA TAG MATCH DON KEENE and RALPH GARABALDI versus ACE ABBOTT ond CHICO CORTEZ^ Afso Two 1-Falf 30-Minute Matchw Keen* .»«. Cortez Abbott y». Garabaldi WHOLESALE APPLIANCE SALESMAN WANTED We are in the need of lhe service of a goorl talesman living in Hlylheville, a?e 28 to 38 to travel and cover Eastern Arkansas selling appliances at wholesale lo dealers. Some of the items are Coolerator refrigerators, freezers, and ranges. Stromberg-Carlson radios and television. Dexter washers and ironers, Empire floor furnaces and ranges. Please apply in writing. No one will he tnter- fiewed personally until after they have applied In writing. Drawing account $10000 per month •gainst commission. Must have automobile and high school education. Some appliance selling experience necessary. Adair Appliance & Supply Co, George D. Adair, Pres. 664 Union Av*. Memphis, Ttnn.

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