The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 15, 1947 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 15, 1947
Page 4
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BLYTHBVILU8 (ARK.)''COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, JUIA' 15, 1947- BETTER HOMES Shortages Blamed on Lobby I ;Xerinont't / . v 6ayernor ,, I $aps Selfishnessjn,' \ ijTalk in Salt Lake City ;'.-'*BY MURK AY M'MOIE* ,U«j|t«i Press Slaff Correspondent ? SAW LAKE OHY, Jiilj.15 (UP), j—'Tenrjonl's 4fi-yoEr-o'd- gciemoi, .•i ^former Army colciid 1 , "jcsler- dai£ blamed "the rolfish rcj?) estate iobhy" as ons of the main', rea- scriS for Americans housing short- •; Gov. Ernest W. Gibson, n Re- pugioan, n-.-ada his attack in an to the 39tli anmul conference of 'American qovernovs notv ;:n'progress in Salt Like Cily. .i CUison raid the lobby "I] In trifth n vnr,y bart thin? /or cur ; co till try -and hns litd nn ex'rnr.'ly ;'dn*ri--n;:nt«)l- effect on uiiildini; •i!iojTT>hp in this country." ' YJ would svv that sclf!shne?s scwned to be the main motive of p?fiy cf who Imve been so 'acjjvy-y engaged wili'i tliis real estate lobby which I rssure you does rxist," Gitson lo:d the con Terence. • \ Selfishness in li'iis matter of producing hcmes for families of thte country, iMrliiuIarly- homes •Jortt'he vctC!!i!-.s of Wotfd Wai- II. :s,bre-din» bV<c-rrrss . . . r,ntl I hope it> v,-ilt not b? condoned Iby Aluminum Weatherboard Makes Durable Siding •In commercial, industrM, home f.M farm applications,. aluminum weatherboard and clapboard sidings, which |.io*> ycvfrra longer Ui-i;i conventional building materials, nre.bclptng to sayc money, because .hi their low maintenance'cost. .,;• Crimped to look f-ike ''coiiycn- tlqr.flj cVp':oard, the v*/iUl«rboard s'xling, .whlfh Is 21 Irjclies wide and conies in six. eight, ten flhil twelve (cot lengths, r 'weigihs only loin- pounds per square /dot. The aluminum clapboards prc- r cnt an exposed surface width of eight inches and..-come in piid twelve foot le>!>(;ths. tih tj-pe-i of siding arc oasy to Install, attractive in apiHianmce nnd wTl not rot-, rusl,, waii> or burn. Tiiieir liigh degree of reflectivity i>"."v[des i*adlant insu'lttlon that h.^tls out -heat in the summer oncl retains. hc<il Inside the buildl!ifi in the winter. the Conn.vr-s or by you and I as ppv^i-jinrs." Gi!;s-n "dvr-'-'t.ed s'^te nnd fcd- r<-"\ ^::b?idii >! ; if necesn-rv to provide hm-TO for tiV 1 EOl.nai n>-i,v- jled V?!T!'HS lie said were Mvlivr with < tl:er 'f-'niilies or In -tral:- r .-c opd rented rooms and for the "> C"0 r Cn vcleriins in houses ncrd- iur niyjf 1 '' repairs. If? r aid Ivmir.s shcuUI be built in t!:i ic-unlrv "where t.'io grcMi ^r''Js r:'n I'cVVe the bottoms of . chiklrnii;' fort." Gibbon fjx>ke iifter two other i uoverr.ors attjickcd frdcrar usnr- | pation o' ft'Je's riithls ns thuy opened 4h': conference. 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'- AL'S PAINT AND WALLPAPEK STORE r v "Your, Wallpaper Style Center" Phone 46S * ~~" Oak Flooring Demand High, Dealers Report Although the material priorities system was abandoned in the relaxation of federal housint; controls, building materials dealers re- :x>rt that the demand lor oak and other hardwood flooring is so great .hat home planners are advised to order such ileiiLs well In advance. Priorities now on file will bo honored, after which deliveries will t>e made on a "first conic, first ( served" basis, according to innnu- , facturors. Until the decontrol order, oak rioorinrr had been allocated 100 per cent to the veterans' housing program. I Under the new setup, non-vclcr- ( an.s as well is veterans are per- 1 milted to build homes for their own year-round occupancy. The $10,000 celling nn new homes has l>cen abolished, but restrictions remain In force with regard to s\r,v. Each new dwelling Is limited to n floor area of 1,500 square feet. This ruling Is designed to prevent construction of so-called luxury homes at a time when millions of low and moderate pric-cil housing unlt.s are needed desperately. ' Almmt Indispensable | Oak flooring, one of the materials deemed almost indispensable for completion of these dwellings, i has been scarce for several years Despite the racl that it is now comliij; from the mills In the greatest volume since 1942 ami is morn rapidly available than at any Unio since before the war, demand still outstrips supply. i An important factor in the continued heavy demand, builders report i.s (he widespread prelercncj for oak iloors in stores, .schools, i churches and other structures nee- essary In areas or new honslnc dn-- I vclopnicnts Controls on erection of ! such buildings were liberalized nl ' the time I lie housing regulations were cased. The ;nT«;ure of these demands, added lo (hose of hoii.s- iiiK. has made It difficult for manufacturers lo (Hi ortttrs as promptly as they would like With production mounting steadily, however, deliveries should be accelerated considerably in the- coining months. Blaze in Lumber Pile ShoVs Value Of Fircproofing .'.Tfie vahM of fire-safe construe.- t lien nv>l?rials war; dir innlically j c.cmoii'-ii-.ilcri recently when five •ivecl Ihrouph a. IniiAer yai'l in Tr-Uord. P.\,. de.-itroyin-; ;1 CO--'-y- srn-fonl building, biirnin;-. down a. homc across the sircnL and Uirrnt-l ei).',ii(f llr- ic-ity-s out Ire business dlstrl:l. Jn Ihr mid.-t. of the inferno, and next door lo li'ie de- slrovcd li-n-n. was 01 residence protected bv njbcslcs ccm?nt sid- ncr. -Afthnnli t-!ie hrrit was so ntcivic that it cracked l.he windows. 1,1-0 ii.-hoslrs-c'nd 'home rc- <-irted Hie fire r.nd it ;md all its contmii.s were saved. Eicht volinilrci- fire comronios fonyht Ic'ic bl:-n; fo:i Hvn hours bc- lore briin;iiiK ,11. imclr-r conlrul Driven by a stiff wind. IMC fire showered the ni-iirl^nrliMcl wilh HOME QF THE MONTH fiA 3CUE HI - FLA* No. 19 .Simple, clean lines make this modern home one lliiU does not bceo-no dated easily—the profitable kind of investment Lome owners want mo'-t It looks cozy and it is, being only 3p ft. wide. Adding artistic brc-ul-'n with less expense than n full garage is the car port, which can be ci-n- pletecl later if desired. Exceptionally functional rooms achieve ,1 feeling of space tlirmi'-n argc picture windows which provide a wealth of light and air Hor"-,bas concrete floors, suitably covered. The full basement adequate 7 v houses laundry and utility equipment. Designed by Charles B. Howe, architect. Park Ridge, 111., this lio-ie* was a recent winner in the "Practical Miracle Home Contest" sponsoii-.i by PRACTICAL BUILDER magazine, Chicago S, 111. Working plan- arc not available. Auto Sales Firms Plan Newest Kitchen Cabinets Hove Concealed Lighting ' Two West Walnut jects to Cost Total of $46,500 . Steel kitchen cabinets, with sliding doors at frosted glass .also have built-in concealed fluorescent •liirhls which jranninalc both cab- .inet interior «nd workius surface D . _ below, s.iy-; iPrnctioiil Builder. Ohi- rrojccrs to COST '.cngo 3. Added cciivenienccs arc founded edges, two appliance cutlets and switch, cup hooks, pegs f .., •-.'.-. , ,,-->;.- e^f" 1 OKlra spnce for tall Items, .City t Eripinec.r,.-Joe Caj-ncy ;! ati-94 r Kc p'^\lc^ licenced yesterday that 'final ' iip- %\ J _^1^ ' ' "\ in-oval has been given for the. (rrcction of two buildings ifi 'the 100 block on West Walnut Street. Sc.vmoiir Motor Sales linve been pranted permission to continue wi-th their sLruolure which will b? completed lit an cost of $21,500. Uzzell S. Branson i.s Ihe architect and Ben While and Sons are contractors on the project. •Still Investment Corporation's ap- l-i'icalion for Ihe construction of $35.000 motor sales and service building proval. The new' brick and tile edifice will feature a. circular show room projecting from the front of the building. New Residence Section Planned Wilson's 3rd Addition South on Highway 61 Contains 300 Lots Nearly 30o lots In the.'new Wilson Third Addition on .-Highway 61 South have been earmarked for residences, it was announced yesterday by w. C. Gates, representing the Blythcvlllc Development Company. Since the new addition was opened, more than six months a"o, some 21 lots have been sold near the' highway for industrial purposes. All industrial sites have been sold, •with the exception of three, Mr. Gates announced, and construction Is well under way on some of the buildings. Mr. Gates stated tliat the residential area would be located farther East from the highway on the land which extends from the Cotton Belt Railroad crossing South for one-half mile and East to Elm Street. The roads running across the 120 acres from the highway to Elm will be graded and present plans call for the graveling of one, McEIanev Road. • f | Construction has been started on many buildings in the new area and additional work is to begin soon on several more in a blinding boom that Is expected to result In the expenditure of more than $200000 tlicic. | To enhance the area's industrial | importance, the Cotton Belt Rail-.! road placed more than 2,000 Icet J of spur tracks for the handling of freight. . . The Blythcvlllc Development! Company. a subsidiary of the Lne i Wilson Company, has been selling I Industrial sites and will also be in charge of the residential sector. New-Type Submarine To Be Completed in 1951 WASHi'NGTON, July 15. 'UP)-The Navy revealed today that two new-type submarines radirnlfy dif- icrent from anything it used in ^I'n'ei Wnr U ' wi " b= col "Pleted Poultry men's Meet Ends LITTLE RCCK Ark.. July 15. j (UP)—'Il'ie linal se.%-irn of the Arkansas Poultry Improvement Association ronvenUcii will cnine to » clcr? with a U-.nn.ucl, today. 'Die featured dish will he chicken. Yesterday S. W. liters, -association president, lold his felioM' poultrj'men I^SR prices will be hlsh ihis Fall and Winter. Tn« reason for tins, -lie said, was '•'.shortage of mkt stonvic cass ami p-iuitry -and higher prices on beef and pork. Man Versus Bin! ' A 12 1-2-ton Irnniprrl plane collided In mid-air with :i 12 1-2!;ram Roldfincli. The bird MS killed, and thi» transport snlfcrcd a badly cracked windshield. Tiie wc- cidcnt occurred near Oiyton, O., Aug. 11, 1044. O/ course me're busy, Jml m-k'cr too linsy to {.rivr you help v/ii!i your insurance ])i()]jlenit! Cyme prepared to discuss llicni freely with us. \Vlio knows? We may stive, you money, '• NOBLE GILL The two imderseas vessels will incorporate secrete known only to the Navy plus wartime advances made by the Germans and Jhj>- •:< IK-SI. Congress appropriated $33,0 0.000 for the two subs and incidental experimental work. • !Read Courier News Want Ads. has ulso received ap- . irir in Hie r-b-slos-j-idrd vvr. «r reM , and ;,s,,hra other hrnio ,, the htiilclmi: rnp-r luulcrnonUi Hie sld- Ona - approved last i'-Bc by its fireproof covering. fl-\irt,'ici- evidence of the invi ncnnmiv of a-;bc:Ur, biilldin:; jivii—-vi's lo.firc was fm-.-id in the WITCk>"f Of (ho ll!!rb-r 'VTd ll- hi-.r.i>cd to t'-r- mound. Ihe" yml's ftrck of ;K lies' i^ c^lri-"', sid>n^ w-'.s fmnd IP IT iiv'nrt. despite ils rx-rsnrc lo the full brunt, of (he frhev i»r'-r->'os m.Mrr;:il-; wrro in^- mune to .•,'•-. fh-mo-;, bnVdins cx- rer's eyjViin-d, 1:? rns; Ihry arc ir.idp cnlin-lv of t.vo noii-cmu- terini; shop. Highway 18 J-^!"" ,^ 11 S S ' Jr - fo»r-roon ters nnd Portland cement. A<l)r K |/^ n'-s-^ a " [t a com r : "'ion product. PsSpstns roofing shingles, have been in use for many years Then I-" "iiiiMncmble instances o,, "oc ord where they havc sav „ ^ ^'",, > ",T" lf! wllilc . ">c h«ilrti,,« l,l,em were being destroy- Modernize Your Bathroom We've sonic wonderful plans for making your bathroom a model ol' shining beanty and comfort. Consult with us when you need fixtures to "do over" your batli! FHA TBRMS. 36 MONTHS TO PAY. PETE" the Plumber 109 N. First Phone 2731 , , g from Ike c round ... no lar.k ncccnory ...>sil!i Iho palcnted' Urio Shallow-Well Fi-mping S.'ilcm. DclNcn 3?5 oallcm of wolct pot hour ol up lo 40 poundi prcuure. ASon-jfoeluiod by Hie Icrio Corp., WoVto, Alo..of Ihe Une.l malcrial and C0l^^^ui^rt> ^ ,. Tfon-ruiling paili. Mot damaged by frecring. 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One coat of Uiis easy-brushing, high-gloss enamel gives gleaming new beauty to Woodwork, furniture, loys, aulos. Dries in a few hours ... protects against wear, weather 1 WASHABLE WALL FINISH! SEMI-LUSTRE Fresh colors, Bmnz- inR wasliabtlity make tliis Hnbh tlic liousc- wife's favorite, foe kitchen, bath. DURABLE V A R N I S !I! MAR-^OT A lustrous finish that resists scuffing, scratching, staining. Dries quickly. Gloss oi Satin Finish. $1.53 $1.89 Ql. HANDSOME; ECONOMICAL! HOUSE PAINT Ceaseless research now gives this famous paint NEW covtr;i£c, durability, b':auly» economy! Gal.

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