Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on January 27, 1891 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 27, 1891
Page 5
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JUST RECEIVED, 10,000 Nickleby Cigars! ' •} Best Cigarinthe City. SOMETHING NEW! THE COUNTER SALE. INow Being Held at The Grand Bazaar, 307, 401 St. Sotp in, it Only to Look. A MAN OF MILLIONS. Tiutcc Jamex Clicney, -Formerly of Till* City, Quoted as Belns IVerU, *'onrtecn ITIHHou Dollars. MONEY TO LOAN, n onj mm at the 1,0 WJK8T rate«. Private lucdt duly. Money always in hand. Ho red tape or delay. Interest and principal payable In Logans- Port. Spools! arrangements «e to payment oJ principal and Interest, made to soil the wlshetoi borrower. For farther parttcnlnrs apply to Fred W. Mimson, On Jlondaj-s, Fridays or Saturdays. 214 Fourth , street, opposite Court House. FREE \ READING ROOM, Open Daily and Evening, 321 Pearl Street. • Welcome tc£All. MONEY, Q«n«ra! Immraxc* and Lo*ng. All kted/s ol In- •nrancB plao«d In Brut elate companies. Endowment policies pnrcblPOS, Bonds of snretynli. written for parties holding poslttens of tram •hers a bond Is required. 319 PKARL, ST. S. M. Closson, MONEY TO LOAN! Ana Notes Bought In any sflm over $25 at lowe rates. Large amounts 6 per cent. GEO.B.FOBGY. Daily Journal. TUESDAY MORNING, JAN. 27. Salesmens Union meets at K. of H. hall Wednesday.evening next. Special action will be had on vital questions Union men, show their power. Adam Penzel, who came here to attend the funeral, of his nephew, Henry Penzel departed last night for his home in Little Rock, Ark. Kpkomo' Dispatch: Mrs. Jennie Thompson, nee Snyder, of Logansport, is the ; guest of her mother, 'Aunt" Till Snyder, East Walnut street. Contrary 'to the- usual order of things on Monday morning there was no "slate" at the police court yesterday morning. Rev. M. Swadener, Evangelist, will begin a series of meetings at the Broadway M. E.-Church next Sunday the "same to,continue for ten days or more. : ' Marion -Leader:—"John 'Widmair, •well known iff .Marion has recently purchased the Wabash' Valley hotel, in Logansport, and will open* a nrst Class, restaurant, and lunch, room therein'." Mr. Charles Peekham will take subscription guarantees for the Assembly Park fund from High street people and vicinity. • High street people will swell theJund by about $100 per man. Mr. E. D. Closson has signed his $100. : Kokomo Gazette-Tribune: I. S.' Wade of Lafayette, Grand Chief Templar, of the Independent Order of Good Templars, is in' the city to-day. Mr.. Wade organized a lodge of one hundred members at Windfall Tuesday night. Be will probably institute .a lodge, at thia place, .This temperance .organization should have a large membership in KokomoL /•-.•'. Fort Wayne Sentinel:—An assertion that my seem incredible to a great many people was made by a prominent gentleman whose home is in New York City, while addressing a citizen of Fort Wayne. He said: 1: Do you khow that your city has one of the richest men in the west?" "No, who is it?" asked the Fort Wayne gentleman. "It is Judge James Cheney," was the reply. "What is he worth?" . ' 'He is worth fully $H, 000,000. There is $10,000,000 in sight that I know of." "Fourteen million dollars! 1 ' repeated the millionaire's fellow townsman in great amazement. ' -I never dreamed that he was worth as much as that." "Nor did many others. Your financial king owns almost incalculable interests in New York city, Logansport. Ind., Defiance, Ohio, Fort Wayne, and other places. He is director of railroads, owns the Logansport bank, controls the Fort .Wayne artificial .gas company, and has great interest in New York city, besides extensive possessions elsewhere." The subject" of those remarks, Judge James Cheney, president and treasurer of the Fort Wayne Gas Light company, has his home in a comfortable, though unpretentious mansion on. Spy Run avenue. A man who, though approch- ing the goal of four score years, is still active, and bears the burden of declining years with much more vigor than many other men who are thirty years his junior. When he is in the city you can see him any week day bending over his desk at the gas office, and you do not see a gouty, dried up specimen of the human race, either. No, you are given respectful attention by a man of small Stature, with a short gray beard, whose'eyes still have the sgar- kle of youth in them. His trips to'and from his office are nearly always made on foot, as he declines at almost 'all times the convenience of a carriage. The judge shrinks from an ostentatious position in life, and does not like-to hear public allusion to himself. History does not show his name linked with other men of local prominence, in fact the 'several histories of the county and the Maumee valley fail to reveal his name. On public questions of political or business nature he is very conservative, so much so that it would take a very stratagetic interviewer to succeed in getting him to commit himself. The judge travels a great deal.of the time,, coming and go- Circuit Court Notes. State vs. Charles Howell, burglary; continued. J. W. Stanley is appointed grand jury bailiff. State vs. Wesley Sheppard, pettit larceny; continued. .. State vs. John Baker,embezzlement, dropped, from docket! State vs. Viola King-, prostitution, dropped from docket. State vs. John Flint, larceny; dropped from docket. State vs. .George Nelson, petit larceny; dropped-from docket. Olive Hislop \'f. Daniel Hisiop divorce; defendant defaults. State vs Owen Carroll and Wm Schrock, burglar}', continued. State.vs. John Hayes, malicious trespass; dropped from docket. State vs. Dude Long, keeping house of ill fame; dropped from docket. State vs. John Hollis, selling liquor on Sunday, defendant discharged. State vs. Wm. D. McComher, e.r- bezzlement, dropped from docket. Melvina E. Holly vs. Henry Holly divorce, plaintiff dismisses cause. John H. Baker vs. Edith Josephine Baker divorce, plaintiff dismisses ca.se. Emma E. Croxford vs. Wm, J. Croxford, divorce; defendant defaults. Wm. H.Baussumvs. Viola Baussum; divorce; cause dismissed at plaintiff's cost. State vs. John Cam bine, assault with intent to kill; dropped from docket. ' John N. Thomas vs. John Clark, court overrules the motion to dismiss appeal. State vs. John Gugie, disturbing religious meeting; dropped from docket. State vs. Elizabeth Purcell, keeping house of ill fame; dropped from docket. State vs. Annie Burden and Catherine. May, prostitution; dropped from docket. Salinda Eidson vs. John Liu", complaint; defendant ruled to answer 4th Tuesday. George Harrison vs. John W.Horne, complaint; cause dismissed at plaintiffs cost. State vs. Daniel Mooney and Benton Patten, malicious trespass; defendants discharged. State vs. Flora Berden, May Roe and Jennie Doe. prostitution, dropped from docket. David F. Gish vs. Elizabeth Gisb,. complaint; defendant ruled. to answer • 4th Tuesday. -:;: i Stale National Bank vs. Hiram Harvey, complaint change of venue from court granted. John A. Alspaugh. vs. Annie AIs- paugb, divorce; cause dismissed at KLEIN SECURES BAIL. Barney Klein ReleaKed on." Sunday turning, HI» Bond. . Jluvliig , Been Secured. ,, R Barney Klein,... the murderer of Jobri Gibbs, is again breathing- the free air of heaven after a little more than a week's incarceration in the county jail. His friends bestirred themselves after the amount of his bond was placed and on Sunday morning appeared before the Mayor with the $10,000 bond properly secured. Klein's bondsmen are F. M. Wagner, Eugene Prager, Joseph Klein, John Klein and wife. On the due approval of the above security, Klein ' was dismissed from custody. The Grand Jury convened yesterday and his case was under investigation and an indictment will, probably soon be forthcoming. The matter of bond, or not, will then rest with the Judge of the Circuit Court. A Nciv Grocer}' Store. Ths new grocery store of Dolan & Twomey, in the opera house block will be open this morning. Mr. Dolan needs no introduction, to the grocery buying public of Logans-port, his former experience in that line having popularized his methods to all. Mr. Ed Twomey his partner, who will have most of the management of the concern on his shoulders,, is a young man of careful business habits well qualified, by several years active experience, for the arduous task of catering to a discriminating' public. Both members of the firm are possessed of indomitable energy and the new store starts out with the entire confidence of the people. Wood Broke Down, Richmond Palladium.- The heavy penalty was clearly not expected by the defendant, and he broke down and cried like a child as he was being removed from the room. The verdict was a compromise one. On the first ballot four jurors voted for conviction of murder in the second degree and life imprisonment, while the remaining eight voted for various Other penalties. After several ballots they succeded in agreeing on the above verdict. The attorneys for the defendant, Messrs. Fox & Robbins, will file a motion for a new trial next Tuesday. LEAVE YOUR ORDER. Suits made to Order, $15 iro. All-wool Pants $3. S-oring Overcoats to order, 1 Melton and black Thibet, $15.j Black Cheviot suits $10 to $20. No extra charge for long and slim men. Short and stout men. all can be Fitted. No advance UDon ready Made garments. Custom made Or ready made, ALL ONE PRICE. Spring styles now on exhibition. No advance payment required and If eoods ordered are not perfectly Satisfactory you are not required to Take them. OTTO KRAUS, Of Course. ing without tbe world knowing it. In order. to get relaxation after being conQned in his office this man of wealth has been known to go out to his woodshed and saw a stick or two of cord wood or get lip early on a spring or summer morning and hoe the vegetation out in the garden. This is a brief, and it should be said, very brief, pen picture of Judge Cheney, the man who is quoted as being worth $14, 000,000. List or Advcrttincrt Letter*. Remaining In the postofflce at Logansport lor the wsek ending Jan, M, 1891. LADIES' LIST. Flnka, Mary Price, Mary Miss Fltzpatrlck, Molla Mrs. Rice, Charlie Mrs. , Graves, G. G. Mrs, Penner, jsmma Mrs. Beame, William Ch»-nwirh, R. W. Flgler. Lewis Gray, 3. E. Grlljbon, Wm. H.izen. G. B. Joeden, Jolm , TrJt. Ann Mian Wilcox, Cieo. Mrs. LIST. Jackson, H. L. Kline, Peat McGee. Josh Lyfle, W, Shuw. William TV nny, J. A. . Williams, Harrison , Wilson, F. H. Persons calling lor the above letters please say Advertised. D. W. TOMLnraoN; E, M. Catarrh In the head Is a constitutional Disease, and requires A constitutional remedy Like Hood's Sarsaparilla, Which purifies the blood. Makes the weak strong, Restores health. Try it now. plaintiff's cost. Joseph Miller et- al vs. Chas. Keppler, et al complaint; change of venue from court granted. State vs. Chick Flower, Clara Flint and Laura May, prostitution; dropped from docket. Logansport Brewing Co., vs. Logansport Natural Gas company, defendants file motions. Mattie Thornbaugh vs. Wm. Thorn- baugh, divorce; dropped from docket •for want of prosecution. Atwater C. Burnett vs Wm. B. Clark, et al., complaint; change of venue from court granted. . : . Thoma ' J. El kins . vs. Caroline Houston et al, complaint; defendants ruled to answer fourth Tuesday. Wm. H. Huntington, trustee, vs. Wm. G. Matzger et al complaint, change ot venue from -court granted. State.vs. Willard Harvey, murder in second degree; change of venue from court granted and case continued. • ' The State vs. George Hogle, "Edward Ditten and John Pierce, bunko steering; case , dropped from, the docket. • . ' National Union Election, At a regular meeting of Cass Council No; 104, National Union, the following officers were elected to serve for the ensuing year: President.—J. B. Winters. Vice President—Joseph Barker. Secretary—C. E. Hale. Treasurer—W. W. Ross. Speaker—Harry Frank. Medical .Examiner—J. W. Ballard. Chaplain—B. F. Miller. Usher—W. F, May. Sergeant—V. Weisenberger. Doorkeeper—C, H. Stevens. Trustees—W. A. Osmer, A. li. Shroyer and Harry Frank. Delegate to National.'Council—W. A. Osmer; alternate, Harry.Frank; Dentil ol'Wiliiam Hurwt, . William Hurst died at home, corner of Thirteenth and High streets yester- '•day" morning at'G o'clock after a lingering illness of consumption. The deceased was one of Logansport's best known young men, and his death is widely regretted. He was a druggist of -iBueh skill, but a few years ago .was compelled to give up his business on account of failing health. He was 26 years of age, and leaves a wife and one child. The funeral will be held Friday at.2 o'clock from the German Lutheran Church, cservices by Rev. Father Jox. MARTIN SHAFFER'S CASE. SMOKED MEAT Of this Brand will be found Select Goods: Slaughtered and Cuied W. C. ROUTH, Logansport Ind. For Sale' bv Leading Dealers. iWnrtJn Shaffer Will be Placed en Trial To-day for ilie Murder or Edward Xowrv. The trial of Martin Shaffer for the murder of Edward Lowry» at Walton last August, will be commenced in the Circuit Court to-day and will probably occupy the whole of the week or more. D. D. Dykemay will act as counsel for the defense. Clay SoieH. Protracted meeting at the Dunkard church this week. There'will toe services at the Miami Baptist . church next Saturday and Sunday; We understand that about four of our young people are to be married in the. near future. The Shadynook debating club meets every Wednesday evening. They have large crowds. The ' schools are prospering this winter. There has-been BO trouble. We have good teachers. ; JKIIlcs Xervc &. Liver An important discovery. They act on the liver, stomach and bowels through the nerves. A new principle, They speedily' cure biliousness, bad taste,, torpid liver, piles-and constipation. : -Splendid for men, women and hildren. Smallest, :mildest, surest. >0,doses for 25 cents^ Samples:. free at B. F: Keesling's. sepSSwtf Colnnibus' JEgs. Huntington Herald:—There is a curiosity at the grocer store of John Kitch in. the shape of a hen's egg that •will not lie down but insists upon standing on the small end. Its not much larger than a partridge egg, and must have some weighty matter in the. little end and air in the .other. The wag who said a hen. "lays" her egg simply because she can't stand it in on. end, is a "theory" and not a "condition." Election of Officers. At the regular monthly meeting of St. Mathews Total Abstinence Cadets of St. Vincent de Paul congregation held on Sunday the following- officers were elected: President—Edward Dolan. V. President—Frank Knowles, Secretary—Peter Pierce. Treasurer—Pat Carroll, jr. Standard Bearer-—Dan Loftus. Sacristan—John Wallice. Collector—Willie Bruggeman. Marshall—Michael, Leahey. Assistant Marshall—Tilden Sample. A Boon to Wives. Having useu "Mother's Friend" I would not be without it.. It is a boon to wires-who know they must pass, through the painful ordeal of childbirth. ;MRS;,--C. MELBOURNE. Iowa, Write The; Bradfield' : .Regulator U6., for further particulars-. * Sold by Ben Fisher. toSl "A LITTLE NONSENSE.' —Ethel—"Why, Charlie,, what do you mean by wearing these bine gog-g-les? Charlie—"Your beanty is so dazzling, my dear——" Engagement announced next day. —It is not generally the girl with the most beaux who gets married first. It is the little, grave, demure girl who site in the corner with one young man and hangs on to him.—Demorest's Monthly. —"Charlie is learning- to play the cornet," said young Mrs. Tocker. "How do you know?" "I heard him tell Jack Dashton he had been on :: "ittle.toot. I think it is so considerate of him not to practice around the house."—Washington Post. —Maid—"I am sorry, but Madam is not receiving to-day." Shoemaker (who has called to collect a little hill)— "Oh! that's nothing. I am receiving today. Tell her it's five dollars and thirty-five cents, please.''—Deinorest's Monthly. —Little Suzon takes to the village priest a splendid pat of butter, .ornamented with fantastic scrolls. "With what does your mother make those pretty designs, my little .girl?'' "Oh, M. le Cure, she does it with our comb!"— Memorial tie la L»ire. —He could write a comic article that would jniike you fairly roar, And his alter dinner speeches were with humor brfmmfng o'er, But when left to mind the baby his resources flatly tailed. And the funnier ho tried to be, the more, thq baby walled. —Terre Hante Express. " —Customer—"Got some pills for sore eyes?" Clerk—"Yes; these are said to be excellent for sore eyes." Customer —"How do I take 'em?" Clerk—"Two every four hours." Customer—(Returning' from the front of the store after ten minutes or so, holding a redbandana'to a watering eye)—"See here! the doctor that thinks a fellow can keep two of them, pills in his eye for four hours must be crazy; why don't he make the pesky things so they'll melt up when you put 'em in?"—Pharmaceutical Era. —Arranging- the. Offices.—"Sow, in this little republic we ars going- to establish, "remarked young Mr. Hunker to his fiancee, "of course! shall-.Tse President."' "Yes," replied the rare and radiant maiden; "and I'll be Secretary of the Treasury;" "Perhaps we had better consolidate the offices of President and Secretary of the Treasury," suggested the young man. "You can have a Cabinet place, however. How would you like to do your own cooking and be Secretary of the Interior?":—N. Y. Sun. merit Win*, •, We desire to say to our citizens, that; for years we have been selling *Br-v 1 King's New Discovery for Consumpl£-iJ ion, Dr. King's New Life Pills, Buck- j len's Arnica Salve and Electric Bitters,j3 and have never handled remedies ' sell as well, or that have sucn universal satisfaction. We do- aotx hesitate to guarantee them, everytime *•# and we stand ready to refund the p*u j -^ chase price, if satisfactory results ftb J not follow tbeifc use. These remedies^ have won. their great popularity piirelyiS on their merits. B. F. ' toSl, 'Jj Sleeplessness, nervous prostration j> nervous dyspepsia, dullness, Dluefevg cured by Dr. Miles t Nervine. Sanrpjfes •> free atB. F. Keesling's. W,,"*: —"Do you think, young- man, that you could give my daughter all she asks for?" questioned papa, grimly. . "I—aw —think so. sir." murmured the lover, bashf-uUy. "She says she wants only am "*—Harper's liazar. Both the method and results Syrip of Figs is taken; it is ^ and ^refreshing to the taste, and actV'1 gently yet-promptly on the Kidneys, ^ Liver and Bowels, cleanses the sjs-"^ 1 tern .effectually, dispels-colds, head-'j aches and fevers and cures habitual'f constipation. Syrup- of Figs is. thf«^ only remedy of its kind ever pro. $ duced, pleasing to the taste a^d ac^ ceptable to the stomach, prompt'in 1 its action and truly beneficial in itk>| effects, prepared only from the most^ healthy and agreeable substances, its t| many excellent qualities commend it,J, to all and have, made it the mostf; popular remedy known, • s! Syrup of- Figs' is "for sale in SOo? 1 and $1 bottles by all lead ing <drug-', gists. Any "reliable druggist may not have it on hand will cure it promptly for any one wishes to try it Do not accept 1 substitute. " CALIFORNIA FfG SfMP CQ.M SAN FRANCISCO, CAL, ,. , ** LOUISVILLE, KY. NFW YOM, tt'.t ' • Kor salebjB. F. Keesll

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