The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 2, 1933 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 2, 1933
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/Served by the \ United Press BIXTHEVILEE COURIER NEWS TTTP nriMTUAurr WCWRUAUC-O r\o wrmTnvAu-n ADVAimxn »»,«. ^ „,„-,. ^^ - - * " ^^r THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI HOME EDITION VOL. XXX—NO. 161) BlytlieviUe Dally, News. BbtlidvUIe Court*. Valley Leader. HIYIIH-VUI ARKANSAS, MONDAY, OOTOHKU 2, 19U3 SINGLE COPIES -FIVE CENTS' •i U. S. CITIZEN SLAIN IN HAVANA FIGHTING ROflSEIItLl PUTS Chica s° Dons Gala Garb IITOTBE Says Government Obligation Extends Only lo i • Service Disabilities. CHICAGO, Oct. 2 (UP) — The Kon-combatuiu war veteran must take his chances wuh C'.S'.L-I c: 1 .;tens in earning u living, President Roosevelt declared today in u straight from thc shoulder spc-tch carrying his economy figlu before 30.000 memlx-iE of the American; Legion. Mr. Roos:vclt spoke boldly in h!s crucial ac'dress before the '.;:^l. n convention \\h:ch had poun-j lialities ol eitl;e: v.inning the vet-j i::.ns whole-h'-aiudly or arousing} ••vol' aujiinyi I he rvcsidcnt's drab- tic compensation cuts. Matfi Prlnrijlles ' He laid dr.v.-n thiee principles in dealing wit!: ;hc veteran.-; a:i<i| Declared that, liis policy of flnancinl j retrenchment was imperative if the country is lo thrive. ills prineipli'S vtr?: i — Govtriinieiiial' responsibility for those who snnered injury or disc-ase in the war. 'J—No special class of beneficiaries over and nboic all other citi- :•_—Federal aid for non-connoc:t-1 .«'..'•; service disabilit-y cases but] ;uenue. flag-bedecked for the vct- o;;ly when al! other agencies fail, j erans p!iratlc . pictured upper right. Hole! Portress Under Fire* Chicago wears i'-s Bain dress as 15COOO American Legion members ' lcome PresWciU B c . . Roosevelt at then- national convention. At upper Ml. Michigan B. Miller. . L'-in demand Mid receive from his' Co!. W. E. Easterwood. Dallas, /••:vernni«iL u benefit whicli :io ; "I"**- ' vll ° demands lh:il the l.e- c-:her citizen • receives," the prisi- \ B'°n aulhon/.o- his award of lion- dent dec'ared ' • orary memberships lo Mussolini It does not mean that because i and llle ki "« of Ita) V- Below, .the a. person served in the defuse [ Panning committee, incluuins;.. left of his c-ountrv, performed a basic ! ( ° r 'P- ht ' standinE- Gen. Milton E. .UJigation 'or e-'tUensliip. he should, .Foreman, Frnnfc E. Samuels, C. •-,jecelVeXa''i pension from his gov- \ ' Wayjand Brooks: seated, Louis - i^rmeTit'txVaiL'-'o? a.' disability i'h-r-'./ontison,- •coinmaiider. and \Vatfon .i-urred after his service had ter-j minated and not connected with:' rtiat service." [ For N'Uiunal IWty . ' .In thanking the Legion for iui Ipyslty and service lie appealed for -unity anrl the elimination of sectionalism and class. ''If the spirit of sectionalism ;:; allowed to grow-. strong or to prevail II means the end of national unity and of patriotism." lie .said. ' <~\ '-'You "and -1 are aware of ilie-'V ••' REBEL BFflCEi HOIEL iWfiold I 1 armor and Mis : Wife Clmn'd With Mur! dcr , ,.:c\- Confession. : The drowning of :i bjibv girl, i !".>s than foiir hours uflcr tlic In! l:mi \v:is born to an unwed nmlh- 1 ••r al the lllithovlllr: hospital here l Wednesday, was confessed by Hie •Bother's brothcr-in-liiw and hoi : •jitli-r laif H:tlin<lav when eon, ItfilHt:(E '.nth thi; tllscovcry of the j i l.aby's body. i i Raymond I'. Prneti. llarllcld i : fanner, who admitted lo officers I : lhal hi- films the baby into (he! ! Mifsis^lppl river, and his wife. Mrs. ! Aliie Ptueit, will face prellmiiuiy I examination in municipal court I this afternoon on charges of nnir-1 | der. It is considered likely that' ' they will waive examination and' lelurn to jail to awnII action of; thc grand jury which mccl.s late! this month. Mother lldit at Hospital ; I Miss Ooa! Hasselt, 20-yrar-olrt j tiioihcT, was a virtual prisoner ut; Ihe hospital today, having beeni charged as an accessory before; UK: fact to murder. Pruett and his wife were taken! into custodv Saturday nlghl al!' lne National Hotel. Havana's leading ,ioti'l, pvkon fortress of several Wives of Besieged Me'fi f for Intervention by U. S. HAVANA, Cuba. Ocl. 2. (UP)-— fl 'I'lnrty of the rebellions army of- |a who forliflcd themselves. \] within Ihe National hotel and for r inorc Hum six hours withstood a * trnlilc machine Bun and artillery kcmbarduicnt were killed, the'scc- iclnry of interior said today;' : HAVANA. Cuba, Oct. 2. ITJPJ^T- Onc American citizen and at; least (.veiny Cuban soldiers were killed :md estimates of wounded ranged up lo ICC lotlay when lh» -gov- •MnrneiH's troops opened fire -on } ! rebel forces embattled behind '. the' jL 'walls of the National hotel. " '*:' 'I At the Columbia military liosi p!ml. where llic casualties were j taken on stretchers from Ihe bat- 1 tlefronl, officials refused lo reveal the number of wounded, but 10 were deflnllel.v known to lie.'nt-i Ihe rnicrceitcy hospital seriously - woimdctl. ''•*•... ! j CasuiiHIcs lo thc defending force '• 1 01 p|fker<- besieged in llic solidly i hunt hotel were not known. For the hospital where they allegedly: hundred Cuban army ollicors In rebellion against th; 1 regime ol Prc-sl-j'.'""" """ n "' c . liemrs . thw ! J" d had ijono to slip tho mother from I dent C.ruu San Martin, was under rlfk- nnd artillery fire today as UK i ,','„," „,,| " tc ° s " ? ' ' lh The°'babl'' s body was found early ! = mtl " mlem <""'•>'<">*<' I" '!'stray the br.ildlnu It 111. otlicers pcriMca| Allmi , Tw( , nlv D( . art . - -, Saturdav mornintt near llurfltld by Mississipui river fishermen. Of| fleers had lillle how of finding a trace of the poisons who losseit Ihe baby into the river und buried the body that day. ft was Dr. W. A. Grlinmetl, hos-, uilal Dhvsician, who gave'.Coro-, ner W. H. Slovall ihf first- .Information Ihat led', eventually to ijie • • arrest .and-:confession of*, tlie Pr'u-j •" etts. Dr; Grimmelt. reading anf in tlH-ir refusal t3 .•iunrndi r. New Tropical Storm , Located Near Jamaica, WASHINGTON. Oct. 2. (UP)--: : Thc weather bureau (oday report-1 eil :\ tropical disturbance of in-; m'a.-:mj; imensity centered about ir»(j miles we:il. southwest of J:i-' ILLE RESIDENT DIES etts. Dr; Onmnielt. reodmK anli - ' i i ' ' i VT I t\»- • • • ' r> account of the discovery of the' Los Angeles and, iNcarby Mississipn Lountv ? ab ^' bocl) ' ^..^^dav's Cour-. f-.J CLh' 6; . n a m. I F.WtFivP MprnV lnd"nenei<mi source.'- 1 it' learned that thc bodies nf a£' I li'nsi. MX of Ihe altackin<» soldiers '. were -nmnvpd from the streets i nnar thc hotel. Officers In coin- I m/ni) of the assault on the r«r- : bol fortress admitterl more than i 2t of their men had been killed.^ Several truckloads of wounded.' nnd dead were taken from the -. . -. . )jotel - arcp . toward fbe w;-ir hn'nit'nl. k--cordlng i '••her" Will I ofTi ier News, recalled thai Mis Hns-j ^"'^ ^"aR-cu um i/aiu-; Elect Five seifs bnbyciri had been remov-i agc \ s Reported Small. 1 St. Francis Board. ed from the hospilnl Wednesday I 6 • ' | by thc Prueits over protests of to P.ia Fiefller Loses Left I maita. mnviiif nouhweslward and A. A. AlldefSOn Served ! attended by gales. simple fact that as every day pas-, : foot in Accident' MaV i "•'"., ?! B , . ,. , . ! \1 a nv Y*>ar<; WitK R 1 «s the people of this country sre:> „ J rtcclaen: • lvIa V ! Another disturbance of sliglu in- ' vldn > lears WltHD. L. , lei\sity \va5. centi-al a short distance north, northeast of Turks inc. |jcuyir ui luib uuuntry ^re i ' ILT r\ and less willing lo tolerate I; !\0t KeCOVCf. be'nefits for any tjne group of cit-j ... , , , ferns which-mus, he paid for by .-'MACON. Ga.. Oct. 2. .UP1-W.I 1>:1;llu1s ' tll ° blirc:ul 1 '° llm ' l '' c '' others. I L t "Youm!" Stribliu 1 ;. his vinff ca- j ."You have been willing to fight leer definitely ended by a motor! fr.r-the benefits of American life, accident last, night. wa s in a crit- V'o'i have been willing to live for ical condition today in a local American unity. You have under-: hcrpital. Physicians Rave him on- r tccd that thi: i.s th.e very foun-jly "n even ciiauce to recover. i daiion of the Americanism tori Th" heavyweight's left root wns which you stand, in which you be-j "" nff bv the fender of an au- < neve, r/.id to which you and I i ""mcb ; !p that side swipert the mo-' •wore allegiance when we became | lorcycto on which he v;ns riding.; ! His entire left leg was crushed i ! and his nelvis bone was tered. and A. S. Railroad. American ' Lepionnaires." Legion Meets Tonight hospital phvsiclnns. A description fmnishcd by thc hospital doctor was sufficient lo idr-ntify thc baby. Coroner Stovall raid, but' ill order to be certain officers, accompanied by Dr. Grlm- mctt and hospital nurses, who attended the birth, hurried to the county farm Saturday night. The body was disinterred and the made complete. LOS AN'GELfiS, Oct. 2. (UP)— One v.-'oman died of n lieart attack. six persons were Injured, and minor damage was done thru- out metropolitan Los Angeles today as a result of H sharp eartli- wliieh rocked southern Cal- being held this afternoon, 2 o'clock, at the Methodist church, vith the Rev. A. N. Story, former pastor, and the Rev. J. w., Moore, pastor, officiating. Burial: will be made at Ihe Maple Grove' cc-mclery- at Blytheville. . Mr. Anderson, who was born al shed: c , W! T 1 • Nashville, in., the son of the late ;hat-1 Service 1 ; at WllSOn today. Mi. and Mrs. Joseph B. Ander- Striblim,' remained conscious. A ; .„„,„. ,„.„.,,-, - St:iblin({ started winning ring tonight 7:30 oclock. when import- ;,„„ a , ., Geol . gi!1 hi?h ^^ ^ ?n''.ln ?™ ,T C " " P ' :tC " of 1Gl Ho ™ s a"»o'l 2!) years old 1 nil ding to tl:e post commander.; when yesterday's accident ended' ""•'" Keea - his career. He reached his peak.. ^ I t \\'r\ rnn v c Fc(aloes firt HOOD RIVER .oes will even grow without .soil or j i os i"in the 15th round on a teoh-l water here. Last, spring Mrs. Julie nica! knockout. ! . Hoi Ian threw some potato peelings: P.ntrlp uoicie pn en ; : so "' wns «'ilh his fa- her in the newspaper business I alco Fai'inPl" before coining lo I.eachvillc in *• 1!!13. He was connected wilh the Chicago Mill and Lumber coriwr- WILSON. Ark—J. N. Golorlh, nt | on , 1n m ho re ti v cd Ihrce years ;l. prominent farmer, died al his aBO home at nioiniiig. Golden Lake Sunday; Hc snw nctivc scrvicc in in the Spanish-American war and; hcspital to arrest the Pritctts should they appear. They arrived al the hospital a short lime before the party of officers and hospital attache? returned from Ihe farm, nnd were taken into custody. The girl mother made an effort to leave her room but was prevented, it was slated. Make Full Coufcssiun Tnunnllatelv on thc return of the group that had gone lo thc fatin and nmife identification certain thc Pn;ells were confronted v.-ilii tlie charge and admitted that the babv had been drowned. Tlie admissions followed a denial in which Pruett said the ba- bv had been taken to Memphis Funeral services were held Mon-'hc wns captain of the hoir — two vcar< ago when he fouRht rinv n f lc moon at - tne Baptist guards at Leacliville. He also w Without Soil ! UK- 'then world's heavyweight I chltrclv conducted by thc Rev. H. j served as chairman ol thc Red , Ore. iUP>—Pota-j rbnmoion Max Schmeliii" and I M - Lctt ' is - Bllrinl Wlls at Bassett' Cross and Liberty Loan drives ' for adoption by a relative, as they cemetery. during Ihe World war and was ','|had lold hospital authorities they had planned. Before they were allowed to lake thc two-honr-old baby they were required to sign Governor of Vireinia es into a pile of burlnp sack s and ether rubbish. Not lon^ ago she found a potato vine growing there, bearing three tubers which together weighed lv:o pounds RICHMOND. Va.. Oct. 2. (UPtj ; - Gover^/ir John Garland Pol-' Closina Stnrfr PnVv»j i lar<rf stnnd in fiivor of repeal ° fi viuoirty OlUtn: rilteft the I3ili amendment and the state di v act was hailed today by re-, Mr. Goforth was born August chairman of the fled Cross chap- I. 1812. near Covinston, Tenn... ter in 19.10 nnd 1D31. 'where he lived until he came to! Always a leader in education, j Arkansas 30 years ago. He was'he vas president of the first A. T. and T nc 3-4 Anaconda Copper 151-8 Bethlehem steel 31 7-8 Chrysler ' 39 5.3 Coca Cola 88 General American Tank 30 1-8 General Electric 19 General Motors 27 5-8 International Harvester 30 1-8 Middlewest Utilities 1-2 Montgomery Ward 187-8 New York Central 3C 3-8 Packard 37-8 Phillips Petroleum .... 153-8 Radio 71-8 Simmons Beds 20 St. Louis-San Francisco 3 3-8 Standard of N. J 39 5-8 Texas Co 25 3-4 U. S. Sleel 44 1-8 '- an active member of the Baptist. School church and served as deacon for j here. many year.i. I As the town's ofTicinl toastmas- ajways welcomed visitors Mr* Mollic Mason Goforth,"and, nncl his lns ' address of welcome ten 'children five daiizhters Mrs wns delivered at the meeting of J w Crenshaw, Mrs. W. R.' Mar-! tn e county federation of women's ncalisls as Vireinia prepared to ulale and Miss Mattle Grace Go- i.^^11010 UJ ^ll^Llll.l ^.^I'.IIILJ IU b u r ..... \r , \ T lo the uolls Tuesday to vote on : fortl1 ' ot , Wl l s ° n - Mrs . A - , L ' piohibilio]!. of Corinth. Miss., and Mrs. C. clubs which v met here last April. Chicago Wheat New York Cotton > lice - nnd Lyllc a " of Wilsoil- 4 T I 1C' J \flTl. \'IMH//C - „ ,.L, — ^ rtrc „.„,.,. ^1^1. ll,,rf< He vas an ardent supporter of and at the time of his i..i~.v. —-~ .."" •••- 5 noat ' °' " 10 ' Mi> ! ' OIT " Fo^"Jnmes.'Ed"wardr'l^weirMur- "is club. ..... ' He is survived by his wife. Mrs. Frederick Anderson, of Leacliville: two daughters. Mrs. Don Chonte Palllx-arer. 1 - were Clay Hudson. a statement setting forth that | Ihcy were takiu? the infant over protest of hospital officials. Pruett told officers that the baby was carried immediately after its removal from tlie hospilal to Barficld. about 12 miles east of here, where it was flung into thc river. Officers donbt that the baby ever really was submerged li Ihe water, believing instead Ihr infant landed in some driftwoo< where its body wns found about CO The mother of the baby is j member of a Grvsnell family. Sin had been making her home witl her fornin. LOS ANGELES. Ocl. 2 (UP» — shaip cnrlhrinakc apparently centering in Ihis city shook the najor part of southern California today. Mississippi county wns divided l:ilc five dhlr'cts for 1 election of r.s many members of the, IjonrJ of the St. FimicLs Ix:vee dlslricl by Hie Mississlopi coimlv eleclion Lwird lodny. .The sp:cinl eleclion T rt r tile board jnembers will be hold Monday, November 5. It is understood that under (rims of (he act authorizing elec- L't'Mi of the board members pc-sseri- Ei-ni of a poll lax receipt or oilier UMial riunliflcntlmis are not c. r ,- lentlnl lo vote. Tlie lone roniilre- Thc temblor was timed ns l:lO;nicnl is .said 'lo be ownership of ^- M- : real property :n the district and Three persons received hospilal, |rt . if | cnc ,. ]n , |lp dki,.^. rcatmcnl for slight injuries. Two; falls fell in Los Angeles and j Uir.irman of thc counly eleclion Loird by Governor J. M. Futrell Marie. . . . . ' named to succeed W R. Dye. r >s as -cores, of v:mdows were broken. • ' The damag! was surprisinzls =:nall for the force of llic lenib- ^'.'^ or which aroused almost o: «'<•''>'- ! ..(irji >ve In the districts winch suffer-j°.jj c ( '' fiom similar dislnrbanccs recently. In Los Aiii'"le.i people rushed . R Threlkeld of Lcach- . ,^.. r . ^ t ... i,i fni it s-iiil In Irom homes and apartment houses "i; 0 " , ' Sl1 ™ '" as windows -,r;ished and pictures] "•" J • - -i'!e are olhrr members of the i.-.avd. 'I'lu apporlionmcnt agreed sail! to liave bei'ii sui?- fell from the -vills. The first t'islrict is comjxBed Lake nship am' north of tile between townships Early reports failed lo mention! of <'«t scctio-. of _thc_cpmily west Ktiy deallis. ar.hough minor injiir- [ p 1 "' '"'"' " """' :C':T were coi:ntcd liy the score. A Loi Angeles woman suffered a broken leg wncn she leaped finm her apiirtment window. 12 norlh and 13 north. Thc second district is composed j of the territory between Dig Lake Police said that a wall of thclind the St. Francis levee alone city jail building, condemned after the quake ol March 10, (ell. biu that nobody was mjured. Long Beach, center ol the tcui-j c> ex : quake which caused Rimroxi- L-ske. h.o ?<Iuisissipp : river, including Bly- !!>"vlllc anil roughly all of the CMcknsfiwba district of the coun- cxcept tin' part west of Big mately 100 dr-.Mhs lasi March 10, j Tlie third districl includes Os- snid Ihat the rhock was felt scv-! u . n ]a. which i^ bairly inside the i rely but that no damage result- j srnihern boundary of thc district, fd. !v.'Isoii is in the extreme south Kama Barbara, scene of a dras-' portion of district lour, while distil temblor in I'JiS. suffered no I inrt five includes all of the county damage. IIunlinBlon IMrk. hit! u.'low \Vikon iinrd by the disturbance of March! 10. leported O'i ] y brokeir '.'.itidows. , lomcinl reports. At In a.m. the resistance of the defenders appeared to be incrcns- IK». Fronm llic roof of the. President hotel n United Press cor- resnondent watched thc bftice'ra bcE';'. en intensive rain of machine mm. rifle, nnd revolver bullets'in--"j- lo the slrccl. The uolsc of battle cracked throughout, the zone. Appeal for Intervention •Their demands intensified because of the International killing of R. L. Lolspitch, an American .f ritlwn. wclator of the conflict",'a : - commitlcc of wives and relatives of the besieged officers visiting. Ambassador Stimner Welles and asked the immediate landing o[ marines lo put an end to -the- i fighting. . .—•• i Welles told the commilteri tKa.t : "only the'president of the United '. Slates can Intervene." whereupon the delegation split into two sec- recllons, one seeking permission from thc government to enter the hotel and urge their officer l\ii)i; bands lo surrender, sincp no. aa.- [ei vention was in prospect. • • Tlie other group, hysterically heroicr omioscd asking nny favors from Ihe Grau San Marlin" regime and urged a fight to the end, The vigorous bombardment--by qoveitmient artillery, making great 1 holes in thc hotel walls, indicated a determination to batter down the building-, if necessary lo crash the regcllUws men inside. '"." While a sudden heavy rain drove some of the spectators fo shelter, government forces -brought' their artillery lo bear on thc hotel. A slcacly and rai>id bombardment followed and . for five minuies rhells poured into Ihe building.. Pemiscot County Knife l Five Hurt in Collision Co'«nty Holds Lead in Bales Ginned This Year WissifsiDpi county holds its cus- lomnrv place of leadership in this reason's first report of cotton gin- NEW YORK. Oct. 2. ( Cotton closed barely steady. oucn hlsh low "close Oct !)78 978 063 9G5 Dec !W8 flM 084 984 Jan. ... 1007 1008 092 992 Mar. ... 1025 1025 1008 1010 May ... 1039 1039 1025 1027 July ... 1053 1053 1041 1042 _;c,a,tha Poriei. Marvin Clayton. 0 T mimbod ' T^ n, a 1 ul ' • Wilson. Collins. Claude Shaw. J.; „„,„. ,._ IMlM ,,. ,„ „, T er sister and "the Intler's hus-j Victim Dies in Hospital i and for tonic lime. | T \ p[ V(? w i V i J I nfrt bv Arkansas: counties. Near Luxora Yesterday I The r , R. CulUmi. ert GritTin. Honorary pallbearers j veie J. H. Crain. K. P. Cullum. i J. C. Cullum. Walter Wallace. ' Curtis Freemnn. Robert Clayton, i Arthur Hudson, C. O. Williamson ! and Walter Collins. Glbbons lld of Spols closed quiet at 090. oft S. i \r 7\~i r< At !Union Savings B. and L New Orleans Cotton i „,.„ D*:.I ic u«,. 'Will Repaint NEW ORLEANS. OCl. 2. (UP) — Cotton closed quiet. Fifteen residences of Blytheville, two sisters, Mrs. W. P. Orr. for- mrrly of Blvtijevillc and now of Pine Bluff, and Mrs. C. J. Ball of New Orleans. Active pallbearers ore: Louis Weinterg. Hubert Aker of Jvtnl- I -len. Mo., Mayor Bob Eblen, John Btarden, Leo Selimever and Max Park'. Honorary pallbearers are: .in» Wojnberi?. Dr. A. E. Robin- HniKfS son ' c - L ' Smith, J. L. William. u Liu her Wlnstcad and !,. G. Byerley. open high low close May 94 94 3-4 93 1-4 03 3-S O^ 1 July 93 3-4 93 7-8 92 92 j Dec. Jan. 1 Mar. May . July one" high low close Chicago Corn May 5C 56 1-4 05 i-a open high low close ow.icd by the Union Savings Build- 11.15 and. Loni 1 Association, are be- | J. Nick Thoi-as. local lepresonYS: live. Saturday placed one of the lamest paint orders cvci- given ; <ir>i-.-> when lie ordered a ton of Spois closed steady at 901, off, while lead. 110 gallons of linseed __. , ,cil. and olhc,- paint ingreUienls. 962 9B2 956 OK 9M 978 IC02 1002 983 1020 1020 1005 957 979 988 1005 1035 1035 1020 1021 1048 1048 1044 1044 ' 11. Nazarene Pastor Called to North Little Rock The Rev. R S. Kusliing, paslor nf Ihe Church of Nazavene for tlic past 13 months, has accepted a tall to the North Little Rock. Ark., church. Hc left todav for that city where he will attent' the slale assemblv oting held at Ihe church where hr will becom: pastor Sunday. HU family will join him later in the •vrck. WEATHER Kecord Tcmalo Grown OI.EAN. N. Y. (UPI—A tomnto. believed to be (he season's record.; ,was grown by Mrs. Lena Hayes. Itj weighed a pound and 13 ounces) ARKANSAS — Fait lonlghl and and was, produced, according I0j Ti'esday. Mrs. Hnyos. with no;mal cnltiva- Memphis and Vicinity " lion and without Iho aid of special fcrlllizm; — Fair cht and Tuesday, slowly ris- tcmperaturcs occttp.iitls ot a Memphis Funeral services were held here I <-">' were Injured when ihelr ma- ye."-lerday anernoon for Sam Lucas, 43^0? Caruthcrsvlllc, Mo., who died at the Blytheville Jios- i)llnl Saturdav. Lucas died fron; ,1 knife wound in the back. Details of the aiuck .vcie not available. The deceased, is survived by his w/low. a son and four daughters, two brothers and three sisters. Thc Cobb Undertaking company •AM in charge of funeral arrangements. cport. shpwlne cotton Rin' ned prior to September 1C. gives Mfocirjiiwi county 8.302 bales, with .»'iTrr."in countv In second place Sunday Funerals SUSANV1L1.E, Cal. tUP)—Sun- day funerals have been barred by ministers In this Sierra Nevada Mountain region. Tho ministers decided Ihat only emergency cases, such as contagious diseases and .line collide-: with a car. driven with 5.835 bales. The total for by a negro, nr-ar Luxora on High-; iv ir> state wns 95.022. compared to ; wr.y 61 early last night. The negro. Wesley Hays, said to have been driving a car wllh only one light, was lodged in the coun- H jail here. Mrs. Marie Bruggcmnn sustained Injuries to her head and chest, j Herman Richtfr had several ribs fractured, anc 1 Mrs. Burke Miller C?:hran had a dislocated shoulder and head Injirics. Two other oc- cupanls of the car viiose names : 353.003 prior to September 16 last 'year. Col'n\i "inned orlor to Septem- N>r 16 this year and last in a '" of the leading cotton coun- *.vtre not learned were also injured. Alt were rushed to Memphis hospitals, two Co^b ambulances from rsif and one Swift ambulance lioin Osceoli mnkin? the trip. Members of the parly had been ties was as follows: Ashley ... Chicot .. Clark ... Columbia Craigh:ad Crittcnden 1933 1932 3.543 4,665 4,634 6407 2.6M 4.449 3,974 7.998 1.087 9,783 3,403 12.899 shipping,cases, should occupy ihciv attending a Lutheran church con- alicntion on the | Icrince and rally here. Deshn 3,408 4.428 Hempstead 3,855 7.182 Jefferson 5,835 12,469 Lafayette 4.541- 7.569 Lonoke 3.233 ' 10.170' Mrf-sissipp! 8.302 31,348 Phillips 2,174 7.3TC Poinselt 2.574 936S St. Francis ,;... 3,407 «,0»4

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