The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 15, 1947 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 15, 1947
Page 3
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TUESDAY, JULY 15, 1017 Farm Bloc Wins Victory in Senate House Cuts Placed Back in Agriculture Department Budget WASHINGTON. July IS. (U.P.) —The "farm bloc" triumphed over the "economy bloc" as the .Senate yesterday passed arid Gent lo conference with the HOUSE a $1,048. 4U0.184 Agriculture Depaitinenlap propiiiilloii for fiscal ]'J43. Tlie Scnale restored 'S2C0.8;il2M of the amount lopped off ih« bud Bet request by the House. The total Senate'grant was however, $140.105,135 less than [ho amount requested by the ('resident The Senate cillollo.l S2J15,000,00ft/ for soil conservation compared lo the House-approved S1C5.030.COO. Tlie House voic:l lo stop soil conservation payments afler liscn HM8. The Senate authorised a $150,000,000 pro!M'.int foi fiscal 1949, but -lowered Ihj maximum payment to any one inriivi.lna from S10.COO lo $50<) uficr thi;: ycai The full rmi.-imH of a s,25,f;f.o.l'00 cnl was rcsiorx! fir rural et.' ficalion loans. The appropriation lor school lunches was hiked biwk from (he House figure of .545,003,000 lo -lie S7S.OOC.OOO o-.g.nally .•emi'-slcd by the depaitim-nt. Tim Selene also recommended restoration of S20.000.JO') to help tenants and veterans purchase farms. The 11011.53 had c-iimmatod the entire imoi!>il of the department's 535,0'JOOOO request Because of recent flcod damage the Senute Increared Ihe ;.j.pi"- pnolion f-v flood eonl.rol work ,,-, lann from $500.000 to $1.500.000 Head Courier News Want Ails. BLrTHEVlLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS What Recent Floods Cost Corn-Belt States Worst hit was Iowa, where 115,000,000 tons of topsoil washed away, and 15 per cent of corn crop was'ruined. Damage to cities and towns in Iowa Illinois and Missouri alone, was esti mated at more than $17,000,000. Damage to crops was estimated at over $225,000,000 in four states. First Methodist Board Discusses Building Plans - The nourd ot Stewards of the First Methodist Church meeting In the cluirch !»tt nlum set AUK. 1 as llio deadline for mining in billots by members rn which they txpress (heir pvofi'ivnec for u site for n mo;»;<M new fhurch. Memb.-r, !mvt! been asked to i hoose Ij-.'iwicii expansion ot 'liu' iliureh luoilities m (be present lo- ciillon, He.inih ,ii»l Mam. mill Hit construe'l,.n ,>f R u . w c hurc'li on he piiM-m iii-. s ,,f (in, u ., t)r i (ri between \\Mimi: u.ut Jtiiokasilwljii Ihc n'\i board meeting will ho Held iimiK'dMi' : iv alu-r Ihc d-d- line for M!i)l,l|tslr;..j of ballots |.J tlie nieitib'v.i who live lil or older and results 0 .- th e clecilon win iinnoinuTd ,i| n, K i time. Vegro VA Representative 1 To Speak at Church Here 'Vcrnon L. While, Negro, contact •epi'e.sentiillve for tlie Veterans Ad- nlnlslnitlon, svlll speak before a UlytlicvUle Bvovip ot Negro veterans it 8 p.m. Wednesday In the c.M.E. Dlmrcli on Ash Street. He will ex- ,)laln the behclll.i and privileges to which vi'ti'rnns are entitled by rca- son of 'their servlco In the nation's urincd forces. Build on Lake Norfork UTTI.M UOCK, July 15. (UP) — Col. Qorakl Galloway. I.lltlo liock District Kngliicitr, innioiinccd Hint the state will have .101110 50 col tribes on the shore of Lake Norfurk nvotiiiblc for rentlnij on AUB. 13. The lots ni HBP from O;H> to two- mid-onc'lmlf IICITK, nml will l>i< leased for 24-yenr iierlods. Arkansas Mori KHM By Train in Oregon . .tOOl) RIVER, \bre., July 10 <Uf J )—luvcstlKntloit by. Hood JUver uulhorlllcs continues' today Into Ihc mysterious de-.itilr of. 'a Sheri- dnn, Ark., iTian ihL? weekend. Ciul McClitre, 41, KU fvnnO, dead on t, rallrciid trwk i»%» Hoed Rtver (lection crew KM tiddy was badly battered p^ ^yTthey^Uad-ao clues in McChtre 1 ! death Tlie V S Cout Chard was the first service to send ships Into Alaskan waters. ' Special Wed. $1.00 Assorted Cold Plat* Potato Salad ( Pickles Hot Rolls — Butter Plus A Bottle of Beer HOTEL NOBLE COFFEE SHOP $300,000,000 worth of irri- placeable topsoil vanished as 3,000,000 acres flooded. Record crests damaged 7261 farm and factory buildings, destroyed 263. Sixteen persons were killed! and 34,812 were made) homeless in month of floods. I Head On! Flood waters, that hold four states in terror for more than a month, have subsided. But Illinois, Iowa, Missouri and Nebraska will feel their effect for many months to come. Some of the costs ot the flood are shown above, but the damage is not confined to that area. The feed corn shortage may result in higher priced meat and dairy producls, bringing Hood's cosls home to every American. Socialite Denies Slavery Charge in Federal Court SAN DIEGO, Cnl., July IT). (UP —Mrs. Mirn Klignbrth myalls, llos- lon fcrialiic- ch.iiBOd whh hoidini: 1 i'r Ni'ssni maid us u sl.we for 30 vc'.irs, liuliiy ((escribed ihc maid • s ";i pi'linlle permin" who "loved wilb nil l!T<r jniuhl and haled wilh nil IHT nii^.ht." Mis Inuuils slid dm ill-lid .VI. i yrai'-iihl 1)1:1:1 Jones, had a "liravl | ! "f sold" bin wns a "Irrrlble li:u" WllO llm-W |||Ul{ifi ,|,|. | l(1| . lln ,| ,j,n_ od her iinrues. During her tey.'.iinony Mrs. In- salls denied lhat she or her husband, who .is olmrficil wit.h her. hrid in.y inU'ntion of Hislaving (lie mmd. "I olfcred her n Kijiry bui, :;h-. v inrned it down," Mrs. Ingnll.s mid. Memphis Girl Bags Big Rhino On Barren Wastes of Alrlca By VIIICIIXIA \iVil,TON BKOOKS tired muscles ached, her feel were Latest census on saucer-spotters shows them thickest in the Pacific Northwest. Already, they have created an occupational hazard—sidewalk collisions. As they wallt along with wary eyes skyward, they're often brought down to earth in a hurry. NOilTHERN FRONTIER PltOV- •1NCE, Bi-itish East Afica.—The Berry fi. Brooks Expedition has turned its back on Ihc Southern Hemisphere and crossed the Equator to the more languid Northern Hemisphere to continue the quest of MB game. When our convoy crossed the Equator at (i.100 feet altitude, the temperature al 3 p.m. was 74 degrees. Mount Kenya straddles the L.qualnr and reaches an altitude of 17,040 feet. The Northern Frontier Province covers 100.000 square miles. One-half 01 one percent of Africa Is in cilltivalion. We have left our huii'tn^ grounds to combat a most difficult terrain covered with mas-sts of volcanic deposit, and barrenness. The plains are rtraph wilb lava rocks strewn indis- criminalely where only the uiost tenacious bush and hardy vegetation can survive. Game is not only spc- :<\ but scarqCj wild, and 1?ary. The numerous, scattered water- holes, endless expanse of terrain, the grotesquely, rocky, rugged mountains, the impenetrable lava flow beds, guUies and dry dongas of volcanic sand, plus the meager amount of available game make for wicked hunting in this Northern frontier. Each trophy represent;! endless hours, sometimes days, or diligent searching, walking and stalking which ton often ends in vain and futile failure. This is hunting the hard way. Grcvy zebra. Grant gazelle, gerenuk and uryx are the most sought blistered" and she was famished for water. When they had stalked ithin shooting range of this mighty; monstrous rhino tlie flock of tick birds who live on its tick-infested back, began to chirp, flutter and fly as warning signals of danger. It looked as if the great trophy would escape to cheat Virginia of her rendezvous with the rhino In spite of the four hours of hopeful, patient planning. Virginia raised her ride and fired a deadly shot into the powerful pachyderm's Ihroat to break its toughly upholstered spinal column at a distance of 50 yards. The gigantic 2,000 pound rhino lumbered dully earthward never more to rise. Virginia sent two more well placed bullets into the fallen monarch's neck for the rhlhb is an undependable, unpredictable opponent! The rjiino is a coveted trophy. Virginia's rhino had a thick, 18 Inch frontal horn..It ..weighed..a tou. The. hide " was unbelievably tough and very thick. The head skin and horn were saved logether with Ihe four huge feet and a large square ot.'thc tremendously thick hide. Her Daddy's Forest rhino weighed 2.GOO pounds wilh a 21-inch horn. After a belaled luncheon' hot bath and tea, Virginia, plucklly anil uncomplainingly rejoined the hunt- cs to go back afield from 4:30 until after dark at 7:30 p.m. She asks no favors nor special privileges. She takes her hunting and her turn as a real sportsman. She hasn't missed a day in the field since she^ bagfced Woman, Who Had Four Aviator Husbands Die In Crashes, is Killed, Too HOUSTON. Tex., July 15. (UP> — Tlie ill-fated hick of Mrs. Joyce MasKlnnon's four husbands finally touched her. r.^ i:G-year-old woman's grandmother, Mrs. Kmtna Schull/, said here today. Mrs. MacKinnon lost her life in the,DC-3 crash Sunday near Melbourne. Pla., along with her fourth husband, Roderlch Paul MacKinnon, cti-pilot of Ihc craft. Her first three husbands also perished hi air tragedies. Her first husband, a (lying instructor at Pensacola. Fla., was killed shortly before the war when he and a student crashed to their deaths. 'Hie second, an Army pilot, was lost at sea during a routine (tight off tlie East Coast during the war. Her third husband, an Army pilot assigned to troopship escort (lights during the war, crashed to his death while assigned to a special training unit. Saucery Chapeau v 1 * IF YOUR CAR COULD TALK —it would tell you* a lot of things thalj you should fcno\v3 about its condition? anil things that? needed attention. Expert Lubrication; \Vhen we lubricate your car, wcj .make a thorough inspection of its$ 'condition ami tell you thincs tnali |are needed to be done. No extra costl ,or obligation on your part . . . that's 1 ipirt of our expert auto service. We| 'are lubrication specialists, insuring! 1 perfect latisfaction. Drive in soon. 1 i LOY EICH CHEVROLET CO. Walnut at Railroad St. Phone 578 after game here. Berry has proved I her lirsl trophy. Virginia is gelting himself a skilled hunter to bag these '. n condition for her encounter with the most dangerous and the biggest animal on earth, Ihe elusive elephant. trophies for his game bag. So far he has shot 42 head of African yumc. Berry marie his most spectacular shot when he killed a Grant gazelle with one heart shot al 450 yards. It was a beautiful animal with fine horns. Our safari group has been in- ceased to 20 with the addition of Prank Bowman, Australian hunter, who will assist Virginia in tracking her mighty elephant. His personal boy. Coui;o, and his driver, Kidago Nandi. have swelled the native ranks to 15. Our convoy now consists of two hunting cars and two lorries. The Adventurer's Club Flag of the Berry B. Brooks Expedition Hies over this, our prettiest, most peaceful campsite beside a cool, clear spring, set in a grove of large, sheltering umbrella-like, fiat top thorn trees. Our nine tents faee the weird western mountains. Now. lhat we are seasoned to the field we sleep with our tent flaps open in defiance ol prowling wild animals. A visiting hyena recently aroused camp before the 5:15 a.m. ularni sounded. The hunters were awny before 0 in search of the relatively remolc rhino. From cighl in the morning until | high noon. Vi|;inia kept pace, cltinb- ini; ni> and down three treacherously rough anil rugged mountain ridges over lava How, rocks and bushes, under an unrelenting equatorial sur nt varying altitudes to stalk her most prized trophy. IJy the time the final mountain was scaled and descended, Virginia's Few Bomb Secrets Lett FEW BOMB SKCHKTS—12 . . LAKE JUNALUSKA, N. C.. Jlllj 15. (U.P.)—All Oak Ridge atamio scientist declared today that, IIOIIL of the bomb secrets remain "untol-.L except a few constants of tlie physical sciences and engineenng si)ccifications." | Dr. Kurt Z. Morgan. Here lo mi- dress a cluirch audience, said there was ''no formula or, set of drawings that can be guarded as the atomic secret . . . (it) can he determined in any laboratory in the world." Not one. bill four sauce i s, snil Kcntly [itong on this nowly-tle- signccl' Uirljjju. Fl's the latest ci'CMiinn of milliilor Krnnk Horetl, jmd Phyllis J. Martin vvciirs it hi S;m L''r:inci:;co. It WHS bound lo happen. July'* cKild ti fond ol plooiuro uiij c you're bom In July wliy no I qrolify y by witmtag o itch, iod, ilmufolotJ ruby? live item my Ir'i lucky lo WBOI yowi blitlntone. You'll b<i pleated by ih'eftquitile beauty . , . pliHuctl, ran, hy the law pricnt ul our fiitindly ito/e. In devlon .'.'. ifmiali In valiw. •Tta*'* < • %3 ' B rlivgi, let wiiti ih. iron, of you( birth- 1 .'; ''JS ' monlh. ar« ptlctj foi bigg«r lummfrr lavlhgi. Ea<ti Ml ling ii a Ihiilling beouly . . . glorified by your vlj choice al coloriul, i!tnutat»d blirhitorif: S«Wcl. " ?3'i n ii i. i r i G/ Politician's Forecast On 7948 Governor's Race Fails to Mention Laney • LITTLE ROCK, Ark., July 15. (U.P.)—Arkansas' Lt. Gov. Nalhaii Gordon has placed three hats into the political ring with one throw. ] Ifc told newsmen yestei day that! he has been assured lhat Sen.John' It. McClellan will be a candidate for re-election in ISMS. He added I that cither he or Chancellor Pran- To Make Market Survey LITTLE ROCK, Ark., July 15. (U.P.i—On the suggestion of Oklahoma officials. n representative of Ihe United Stales Department of Agriculture will come to jUkausis In October to make a market survey in the Port Smith area, j • It will be part of a scries of ! surveys of markets Tor producls of Oklahoma. Fort Smith purchases one-fourth of the Sooner state's farm products. Foot Itch-Toe Itch Agohltlng lulling torture from Fool Itch (Alhletc's Fooll. Crotch Ilcli IPrurltual Factor; llcli. lurbcr'i Hell. Rlngeortn. make the race for rovernor Gor- I ningworm ol the scalp Dnti oiticr nciiing duf -lo lunguj Inlectlona is relieved at once oo eonlacl with specially prep&ml. scientific Rondeue. A liquid: clean to use. Originated by t Dcrm»loloKlst. Flrnt botlte guiranlcctl to pteftse. Gent prepaid, upon receipt or price. SOc, If jonr 4r»«M VU1 not unvnilY TOU - - - - -""" ROTHROCK DRUG CO Picscrii.lion SiirrlaliMi 20f, \\Vsl Muin rlmno 4.11 cis Cherry of Jonesbor'i would don and Cherry have just returned from tlie national convention of Young Democratic Clubs in Wash- nglon. p. C. Read Courier News Want Ads. Saturday Night 9 'til 1 Air Conditioned Mirror Room HOTEL Adm. 60c Incl. Tax the PHOTO DEPARTMENT of the Hood Flying Service Now Taking Appointments For HOME PORTRAITS We Specialize in Photographing Children in the Home Prompt Efficient Service Phone 2717 For Appointment Any Time — Day or Night -» S H YOU THINK V-/UR BUSINESS is making friends, through the best'possible service for Lincoln and Mercury owners. That's why we've invested heavily in providing efficient and modern service facilities—to give you the kind of service you have every right to expect. Plan to stop in soon .;. see the newest Lincoln and Mercury models in their new styling, new colors, new interiors. And when the time comes for a service check-up for your Lincoln or Mercury motor car, remember — when you think of service, think of us! STILL & YOUNG MOTOR CO. Lincoln-Mercury Dealer Phone 3479 112 Walnut St. ' t v

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