The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 29, 1946 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 29, 1946
Page 3
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FRIDAY, MARCH 2'J, 11)40 BLYTHIiVILI.K (AUK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE Officers Named For Bee Keepers C. L. Thaxton Heads Organization Formed For Six Counties llee keepers from Mississippi •Ittcnclen, Craiyhead, Poinsctt Clay and' Green counties liav forjued nn organization to hel 1 protect their bees. Insure thel •t health ami increase profits. Bee keeiwrs from these countie who either keep bees ns a hobb or on a commercial basis, met hci Monday at the Court House t organiiie the Northeast Ai'kansa Bec-Kcepers Association. C. U Thnxton of Dlytheville wi elected president of the orgaima tlon and other officers ulccti were: Geoi'KC Essig of Farngaul vice president; the Rev. FUxy McLcster of Blythcvlllc, sccretary- treasurer. Tlic Executive Board will l>e made up of E. S. Coley of Osceola. J. B. Vru-ncr of Lake City and Irvin Tievathan of Gilmore, and the officers. Slate Apiary Inspector A. Gay discussed the work of his office and other members hricfly discussed better methods of packing and marketing honey; co-operative buying of glass containers and bee keeping equipment such as hive bodies, frames and foundatioi combs. An effort is being made to purchase a carload of glass jars am bottles to contain the 1916 crop An exhibition of diseased brooi in Hie comb was yivcn so loca bee keepers could more rcadil determine why the "moths ca bees" at times. keepers in Arkansas ha\ r handicapped for years be cause of diseases among bees the resulting quarantine put in' Wage Stabilizer Two Become Rotations \V. Kirby and Jack Uroke became new members of Ihe Ko- Ini'y Club nt the regular weekly luncheon meeting yesterday at Hotel Noble. Guests were J. L. Gunn. Louis Davis or Marlanna who formerly live met here, mid W. R. Uumpus of North .Little nock. Negroes Arrange Health Programs Administration Object Of Blast U. S. Chamber Charges Policies Have Caused Damage To Country BY I.YI.K C. WILSON llnl<r<t 1'iess Staff Correspond*" WASHINGTON. Mar. 29. IU1') — The United Stales Chamber Commerce Tluirsdny accused 111 Tinman adinlnlslrallon of prnctlc. Ing peace time economic hokui "«„,»» «» t "— and currency imiallon policies 11! Iclrlcvable damage midT'V'cou programs in ouscr- t "l««l. would lead toward mm ses Keiienilly could be Increased |in- cent without price Inwns- Tlie Wallace rcixirt was limit- to the automobile industry on e eve of the General Motors like. It art;ued that Industry could wKites 25 per cent without •.»M»R car prices hlishcr to the ubllc. Wallace this month repudiate! ml report, but after Ihe Cloiwrn lotors strikers hud struck nn< Walned a wage hike. The chambei nulled Hint both rcixjrt* imi'iiose v were made public lo supper' nl<iii demands. It said some o lie OWMR economists who wrote effect by Arkansas other slates again Jack G. Day, above, has been named vice chairman of the Wage Stabilization Board, succeeding Sylvester Garrctl, who resigned Ihe. post. Nationol. Health Week To Be Observed Here Beginning Sunday A scries of sss M II TSS? "- teen ptan I .ere to' be cilmax- adopted by the chamber's board o dnet Saturday whh « genera, directoi. '<^~ c ^» H Al Neg o citizens of Btvthevllle Wallace, it was proposed that: ,, 'ask-efi ° to C c,ean thefr yards and ^ Co— ly^lce controls jr. "package bees" and breeding queens, In 1927, the Lege set up statutes providing N THE VKOBATE COUKT OF AUSSISSirri COUNTY, ARKANSAS, OHICKASAWBA KISTKICT u The Matter ot (he f.siuic ot :. B. Boyd, Deceased: Notice is hereby given that letters estamcntary were granted to the uidersigncd upon the btate of E. B Boyd, Dcccnseci, on the 19th day o December. 1S45, by the Probate Com- >f Mississippi County, Arkansas Chlchnsawba District. All person having claims or demands ngains said estate must present them, clul authenticated, to the undersigne for allowance before the end of si months from this date. If not s presented within such lime, they will be forever barred; and those claims so presented shall be classi- iicd according to law. The Co-Executors of the said estate of E. B. Boyd, Deceased, arc Prank Boyd and Edward Boyd, i-ly small number o( (iovern- advlsorn responsible fur this rretrlevablc "wage and currency nflatlon, dunlaue to the, American •conomy, \ve 'are not likely lo Ifave tn administration properly advised when the next crisis comes," the alcment suid. The chamber sidd that iimlei I'ri'sUU'iil Truman's executive or der of Feb.. 4. 1010. It is Inevitable that wuiscs of nearly all worker will be Increased 18 l<> M per ecu In retailing, wholesaling, service am current, wivgc Increases." 'he clintnber siild that us wages nt ui> Interest rates *er c btlnss veil clown to redistribute Income in the stivers to the non-savers itle the WIIKO policy depressed orlts uml oilier rlsk-laklng In- ines. 'A enuliiiil, Biibllc economic re lutton Is In process." Hie clmm- r mild, "so subtle and surround- l with hlBh-souudtiig slogans thn it people are not awmc ot whu kliiB pluce." "Nothing Hum Ihts will b aceeplablc," Ihe chamber stalemei h controls be ex- lut aiiency's rei>oii were advisers o the General Motors faci-findlm; board which recommended wail! Deceases of 19'v cents im honr. General Motors tilllmalely accepted Ifi'i cents. The chumber statement recalled Hint the OWMR report never was officially pnbllshcd or release but wus deilbernlcly permllled lo leak to Ihe press. -After some heated sessions with mm-govcrnmcnt ctosomlsts." thi- Klatemcnt conllnued, "the isovcrii nn'in Ihemsclves decided Ihe doc \mieiit was too vulnerable lo per mil Us publlcallon. Dill Ihe dam ant was done. Labor unions cuiotn II extensively and are sllll a nealth sermon Kunuay niicriiuuu -• •"•'—••-- •-••- —, ,, . ,,. at Nehemlal, Temple, when a talk tended, but not beyond March 31, on the "Future of the Negro '!•»'• Health" will also be given by Willie 3. All wartime production and Ma c Robinson. prlcc-contral subsidies be elimlnal- Annie C. Home will talk Mon- cd within the next six months, day on the subject "Home Health 4, Government costs be reduced Dav" and Tuesday W. P. Grisby, to enable an over-balance of the farm agent, will "discuss, "Health, budget. Your Best Fricnd.O for other Ne- 'j-| )c l; hiiniuer's statement argued gro speakers. (hat administration policy was cre- gro spcuKcis. inal atmiunsiraiion policy \vu:> ^^*Other speakers for the week, arc nting conditions of wage and cur- Mrs. Noniia Rhea McCOwan, Home rcnc y inflation in the guise of Economic teacher at Armorel, Mrs. in-eventing them. The cUr""'"-- •"•John Fill, county health nurse; y; e]) ( C( j me inevilablllity — -' Nies. and a Negro 'phy- tlon-wMc ' It 1 0 prove Hint the Indicated wais Increases could be made wimou piU'c Increases." The -statement predicted H« wlthoiil "a hlKhcr order of ccom uilc InslBht nnd statesmanship is likely that the country will sk into more and more cconom 1 "unless we can Rcl n more ess complete replacement ol I whose address is Tyronzn, Arkan- for relief but subsequent administration vetoed the appropriation for financing the program. In recent years, however, the liuvs have been amended and the program re-established under non-salaried Apiary Board of three bee keepers, appointed by the Governor. Members of the board are the Rev. Mr. McLcster. J. B.', Gooch of Pine Bluff ami V. I,. Arnold of New Ark. They employed as State Apiary Inspector A. Gay of Desha 'who gives his full time, together fVith certain deputy help assisting, ..'to that program. """This appropriation is financed ! by a 10 cent tax on each hive or I gum of bees in the State as assess- I ed by the County Assessors and collected as any other tax. There are approximately 150,000 colonies of bees in Arkansas with an estimated total production of honey of 2,500,000 pounds in -,. 1945. This amounts to about 10 per cent of the total amount of honey consumed in Arkansas. Northeast Arkansas has unlimited potential honey production • ^[fsibilities because of its rich soi .Jfyoducing vines in the lakes and cotton on the farms. All coltoi regions do not produce nectar because. of the type of soil. The singular feature about th apiary industry is, according to agricultural scientists; farmers, or • chardists and clover seed producer procure from 10 to 25 times a much value ' through pollcnation b bees as that of the honey the produce. There are approximately 15 men and women in Northeaster Arkansas counties who keep bees, with a total of 5,000 colonies. Some of the largest operators in this section include Guy Dunham of Bono with 150 colonies; Harris Brothers of Moncttc, 175 colonies; T. J. Lillard, 150 colonies; Joe Schmitt of Rivcrvalc. 100; Kenneth Smith of Marked Tree, the Rev. Mr. McLcster and Mr. Thaxton of Blytheville, 100; George . Dated this Hlh day of March, 19'IG, [rectors ac- iblllity of na- Dr. Edna Nies. and a Negro 'phy- tlon-wMc wage increases of 18 sician. Dr. B. E. Roberts. i o 20 ner cent. They argued that A health picture and talk will commodity prices should be freed " lo follow that trend II supply and demand required it. Their statement cited prepared In the Office be Riven by Mrs. C. G. Redman of the Mississippi County Tuberculosis Association Tuesday. 10 a.m. Music for each of the programs will be furnished by the Harrison rtpgro School Choral Club. The club will brondcust over radio station, KLCN. Thursday afternoon, April 4, at 2;-15 o'clock. Frank Boyd Lklward Boyrl ICxccntors of the Estate of E. B. Boyd, Deceased. 3J15-22-29 If you ate like a bird, you'd cat approximately your own weight in food every clay. Essig. 125; Harold Hicks of Brighton, 125; and George Sites of Monettc, 100. Other and larger apiarists ir the state are Vaughn Wilson o Bethesda, 1,200; Mr. Gooch. 1,000 Homer Richards of El Dorado 00: V. L.. Arnold of New Ark 00; Crutclifield Apiaries of Strong .HOO, and Hay Fischer ot Nort! Jttle Rock, 600. u report i--v __ ^ of War Mobilization and Reconversion am another made public by Wallace last October. In Its report, OWMR argued tha "Mean!line Ihe flctloi It |: pure fiction, is maintain that (he executive order ma volvo a "sllishl bH.liic" In tl ice line, but only a slight bull hlch later will be stratuhlem il. ^ "Wanes constitute 70 per cent I civsls In our economy. To i> ue wanes cun ln> Increased In •latlvely brief period by If) to er cent across the board wllhi rice effccls except a slli;hl bul itcr lo be corrected, borders IP Irresponsible. "When, the (acts become kno iboul this wane-price situation he munllis ahead the Amcric will be confronted wllh'prlce ncrcases closely corresiwidlng lo Head Courier News Want Ads. Too Lot* to Muure'n clrcnl«lln« krtter, wtl •>!•, ' Mid r (I uml bfd Kiirinff »nd in*tlr«M.'l Uiuij. C»jl j»0j x j,»;p_l^«^'. Lost ;• II row n cnpokl" mmr ' lo»t , bttwrtlf. Illyllicvlllo anil Pell. Kt»-«rJ,' K. Hi\ WiMitiuni, i.iiun'e a-; I. •;» pk-i[S- Widows outnumber widowers tai. the United Slstts two to one. ;- AUTHORIZED LONGINES-WITTNAUER AGENCY Fitzpatrick Jewelry Store CALLS YOUR ATTENTION TO 3 POINTS IN BUYING ASPIRIN Millunw pwf'r llinwi«iliil«liiKI.Jo!W]>l> A«i>iiin <l) lliuli >|i""'ly (-> '''""' "'l u i'i' (It) Uwil eriiiiomy. Always ''''"'"V^ ™' 'lot,' H'ivo*mmo'on 100 l«blol nl«o f« ^ 5l -'. "WINGS AROUND THE WORLD" OPERATION 8 IN THE WORLD'S MOST HONORED FLIGHTS U IN THE CHANCERY COURT FOU THK CIIICKASAWBA DISTRICT OF JtlSSIbSIl'I'l COUNTY, ARKANSAS. R. S. Kcnncy Plaintiff vs. No. B514 Opal S. Kcnney .Defendant WARNING ORDER The defendant. Opal S. Kcnney, is warned to appear in the Chancery Court for the Chickasawba District of Mississippi County. Arkansas within thirty days to answer the complaint of the plaintiff. Witness my hand as clerk of sale court and the seal thereof this 1511 day of March, 1U46. (Seal) HARVEY MOIUUS, Clerk Holland & Taylor Attys. for Plf. 3]16-23-30-4] ITCHING BLACKHEADS 25c 7*Jm*&SKIN SUCCESS OINTMENT B l v thev '.lie ROSE BUD COFFEE DANCE Saturday Night 9:00 til 1:00 o'clock In .the airrcpnditioned BLUE ROOM of the HOTEL NOBLE Admission 60c Inch TKX. Checkroom Available LADIES ADMITTED ONLY WITH ESCORT Come Out... 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But, during the past few years, medical research and study- has developed that alcoholics are really sick iwoplc ... that there is usually a deep- rooted physical, social or emotional reason behind their behavior. That's why today so much is being done to help them by rinding out and correcting the condition that leads them to excess." •-.,.-».». ,?. •- •• GEORGE: "How many folks are, there like that, Judge?" • —«-• ' \ OLD JUDGE:"\\'d\, according to scientific '' research, 95% of the people who drink, drink sensibly. 5% do so unwisely, at times. Included in that 5% is the small percentage of the sick people I'm talking about." s GEORGE: "That certainly gives me it clearer picture. It's the most sensible ap proach I've ever heard on the subject." •l-Koom house in RIKH! location. You can move tomorrow. Possession with deed. Hcaulifiil suburban home, adjoining city limits, beautifully landscaped. Immediate possession. Half cash. Nice hmoc on Main Street. 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