The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 3, 1944 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 3, 1944
Page 5
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TUKSUAY, OCTOBER 3, 11)4-1 BLYTHEVILLE COURIEH NEWS- PAGEiFTVEV Suburban Home Charies Hands \^ Shields Edwards Buys House On Highway 18 From C. G. Wells Six local residences changed hands (luring the past week In real estate deals. Mr. and ijrs. Shields Edwards have purchased the snhurhiiii home 01 C. r; Wells and family on Highway ia Kast, fonneiiy owned Ijy the I • u Ciiamblin family. 'riils modern house has eight I'ocms. a three-car garage, servant house. Ideated on two acres of Wound, and Is equipped will) tjas lioiii and olhev up tu date fca- tiires. Mr. and Mrs. Edwards plan to nujvc there iinniediatelv. Consideration was $0000 cash. The Hev. Ira M. Hricc has purchased I he six-room residence on North Franklin Street extended, alung with one-rhalf aere of ground. The- place, owner! by Mrs. Mabel Kennedy, sold for 52500. T3ie Wilburn family, \\ mem* bers are on KL'JM, have imruhased Hie four-room residence and one acre of ground from Hoy Cunninx- liniii. 'fills place, located a mile ccuthL'iisl of lilylhcville on Ihe Clear Lake road, sold for $1750 cash. They plan to move soon. The four-room house, near Franklin. Street on the North, lias been sold !>y Mr. and Mrs. John B. 13e- knvio Holfon Sylvester fur SHOD. The Boli v family has moved to Manila. K M. lias sold a house at 205 West Davis to G. W. Faiighl for $700. There arc three rooms in (Ills' house. The four-room house of G. W. Shipi), 011 Hcnlev street, has been purchased by Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Webb who now reside near this city. 'I he plan to move within a few weeks. H. C. Campbell made all sales. Test Shows: Cut Roses In The Afternoon ITHACA, N. Y. (UP)—Scientific research has disproved a tlme-liou- ored rule of gardeners—"cut your roses ii\ the morning when the dew Is on (hem." Joseph E. Howiand, Cornell University Floriculture Deparlmenl assistant, says that it has been conclusively proved thai roses cut In Hie afternoon last as inucli as 10 hours longer. Heretofore housewives with onl> n single rosebush, and gardener. 1 ; with many, have been brouglil u|: to observe religiously the rule ihat It Is tetter lo pick roses In the morning. Literature in the field loo, has recommended the practice. Howiand, using more than 1,000 roses in more lhan a year of research, found lhal roses keep nearly eight hours lonuer ivhen cut a 4:30 p. in., than when cut at 8 a in. During the hot wcallicr, Ihe at lernoon cutting increased Ihe keep ing time lo nearly 10 horns long or. 'the explanalion is Hint th leaves make sugar when the Mill - , shines. The inter in the day the I Perhaps that Isn't worrying becausi .stems are cut, the longer they yol Y floors are covered wilh lino should keep because of the sugar lmn - lf s °. ,.™> l "''<•' fortunate, liu content, which is highest around j " rc . vc " prelecting Hie linolemi 4:30 p. m. ' properly? Linoleum Is so scarce tlm The Cornell researcher also discovered thai short-stemmed roses Kitchen More Efficient Tips From Housewives Who Want Pleasantcr Working Hours CLEANLINESS, and convcii'l'cnce ure csscnlliil in any kitchen ill any lime, but In those days even more 10. I There are a world of things Ihe housewife can do lo make the kitchen a more efficient worker for her and a more pleasant place In which |o spend so many hours. Some of these steps which (he housewife can la!;c> full Into the essential repair category. Other improvements, involving new construction, must in; done within Ihe $200 limit set by Ihe War 1'rodnc- lion lioaixl. Lets start will) Ihe -floor. Washable floors are iinpovlant lo general cleanliness and health. Ordinary wood flooiy are .impraclica' and unsanitary because of Ihe illr' and grease Unit gets down Into (In crevices, defylni; Hie most vigorous attempts to s:rnb put Work Underway At Fisher Home On West Davis Work on remodeling of the 1'lcl- Iier Fisher house, 115 West Davis, s conllniiiim alter their imvlni! lovi-d H month at;o folloivini; piu- in the enrly Summer. The residence, convened into a uplex a number of years ago, is n-lnti remodeled with five bedrooms or the one :ionu- occvpled by Mr, ind Mrs. Fisher, their daughter,Mrs. Karl lluckloy, Mr.- Buckley and dnughlcr, Winilielh, Miss Kuuy 11 unties, who also makes her home vith her mint and family, and Miss Frances Held liowcn of l.nxbra/who low teaches In (he hl^h school here. Exterior improvements lucludi painting of (lie shinned house ii while mid various rlianges arc: be- Ing nuide oil the interior, alum wilh airanyc'ineni, repairs and decorating. Hmidiv.s «;iii|s in SAUNA, Kim. (l)l') .... [>vt. | ; ln- ood Kasey of Vlnlon. \'n., knows ow who Ills friends arc. With fur- h IKIIHTS clinched In one liand "d uiiliKKW In Ihe other, Knsey i«l one fool nil Ihe train when he -overod his blllloUl wns none. Vtlli I( ttviii nil (Imiiiihl.s of i;ii(Kl lines, Im'ludlni; a vi.sll home, llow- ver, when T-BBI, llii|>hMoon" of I'lillmlelphlii stinted n pool for Ills busted buddy, the private's fluids •swelled lo $1101) and priile In his barracks over Hie bursting The uliint Irish dei'r had mi unt- ier spread ol II! firt. This animal ucciuiu!. extinct In the 14lli ccnluvy. Head Courier News Wiint Ail» \ FOR SALE —Soybean Bags— —Seed Dots, Wheat, Barley— -'' •; —Spoar Feeds— Govt. Support Price Paid For Soybeans, Blythevilie Soybean Corp. 1800 W. Main Phone 856 I*' 011 svi " I)nvc Io re-sort lo Hie » r ood Form Asbestos Shingles Under Tons of Pressure Asbestos cement shingles and sidings are made by eomuinhig as- hcsto> rock fibers and Portland cement into dense slabs under tremendous hydraulic pressure. r lhe presses used in (his process exert pressures of more than :i,000 pounds per square inch. This compresses the material, squeezes out Ihe water and closes surface pores. Asbestos shingles and sidings become I in "more hay of higher quality than harder with each year of service. I when cut in the morning Improvements Made To Stevens Residence few luavrs keep just as long <is long-stemmed ones with many leaves — debunking another lime-honored rule. The history of roses .supports Ihe new evidence. Howiand pointed out that as early as 1008, French invMigators discovered that the quality of cut flowers was nol improved by any chemical used in water, unless it was used in com- lilnalion with sugar. Even today florists sell "sugar powder" (o prolong Ihe liic of roses, but up to now did not know why it worked. Sugar alone cannot, . be used In Ihe waler because bacterial growth would be increased, and possibly plug water-conducting elements in the stem of the cut flower. A chemical which prevents rapid bacterial growth in the water must be used with the sugar. A large supply of sugar in the leaves and petals is one of Ihe faclors in preventing premature fall of the petals. The Cornell investigator became interested in the rose problem through similar research on culling hay. It was found that culling hay in the late afternoon resulted floor underneath i( the present one goes. Keep It clean and wax it frequently. If your floors are of wood, they should be painted with I wo coals of a waterproof varnish. Every kitchen should have plenty of light. That is why walls and ceilings should be painted or papered in a H^ht color. Dark colors absorb the IlKht. Light colors reflect it. If walls are 'dingy and dirty and a nciv coat of paint is needed, lie sure In pick light colors. Another thing, Ihe harder and smoother Ihe surface IhC' more IL will tend to repel! (lie dirt and the easier II will be lo clean. . Here is an idea which is catching on with many a housewife. While most kitchens are well liyht- Leachville News Mrs. Floyd Smith and children The Dr. C. C. Stevens house, 1007 Mal '5 t Sup find. Ben, have returned from Hcber Springs, Ark., where iliey spent several weeks. West Main, is bring remodeled on the front with the large cncl'JScd porch being made into a part of the living room and a side porch. Other improvements will be made to the interior and outside. cd at night, many arc dark during the day. The walls Just aren't designed lo capture Ihe daylight mid throw II into the interior. Outside walls or panels of Insulux glass block provide plenty of liyht anil contribute to cleanliness, loo. Horizontal panels of glass block can be scl into the wall over Ihe main work surfaces — above Ihe sink or the range for example, flooding diem with light. In post war homes, exterior walls will be built of glass block. Being non-porous they don't absorb dirt and grease and can be washed off easily wilh a damp clolh.. Then, ..loo, Ihcy arc nontransparent •assuring privacy. Many of us take our mechanical helpers for granted. Have Ihe refrigerator, Ihe stove, the mixer and the other aids looked over he- Mrs. S. U. Wilson was called to I fore they fail you. After all,-they arc being called upon to work longer hours, in turn, they need good Color Touches Give Rooms Gay, New Air Scalier sparkling touches" of col-; or liere and there-—and -you've found the, easicsl,, least expensive way (here is of Imndhu; tired roonis a blithe nc» air. A brusiiful of pntnt or a Jaunty remnant print cosls you mere punnlcs, but how it can Jockey Ihe eye r.way from a whole drub hackgrpiiiul of walls or floors! living Hi n temporary wnr home? Hiilldln; your nfter-peace home 111 blueprints? Earmarking War Savings Urmds for rcdecm-allon afler Victory? This Is your dish! Not giving up. no matter how drub or commonplace your iiiiiirter.s may .seem, makes all Ihe (inference between thumbs down and thumbs u]/ In your spirits and everybody else's. . Keep your -sparklers determinedly penny-wise. Let your (lime Mori! be your decorator, (hen, if you're rent- ling, leave sonic of your little color gcm.s behind when you inoi'e, lo give the next inrivni a break and an Inspiration yon didn't gel! WE CAN FILL YOUR ORDER FOR PLUMBING SUPPLIES PRICES ARE RIGHT Anticlnrk, Okla., last week by the illness and death ol her mother. Mrs. L. Scsline. Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Br.vant and hlldrcn, Peter and Pansy, are vis- ing friends • in Texas. Miss Mary Ella Gairelt spent he weekend in BIyllieville with datives. Mrs. John Bcardcn spent the .'eekend in .Chattanooga wilh her on, John Jr. who is Baylor Academy. T YOUR HOUSE FOR LESS THIS WINTER— EYERV WINTER a student at trealmcnt and these aids (all proper care. If lo produce, your own hard labor will liave to substitute and there is loo much to tlo to permit one of them lo stand idle because of neglect. 'Ihe Solomon Islands were named after King Solomon because of Ihe natural riclics (hey were believed (o contain. Costs So Ullle-SAVES SO MUCH E.C. TECHIDE soffl * z It's Cfsant ff'i Qukkl It'i lasyt • Y«», Plttmburgh TWhlde li something briuwl n»w in wall p«fnt-b«c«u»« It llvM «icollant rwulti over old vtfiM- f>ap«r, plaster, brick and many other iurfac<M...b*cflUM on* coat of Ttchid* U luuilly lufHcient . . . became It Is quick nid usy to ipply and dilei in on* hour ,.. beuiiua It gives you unitary, wishabl* walli. Don't mlM thlj opportunity to rtdecorat* your rooini at email coit A»k u* about Tuchidt, KONOM1CA1 On* golUn ef T«<hlJ. moVM 1U |«lloni *f polnl— Mlvugh lo do «vor 7*<hid» eom*i In poi^» form. Can b« tnlxid la |uit a [ MADI IN I COLOR! AND MTHITI ' PITTSBURGH PAINTS HUBBARD HARDWARE CO: When .«lllcliing leaves logetlier )i' a nest, mils used their silk-siM.iir, ins young as 'shuLllcs. FOR BALK CONCRETK STORM SKWKR ALL SIZES J Cbeapr.r Tlmn Krldre'l,umb». Ojccolo Tile & • Culvert Co. - •Phone 8»! Ark. Caleb Smith, Farm Land Merchant, desires to announce that effective October 1st, 1944, he 4 will have associated with him in the sale of FARM LANDS, TOWN PROPERTY Businesses tind any or alt real estate as well as the making of Farm Loans, Mr. C, L Golladay Air. Golliidiiy Ls no Klniiigor lo • Miti.sinirians nov to Smillu.'itsl i\liHnuiiri Itrnl t'sliilu ;is lit 1 hns liocn in Iliht husinc.sH I'tir liiu past .stivuntl ytjiir.'i. When you wnnt lo buy, sell, 'or Iritdtt roiil ,. oslnlti or your business, Id u.s servo you, Caleb Smith & C. 'E. Golladay Farm Land Merchants • i j' ; . Sikcston, Mo. ' .• :!•• ',-|..l-' 217 E. Malonc St. u.i i Phone 1192 and 197 these men but you can Much as we'd like to, we at home can't do much to relieve the suffering of men on the battle fronts . . . But we CAN see that their families get along while they're away. The men have a right to,depend on us for that- much. Your community fund provides for afflicted families. The 1944 drive got underway today ... Give generously to this all-important home we I fare fund. ? Blyfheville Wafer Co. BERNARD ALLEN, Manager "Water Is Your Cheapest For Good Insurance Call W. M. Burns Agency, Ph. 3361 Willing complete Automobile Insurance, I'hilc Glass, Workman's C'mtipmsallcni, 1'iiWio A Conlractor's Liability and Fire lnsin;mu; on anjlhliis iusuralilc, W. M. BURNS ,1f NNc sL^s,. USE OUR FREE LET US LEND YOU THJS FAMOUS COLOR GUIDE Sec whin's what in color, wliat's new in sij'lc. Color-style your liome from America's finest collodion of color schemes. Hundreds of full-color photos JM'VC you thousands of ideas, llorrow your copy today, li's jree for one week, (lien 5c per duy. Drop in lit our store or phone us, •* -* If you wont a gleaming kitchen in a hurry wilhoul a tail of muss and bolhor, usd Gliddcn Speed-Walt. It will <tay like n for ycoisl Goocl for VVallj, Woodwork'onJ Furniluro. A 'FrMf/frahrrHT- Poinil , , . J Phone 407 ' '••;?••' ' -• BLYTUEVILtE'S ONLV IIOJIK OATOED'LUJIBER CO,

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