The Kokomo Tribune from Kokomo, Indiana on January 22, 1998 · Page 14
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The Kokomo Tribune from Kokomo, Indiana · Page 14

Kokomo, Indiana
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Thursday, January 22, 1998
Page 14
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KOKOMO TRIBUNE TV/ENTERTAINMEKT THURSDAY JAN. 22,1998 B7 Aits UPDATE Festival welcomes quartet, duo By Ball State News Bureau MUNCIE, Ind. — One of North. America's top guitar ensembles a nd one of the South's most exciting new ensembles headline Ball State U ni- vcrsity's lOth-anniversary Guitf «• Festival Monday through Jan. ? ,1. The Minneapolis Guitar Qua rtet 'and the Godwin-Thompson Di J0 join faculty guitarist Paul Reilly ar id Ball State's Classic Guitar EnsemI ole in four free concerts in Pruis Hf ill. Guitar Festival X is preser ited bv Ball State's School of Musi' c , College of Fine Arts, and coorr Jinated bv Reilly. Details: • Godwin-Thompson Di jo: Monday, 8 p.m., Pruis Hall. Tl ii s classical guilar duo from Nashville ., Tenn., has performed throughoi u the United States since 1992. • Classic Guitar Ense mole: Wednesday, 5:30 p.m., Pruis Hall. • Classic guitarist P? ml Reilly: Next Thursday, 8 p.m „ Pruis Hall. The Ball State faculty artist has toured Taiwan five ti- mes and performs regularly for tl ie Guitar Society at the Indianapol is Museum of Art, Indiana Univer; shy-Purdue University at Indianapo ,lis, the University of Indianapolis a nd The Children's Museum of Indianapolis Lilly Theatre. • Minneapolis ( juitar Quartet (Sue Derexa Smith Mf ;moria! Concert): Jan. 31,8 p.m., F 'mis Hall. Founded in 1986, this qua jtet has received national acclairr i for its virtuosity and sensitivity; Jn d has appeared twice at the pre .stigious Guitar Foundation of Ame rica Festival. Its Midwest tours hav e included sellout concerts in Chica go, St. Louis and Kansas City, Mo. For inforrr iation, call the School of Music's Cor icert HotLine (765) 2855878 or Mu sic Promotional Services (765) 285-f ,'842. Perkins never forgot his roots Did anyone else remember that July night back in '81? • He performed also at Kokomo's Memorial Gymnasium in 1977. By DEB SAINE Thomson Indiana . When the composer of "Blue Suede Shoes" slipped into town one summer Sunday some 16 years ago to perform at Logansport's Berry Bowl, Brad Long was there. So after the 43-year-old owner of The Music Stand heard on the radio that rock V roll pioneer Carl Perkins had died Monday morning, Long wondered if anybody else remembered that July night back in 1981, too. Four years before Perkins' gig in Logansport, he'd performed at Memorial Gym in downtown Kokomo, home of the Kokomo Wildkats. It was 1977, and Perkins shared the bill with Bo Diddley, Fats Domino and Danny and the Juniors. "(Perkins) was real impressive," Long recalled. "I've seen others do their shows, and, once it's over, they can't wait to get back on their buses and go. "Diddley was a perfect example. He didn't have that good of a show," Long said. "It was like he was just going through the motions. Then, out of nowhere, some guy got on stage and said that Bo's tired and has to rest." Long said he couldn't believe it. "After that set?" he remembered saying. Apparently Diddley heard the comment. He stormed off the stage and slammed the door to his dressing room, Long recalled. But, Perkins was the complete opposite. Long described him as being one of the nicest, most genuine performers he'd ever met. After the concert, Perkins had stuck around. "He was signing autographs, talking with people, young and old, left and right and had this big smile on his Perkins face." "Because there was a crowd, he could only spend a minute or two talking (with each person). But he took the time to talk with everyone." At the Berry Bowl, Perkins played to a packed gymnasium. He'd been booked to perform by the Logansport Fraternal Order of Police. "And he did a good job and seemed happy to be there," Long said. Before the concert, Perkins had some time to chat with his fans. Not only did the singer pose for a photograph for Long, Perkins also autographed each of the album covers he'd brought along. "I got to talk with him for about 20 minutes," Long said. "And my cousin, Dave Reason, wanted me to ask him about recording with Paul McCartney in England. "He was kind of surprised when I asked him, but he was really glad to talk about it. He'd just gotten back from England, and he didn't know me from Adam. But he was willing to talk about anything. And he was just as enthusiastic whenever he'd answer the same old questions." Perkins talked with Long about good friend and fellow rocker Jerry Lee Lewis who recently had been hospitalized with a perforated stomach and had been given a 50-50 chance of survival. "He'd just spoken with Lewis' family that morn• ing," Long said, and had been told that Jerry Lee's condition was improving. Long was impressed that during Perkins' performance, he did a medley of Jerry Lee's songs. Long described Perkins as being real down to earth. "He was a basic country boy from Tennessee who'd made it big in music. But it didn't go to his head," Long said. "He was authentic, not an Elvis wannabe. He had his own style of music ... and the best testimonial of that his how much the old Beatles love the guy. (Perkins) is probably appreciated more in England, in Europe, than he is in America." Reception offers taste of spring By Ball State News Bureau MUNCIE, Ind. — Erotic herbs, botanical aphrodisiacs and flowery art add spring spice to the Ball State University Museum of Art's next Friday With Friends reception Friday. The casual after-work event in the museum features a scientist's talk, an art tour, refreshments and music from 5 to 7 p.m. The reception is free and open only to adults older than 21. For more information, call the museum at (765) 285-5242. Programming change affects two stations Ramada Gourmet Taste Without the Stuffy Atmosphere Breakfast 6:30am - 11am Lunch buffet llam-2pm (menu available) Dinner 5pm-9:30pm Reservations accepted • Open 7 days a week 1709 i. J.IIICOI.V *•>§••• 7MNBMH1 • WNDY will carry UPN and The WB programs. INDIANAPOLIS — Beginning today, television station WNDY, channel 23 (TCI channel 10), is the area's affiliate for United Paramount Network programming. According to information on WNDY's Web site (, the station will begin broadcasting UPN programming on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. In a statement on the Web site, WNDY general manager John Newcomb said, "This agreement will pro- NOW THRU FEBRUARY 22 ISO YEARS 0 AMERICAN SONG! 7 HURSDAY AFTERNOON JANUARY 22, 1998 4:00 4:30 5:00 5:30 6:00 6:30 7:00 1 7:30 1 8:00 ra 33 (29) a© Q (S IB i!S m m o m m ® @3 (33) Q 31 ia in SkQS m m "™ AMC A&E AP BET COM CSPAN DIS ENC ESPN ESPN2 FAM HBO LIFE MAX NICK SCIFI SHOW STARZ TDC TNN TNT USA Extreme Ghostbuslers A 984 X-Men n (CC) 396 Oprah Winfrey (CC) 42071 People's Court A (CC) 40667 Rosle O'Donnell Michael J. Fox, Tina Louise. (CC) 11 193 Kratts' Creatures 17700 Power Rangers 756174 Wishbone (R) (CC) 13984 Life With Louie 752358 Beverly Hills. 90210 Kelly decides to kick her habil; Susan's ex makes Brandon insecure. A (CC) 830735 Super Looney Tunes 260480 Hogan's Heroes 655025 California Dreams A (El) 3622532 Leave-Beaver 651209 Oprah Winfrey (CC) 64803 Pinky & the Brain 55984 New Zoo Revue 79209 Batman/Supmn 57396 Date With the Angels 68193 Oprah Winfrey (CC) 6971 3 E STATIOh (3:30) Movie Song-tote" LiWljTjllHHt'njH S Full House Michelle plays matchmaker for Dad. 7087 News (CC) 5261 Fresh Prince of Bel-Air A think- ng lesson. A 648 News (CC) 9716 News (CC) 9464 News (CC) 7803 Arthur (R) A (CC) 86396 New* (CC) 8880 Science Guy 62844 Rlckl Lake Pregnant women jilted. (R) 94t700 Family Matters Laura fights over Urkel. 662261 (5:05) Saved by Ihe Sell A (El) ICC) 461 4984 Happy Days 918006 News 88700 Family Matters A 17280 Real McCoys 25990 News 26984 News 7613 mmm California Dreamt Tiffanl plays principal. 396716 (5:35) Saved by (he Bell A (El) (CC) 8710822 Lucy Show 635261 Imlde Edition (CC) 15396 Step by Step (CC) 48648 Dobte Glllls 59445 Ent. Tonight 46280 Entertainment Tonlght3990 Home Improvement A (CC) 261 News (CC) 6629 News (CC) 4025 News (CC) 7193 At the Zoo (El) 12367 Grace Under Fire 766551 Saved by the Bell Kids vs. ar. 393629 (6:05) Family Matters "Hot Wheels" A 7302808 Jeffersona (CC) 632174 News 12209 Martin A (CC) 38261 Oizle *. Harriet 56358 News 43193 MadAboutraj Paul's sperm sample. A 613 ABC World News Tonight (CC) 5939 CBS Evening News A (CC) 5377 NBC Nightly New* (CC) §445 Business Report 98629 Simpson* A (CC)757803 Saved by the Bell Kids vs. greedy developer. 31 7209 (6:35) Family Witter* A (CC) 5122613 Rescue 91t A 656754 CBS Evening New* 96261 Boy Meet* World 56613 Andy Griffith 70938 ABC Wld New* 34445 SelnfeldJerry and George reported intimate. 9321 Inside Edition (CC) 5025 Wheel of Fortune (CC) 1303 ' Real TV A (CC) 7667 FraslerRo?s Turn" A (CC) 975 American Journal (CC) 9193 Jeopardy, (CC) Entertainment Tonight Drew Barrymore film. Newihour With Jim Lehrer (CC) 12984 Simpsons A (CC) 421 759 Family Matter* A (CC) 682025 7:05) Andy Srltflih Barney is swindled. 4266822 g^™ Coach "Burden of the Burleighs" A (CC) 306193 Griffith 9272803 700 Club 898603 . Wheel of Fortune 7)464 Mr. Cooper 60236 J.op.rd»,,CC, Living Single (CC)5802? Little House on the Prairie (Part 20(2)10532 Home Improve. I Fr aster A (CC) I9648 30629 Movie *** "floatwff" (1994)5193 Prey "Discovery" A (CC) 67B22 Promised Land "The Promise" (R) (CC) 52990 Friends Joey bails out Rachel and Monica. 3087 Antique* RdShO 94532 Between Bros. 126367 Sister, Sister The twins lay down the law. (CC) 668445 8:05) Thunder 'CC) 9496209 Rejoice In Him 907990 Promised Land 9)844 In the House (CC) 13464 Informal Forum 29280 Prey"Discovery" yaij.raji. T , ,gv . ^ jl f|l| mm mm (4:45) Movie * * * * "The Pride ol Iht Yinkett" (1 942, Biography) Gary Cooper, Teresa Wright, Walter Brennan. The story ol ill-fated baseball great Lou Genrig. 80370174 Cosby Mysteries "Home Street Home* 171648 Lassie (CC) Groove 857938 Pet 574532 Quincy "Into the Murdering Mind" 826071 Petcelera (R) | Pet Line (R) Northern Exposure "1 Feel the Earth Move" 501349 Wild-Animals Rap City 410280 Movie ** "Honeymoon Academy" (1990) Robert Hays. A groom unwillingly marries a secret agent. 3003483 Premium 6925025 Amazing 227 (CC) 939445 Make-Laugh 8916377 Public Policy Conference 296378 Tlmon 216984 Aladdin (CC) 310396 Dinosaurs (CC) 677193 Growing Pains 301648 Movie "The Accidental Tourist" (1988) A (CC) 84742261 PGA Golf Phoenix Open -- First Round. From Scotlsdale, Ariz. (Live) 382667 SuperBowl SuperBowl Big Valley 153377 (2:45) Movie W'i-ityGW 2" (1993) A 36494483 Designing 619358 (3:00)Movle *) "Demolition aSP* Tiny Toon Adv. 637629 Super Bowl 129 11 93 Bonanza-Lost 808700 Movie ** "Who't Harry Crumo?"(1989, Comedy) John Candy, Jeffrey Jones. An inept detective seeks a millionaires abducted daughter. A 'PG-13'(CC) 318377 Designing 535342 Golden Girls (CC) 905667 Golden Girls (CC) 622822 Movie *** "The Truth About CttiindDogi" (1996, Comedy) Lima Thurman, Janeane GaroTalo. A radio host lies about her looks to a potential suitor. 'PG-13' 5267648 Garlleld5536l3 Battlestar Galactlca 'Fire in Space" 9324025 You Afraid? 923938 Rocko's Life 640193 Six Million Dollar Man 1284803 4:15) Movie **> "Chances 4re"(1989, Comedy) Cybill Shepherd, Robert Downey Jr., Ryan O'Neal. A reincarnated lawyer stumbles into his former wile s life. A 'PG' 89647025 One on One Great Chefs 639087 Movie "Fierce Creature* "(1997) 3363)74 Great Chefs 555071 Dallas ""S" Is for Seduction" A 307342 n the Heat of the Night Obsession" A (CC) 496280 Baywatch "Stakeout at Surfrider Beach" (CC) 719822 Travelers Prague. Czech Republic. 904803 Jlub Dance A 347198 Kung Fu: The Legend Continue* "Slraitjackel" (R) 27)416 Saved by Bell 343803 USA High (R) CC) 705218 Growing Pains 391261 Brotherly Love 2196)3 Movie ***s "Cfwnp/on"(1949, Drama) Kirk Douglas. A boxer Ignores loved ones in his desire to win.B497629 Law i Order "Forgiveness" (CC) 890261 Human Nature (R) 7371 74 Biography 816209 AnlmalDr Planet Groove 71 3629 Dally Show (R) 3091648 Ben Stein 8905261 Public Policy Conference 557990 Movie 7129990 Public Affairs 736532 Movie "P/>p/iona*toc*//]fl"(1997, Adventure) Voices of Melissa Allro, 'G' 4713990 (6:15)Movie **> "Hun«way"(1984) A 55698754 | Mo vie Up Close 759844 On the Pole Carol 61 6261 Sportscenter Super Bowl Editions. 477218 Motoworld Carol 534613 College Basketball 738358 College Basketball 9486349 Walton* 872990 [Rescue 911 Movie **•> "Beivlsind Butt-head Do Amerlc*" (1996. Comedy) Voices ol Mike Judge. MTV's animated anti-heroes create chaos across the country. PG-13' 757731 ' Celebrity Weddings: In Style (R) A (CC) 240377 Movie t\ "Sp/«"(1996)Aman races against lime !o prevent a biological disaster. A'PG-13' 749464 Intimate Portrait "Celine Dion" (fl) A (CC) 885464 [6:15) Movie * * * "77* flr»f Wl*n Club" (1996. Comedy) Goldie rlawn, Bette Midler, Diane Keaton. Three women take revenge after their husbands dump them. A 'PG' (CC) 88897071 Figure It Out 647006 Tiny Toon Adv. 638358 Masters of Fantasy (R) A (CC) 8218174 Doug A (CC) IRugrats A 903174 | CC) 554342 Seaquest DSV "Something in the Air (CC) 4486025 !6:10) Movie **•* "M»glc In the Wttu" (1995, Fantasy) Mark Harmon, Joshua Jackson, Hariey Jane Kozak. A vacationing family encounters a legendary creature. 'PG' (CC) 21 557990 (6:15) Movie ** "Changing Htblte"(\W7\ 303)7464 Wlnas "Strange Planes" "The Pushers" (R) 301321 Dukes of Hazzard A 37226) Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman "Wall ol Sound" A (CC) 292071 Baywatch "Kicks" A (CC) 602)93 Gimme Shelter 805)93 Dukes of Hazzard A 1)3445 Babylon 5 "TKO" Ivanova's friend arrives with a legacy from her late airier 139483 Highlander: The Series "Homeland" (CC) 445735 Unsolved Myst. 798984 Movie ** "Eye lor §n £re"(199t>) 874358 Secret of Ak» 912622 (Slighting, Movie "Cop and a Hair :i993)'PG'(CC) 9399342 Movie Wild Discovery 718613 Championship 122193 Movie "The Undefeated" 1969) 437358 Texas Ranger 454483 vide WNDY with seven nights of quality network programming, and in no way will it affect our commitment to televise IHSAA boys and girls basketball tournament games and the Tournament of Champions in March and April." WNDY will continue to carry The WB network programming. This addition to the WNDY program lineup is related to the pending sale of the station to the Paramount Stations Group. "We expect FCC approval on the sale any day now," Newcomb said. The Paramount Stations Group is the sixth-largest station ownership group in the country. The Indianapolis station which had KOKOMO MALL 8 been carrying UPN programming is WTTV, channel 4 (WTTK, channel 29, Kokomo). WTTV officials have announced the station has reverted to its original, independent status. That station is now showing movies in the two-hour time slot beginning at 8 p.m. every Monday through Saturday. For more information, WTTV's Web site is SBlffl Starts Friday! Fri/Sat: 5:15,7:30,9:40 Sat/Sun Mat: 12:45,3:00 Sun-Thurs: 5:15,7:30 Frl/SM: 6:00,7:45.9:50 c,;j..,i SM/Sun MM: 1:00.3:00 Friday I 8un-Thura:B:00.7:4S Perkins, according to Long, was the first rockabilly to use a drummer, a fact, he said, that was confirmed by another of the Rock Hall of Famcr's contemporaries, the late Roy Orbison. Seven years after playing at the Berry Bowl, Perkins performed at the Indiana State Fair. After the show. Long had yet another chance to talk with Perkins. "And I was flattered that the third time he saw me, he remembered me. That just knocked me out when you think of all the people he knows and all the people he's met." This time around, Perkins was the headliner, sharing the stage with openers The Crickets and Del Shannon. After the show at the fairgrounds, Perkins and Long chatted for about 15 minutes. "And he got to meet my dad (Mike)." During Perkins' show, he'd mentioned something about flag burning which had once again made its way into the news. "You don't think of (Perkins) as being a political performer, but he had to say something about it because he was very much against it. "And my dad had been a Marine during World War II. So when I introduced them, they talked about flag burning and they both got tears in their eyes. "My dad told (Perkins) that it was an honor to meet him. And Perkins said, 'No t you're a veteran, and it's an honor to meet you.' They shook hands and cried." S 4.00 All Shows Before 6 pm. KOKDMO MALL "157-9334 ? Hard Rain (R) Today: 5:00,7:10 Good Will Hunting (R) Today: 4:00,6:50 Titanic (PG13) Today: 4:00,7:00,8:00 Wag The Dog (R) Today: ' 4:30, 7:30 Scream 2 (R) Today: 7:40 p.m. onlyl Mouse Hunt (PG) Today: 5:15 p.m. only! Amlstad(R)Today:4:15, / lou For Richer Or Poorer (PG13) Today: 4:45,7:20 MARKLAND • 457-4457 Fallen (R) Today: 4:15, 7:00 As Good As It Gets (PG13) Today: 4:00,6:45 Firestorm (R) Today: 5:30, I 7:45 I Tomorrow Never Dies 1 (PG13) Today: 4:45, 7:30 Half-Baked (R) Today:'"' 5:15,7:15 visit our website at www.kerasotes.corn Free Refill on Popcorn & Soil Drinks! ; THURSDAY EVENING 8:30 9:00 9:30 10:00 JANUARY 22, 1998 10:30 i 11:00 I 11-30 I 12-00 I 12-30 BHOALJCASI SIAIIONS ' " '~ a CD (29) O S a si IB 03 o m a m o ® 89 OD ID m ra m BO do) m m (8:00) Movie *** "Howe//" (1994. Drama) Kyle MacLachlan, Kim Greist, Dwight Yoakam. Based on the crash of an alleged UFO in 1947 New Mexico. 5193 (8:00) Prey Discover/ A (CC) 67822 O Promised "The Promise" A 52990 Union Square Jack tries to make amends. 5822 (8:00) Antique* Roadshow (CC) Ask Harriet A (CC) 947984 Smart Guy "Rooferman, Take One" CC) 670280 New* 65938 HardCopyfCC, Movie *s "Bitty **Bo7*on"(1995, Comedy) Adam Sandier, Darren McGavin, Bridgelte Wilson. A hotel magnate s adult son goes back to grade school. A (CC) 77209 Dlagnoil* Murder "Drill lor Death" A (CC) 72754 Seinfeld Jerry ends up with a van, not a car. (R) 17377 Veronicas Closet Bryce talks to Ihe media. 92629 True or False: Teen-agers Mean Trouble A (CC) 7961 3 EH "The Long Way Around" Nurse Hathaway is taken hostage during a convenience store robbery. 46377 Myiteryl "Cadlae!" "The Raven in the Foregate'A young priest and a pregnant woman are found New York Undercover "Pipeline" The detectives try to uncover the Wayan* Bra*. "Raging Marion" A (CC) 836919 (6:05) Thunder (CC) 9496209 Lester Sumrall 926025 (8:00) Promised Land "The Malcolm & Eddie Nicolette [8:00) Informal Forum 29280 (8:00) Prey Discovery A I Steve Harvey Dance contest turns competitive. 926006 World Harvest 894087 Diagnosis Murder "Drill for Death" A (CC) 16700 Good New* "Reunion" A HaJ*g i M S y heS Family Showcase "4Him" The music group 4Him and other News (CC) 8315803 Keeping Up Appearance* 10:35) Extra A CC) 4510990 News A (CC) 56591 9 Children A (CC) 7445 New* (CC) 7329464 New* (CC) 7314532 New* (CC) 6962919 Dad'* Army "The Captain's KeenernvorywSnsMarliece Andrada. A 36209 (11:35) Nlghtllne (CC) (12:06) Politically Incorrect (CC) 8721830 (11:35) Late Show Actor Sylvester Stallone, baseball Hall of Fame inductee Tommy Lasorda. 78164280 [11 :35) Tonight Show Actors Bob Newhart and Howie Long, music jroup Cnumbawamba. A (CC) 75383629 Charlie Rose A 739990 11:05) Star Trek: The Next veneration Riker finds a pre- Beverly Hills, 90210 "Commencement" Graduation day arrives for the senior class at West Beverly High. 180377 (10:05) Movie **» "B»rffloy»"(t982, Drama) Sean Penn, Ally Sheedy, Esai Morales. A young hoodlum struggles to the top of a reform school. 16825822 Tommy Barnett 329358 Making Healthy Choice* 336006 True or False: Teen-agers Mean Trouble A (CC) 99087 News 6)667 Cosby Show "The Birth" Gallher Homecoming Hour 19803 Movie *» "B%Mjd/*on"(1995, Comedy) Adam Sandier, Darren McGavin, Bridgelte Wilson, A hotel maonale s adult son ooes back to CABLE STATIONS AMC A&E AP BET COM CSPAN DIS ENC ESPN ESPN2 FAM HBO LIFE MAX NICK SCIFI SHOW STARZ TDC TNN TNT USA F7TFi : nr»i^ii'l^ifiimTOTt'i EW'TCfflW^BfiFfl.HflCTKIfllE 8:45) Movie **» "The Night ot Hit Drizzly" (1966, Western) Clint Walker, Martha Hver. A lawman-turned-rancher is threatened by a marauding bear. 94885358 Biography: Tom Hanks- Vet* 856648 (7*0) Planet Groove 713629 New Explorers Microscopist Walter McCrone; crime profiler Wild Rescues Hit List 100006 ESPU 9)3667 (8:00) Movie **: "Johnnv Bf Good" ima Comedy) Anthony Michael Hall, Robert Downey Jr.. Paid Program 170919 Newt 3120759 Lifeline to Heaven 502754 Hollywood (CC). M'A'S'H "Movie Tonight" (CC) 53052 (12:36) Strange Universe (R) A 5372859 (12:37) Late Late show (Live Phone-In) 4760946 (12:37) Late Night A (CC) 1680323 American History 610743 ttoseanne In Ihe Heat of the Night "Fate- Black man's life is threatened (or seeing a married white woman. A 96178) (12:10) Thunder (R) (CC) 9165)68 College Basketball SiU- Edwardsville at Indianaoolte. (11:35) Late Show Actor Sylvester Stallone, baseball Hall Vibe 67648 First Baptist Church of Jacksonville 50396 News 7446648 mrniomm (11:35) Nighlllne(CC) Dating Game A 22385 AMN 301323 (12:06) Mad About You The (11:35) Tonight Show Actors Bob Newhart and Howie Long music •••••••••ill (12:37) Late Late Show (Live Newlywed Game A 96472 AMN 663675 (12:36) Politically (12:37) Late NjghtrMCC) Movie *** "TneFour»fu***f**rt"(1975, Adventure) Oliver Movie Reed, Raquel Welch. Four swashbucklers try to toil scheming "Champion" Cardinal Richelieu. 5)0209 4)48033 Unexplained The mystery that has surrounded King Tut's tomb Planet Safari (R) 736445 Comlcvlew 103193 Offsides (R) 7875367 Make Me Laugh (570975 (8:00) Prime Time Public Affair* 736532 (8:20) Movie Toy Story" (1995) Animated. Toys spring to life when 8:45) Movie ***<, "Alice In Wonderland" 1951, Fantasy) Voices of Kalhryn Beaumont. Wall 1(8:00) Movie "Death tW*h"(1974i 5013754 7:30) College Basketball Northwestern at Penn State. (Live) Basketball Rescue 911 |7:30)Movle *» "Spill" 1996rPG-13' 749464 8:00) Unsolved Mysteries A Super Bowl Law i Order "Volunteers" Frustrated tenants decide to can- AnlmalDr Vet* 441025 BET Tonight 63961 3 Dally Show 9598984 Win Ben Stein's Money Biography "Tom Hanks: Hollywood s Golden Boy" A orolile Wild Rescues 227 (CC) 334588 ESPU 245)20 Midnight Love 3)878) Saturday Night Live Host: Quincy Jones. (CC 2771)20 Prime Time Public Affairs (R) 654984 Walt Disney Presents "Ida, the Offbeat Eagle" A golden eagle Movie ***s "P»ycfto"(1960), Vera Miles 2909700 College Basketball Alabama-Birmingham at Memphis. (Live) 205464 NFL'* Greatest Game 1369396 Movie "Doomsday Rock" (1997) Connie Sellecca. 891025 Movie "She/fef"(1998, Suspense) John Allen Nelson, Brenda Bakke, Peter Onorali. A government agent hides out in a Greek gunrunner's home. A •NR 1 (CC) 5224396 ^rverslon* of Science (R) A 9995)483 Movie **» "II Then Willt Could Tilk" 11996. Drama) Demi Moore, Cher, Sissy Spacek. Three women from different eras lace 8:00) Movie ** "Em lor an Eye" (1996, Drama) Sally Field, Kieler Sutherland, Ed Harris. A vicious sociopath is stalked by a revenge-driven mother. A R' (CC) 874358 Happy Day* : onzie suffers 8:01) Sighting* A (CCJ 4873629 Wonder Years "Odd Man Out" Wonder Year* "The Family Car" [9:01) Forever Knight "Crazy -ove Nick searches for an 8:00) Movie »* "Cop and a Ha/r(1993) A young murder witness allies with a jaded detective. A 9399342 8:00) Movie 5075648 8:00) Wild llscovery 8:00) Ihamplonshlp Strange but True? 175454 SuperBowl Zorro A (CC) 794946 Mickey Mouse Club (R) (CC) Movie 2218014 Sportscenter Super Bowl Editions. (CC) 333087 NHL 5624377 700 Club 314071 Inside the NFL A (CC) 698025 Almost Perfect "Overly Movie *s "Am«yv«leOoMnou*e'(1997,Hom>r) Hobm Thomas, Starr Andreetl. A demonic dollhouse's evil spirits terrorize a family. A 'R' 1050716 Love Lucy Lucy loses her Mary Tyler Moore An old 1041) Robocop: The Series lobocop suspects that Gadoet s [»:35) Movie *t "Midnight Blue" (1997, Suspense) Damian Chapa, Annabel Schofield. A businessman's life Is shattered by an alluring temptress. A 'R' 97)23919 (9:45) Movie "Crow: Angela" 2334236 Movie Magic Creating a train Prime Time Country Sawyer Brown, Jeff Carson. A (CC) Wing* The Fokker DR-1 was made famous by the World War I Today'* Country 8:00) Movie *** "The UndWMled" (1969, Western) John Wayne Rock Hudson, Ben Johnson. Two Civil War veterans battle Mexican evolulkmaries 437358 8:00) Walker, r exas Ranker A 112716 Tail "Jim Joins Ihe Network" Golden Girls Dorothy lakes NBA 5700491 World's " Strongest Man Super Bowl Bonanza-Lost 16978) Movie *« "Vegas Vacation" (1997) The Griswold clan embarks on yet another outrageous outing. 9317149 Golden Girls Sophia travels to Unsolved Mysteries A O Movie *** "Sleeper»"(1996, Drama) aeon, Robert De Niro. A revenge crime reunites four friends trom Hell's Kitchen. A 'R' (CC) 84902754 ' Newhart Illustrator helps Seaquest DSV Researchers release an airborne substance (11:15) SlargsteSG-1 Bloodlines" Preventing an implantation. (R) A (CC) 46937764 Dick Vsn Dyke 844694 Bewitched Damn clans a (12:01) Sightings The possibility that the government is engaging Movie Trtoks"(1997)Mimi Rogers. A single mother moon- ights as a hooker lor extra cash. A (CC) 9 159507 [11:15) Movie ** "Fa/lnfu/"(1996)Cher A 85799938 Justice Files "Have Faith" Modern culls prey on the weak- Dallas Unaware that she's sal a trap, J.R. plans to romance Wild Discovery "Forest of Fear The tigers ol India's Sunderban Dukes of Hazzard Boss tries to frame Miz Tisdale and the Dukes Movie **. "The»toca/Min»"(l976,Weslern)JamesArness,EvaMarieSaini, Richard Kiley. Afamily moves West 1o escape the impending Civil War. 441551 ngure swung Skating Kicks Back. Brian Boitano, Elvis Sloiko. Brian Orser, Nicole Bobek and Rosalynn Sumners perform programs. Silk Stalklngs Chris and Rita discover a Latina maid was doing Highlander: The Series Charlie

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