Independent from Long Beach, California on November 3, 1958 · Page 1
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 1

Long Beach, California
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Monday, November 3, 1958
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FEATURES INDEX Amuxnnrnti , . . C - 5 Classified l - 2 Comics C-6, 7 I)»th Notices. .11-1 Editorial . ...A-l, 8 L.A.O. Says . ...A-2 Bnillo-TV D-8 Shilling Culde D-Z SjKirt -1,4 Women B-2, S World Around. .A-« WEATHER The Southland's ML Finest Morning Newspaper Phone HE 5-1161 -.Classified No. HE 2-5959 ** 34 PAGES LONG BEACH 12, CALIFORNIA, MONDAY, NOVEMBER 3, 1958 VOL. 21 -- NO. 66 Mostly tunny today »d T u e « d » y with few patches of eirly morning foj (long the COM*. Little change In temperatures. High today about 85. Complete weather on Page A-S, HOME EDITION-- 106 Guide for Voters Appears on Pages A-7,8 17 Killed in Crash of Cuban Airliner Hijacked by Rebels «F ·/ EDITORIAL Video Group Hears Brown andKnowland SAN FRANCISCO (UPI)--Sen. William F. Knowland (R-Calif) and State Atty. Gen. Edmund G. (Pat) Brown, rival candidates for governor, clashed Sunday over labor issues as their rough-and-tumble campaign drew toward a climax. i The two men, quizzed separately on a nationally televised program, concentrated their fire on each other's stand on so- called right-to-work legislation. Brown won the toss and had the first half of the program. Knowland followed him. They shook hands and chatted before the show but did not converse during the program. » « « « BROWN SAID he felt Proposition 18, the slate's "right-to- NAVY YARN? NOPE, SAME COLOR ONLY WM's cousin Mortimer wnsi Mng haled into court for failure to pay alimony. The g r e a t ' · · : . - . man counseled h i m, "Don't hedge. Answer t h e j u d g e ' s questions direct and with complete honesty." T h e judge asked Mortimer: Dl BLU "Have you ever appeared as a witness before?" "Yes, your honor." . "In what type suit?" "A blue serge, sir." work" proposal, would have a bad effect on unionism in California and lower salaries. He suggested 23 reforms, which he said were not as extreme as. Proposition 18. "There is need for reform in labor unions but nothing so extreme as FroiJosition 18," he said. He described himself as a Harry Truman-Adlai Stevenson Democrat. ·I feel in my own heart I'm a liberal Democrat," he told the panel. * « * * KNOWLAND SAID he chose to run for governor rather than see -Gov. Goodwin J. Knight seek re-election or himself run for re-election to the Senate. 'I felt we were going to have PAT BROWN, I,EFT, WINS TOSS ON TV SHOW Watching coin fall are Sen. Knowland, right, and Lawrence Spivak to raise and face the labor-boss issue in California this year," he said. "Four years from now --eight years from now--would be too late." Knowland defended his espousal of Proposition 18. He said it would be a tragedy for California if its state government were under the same control as Michigan's. "I'm a Republican--period," Knowland said and then denied if he won and Proposition 18 lost, he would work for a "Bill of Rights" for labor. "Right-to Fuel Tank Falls, Starts Japan Blaze IWAKUNI, Japan (ffi --i A Marine Corps jet fighter piloted by Capt. R. L. Iverson of Minneapolis, Minn., accidentally dropped a fuel tank today and set an .unoccupied Japanese storehouse afire. A 21-year-old farmer was re- GOP PREDICTS SURPRISES he was a reactionary. He said ported burned when he tried (Continued on Page A-4, Col. 4)|was destroyed. to put out the fire. The U.S. Navy rushed fircfighting enuip- mcnt from the nearby Atsugi Air Station, but the storehouse Dfnocrats Boost Victory Forecast WASHINGTON (UPI)--Democratic leaders, in last-minute surge of confidence, boosted their victor claims Sunday with predictions their party will captur 12 Senate and 47 House seats from the Republican Across the Nation Airlines OK Mutual Strike Aid WASHINGTON (AP)--The nation's six biggest airlines announced Sunday a mutual aid pact to share revenues when any one or more is shut down by a labor strike. The plan calls for restoration to the idled airline of the net extra passenger and freight revenues diverted to the other airlines during a labor shutdown. . Joining in the agreement were Capital, 85 Today as Summer Stays Here Long Beach and vicinity con- nues to bask in summer-type' eather. Forecasters predicted a high f 85 today, and said the warm, unny and clear weather might Boy's American, Eastern, Pan American World Airways, TWA and United' Air Lines. Other airlines were invited to join. 29 Firemen Overcome LOUISVILLE, Ky. HI--Smoke from a smouldering downtown department store fire overcame 29 firemen Sunday. All were treated at hospitals and released. Ten fire companies were used to battle the stubborn blaze, which was confined to a basement where foam rubber pillows were stored. The firemen were overcome so quickly that off duty reserves were called in. ·*'" Body in River POMPTON LAKES, N. J. Wl -- The body of Paul Grochowicz, 7, was found in a river Sunday only 500 feet from his home. He look off on a bicycle 17 days ago "to see his grandmother on the West Coast." Police Chief William Charles said the youngster apparently fell in the Ramapo River and drowned not long after riding away. An autopsy showed there was no foul play. Missing Family Found MONTROSE (UPI) -- A family of three, feared lost on a hike into Angeles National Forest, turned up unharmed Sunday afternoon and explained they "simply misjudged the distance" they had to travel. · Richard Mills, 35, his wife, Betty, 30, and their 7-year-old son, David, of Pear Blossom, planned to hike Saturday from Buckthorn Camp to Sycamore Camp, a distance of about 10 miles. When they failed to arrive Saturday night they were reported missing and rescue parties were sent after them. Plane Flies by Self HARMONY, Minn. l/Pl -- An eager- beaver light plane took off without a pilot Sunday and flew in graceful circles for 45 minutes while spectators gaped in astonishment. It came down rightsidc-up in a cornfield a mile west of here, flipped over and then bounced into an upright position again. "It flew beautifully." said an awed Neil Haugerud, 28, the would-be pilot who was left in the lurch when the plane suddenly shot forward and took off after he turned the propeller. Mine Gets Clearance BISHOP, Va, l/P) -- The Pocahontas Fuel Co. coal mine, where 22 miners died in a gas explosion last Monday, was given clearance Sunday to resume operations. BLISSFUL BRIDE, GROOM James MacArthur, 20, son of actress Helen Hayes, and his bride, actress Joyce Bulifant, 20, smile blissfully after their wedding Sunday in Solebury, Pa.--(AP) in Tuesday's elections. 3rdered Down by jimmen By I-AKRY ALLEN' HAVANA, Cuba (AP)-- .urvivprs of a plane crash liat killed 17 persons sale junday n i g h t four rebel iuiimen commandeered the irliner and caused it to rash during an argumenl iver landing in rebel ter- itory. Sixteen passengers and rew of four were aboard the! ig Viscount turboprop plane of he Cubana Airlines when it eft Miami, Fla., Saturday for he 45-minute flight to Vara- .ero Beach, a summer resort bout 87 miles cast of Havana. The four Cuban crew members, the four gunmen, six na- uralized U.S. citizens and three Cubans were killed as the plane ell into the shallow waters of he Bay of Nine near Preston, a United Fruit Co., port on the north coast of Oriente Province, authorities said. The whereabouts of another Cubana Airlines plane that figured in a reported rebel seizure attempt was disclosed by ai authoritative source Sunda; night. The p l a n e , ' a DCS, vanishe'c Oct. 21 with 11 Cuban ppssen gers and a crew of three aboart vhile flying between Cayo Mambi and Moa Bay, site of a big American-owned nickel anc cobalt mining project. A Question of Economic Survival Next month the Ford Motor Co. plant in Long Beach will close down and move out. Thousands of our citizens are employed in that plant. What is Long Beach doing to make up for the job and tax revenue losses which occur when major industries depart? The answer: Nothing. This city has no "insurance" against job losses. We have no plan in operation. At the present rate, our future history can be a vicious cycle of closed plants, lost jobs, and economic decline. Do we have to accept that kind of future? We do not. * * · * THE ATTENTION OF EVERY voter interested in the welfare of Long Beach is directed to Propositions S and T on the Tuesday ballot. Propositions S and T will give Long Beach the job "insurance" needed to offset the losses which take place when large private or defense industries depart. Propositions S and T arc a positive program to create durable jobs in permanent busi- · nesses. ' ^ Every voter therefore has a vital stake b in Propositions S and T. [·: This is a question of Long Beach's eco- j3 nomic survival. ^ [j Intelligent people who expect to earn a 3 livelihood in this city can't answer such a vj question with other than a "Yes." h "Yes" on S and T. « Youth Killed When Car Skids on Ramp A 19-year-old Ixjs Alamitos man died and another was critically injured when their speeding vehicle skidded off an exit ramp of the Long^BesefrFreeway early Sunday, overturned and crashed broadside into a utility pole, police reported. INFORMANTS SAID they ; have learned two rebels who hoarded the plane at Cayo Mambi forced the pilot to veer from his flight to Jiloa Bay and to land at an air strip near Ca- But GOP National Chairma nanovC| about 30 miles sou th- Tvleade Alcorn stood firm on nis| west of Moa . Tre pilol was own forecast of "some very woutlded in t h c arm wnile re _ startling upsets" in favor ofj sistirig it was Republicans plus a prospect of recapturing the House from thc Demrocrats. Eight passengers were released and have returned to Itheir homes. A Cuban soldier ontinue through ot spots of the The predictions topped a final|who was a passenger, and the round of electioneering beforejcrew, all were held. The fate some 48 million Americans go of two other passengers was to the polls to choose a new not made known. Congress and state and local The Cubana Airlines, con- irming the death of the 17 persons, in Saturday night's crash, called it a rebel publicity stunt * * * * A SPOKESMAN for the rebc officials. type that .agued October were predicted. DEMOCRATIC NATIONAL Chairman Paul Butler expanded Ihis past expectations. He said crats "will pick up three or four new governors, approximately Some fog and patchy low n or 12 Sena( ^ seats and ouds were expected durinff ,, sea(s , n (he Housc _., arly morning hours along the oast, but these should be dis- ipated by daylight. The Democrats presently outnumber Republicans in the Sen ate 49 to 47 and in the House 235 to 200. There are 29 Democratic governors and 19 Republican. Chairman George A. Smathers of the Senate Democratic Campaign Committee said on a Democrats will wrest 12 Senate seats from Tuesday, Quemoy Hit by Furious Shellfire TAIPEI, (Monday) (/PI--Chinese Communist guns resumed their bombardment of Quemoj today after being silent since Saturday afternoon. The Nationalist Defense Ministry said by noon the shelling was "furious" and that Quemoy's guns returned the fire,. The resumption of Red shell ing aroused speculation tha the Nationalists had tried to send in a supply convoy on an odd-numbered day. Tne Com munists had promised to keep their fire away from landing areas on even-numbered day movement of Fidel Castro said of the month but said the.v in Washington, however, that would shoot at any and all tar the rebel forces had nothing to do with the tragedy. He said individuals acting on their own were responsible. The spokesman also said the rebel radio claimed the plane was shot down by the Cuban air force. This is the story told by thc survivors to airline and government investigators: Four gunmen boarded the plane at Miami Saturday after- Julie Gets r old Feet in Alaska seats from lhe Re p ubncans ANCHORAGE, Alaska UP -- ·ulie Nixon, 10-year-old daugh- er of the Vice President, got :old feel Sunday while walkinglones from Alaska and the one', hrougti a cemetery at an Indian!already nailed down in Maine's ciolmng ana rerealea gets on the offshore islands on the other days. Boy, 16, Falls to His Death A third man in the car wa eriously injured. Officers said the driver ar arently lost control of his ve- ilcle when he turned off the rceway to go east on Willow St. about 4 a.m. The car skidded into the curb, overturned and slid more nan 300 feet before hitting the utility pole. The impact almost tore the car in two, of- icers said. * * * · ROBERT PAUL JAY, 19, of 37S1 Green St., was pronounced dead of a head injury at Seaside Hospital about 30 minutes. after the crash. Another youth, Victor Jerome Hicks, 21, of 3894 Howard St., was in critical condition at Seaside Hospital .late Sunday night after extensive head surgery. Both were thrown from the car when it hit the pole. The third young m a n , believed by police to have been the driver, was Laurence Bryan Mealer, 19, of 3f91 Green St. He was (alien to Community Hospital for treatment of a fractured right hip and head injury. Y O S E M I T E PARK cliff reaching that area, the four men drew pistols, invaded Capt. Ruskin Medrano's cabin and or- S.MATHERS previously had predicted the Democrats w o u l d j gain 9 seats as well as two new 1 n flu tn * * * ' rnefrtn - OFFICERS SAin Jay was lying 26 feet from the mangled vehicle when they arrived on NATIONAL the scene. Hicks was 46 feet 16-year-old Fair-| from thc car and ji caler vvas '£/ ^ feet down a l v i n g unconscious acl . oss tne below Upper Yosemite Falls to his death late Satur-. front seat. day. Rangers found the body Alvin Douglas Grinds Sunday. Jay's death brings the Lon;; ot Beach traffic toll to 28 for the, year. He was the 12lh person air strip, in an area controlled by rebels. The four men removed outer : illage a few miles north of lore. Julie's black shoes slipped 'rom her feet as she walked through the four-inch snow at the century-old Russian Orthodox Cemetery after a visit in ·he church at Ettlutna. "It's cold, daddy," she said. » » * * R I C H A R D M . X I X O X glanced at, the snow on his daughter's stocking-clad feet and agreed it probably was. The Vice President -- like a father anywhere -- then gallantly gave Julie a piggy-back ride to the road whare the snow was packed and the walking easier. The Nixons and their daughters, Julie and her sister, Pa tricia, 12, went on a short sightseeing trip during a break in the Vice President's speech making swing through what will soon be the 49th state. e p s e U H e a d h e w predicls 12 exclusive of n Alaska ar.d Maine. The California and New York !° f TM' ' -'-"-ary move- jovcrnorship races, both laden! vith 1960 presidential itnplica-' lions, continued to hold top national attention. that has been fighting Fulgencio Batista's government. .The rebels are trying to wreck ithe presidential elections set Nelson Ziegler, also 16, said he and Griggs left a regular trail to seek a cutoff to a ledge above the valley floor. Ziegler said he heard rocks falling behind him, turned, and found Alvin had disappeared. to be killed in motor vehicle accidents. Last year at this time the total was 46, w i t attributed to motor vehicle acr ctdcnts. Jay's body was taken to the I-akewood Mortuary. for Monday. · 4 THE PILOT ARGUED thatl the Preston air strip was tooltr Alcorn described the Califor- narrow to land his plane. While the argument went on the plane (Continued on Page A-3, Col. 1) cruised about over Preston. The gunmen were quoted as 'telling the captain: "You w i";,^ iland. This will be in all the ; '| 'newspapers of the world, for ' no one has ever tried to kidnap TKM.TNG OF nine days ot torture, a rescued miner couldn't keep his eyes off a lovely sight--a glass of water. Page A-10. an airplane of such size and importance." The gunmen A HUGE WAVE swept a Palos Verdes surf fisherman to his death, Page B-l. then prodded Medrano and copilot Joseph Conbarro with pistols and ordered them to take the plane down. The plane plunged, missing the Preston air strip in the darkness by about two miles and falling into the bay. EDITOR'S NOTE Today's paper present 1 ; the eleclion green sheet--a ! voters' guide in the order of the ballot. It shows argu- '' ments on measures, biographies and philosophies of can- didatcs, and this newspaper's recommendations. | The latter are offered not with the idea of dictating the election, but to give our opinion to be weighed by the reader in making up his mind. Topping the ballot are our recommendations for Edmund G. Brown, a Democrat, for governor, and Goodwin J. Knight, a Republican, for U. S. Senator. This bl-partisan endorsement illustrates our philosophy--vole for qualifications, not for party Jabels. Don't be a Ditto Democrat or a Rubber Stamp Republican. See pages A-7 and A-8. The election green sheet takes the place today of the regular editorial page, 0 which will appear as usual Tr.esday.

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