The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 5, 1937 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 5, 1937
Page 8
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r TAGE EIGHT BI/JfTHEVlLLE .'(ARK.)' COURIER NEWS WEDNESDAY, MAY 5, 1937; BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THl OOURBER NEWS CO, FUBUSHKR8 C. R. BABOOCK, Mttor H. W. HA1NES, Advertising lian»ger Sc:» N»tlonal ,_. ;gnsss Dailies, Inc, New York, Chicago, Et, Lew D»ll»s, Kansas City, Memphis.' Published Every Afternoon Except Sunday Enteied as *econc! class mat to at Oia post office at BlyUievUw. Arkansas, under act ol Congress, October 9. 1811. Served by Ilia United Press SUBSCRIPTION RATES By carrier In the City ot Blylhevllle. 15c per \ ccit or 65c per month. 'ES mail. ftllliln a mdlus ot 50 miles. ta.OO per \car $150 for six monlli:, 75c for three months; by mall In postal zones two to sU, ' ncl "f»;«; $650 pc r 5' ear : ln sone= 5CVEU B 8 ' * 1(1 - 00 per year, payable In advance. Sauce For Tlie Gander The \\oild has seen many drives for ddoption of a univei.sal language. No ~ one, however, has, ever got anywhere \\itb a butfgeslion thai there be a inii- vcisal language among professions, and >et it would teem a highly valuable move When an ordinary person tries lo " wade through the lore of the profession of another, lie invariably is stymied by strange or highly technical verbiage. The fields of law and medicine, in particular, arc morasses of stiango woAls to the layman. ~ It is inleiestmg, therefore, to read ""the news, item ovit of Albany, N. Y., levealmg lhat a court of appeals had to Uuow up its bands on a case in- voUrag .motion picture corporations because of its unfamiharity with language ' .-used 1 by'movie, people. , It is wwnehcw pleasant to see the legal gentry, who toss about "habeas coipiis" and "ceitioiari" with supercilious Abandon, get a taste of their own r medicine. Unprofitable Tactics Ameiicaus, \\lio spent live billions of " do'lais on vacations last year, will ^_ sphuge even moio this suiirmer, vuvi- " ous binvcvs indicate. European coun- tiies especially will benefit, reveals a noted tiavel agency. One of the prin- - ^ cipal icawms this will ha so, it points ' - out, is that theic has been a';lessening *—- of iwhtical tension abroad. • 1 T~ If this is the case, tourists must \j obviously favor countries that are uu> a" rtiftled by politics, and it is (Utile i»s" 1 sible lhat lato this year dictatorships, ^ _ that aie bleeped in it, will be very 7^T doleful. If they aie baldly dampened by the shower of American gold, dictators may get the point, lhat an overemphasis on — political activity and bellicosity does not always pay dividends. Which would be a very good thing. and announces that the. New York City situation is being investigated. Stamping' out corrupt elements in unions would seem to be about the wisest policy that both he and John L. Lewis could pursue at this time. Now that court approval of. the Wagner act lends impetus to union organization, the future progress of the A. F. of L.. and C. I. 0. depends largely on the • amount of public confidence they win. One of the surest methods of insuring thai confidence would be a widespread purge of (jueslioiiiible unions. Initial Step Following Ihe prolcsl of 10 New York City locals of a -national union that its leaders employed criminals, ex-convicts, and racketeers, A. F. of L Piesidenl William Green promises that the American Federation of Labor will not stand racketeering in any form, Keeping Munitions Home Senator Gerald P. Nyc and Congressman Hamilton Fish jr., seem to have the idea that, if the scheme of embargoing munitions shipments to warring nations is sound in small doses, it ought lo bo equally sound in big doses. They have introduced a bill in Coii- jjress, aA'ordingly, which would b v an all munitions shipments—not only in lime of war, but in lime of peace as well. The only exceptions woiild be, shipments to nations on the American continent "engaged in war against a non-American slate or slates."' There is a great deal of logic in this idea. \Vc are now .selliii}; munitions abroad in so many <|iiartcrs that, if we get into another war in the near future, some American boys will certainly be'killed by munitions of American manufacture. There is much to be said for a proposal to take us out of the munitions-exporting business permanently, in peace and war alike. Progress In The Air A newspaper Hem reveals that production of American-type- planes is lo be an outstanding feature of Russia's plane-building program. This news, coming shortly after revelations that Russian American-type craft completely outclassed other ships in engagements over Madrid, should bolster this country's pride over its progress in this lino of aviation. Another news, story reveals that two Akron, 0., inventors have patented a now type of airship control that may avert the danger of airships, struck by gusts or squalls, twisting and breaking in midair.' It was just such disasters that befell the navy's Shenandoah, Akron, and Macon and shattered the nation's faith in Jightfir-than-air craft. Whether the. new invention will change this attitude remains to be seen. 1C it does, and-somehow dispels the jinx lhat has dogged our dirigibles, Uncle Sam should just about lead the aviation parade. SIDE GLANCES By George Clark AFRAID fo J. J, &, MARION WHITE OiW K» SEWICE.IKC CAST OP CII.M1ACTF.R9 ., JOAN" IIAUHI-rrr. licrdlnc, H«c- tliry In John Ili-nilrr. JOHN IJl-;\lim", tiiliilnK Invcm- mem licml. IIOII AMIHi;\VS. Ili'iiJry'a Junior imrlnpr IIILJ Jonu'i. flu""* 11 ' SVIIII. lli:M)llV. Biu'lullli'. J"»" H<-nlr>'» nlcct null JDIIII'- rlTiil '" Juvi-, I* ii IMP HKNDitY, Sybil'" liriillior. IIOJtOTHY Si'AHKR, Jonn" ClrllKIDil frlrjl.l. l'H.UU.i:s A-OHTOX, California nilnlriK prumoler. YPKflfrtinyi Jonn *il(cnd« n Klvt'ii for lirr Sy JJorolhy r«ruiii?-li>llrr v.-urtin vl u UiirU lutin Una drnlli," LTE was still chuckling to himself this morning as he .came n through Joan's office., "So you're running oil on Saturday," he said, for the 20lh time. Think you can get all that work cleared up first? I doubt it. Not with your mind in the clouds the way it is. , . . Heaven help you, CHAPTER XIII "j'OAN came into the office Mon** tiny morning wilh a song in her heart. She wns glad to see her desk in its accustomed place, young lady, if you get niy investments all muddled. I'll lake it out of your husband's pocket, so help me, I will." He laughed, continuing on into his own office. At the door he hesitated, and called hack: "I'm expecting a .Mr. Norton—Charley Norton—from Sacramento. Show him right in, will you?" Remembering what Bob had said, Joan pondered over Mr. Nor- sir. I loll you, there's nothing like living in the open mountains^ to keep a Icllow young. . . , Now, aboul this option—" He dictalcd for several minutes, intcrrupling himselC occasionally lo discuss some point more fully with Norton. Joan took the notes quietly. and be it further agreed triad to notice the work that was K ' A c | ose fl . icncl ol Mv _ Hen . piled high on one corner of »- dry 's, yet this matter Of the Bella !5he wasn't dreaming, then Every- Tcn . a mmc mjghl „„ a uul( ; shady _ "For generations my family lias ivadeti in dial mud puddle and I'll nol have it pjived over!" THIS CURIOUS WOKLD"/:™™ DIAMONDS ARE'COMPOSED- OF A SINGLE ELEJWEtir.. CARBON, WHICH MAKES THEM ' SIMPLEST ALL- THE. GEMS. His TONGUE HAS CHANGED FROM A BARBED SPEAR. TO A BR.USH, WITH ' ' WHICH HE GATHERS SAP, thing was as she had left it the sj]lce Bob , s rclum| ,„ Friday afternoon before. mtlc about ^ and st ,e had said she had not that Jacob Small, sole owner of Ihc Bella Terra mine, shall be paid—" He broke off abruptly. "Say, Charley, I still don't see why he has to have 40 thousand in cash. Thai's no way to do business." Norton shrugged his enormous shoulders. eloquently. "I've Iried lo talk lo the old fellow aboul lhal," he said. "But he's sel. One of the old-timers, stubborn and ignorant. All ho can I understand is so many pieces of. Sunday morning Bob drove Joan up into the hills from which tho.lown received its name, own personal plans. gold in his poke, ft he could get asked, probably because they were I the entire amount in-silver-', dol- so completely involved with their lars, he'd rather have it so. --You know the type, John. They can't imd there he pointed out the plot Norton arrived 1 shortly after 10 of ground whici: he wanted lo buy o'clock. As he entered her office, for their future home. Half anU^e looked up in sudden surprise, acre, il was, high on a hillside, she caught her breath sharply, overlooking the town, wilh a view remembering an old woman's of the entile countryside for milesKvqrds: "A tall, dark man. And around. They could see Manhat- Death." ian, too, its gleaming lowers out- Charles Norton was uncmcslion- lincd clear and sharp against the Uyy the tallest, darkest man she bright sky. A thousand pine trees had ever'seen. He must have dolled their home-spot, and today stood every bit of six feet four—a tiny drops of moisture sparklecNm powerfully built giant of a man. Ihcir branches. lie had a heavy mass of black Om- il all, a quiet peace pro- hair, and his eyes were dark and vailed, and Ihc hilltop became piercing. As he looked at you, a veritable fairyland o£ magic [they seemed lo burn deep into bcauly. ."Like il, darling?" Bob pered eagerly. your mind, as it they could read whis-|one's most secret thoughts. Joan ushered him into Mr. "Us as close to Heaven as we llcndry's office and Ilia Iwo men could gel!" she replied breath- greeted each olhei- heartily. She lessly. "Can we ever afford il?" [shut the door and returned to her "Afford il?" He smiled gaily, desk. For a moment she slood "All Ihcsc years, waiting for you there, thinking, against her will: to come along, I've been saving]"A tall, dark man. And Dcalii." read or write to any exlenj;. and a certified check is just a )m of paper to Ihern. They want cold cash." "I know. Bob lold me. Well, if Ihal's the way il is, I guess -we'll liave lo agree. Forty Ihousand dollars—even in cash—is dirt cheap for the properly." To Joan, ( " he said: "Fix lhat up for us immediately, will you? Wo want the' lawyers to go over it this ader- noon." * *. * CHE look flic noles back lo her ^ desk ;md began typing them. For half an hour or so she worked steadily. Finally she took -the completed sheets into Mr. Hendry's office. Tiie two men were talking The memory of my father will always biing inspiration to follow his high example. -George VI, in his maiden speech.' i PS£UDIS, -A'SOUTH AMERICAN FROG, HAS OPPOSABLS THUMBS, LIKE A MANf-AND IS LARGER AS A TADPOLE THAN AS ! A FRP&. ' Laboratory studies show Ihtil the same wca- Ihcr conditions thai produce a bounUful com yield bring on a good ragweed season. —F. W. Brisl, meteorologist, Memphis, Torn). 1 OUT OUR WAY By Williams DID YOU EVER HEAR THE ONE A&OUT THE WAITRESS AND THE MOUTH AMD EAE DISEASE. Once a diamond, always R diamond. Alter the stone is lormcd, it -=ai never change to any other!gem. Diamonds have a grain, like wood and large stones arc divided into smaller ones by experts, who studs the cleavage of Ihc stone, and, by a light blow, are able to cause the gem to fall apart.- •NEXT: Whiil arc the combinalion in pnkcr? chances i»t gelling any I'crUtin live-care Here Arc Rules Thai T. 13. Victims, . and Old, Should Follov b (NO. Z(15) By I>B. MOKIUS FlSHV.IitS Editor, .Iriuriral of the American Medical Arueiatitm. ami of Mygcia, the Health Maf.ninc For Ihc tuberculosis victim many popular books arc now available that can guide him in his own personal liyjienj and in preventing hill! from spreading the difcase to those about him. The hrwV.s of Lnwrason Brown. Hnwcs. Minor and Polls, particularly, may bc rcc- cnimended. To avoid tuberculosis, children should avoid infection, u:.- pasteurized milk, keep their nutrition and hygiene at the liuhest I'.c^sjblc point, and b<* T^inovc'i promptly Irora. Lhe neisjblyit'rosd of any ad>ill v who has the rti^av. At the ases °f J1 - V1 - nnrt 16. children, nmv. l» given Uib-vniltn , tesi,«. Those who renrl- |ui.-,:iviy should also bc examine:! f&.\ Hit X-ray. , For adults in general llr r.)Uv lV IS sugscsliotis oulhii?il by |>r. Charles I- Minor, are wuriiiy ^r nolc: 1, N'tl'i-r -.txeiTls? !" ti;- ,,-i'.!il of fnllsu 1 . 1 - " J' n -' tVilti .'•••'"•• -K llrc<l: yen 'have do;ic ys;i:,Tlt harm. . . . 2:'HciTicm'jri • ttol ir i i->:n-.-, before exercise. By rcaimj. a surplus of strength ani en»:-g;,- is built up and stored In tii» 'ra^-. 3. Aim to spend as ranch o! each day ;ir> ij^s^ibic outdoor o in alirolulcly fresh air. R l jineni bcr that the air. to be fresh, nee nol ncccisimly he cold. -1. Ideal ro:i:l should b; iipp; lizing. iHilrilioiio. :\m( not lo bulky. If nppL' ;ITV| not nu tritiou.'. il will int irairlr.h you if nutritious an;l not iippeti/ina; you will nol- cnt it; if tco bulk; however ai:i;:liiin^, il up your stomach. 5. Kit u\i la the limit of you tllscrlion. II. is Ihe Jno:l that digested and absorbed, and I whfll i:s put into your mouth, lha will do yon gootl. A yla^ milk with eaeh moal i,=; ativis Haw eg?s are not so riiges as cooked C7^s. Take nolhin lietwei 1 !! meats uti'2;3 crdcred b your doctor. G. If your fhgeritirm 13 ptor, lr your doctor. 7. Knt your imals :il r~: liours. D:> nol take rrfliliim m;it icr lo the lnbh\ Smilrs laughter tire tl>e l3C:;l p-j aids to tTicesfion. 8. Approach and leave .?:\i-h meal in a rrsirci rondition. Nrv- \ cr cal when live;!. Nrvrr ever- rise immedialoly :\fler r:\liiis. B. In winle.r me wnrni.llchi.or nieditnn wool uii(irvwr:ar;.in .surn- • mcr, ordinary summer cotton underwear. 10. Never wear very heavy underclothing or chest protectors 1. Let your sho;s be stout and She forced herself, presently, lo back lo Ihe realise! lo work. She was being ridic- vhosc personality haunted her. * * * AN hour or so later,.Mr. Hendry's buzzer over her desk sounded. She picked up her nole- up for il." They wcnl - - cslale onice nnd bought it immc- lulous. Utterly ridiculous. It was diatcly, and Bell's face took on a ho man himself, she decided, grin lhat couldn't he erased—not even when a traffic officer, an hour ialer, gave him a ticket for passing Iwo red lights. After dinner, Ihey drove over to sec Mr. Hendry and lei! him about it. "So you bought the hilltop?" The old man chuckled. "Crazy young fool! Taking av/ay the best secretary I ever had, in the bar. Well, I suppose I'll have . get Bain. to make the best of it used lo that hatchcl-faccd Miss Meade. Bless my soul, the way you -young folks rush inlo things nowadays!' But he was pl^scd, nevertheless. •ook and wcnl inlo his office. Norton got up graciously offered her his chair. and "We'd like to draw up an agreement," Mr. Hendry stated, "a sort of tentative option on the Bella Terra mine. Oh, this is Mr. Norton, Miss Barrelt . . . There's a chair for you, Charley. • Bring it To Joan, he remarked, jovially, "You wouldn't think, would you, that Charley Norton and I prospected together 40 years ago? No; quietly as she enlered. . there'll never be another partner like Jeremiah Jordan," Norton was saying, reminiscent!}'. Jeremiah Jordan! The name burned itself into Joan's memory. "What happened to the fellow who did il?" Vaguely she heard Mr. Hendry ask the question. "Oh, Ihey got him, all right," Norton went on, complacenlly. "Convicted him on a clear-cul case. He was finally hanged at San Qucnlin. . . . Thai musl be all of 10 years ago." Somehow, Joan managed to place the papers on Mr. Hcndry's desk and get out of Ihc office unobserved. Back at her own desk the room spun crazily, and terros once more held her in its icy, re. lentless fingers. Jeremiah Jordan was the man for whose death her father wai hanged at San Quentin, 10 yearl ago! (To Be Conitaued) warm in winter and wear warm Woolen socks, by nil means. Woolen socks often arc a i;real comfort al night. In winter, a flannel shirt is much more comfortable than anything" else. When sitting out in winter, have an extra wrap near by. 12. If you get overheated and perspire, change your clothing and rub yourself dry, 13. A healthy condition, of Ihe skin is most important. A warm bath once or twice a week if ordered by your physician is advisable, find a coo! sponge bath or a tub bath in the morning if your doctor permits it. Remember that the water should be cool but not ice cold. If you do not have a proper reaction after your bath, if you teel chilly or arc blue, the water is too cold. Ask your doctor about it. See thai your room or bathroom or wherever you take your bath is warm. Silver is '.ilcctricity. Ihc best conduclor ot 10 Years A go From Ihc Files of the Blythevllle Courier News Thursday, May 5, 192T Little Rock—Gov. Martincan has summoned the mayor and chief of police of Little Rock and the Pulaski county sheriff for a conference as Ihc opening of an investigation by the governor into last niglil's lynching of John Carter, 38, negro, and Ihc reign of terror which followed il. Na- lional guardsmen with fixed bayonets palrolcd negro sections or Ihc cily. The city court seems to be having a (tuict time of lute wilh only a chunk or Uvo lo make a court scrsion necessary. Read Courier Hews Wa..i Ads W. S. Daniel Promoted by Housing Administration LITTLE ROCK. — Appoinlmcilt of W. S. Daniel as underwriting- ' supervisor for the fourth zone oi the Federal Housing Administration was confirmed in Washington yesterday, Hay Icy M. Bennett, state director, announced. -Mr.; Daniel has bun chief underwriter for the FHA in Arkansas. The ( fourth zone comprises Arkansas, Texas. Louisiana, Oklahoma and New Mexico. Mr. Daniel.will make Washington his headquarters. He will bc succeeded here by Syd Wilbanks, a member of the FHA valuation staff since September, 1935. Charles Dickens' first booh was "Sketches by Bov,," and was published before his marriage in 1035. A few days before that event, announcement was made of the publication of the firsl parl of Ihc "Pickv,'ick Papers." OUR BOARDING HOUSE I OOKS'T C/XT2.E IF ~IH' MAJOR'S HOT TIP CAME RIGV-1T 'FROM ~TW' UAG'S FEET? BOX, IT'S A 5-TO-I BET THAT HE'S WROMS HE COULt>M'T PICK TH' A -RACB A AMP A TRAILER/ LET ALONE DERBY ( THIS BET MEASLES AWO A TEMPERATURE- TELL ME OMCE WMEM ' TH' OLD SPOOK EVER WAS AMYTHIKJC) BUT With Major Hoople LET'S GAK16 HIN\! T-'LL 6O OVER"BOARD OW THAT OWE—— IT'LL. BE WORTH LOS IMG A SAWBUCK APIECE IP TH' MA3OT2/S "PUCK, UOB-E, W1W, JUST TO HIM ALIBI, IP HIS K1AQ LOSES, I,

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