The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 15, 1947 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 15, 1947
Page 2
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BmUy WlxM», Saebty Editor (ARK.) COURIER NE^WS TUESDAY, JULY 15, 1947 Phone 461 Miss iLjljU iHqnqred 'Bridge a*» S P daughter. Mrs o:irt her Gldhani, bf «rar!y piwies planned for Y Mils. Frances Little, whose mar\ r» |je to Dan Hushes Bell of % W^aiF^ls will be one of the sea-, ^ tctris " •^9'' riup iRt s f Tile' -Martin 'IKMKB at,8M IWesl \ Viln St, WBS the scene of the J affair* a dessert bridge for four J tib'es of l guests Giresls included J Mrs -flcbert Fierce of Lojchville, 5 the fprnier" MlssHDoroth} Rcblnspn c "vTr J H WtdnW of Memphis, imcrt of Mr. and Mrs, Willard H. Feme and Mrs John Ben Bo- rfiir pf TusralopSa Ala house Meeting Held iAt Methodist Church The Women's Society of Christian Service of pie First Methodist Crjurch met yesterday afternoon at tlie church for a program and business' meeting. The subject was "Youth Stewardship." Hosjesses for .the afternppn were. Mrs. Cal Gossett, Mrs, , Ben White. Mrs. M. G. Goodwin, Mrs. W. F. Brewer, Mrs. Paul Pryur, Mrs. Earl Hucklcy, 'Mrs. 1.. K. Baker. Mrs. S. E'. Webb. Mrs. John Caudlll, Mi's. Elton Kirby, and Mrs. Jiunes C. Guard. . .. ' • Mrs. Guard let! the program, assisted hy Miss Ik'tty Harbcr, Miss Iva. Sc-ay, Miss Mamie f,. Adums and Mi's. L. K. Baker. Given ol her Mare'nU Dr nnd Wn [ L H .Moore • ( Tn bridge t «e$ Miss Jan» prai-Dp hew wgii icoie *irs j {-or Miss can Moore Tarns McOalla second high inrt J Mrs B>an S Heath, -»fts iward . Mrs Uny n,,,. r i son ..jiteiialnecl ed the, .traveling prrze I j^'i, n j B ] U w nii n miscellaneous MtsVj/'t'.e vf s presented . gift s'hcjver In fojn])llment to Miss in heTpnhet^by h* 1 ! friSslfesses t Jean .MO.OIT. Miss Moore is tilt 0 hei7'pmues lo ,bc g^ven. llite bride-elect of Olcn Cook ni week fctv tjie popular bnde-lo be .yvanalo, wash, include a rjariv toiiiqht nt I*acfr j : The Harrison liome tin Norlh vil'e when' .Mrs, h s'e r ^ and, an lenwrrow at wWch Mrs. '.Fi-eenrin 'Robinson , will' be'! hostess. I, Bettv Branch Announces Wedding Date and Plans Betty Branch Announces 14pt < Miss Betty Branch daughter of Mr and Mrs ftufus Cromwell Branch *of Pecan Point has an nouuced the date and ulaus tor her [• marriag^ t° Eclor Ralph Johnson { Jr., of Little Rock.'son of Ector 1 Ralph Johnson'and the Into Mrs 1 Johrmbn of Little -, Rook and San _, Francisco. The' wedding will take place July 21 in' the:garden of the bride- elect's home, -Black Cat Plantation. , Miss Branch will be gl\«n In mai- rlage by her father Miss Ross-llen Conway of Texarkana will be liei maid of honor, and Miss Gertrude ' f Bruce of Memphis will be mation of honor. Bridesmaids' will be Miss >, Nancy Uzzelle of Joiner, Mrs. Harris f. Hunt of Manila, Mrs Alex Curtis 01 Payetleyille the foimer Miss , Maiy Katherlne of Roseland rl and Miss Ann Kelly of Helena ' A reception will he given fbllowln<; si tlie ceremony ^ The series .of pre-aiuptial parties 5 to be given for her, include, a parts * tomorrow motiilng at Roseland oy 1 Mrs Chirles Bose and "Mrs Harris \ Hunt at the RosFfcome Mrs E B \ Chiles, Sr, of Joirie$ entertained 1 in her honor today and tonight.-Nfrs. f Bruce Ivy • and Mis. ,Charles Cole\ man of .Osceola*.\vill entertain with a buffet supper Thursday, Mr. Bryan Burkett of Bassett will be hostess at'a kitchen shower and Pierce will be j-Vaiiklin Slrect was dccoralorl with afUsrnpon paily g i a dioll inn] mixed SiimiiKT liow- ers in cittraLtii'c tirnui[$e!iie i iilf; lot 1 {he occasion. t • In games played during ihe evening, prizes went lo Miss Sura Joyiicr and Miss Rebecca McCnll. | The hostess served rcfresl,incr,ts of u sandwich plate with cold J. E. England, Mrs. n. L. Webster. Mrs. Pay Bratton, Mrs. Tomllnson, and Miss Maiiha Dimkiti. The hosU'ss served refreshments. Bits of News Mcltttf. Princess' Bethrothd! Announced -My *fc» i* fnrolM iWotttP Wntnnn UHMBi^ftjiBiuaKauB^BMBMBHuraaBnBBMiH^BEas... In >Geora«town llitivftcifv " ** I • 1C TV VSIIICIi drinks. Kay ;Hindman Honored With Birthday Parly Miss Jennie V Sharp pf Brink,ley has returned home after spefiil- ing several days here as guest of Mr. and Mrs. E. M Terry, Jr. Mr. and Mrs John A. Love and sons, Abe and Charles,, and Mr. Love's brother, Henry Love, 'of Pittsburgh, Pa., have returned home after spending several days with Mis. Love's mother, Mrs.' G. W. Smith and family. Mrs. H. E. Cobble and son, Clark, \ of Gnlnusboro, Tenn., have returned home. They have been vlsitfWK her mother, Mrs. G. W. Smith and family, for the'past few weeks. . Bi'.ty Jinc snd 'Anna Elizabeth Povii.'ll left yesterday for Mhtnbert and Clevs'and, Miss., to* visit rci- 4ithes for two v, r ceks. Mrs. E. n. Bclote and children. I?ddio, Kjilhy and nenee, are spend- Ini! a month's vacation nt FdycUc- vlllc, N. C., and WrighUvlllc Beach.' N. C, as guests of Mr. and Mrs. W. K. Jones. They accompanied the Joneses when they returned lo Norlh Carolina after having been guests of Hie Uclolc family here. S'Sergt. and Mrs. Lcc Duncan left, yesterday for Topcka Army Air Kield, Topeka, Kans., where he will rc-cnlist In the army. They have been here as guests of Mr. amnylrs. Claude Brilcy .and oilier relatives Mr. and Mrs. J. A. McKay arc at Pluy-ofls will he held daily wllh' 1101 "" allcr spending a week in Coila. conloslnnis to b? divided into ^32 Mlss - as B llt sls of Ins sit-cr, Miss i!rcursi. Miss Cii^lison suid. TSic "sulah McKay, schedule fcr names Is as follows: Mr*- Heulah Mae Caples will leave jimlar checkers, July 10; -senior loniyhl to relin-n to her home In chcckois, .Tulv I'l: Junior <-hincw' Chicago aflcr having been' Ihe' clisckcrs, July 18; ssr'.or Chinese! Kiiest of her mother. Mrs. 1 Ida' JL11- che-.'k"r;;. July !!)• junior ])h)g-p3ii<; toll, and family here Mrs. Caple.s Mrs. Terry Hostess With Dessert Bridge Mrs, K M. Terry. Jr.. entertained Saturday with a dessert bridge party honoring her housegucst, Miss Jennie V Sharp of Tirliikley. ] Ark. I When the two tables of BiiesLs played bridge, high .icnt to Miss June Gosnell and Miss Sharp .received guest prize. | Bouquets of red gludloli wii 1 -; used throUKhonl eiilcriiilnhiK rooms for decorations. i Y Tournaments For Girls, Boys Begin This Week Bl.',1'''.cvi'fc Y IcuniEi' in ehce.keiri, cliin^cs nhcckcrs and i>inB*pr.n|< will be ccndncled In Hie Y r::i''i'on:i> this week wnd nex wefk. Miss E'.ii'kanv Ciilfitcii, as-' sittunl to the general EctreL'ny, i today. In 'Georgetown University I Allen Uice, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Rice, l»s been admitted w Georgetown University, School of Foreign Service .in "Washington D ' For the past yuir, following his return from Japan ?.nd discharge from the Army, Allen has been a. < engineering ut the Uni verslty of Missouri. Cplumbia. Before .entering' the university in September ,he - will spend i mief tiinc here with his parents. ' r Ju!v 22: f'.v Pli; 'tmior ]>iivr-r-jnf, r for ''coys. Julv ';4- i-.nd fci- p'r^. .lif'v 25 S'n'.or |yirl.lth»«ls, will be H year:-: iiul older and. janior.s, 1111- Kfty Ilindmun was 11 yciiio old' :'or 14 ypars. this' week mid in observance ofj ; the occasion her mother, Mrs. (j. I Osceola News j A. Hiiulinan, entertained lliree , . : ..\ "ab.les of guests for bunco. ] Mr. mid Mr.v.-Tyby'Gl.idlsh nnd Prlizcs were won by .Mary Kay Mr. aiid Mrs; Peter Head of Jack- Crafton. high, Dora Bcrnlce Wyhc,i.«>n, Mo,, were weekend Kuesls of low, and Billic Marie liamc'.t, Mr. and Mrs. S. U Gladlsh. bunco. I Mr. and Mrs. J.J. Best have Ihnir Pink and green birthday cuke. ,cc cremn, and iced drinks wav served to the guests hy llvj ijuest BV KUTH SHILKTT NBA Stall Writei iBrltDiH, It sce:r/s, arc -Uidignant over Margaret Hanger's advice 'lot to V.ave \?±\" uv3':c b^'T'.fS in the next ten years. Meeting If you don't have enough f o o d io feed the existing b o cs \ou "hsukl top u tug any move, is Mrs. ganger's mcnt. rut t rwcilon Tri-Hi-y meeting tonight, 1::i3 o'clcck, i-A th c Y rcpms,' All chai ter members' ui-ged 'to attend. ' Ruth'Milled Anjer'Kin Legion Auxiliary meet ing lonig.;if,,:.8 o'clock.'at The llut.l co ;i:iue brin fon insUv'Yition o r officers.' The Blytheville Real Estate Board will nicet tonight, (i:45 o'clock, at Delta Cafe. 20th Century club business mec'- Ing tonight, 8 'o'clock, at Hotel Noble. Assembly of Rninbpw Girls meet-' Ing tonight. 7:30 o'clock, at Ihe Masonic Hall. a r a n- British to su-'h : O td fi-o.n tolerant a-inisi!- ircn'. I') high in- di ti n Mos t 1 i n fool thai if ihev want to Wcuiinu her three-diamond her first publle appearance since the sinnoimccnienl or , PMnctss'.KlizybijUi ninkes in Louden 'with 1,1.. Pliijlp' Mountbaltcn Ilirir iK'tlirothal. (NEA . Radiq-Telepliolo.) came especially to attend the wedding of her daughter, Miss Ruby Ine/, Canles, to liichard Dorse of Blytlie- vilie. Mis. J. W. Pcrllock nnd .daughter. Mrs. Crecrue Skelton', 'rjo : r.ending. l.hi. L . week in South Bent!. Mo., ns silesls of Mrs. Porllook's :r.n. Jnropli Port!o:k, and Mrs. Mrs. CSerlund Harnes, and her sjnall son of Camtlen as tholr cuests Mils week. Mrs. Ai'tlmr Drickey has her nio- ther of St. Louis as n p visitor for several days. v Mr. and Mrs. C. A 13avls and Mrs. nettye Nelle Starr were giiesLs of their sons. Clinton Davis, and Ilarlan Starr, at Mammoth/kprinijs, i where tliey are attending .Seoul. Miss Marion Maycs was hostess/ cnnirt. . . .V lasl nlsht 'to 14 members of Ihe Mr. and Mrs. Ralph \Voodruff Vpijiii;' Woman's Auxiliary of First were called to their home in Port Baptist Church and ' Uvo ojjiitr Emilh because of Die sudden ,111- Euests. Miss Irene Johnson and ness of Mr. Woodruff's inolhcr- Mjiv.Billie Jane Roducrs. . .)' Mr. and Mrs. Fulix> Steve.iisoi) i'e- "Miss Catherine Powell guvuv lire turned Muhd.ny.jrr.oin diolr«- in' devotional and tlie' program' was TJcwIlt," .vhcre they silent 1 kevoraI of honor and her sister, Ann. Mrs. J. E. Slcvenson assisted Mrs. Illndinan in {'ijlerlii'.niji^. ' '• • # Miss Maycs IIoslcss To .'Baptist Auxiliary MYF Meet Held At Church Here For 75 Youths The Methodist Youth Fellowship group of Osccola was presented u banner for general excellence last night at .the Mississippi county Sub-District MYF meeting here at Lake Slreel Methodist Church. At- Joe K. Biiriietl, son of Mrs. L. M. Burnett. 1010 West Hearn, was pictured in the July edition of the Cotlon Bell News, a company publication. Mr. niirnett formerly lived in Blytheville ami was graduated j tendance record from Blylheville High School. He " """ ' [s now employed with the.Coltoii licit Railroad's Kansas City, Mo., office as' chief clerk.' Mr. and Mrsi W. O. Reeyes and -sou. Wade jr., spent the w.eek^encl In Mumboldt, Tenn.. with relatives. Miss Dorothy Ann Hnrtzpg of Clayton. Aia., is the pC her biplher, L. S. Hartzog, Mri. IInrt7Xi[; mid son. Tormny, and of other relatives in Sikeston, Mo..Slio jikxns to remain fov a week. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Dodd are. In Joticsboro today visiting friends iiiui former classmates nt Arkansas tending the session at '.vhich Jerl Wiseman of Osceola, -Sub-District, president, was In charge, were Vfi county youths. Osccola members presented their banner to members of Wilson MVP, because of their outstanding at- since their recent organlzalion. The next meeting will be held in Wilson the second Mon- ilaj- in September. Games wsre played nnd refreshments of sandwiches, cookies and iced drinks were served. Miss George Aim Stilwcll was in charge of the games and Miss Claire Douglass led group singing, assisted 'by Miss Lois King. Coming Events ; • • . 4 TUESDAY Business Women's Circle Eighl of f'irsl HuulLst Church meeting nt the home of Mrs. W. M. Williams. Mrs, Charles Lungston will entcr- Inin Club -Eight. Tl'.URBllAY Mr.s. Don Halcv will entertain the Jolly Eight Club. The Pathfinders Class of [''irst Molluidist Church will have a cove-red uish supper at the church; 7::.'J o'clock. FRIDAY '• Mrs. R. A. Copcland hostess lo CUC Clilb. Stemac Son Named The name 'Wl-'lia-.n Paul has bc'ii Biven -to Hie son horn to Mr. and Mrs. William fiteirt'jc of iHly- ll:evilc ,)5st Wednesday at St. Brr- now liii'-d's 'Ilospital in Joiijsboro. Mrs. Slcmie is the fornipr Mi?.s Anna Crorbv. daughter of Mr. and Mrs C. J. Crosby of Jonesboro. Bakinq Powder Concern Plans Plant in Arkansas NORTH LITTLE RQCK. Ark.. July 15. (UP) — A new industry for Greater Little Rock was assure:! today after the Norlh Little IDrk City Council agreed last night to the sale or r. tr.n-acrc factory siie (o the Jacques Manufacturing Company of chleai'o. Ths'Firm manu- faclines K-c baking powder. The companv i.-rced to pa-; 515.000 for the land and to begin cjii- struction within six months ,\ft.'r delivery of a clear title to the pro-' pcrty. The plant will employ .somri 15 workers, all but key 'cxccuti.TE to be recruited from the local la ' bor market. the world and w;:i'ryiii<( accut Ueding them. Dint's ti-.eir' i ess Their attitude innv'iuli me cf this Irue st^ry: -Diiring ilie last de- gression, a i]v:vidLn aunt, who was helping lo support her sister's chiklren told 'Ac .sister siie didn't liivc any business bavins nicre children. iBut to tho nyiidesi aunt's great disgust, babies kor»l yn arriving. •flic family get tlncu-.'h i'-'J '!"- pression ye^r.s somcv.ow. ( Tiio youngsters iriinagod !:> ;;ot cnc.lH;!! to i-at ai:d .slay in sc.-V.c;:V And f .'.TI>'.;; a IT- happy vvilh p. family 'jf \\hieh th'..y are l.dOIC VEKSUS 1IOPI5 Logically, l>» inidftn mint v:as light. B'.U :I::B 'A ?.-; \vron" ss tilings 'workrcl out. And it. m.iy v.'cll 'oe ti'iiat, t:in slcry wil' cn.'l (he sjir.-? for millions of 'l-:nili<:.s in the "hungiy countries" who have no mention a', lollcwin;; Mrs. ganger's advice. Perilous ohi'.dien l:ejnrt iic.rii now will '.K |i!:e rsward •:' ; .t IIMCI.! ths "-hungrv yours" ivr.rth Ilieir vnrcn^s' enduring. l.egicnnaires to Meet J C.ison P^st 2-1 of the Amer- Ij::-sloti will meet 'tonight at the Lejjicn Hut. Personalized days- next day, Mrs. Jack Uzzelle and | w j(j. Mrs: Charles Lawrence-will be iios- S j s t c d tesses^at a luncheon at the Tennes- M 0 ye: sea Club in Memphis Mrs. W. C. .Bruce and daurjh'.e; Mrs; Orpet will entertain with., a on foreign missionary work in Chlhil. Miss Neila.Simpson, Miss Joyce. .Rhodes and Miss Mnxlne'... . Ovcniisui partieipaled on the pro- j Ai'SSIOnary... fncct Held granij '.The, group WHS dismissed OSCJJOI.A, July 15.—The "Power ;".The, group was 'prayer and Ihe hostess, as; by her mother, Mra. John >, served .refreshment. luncheon on Saturday and Sunday night, here will be rehearsal • ty at the bride-elect's home. piv- Circie Meetings Held For Missionary Members Merfjbeis of the Woman's' Missionary Society of First Baptist Ciuruh began the studj of a new a n k ' Thus it is Written" by K. C. Goerner yesterday afternoon nt circle r meetings. Mrs Wctth D Holder wis hos- iers', to 16 members of Circle One. for jrhlch Mre. M..C.' Outlaw. Marion WiVliarris and Miss Cordelia iWilhite led prajere Mrs. Kendall Berry taught the lesson Circle *Uwo mel with) Mrs R E. VariHccser, for which Mrs. C. M gaye ' : the "opening pnayer and Mrs. Theodore :Logan, the le.;son.^-Mrs. Dixie -Morris gave Ihe closirig prayer. When Mrs. C. W. Afflick was hcstess -to six .members of Circle Three; Mrs. D. B. .Bledsoc and Mrs. 1 £. L!'.Ha;'e led prayers and Mrs; pledsoe" tmgiiL Uie lesson. .Circle 'Four, with eight mem- hers .attending, met ?t the church. Praters were .given b'v ,Mrs, R. W. Woolen, Mis. R. G. Cash and Mrs. FTbb' Carscn, "Mrs Waller Bishop £3Ve the' lesson. .Mrs*. Lloyd .Stickmon was hos te=s. f.g .12, members of Circle-Five, for -whHf Misi Dollj Hielt and Mrs.'.S. M. Hood led prayers. Mrs. Rov .Wiid taught the lesson. Circle ,Six rnet with Mrs. E. B. Woodson. The .10 members attending were led In prayer Mrs. jl -p.'Barnes ami Mrs. Ray- nKtid:MsxwelK Mrs. Harry Brooks taught file lesson. .Refreshments were served each meeting Club Is Entertained By Whitworlh Sisters Misses Pandorin and Eutupia. Whitworth were hoslcsses last night with a party [or fellow members of a bunco club. Mrs. Margaret Crawford won bunco and high mid Miss Elizabeth Mm 1 tin received low." Bouquets ol zinnias and verbenas, and other Summer flowers decoraled enlertaining rooms. The' hostesses served coconut ice- cream and coconut mucnrccuis. Miss Martha Slewaii of Jonesburo Y Will Sponsor Picnics if or -Children This Week •Elylhi'vllk- Y picnics nils wee children. Mi.%". arrived yesterday lo spend a-few j playground director, said today. days with licr parents, thc Rev. and ' Both picnics W M1 be held nt'Wnl- will- sponsor • t>yt : for grade' sctuoj Barbara Culiiswi. Mrs. Allen D. Stewait. The Rev. nnd Mrs. W. F. Coolcy mid children, David and Carol, of | Harrison, arc visiting their parents, | Mr. of Prayer" was the program topic iMl . nml Mrs r E Coolcy an(1 Mr yesterday afternoon at the Woman's \ „„,', Mrs M ;' T ' Mool fol . \ Q a ' Wrt'chi.""! 1 "' 1 K i Mr - nnd Mvs - Lcwcy Caniway re "»' 'r^',""; 1 , 1 .:.., ! turned yesterday to their home in Mr.s. C. M. Horton was the leader r S~IITV Mo.n-s ..nvr.' ,,.„! Washington, :D. C., niter a visit of devoiional. p;n C ,cipS K \v i c,e M,!s I U ™ W '° ks hcrc wlth llle1 '' ' rarellts ' nnd Frank William and Mrs. J. S. llu of cookies with served. y. and cold drink:; were! Calvary Church Women Havs Circle Meetings Circle One of the Women's Missionary Union of Calvary Baptist Church met yesterday afternoon at the home of Mrs. S. D. McGee for Bible study. Mrs. Raymond - Beikn.ip opened the business session with prayer ami Ihe group rend and discussed the fit til chapter of Acts for Bible study. Mrs. Roy Smith dismissed tlie group with prayer and a social hour follo\vcd. Refreshments were served. Circle Two met with Mis. B. C. Oermnny as hostess Mrs. J. • \v. 'omlinson gave the opening prayer \ntl Mrs. Mattle' Wibon. the clos- ng prayer. Topic for the program was "The Fields are White nnd Lajors arc Vrw." Those particlpatinc were Mrs At The Hospitals BLYTHEVILLE HOSPITAL Admitted: Mrs. Alfred uourcll, Slcclc. Mo. Mrs. Amos Randolph, Hayli. Mo. Mrs. Hubert Mitchell, city. Mrs. Pleas Rninbo, .city. Bethel Lndford, sicele. Bill jollifr, Manila. Dismissed: Mrs. Fiankie Ashcratt, Coolcv, i Mo. Kmuona Canlii, Dell. Sterling Conley, city. WALLS HOSPITAL Dismissed: Lincoln Kcnney, city. Mrs N. M- Moore, city. ST. JOSEPH HOSPITAL. Memphis Dismissed L Mrs. Julius Ralph, Joiner. For Electric Work : Call 2397 POB'S (Electric Shop Wiring • Hou*« Wiring • Motor Repairs ,• AJpfe** Installation 500 N. :Eif th St. Ark. Enlists in Army nfis enUs'mcrt of L.. A. Mann, sr:n of ;Wili:.-.;n Mann of I.uxova, ill tiic Hci;illar Aimy, vl'i au- i-C'Un?cd Uxlay bv S-Sgt. Don Seal cf the BlylhovillL* Army Kt'ciuit- inj! S.'rvici'. M;uu\ is en roul? to For', Sam Houston, Tex., lor processing nud oisienm'ciit. He is a praduatc «l Lnxorn High School. ker Park from 8:30 to trnO l.m. Children in Ihe first Ihroii"-! third grades are invited lo- attend on Wetinesciay and those in 111-; fourth through sixth grades nVe to cam'.' on Thursflay. Eacli person will brhift hif: own lunch and drinks will be scrveti. (lames will v,e supervised Mr. and Mrs. W. M. daughter, Diane, who accompanied them here, .remained for a longer visit with licr grandparents. Mrs. W. VV. Ncbel and son, Ken. are spending'a -week in Cape Gi-, Mo., as gxiests of tier uav- cnls. Mr. and Mrs. R. F. DeUc. Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Skllllon of Los Anuelcs. who have been tlie guests of his mother, Mrs. Allie Hughes, and-his sister. Mrs. W. M LaFcrney, and Mr. LaFerney, have- loft for points in Illinois where they will visit relatives of Mrs. Skillion before returning to their California home. Mis. Betty Phillips '-'.id son, Mike, have returned licin'e from Meridian. Miss., where they were! I'.nfsts of friends. Mrs. Edith Stephen lias gon,^ to IndiiiiMpolls Ind., to six-mi 10 d-.iis with relatives. Birthday Party Given For Shirley Shoemaker OSCEOLA. July 15. — Shirley Shoeinaker celebrated her lltii I birthday yesterday and in obser- j vance of- the occasion, her mother. ] Mrs. H. C. Shoeinaker, entertained 1G of her youiifs friends with n picnic at Grider Park. v Refreshments of cake, hoi tlntjs and cold dritiks with olhcr picnic foods were served. Mrs, Shoemaker was assisted in serving by Mir. R. P. Turner. Mrs. Williams Accepts Position With F. B. I. Mrs. James Willmmr, of Memphis, Ihn former Miss Msixinc Crook of Blylheville and OaiiRhler of Mrs. J. E. Crook, has accepted a position with tlie Federal Bureau of Investigation. She left loday for El Paso. Texas, to assume her duties, rs. Williams hits spent Ihe past two weeks mother. here of her Daughter is Named The daughter born to Mr. and Mrs. C. C-, L.ingston of Din Lyndal St., Memphis, last Wednesday ha;; Uccn named Mary Ellen. j;»; Mr. Langston formerly made •"•» ] >•! home in Bly'heville. ' '**- Girl Killed by Bullet Fired Accidentally SALEM. Ark.. July 15. (UP) — Funeral services are ueinr; planned WITH NAME and ApDRESS— PrinlM .«i Blue 100 SHEETS sh«, sin 50 EN VS. iWiKlv* in. Rtijulac piic« ot IMi bo. ol llni 5u«llty Hippie Flnlsh.o Bond pap«r u S>.?b, Ihl4 ode; 11 good only Vnlil Auq 11 Jult writs your name and addteii cltdrly on picc« o> papal snd mall «ilh your cheek or Money Order 1X1.SO. no mpr«J lo u». WE KAY POSIAGt. Ordin tiluo ta me dj, .tceived PEPPER STATIONERY CO. 63 COURT. Near Front MEMPHIS. TENN Guaranteed Watch Repair Expert Workmanship Exports keep your watch'ninniiiff accurately •)lhly - . . yi)in- .sali.s fact ion f,niavante(.'(l! Fltzpafrick Jewelry Store . II fakes only '.', miiuilcs (o open an account Wednesday Morning Only All Styles Left on Rack SPORT OXFORDS-DRESS SLIPPERS Ladies White Lazy Bone Oxfords $1.00 All Soles Final W A / * * ''^ ° v • \ViHinr IE "s » T - ••••<"> I «,- All Sales Cash avingsforYou SANDAL Men's, Women's.& Children's Broken Lots—Values to $3.39 $1.95 CHILDREN'S SHOES Women's—Broken Lots Values to $1.95 49c-68c-$100 White Brown Black Broken Lots Values to 5.50 $1.95 WOMEN'S SHOES Pumps Slings Ties Black Brown White Broken Lots, Values to $7;95 $1-1.95 FAMILY SHOE STORE Rumps Slings Tics I .Shadv Grove loclav for Lucille P. chwanke, 12-year-okl dauqhl.or of A. Scluv:inke. who was kll|»rl esterday wlien struck by a .22 caller bnllch firctl ancidcMtty liy her rolher. The family only racnlly loved to Shady Grove from Iowa". Notice to the Public: I linve moved niy nffito \c- Kothroek .Drusstorc It D.r. C. E. Wilson V ContiniHiiia Shows Kvcry Day .Box'Office Opens 1:45 Sliow Sliirts 2:00 LISTEN' TO KLCN 8:00 a.m. 12:45 p.m 4:30 Tuesday ami Wednesday Selecteil Short SulijeeLs ' Continuous Sliou'iini; Kveryilay Box Office Opens at 7:03 Show Starts 7:15 p.m. Opens SunlTay 1:98; Slarts 1:1,1 ^uhlinuous Shows Sal. and '.Siin. Bargain Night Kvcry NlgM Kxcep' S;itunlay No passes honored on Smulay i> Hie Knxy Tuesday and Wednesday DOUBLE FEATURE

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