The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 14, 1940 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 14, 1940
Page 3
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THURSDAY, NOVEMBT3K 14, }9<iO BLYTTTEVTLLTC (ARK.) COURIER NEWS None Called From County Boards; Questionnaires Go Inlo Mails Mississippi County's first quota tor military service will not be due until sometime after Nov 25 it was announced, at Little Rock Wednesday. ., County draft quotas for Arkan- .sas the flrsi call Nov. 22 and two subsequent calls on Nov. 23 and Nov. 25 included 155 to bo fiUed by .volunteers if possible will) quotas .•ranging from two to eight from ';-l6 of the .state's 94 local boards :i>ui boards here were,not included. It was pointed out . that- local boards furnishing volunteer draftees would receive, credit for them Against, subsequent, draft calls. A list or registrants of Mississippi County will be published in the '.Courier News ,:i\s they are sent questionnaires. Draft Board C, which includes, •all of South Mississippi County >xr-ept the Little River township. had already, sent 100 forms out prior io -yesterday when Draft Boards A and B began their work. These questionnaires are to be .mailed back to the draft board from which they were sent within jfive days time of receiving. Any citizen or any member of an | advisory board made up of Bruce Ivy and J. T. Coston of Osceola and G. E. Keck may assist any regis- Itranc who feels he is not "capable I of answering- the questions correct- 'y. All forms must be rilled in ink. Included in the list published [each day will be the order number and name. The order in which j'chey are called for classification is the order number'listed below. Board A 1, Russell Warner Gaskins; 2, Albert Earl McMurray; 3, Charlie Powers n; 4, Albert Joe Richardson n; 5. Shelby Jones; 6, John William Sharp; 7, Elbert McDonald ,;Bryeans; 8, Horace Taylor n; 9, Hurmon Strickland n; io. Alton' Brooks Jaggers; 17, "Luther William Craig; 12, Z. T. Zaricor. 13, Willie. James Eddings n; H. Dee Lee Brown n: 15, Jessie Bedford n; 16, Cecil Buford Howard; 17, Johnnie Fountain n; 18. James Owen Conner; 19, Andrew Jack|son n; 20, Clyde Edwin Johnson; 121, Albert Francis Ward; 22, Nor[man Williams n; 23, James Powell; 24, Joe Ashley n. 25, Richard Marion Haynes; 26. I Calvin George Hraringcon; "27, Warner Owens n; 28. Walter Hugh I Smith; 29, Daniel Alex Matthews n- 30, Clarence B.CoIboth; 31, James Lee Brooks; 32, Andrew Jess Hor- ner: 33, Rubin,- Fenui Joiuv;; 34. George Gilbert; 35. David Haekell Powell;,30, William Esley Morgan. 37, Henry Howard wllcoekson; 38. Henry Brooks, n; 39. James-Arthur Flowers n; 40, Jack Johnson Allen n; 41, Henry H. Hatchel; 42, Herbert Lee porter Kirmin- month; 43, Jack O'Keefe; 44, Louis Esuis n; 45, Walter Malone n; 46, James Julius McGhee; i7. Roy Davis n; 48. Elbert Conroad Wimpee. Board II } f Eugene Yinson; 2, Frank Fields; 3. Iloe Andrew Jackson; 4, Rudolph Frank Schoolfield; 5. Pafford White; G. Earnest Edmund Reynolds; 7, Leavolui Barchvell n; 8, David Columbus Flowers; 9, Almus Elwood Rust; 10, William Ralph Div>gs; 11. Robert Dundy E'oerdt; 12, Myrtle Milani. 13, Ellis Ollie; 14, Fletcher Fay Seymour; 15. George Leaburn Lawhorn; 16, Will Walker n; 17, Dean B. Moore; 13, Herman George; 19, Dave Edgar Green; 20, William Ray Lawrence; 21, Goah Lee Liggett; 22. Boyd Dem arc us Blair; 23. Reader Carman Tucker; 24, Louie \Valier Lawson. 25, Willard" Lewis Tucker; 20 Clifford Hamilton Hutchison; 27 Troy Dempsey Griddle; 28. Jesse Marion Clayton; 29. Floyd James Melton; 30. Rosco William Stepp; 31. Jimmie Bcown n; 32, Morgan G. Lynn; 33, Roy Wheeler; 34. Alvtn Newton Jones; 35, Henry Carl Wright; 36, Andrew Jackson Ward. 37, Roy Earnest Carrol; 38. James lifford Matthews n; 39. Paul Williams; 40. Charles W. Stromire; 41. Alton Jackson; 42. John Edward Evans; 43. William Eugene Clark; 44, David Lee Williams n; 45 Clifford Motrose Hamilton; 46 Marion Orville Green; 47. Johnie William Childress; 48, Otis White n. Board C 1, James i Phillips Deer; 2. Lee West Master n; 3, Curtis Clyde Chandler; 4. George Clayton Wheeler n; 5. William Ed Ward Norton; 6,. Russel William Slaton; -1, William Clarence Westbrook; 8, William King n; 9, James Walton n; 10, Albert B. Nickerson n; 11, Monroe Brooks n; 12, Jettu Creston Reese. 13, Henry Perkins; 14, Lonnie Caradine n; 15, Eddie CarUvrighfe' n; 16, Bennie Wells n; 17, Robert d. Dluinau; 16, Etoy Mitchell n; 19,"William 'Franklin Moss Jr.; 20. James Will Fkmngah; 21, Joe Edd Wilson Treatenburg; 22, Frank Dabner McVey; 23, Andrew Taylor Jr. n; 24, Everett Hale Burns. 25, Earl Herbert Young; 26. John Taft Williams; 27, Robert Leo Crews; 28. Orsle Buchanan n; 29, Jefferson Bsteli n; 30. William Gibbs n; 31, Fred Williams n; 32. Anderson John Counts; 33, Echard D. C. By'rd; 34. O.see William Nun- j ,nally; 35. Jarne.s Ajbert Pierce; 3(j. Edmond Brown n. 37, Charles Hiram Lambert; 38, Hartle Alvie Hughes; 30, James Arthur Freeman; 40, Otha James 'Burnett; 41, Frank Wilson n; 42, William Henry Shelton; 43, Fred Dec Perkins; 44. Perry Lawrence Medley; 46, Thomas Ra'ymon Forl- ner; 46, Edward Campbell n; 47 Waller Reeves n; 48, James Robert Wallev. To Present Vesper Services Nov. 24 At Church Here A vesper .service of Thanksgiving will be presented by the Vesper choir of the city high school at the First Presbyterian church Sunday evening, Nov. 24, as the lirsi oi' a .series of programs featuring the various choral groups of the high .school. Miss Nannie Clarke Smith, director of the groups, has also announced a program for ihe Lions' club, Tuesday. Nov. 2t5. and a program at the school on Wednesday. Nov. 27. Seventy five .students nuike up the membership of the four organizations—the boys' glee club, girls' glee club, mixed chorus and vesper choir. This is an increase of 25 students over last year at which time the choral work was first be- Highest hpnor which oau come (o a student is being .selected us a member of the vesper choir. At some time during the your, each member of the other groups will be invited to appear as u guest with this choir of : ; ,0 selected voices, if his voice and work merit advancement, Miss Smiih .stated that, they may become permanent members of the choir. Bill Morse is leader and Betty Jean Hill, assistant leader of the choir. Maroon and white robes secured last year add to the effectiveness of the: programs presented by these choruses. Karl B. Snider is" to be accompanist for the program at (.he church. His tffi arm wns midum! at, the \ while playing football with the neighborhood boys. Placed in n, he \vns nbSn io resume his school work almost im- mediiUely, lie !s the .son of Mr, and Mrs W. L. Harner. 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