The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 5, 1937 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 5, 1937
Page 7
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WEDNESDAY, MAY 5, 1937 Lindy Inspects Ultra Modem -Dream Plane" \ S&fXfttSZSSS&yss&tt'v.xt'K'fnK Kcwt-xwa-w.' >»>v-'t^ywj»^iW&R^sfr^ l ^.yi!J$ffJt3^ Stt8 ^ySSSSS^vftyCJiW? MirJKK^HJWHTHWSJS^^ NEWS wlbwli's New Craft II-'-. L> I lie Resemblance lo S;:irit of Sf. .Louis P.y NKA Sen-ice Airplane styles have changed for Chaite A. Lindbergh since, mi Ihe niuriiini! of May 20. 1927, l>i> snt in llic "blind" cabin of the Spirit of St. Louis and opened Ihe throttle for the takeoff toward Paris and fame. Steel nerves -and faultless dead reckoning that muniiny. Enclosed r.v the eiibin. his forward vision clown the runway was zero, and once In the air, he could get a clear view ahead only by swerving tile Diane and looking out the tide window, . j, • .Such inconveniences arc miss- I'.il! on tlie new Miles-Mohawk lew-wing monoplane which Lindbergh Is piloting tins year on the lCih_ anniversary or -his trans- Ailantie flight. Built in England with English materials except for the motor and roini! of the instruments, tlie new plane Is wholly I.lndbcrch's own. idea of modem (lying mechanism, even to its orange and hlriek ^ coveting, designed (o make | When Chai'les A. Lindbergh made his New York-Paris flight. 10 years ago, his fame was shared by the it visible In bright or dull wealh- stm . dy smpr SpMl of st . Lo uis. shown in lower photo. Since then, the Spirit of St. Louis has become- ' PAGE SEVENS 1 Alumiiarm Suit Halted by Judge Cylinders lielow The engine Is a 415-pound, supercharged, 2CO-U o rs e p o w e r, n museum piece, replaced as Lindbergh's- private ship by the ultra-modern "Flying Caravan," shown in tciJ photo. Lindbergh stands, fit left, in front cf ins new plane on a recent trip. American-matte Menasco. It has equipment on Lindbergh's sleel sis; cylinders in line, providing a ,, ew plane. The instrument board top speed of 200 mites tin hour of the Spirit of St. Louts had onlj with a gros> weight of 2700 oil fiaiise, air speedometer, dial i.omi.K It is cooled by air and showing propeller revolutions, turn the cylinders, instead of being on' and bank indicator, rate of climb* top. are on Hie bottom of the en- | meter, altimeter, fuel gauge, oil F D K ( ( UK nht)« Louisiana Tits Bine, permitting wide visibility- for Ihs pilot. In the Spirit of St. Louis, tbe thermometer, and clock. Whereas Lindbergh had to take mrch of the blast of heat and engine was the air-cooled rotary j ncisc from the motor in the Spirit ^ or whirlwind" type. with 200 of S'. Louis, he may cruise In ^ Horsepower providing- a maximum comfort In his new ' plane, in $ 'peed of 135 miles an hour. Proof of its stimliness was the fact that it carried a 5200-pound load off Ihe ground and maintained an average s , )m | or IC g mncs an nol]r for (he M50 miles of the Paris flight. Lindbergh's new plane, dubbed Hi; "Flying Caravan" in England carries in its wings enough gas for a inoo-milc nonstop cruise Us highly streamlined landin" wheels are not retractable, but may be replaced quickly with seaplane floats for cross-water travel. The 423-gnllor. gas load of the Spirit, of St. Louis which noise and exhaust arc pip ed off below the cockpit. The Lindberghs have put many miies on the "Flying Caravan since it was delivered in 1930. The most notable trip took them on a long flying cruise through [he Mediterranean and Par East countries, early in 1937. In spite of its refinements, its reputation for being the most completely equipped job ever turn ed out by it's riiakers, and its over (he the "Flyln Caravan" as yet has not been tcc!i!iica! superiority Si-int of St. Louis, was carried ] called on to do the mighty tasl thati "We" so successfully .com plctecl 10 years ago. below the wings directly .in front of tlie pilot and instrument board. When Lindbergh landed in Paris, -he-had- enough gas left for aii- olher 5(!0 mites of flying. The landing assembly was . equipped with standard disc wheels. Kcaily for "Camping". Most striking to tlie layman Inspecting the new plane is its seating plan. Within transparent removable rcof. and sides, the two tandem seats are so'infringed that! far a moonlight Ihey can lie made Only About. 400 F.xpeclcd al Jackson, Miss., on June 9, 10, II mul 12 .lACKS'ON. Miss, <UP>—United ,°l:Ur.s Miirlnr.s, state adminlstra- livc oMk'tTs, and social leaders will combine to entertain the few .sur- ->u« o! the Uniud C'onfedHalc 'cierniw who will bivouac, in nek.-.™ on Jt'iie 9. 10. II, and 12. .- v l]proyjiuatrly .10:1 of the nearly l.d> who Mill live an; cxp.Tti'it :' attend tills reunion. Preparations an 1 b;hij! tniule to r< <iu- antl ciiferlain the a f ;ed men who once, were Dixie's Mal- HljhKTs. -r minions Invj been nrll- lint tlmso in charue of ar- nenls insist thai, the forth c( rnin;; evi-nt wiil be even more illsilnctlvc in pageantry uiui ills- "' V-- ni jjirnsoii lust -H> veur: :i!;o Unit tlie gray-tuilforni'-r' iii;hlers for a cause they thought assembled for the first Him 1 'ihcv nicked Ilin canUnl of Missis fijipl lur the initial reunion— bc- ttiis was tlio state wtiich been tin- home ol the Confederacy's tinly president, Jclfer.son Dtivis. •» s,."i|.;> or n»o"i' of >' .si!!»!'s H13 Hvinv vi'l'TUiis will al- lend. .slide otficiaL'5 have announced. The stale ofTidally Invited tho vf-trnuis to hold the reunion hcie the U'.Mslatnre appropriating $f).QGC In help defray exncnsfs. Tin 'Itvls munty hoard of simer- \l t -0'-'-, also nnpronriatod Sl.OCIfl Additimntl funds are belny raised,,1, ncu mi fll . s"l)scrh)tion. Officials of thn U. R. V. "-ill I)- iu'ir^d in Ihe apnroprintrly- ufin'ed Unbevt P. I ee hotel. Tin vnnh and file of Ihr Conlederat vr'ejiins will bnnl; in Central hii'l' chonl biitlrllni;. urross llu- slreel from tlic Robert E. '1 tie encampment will be knovvn is Camn Atkinson, eustom dt: CT-rlny tlmt the camn tin IILMIIO Her tl',-; commandfi'-in-ehief Cien. Homer Atkinxin, of Peters- Va. J. Jj. Gray heads Ihe li.'sissinpl division. neflnKc assurance has been fivcn that the United'Slates Marine L-ruut will be sent to Jackson for the reunion. Mrs. Hugh L i While, wife of the governor o' MisM-^-ippi will be official huites." for the entire South. A rt-sli ainini; ordci- granted by Federal Jnd'^c R. M. Gibson, above. i:i I'iltsburah. temporarily halted the government's anti-tiust suit against the Aluminum Company of America. Tlie order was baaed on the company's contention that it was already observing Icrms of a nmscnt decree rcsLilllng from a "parallel" suit brought in I'iltslnirish In. ion. The t;ov- cnimLTit's suit was filed in the Foullioi'ii ilk'lrict of New Yorlt. lay nlelil. dipt. Julius Olhson of ."orl Smith will be toaslmas,ter. I'rlncipal speaker will De Col. Frederick E. Wliltten of Kansas ^'hy. Mo., eommandlny officer of 'lie -308th Infantry and former iimmuidanl of the '105th Infantry to which practically all of the Arkansas reserves arc attached. Other .speakers will be Lieut. Clov. Bob Bailey, Lieut. Col. John W. Snyder of St. Louis. Mo., com- nianilei- of the UUlsl Vield Artil- leiy; Col. C. H. Mnllcr of St. -oui.s, chief, of staff of the 102nd [ Division, Mayor R. E. Overman of Little" Hock, Miiyor Ross I,. Law- in'i ot Horlli Little Rock, and probably rteprescnlalivo John Ij, itillcr of Scnrcy. , . rileellmi-of oiflccis will be the lanin business. Arkansas Reserve Officers Will Mod • For a quality lVz-2 ton truck at a surprisingly low cost by all means see a GMC. Advanced stream-style and exclusive "dual-tone" color design give every GMC an unusually distinctive appearance. Roomy, all- steel "Helmet-Top" cabs provide maximum driver comfort. Refinements and' improvements throughout assure exceptional performance, reliability and economy. Inspect a GMC 1 Vz-2 ton truck for yourself—either the conventional or cab-over-engine type. You can buy it complete with anyone of six stand| ard bodies at an extremely attractive price^ Our own V. M. A. C. Tfrao Poymonl Plan nuurci you of loweil anilaUa ruler QUALITY AT PRICES LOWER THAN AVERAGE j Steamer Capito! Coming to Caruthersville Soon Tlie Streckfus Steamer Capitol, largest steru-whe?! pleasure crnft on Hie inianti waterways, will stop at carnthcrsviltc Monday, May 10. P^V^v^ *¥?w**s- t « X. JN > •*-— " I Not completely without its political significance is President Roosevelt's fishing trip, as this of htm ciinlni; with Louisiana's young and energetic Oov. Rk-liiml Leche shows. While the president drank his demitasse he also further cemented the allegiance c,f the old Lou;; politics! faction to the New Deal. Behind the into bunks, m is the luggage com- partinent and stowage, for tent, , . collapsible, dinghy, and other aril- • wi " Ien ™ Camthersvilie at 9:fO excursion, before continuing its northward cruise to sl - Paul, scene of the stcamsr's summer, operations. The Capital "camping out" l ! - m - nt >.1 return at 12:30 a. m. '|i«|'( T 'ie trip will be sponsored by Hie cles handy for trip. With dual controls, the' plane' : American Legion PemisDot County may be piloted by either passen- i Post No. 83. . with almost perfect visibility I Tlls h'S pleasure boat, command -sd by tlie veteran skippjr, Cajit noy Stre;kfus. is carrying n fa in all directions. ^" le;s comfortable was the " u > r £H'C--'K*US, is carrying u ta cabin of the Spirit of St tails "ions Southern dance " band Hi Besides affording limited vision ""' ~" H was ci-amned and hot. pilot's f:ct were edged under a .••eclirn of the gas tank. Space for packing food as below the seat j Back of the pilot was a rack- 1 for flashlight, notebook, etc. Uack i of that, in the steel tube rusela«e ' was .space for a life preserver raft and an earth' inductor compass Naturally, to lighten the lo:u!, all the available space was not used on the Paris flight, Noise Piped Off Complete radio, (lyiii!» and navi- ealicn instruments are'part of the Auxiliary President HOT SPRINGS, Ark. Mrs. D. W. Hahn. Fort Wayne, Neb, natixwl president of t're Amsrican addresses at Hot Springs an:l Little . Rc ~ k - VlSlt to Arkansas! Last "i? 1 ' 1 s l'^ spoke at. a clln- [ ner (eiKlerccl her by the Hot binhius post an:J Auxiliary, 'rotiiiy fhe will address Hie L.'«irm unit Auxiliary rehabilitation confercnc? nt Lilt ij Roc!; Auxiliary, arrived T,uc;:lny in Arkansas for a two-clay visit and LITTLE ROCK.—Nearly 200 re- i-rve officers 'will atlciKl .the .annual convention of the 'Depart- mcnl of Arkansas. .Reserve Offi- . cers' Assoclnlion of the United Slater, at tho Hotel Marlon Sat. m-'iay and Sunday. Reeislration will open at 0 a, m. , Saturday. The 'first business ses- : .sion wiil open at IB. Three "contact cuiiip" conferences will lie : held dui ina Hie two-day session, i conducted by col. intert H. : Hyatt, Reserve officer co-ordinator , for Arkansas, and Ma}. Benjamin , H. Ilensley, .105th Infantry in; Etrtictor. both of Little Reck. i Highlight of the convention pro- j gram will te the annual banquet 1 followed by a dance, at 7 Salur- Cotton Pickers,'' popular fa The vor itRs with river devotees all tlr •ay from New Orleans to si. K<-u<l c<mrit:i :;<;«; WEL^iHO HAl'I'V LANDING •SAN FRANCISCO.— i( a rbara Kinncy, seven, fell l\vo stories from a window of her home nn;l jumper; up with only a bruised leg.' She !:iiul(!il smiarely In a wasbtub nlled wltb clothes. *for Sales Hlylliovillc, Ark. GENERAL MOTORS TRUCKS fc-TRAILERS GET READY NOW FOR SUMMER /17so Free Premiums Worth Ic Per Gallon Super 72 Hi-Test 100'-' Anti-Knock All Tax Paid Kerosene in 30 gal. lots White Gas in 30 gal. lots 24-Hour Service UP! SPRUCE UPS maVci H iYou will find [WINDSOR a w liisk"cy'\vitli two big advantages , . , real straifffi(-\\l\\skcy flavor and exceptional tnHdnesf, Many men take it neat; others in tall, cool drinks; most drinkers enjoy it both ways.. 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