The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 30, 1933 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 30, 1933
Page 5
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SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 80. 1933_ BLVgiEVILLE,. (ARK.) COUHIER NEW8_ PAGE MV1. SECTION- CLASSIFIED UWERT1SING INFORMATION Dally rate per line ror consecutive Insertions: (Five average words to » Un One time per line Two times per line per day Ofle Thrpe times per line per day 06o Six times per line f»r d»y .. Die Mouth rate per line We Minimum charg« 60c ,\ds ordered (or ihtee or fix limes i">il slopped before expiration will b« charged lor the uuin- iKr o( times the »d appeared and adjustment o! bill made. All ClasslGca Advertising copy •ubmilted by persons residing outside ot the city must be, accompanied b'y cash. Rates may be compulcd Iiom above table Auto Gla&s All Kinds Installed lie Ark-Mo Lumber Co. 10cklO-10 Day & Niyht Service Station Coiii[)lete Line Shell Products Repair Work at Any Time rhone COS Milton Sterjibcrg. 13c klO-li Call 208—Kelt's Flace—118 E. Mali For Auto rainlUif llody and Fender Service roruierly with Shuuse-Little Co. 20c klO-2 No responsibility will be taken lor niore than one Incorrect tool any classified ad. Advertising ordered 101 Uie lav iiis/u-tions take, the- one time rate. Phone 306 or 307. JUIILDING MATERIAL WANTED Drink the best for (he sarue pricr, I Spying On Husband | nml hit him over tl'.e head." Ended in Pair's Arrest : c ""i» k «P |! ""« I lo Mi's. HII1MVKISEU betr. kinj of bottled SOcklO-M Heads Defense at Leipsig Trial WAl,L PAPKR Single room lots $1.00 '.'.000 rolls old patterns' Hi Mi MAYFLOWER line lOc to 20c E C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. 29c janvsli'il both. BlUlXlKt'OltT, Conn. lUI'l—Nol satisfied that her husband's conduct was all II should be, Mrs.' Anna Chcrpak, 40. secictei! lierselt In tlw tonnenu of his ear and prepared to witch. John Cherpak, tin: lni3b;iiKl discovered her. Paris Shopkeepers Will Floodlight Stores PARIS lUl'j-Sliops here, Jeal- tlicm to light llsclr facades slrul-] Iiu-ly, uuil ..UK urnybeards have consentej. ny applying lor n siwclul 1KI- nilt shoiikcepers muy hnvc -siK'clul IX)5la creeled In front or llich' itores with projectors and. for Ihu privilege, Uicy will pay llu> city 900 Turkeys HAKRI8HUKO. IM. (Ul')-With lliunkeglvlnjt Day rlyhl around '.tie corner, the Pennsylvania Game Commission released 900 wild tur'» keys for hunters this fill. -. THIS CURIOUS WORLD -\ COAL & WOOD Si'B Fblier Coal Co.. ncfore you buy coal—You s«\c money. Phone 179, Railroad and Ash Sis. 2dc FOR SALE a GOOD MIuK Cows and Calves. Barn al Canning Factory. '^Spk'J Sew and Used Furniture Bought nnd Sold atoves- icinirctl—Any Alviu llaruy \V. Abh 20]) klO-20 days are here as aiu. Watcr-l'roof Tarpaulins 70 52.15; 8X10 S3.20; 3X12 0x15 $li.CO; otter sizes and weights iiuclc to order. Carney i. 113 H. 1J ' rit st ' Awnuife 18p klO-10 EXl'URT~Typcvrllin B and Addins Machine Repairing. U. S. Blaiv 110 K. Hose. The BEER wise arc drinktm; BUU- WKISER, klnf of bottled beer. 20cklO-20 FOR SALE— 193U De Luxe Plymouth, almost new. If you are thinking of buying a car, here is a real bargain. Write 'ourler News. Box 23 HEAL ESTATE !=^ Cunie in, list your real estate. See what we have to sell. K. M. Terry. Licensed Ut.iler, Tcrry-Worlliinston Title Co. lilytlicvillc ' Phone Oil WANT LAND—We have buyers for 40's, 80's and larger tracts. Can sell 650 tract. See THOMAS LAND COMPANY. Mrs. It. J. tcrcd Spencer Corsclierc J }. Davis rimae * il 20c klO-2 rtav ard Used dioji 301 K. Mam 2Gc klO-as L. G. M»S3 Bhlheville's cut rate n 10pkl-10 for Quality Cleaning Plioiic 18U Barnes NnWa Cleaners Hals Blocked Look U*c New Phcne 171 Uniijuc Cleaning Service Vru can buy a home in Blytheville on monthly installments l«s than it is renting for. I'd be glad to tell you how. E. M. 1ERRY, Agent. Phoiis 617 or 340 8c klO-8 FOR SALE 49 Acres right, at town, on hard load, nice residence electrically :ii;l.tcd. Price S15.UO acre, ternm. THOMAS IANO COMPANY ' , 30ck-4 JO ACRES 1 Mile Blytheville, good Imilding, 3-1 mile gravel road. 5:1000.00. 1-3 cash, balance on tarns. E. M^ TERRY.Terry-Worth- ington Title Co. . 25ck2 DRESSMAKING SEWING, alternations, very reasonable. Miss Louise Crane, Phone M. 22ck29 SPOUTING GOODS We arc conlimiins our G°' f Ii:l1 Sale Olfrr-Cumc in and inquire about il. llubbard Hardware Co. 12c klO-12 UAUIO SEHVICE RADIO SERVICING^ l-csl FxpiipiKd Kliop iu IlAltOI.D SUUHUItV - K/..TTEKIES w Fcrcl Batteries - -m TIKE & BATTERY STATIO.N ' I-'iir Prompt Battcr>' Service I'honc S Ken Clunc 31c kS-3 I'ETS Tnr TIcaltliy Dues feed Miller's !Ulior« fc Quick Lunch HARRIJWAKE <:O. llcklO-1 MJTOiMOIUI.ES, TRUCK! SIMOCIAi. I'HJCKS THIS WKKK ONT.Y '31 Chrvriilrt Spurt Coupe . . '30 Chrysler f.mpc .......... '3! Fnrtl Tudpr ........ ; ..... S2 '31 Fcrcl t'ounc .............. S2 '.10 ford Tudor .............. '31 Ford Tanel Truck ........ '29 Oakland Scd.m .......... 51 '31 International Truck ...... S2UU •31 Chevrolet Truck .......... S275 •30 Chevrolet '1 ruck .......... SIM Used Trailer, New 24x7 Tires . $12= Alt, L'SLO CARS CAKEFUI.I.Y RECONDITIONED IX OUR SHOP. \\E GUARANTEE I'.KTTEK V'SKI) CAR VALUES FOK RENT CUSEKF.EP1NG, fronl room, 1- week free. QU Hcarn St. 30pk5. ODERN RESIDENCE, C or more looms, {hiiinancnl, reliable— or ill exchange cheap rental Bly- nvillc property tor (jooci rcsi- t:ice. Reply to P. O. Box 231, iythcvllle. 27c k5 RICK BUILDING centrally lo- catcit in business district. Apply I. E. Thompson, I.uxora, Ark. 28pk' 3NE BEDROOM for 'rent unfurnished, reasonable. Call 51(i. I ,28pk5 -'OUR ROOM Apartment with l-Atll. Call 327, after C P. M., 55. 27p k30 Modern 3 room furnished or unfurnished apartments, newly decorated, over Kirby Drug Co. \!so slorc building adjoining Roxy Thealrc. P. Simon, 120 W. Davis. Call 7G4. FURNISHED Ecrttoom, preferably ."or man, furnace heal. 5H Main. Phonn 38. 5cklO-5 ONE or two rooms on North Railroad street, suitable for cotton offices. Will lix to suit tenant lease. Apply Courier HJRNISHEO Bedroom. Call alter i o'clock. Mrs. Ed Hardin, 101' V/Eluut. 21c klO-2 Attractive bedroom, G18 W. Main Mrs. McMullins, phone 627-w. 21cklO-2 WANTED TO RENl CmOVROU'.T CO. Open At Night Blylhcville, Arkansas 2Gc k AUT0310TIVE Galeway Gsragc Good Mechanic - Work Guaranteed 10pklO-10 Prices Right MODERN RESIDENCE. 6 or mor rooms, permanent, reliable—o «-;'! exchanse cheap rental Bl> tl'.i'villc property for good resl deuce. Reply to P. O. Box 23 BlvlheviUe. WANTED TO But GOOD SECOND HAND Chcvroli or Ford Coach or Sedan. Ad dress "S". 30ck HIGHEST PRICES paid for tire inner tubes, iron, metals, maga zincs, hides, \ cars to »Tcck. Wo Arian, 123 E. Main, Phone 176. ALL KINDS Men. Women children's used clothing Ehoes. Highest cash price. Lcigl ton's, 320 E. Main. HELP WANTED f.AKGKST STOCK IJSF.I) 1'ARTb j3i*U'cen Memphis and St. Louis Also Auto Olars ;- Phone 66 TWO LADIES capable of meeting . the public. Full or spare time •mk. Character relerence requlr JACKSON" AUTO PARTS CO. I rd. Give phone number. Address 2c kiO-^lH H, Courier. 29p '" tho sum ot 1,800 francs iv ycnr THE ' INDIAN SHAKO HONOWWtTH ous o( Purls public building "He slopped the car nnd, shoved I cause of the iitU'iitlou pnld Ihoiv. me out, bruising my mm. Thai's ! with llowlliBhtinn i\t nlghl. huve when, 1 picked up the the pumpi |:elllloncd the Nudlllvi! value can be saved by cooking iwtntocs In llicli skins THE WAR HORSe AUOW6OTO OUR BOARDING HOUSE F6ATHE8. DECORATIONS OF A UHiUNM'-.LNDS PET STOK& COST AMD I'LL StLL OUT TO YOU FOR =\o <• YOU'RE. BOTH vouNcb AND tNC-.WoETlC "*-"By JOVE ~ OUT WITA -RABBITS - \VHY, IT WONT "BE 1\UU VOO'LL'BE. •SUPPLYING ZOOS AND CIRCUSES '•) CATPD WITH f.VERY TYPE / ........ ft r~> "DOOR TO "TH CURB TOR, TO WALK ON J YOUD \ PRESENT YOUR VOU TW TOLA. OF ANlhAA,\_ f 6EETTOPS * ARE MORE VALUA8LET- AS POOD THAN THE BEET ROOTS THEMSELVES / fl kft\J If WA UAVKE, 1*< [lie ilKlit (or the ll\es ol tlio men eliarycd with billty (or tlie buriilus ut Hie I'-or- nir.ii KelelislMe la Dr. Altons Hack counsel for Ernst Torg' CURIOUSLY. It Is Ihc torumlo and not the cyclone 'llml hra Riven Kansas lhe nnmc ol cyclone stale. U has long been a com-;' mon inlslaki; to oill the small fnnnel-slui]«d tornado a 'cyclone.' Cyclones covei- H much larger nrea, so larce Hint they appear to be u Atrnlghl wind. NEXT; What mammal lays cgfi nnd carries them about In Us pocket? ler. Comniunlal leader. nliorney and a representative ol tba uoolilchl imernelional Jurists coiuuilsjlon wlilcb declared for tbp AN \rV\M- CRACKtWS Innocence of the accused men. Dr. Itndlngs 8t llie crlm lual trial In' l.eipslg. HAS THEM BUESSING! BOOTS AND HER BUDP1F.S By Cra» . y^r\.:. I CARPS tiP XOOR (JAIL CALLS HIM! WASH TUBBS /^NOO NtMER WO MW\WKf I Llt=t. TV\6RE ARE I SlEtilt. PUT 'EM OK THE TASVE \tf8RlEt^i WHWS VOUR AMO ITS f&OOT TIME, N0»l LIST6M, BABY, YOO KMOVI \'M6 BEEN SVlEtT ON YOU FOR YOU T(H-ttORN SPOKT STILX. XOUft WKHP. ^ OF HOUR FMHER To THt FK.CT THM VOUVE AS UNWELCOME A,S THE BY BLOSS1I SAM'S SIDE OF IT! ALESMAN SAM CSOMN.A'.' IT JViDCrS. tHTS ttXTH otRctis. (/Je (-piMoeo for P, TRf\cl< colTH TH' SUtT OM - TWEIJ O)E IM se\ieR.(^L. (iftcea ftW tooM ei<3- PP.R.T OF p, ouwnv iw j we. . .. citiCUS-XHeKljOMEDM l^P AW 1 U)P\UC5> Pi«JM WITH TH OOE. DIDM'T SHERIFF ' (. CftW OetiM f 1KJD OViT (<JWPiT THIS 15 THE GOODS! FHECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS^ THE MEU HEARD U?,'' UEAViMG- THE HOTEt, PRONTO. i IOOK rxwN PU&NTV OF . CONVERSATION .TUOlJGU, AUDI DlDN'r 6OYO80V/COME OV.' \S« GOTK 5ET TO A -• STATiOM.THAf WILL PUT A ^C C~SEM_ CROOWS L'ST=STOTH*,a!O— V AW YER YELLA, Gus, THE COPS'LL NE.VEB. FIND OUT TVUT WET8IEO TO STEAL THE PIMS OF THE pdWTOS\ ENGINE. -- OR.THAT TH\T DOS, AFTEP- THE. KlDa CRA33EO OUR ACT. .A . COUPLE MORE DEALS 1 \VHVTti-- 'JuRRiER E.VT DOVJN ESCAPE, FRECKLE9 ? ACK A1 THE HOTEL, MP.HUFF TPlES TO A^V CHANCE OF YOUA,*!D OL' SLICK BEATI-M

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