The Sheboygan Press from Sheboygan, Wisconsin on August 29, 1914 · Page 5
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The Sheboygan Press from Sheboygan, Wisconsin · Page 5

Sheboygan, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 29, 1914
Page 5
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yrtgoAy gaga SATUBDAY, AUGUST 29 PAGE FIVE 0 TO BE REMEMBERED Augiit 23 Dutca party. club. Dance at Tur- 'i v Turn era. irr. 2d. "Little Lost ,. opera. House. t caries alL . - - seat. 2 "The Spead- Sept dance; at Opera, bouse. r firand opening c "Thft Shenherd " ..-,., - at ODera i.ouse. Sepc 7- -"Tba Traffic, , -her T-Central Labor Union " e; EM"' HalL Sept. T. Labor day. r:r. t Friday. Sept. 14-18 - . ft ia Milwaukee. Tuesday. Sept. 8-Opening of pub- t, gcisOOli. rT to Saturday. Sept. Countr Fair, at Ply- -.1. frrr 12 "Star Spangled P"r Dance; Eagles' HalL s ctiay and Monday. Sept. 13 - 1 1. emnfied Banxer Centennial S.Oi o ration. tt-sday, Sept- 16 - Et" a: Opera house. t1,'.t. Sent. 22 "45 -H Broadway.M at Opera House. Friday. Sept. 25 "The Under Dog - f crrrrtav. Sett. 26 Lincoln. jve-sarj' baI1 at Ea&les k11- i Factors of Safety Among the factors f lacrors Wlllf;h pnm hind, tn afford unquestioned safety for every dollar deposited with the Bank of Sheboygan are-Capital and Surplus, $375,000.00 i-orty-one years of successful experience. wne policy oi management A strong "eetorate. Your patronage is invited. HMO Miss Esther Hurley and brother. John, visited at the Falls yesterday. Edgar Meves went to Fond du Lac yesterday. Ernst Sonneman who attended the fair and transacted business at Manitowoc has returned. Chile Con Carne free at the Grand Hotel Buffet tonight. Mrs. W Carlson and Mrs. G. Hui- bregtse will spend Sunday at Cedar-burg with friends, Mrs. Elizabeth Buenger and daughter, Dorothea, have returned to their j home in Fredcnia after visiting sev eral days at the nome or Kev. tu. Furer, South Thirteenth street. Watch Lindow pitch against the Lake Shore Leaguers tomorrow. The Misses Tillie and Louise Schuette of Manitowoc are spending a few days here at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Heermann, on Michigan avenue. Mrs. William Wellbcefer and daughter, Hildegard, left, for Chicago, this morning to spend a week with relatives. -"Way Down Minutes clubi j LOCAL NOTES f Kehl Cigar Co.. modem cigarists. Evtrm Wilscn. cf Sheboygan Kalis. -as in the city Thursday. L-ast Detrois, of Manitowoc, oki rTicay m tn. y-u. m A hat same is anticipated tomorrow ivti the Chairmakers ana iuiugs.. Mrs Xorsihcck went to K4waskuni Gmd Opening of Lincoln Theatre, cor. Lincoln Ave. ana 5th Street,, Saturday Aug. ZStn. Mrs. P. J. Hickey of Manitowoc, 're in tne city yescerauj. Walter Bub left yesterday for Mrs. A. O. Gutsch left yesterday x Chicago. m-e Picnic at Moose Park Sun-; Be sure to attend. 'fe Matl Herzog returned to " k me in Haven after visiting in -t cirv. Us Margareita Holbrock left yes-afternccn for Chicago to vi-v. b. fore the opening of school. Grard Opening of Lincoln '-eatre, cor. Lincoln Ave. and -A Street., Saturday Aug. 29th. Vi'ah McComb returned to heme in Brillijon affpr Hftins- the of Miss Katerine Prescott. J Mises Lillian Hes and Ly-Banwtein. are spending a few fi"s ia the city visiting friends. Radcliffe vlio spent a few 14 s i Manitowoc has returned. ar-s, rent and claims collected Tr on a percentage basis by 1 -'-eztiai Mercantile Acencv: office Huberti Snyder left this morning for Cleveland to spend the week end. Edgar Felten went to Howards throve yesterday afternoon to spend the-week end! Ask for EI Preci-so cigar. Made in three sizes. - Walter Berger and Miss Elsie Lor- feld went to Cleveland today to spend the week end. -mm im-ig and Sons will have their chance tomorrow against the Chair- makers. Paul F. Hunter has removed from 230 Superior avenue to the Charles Board home at 812 North Fifth St Hoppes Drug Store will be open all day tomorrow. Mrs. Otto Schmidt and Mrs. Seli-erber and 6on, Elmer visited at She boygan Falls yesterday. L. M. Gagle. of New Bremen. O is spending a few days in the city visiting friends. J. L. Jordan, cf Milwaukee, will spend Sunday in the city visiting with, friends. t Concert and picnic at Moose Park Sunday afternoon. A. Quasius and A. Bauerman have returned from Manitowoc where they visited at the hcaie of Mr. and Mrs. Blood ora. . Carl Roth, Arthur Acker and Raymond Kade attended a dance given by the S. S. club at Manitowoc Wednesday evening. The Moose will be glad to see you at their picnic on Sunday at Moose Park. Miss Lydia Hensel will leave tomorrow evening fcr Milwaukee where she will spend two weeks at the Wholesale House. Advertisement Authorized and SO cents to be paid by G. W. Lebermann. Vote for GfCeo. W. Lebermann Candidate for the Nomination of 9 SHERIFF on the Republiban Ticket at the Primaries September 1st, 1914 Miss Marie Balz, of Milwaukee, ie , visiting at the home of Fred Hensel. j Mrs Nuemever and daughters left yesterday fcr their home in Little Rock, Arkansas after spending the summer in the city. Hear the young ladies at the Empire the Misses Hoffman, Whyte and Bolen. Some sweet ingers. Formal Openin, . AUTUMN 1914 Peterson & Kind SHEBOYGAN invice your inspection of the latest modes in millinery at their formal opening of The Fashion September first, second and third Nineteen hundred and fourteen -3 I- av. d L, Holbrook returned to in Sjrirg: Valley after vi- at the honin of h; smi (Thar- ? NOTICE TO FARMERS . , e in xot buy any more ' J Hari-y after September 5th. Hes pect fully v , Tae Koarad Schreier Co. Al Sieblink av t v t- of Oostburg, !as-t evenins to at- at the K. of P. hall. MW8 Esther Bock naerle. lia. ; Kenan, of Rhinelan Mr Jthn Mainville, of An- -t--.l. .... u'n visiting in tnis :c'iibpI'id':son Iefl this aftemoon ah ftTm where they will Health First Happiness Follows Ever : notice that most normal, healthy persons are cheerful optimists And that dyspeptic, sickly people, a re generally pessimistic? Most indigestion is caused by improper food; and the surest way to health is to use a wholesome food such Grape - Nuts ' and Cream. Made , of wheat and barley? it supplies, in form f or easy:,,, quick digestion, the nourishment that builds normal bodies, brains and mrves. Eat right Feel right ! "There's a Reason" Frank Sell and Curtis Sell left last night for a fishing trip to Tomahawk Lake. Rev. George Engleman and family of the Mission Hcuse left this morning for Holegate, Ohio. Arthur Hensel left this morning for AppJeton after a short visit with his parents. The best of the season's offer ing, the Misses Hoffman, Whyte and Bolen at the Empire. Mrs. Waldeniar Meyer and sen, of Milwaukee, are visiting at, the home of Fred Hens:l. Mis. A. Meyer and family, of St. Louis, to their home after spending the summer in the city. It the Trolley League the stronger? Tomorrow will tell the story. Miss Aroma Klessig and Alvina Common cf Cleveland were in the cty yesterday. Harold Shadosky left this morning for Minneapolis for a visit with friends and relatives. Miss Elda Sonneman left this morning fcr Milwaukee to spend a few days with relatives. Miss Margaret Rehwaldt and Mrs. P. W. Fredrich left this morning for Chicago for a visit. E. B. Seeger and Paul Hogie left this morning fcr Chicago after visiting at the home of Mrs. J. Seeger. The State Business College will have a special enrollment on Monday, Aug. 31 and Tuesday, Sept 1. Little Lost Sister at the ! Opera House Sunday Mat. and Night. Fanning, ot bneooy-this mcrning for Ke nosha for a visit with relatives. Mrs. H. E. Allen left this morning for her home in Minneapolis after yi-viting at the home of Mrs. E. J. Eicheriberger. The five Wilbeit children of She- bovean Falls have been taken an nrnhan asylum by ent Hoehne. New feature bill at the Empire. The Misses Hoffman, Whyte and Bolen. Some sweet singers, Mrs. August Schallcw, of Milwaukee, spent the past week in the city visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. William Rix. Students Attention! Several new and attractive courses are being offsred at the State Business College this Fall. Call and see us before you decide to go f elsewhere. Our new systems of ! Shorthand and office training ivrill save you both time and PEACE WILL COME. Miss Naomi gan Falls, left Free Bible Lecture given by the 1. II. S. A. in Connection wizii t-the Photo Drama of Creation Sun- day, August 30th, 3 P. M., Eagle's Hall. Subject "The Desires of v All Nations Shall Come." Hag. 2:7. Speaker Paster C. H. Swin- v gle of Chicago, IlLAn are in- vited. Seats free. "No collection. Everybody is invited to attend the Grand Family Picnic tomorrow, Sunday afternoon at the- new city of Laibach, locate on the Lake Shore :Road, 2 blocks from the end of the Calumet car line. Good music, games, fine "Roost Bra'twacst" and lots of fun. Tickets 50c including refreshments. Come out and enjoy a pleasant afiternoon in real nature. C. Imig and Sons against, Liebl's Chairmakers tomon-ow at 2:45. Manager Winter of Dreamland announces the first of a series of features to be given during the coming dancing season, for Sunday night. It will be in the nature of a popcorn jollification. About 400 popcorn balls wrapped in paraffin tissue paper will be strung up around the hall, 40 of Which will contain cash prizes. At 1 Ml 1 a certain aance xne aancers wiu ue allowed to take one of the balls. This feature is something new for the city and Mr. Winter will arrange other features, also. Students Attention ! Several new ana attractive courses are being offsred at the State Busi ness College this Fall. Call and 921 North Eighth Street Phone 1283 L. White 4v - Jr f -f. fPmt- tj. ' .fct..-'..: 1. 5- jr t ! Mr. and Mrs. John L. ed to Berlin yesterday. Acker motor- Miss Grace Rowe, of Milwaukee, is visiting relatives in the city. Miss Agnes Lautenbach, of Ply mouth, is spending a few days with Miss Venda Wolf. William Koppers has returned to his duties at the H. C. Prange store after .enjoying his vacation. Don't fail to see the game between C. Imig and Sons and Chairmakers. The Altmeyer Baseball team will go to Howards Grove tomorrow after, noon where they will play. Miss Blanche Sonneman and E. A. Sonneman will spend Sunday at their cottage at Crystal Lake. Miss Julia Krause has resumed her duties at the H. C. Prange store after enjoying a two weeks vacation. Miss Autqnia Hessler of Milwaukee is -visiiting relatives at Sheboygan and Cedar Grove this week. The Misses Gratchen Brechtel and Grayce Kolste will leave Monday 'morning for Chicago on business. Lester Harry left for his home in Two Rivers after spending a few weeks with his grandmother, Mrs. Fred Radke. Grand Opening of Lineoln Theatre, cor. Lincoln Ave. and 15th Street,, Saturday Aug. 29th. The Misses Clara and Blanche Wilda, iMrs. Ricke and- Joseph Ricke returned to Manitowoc yesterday after a two days visit here. Political Advertisement Authorized and $4.00 to he paid by W." J. Keyes. DoesOneTerm of Faithful Public Service Deserve Another? IF SO, TEEN VOTE FOR w J Republican Ca,raccia,ie Foi rcuif Court Alfred Korthars and George Neu. men went to New York this morning on business for the H. C. Prange Com pany. see us before vou decide to - go V I 1 TT' 1.1 Hi C 1 l f nl.nnrliara Our TiPW. svct.Pms nf v loiet ssi. sure, a graauaie oi Shorthand and office training will save you both tune and money. ANNOUNCEMENT to Humane Ag- The Modern Sanitary Cleaning and Dyeing Sh&p always at your service. Phnno S29 WTiite and we will be glad to call for and deliver goods free of charge. We guarantee careful attention. We make old garments look like new. Our prices ar? very reasonable. Suits pressed, 35c; dresses pressed, 35c; skirts pressed, 25c to 35c; pants pressed, 10c; overcoats, 40c; gloves, 10c. Give Jus a trial and be convinced that we are gentlemen of our word. We Az thexwork quicker and better. the University of Wisconsin, eft yes-v.lllterday for Atr rdeen, Wash., where she wl 1 teach during the com. ing year. She was accompanied as far as Milwaukee by her mother. Bulkow Fond du and Lac r i - i The M' Tailoring Cleaning and Dyeing Shop. Phone S29 White L. S. Alpert, Prop. 1013 Michigan Ave. Mr. ar,d Mrs. J. G. family will motor to tomorrow. Mr. and Mrs. H. Moseley of Madison were visitors in the city yesterday while on an automobile tour. Mr. and Mrs. Walker O'Hill of Los Angeles are visiting friends in this city. J. B..Hays and wife and daughter, Florence, of Chicago, visited here in an automobile yesterday. j A. W. Trevitt. of Wausau, was a visitor in the city yesterday. August Meiskathen, a former well known Sheboygan business man, is visiting relatives and friends in the' city. He is accompanied by his Wife. Mr. Meisekathen formerly conducted ' . i. a. - ' . . 1 . 1 1 ' ! -i i i 'r i ' ; i ' a sadaiery store iu ujtmiu. occupied, by th? Gas company, he having constructed the building. He left Sheboygan 18 years ago for Wausau, going from there to Madison where lie is employed at the capitoI. This is his first visit here in 17 years and he was surprised to see how the city has advanced. Mr. Meisekathen's eldest ton was ordained to the priesthood in Primaries Tuesday, September 1st, 1914 We, the undersigned desire to express our thanks and appreciation of his efforts in out behalf to Clerk of the Circuit Court, W. J. Keyes for his assistance and instructions in getting our naturalization papers making us citizens of the United States, and all without any expense for his service in our behalf. Mr. Keyes kept his office open evenings for the accommodation of the laboring men and should receive their united support. Halvor Jensen, L den Boer, P. Dekker, K. Dekker, G. Dekker, Fred Roever, L. Greentein, Emil Berger and August Lange. Mrs. John Bitter, Mrs. Alfred Jung and family and Miss Melitta Quasius motored to Reedsville yesterday in the Bitter machine. DEATH OF INFANT. Margaret Messner, one-year5 old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Messner, 1621 Georgia avenue, died yes. terday afternoon of convulsions. She is survived by her parents. The Xun. oral will be held at 2 o'clock Monday afternoon Sat the residence. Burial will be made in WJ'dwood cemetery. Political Adertisement Auth orized and $1.00 paid by F. "YV Xiwmie) aim. F.W. VOTE fOR ti tint ? OF WILSON mmsmm FOR SALE OR EXCHANGE. Fine 200 acre dairy farm, with very good buildings, best soil, good location. crops, horses, lare d3iry herd aEd all other necessary enuirnieni. Price right and terms easy Will exchange for good Sheboygan property. Colupibus, O., last June and now has 'Residence and flats preferred. Write charge of a church in California. to W. J. Bichler, Belgium, Wis. ; ".; Republican Candidate for COUNTY TREASURER At the Primaries, Sept 1st i norrw money. i is a United States D epositoiry i ! -I for Posta avihisfs. s ML

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