The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 3, 1944 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 3, 1944
Page 3
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TUESDAY, OCTOBER 3, 1944. BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Supreme Court In 7 Decisions 10-Year Sentence For Marvel Slayer Upheld ,By Justices (i LITTLE HOCK, Ocl. 3 IU.P.) — The Arkansas Supreme Court, holding its first session since reconvening following a Summer recess, had "• l«ry day Monday. The justices liaiKlwl down seven decisions, :>1 wlileli six involved criminal action ,., Here, in a nutshell, is what Hit f 'H'ljti court Accomplished during the ! Upheld n Phillips Circuit Court sentence of 10 years for Hal Senile of Marvel fnr the fatal .stabfiing of his wife, Jennie Ruth, and niotlicr-in-lttw, Mrs, Ruby Davis, Dec. 17. Ulilield a Phillips Circuit Court judgment in sentencing John Ruffin. Ne»ro, to six montlis in jail for making an insulting remarn to an 18-year-old while woman. Affirmed, by a 5 lo 2 decision, a Union circuit Court order requiring that Mark B. Shannon .submit to fingerprinting before being re- lea.ved on hond on u fir.'.t degree murder charge. Shannon was charged with killing a retired railroad worker. Carl Elam. Jan. 20. Affirmed judgment of three years in the penitentiary imposed by the Greene Circuit Court on Alice Shird Massey. convicted of aiding !'. neighbor in concealing the death of an alleged illegitimate child. Reversed and remanded for new trial the Greene Circuit Court decision sentencing Roy Thompson of Paragould to one year in the penitentiary on a charge of receiving stolen properly. And upheld a Greene Circuit Court judgment in the case if Ira Houorts versus Louis Kessler awarding bill of sale on an automobile lo Kessler, Robert:; liad contended that he was forced, at the point of a gun, to execu:e a. bill of sale I and deliver possession of the car to Freci Bryson, wl:o in turn sold it to Kessler. Roberts sued to re- plevin the car. divorce Suits filed f/i Chancery Court With the next term of Chancery Court slated for Nov. 15, already 12 divorce suits and ah annulment suit nave been filed since the Sept. 20 term when 34 divorces were grnnled and one sull dismissed by Chancel- r E. L, Westbrooke Jr. Mrs. Ruth Buua I'rlde lias filed suit for divorce from Joseph 1 Pride Jr., chief petty officer of the Sea bees in foreign service for almost two years and now stallonei In the Mariana Islands. Martha Miller Ward lias filed sul 1 seeking a divorce from Hoy Pau Ward. A divorce for Lawrence Garner I sought through his mother, Bell Garner, with Alice Mae Garner a defendant In the sull. Other divorces filed were: Ray inond Jackson vs. Avis Jackson Jesse Cecil Roberson vs'. L. A. Rob erson; Ruby Natline Hodge vs. U V, Hodge; Inez Everett Braddy vs. Ski ncy H. Braddy; Frank Lester Revenue Head •/as Proposals To Be Offered Emmallne Lester; L. W. Rowen v; Katheryn Lee Rowen; Willie An White vs. Horace White; James Me Morrow vs. Myrtle Lcc McMorron Haleigh lulus Davis vs. Delia Gene va Davis. Annulment of the marriage of James Edward Coeglns and Mabel] J. Coggins is sought. Nevy York Rabbi Seeks Release Of Soldier Son LITTLE KOCK, Oct. 3 tOP) — Iii one of the mosl unusual case. 1 ! in selective service history, u Federal Judge has ordered a camp commander lo show cause why u soldier should not be released from the Army. Kederai Judge Thomas C. Trimble Salnrday Issued a writ of habeas cori.u."» against Colonel Grover C. Graham, Camp Robinson commander, on |>etlllon of liabbl Emphratm , . M. Steinberg of Ihe Ifrons, N. Y.— McLcotl says fly-by-iilght dealers j r|11 , |()1 . of lMvilk , lsido ,. c Allan Steinberg. Steinberg, .stationed at 3ainp' Robinson, hits been released loin (he armv pending hearing Ocl 20. The .selectee's release from Ini army was bused on tlie ground that LITTLE ROCK, Oct. 3 <U.l'.) — Kale Revenue (,'oininissloner Mur•ay B. Mcl.eod today said (wo iroposals will be presented lo the lext legislature by hl^; department. The two proposals i;re legislation ilesigned to curb •'fly-by-nlght' 1 secondhand car dealers and secure state revenue whirli is now impossible to colle-.'t. have invaded Ihe state In large number;, wllh the Increase in transfers of titles of used cars. The proposal would i.mend act 381) of. JQ,I1 providing for collection of Arkansas iross receipts tax .m new and automobile:, to provide thai the tux levied on used cars be paid the commissioner of revenues before n license would be l:siied instead of being collected by Hie ilealerf.. The proposal woukl apply equally to all nvjtor vehicles thai lira required to be licensed mulct 1 the laws of the state of Arkansas. The oilier proposal would require an appropriation for Installing Divorces m-reeraiited on viulous'inodern business machines in Hit charges, chief among which were the soldier WHS u slu'dcnl of (hi lie iiddctl (hat U would also re duec the amount of exlrn, help rc- li'i'd in the lievenue Dopattmen each year by at least 15 per cent Ministry, attending lhcoloijle.M cliooly ut the time of his tmliie- Um In New York City March 11. he writ says ;he draft board hunked his classification from 4-D o 1-A anil, in the words of the writ, outtli an arbitrary capricious and llogal act cnuscd him to be unliuv- ully detained and restrained of Ills Iberlles," Colimcl Ciralmm, ut the heiutni; Del. 20, nursl show cause \\liy Hie soldier .should m>t be released from he army. AccimlhiK lo the pelUlon far the will of hiiljeus corpus, sinned by Uabljt Blclulier^. tile soldier hud H'en cdiiciiU'd tn be ordaltic;! a He brew ]irles| slnro the ut;e of six. 1'he [irlvtile wns suld io have been ntti'iidliiK the Yeshlva Isuae Klrh- baiuin Thcitlciilcal Hemhiary at tho lime of his Induct!.111. Tile pi'lltlon chained Him the draft board violated provisions of the Selective .Scrvlee Act in changing Prlvule Htelnbei'c'.s lion on recommendation of the pan- el ou theological classifications, and chnrues further that the private Is being kept. In Ihc Army by "1m- irisonnicnt or restraint," B drops in cvu'lj nostril uoil; mvifily to lii'lp you In iTithi* frvi'i* H^niiL. (!mi- l-\)llo\vliiK a recent raid on lion- don. rescue workers dug out « woman from till! wreck of li'tr home. You're Not Too Old To Feel Young This Is n message lor men who have known life bnt no longer find U thrilling because of the luck of certain vitamins and hormones Tromone, u recent medical discovery combining vitamins and lior- moiu's m«v multiply the vim an' nest and enjoyment you once knew Your whole iipproaeli, your wlioli altitude toward life, may Improvi when, yon begin lo use Tromone Now It may be possible for mlddli '(1 men to ugnttt enjoy the .same spirit, vitality and pleasures thn" made thelv youth n Ihlng lo re member. Added yeavs may not wrt> (riicl from your pleasures when yoi use Tromono, the new medical for mnla combining vitamins and lior mones, Follow directions) on lube Tromone for mile by Hoblnson Dm Co. uiid drugfilsls .everywhere. lii! (omul tlmt It lias csciMJ Julr- ['•<> a' l NOTICE TO PROPERTY OV/NEki - £•"' Termites nmy be ruining your property. Cafl at jfe" check-tin without coat or obligation. •;*• <_ " «••*. KATH, MICK AND KOACU CONTKOt - , GUAKANTEJJD WORK . H. C. BLANKENSHIP I» K. Kentucky , ffciM MR L f\ I I -10 Y«« W U J 3 T l !!. d Moo th proof ing Protects CLOTHING— RUGS—FURNITUWE-* DRAPES—BLANKETS—etc. Ask for thd i ulo of rcasonoblc prices. ' SON Cleaner—Tailor— CtoMttor Wounded In Action Among those recently wounded in action, as announced publicly by the War Department, are several from this seclion. Pvl. Otto Howerton, husband of Mrs. Violet Howerton of Manila, has been wounded in the European area. I Pvl. George W. Ellis, son of Mrs. Adele Ellis of Hayti, Mo., Staff Sergt. Ward H. Pullam, son of Mrt. Maggie B. Pullam of Hayti, end Tech. Scrgt. Hoy H. Jones, son of John H. Jone.s of Caruthersvllle. Vo., were among -the wounded Mteourians announced. indignities with three years sepa- •ation and desertion charged in several cases while one divorce was iranled for bigamy. Suit of Minnie Van Winkle vs. W. M. Van Winkle, filed for the second time, again was dismissed at request of the plaintiff. Bigamy was Ihe ground upon which Nadine Riden secured a divorce from William Riden. In the desertion list were: Emmett A. Hill vs. Mary Hill; James Yanccy Coifey vs. Alma Gean Coffey; George C. Ford Jr., vs. Marjorie Ford. Three years separation were grounds upon which these secured divorces: Allen Monroe Lane vs Anna Merle Lane; Charles Wallace vs. Elhcl Wallace; Cynthia Cole Luster vs. Fred Luster; Tom Alexander vs. Anile H. Alexander. One-year reparation was grounds for divorce of James T. O'Stcen vs Margaret O'Steen. "Indignities", without specific :ause Riven, were grounds upoi which these secured divorces: Lo retla Jo McGhce Brilt vs. W. n Britt; Sally Jo Overman vs. O1H P. Overman; Walter M. Shepard V5 Linnie Shcpard; Elbertia Marletl vs David K. Marlett; Otis P. Stame vs. Helen Marie Starnes; John Clarke vs. Bernicc Sides Clarke Jewel Wilks vs. W. H. Wilks; Lutli cr Southard vs. Leila Vcc Wooc Southard; Joy King vs. William R Motor Vehicle Division for issuiui 1 registrations of title and help pri'- vcnl a man from registering his in another's name to escape ability or for any other reason. McLcod says the system also ould make it passible to mall ery car owner In the state a nrd showing his license fee due. Firemen Answer Alarm Firemen were'"called to" the -HOC W.'ick on Wesf Ash Street, last night at 8:30 o'clock, but it proved to be a false alarm. Cing. James Vaslbinder vs. Nell Deanr /aslbinder. Myrtle Wheat vs. U. S. Vheal; Willie. Evelyn Spencer vs. Biilord Spencer; Mary Kolwyck Hiile Robert S. Hale; Blllie Bon Hodge •s. Gilbert L. Hodge; Lloyd C. Crc- :elius vs. Virginia R. Crecelius; Virginia Holmes vs. Donald Holmes' luby Staggs vs. K. E. Staggs; Hudson Owens vs. Marie Owens; E. B. Martin vs. Ruby K. Martin; Irene <aron vs. Edward Karon; Margaret Florence Wcenis VB. Mnriun Stanley Wcems; Earles Austin vs. Bettie Ann Anslin; Raymond L. Head vs. Frances Marion Head; Uean Burns vs. race Burns; Doris Couway vs. Francis Drew Comvay. DON EDWARDS "The Typewriter Man" ROYAL, SMITH, CORONA, AND REMINGTON PORTABLE TYPEWRITERS 118 N. 2nd STREET PHONE 3382 : (Every Transaellon Must He Satisfactory) 50ft QtlierMCMJASCH roods—all Ins! ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES- GIN AND MILL SUPPLIES AT PRESENT our stocks of repair purls iirc as complete as during pre-war times! Put your plants in shape fnr Fail NOW. WE GIVE SI5RV1CK—call ua day, night or Sunday. * Belt Lace * Pipe Fittings * AH Size Pipe * Crane Valves * Gin Saw Files and Gummcrs * Belting * Steam Packing Hubbard Hardware Co. Bcrvlnj BlytbevlUe 25 Years Freshest Stock Guaranteed Bert Prica Kirby Drsg Stores s ..? $ s s §. § s „ Used Car Price « „ Ceiling Being En- * forced By " \ m Government Individuals who "Don't " <*> Know" and Dealers who 4 "Don't Care" run Uu: " risk of a ?10,000 fine if .. v . an attempt is made to sell a used car for more ^ llian the Ol'A ceiling price. • w We guarnice you against any Ol'A viola</.• lion when you sell your idle car to us AND we v.- pay the top legal price IN CASH promptly, to without any haggling or hother. V! You don't have to ac- | </:, ce]it any notes or have M to spend any money gct- </* ting your car ready to ^ sell. There's no comc- w back on you for repairs ™ on your car. ^ "* Sell Your Idle Car For Cash v, ™ to ^Phillips Motor" 5 Co. Tel 4S3 Walnut at 5lli « § § § 5 § § § § FARM LOANS Present Loans Refinanced. Liberal Property Valuation. COMPARE OUR SERVICE NOBLE GILL AGENCY "Compfete Insurance Service" GLENCOE BLDG. PHONE 3131 Mr. Farmer: We Can Add Months To The LHc 01 Tractor Tin Our modern equipment can handle even your largest tires. Repairs In lime will save you both dollars and woik days. Estimates without obligation. GUARANTEED WORK — CEILING PRICES MODINGER-POETZ TIRE CO. Hwy. 61 Norlh Phone 2201 IC5 S -this way ( Mf TKT .._... t TY HEN a comic strip nrtist wants to suggest the birth of a new idea, he draws an electric bulb glowing above his hero's heacl/|Since that symbol comes from our business, maybe . >ve can borrow it to do a little enlightening of our own. For example,' there's the old idea that companies like ours are all owned by a few .wealthy people in Wall Street. Actually, of course, this company is largely owned by the ^amc people it serves and run by your friends I . land neighbors. r- • v ... 000 of our stockholders are right here in town," and 0000 others are scattered around 'the state. We liavc 00,000 altogether. Most of them are housewives, farmers, merchants, doctors — folks like yourself. >. •>«/•' Onr biggest security-holders arc banks r*, and insurance companies which have invested ,'your savings here because they can count on sound business management—and because cheap, 'dependable electricity is so basic to the American way of living. \ rvy.'jio-'iy,, So whether you own us directly through stock, or indirectly through a savings bank, you have a stake in this company. We welcome your ownership iind your patronage. We try to be worthy of both. DON 'T WASTE ELECTRICITY JUST BECAUSE IT'S CHEAP AWD ISN'T R A T10 ****J

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