The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 5, 1937 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 5, 1937
Page 6
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PAGE SIX .RIDDLE SELECTS BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.)' COUAIER NEWS Savs Milky Way Entrj Will Be Second aiu Me'odisl Third BY MAX XIriDU-: M'A Sen lie Turf Writer LOUISVILLE.—War Admiral Is piy choice lo win Hie Kentucky Cerby at one mile and oni-tiuarler Mm 8 My offside ij:eJlc:ion Is dial, s?e- cnj place will so to Mrs. Klhcl 1) Mars' powerful Milky Way Kirm« entry cf Reaping R<>*nrd.i Military. nii'J Ciise Ace. nncl thirl to- the Wi-.callay Slable's Melodist. Pompoon liv;'<l un to lits bi'oed- lo? by falllns for the second llmo iu a distance of mure than a mil 1 .J doubt'that Pcmpnn ran his rar In tlis Wood Memorial, but I am more certain than ever lint he'll never net Derby distune:-. Here is how I nrrivsj at my choices. A survey of the ""Unbl 20 starters v:as made. Most ol them were labeled .sprinters, or .lagged "no class." Counting the Milk, raims Uio ot ReapliVj Rs- .M'ard. Mililary, •and Case Acs as one, only six appear to have Derby class. They arc War Admiral: the Milk> Was cnliv Melodist; HeeHly, Mosawtre. ami .court SiM<>i:lnl. I belli ve nilllonah-j will turn out lo be :i stjrinler. I constrict Poumoon as nothing more than a: brilliant sprinter. Poncing Is improving. So arc Chl"o'orado anrt Sunset Trail II but I doubt that they'll Inmrovi- .enough. The same is (rue of No Sir Ucarmtr Itciiaul Military Unlri:tl Ilesltlj \u|l ln\e to live u]i 1 0 his bnlllant uoikouls—something hr tm failed lo do so far. 'Mosawlrc slill Is a doi btfitl starlsr and is or donbtfnl temperament. Court Scandal Isn't bred for distance nn-1 neither is Melodist. y»i bnlh arc strong- and cnpiibl:. ami could win under. Draper conditions. I'\e liked war Admiral ever since the son of Man o' War took'down two brllltint mccs in a row In New York last jrn He has' ns much speed as any borsc runnlii" today iets away from tile terrier lik" a flash of lightning and knows how to con sen c his strength. ^Yct, because of War Admiral'' speed and hnbtt of running on top I'\e been dubious about, him A sprinter that could match Mm for a mile coi Id run him into in- ground for some slow beginner And most hors-s with his tvt>-> ot speed cant stay the dlstanc"" as is apparently the case with Pom- ,l>oon Also I haven't hcsn any too much impressed with his linirt-nin- itinif nbjllt, He fell a)l over Himself last lear in a muddy en •«<•••- jnent copp»d bj Bottle -Cap ' "" The Milky Way .Farms entry thoii.h powerful still is virtually untried Heaping j^w.ird h-isn't gone postward this year. Military remains an unknown. Cits- vV liasn't cntiuly lived up to Vis promise KtirlsniBcr Miles War Admiral This Derby should bj one of fiient speed sines half a <| W ,. M1 of the horsss have more than the normal amount But only Melol list has stown ati impressive abil- i". ° T fmm bclliml - A "-l o" i, 7°, "° l * 0 " 1(i «>1' "ml his best distance nould he a mll» and an elalith Court Scandal Is vlr- timlly h, the simc boat XvTr^l"""", 5 IVC S0t l ° St '<* '° War Adrninl I cDn-Uer Charley Kurlsin^r a* *'""7 * Witest. Jockey wVen on a fron' runner He can nf tlr> Pace sstter with unusual .-1-vcr". "ess He J->iO'u ho«--to hantlla a last br»aker ho« lo met the inov^ of cha)len»i>r'! and he knows War Admiral Th= combination will b? toii<>h to beat. ••••'" TMs ric" can develop some ilar>- horses nerliap lo cxtrnordiinr) proportions. Amonj thos" yoii might \vnich. academical!-.- onl\ are Heelfly rencinj, Nn Si:' an-! Sunset Trail II. But If jou stick to'War Admiral the Milk) Was entry, or Melodist I believe that you'll fare bntcr Hill-Giiuilmig in Mid-Pacific The might of ocean nlmost oblllerntes man's (larhiK Inventiveness as U. S. S, MacDonomjh. one of Uncle Sam's latest .destroyer*; forg- her way ucross the- Pacific lo Hawaii, for rinmml fleet • maneuvers there, is hull' concealed from view behind a ]huge, comber, On Strike al. Hollywood s ot executives lo rush lo 'ccniplellon some 51)' niin dramns >corc. Ihe lontf-fearea strike of employes proved unavailing ' when f-lmving vefasnl of Ihe demnnd for n closed .hop, the. Federnled Motion Piclurc Gratis oidered the walkoul. Girl artists ami stmlio workers are nicuired above on picket, duty nl the yate to the Para- inoinit lot. Masks Identity to Fight Nazis Undersea PhotogranKcr - Calls Octopus Maligned SAN.DIEGO, Cal. (UFf-Tha oc tejius. Ion* pictured by sea-fiction writers as a deadly killer. Is a mu-h-mahsned fish, in the opinion of rioj'l W. Sjhnioc. nDt:'d submarine photographer anj scl- entlsl "I .'don't believe that an o:lo]n,- mas ever guiltj of deliberately at- tackin» a human bcin?," Sehnn-- Slid following his return from tli; San Juan Maud, where he spont several months photographing undersea life. "Sometimes they may be contacted by a swimmer or diver and in self-defense wrap their tentacles around him," Schmoc con- ilnued 'Then it is necessary lo cut orT the o^lopus' arms to escape, but I have never heart! of a %erlfisd case nhcrc one deliberately attacked a human." - Anli) Slioars II! 1-Vnceiinsls JOHNSTOWN. Pa. (Ui't-Annii- (omobile driven by George Gvitrcr Tidesiviped n truck. aii;l s'-cared OH 10 fcnceiiosts and seven small Hccs. But orllzcr and Iu 5 com . paiiion. Mike Yacynycli. escaped without a scratch. Obyc Coker Cliosen Presi- clenl of Conservation Organization CARUTIIERSVILLE, Mo.-At a meethiB of 30 Pcmlscot county 1 sportsmen, Obyc Coker was unanimously elected president of the newly organized Good Sportsman's club. Oilier officers elected were- vice-president, liyron Holly Holland; Ward Don-Is, Hnytl; ADI Fun-Is, lini|!i!a<locio; secretary Fd-! die Ruff, Ilayll; ,,lreasurcr,' Bill Thomas,; C'nrulhcr.sville; director; fluey Ifolf, Caruthcrsviltc- Ncv>-[ berry Johnson, Steelc, Henry ii«r- «ess, PortagCTllle, L. j. Hazel !lw | noscoe I'lcrcc.i Carutheravllle Hu"i Asher.:. Qogfcr^S Leslie kiray 'Deer ' Ing, Clilp Pfanklln, c ' Mlcola and 1 Al lirlnkman,. Warde.ll. i Emmbr.wii. V.Shiitli • r was named! chairman of,,, Uic . membership i commlllee, Robert Hawkins -Eel Ooi-iiian,, Dr. Mackcy, 'orvell Hooker, 'Sieve Mcdlln, Ernesl Ha/el, I'aiil. Ilornci-. Dick Neelcv Charley 'Hfplcy qnd ,Obye Cokcr were named delegates lo" a mect- IIIB to be'held at De.xlci- i,v |, 0 . half of the candidacy of Rev. 0. K. poster, local Tiaptisl minister and sirertsmaii, memlieiKhlp on the state Game and Pish Commission. The purpose of the club President Coker said, Is lo promote Iheir sportsmanship and conserve the gaind, fish and natural wild life of the stale. He said the Pemtst'ol organisation would lend every effort to stop limiting out of season. Cleveland 1'nlice Kan "Bingo" CLEVELAND. (UP)—Police nave begmi raiding "bingo" gamcs . Safety Director Eliot Ness has banned "bingo" except when it is Played for "charity." His features concealed by a silk- c jn uunua LI £iuu^ vi outi-t^u'.i elements who work to discfedit the present regime. Despite the handicap of the mask, *'Herr Schmidt," as he is called, planned lo address a rally of Nazi foes. Tail Iia r£f.-jss I/evised '' DE^fVER <UP)_ A tip for the sl'ort girls aha want to appear la^er— Faje Ostorii dissatlificd with her o feel, l Inch stature, Divorce Pcliliem Terse h? E £ -"'"I* St> ° f hairdrc -' is tLYRIA. O. (UP)-John Babic which brings her up to 5 feet 4lp«; 1 ii on [or divorca from his wif i™ .11 1 C , ° b ° m 5!loull i i!ll < ] r«l. is one of the. shortest 01 ino ' recoid. In three short paragraph nc nukes his -onlv cn«r«e" tin K u;,.. s and in.iies lifp°v:iibrar 1 , l about coirrures cl^ She's %ica president and litivmt of th- Colcra-fe sluta boir ( i c f cosiir^l- Jhe cuckoo lays Ms Ce6 s in the csts of other birds, and it always ilccls a bcloiijjiiiu | o a ),(j. ( j Inch feeds its young on food tillable for young cuckoos. Sll-Diiwn Thieves Appear .PORTLAND, Ore. .UP) _-git- down" thieves broke into the horn- 0! Helen Warner, ni4 Southwest Tenth Avenue, and stole two din- Ing room chairs, she reported lo police olllcers. , ' COMMISSION-UK'S SALE Proliant to n decree of the Chancery Court of (his county rendered on April H. 1937. in the case of Home Owners' Loan CorporaUoV vs. Win. ulsch, Eva Porter eUai' : will, within lawful hours on the '2nd day of May, 1937. sell at the ronl door of Ihe court house at BlytheviUe, Arkansas, lo the hl»h- biddcr. on n credit of lluw nonths. the following described properly: • Lot 10, in block 3. of the Park Addition to the city of Blylhe- ' ville, Arkansas. The purchaser will be required o give bond \\Uli approved ss- 'iirlty to secure payment of his lid and a lien will also he rc- nined on Ihe property therefor Dated this JOtli day of April, mltf.' A. P. SMITH Commissioner in Uhanc-ry Jeid & Ei'iurd, Attorneys for Plaintiff. 30-7 COM.MISSION'KU'S SALE Pursuant to a decree of the 31mn:cry Coin! of this county, rendered on April H. 1937, in the cass ot Home Owners' Loan Corpora ion vs. Myrlie M. Halsie.Kl, et-al, t will, within lawful hours on May !2. 19.17, sell at the front door of he court house at BlytheviUe. Arkansas, to the highest bidder, on a credit of l,hr:c months, the follow- 113 described property: Lot number a. in Block 21. of the Blytlic Addition to the city of Blytlievllle. Arkansas. The purchaser will be required to :iv« bond with approved security to secure payment of his bid. and lien will also IK retained on the' iropcrly therefor. ' U.-itcd (his 30th day of April, 1917 .V. P. SMITH Commissioner in Chancery Held & Tivrard. Attorneys for plaintiff. 30-7 For Less 930 CIIF.VKOI.F.T STAN A I! I) TOWN' SUDAN S-1S5 ll!;{5: CSIKVllOl.KT SEDAN ii CHKVKO1.KT CCAC1I. With MASTER .M ASTKlt" ' Courier News Want Ada 1931 CIIEVKOI.KT (O.vni .. S K l> A N. S195 .... SSl.i '.933 CIIEVUOI.i:-]- New IMinl 19.15 FOItl) V-S T 1935 FOI!I) V-S SKIUN S:105 IM5KO.KD V-S I'Olli'H With Kadio " S:i3 j Slany Fords, Chevrolet.*, nnd Olhcr Makes As Low ..\ s §25 Easy G.M.A.C. Ti,,, 0 I'a.MuDnl Him Chevrolet Co. I'liono filili • COMFORT ECONOMY MELBOUB A rughl\ reilin peaceful •rvd tuxurioui ivttoundin^i • pTc4i«nl itmosphtic in iht lobby - l^t glow of Ulltficl^n t!iit cor.nol good food- jndttit joy of (tal (ccwioruy... Ail Oitti And more combine to mtV ] tKc Melbourne t^-.t coTif oi t- iblc Kolcl ItxSt. Loult. 400 ROOMS IIOHI7.0NTAL 1,0 Pictured , composer. 11 Woolen fabric 12'Gadit l.'iKlnis, i4FinKcf"oi' too. 15 Musical note. l<i Nay. ITUjion. 18 Go on (music). 19 flalf ,-in cm. 20 Opposite of"m" 22 To dcpait. slick. 27 .Sticks in mw ZS) To eject. . 31 Flower :« Wheel hub 35 To-bow. 3G Sea nympli, 38 Heart. 30 N6rth Amcricii., •!0 Those who. temper lools •12 Plural Answer lo I'revlous !'uz/le VEUTICAI, 1 Hops kiln, 2 Sawliku • organ. 3Indian. •1 Era. 5 To feel displejjsure. 6 Soulhwesl. 7 Portuguese coin. K Constellation. 1!)()7 - !) Conauminf. 57 He music 10 To harden. ;.foi-the movies M Fierce. pronoun. 43 Spar. ^(1 lie-comes acid'.48 Sea eagle. :: SO Big, 52 To relieve. 53 Beaten by a nose. 5? iiefiion. 5(i He has been •—- since ICjMore clamor- cus. 18 He is a composer. 19 To dine. 21 X. 23 He wrote the "The Chocolale Soldier." 25 Manifest. 20 Malgrnss. --.j_i_. 27 Average, I|S!H] 28 Membranous bag. 30 Ratite bird. 32 Daubs. '.'A Promise. 3G Bulk. 37 To haul. 40 Seraglio. 4! Small herring. 43 Abyssinian banana. 45 Withered. 47 Idiot. 4 8 Aurora. 4D Recent. 51 Bronze-. 53 Chaos. 54 Doclor. WEDNESDAY, MAY 5, 1937 Heads Ad';Agency^ Association On!y_su!tan ruling under American protection is Jainal Abit rin, shown above in ceremonial dress al Jolo. capilal of Sulu island in the Philippines He .assumed power only after n series of disputes w:is settled I tunon£ various royalist (actions. Moscow liirlh Hate Uises MOSCOW (UP)—III the first quarter of this year 32.G32 births were registered in Moscow, against 18.2.10 for the same period last year. The number of divorces dropped by Bi ps r cent. Read Courier News Wnnt Ads kes scrapboohs.jiiadc onsjjfjjxniiKls. is almost Loo heavy lo hold. WAKE UP YOUR LIVER BILE- Wjlhoul Calomel—And You'll Jump Out of Bed In Ihe Morning Rarin'lo Go ' The liver should |M)ur out two pounds of liquid tiife intn your bowels daily. If ihis bile tsnot flowinir freely, your lot*! ilocan't ili^est U juatdficaya in the bowels. Cas hloaU up your Blomnch. You get coiistijiatpil. Your wholcuystt-m Is |>oi,io/iwl and you feel sour ' Bunk and the \s-orld looks [>tmk, Idxativca&ro only makeshifts. A nW bowel movement doesn't K (.'t al Hie cause. H lake* those Kood. ol«l Carter's l.ittte I,;-,— PiJla to yd these, two pounds of bile flowlnc irccly anil make you ff*l"iii>anihi[>" Harm- Jess, gentle, yctainazintfin maViriK hile ilo^' freely. Ask for Carter's Little Liver I'll la tty name.Stubbornly refuaii unytliinir e TUBSDAY, MAY 11 — SI75.00 HANK NIGHT! (Less last nisht Ifa/cl Gilbert was called for Ihe SinO.OO—Hut she. vras nol Hank !lt-|insil next Tuesday S175.UO! ! ! —COMING— anil Juliet'' '"'Miry Gave Him a Gun" "Woman T l.ove'' "Olian :il tlu< Olympirs" "Cafe "1'iince and "Duclor Hull" "Quality Street" Henry Eckhardt' (above), wht founded the New York firm of' Kcnyon and Eckhardt in 1920, l is Ihe new president of the Amer- : lean Associalion of Adverlisina Agencies, eleclcd at the annua, | convention in White Sulphui Springs, W. Va. He is a native nf Cleveland, O., and has been it I Uie advertising field since 1918 I Everything For Vnur Knlcilnln- menl and Comforl Only A Small Down Payment and Easy Monthly Payments That's rill i( lakes (o deliver the world's linest mat IVORS lo youv home- And then a small amount weekly or monthly pays for it. The licautyrest is nnt just annthcv maltrcs*—it's really an investment in better sleep. Scientists say that sound restful slecu is needed lo restore energy—to rest tired nerves—to make us look and feel our lies!. Just come in and trv the luxurious comfort of a Heaufyrcsl and then if you feel it is the mattress you want, lake advantage of (his special offer. } ' Aclniissrnn—Always 10 & 2fic Milliners I'l-iday, Saturday, Sunday Show Every Night. Friday mill Sunday Matincrs Slarl at 2:1S. Saturday Matinre al 1:15' Weds. - Thurs. 2 Adults Admitted Tor Price of 1 All Children— 10c I A COLUMBIA PICTURE, Also Comedy

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