The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 14, 1947 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 14, 1947
Page 10
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BL.YTHEV1LLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS MONDAY, JULY 14, 19<!7 Official Stops Licensing of Liquor Stores LITTLE ROOK, Ark., July 14. ;(W) — Revenue Commissioner Otho "A. Oook today had stopped tlie is- > ctunce of retail liquor licenses un- 1 • til next Jau 1. Cook said the 548 retail outlets In Arkansas now are sufficient to ihandje the traffic, and that he does not have the personnel to investigate new applications. . (TJie, 66th General Assembly abolished the investigation division of-vthe Revenue Department.) Cook 'said Die willuse auditors to investigate conditions of liquor stores alnjidy licensed. The order will not apply to beer applications. ,.!IJ ' America's' 'Up^ih~tHe*Xir.' Army Nurses Corps Seeks 1,800 Recruits Approximately 1.800 vacancies exist in the Army Nurse Corps of the Regular Army, the Recruiting Station here said today. Qualified .nurses between the ages of 21 and 35 who served as Reserve or AUS officers during .World War II are eligible for appointments Application blanks are available from Fourth Army Headquarters, Fort Sam Houston, Texas. ' Accused as Bookmakers 'LITTLE ROCK, Ark,, July M (UP)—Two Little Rock men were free on bond today following Uteri arrest (yesterday on cH bookmaklng and betting horses. They are Henry Do you know how many aircraft—not counting military planes—there ore in tlic United States?/ (Whatever you guessed, we bet you didn't come close to Ihe true figure, 81,002. just announced by the CAA The map above shows the slatc-by-state tally of civil aircraft as of January 1, 1947, imlicat-j - '" jug that California and Texas are the most air-minded slates in the union. micllgcn and William M. Wilson. Detectives said tschnucltgcn 'had '•'• pocketful of slips indicating and losses tracks. of bettors tit various Reservists on Cruise Two Naval Reservists from Osccola and one from Blythcvlllc today ended a two-weeks training cruise on the Aircraft Carrier USS Wright j g ch . jwhcn they disembarked at rcnsn- cola, Fla. They arc apprentice seamen Fred C. RORCi's of lllythcvlllc and Honnld D. SllHwi-11 and Carl A. Mi/e, both of Osccola- Gas Victims Estimates show that 1221 American soldiers died of jjis poisoning In hospitals during World War 1, while an addition:*'. 200 died cm the IxilUcfiel <las i\ result of poison gas. DERTH oF a DOLL ^•AT^. "© by Hilda Lowronco; Distributed by NEA SERVICE, INC. ; Tr*idf.|ic STOIIYl Ilulh Mllll- l lit lllncktuair* di'i ore, hit* Itcfii lunkliiK vlutc lulu ul» for llul •otnrtMnK in 1 lie Inlihjr <hul Crr- i diij, IIni next driy *hi- IN forrrl in nUi-iitl ihr weekly Stm- dny atlrrniinn (rn, Jlnp doll cu»«um?M arc rllNtrilnilrd for 11 party • Hd th« pirlx aulcrd t«> nvt\ tin- maKkK thcni«cl vc*. Mlnnli- Mny Knndy hcl|>» Itulh vrllh licrn. Itutk i* kcarcd ntflC l>y nu>v. : t :-..-. •, V ' I '«)S». ^J the mask was finished, Minnie May yawned and stood up. "Got to go. Got to make a phone call. See you some more." She strolled across the room, bowed demurely tOjMrs. Marshall- Gill, and ducked through the door. : '--Two more people came in, Lillian Harris and the girl who had '.asked for a tray the night hefore. ;Then three more, Ihen five. They : all looked as if they didn't see her ' No one approached .her chair. I She sat erect, her fingers locked iover the mask. She saw Moke ! and Poke over by the piano, Kilty j I^rice in a corner talking lo n lnquarc, heavy woman in black • with keys hanging from her bell The housekeeper, Miss Plummer's r sister. She looked lor Miss Plum- nier but she.wasn't there.. Taking the ; bpbrd so Kitty could come to the party;-that would Miss Plummer knew how to work the board. It the doctor's call came Miss Plummer would tell her. Miss Plummer was reliable. Someone held out a cup of lea It was Miss Small. Ruth took i in both hands but the hot liquid . thick with cream, spilled into lie : lap. •• "What a shame," Miss Sma! grieved, "and it's a new suil, isn' • it?.' But you musln T t worry, it'i clean." She talked easily, quietly "Now Iell me how you're innkin Out. If there's anything you don . understand, you must ask me : That's what I'm here for." [ .V "I'm all right," Ruth said. "You don'l look il," Miss Snuill isistcd genlly. "You know I'm ,nid ;i very good snlnry for Die ork I do here, and if my jjirls on't brin^; me Iheir litlle prob- nis I'm very unhappy. I Iell my- clf that I've failed somewhere, on imdcrslmui, don't you?" * . * * ?UTH nodded*. At Ihc other end ol Ihc room Moke and Poke left lie piano and walked iilowly toward her, stopping at other groups n the way. Hurry, she begged ilently, hurry, don't stop nguin. 'm afraid I'll say something, I'm Iraki I'll give myself away. Miss Small's soft voice went m. "We've had nil sorts of girls here, from all sorts of homes, UK! we Ye managed to miike them inppy. Not nt first, perhnps, but ihvays in the end. Confidence is he thing that cioes it." Miss Small's voice dropped to n wlus- ibr. "I'm like a doctor, Uuth r you can talk to me and I never lull the hings I hear, never. 1 want you 0 think nbouE that. Think about t tonight." Her hand touched Ruth's lightly. "People are look- ug at us, but we don't mind that do we? Now 1 must run oil am! alk to- our patron. But I'll be hinking about you and worrying.' Ruth sat with bent head, staring at the dark stain ,on the blue hardly remembering how il hat come there, not caring. 1 didn ;ivo myself away, she said ovei and over; I didn't tell her anything. She wanted me to talk, bu 1 didn't. It isn't safe to talk, no cycn. one word, not even a lie . ', . Moke and. Poke came up an< sal on the arms of her chair, "L i s t e n," Moke said, "w dreamed up some funny business You'll die. You know there's prize for the girl that guesses th most other girls, a double slran of pink pearls—•" t f ,., "Simulated," said Poke. ' "Phony," agreed Moke, "b; pink. Listen. If you embroider '.tie nolo beside your ie:t eyo, ion I'll Kno'.v you. You can HL - O same slntT you used for the air. What do you say?" "I clon'.t mind," she said softly, wouldn't do Moke any good but ie couldn't tell her that. . .. «s * * •" l! * ' : -- ~V7"QU don't soLincl as if you nic;mt it," Moke objected. "Do now where I can see you. No, mmc. You look like you might c honest." She look Hulh's mask ul went lo work. "Poke's got le black eyebrow and one brown. low her, Poke. Cute?" They rattled on, repeating House os sip, giving priceless in form a- on, innocently pointing the way escape. Sunday night supper s always cold stuff and 1 cocoa, Lit on the table iiml no service. undny nights Monny and Angel ways nte al Marshall-Gill's. Monny was all right in her way ut she had a temper and threw lings. Angel was all right, too, iC soft-soaped her and gave resents. She was working on arris now, and it wouldn't be ing. Harris was lough but Angel Iways got her girl. Angel knew /hat she wanted. Used to be a oardor bcrscU until Monny pro- lolcd her. . . . U was after G when she finally cached her room. She wasn't .nngry and she wasn't even tired. Icr mind was clear and orderly iccause she knew what she had o do. She knew she had been ight. She knew she bad been •ccogtiized. She had seen the fol- owinfj eyes. She would use the fire escape jccause the lobby wasn't safe. And t would have to be at a certain ,ime, not when people were drcss- .ng to go out or undressing to t;o lo bod. She might be seen through the windows. She went to the closel and collected her clothes. Pack first, while April was still downstairs. Hide the suitcase on the fire escape outside the bathroom window. When April en me" she'd tell her she was going for a walk. It's a relief to know the truth, she told herself; now I know where 1 stand, I know what I have 10 tl0 ' *H.*»* - (To lie Continued) f^"!., For Complete Protection Against All I HSU R ABLE HAZARDS Phone 3545 W. J. POLLARD AGENCY Glcncoc Hotel Bldg. 124 W. Ash St. Free Delivery Call PICKARD'S GROCERY Phone 2043 1044 Chickasuwbm Club 61 niythcvlllc, Arkansas Highway 01 North Dine and Dance Couples and Parties Only w. Open 6 Nights Weekly Owned By A. died) Bickerstaff and George For Reservations Telephone 944 GATEWOOD GROCERY j Phone 975! Ark.-Mo. State Line on the left at the Arch (f all the places to^tear upTthey had_to pick on secondj j •liECKLES t HIS FRIENDS By MERRILL BLOSSER It Isn't Applause Vi Ft. PU 5th 7 Crown 1.35 2.65 4.15 Colvcrt 1.35 2.65 4.15 Schenley 1.35 2.65 4.15 Cream of Kentucky 1.35 2.65 4.15 Three Feathers 1.35 2.65 4.15 Hill & Hill 1.40 2.75 4.40 Old Taylor 4.35 6-90 Four Roses 2.85 4.50 5% Beer GAS, reg 17.9c; per Case $3.35 Ethyl 19.9c ASI Brands CIGARETTES - - $1.35Ctn. Buy 'em Here! Be Surel INSURE With the FIRST NATIONAL INSURANCE AGENCY 108 North Second DIAL 2311 For Complete Protection CHAS. BITTNER BILL WILSON YES, MRS CARSON---NO. MRS. CARSOM---YOU SAY VOU CANT HEAR. YOCR.SELF THINK, MRS- CARSON? CCPK .5947 Fly f;t* SERVICE. Kit. T. Chamblin Sales Company Sales — Studcbiilccr — Service You've been liciirhifr a lot about Stndcbahcr Postwar cars . . have you noliccil wll:tl iituilclwk er trucks are Joins? Buy With Confidence From Chambfin Guaranteed Used Cars & Trucks Tat 1917 Chevrolet Vi ion pickup 1U1G Ktiuleliakcr 'A ton pickup 1015 Docile ['• ton pickup 1041 Chevrolet : <A ion 19l(i Ford Super I-.U™- Srdiin 1911 Sluilcbakcr Champion 4 door 1941 Tontiac 8— 4 Door Sedan 1U11 I'lymouth Deluxe -I door LOTS OF OTHERS TO SELECT FROM . . . Complete Line of Sludcbakcr Tarts and Accessories CHAMBLIN SALES COMPANY Your Studcbakcr Dealer ' "First Ly Far With a Postwar Cor" Bill Chamblin —RU i Ash St., Phone 2195— Lex Chaialil'u ! WASH TUBBS Back to Busier BY LESLIE TURNJfif SES.IT WS \f 25.OOO! SMHV VOU AMD RICO J\ LUCXS 0*N \ CNH GET 1HM OEWJGE 6COME FOC.NOL! WHEN \ WOO RETIRE THIS SEMI t& S'OUR MOTHER. WELL. WHM MO HURR.V. THE 1 / H»0\M I'UE FOUWD SOU. VIE'LL WE CAM IGHIE 'EW TtWETO EftVLS'- IKEKeiWSLE WOO THE SEftR.CH.. THEM PEOPLE NOW WAT; REPOET iu KE IOOK WOT I FOUIJD BEH!)!O TIV DR65SSK. IVV. A OLD PlCHUREOr LITTLE BUSTER.! EI L. i OECI&B.E;! TOW wfts s\ftt>E (VBOUT ' SEPiR. HE FELL OFF'M W ROOF ON MS LITTLE HE&D<H LOOKS KIMPft FftNMlWS ! _r= Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople . ST WORD /oo fvMJST KNOW T COULD VMM COOL. MlLUOM IM FR.OIA trie CITY FOR A\V GET HlfA ODT OF HERB, \ •OFFICER, SeFOC.E ' '--%. CASt NMSS5D. Out Our Woy By J. R. Williams .VIC FLINT MD LEAVES IIWHI'TCH A WOLF LXXi'LL BLAM I'D BET7SR L'P OM THE POOF AMD CUT IT. MWIR MIND THE IN- ^ YOU'LL DtGMATION ABOUT WINS\ fORTHIS.'t HWtfB OOTOf BED.6AN- TOID YOU 1 KNOW SON. SAVE YOUR BREATH / NOIHIK' ABOUT you TW im;e SESSION A UNY MURDER ' MUE GOING TO HAVE WMYOFFICE.' ' ' 1 Could Use ;i. ,lob EB STRfTCHED -HIS IUCK WHfH WE IRIfD TO KILL VIC. fllMl, IAT MADE 1HING5 O (OR YOU. ANbTHAT ' MU5CIE MAN NAMED < ROCKER.CAN AR- THAT OUT. BY ailCHARI. Q'MALLEY and RALPH LANE Rater thai " ' ' WONT IVtll, BAT, I'M 'T BE 1OH6.VIC. VIM6 BACK IIC.VE lYOO (.Ml BET YCt'R 'NI61U. GOOD IUCK /Roll PS HIM --WOMEN > YOU WHEN YOU I ARE OU! Of II K Uf E HGH1 1HE CHAMP. T\ KOW. RlfiHT r<O.'J 1O 0! T 0AtK .MIO iTART V;ORKU|& F AOM1I.'WONDER IF ANvrillHGi TURNED UP RiOUIRIUS I Tut MID SER- ' V VICES of vic 11ED UYDRK Bait? MAKTU? WHW'5 TH' fROUBUHERE? Writ , IT'S SOM£BODY!S SEESS T3IGQ11-J' UP THE SCHOOL GfJCU^PS. FHE Rui^ OFF,L'O FlGGER HE WASAftER \LI-EY OOP Like ;i 'By V. T. HAMLIN \Vrn.E ALLEV CCP R.EXDS COB.N5CN CRUSCE. C?. \\ONXJG TE5T6 h;5 N=^%£ v:Y i -3.M-6 USIN' THSlR BUSINESS// BY SA.DFS5Y. 1 \VOM'T H IT: Here Comes Dud FRED HARMAN

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