The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 28, 1946 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 28, 1946
Page 10
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PAGE TEN BLYTIIEVILLK (ARK.)' COURIKIl NEWS Wan To Control Reich Approved ! Standard Of Living Far German People Will Not Be High TIIUKSDAY, MARCH 28, 104G BY CHARLES ARN'OT Press Staff Correspondent BERLIN, " Mar. 28. '(UP)— Ger- inmny's war-making be, forever crushed Housing Expediter Has Jousts With Lawmakers Over Program BY FREDERICK C. OTHMAN United Press Staff Correspondent WASHINGTON, Mar. 28. (UP) — Nobody can build any tiling much, as you've read in the papers, unless he's a war veteran who wants to buHd a house. Now we've got Wilsort W. Wyalt, the housing expediter, before the Genate P.inking committee, seelc- . Ing a new law, which' would give potential will | him the power to get built before ana Hitler's once-powerful reich will be reduced, to » second class industrial nation "under plans apnroved unan- by, - the Allied Control CoqBKU^l^^as disclosed Wedjies- v-The^gsfrniin standard or living »1H.b£V>set at .approximately two- thWs:df'the 1930-38 level—a' l>er- tntT'wiiehithe 1 wehrrnachL was vol- line triumphantly across Eurooe. •^ An" a'veraue diet of 2,000 calories daily- was. approved, but* the meals will be short of meals and fats. Germany will not produce enough irJMts and fate herself, nnd her ex- Ppfts:wil! not provide sufficient liicome to Import them from other cpUntrles. Larger amounts of grains • nd potatoes will be found on the dinner table in the future. Statistical dctails ( Vof the nllfcd plan will be announced Thursday. It'was anproved yesterday by the United States. Russia, Great Britain, and Prance fifteri seven months of study''and negotiation. ;The heavy Industries that supplied Hitler's legions will go for reparations, official sources revealed., Substantial exports from Itplit industries will he used to pay for 1mports, particularly foods. /.Specific controls of the manufacture of raw materials will be decided at the peace conference. ';An annual production of 5.8 million tons of steel will be allowed. but .the production of magnesium, primary aluminum, synthetic rubber, oil, aircraft, sea-Gomg ships, •fid arms or ammunition of any type will be banned under the Allied program. ..iAmerican officials believe the •pproved plan will enable the long- delayed reparations program to be completed within B month. The Jour allied powers used the estimates of four groups of expcils to, determine what industrial equipment can be removed from Germany a s reparations—and still assure a minimum standard of living for .the once-proud reich. , In .arriving at the plan for Germany's future economy, the council estimated that'her population Jn 1949 would be about 66.500,000. It also was assumed that zonal boundaries will be eliminated for economic purposes, and that Ger- inany will be treated as one economic unit. .The council assumed that a foreign market will efist for German exports, and that label "made In Germany" will not prejudice buyers as it. did after . the first world war. Cuts will be made In the manufacture of machine tools and 9$her, heavy industries, but it is expected that "reasonable finan- clu^stability" will exist by 1949. ^ •Germany's metal, chemicals, and Machinery factories wi|l be the in'aln source ( of reparations. Her exports will consist largely of coal. Potash, timber, textiles, leathcr- goods. glass'and ceramics. the ei 'd of next year 2,700,000 roofs over the heads of ex-soldiers. Everybody agrees the Idea's elegant, > but everybody—and I mean- that lit«rai;y--h*s- r "different; )(1ea how to do lt!i,sc.^lefs.watcli .the dapper Wj'riUswqat out. the crease In his pants, rumpJc his, hair, and unhook his collar.plri .'arguing with some senators who ihlnk he's got whntMhey call the czar complex: j idea Is to whoon ur> production. Sen. Homer Cnpehart of Ind. said say, of bath tubs, by giving the the trouble with Wyatt was thai, he manufn a vicious circle. "Now one more question," the senator sold. "Would you as a senator vo.(c to give nny one man as much jxwer as this bill would give you?" Thai slopped Wyalt. He blushed. He almost laughed. The senator said he was serious. He said he replied . he believed he'd trust Wyalt. This on all day long, with other scnalors arguing other points. Wyatt attempting to explain his Plans by means of charts .showing bricks, pli>e, and lumber in full color, and the controversy getting hot over Wyatt's proposed building subsidies. I hate yen to think about 'cm, they're so complicated. The ijeneral wanted an answer. Wyalt that If he were a senator, was n hard-working, conscientious man. The senator said he had no doubt Wyatt would build two million housc_s in two years. "But, give me the power that this bill gives you." added Sen. Capermrt. "and I could build 5.000.000 houses. Why, you can upset the entire economy of this nation." "Only I don't Intend to," Wyatt insisted. "And you could requisition every one of (he 125.000 motor trucks that come off the assembly lines each month and use them In the building Industry, •• the senator continued. "And " ."Yes, but " Wyatt tried to interrupt. "You cQuld take all the ply-; "wood, all the copper, all the brass', »H the light bulbs and use them in veterans' housing," Sen. Capehart added. . . "But I wouldn't <io all tho'so things," expediter Wyalt inslstcr, not even noticing when his collar pin snapped open. "Why, you could close down all the furniture factories In Ihe United States, because they use lumber." Sen. Capchart said. "But then we couldn't furnish till, houses." Wyatt retorted. "Oh, yes. you could furnish Hie houses," Sen. Capelmrt replied. "You Just couldn't furnish the furniture." "Oh." Wyatt said. "Now you're stopping commercial building for two years," the senator said. "What about the veteran who wants to build himself a place or business?" Wyatt, said that was a difficult problem, sen. Capelmrt said It was ] manufacturers cash rewords for making more than they Intended. Tlie House of Representatives turned down this Idea. What the Rcnntc'll do is problematical. I don't envy Wyalt his lob, hut I must report that he strikes me as solid cll.lzcn who'll do his dcart- levclest to get those houses built. If he wangles 'em. the Pharonhs. Ihomsclves, will be piddling little builders In comparison. An adult female chimpanzee is •bout three and one-half times as ?trong as a college athlete. RADIO REPAIR 1 and 2 day Service on any make or moHel Reliable Workmanship. PHONE 2642 We Call. for and Deliver Fred Callihan^ Electrical Appliance Co. Authorized Motorola Radio Bales and Serried 106 So. First St. Noisy Thieves Caught ASTOUIA. Ore. (U.P.)—Lloyd Ekstorm was Just about to enter his parked cnr across the street Iroin his Jewelry store when the iilotcglass window of Ills establishment crashed to the sidewalk. TiivesMnallne he saw tow men scooping lip display .tewcK Eks- strom yelled: "Stop, Thief!" And the men scampered down the .street rlpht Into the arms of Iwn shore patrolmen, who had heard Eks- strom's cry. Approximately (i,000.000 tons of sugar arc consumed in the United States annually. Army Families Pack For Europe Wives And Children Scheduled To Sail The Middle Of April WASHINGTON, Mar. 28 (U.P.) —The War Department Wednesday issued orders for the first 1,200 Army wives and children to RO to Europe. Sailings ^111 start about the middle oS April. Only 24 of the 700 families involved are dependents of enlisted men. Fifteen generals arc among those having dependents join them in Euro|>o. The 1,200 women and children affected by today's order were selected by the theater commander on the basis of priorities established by the War Department, These were based on the length of time the applicants agreed to continue service overseas and upon the length of time they already had served away from the United States. Additional tipplicntion.s have been Jllcd for transportation of dependents during May and subsequent months. Movement of dependents to the Philippines. Japan, Korea, and the Uyukyus will start after May I, the War Department has announced. Each family going to Europe will Bet ii house or living unit, the size depending on the number of dependents. All will be located close to bllitary posts. Each dependent may take along one piece of hand baggage and one foot locker or steamer trunk plus 350 pounds for adults and 175 pounds for each child under 12. Dependents of the four lower grades of enlisted men must pay their own way to the port of embarkation. Dependents of officers mid enlisted men of the top three grades will be transported to the port at government expense. Aboard ship, all of the dependents must pay for meals at the rale of I $1.00 u day for adults, 75 cents a day lor children three to eight ycius old, and 25 cents a day for children under three. Some personally owned nulomo- I biles will be shipped at no expense I to the individual provided space is 1 available. The Army said, however, I that space for cars will be limited. The April contingent included families of seven officers from Alabama, 22 officers and one enlisted man from Florida, 24 officers from Georgia, 10 officers and one enlisted man from Ixmi.slana, 10 officers from Mississippi, 12 officers from South Carolina, and seven officers from Tennessee. GOING, GOING NEW YORK,—Prospects for fur ther skiing in eastern states are practically nil, due to early spring thaws. WANTED . : . Two Colored families to make sharccrop. Good houses. Good land. Good Equipment. H. C. KNAPPENBERGER BLYTHEVILLE, ARK. For Prompt Service On Animal Vaccination CALL Dr. W. A. Taylor VETERINARIAN I Specialize in Treating All Forms of Swamp Fever Daytime—Phone 484 Dowdy-Aycock Motor Co. Night Phone—2138 Como Hotel. E. Main St. Dental Care C.iven CHICAGO. (UP) — The Chicago j Welfare Administration spent morel than $48,000 lasl year for dental' care for persons on relief, nccord- ing to Commissioner A. E. Hos; 1 . Approximately $500,000 has been service since 19:ifi, he said. I paid lo Chicago dentists for the Phone 2611 When You're in a Hurry for That • CAR • TRUCK OR • TRACTOR (FLAT) 3 Service Trucks and 4 Tire Men at Your Service Hours--6 to 6—7 Days MARR'S Read Courier News Want Ads. In normal times, women of the United Stales buy more than 43,000,000 pairs of silk stockings every month. 'BON DED AND INSURED 24-Hour TAXI SERVICE CALL 968 .^J^K**. , Bill-Wunderlich EalJrdid Street — Rear Robinson's Drag-SUre Refrigeration Service! Phono 415 Radio Service "Pi»" Ancd Refrigerator Service Fred Lawler Washer, Ironcr and Gas Engine Service PhUip Frel Vacuum Cleaners, Fans, Irons and Small Appliances Repaired. Uaby Strollers — Jumper Swings Presto <1 Quart Cookers Premium Vacuum Cleaners Phonograph Records and Accessories Fans—attic, window, pedestal, and table types.. AUTO SERVICE Ash &t Second Street sflvmcs! We have an Expert Service Man to take care of your Refrigeration and Washing Machine Service; also Electric Motor Service. We also carry a complete stock of New Parts for all makes of Equipment. Work Guaranteed. Reasonable Prices. Tom Little Appliance Co. 105 West Main Sr, Blytheville, Ark. >en for Business!. TAYLOR The real economy pavement is CONCRETE Hundreds of-towns and cities ,throughout America h»Te in- ftftfJ ttreet funds with fore^ *igbt by building fine-looking, ,*«W-k««ng; concrete streets; ' x Q>ocrcte is »fer to drive on; , 7«ki<l-resistant wet ordry—makes Ac whole neighborhood more «ttr»cti»e— fnlecO taxpayer* by (tardiog (gainst future burdc ns of excessive mzintcniDcc *nd frequent replacement. They're farchcapertoownthan so-called "tow cost" streets with their ever-increasing repair bills; t Don't be satisfied with in* fcrior surfaces. .Urge your city officials to build with tafe, ecoi nomical concrete—the low ww • nual-co»t piVemint; Adams Appliance Co., Inc. J. W. Adams, Mrr- Successors to Hardaway Appliance Co., fnc. Phone 2071 206-08 West Main >;>'>"»;»>] >',>'.>; X>;XX>!!*!X;*">;>!X>"XXXXXXXXXX'*!'*"*^*!.v D. & P. L. No. 14 Planting Seed Cleaned, Dclinted, Ccrcsan Treated. . Germination 80 to 90 per cent. Also LAREDO SOY BEANS 30% Germination Lloyd Stickmon Phone 3210 AXLE SHAFTS , _ For Ford, A and ^^ ma *' ft^dLJ^ ,.3,5 3.S5 UP SAND AND GRAVEL CO. Specializing in River-Washed Sand and Grave 1 Plant and Office Located On River at North End of Bushy Ave. CARUTHERSVILLE, MO. PORTLAND CEMENT ASSOCIATION »7 Syndicate Trust Bld s ., St. Lonis 1, Mo. !A POULTRY WANTED! Mr. Davis is connected with the country's largest poultry buyers and offers highest prices at all tines. FRIDAY and ^ATURDAY PRICES— Hens —24c Cox —16c BRlfoG YOUR POULTRY TO US. 1711 W«t* Vine St. Blytheville Smbjert In Chance Without N«Uc* DON'T WAIT!!! We Will Pay You The TOP CASH PRICE FOR YOUR CAR Drive In Today —Get the Cosh.' We Arc Approved lilylhcvillc Dealers DESOTO — PLYMOUTH and PACKARD CARS and curry a complete stock of Genuine Chrysler and Packard 1'arts SEYMORE MOTOR SALES H. SBYMORE—Owner 1'V Prompt Service On Repairs Bring Your Car to Our N'cw Location Corner Franklin and Walnut Phone 886 or 3524 MUFFLERS Ford A and V.8 "29 to <2 cars. BABY SEATS Make baby comfortable and safe for only Approved Avery Sales and Service. Let us repair and service your Avery equip- men. *£ EOR SALE Funk's G Hybrid Seed Corn Cotton Hoes Cultivator Sweeps OWENS TRACTOR CO. A. C. OWENS, Owner & Mgr. 112 N. Franklin Phone 3617 CONSTANT FILTER ElfMCNTS KEEP 5UIC fROM MOTOR. M SUM YOU I HAVE ENOUGH ON HAND, i BETTER GET j AN EXTRA CARTON TO i BE ON TH« 1 I 'SAFESIOI. J DELTA IMPLEMENT COMPANY Blythevillc, Ark. BI v»»sc'BE J»H Early Bird ORDtRNo^ SOUTHERN AUTO STORES 1'hone 3421 113 West Main St. CARL BRYANT, Manager Lawn mowers Phone 2192 Expertly sharpened and repaired. We pick up and deliver. Immediate service and guaranteed satisfaction assured. We also specialize in gas and electrical welding. F. L. WICKER MACHINE SHOP 215 N. Second

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