The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 24, 1949 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 24, 1949
Page 5
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MONDAY, OCTOBER 24/1349 HLYTHEVILI.E (ARK.V COURIER NEWS 3 Elections Hold Key to 1950 Vole Races Will Indicate How People Feel about 81st Congress' Record By Jack Bell : WASHINGTON, Oct. '2i. W)—Two House races and a Senate contest/ may provide some Inkling next month of how the people feel about the record of the Slit Congress. The three special elections all will 'ue held November 8. Republicans generally concede that GOP Senator John Foster Dulles is facing an uphill battle . against former Democratic Gov. Herbert H. Lehman. They are running to fill the unexplred term of Senator Robert F. Wagner, Demo-v .(rat who resigned. !• Lehman said here yesterday after a call on President Truman that he and the president have "definitely concluded" he Is going to win. He said the President, had offered to make a campaign speech for him, but that this would not be necessary. In another New York race, a woman Democrat, Mrs. Edna F. Kelly is favored to win the Tenth District Congress seat vacated by tlie death of Democrat Andrew L. Rains Aid Winter Wheat Crops in Great Plains Area By The Associated I'ress A fairly general rain, always a boon to the winter wheat crop, was reported today over a wide nrea of the great plains where most of the nation's bread grain is grown. The moisture, heavy at some points in northern Texas, should send Ihc newly seeded fields off to a good start. The rain area included Oklahoma, parts of Texas, Kansas. Arkansas, Louisiana. Kentucky and extreme Southern Illinois. More than an inch of moisture was reported at Abilene, Tex. Elsewhere the nation had generally fair weather with near seasonal temperatures. Tiie mercury dropped to below freezing over most of the northern plains area, but the readings were only slightly under normal. The northern Great Lakes Region had light snow flurries. Former Blytheville Man Commended by Governor For Ability as Recruiter M. Sgt. Robert L. Temple, formerly of Ulylheville, who is assigned to the Army recruiting office in Fort Smith, recently was commended by Governor McMalh Somers, commended bv This Brooklyn area is heavily f&1 navm ob ; ajned ,„„ A ,. m ,, and Democratic. Republican George H.I Air Porco cn , L , tments b( , tv ., ee n Apr! Fankuchen Is given only an outside: ,, me and A t 3] 1949 chance to win. despite the presence] A , mtive of R1 , ^ Scr ol American Labor Party and Lrbe- pea , u Te , , e Clllls i e( , , n lhe Arm5 ral Party candidates in the race. The in , 9 ,., whjle , |vi hcrc H(s latter pair might be expected to cut Ems Mr an( , Mrs ^ R Temple now the Democratic vote. jre residing near Hornersville In A special House election In the --• Fifth California District may furnish some idea of what West Coast voters think about national issues. Republicans Not Sure Despite the fact that they have held lhe district for about 40 years, Republicans say they are none too sure ot electing a parly member to take the place of Republican Rep. Richard J. Welch, who died. Welch who won both Democratic and Republican nominations since 1926, so there lias been no real gen- : rral election baltle there In 23 years. Republican Lloyd Cosgrove, a lawyer, is being opposed by Democrat John F. Shelley, an American Federation of Labor official, on a bollot !that does not carry party designa- lions. Charles R. Garry, who ran on the Henry A. Wallace 'Progressive Party ticket last year, is a third entry in the race. The New York Senatorial race result mny have a widespread ef- Jecl on the 1950 battle for control of Congress. Lehman has endorsed most of what President Truman calls his "fair deal" program. The administration intends to make that program the main issue next year, If It can. Dulles, on the other hand, has been attacking what he calls the centralization of government In Washington, a theme (hat is likely to be popular with , Republicans throughout the country if he should win next month. . , Motion Picture Films Being Shown on Video LOS ANGELES — lift— Motion picture films are getting plenty of space on television. For example, this community now with TV stations estimates that 100 westerns and features were transmitted with a single year. Few lute release films have been made available to television, how- PAGE FIVE Hal Boyle's Column— Oddest Job in an Odd Civilization- Testing Mechanical Weight Reducers NEW. YORK (AP) — Gaining dy and starchy things like spaghetti, •eight with many women Is » mat- noodles and mashed potatoes," she and then taking them off .matter of business. She is paid lo do It, Mrs, Susklnd ,a pvetty, davk-eyed girl with a fine background and a splendid foreground, has one of the oddest jobs In an odd civilization. She is a huninn guinea pig for the HI-AOING KOK B1,YTIIKV)LI.E—One of herd of elephants with the King Brothers Circus, which is to arrive in Blythevilie Wednesday morning for afternoon and nighi performances, is shown here unloading from the truck caravan. The elephant herd and the trainer, Josephine Miaco, get important roles in the acts to be presented here ai the showgrounds in Walker Park. The afternoon performance will begm at 2, and the night show at 8. Embarrassed. Policeman Turns Out to be Culprit INGLEWOOD, Calif., Oct. 24— IIP)— Police Capt. Robert Collins returned home from work, tried to fh'cfc on his television set but it ' didn't work. .•The insides of the set were miss- Ing. He called police headquarters nnrf immediately lieutenants, sergeants and just plain cops began - an all-night citywide search for a TV burglar. Not a clue was found.' The. captain himself called off file search yesterday.'Embarrassed he .told fellow off jeers that he had sent the set's chassis out to the repair shop. And then forgot about • it. Mrs. Truman Has Cold WASHINGTON. Oct. 21. (/F) — President Truman reported today (hat Mrs. Truman is suffering from A cold. That, he explained to newsmen, is the reason she did not accompany him to New York for cornerstone ceremonies at the new United Nations building. Transport Chief Dies CLAREMONT. N. H., Oct. 24. (.T) —Co!. William J. Wilgus, who fathered the Transportation Service of ihe American Expeditionary Forces in World War I, died today. He Electrical Engineers Meet in Cincinnati, O. William M. Jontz of Blythevilie was one of 1,500 members attending the annual meeting of the Ameri- ,..„ i-umiiMi calendar : can Institute of Electrical Engineers, Ulano Innoccntc, auto R. U. Innocents Says He's Not; Admits Stealing Car , which closed at Cincinnati. O., Friday. The meeting, conducted in the Netherland Plaza Hotel, opened last Monday and dealt with communications, Industry, science and electronics, general applications and power. LOS ANGELES, Oct. 24—f.fp>- The federal court. Judge called fo, the criminal calendar and Roberto theft sus Masonic Group Meets 'TOPEKA, Kns., Oct. 24. </r»-of- ficcrs \vere elected yesterday by the Central states Grotto , Association as the. organization closed a two- day meeting here. More than 1.200 'members of the -Masonic organization from Kansas, Missouri, Iowa. Oklahoma and Ark-' nnsas registered for the meeting. -R. Llithcr England of Hutchison, Kas., was elected president of the .association. - ; . .,, . Trains Off Labrador John E. Milligcm, seaman apprentice, in the United States Navy, formerly of Leachville, Is ,1 member of the crew of the USS Arneb now taking part In joint Nnvy and' Marine Corps exercises, oil the coast of Labrador. Negro Deaths Alice Hollman, 41, died Friday night in her home on South Second Street and funeral services arc to be conducted at'2 p.m. Tuesday in the Carter Temple \v;thodist Church by the pastor, 7?cv. J. S. McFadden. Buria! will be in Lane Cemetery in charge of the Caston Funeral'Home. Survivors include a brother, clay Thomas, and a sister, Catherine parrish of Flint, Mich. •';. Last nay • Open 6:30 Kirst Blythevilie .Showing A Comedy Miracle f Adults 50c Kiddies FREE Plus Two Cartoons Tuesday One Day Only Also Color Cartoon Wed.-Thurs. • First Bfytheville Showing; Oi>cn 6:30 BLYTMEVILLESONLV ALL WHITE THFATPF Clark Gable In "San Francisco" ALSO Veronica I.nke in "The Sainrcd Sisters" Benjamin Franklin- harmonica. .. invented the l>ect, struggled to the prisoner's stand. "R. U. Iimocentc?" queried tht clerk, without looking up. "No, I am guilty!" Innocente reported. Whereupon lhe judge sentenced Innoccntc to 10 months in jail on his plea of guilty to driving a stolen car here from Nevada. . - «r of self-indulgence— and losing It a matter of self-torture. But .with Fay Susklnd putting on | lols of steep." . , said. "When I'm gaining I always go to bed with a full stomach and get nechanlcal industry. "It is my Job lo test the reducing equipment," she said as we sat In an anteroom of one of the MncLcavy -slenderizing salons where she acts also as gym supervisor. "Three or four limes a year I put on as much weight as I can, and then take It off with massage rollers, "We have machines for every iilace you want to reduce—calves, lii]is, arms, back, waist or thighs. I Lest, ea'cli machine by taking weight off myself." She keeps an elaborate chart during the whole process—showing the changes in her own measurements as she builds her weight up, then takes it off. We went into the gym, which was full ol strange Instruments and resembled a medieval torture chamber. There were two fat laity customers present. One was bent over a machine that kept humping her in the stomach mildly with a series of wooden rollers. The second fat lady was harnessed in a gadget that kept-rolling several lightly clamped elastic wire springs up and down her thighs. "Docs It tickle?" I asked. "Oh, no, indeed,' she said. "It feels rather good." ' I took her word 'for' It. Both plump ladles looked with a sigh of envy at shapely Miss Suskind, whose weight L? now In the downward cycle. She explained that the most she had ever got her weight up to was 126 pounds, but j that now she was. down to 103—and still losing. "1 can put on as much as twelve pounds in four weeks by eating can- reqtiired (o slim her calves to Betty arable ste while leaving her hips a Venus de Mllo projwrtlon. "Hnt this Is only temporary," the said. "As soon us J liave completed the test, they let me get buck Into This system Is harder on her Inis- >aml Hum It Is on her. "He really doesn't like me to gain i -he wants me to stay slim," she all over." the patrons of slenderizing salons today aren't merely anxious , smiled. "Hut he knows it's my Job. he doesn't suffer from it. He's underweight himself. He gels everything fattening to eat and lias beer at every meal— and . still he doesn't put on an ounce." One aspect of Fny's . job mijjlit m.ike it attractive to' many women. She finds it necessary to maintain two complete wardtobcs— one for Hie uiisurge, one for Ihc downbeat. ''The advantage of mec'haii'cal massage," she said, "Is that It enables women to remove fnt from uny part of the body they desire. U i'ivcs iJicm control over their physical contours." The trouble with having to test different reducing machines, however 1 , Is that sometimes Fay may be | lo melt, away blubber. "In case It Interests you," she said. "»'c can build up the bust, too. Muny women now arc Interested in thai." MY MOM KNOWS WMT'StfST' Ye* in'am! Kvcrvtirue a lujn- li'B is needed for n rliitrl S"uit ot Ulnck-Drfiught la clrcn I,y Jfolh- TW Wl !°. r , rall> ; k " ow - S >'" 1 ' 1 "' lll; ><*- nraught la iilciunnl-tiMIni;. Clill.lron ?!'' V £T " acjf fl »'jiy or Inns about taking It. Tnkcn vi directed Syru|> of Illnrlc- Drmixlit usually relievo.! .ilnni-nli TO*. • Uiwtloi] due lo loo tuurli M iin K 1»i W i>c n incols or t.) ollior norinnl clillYlmi'B Ir n-Biiliirlllci. Syrup vl illack-l)i,™ K >n [ s ' IKire, clnclcnl product marie by a inoimrnrliircr known (or four Kcnrrn- "l 0 ?," '"f aV"'," ! l, nrcrarallonH. Huy byiui) of rtliirjk-DriniRlii i,,^-. S .,J "rui " lack - Drin 'Elit at your SCHOOLCHILDREN'S SPECIAL 4 Price Circus Coupon Ticket RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. Monday & Tuesday 0ROS. 3 RING Cli]> This Coupon Mm; This Special Coupon Willi Only All Tiixes Included Will Admit Any School lioy or Girl OCc OJ Defense to Be Heard In Missourian's Trial STE GENEVIEVE, Mo., Oct.,24— Wj—Defense testlmonv, was scheduled today in the trial of William C. Mahurin, charged with slaying his wife, a lonely hearts club bride. The state's cnsc against : Mahurin, .->3, \vas concluded Saturday. Mrs. Mahurin was found dead in the yard of their fn mi'home near Parmington, Mq. The couple had been married six months following their ceremony at Piggott, Ark. - Present his coupon will, 35 cents (taxes Included) at the Main Entrance Gates show grounds between 1 and 2-30 pin Unldre,, s admission, without this c-uujinn, sold ,m shew s ,nui.,ls 1.0 cents-laves included-,ou will s:l ,e 25 cents wilh *ou,," •». WALKER PARK FAIRGROUNDS Blythevilie, Wednesday, Oct. 26 -- . NEW llux O|icns XVcck Uujs 7:00 p.m. iHalincc Suliirdaj &. Sumlayi Mnt.-Sun. 1 p.m. Cont, Showing Manila, Ark. Slums KVKKV NIUHT Last Time Today "THE STRATTON STORY" with June Allison anrt .limits Sfctiart Also Shorts Tuesday . "AIR HOSTESS' wldi Ross Fnrd Also Short Box Office Opens at 6:30 Show Slarls 7:00 -.-1 Time Tonight a MflelT.,^"/' ^..evi Tuesday & Wednesday Admission 50c —• Children Free Summer Menus are a The World's Finest REFRIGERATOR gives you, MORE ROOM for loll bottles! V 64 pop-out ICE CUBES! / CONVERTIBLE CORNER for whole wot«r- m«lonl V SPEED FREEZER lo hold up to 31 Ibi. of lea cream, sherbet, jellied consomme and othtr frozen foodsl EXTRA SHELF SPACE for »olad», dessert* and ail your frosty favorites! BUY NOW (..AND GET FAMOUS HOTPOINT QUALITYi Buitcr Conditioner, Lcf over (tuck, glass-covered Vegetable Drawers, Thrlftmastcr Unit • ml other great features for year-round con- vcuieuce, economy and service! $ 329 EASY PAYMENT TERMS BLAN HEATH CO. 112 North .lit Phone 828

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