The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 28, 1946 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 28, 1946
Page 9
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£8,.19-)q _ CLASSIFIED , ADVERTISING INFORMATION Daily rate pet lltia 'or consecutive la-, tertions: Minimum Charge --------------- 60c 1 lime p<r lina - ------- --- --- 15c 2 tlmea per litie per day -------- r>c a tlm«t ^«r Hoe |»«r day -------- fl c 0 times jier line )>cr day -------- 7c 12 ,tira«i per line i>er day ------- 60 1 Month per line ------------- „ 90c Coucit Jiv* *v«rir« word* to th« line. jLdt ordered /or lbr#* or ilx tim^t f nd •topped b«fc>re exijiiaiioii wilt be charged (t?l/ite nuinbir of time* the id appeared kij|k»Jjustuinhi of bill made. 7J&IJ Class! Hfl Ailveilismtf copy iub- (iiilleil by |jfrfioiis re.-iiiliiit? outside Q( the cJiy must be aci'omtniiiEe'J Uy casjj. Kale* urny be easily comj'UicJ frum the above table. Advertising order for Irregular Insertion* tikes ilif oue tune rate. N*o rveimnsibility will b*> uten for mort tltij one incorrect insertion of any etas- fcifitd fcd. _ BLYTHEVILLE (ARK,)'. pQURIEg For Sal* tnrnllnr* for 6-room liouit, Must bf sul.l r> , A|,rll 3rd. 111! W. llnvl«. I'lione 3.137. 27>|ik-r,.1 1'KOPKHTY OWNKHS: 1 will liritig you ' a casli buy if you aru Ui M'll V'>ilr lioliif, furui. or HL-KLnpss iiryiu-r- ' I). 1 .'an 1.1-11 a,,J (inajue luwu Pfu1» i-rly IUH| (arm land jit luw ,i,!t ut JiiliT-'sl nilli lon^ i.'rjn ]>ri'-jmyui(>]il« »<ni arc Invhi-.l to rail nnyllnu- l.iilk- ft (tr^y, J-S(att- Itr-oki'r. 1'lioiit- fj ' 3. a|21-|>k-l[i7 Baby Chicks 4-A Grade, AUS approved. Several breeds and ages at store, North Fourth St., Blytheville Elevator Feed Store. 1'hone ' 3-27-ck-.)-:{ f'tf*-. J'lir.-il ru. ft. Pur m I Main. II. I). MlyllH'vill,. U OKI rc JO ncrt- farms, well liii|>ror<<>V • >:bl^. riinninj; ^^ftl,lr, l.alli. Oti.- !',:• . south .if Hlyiliovillc im B rnvi-l. \ OIL. lou.'rpl.- lilKljwfcy, :i mi. Irym yl)irvlllr >r rrs ••\(, ml. k'onlli of ' BlrtlicvlUr lli^htvny Bl. .Vi.'t.. pbi-o :., ),nll,l. arr?* nf ..Haifa • M 'f.'iic.'O. l.ullier l Kdl»te liVuk'nr, l-'liuo- ' ..wily !'•''<• a >.-,ir j,-il.-irfiii[i'( l «i 1.1 Ti- d.ttunfji'-il by mot lluMiaril luinlvi'ii f:W \Vnlk- In rutfi ^i f. )r 5 | f,, r ra r,, it,- C. C. Jii.yrni, I Photostats — Let O'Steen' ! make a photostat ic copy of ] your discharge, marriage license and other important papers. Quick service. (ySTKKN'S STUDIO' Phone'3208. 115 W. Main 3-27-ck-lt 1915 model Cushman Motor 'Scooter. Good condition. Call 4G3, or 3500 and 3439 after (i p. m.. . 3-22-dlrtf Attractivo ui(i<lem Imnie. KorLU r&it Boct[o»_ of, .town. Owner occi]|iu'il anil t-»rcil for. Kpnrloust yftrJ, licauliful filiniljliery. J;rnjuu)in(e ]<i>Ksrssioik. Sue or call itax Logan. I'ljnjin S02. room finmo Ijy at oiico. 1'liune Ucnrn Kt. ^7:iLl. 27-lik-iJO latc '"o-Iel John l>eo™ Iractors with all eiiiui'i ^740, Srnaili, .Mo. Hoy For Rent i\il>i nj- wiilif>iit k Plione 2ylJ. (5 room residence near high ' n °/j™™ school. Now renting for —^ 565 a month. Price S5000. • Storage room, car or truck Has one side now vacant.) unloading" on both /*r H. C. CAMI'UELL 'i roa<!s: Phone 2112: i'lione 44(5 or 2930. I 3-27-ck-3-30 3-26-pk-4-.3 2 Jiaby n 'ml ninttrcss. Sec at 119 W. ! ij^hcd n|i«ttiii4iit. U only. 819 W. Ash. 20-|>)<-:iO WHILE YOU ARE WAITING FOR YOUR NEW FORD Bring Your Car to PHILLIPS for A COMPLETE MOTOR TUNE-IJP Here's What We'll Do:— Check Compression Tt'.sl, Clean and Space fjpark Plugs Clean and Adjust Distributor Check Coil awl Condenser Clieek Generator and Voltage Regulator Clean, Adjust Ciirlmrelor and Cleiiu Fuel Pump Servine Air Cleaner Tighten Hose ConiH'dions Test and Service Hallery and Baltcry Connections if See Us for Kxpert Hody-Fviuler Repairs • We can give immediate Service on the installation of New Windshields and Windows if Just Received—a Complete Slock of Seat Covers for Ali Makes and Models New Day! New Time! Great Entertainment! THE FORD BOB CROSBY SHOW Every Wednesday Night, 11:30-10:00 KST on Ihc; CHS Network. P MIL LIPS MOTOR COMPANY FORD and MERCURY DEALER Walnut at Fifth—TBlythcville, Ark. Tel. 453—454 PoliticgJ Announcements The Courier New* tuu been •u.liorltcd to tnuounc* the Jollow-1 lo« candidate*, «ubjeot to the Democrallo primary: 6HE1UFF AND COLLICTOE JACK PINIJIY ROBINSON WILLIAM DEUHYMAN COUNTY JUDGE GENE E. BHADLJtT ROLAND GREEN fOlt TAX ASSESS OH DOYLE HENDERSON CIRCUIT CI.RRK * HARVEY MORRI8 COUNTY COUUT CI.KRK ELIZABETH UIiYTIUB COUNTY TREASURE* DKLLA PURTLE STATK KWHKSKNTATIVE ALENE WORD E. C. FLISKMAN IJ33UE "DUK1E" SPEOK I,. H, AUTBY STATE SENATOR J. LSB DKARDEN PAGE NINE ? Meet Mn America The following mo cniKlliintes for oftirn In tli e nlylhcvlllo Munlelpal ElHlon to be lioHl Ajirll 3: CITY OI.KKK PRANlv Win'i'WORTlI CITX 'ATTORNEY PEKCY A. WRIGHT (Vpt Hc-olcctlori) IJOWAnD N. MOORE WA1!I> ONK AI.DCKMAN JESSE M. WHITE ALUKltMAN 1>'AIU> 'J'WO JODIE L. NABERS AI.DKRMAN WARD' THREE 'RUPERT CRAPl'ON Rend Courier Nowa Wnnt Ads. » I>H>. . • . 2l)-[ik-20 3 Light lious nip ia:!7 IhnlFdii. Fair lirrs ami Ijciily. Motnr gooil. (,'Jlll 'J'lG. ^«-j>k-4[3 40'HO t)r I'liona 29211. First tune on fho market. Three .bedroom huusti hi K-nn] cumlition. IUOxl4[) clock u« city bus line. . iilputy-of tMriU'iL sp:ic-e. i»iie auii comfurtuble, rpA- 100 arrfis of ponil land lo il. t!.in fnriklsli iraflur or iniili-s if Uesir<-tl. J. C. Kills, pliune [ill. 2:c^2'J Xicely furnislieil front Ijeilrooi ' Lrat. Imt water. Phone 3204. Wonted To Buy v-OI will pay casli fn I'll.",r..Ul .,, Plymii IMi^nc IllSn. One 4 y^-av old j;ick, IS Wrijjht nbinil liiun pi (iiay. Ku-.-lB,..Mli., Jtt: I 19:i'J (Ililsmnljile. I'lran. K i«,,i tir tli«j inn) Ji.-iiler, jiritfil helow A1<0 UJIO. Uliuvrnlct. - I'liune lliisiiicss pruperty oti Ma lucau-.l. fhuuu »73. We are now operating garage ' in Yarbro: Will appreciate your patronage. J. It. I'rcs- hell & J. R. IJoyles. 3-27-pk-30 Housp Moving and rnmnlniiun II 401!. Prank Cnu-kult isin iiiui vine st. 2r,-i>k-i;2;- .Several tlo^iruljlo r.'sidrncc lots reason- ally jirin'.l. J. II. Jontz, gilioni; WJ3. 2 old atr-le Jnlin Deere tractors, .on nielli, K"uil condition. For iilanglimg or Jiscing. Will s.'ll or IruJ,' fur yuiina Jiiirsea or- rallies. Men tlit-ni. sit Mill. i'rule Adition. U. S. Eiollison. ^-ck-2!) (Jrufery Ktnrc -vrilh livin-c ijiiart.irR !o- BHlJrr willi I ri'iilnl tM.its.'s. Ap|irox- HiuUi'ly 1! iiL-re-t of lana. Kronts or. llwy. Cl. Lurdors ura Cotton Halt Jt. K.. iiU-rtl luL-Rttun for jinllistry. bue Iliicliaium's Lrrucery, A', Hwy. (ii. KOoJ Klnctrlc Vactitim t 1U15 Ash. ;i- lu-lik-2!) Clioic',. lath-ry era Oil Co.. , nl.oul 2 His.' J'liiiu- Two Moline Z Tractors and equipmeai. One practically new. Also new corn picker. J,oyd WUJJarns, Imtiwjen, _Ark." ' 3-12-pk-4-3 Baby cliicka. .jaiULIe all the lira lli-avy L[':L-ds. Mrs. lluck Aieaarg, 304 li. Main, puojio yid. y-uk-4 -Motln-r n-ill care for chililrcu in licr IIOIIH- day or niclit. H,-f,-reiu-es. Ui'K- sonatde rates. 119 Kast Clii-rry .Mr?. 10,1 r. A service. r.s. Specialize in tlic i mill. clt-iiiHir.i. Bring it ny nirtI;e clcuni-r. '24 Un For expert oil slov William n. -Overtoil, acting Counly Snrv.'yor. l.aint Snrvoys and ilrjf lin-j farm ditcliei. line and levels: Servi'il Illis area for IHI years. 10-pk-lJlti Tractor repairs and service. Electric 1 and acetylene welding. Blacksmith work. Delta Implement Co. Phone Wanted to Rent t-lelo nnin liouse. Call I' Sl>3. U. S. Approved Baby Chicks. The very best, grade' seed oats, hybrid seed corn, and Sudan seed. L. K. ASUCRAFT CO. Phone 4'J3 3-12-ck-tf plants. Blakemore. Marie 171U Cliickasivwba. 7-uk-4|7 »oy chicks, different varieties. Also nuiillry anil poultry feed*. Chester l.twis, Poultry, 4J3 E. Main. 7-pk-4|7 ji* Hay *tit) inulc 'J'pleuliono le, SEo awH /Artn imple- ^V. A. Jenkins. Halibit manure. 60c a bashel. Beat for flowers nnj g»rjen. 512 .N. llth St. UiicV»;.«w R.ubit Farms. l-uk-411 Don't worry about hard water in your farm home. Let Planters Hardware install and guarantee a water softener. 8 or T room unfurnished to use. Phone 2,135. " . . 6-j>k-4iti Male Help Wanted GOOD JOBS FOR FORMER MILITARY Iti-al Kslaie Imve a home f prir,. is ri-asoiiahle, rt-ndy U> in.iv.- J hav 10 pj»' i-asli. K,'.. r,i;: nvll .Max l.n ,,1 c ,., ]>lmnc r,02. Silver service in good condition. Write 1'. O. Box !!80, BlytheviHe. 3-12-ck-tf Every c\ibic nii!6 of sen water contains ni)l>roxiinntels" 4,riOO.OOfl tons of magnesium. Read Courier News Wrmt Ails. We Specialize in Fresh Fruits and Vegetables ." j Seed and Plants Wholesale or Retail Blytheville Curb Market 130 E. Alain Phone 973 The (lays nre longer in Okla- lionm tlinn tlicy arc In Nchrnskn in Hie wlnlcr montlis. Refrigerator Service OP ALL KINDS—CALL W. O. BLUE Phone 2918 or 2C42 Kills Rats Roaches Biddle Exterminators Member Nat'L Feat Control Aw'n. 11G S. Third 8t. Phone 2751 CALL TULLOS for Refrigeration CITY ELECTRIC CO. LAWN CHAIRS and PORCH SWINGS Made to Your Order. Order Yours NOW! Ellis (Nick) Nichols Woodworking Shop 308 South First Street I.t.-Cen. llo.vt S. Vniulcnbcrg, ubovo, wnvllmo coinmnuclcr 'ot tlio Ninth Air i'orce, Is the perfect "lypfcnl Aiucric.'in," with fiicial chunniEcrlslicH so iivci'titiO thai tin emu \Voulcl tilvo him '[i second Qlnnco on tlio street. 'So s;iys Dr. Alice limes, nulvcl llas- lon iinlliropulof'.ist nfter clidck- ln[{, with 05 (tilTerent- monsurc- nioiits, the heads o( S075 Koldtera. I*crr*;cl repairing: for today's rx- t|tiisiti^ footwear assured wlii'll re- biiitt in our mnili;rn shop. .w. M« rt>J ST.: lioail Courier News Wiinl, A,(ls. Rqdios Repaired Auto - Electric We l'ic> Up and DeUvrt Just ituec'iveilt Electric Phonographs With Automatic Record Changer. 12 Ton jlni'h Records. Ten 12 jnch Records. $49.95 CITY RADIO REPAIR :i;M Aluln I'linne 2407 WANTED Late Model Cars and Trucks" Pay the Hjgh§st Prices " <v Bring YoMr Car or Truck * Larges Car Dcqler in Mississippi Take Home the Money or Credit on a New Cor LOY JIGH CHEVROLET CO. Texaco Gas & Oils 301 W. Walnut : i > ' *£ Phone 578 ••- i rt>1 • - i ,*i The PorliiKilcsc, Dutch, nnd British, In Unn. • hiive hold Ceylon, which wns mi ancient cculci 1 of PRESCRIPTIONS Prnhcat Stock GnMrsnteed Best PI^CM Kirby Drug Stores FOR 8ALE CONCRPTE r STORM SKWUR ' ALL 8IZK8 Cheaper Than Bridie Dumber OSCEOLA TILE & -CULVERT CO. Phone SSI / Oictola, Ark. * J. L Opfomi QUARP'S Optometrist "'dt' : ' '"' Baby Chicks Custom Hatching. Blaylock Hatchery, Highway 61 N. 2-26-pk-4-26 SPECIALISTS (MOS) ' JOB "' MOS D. F. Evaluator _ _ _ 8GU r», Director Rcpaiiinan, Electrical, Heavy AAA 899 0, Df recto ;• Bcpairjuz::, Mechanical, Heavy AAA 017 5, Fire Control Hcyainnan Light AAA . 918 &, 4, 'J, Control System Hepairnian, Heavy AAA _ _ _ _ 01D 5, 4, 3, Height Finder Repairman 921 &. 4, U, Radar Mecb., Gr'nrl Lorin 918-.&, 4, 3 Radar EepairinaTi, Gun Laying E'ment 952 5, 1, :i Radar Repair in an. RcportinK Equipment 9G3 5, 4, 3 Radar Repairman, Alrfconie Eciulpment 955 6, 4, 3 and many other skills. -Here's a new opportunity Tor good, -steady work good pay. If you were honorahly rtiv cliargcrt /rom the "Army on or alter May 12, 1940, and held a grade in one of the military occupational sued: (MOS), yoa may n&w enlist in the tilar Army in your qualified specially and at a giade depending on the icngtn of your previous MOS service, provided -:»> Tmclor nnj CnllivMor. disc hri'.iliirtK lilow. 3 nni nmnlti. Ilillcrl Lyticli. Vi toltoin miooltie ia. Ark. you* act before July receive under HiijT now Wat Depart- and rmd i 191G. "XIO|i the special grade you Wonted 0 mil.-- McSh Head tl " a -.L ^_ d Ofuiier Nen Krcct Ye*r if Prefabricated House Free Estimates—No Obligation O. W. FARRINGTON 4HK- So. Tilly B1?thcvilte, ArkJ order. Apply at the TT. S. Aimy Recruiting SUttoc, 305 Federal BWg.. Jonesboro, Ark. Wanted to Trade 209 W. Main SPRING OTS See iis itboiil your mechanical troulilc. Our expert mcchan- witrkiiig with modern tools iiiul uriuifiment can put your oir iii tn» cimililion'." We also Imve a paint 'nnd lioilv shou repair service. We •11' <-• •' ; • •."'• 'i'i' • will fix your our or buy your ear 1'OR CASH. Sinkers Cotton Seed Alfalfa - Lcspcdcra Soybean and Garden Seed. Blytheville Soybean Corp. Hlytlieville, Ark. Attention Tractor Owners! DON EDWARDS Ty»nrrller MJW" T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO We have the latest equipment to Inflate Your Tractor ires. Compkte Htocks of Tarts For Okryster rrodacU ~ ; l^l E. Main ; Phone Let Us Install and Repair Your Tractor Tires. Work Guaranteed. WE GIVE PROMPT ROAD SERVICE TOOTS AND TUOR BUDDIKS 419 West Main Street DOGS VVS KN S\ \ VA\ -' ~~ )"s5-r BY MERRILL BLOSSEF I'raclic'iil Suggeslion Will trade -11-12 model cars for 38 or 39 models. Good deals. Phillip? Motor Co., 5th and Walnut., \3-2.7-ck-tf r>p<T r^krsp ronlnininp 2 pr l.illfnIJ. JnL'.'i Wnlniil. 27.^ ^ Read Courier News Want Ads. Cash Buyers for Property! Did you ever notice that In my ads I toot only tire you Hie DOWN PAY MEN T on the properly, b»t also the exact amount yon are'hi pay. Yoa know the price before joa canmlt me. A f«od wmy U adver- llse. • . - : List yonr property with m e. Mj tvmmlsston U 5%. H. C. Office: 120 S. 2nd St. Phones 446 or 2930 Just Around the Corner . . . It's SPRING Again! and automobiles are another Year Older!! SO... It's time in come in for (hat Spring checkup. Here j :irc just n few of (he litijiRs that your war-weary car • Drain & Flush Radiator Cooling System • CHECK Check Fan Belt and Hose Connections Tighten Cylinder Head Bolts Check Wheel Alignment to Prolong the Life of Your Tires. Jlring Us Your Paint and Hotly Needs . to Handle T.licni We Arc Sec Your Studqbakcr Deafer First. We Buy nml Sell Good Used Cars CHAMBLIN SALES CO. I«i Ch»«nWta __ am ChanfeM B. K. Ik AA Bta. IT I? H=r?EBV RESOLVED \ i MAT ALL WOMEN ARE ,'." '.VOi.VF.S I lilUV ARE TOO / ^ OS'.:VEECIW&. TOO .... THEY TAVCE TOO ^ILCM RX GRANTED ' Tb COPE WITH TMIS SlTOATlOM WE FURTHER RESOLVE |O INTRODUCE WOMAN- HATING WEEK IM SHADVSIDE !--NO MALE SHALL DARE To CAST EYES UPON AMY FEMALE, OR ANY REASONABLE FACSIMILE THEREOF/ THE ALWCE oc .. A*REASOWA61E FACSIMILE* AND DOMT JEOPARDIZE YOURSELVES Ar MEALTIME! ALLKY OOP In flic Spring SEE, I'O U1KE T4.WOR.K IM THAT LABORATOttV, TOO... OWLV I DO.M'T GUESS IVE GOT AMY- TMIM& OM TKE 3ALL CAM USE, LlkE OOP -, "SIXTY HAVE OH, SOU MUSTN'T BLAKBE SIV-TY,..I'M TM'OME WHO 'PED ALU£Y OFF TO HIS IMPORTANCE. BY V. T. HAMILTOM I.MTERESTED IS MOT VYC8.D FOC IT. OOOL*. I'M VVILP ABOUT HE

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