Leader-Telegram from Eau Claire, Wisconsin on February 15, 1914 · Page 11
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Leader-Telegram from Eau Claire, Wisconsin · Page 11

Eau Claire, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Sunday, February 15, 1914
Page 11
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EAU CLAIRE SUNDAY LEADER EAU CLAIRE W1SC0NS1NSUNDAY, FEBRUARY 15, 1914. EAU CLAIRE SUNDAY LEADER (3) Are You Suffering From Aiito-Ihtoxication I the state of being poisoned, from body." This is a condition due to pores of the body failing to throw off are suffering from this trouble. This is probably why you are suffering from nervousness, headaches, loss of appttite, lack of ambition, and many other Symptoms produced by Auto-Intoxication. Your whole system needs stirring up. OH. PIERCE'S aOLDEli MEDiGAL DISCOVERY m Tmblmt or Uguld form) will remedy the trouble. It first aids the system to expel accumulated poisons. It acts as a tonic and fi naily enables the body to eliminate Its own poisons without ny outside aid. Obey Nature's warnings. Your dealer in medicinei will supply you, or you may tend 50c for a umple paduM of tablets by mall. Address Dr.R. V.Pierce, Bualo,N.Y. "MR. SYKES SHOULD HAVE BEHAVED SELF," BUT HE DIDN'T, SAYS WIFE - i. 5 : I ' mm, ill ; Mrs. Melvin H. Sykes. CHICAGO. Feb. 14. (Special)- Mrs. Melville H. Sykes, known an tine of Chicago's most beautiful 'women and the wife of a .well known State street ' photographer, ACTRESS IDENTIFIES DIGGS AS ASSAILANT OF 17-YEAR-OLD GIRL KALAMAZOO, Mich., Feb. 14.--(Special) Mrs. Orion il. Clarl:, president of the Michigan " Kquai Suffrage association, from her headquarters in" this city gives out -for the first time a statement as to the carrying out of the work for the year 1914. The statement follows: The object and policy of the ' .Michigan Equal Suffrage association Is: Throw Away Your Eye-Glasses! A Free Prescription To a can Have Filled and Tse af " Hume. Do you wear glasses? Are you a victim of eye-strain or other eye-weaknesses? If so, you will be glad to know that there is real hop for you. Many whose eyes were falling say they have had their eyes restored through the principal of this wonderful free prescription. One man says, after trying it: "I was almost blind; could not we to read at all. Now I can read everything without any glasses and ny eyes do not water any more. At night they would pain dreadfully; now they feel fine all the time. It was like a miracle to me.' - A lady who used it says: "The atmosphere seemed hazy with or without glasses, but after using this prescription for fifteen days everything seems clear. I can even read tine print without glasses." It is believed that thousands who wear glasses can now discard them in a reasonable time and multitudes more will be able to strengthen their eyes so as to be spared the trouble and expense of ever gettlnj glasses. Eye troubles of many descriptions may be wonderfully benefited ; . by following the simple rules. Here is the prescription., Go to, any active drug tore and ,' get a bottle of Optona. Fill a two ounco bottle with warm water, drop in one Optona tablet and allow to dissolve. With this liquid, bathe ths eyes two to four times daily. You should notice your eyes clear up perceptibly right from the start, and inflammation will quickly disappear. It your eyes are bothering you, even a little, take steps to save them now before it ts tod late. Many hopelessly blind might have hem saved if they had cared for their Cyes in time. Advertisement. SAVE YOUR HAIR! IF FALLING OUT OR DANDRUFF 25 CENT DANDERINE. Ladies! Ment Here's the quickest, tiniest dandruff cure " known. Thin, brittle, colorless and scraggy hair is mute evidence of a neglected scalp; of dandruff that awful scurf. - There Is nothing so destructive to the hair is dandruff. It robs the hair of its lustre, its strength and Its very lire; eventually producing a feverish-ness and' itching of the scalp, which if not remedied causes the hair roots to shrink, loosen and . die then the hair fallr out fast llttlr Dander-; 1 The dictionary says that Autointoxication is "poisoning, or toxic, substances produced within the the stomach, bowels, kidney, liver, or the poisons. More than 50 of adults Th latest Jltfon of Dr. Fiwo's Common Bern tiieal AdvtMir should m in vry family. N reaaoa why yon ahoulJ t without Itwbaoitwill hm aent I ram to you if you Will rmit eamt of wrapping and niiinff 81 o cnt Umi to Dr.R.V Flare. Wutfalo.N. X. , has separated from her husband be cause, as Bhe says, "Mr. Sykes should have behaved. ' In the course of a few days "she will file a libel in divorce, charging incompatibility. She admitted It cculd be worse. Mr. Sykes has not uted the same discretion In discussing his family affairs. He Is reported- to have said that another woman Is the cause of the family row. Mrs. Sykes was still In her teens when she joined him In wedlock In 1!'02. Sykes- fell In love with the girl when she .went to the studio to be photographed, and proposed marriage right off the reel. But she made him bide his time. . It is Syke's third matrimonial venture.. Ills first wife, Mary Malon- ty, died, and the second was sep- erated from the photographer by di vorce. Sykes has two grown chil dren, Marry and Mary, from the first wife, but none from the secon 1 and third wives, For a time these children resided with . their father and the present Mrs. Sykes, but that was long ago. Since the separation, of the couple on the night of January 25 last mutual friends have made herculean efforts to effect a reconciliation, but Mrs. Sykes told them she could not forgive his transgression. "Yes, it's true we have separated, hut It's not a matter for public discussion," sand Mrs. - Sykes. "I am in charge of the family residence, aiid I will continue to conduct the business. There will be nothing sensational In the charges. My libel simply will show ' incompatibility, the date of our marriage and the separation. Mr. Sykes should have behaved." Mrs. Orfon IT. Clark. To secure for Michigan wqm-en the full franchise. To educate the Michigan omen for the franchise. To bring about the co-operation of men and women of our state to make Michigan a leader In matters of progression, ot which complete equality Is not the least. To build upon thorough organization for spreading the propaganda. To accomplish this through the dignified, sane, law-abiding methods- as pursued In the past. In spite of the fact that she has taken active part in two suffrage campaigns during the past two years, and is now at the head of tne Michigan association, Mrs. Clark Is k home-loving woman and her hobby is boys. It is In the interest of boys -nd the home, she says, that she is giving so much of her time to the ccuse. She has two fine lads of her own, who are proud ot their mother and of her ability as a leader In both the work of woman's clubs and suffrage. TRY A WANT AD ine tonight now any time will surely save your hair. Get a 25 cent bottle of Knowlton's Danderine from any drug store or toilet counter, and after the .first application your hair will take on that life, lustre and luxuriance which is so beautiful. It will become wavy and fluffy and have the appearance of abundance; an Incomparable "gloss and softness, but what will please you most will be after Just a few weeks' use, when you will actually see a lot of fine, downy hair new hair growing all over the scalp. Advertisement, f r . RESCUER TELLS GRAPHIC ft. V'' (c) Underwood at Underwood, Left, Mrs. Frederick V. Vanderbilt climbing to the deck of the Almiranle; right, life boat from the Almiranle reaching side of the rescue ship with Vanderbilt party. tV lOaK, Feb. 14, (Special) The big United iFruit Company jiuer Almirant0 has Just reached (New Y'ork with five shipwrecked passengers of the Frederick W. Vanderbilt steam yacht Warrior, which went ashore on the-coast of Venezuela January 27. The- five are Mr. and Mrs. Vanderbilt and their guests, the Duke and Duchess of Manchester and Lord Falconer, eldest son of tne Earl of Kintore. Chief Officer Edwards of the Al- rnirante, who went in charge of the lifeboat wich took off the passen gers from the stranded yacht, told a graphic story of the rescue, Including the struggle in picking up tne cix men of the lifeboat of the Frultera, which went first to the rescue, but capsized in the breakers. "We were lying in Santa Marta,'' said Mr. Edwards, "when we got word about half past ten Tuesday morning, the 27th. that the Warrior was ashore on the reefs of Cape Augusta and lying In a dangerous position. . , Yacht on Ileef in Nasty Sea. 'After a four hours' run down the coast we sighted the lights of the tranded yacht close inshore. It wa3 blowing a moderate pale from the northeast, and this, with the current of the Magdalena river, made a very nasty cross-sea.' " ' "The Fruitera, another steamer. started her boat, first, and I followed n our No. 3 lifeboat with six men and the boatswain. As soon as we got in toward the breakers I found we were due for a livelier time than had anticipated, for although the sea was tcomparativeiy .; smootn on the Warriors port side, the current from the river was running about STEAL PENNIES; GET TEX YE Ah Two Men Confess Uiirirlury In Clin- Ion, Iowa. CLINTON. Iowa, Feb'.-14. James Kelly and Eward Nothnagle, who pleaded guilty to burglary today be fore Judge Barker in the District Court, will begin serving ten years sentences at Anamosa, Iowa, tomorrow. Just one week from the date their crime. last Friday.. night they entered ' the Armstrong salvage tore through a rear jwindow and stole a dollar In pennies. ' Herman Jacobsen. who was implicated in th crime, was given a suspended sentence upon promising the judge to quit drinking and take care of his family. - ASKS RED CROSS TO ' PREPARE FOR FLOODS Edmund T. Perkins. President Edmund T. Perkins of tie National Drainage congress Las notified the American Red Cross that financial starvation has obstructed its efforts to prevent the recurrence of floods through the central and southern states. Co'mmunK ties, wholesale manufacturing and railroad Interests, the. Red Cross is told, have failed to wake to flood prevention efforts, and the Ohio disaster of last year may be repeated again In populous valleys. Hi ' " II llf - ' ' ff STORY OF HOW VAMRBILTS WERE SAVED FROM WRECKED YACHT OFF VENEZUELAN COAST tTTn. CI V. I five knots alongside, and we couldn't rvpke'any headway against it. ".The Fruitera's boat went In first, rut miscalculated and went slap Into the surf astern of the Warrior, sne disappeared under a big comber, and I thought It was all over with her crew, but the .current; after having upset them, carried the boat, with the men kicking in the water around 1:, clear of the breakers again, and we were able to run down and haul them all aboard. 'But by the time we had the last of them 4n our boat the current and the sea had carried us about two. miles to the leeward of the Warrior, and we had re more chance of getting back against it than we had. of swimming up Niagaras Luckily the Fruitera had spotted our plight and shej-an down to leeward of us. "I finally got alongside the Fruitera and put her own mn ; back aboard her again. They were too much used up after their struggle in the water to be of any use to us, end it was the luckiest thing I ever st.w that we didn't lose any of them. Fight Dangerous Current. "Then, at my request, the captain of th Fruitera took us in tow and took us up to a point about a half wile to windward 1 of the' Warrior, where we cast off, figuring that from tiiat point we could set ourselves alongside. We miscalculated ; the first time, and though my men row ed until their tongues hung out, we were swept past under the : stern, just near enough to make out the crew1 and the ladies watching 13 from her deck. "The second time, though, the BKRTIIilOX KOrXDKIt OK 11KUT1I.LOX HVSTFM, DEAD PARIS, Feb. 14. Alphonse Bertil-lon, head of the identification department, prefecture of the Paris police and inventor of the Bertillon . system of measurements for the Identi- fication of criminals died here today. He was born in 1853 and founu-1 the system of measurements In 1880 which has been adopted In all civilised countries. tm mi "HZ" Efi FEET for sore, tired, pulTed-up, sweaty, calloused feet , or corns. "Sure! I dm TVT every time for any foot trouble." - Y'ou can be happy-footed just like me. I'se "TIZ" and'nevtr suffer with tender, raw, burning, blistered, swollen, tired, smelly feet. "TIZ" ana only "TIZ" takes the pain and soreness out of corns, callouses and bunions. As soon as vou put your feet in a "TIZ" bath, you just feel the happiness soaking in. How good your poor, old feet feel. They want to dance for joy. "TIZ'- is grand. "TIZ" instantly draws out all the poisonous exudations which puff up your feet and cause sore, inflamed, aching, sweaty, smelly feet Get a" 25 cent box of "TIZ " at ?ny drug store or department store. Get instant foot relief. Laugh at foot sufferers who Complain. Because your feet are never, never going to bother or make you limp any more. Advertisement. ... . ' ' I h( Aft : V I P ... f V- SA:7 - I fc-- . ? ..! 1 T Fruitera rowed us up to windward and so close inshore sha didn't miss much of going around herself, and this time we came broadside on the warrior s port quarter as neat : as you please. , "Once alongside, we were in com paratively smooth water, though the current was running like a mill- race. I.wa8 all ready for some excitement in transferring the ladies, but both the duchess and Mrs, Vanderbilt were as clam as a May morning. We got the whole live aboard in a Jiffy, and had room for the balance of the crew. But they wouldn't come. The captain Bald he'd stick by the yacht, and tne w hole crew was With him. "Well, we didn't have any time to argue, so we finally compromised on three seamen to help us pull oars and then we got some of the ladies' hand baggage and set out on the return trip.-It was touch and go for a second and I thought sure as fate the eurrent was going to put us slap Into the zreakers. But my fel lows rowed like fiends and we just skinned through and soon we had whole party sate and sound on the Almirante's decks. "We went back again r-bout an hour later, but none of the i crew W-onld leave. So -we took the servants and the baggage. This time i had the current sized up to a nicety oi:d we had no trouble." All the officers of the Almiranle join with Mr. Edwards in praising the coolness of the entire Vanderbilt party, and particularly of the axan-ner in which the Duchess of Man Chester and Mrs. Vanderbilt withstood their trying experience. KNfilNFEIt IS KILLKD BY FALL Xews of Husband's Deafh Will (3rect Returning Wife. CLINTON, Iowa, Feb. 14. When Mrs. John P. Ayer and her little am arrive here tomorrow from Savannah, Ga., she will be greeted with the news of the death of her husband. He died this morning of it juries suffered late yesterday when he fell from a balcony on the thid story of a local cold storage pUst, where he Is employed as engineer. Word was sent to Mrs. Ayer yesterday at Savannah, but a message came back saying that she had loft for Clinton a few hours before o make her home here. I BRIDWELL'S A FED, REPORTS M0RDECAI AIBridweiL " - Mordecal Brown, managers ot the St. Louis Federal league teaw has confirmed the report that he ha ifned Al Brldwell, shortstop of the Chicago Cubs. He did not state what salary Brldwell will receive oi! the length of the contract. Bridwel! Is btre shown in his fighting tog. r - 1 vi I , s ESU ' ' ' K 1 1 ' -V ' AUSTRALIA 'S LAND THEOItY THAT IUXK)l 11FXXMES THIX IX TKOI'IC. IS KXPI4)DKI MRUIOURNE. Australia. Feb. 14.- Dr. Anton Broinl. director ot the Australian Institute of Tropical Medicine, who has been studying th9 possibilities of maintaining tropical Australia as a white man's country confirms the observations made bT American scientists in explosion ot tne theory that a white man's blood deteriorates or becomes thin In trop leal climes, The American observa tions had been made In comparison of the blood corpuscles of aecllmat ed East Indians and American sol diers of long service In the Philip pines and these fTuowed that no appreciable change had taken place. Similar results have been obtained by Dr. Broinl from experiments on school children in an Austrailaa town. What Is called tropic anaemia, ! form of pallor and listiessness ob servable In the Inhabitants of hot climates, is really due, not to any defect In their blood, but to rnlnuU changes in the outer skin, according to Dr. Anton s belief, and along those lines tuere Is need of further re search to establish the actual ; in fiuence of high temperatures on phy sical organisms. . Dr. Breinl's first report conclude! as follows. "It Is yet too early to say definitely whether the great ex periment of populating tropical Aus tralia by a , white working . popuh tion can be accomplished. This, however. Is certain, Northern Aus tralia when compared with other tropic regions Offers the most favor able conditions for permanent white settlement, . The position certainly justifies the application of undlmited effort, as the prize In view ' is the successful holding of a whole com! nent for the white race." TO KKXKW OOMPLRXIOX j WITHOUT CtWMETICS (From The Dermatologist.) If the excessive user of cosmetics tnly knew the Impression her artificiality really makes upon others, i;ha would quickly seek means of gaining a natural, complexion. Let her acquire the mercolized wax habit, discarding make-ups entirely, and she will soon have the kind of complexion that -women envy and men admire. It's so easy to get an ounce of mercolized wax at any drugstore, use nightly like cold cream and wash if off mornings. And the results are so remarkable. Gradually the lifeless cuticle peels off, in almost Invisible flaky particles. In a week or so there's a. Brand new complexion, - clear, velvety-soft, ot girlish color and texture. The treatment Is 'so simple,' harmless"' and maryelously effective, the wonder Is that every , woman whose skin U withered, -discolored, rough, chapped, freckled or pimpled, has not already adopted It. Let wrinkled women quit pastes and massage creams which mar tne skin still more nnd try this more sensible treatment: Dissolve 1 ox. powdered saxolite in one half pint witch hazel: use as face bath. Every line will quickly disappear. Advertisement. BISHOP. .WITH HIS HAI GHTKH. Will Kemaln With Mix Quayle, Whose Condition Wan Reported I'ni'liunged La.t MkM. CHICAGO. Feb. 14. A report from Wesley hospital last nlgnt said there was no change fn the con dition of Miss Margaret Quayle, who is undergoing treatment for cancer Her father, Bishop W. A. Quayle, ar. rived at the hospital today. He will remain at her bedside. DRINK HOT TEA FOR A BAD (OLD. Get a small package of Hamburg Breast Tea, or as the German folks call It, "Hamburger Brust Thee," Pt any pharmacy, lane a teaspoomui of the tea, put a cup of boiling wa ter upon It, pour through a sieve and drink a teacup full at any time. It Is the mo effective way to break a cold, and cure grip, as It opens the pores, relieving congestion, Al-no loosens the bowels, thus breaking a cold at once. It is inexpensive and entirely veri table, therefore harmless. Advertise ment. ' ELECTRICAL APLIANTE IA SHOT AM) SO IS AX EMPLOYE. CHICAGO, Feb. 14 Three alleged gunmen to-day entered the electrical appliance shop of Ruben Fablsh, on West Side, shot Fabish through the month and leg. wounded an employe and escaped. The police say the shooting resulted from Fabish"1 refusing to employ union electricians DRINK HABIT RELIABLE H0E TBEATJIEXT. The ORRINE treatment for the Drink Habit can be used with abso lute confidence. It destroys all desire for whiskey, beer or other alcoholic stimulants. Thousands have successfully used "it and have been restorea to lives of sobriety and . usefulness. Can be given secretly. Costs only $1.00 per box. If you fall to get results from ORRINB after - a trial, your money will be refunded. ' Ask for free booklet telling all about ORRINE. Otto Boberg, 208 S. Barstow St. Advertisement. WHITEMAN QUICK A SURE STOMACH CURE TAPE'S 1HAPEPSIV E.IS IXDI. fiESTiov, tits, sprnsEss IX five Mixrm Time It! Pape's Diapepsln will di gest anything you eat and overcome our, gassy or out-of-order Btom- ach eurely within five minutes. If your meals dont fit comfortably or what you eat lies like a lump ot lead in your stomach, or if you hav heartburn, that is a sien of Inden tion. Get from vnur nlmrmaMut a nrtv- cent case of Pape's Diapepsin and iase a aose just as soon as you can There will be no sour rising, no belching of undigested food mixed With acid, tin Rtnmnnh bob a ho.rf. burn, fullness or heavy feeling In :he stomach, nausea, debilitating headaches, dizxiness or Intestinal griping. This will an go and, besides, there will be no sour food left over In tllS Stomach tn nnlann vn.ir - w .v.uwh . J U U . breathe with nauseous odors. Pape's Diapepsln Is a certain cur for out-of-order stomachs, because It takes hold of your food and digests it Just the same at if your stomach wasnt there. Relief In five mln lit Aft frnm 11 stomach misery is waltinf for you at j uiuj mure. These larea tlftv -cent rnitAfl nnnfala enough "Pape'a DianeDsIn" to been the entire family free from stomach disorders and inditrnatin,, months. It belongs in your home -Q VHVU 1W I UIUU T nuiVlUOUlUCiJl, Some Hints For ' . The Housewife FOR CLEAXLXG TIX1VABE. The best thing for cleaning tin ware Is common soda; dampen cloth, dip It in soda and rub the ware hrlskly, after which wipe dry. A SPO.XGE DUSTER. A clean sponge, dampened ever so slightly, removes dust and lint from felt haU and velvet coat collars better than a brush broom. FOB IROX BIST STAIXS. Put the juice of ono lmnn t teaspoons of salt and a cup of waier on the fire and as soon as It boils dip the stained article in it. TO MAKE IROXIXG EASIER. If VQIl utie soanv water whan mak ing starch the clothes Will 1 )a tr)fa. sier and the Irons less likely to stick. HE.MEDY FOR AXT PEST. Oil of lemon whinii cured at anv drue-Rtnm la remedy for the ant pest. Put a frw drops of the oil about where the ants are most troublesome and the Insects will leave. A (TRTAlXiTIP, When making short laca hp arrlitt curtains it is a verv znad ni an tr. sew piping cord Into the hems on me siue. ii prevents the curtains from Btrctchinz and rnnaemmnHv Saving that untidv. ance after being washed. TO FRESHEX WHITE FrRS. White furs can be freahenp1 hv rubbing into them a generous amount of damn cnrnmenl Aftn- letting dry, shake and brush out thoroughly. TO t'LEAJf BRASS. Clean all brass articles with rot ten stone and sweet oil. then nnlus with whiting and chamois. POLISHIXG COPPER A XD BRASS. To clean, use one-half cun of hot rinegar and three tablespoons of salt. After the tarnish has been removed, a few drops of alive oil rubbed briskly over tdvea It a nrettv burnish and by frequent applications of the oil it will keep In good condition for months without cleaning. . LISTEN MOTHER 00 BE CAREFUL If child Is cross, constipated, ick, Kive "California Syrup of Figs. Don't scold .fretful, peevish child. See if tongue is coated; this 1b a sure .sign its little stomach, liver and bowels are clogged with sour waste. When listless, pale, feverish, full of cold, breath bad, throat sore, doesn't eat, sleep or act naturally, has stomach-ache, Indigestion, diarrhoea, give a teaspoonful of "California Syrup of Figs." and In a few hours all the foul waste, the sour bile and fermenting food passes out of the bowels and you hav a well and playful child again. Children love this harmless "fruit laxar five," and mothers can rest easy after giving it, because It never fails to make their little "lnsides" clean and sweet. Keep it handy. Mother! A little given today saves a sick child tomorrow, but get the genuine. Ask your druggist for a 50-cent bottle of "California Syrup of Figs," which has directions for babies, children of all ages and gor grown-ups plain- ly on the bottle. Remember there are counterfiets sold here, so surely look and see tfiat yours ts made by the "California Fig Syrup Company." Hand back with contempt any other fig syrup. Advertisement

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