The Corpus Christi Caller-Times from Corpus Christi, Texas on March 6, 1959 · Page 40
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The Corpus Christi Caller-Times from Corpus Christi, Texas · Page 40

Corpus Christi, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 6, 1959
Page 40
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16-B CORPUS CHRISTI TIMES, Fri., March 6, 1959 HOLLYWOOD TODAY By ERSKINE JOHNSON Fay Spain Given Such Bad Time In Films She Begs To Be Killed HOLLYWOOD. (Mil) -- "The rain in Spain stays mainly on the plain." Eliza Doolittle had a bad time with it in "My Fair Lady." Today in Hollywood another fair lady Isn't a bit bothered by the words she's saying for the "Professor Hi;sinses" direct in;; her icencs in sound stages. Fay Spain is our fair lady. But Spain docs have a pain. The pain in Spain stays mainly en the frame. And. by George, she's sure s^t- tinj it. They're beating her up. slapping her around, kicking and knocking her down from one end of town to the other. She's the Lttle blonde from Phoenix. Arir.. who brought her frame to the ro!e of DarlLn' Jill in the movie. "God's Little Acre." She also brought her frame to the pages of the girlie - girlie magazines which Hipped their covers over the zipny photos she posed for during the making of the film. But now en niotfe *els they don't worry about Fay passing tho censors. They wxirry abo^t her still be- In^ conscious. Rod Stei;er as "Al Capor.e" elves her such a bad time, physically ana mentally, that she finally screams. "Kill me. please kill me!" Even with Steve Cochran as her policeman-hubby in "The Beat Generation." she's attacked by a beatnik rapist-killer. On some recent TV show?. Fay has been drowned, stepped on and beaten unconscious. But except for the pain bi the frame. Spain is delighted with what has been happening to her [career, she says. She has bc?n setting some good acting roles and slowing critical notices by ··e?xposins." she l a u g h s , "my mind and not my body." Arlene Dahi, Lamas May Mend Marriage HOLLYWOOD. (AP) -- Arlene Dahl says she and Fernando Lamas are dating and that their broken marriage may be saved. It was just a week ago that Miss Dahl. 33, sued the 42-year- old actor for divorce, charpns cruelty. Yesterday the actress issued this statement: "I am dismissing the suit to clear it away for a possible reconciliation. Fernando and I are dating. It's all very exciting and I surely hope we can get back together." Star's Mother Dies ST. PETERSBURG. Fla. (AP) --Mrs. Daisy Taylor B a c k u s , mother of television and radio entertainer James D. Backus, died at her home In noarby Redington Beach yesterday. She was 70. The s*xy Iterlin* JU1 buildup was fine for a start, says Fay. but she wants to face th: facts. And the facts arc. "that I just don't have the qxilificatioruj to Co on being Darlin 1 Jill. I'm not Jaype Mansfield. I'm not Diane Varsi, either. I'm in between." The 11 starring appearances she made for Albert Mcaeery'i "Matinee Theater" on TV before she hit the jackpot as Jill sure proved that. So now. says Fay. she'll hide the frame ar.d concentrate on the words. And even if it is fn tho script. to heck, she says, with the pain. A confession now from the 21- year-old chick, just married, for the second time, to artist John Altoon: "I was pretty wild as a teenager. I threw away two years of my life as a bcachnik--jult sitting on the beach at Hermosa (a few- miles from Hollywood) and drinking beer. "You knew what a bcachnik ^s? \Vorse than being a beatr.ik. The beats claim an artistic pur- pos- in life. The beachniks have no purpose in life at all. They just sit." Mo\ie progress note: Wwa he first joined Universal nearly 20 years ago. music man-producer Joseph Gcrshcr.son turned oul films like "I'm N'obody's Sweetheart Now-." "Margie." "Ma. He's Making Eyes at Me." and "Six Lessons from Madam La" Fade out. and in on his last four films: "Monster On the Campus," "Step Down to Terror." "Cures of the Undcad," and "The Leech." Hollywooditw are t a l k i n g about: The pendant Bob Horton pinned on Ninn Foch after her divorce from James Lipton. A warm-up. Hollywood believes, to a Mr. and Mrs. Act. . . Ray Walston's hangover scene in "Say One for Me." He gives it five minutes of hor ror-suspense at a breakfast table facing Bob Wagner tjefore he has the strength to say good morning. More hilarious than Gig Young's meaning-after in "Teacher's Pet.' 1 Brigitto Bardofs new film in Paris delayed because she has a facial eruption and Variety's dispatch that all Paris is blinking. "What difference docs it make?" That new title, "Undercover Teacher." N'o. no. Myrtle. A New York newsman poses as a teacher. SCENE FROM 'GLASS MENAGERIE' ... Linda Weeks, Frank Schacf fer and Gail Sab (1 to r) Your Future Is Sound... with Stereo Hi-Fi from 'Glass Menagerie 7 Set At Del Mar Tomorrow "The Glass Menagerie." Tennessee Williams' greatest drama. will be presented by (Red Masque of Del Mar College at S p.m. Saturday, and Monday through Wednesday, in Thimble Theatre. A sensitive character study of a St. Louis family as seen through the eyes of Tom, the conscience- striken sen who is deserting his mother arxl .sister. th e pby is rated one of the best among modern dramas. It has been a long- run Broadway favorite. In the cast are Frank Schaef- fcr as Tom: Linda Weeks as Amanda Win^fieki. the mother; Former Actress Dies SAX MATEO. Calif. (AP) _ Mrs. Ethel O. Risso, 63, an actress in the days of silent movies, died Wednesday after a long illness. She appeared under the stage namo of Ethel Tcare. Her husband, Frank F. Risso. recently retired as assistant to th e president of the Bank of America. American To Conduct BERLIN*. (Reuters) -- Young Los Argc!es composer D a v i d Blum will conduct the German premiere of his orchestral piece "A Memory" with the West Berlin Symphony Orchestra on Monday. The 23-year-old composer will conduct the same orchestra in another concert March 12. Gail Mceks Sab as Laura, the sister, and Richard Hcinrich as the Gentleman Caller brought to the house by Tom as a possible suitor for Laura. Joseph Johnston, drama instructor at Drl Mar. is director of the play. Admission is Jl for adults. 75 cents for students. Reservations may be made at the Del Mari Music School office. SNAK HOUSE 5 4 3 5 S. STAPLES MUSIC FOR YOUR D A N C I N G BY THf HORN MAN AND HIS BAND IRIOAY SATURDAY Him U N O I R OLD MANAGEMENT MR. MRS. /. T. lOCXMIltE* FCC Says TV Networks Violating Sherman Act WASHINGTON, tn - The Fcds ral Communications Commission yesterday made public a Justice Department opinion that television station contracts giving the,net- ivorks first call on some or the best viewing hoars violated the Sherman antitrust laws. In announcin;* the opinion, the FCC disclosed that It had recently decided, by a 4-3 vote, that while such contiacts hive some undesirable results, they are "reasonably necessary lor successful network operation and in the public interest." alled VIUI The networks have said the prac- lice. called "option - time." Is I'ital to the network system and presentation of top quality programs. Option - time clauses are standard in the agreements under which TV stations obtain network affiliations and have been sanctioned by FCC for many years. In jeneral. the clause gives the network the first claim on hours regarded as having the largest iewing audience. An FCC staff study said the option . time practice tended to squeeze out independently produced or non-network prosnuns at the choice times of the day. fhe FCC in considering that ac- ion should be taken asked the Justice Department for an opin- on. This opinion, announced by FCC ·oday. held that option . time clauses in TV contracts "are le- gally Indistinguu*hab!c from the practices condemned" by the supreme Court [a a 13JO motion picture Industry ruling. P.sat decree outlawed the practice o! "block - booking" of motion pictures under which an independent movie theater was required to use pictures it did not want to obtain a desired feature film. How Members Voted The four FCC members who voted to continue the option time practice were Chairman John C. Doerfer. Robert E. Lee. T. A. M. Craven and John Cross. The dissenters were Commissioners Rosel II. Hyde. Robert T. Barley and Frederick \V. Ford. The commu-sion declined to say Maison Rouge Lounge 1009 SANTA FE PRESENTS THE JENSEN-CAVENDER "QUARTET" FRI. SAT. NIGHTS Jam Seijfon, Sunday 5 p.m. Limited Engagement For Reservation!, Coll TU2-0776 what its next step would be pi relation to the Justice Depart mcnt opinion.. McCOY OPTICAL Serving Your 1616 A»m Now Located DOCTORS' BLDG. 1154 ««i4 Or. -- UU- rHowpy's ASTERN WEAR: 43I8AYRES-UL3-SI9I CBS ABC FRIDAY, MAR. 6 £ II II SKATEFUN Airport Rd. at Cuddahy Field P H O N E Tr.S-0162 OR TIS-M22 VmCOME O N J A N D All PUBLIC SKATING Ml., 4 to 10 SAT., 10 «.m. fa 10 p.m. SUN.. 2 p n. to 10 p.m. PRIVATE PAJtmS Dj r s. Actress, Oilman Plan Divorce HOLLYWOOD IB -- The brief marriage of actress Linda Cristal and oil company executive Robert Champion is on the rocks. The dirk-haired beauty from Argentina said she and Champion, half brother to dancer Cow- cr Champion, have separated and have talked to lawyers about a divorce. She blamed the breakup on her career and her husband's job with an oil company in Venezuela which kept them apart much of the time. She appeared with Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh in "The Perfect Furlough." The couple married last April. Alamcda Cciitcr $ . A3 u", UL3-25I1 Like nothing you've ever heard! Stereo Fidelity THE NEW PHOT 1050M PORTABLE with its Companion 160 speaker system Is a complete stereophonic system of authentic, identifiable stereo components. There is nothing else to add . . . nothing else to buy. Take if into any room of your home and ~ instantly -- it will transform that room, large or small, into o spacious concert hall filled with a new quality of sound -- tha^sound of living music created in its full expansive dimensions, through modem stereo records. Even your regular IP records will sound better, enhanced by o new sense of depth and dimension. 1040U. SS19.50 vath CarrjrtJ fsur-sseed tterta tHj-. S er »nd m*e- »ftrea e*rfride« *«d tiitncni ttylui. Corr-sanion 160 K*jVtr lyittm Hsr fjtt srrres) $33.50. Optional chaise .'rji fp« r itt cf ·«» SS.30. THI URCfSr StLlCJION OF RtCORDS IH SOUTH 71XAS »re tevitea ta fce s h fp'» tueiti tar «n «vfTi-j out If th*y corn* to Shto'i tomorrow rSait. they will receive «. Jp.ottly tree. rxa fielirtous Gcldfn Brown Frt«! (klrlrn Dinner* plus tw» ticket; tar -Th* nnrtoi-i nitm- ma- « » e tomn Thntre »r.d by TUJ-933 before « prs. la «r- far delivery, you will rwrive itary. » lort^r coruse frtaa Ilovrrt, S T E A K S S E A F O O D S C H I C K E N DINE DANCE COUNTRY STYLE AT THE Maverick Club it Fine Bar-B-Que by TED JENNING" Fine Music By The Southernaire's NO COVER CHARGE Except Fri. Cr Sot. Jam Session Sun. 4 P.M. Tel. TU2-OZ26 MUSIC FOR ALL AGES ON - 1440 RADIO · Gene O'Bannon Show 5-10 A.M. · George Lester Show 10-3 P.M. · Dick Lamb Show 3-6 P.M. · Jimmle Bell 6-8 P.M. · Den Hayes Shaw 8-1 A.M. NEWS AND WEATHER TWICE AN HOUR Consistently Number 1 on e»er» AuJience Survey for ever Five Years KEYS--1440 ZAIE'S WATCH REPAIR ANY MAKE! ANY MODEL! 1 YOUR WATCH COMPLETELY OVERHAULED! (leoetd · twsttm*. crtwn' xtwbalatct tit a* · ·» maintpriij* »tw cryital *l*ctriceUf rimed Factory Methods -- Fiaeil WorkmcruMp Afl lt?3\t W«k Fully Eucrcoiefd! ED HOFFMAN MAKES IT SO EASY TO BUY A NEW PLYMOUTH YOU'LL THINK IT'S CHRISTMAS GET BEHIND THE WHEEL -- GET ED'S DEAL. YOU CAN'T AFFORD TO DRIVE YOUR CAR ANOTHER DAY ED HOFFMAN MOTORS 800 N. WATER TU3-S585 7:56 Corpus Christ! OiopelJ 7:58 Channel 10 Previews^ 8:00 Captain Kangaroo £', 8:45 CBS Mews * ! 9:00 Morning Playhouse J f 9:30 Arthor Godfrey $ | 10:00 I Love Lucy - J ! 10:30 Top Dollar £ '. 11:00 Love of life : .-J' 11:30 Search f or Tomorrow :£; 11:45 The Guiding light f-j! 12:00 Waller CronVite News f' 12:05 fortune Klub 12:30 As the World Turns v 1:00 Jimmy Decn 1:30 House Party 2:00 The Biq Payoff 2:30 The Verdict Is Yours 3:00 The Brighter Day 3:15 The Secret Storm 3:30 The Edqe of Night 4:00 Liberate 4:30 Big Ten Club 5:00 Pneye 5:30 Wild Bill Hfckok 6:03 Wectnercast 6:05 Corpus Christ) Today 6:15 Doug. Edwards News 6:30 Yoor Hit Parade 7:00 Rawhide 8:00 Phil Silvers Show 8:30 Lux Playhouse 9:00 The Untup 9:30 Whirlybirds 10:CO Crosscurrent 10:30 Final Edilisn Hews 10:40 Weatherccst 10:45 Ten Star Movie "Big Shakedown" 12:00 Prayer for Tomorrow t IHfc. · FOR PARTIES O FOR BANQUETS · FOR GROUP MEETINGS ALL WITH: · THE FINEST SERVICE · EXCELLENT CUISINE · PRIVACY FOR RESERVATIONS CALL TUUP 3-9266 59OI HIWAY 9 . CORPUS CHRISTI, TEXAS ff 500 N. Chaparral LENTEN SPECIALS TODAY IS SEAFOOD DAY AT ROBIN HOOD CAFETERIA FRESH ROCKPORT OYSTERS With French Fricv Cole Slaw Hot Roll cr Cornstick Hot Cof f f e Or Iced Tea FRESH GARDEN VEGETABLES Simmered Spring Gerdcn Squash Blockeyed Pesi With Salt Pork Freih Green Beonj Lyonnaije- Potatoes Fcrd Hock Lima Beans CRISP SPRING SALADS Tcmata Aspic Beef Sclod Try Our Delicious Shrimp Solod FRIED GULF REDFISH Fried Houndtr Sticks Freth Jumbo Gulf Shrimp With Tartar Sauc* Chtete Burner Sfcet* With Critp French Fri« Stuffed B«l| P«pp«r With Celery end Tomato Sauc* DESSERTS For the Perfect Finish To A Perfect Mcol Try Ons of Our Tos'e Tempting Dc«erH BeVed Fresh Daily Order to go. Cell in your order. It will be ready when you come by -- Phone TU4-1313 or TE5-5338 Six Points and Portairs Center ? ? Did You Eat Today ? ? QUESTIONNAIRE REGARDING FOOD PRICES AND SHOPPING HABITS 1. WHERE DO YOU SHOP?.. 2. HOW FAR AWAY IS THE MARKET? 3. DO YOU DRIVE? WALK? 4. WHICH OF THE THREE FOLLOWING IS MOST IMPORTANT? CONVENIENCE QUALITY . . P R I C E S . . . . . 5. WHAT IS YOUR OPINION OF TODAY'S FOOD PRICES? 6. HOW MANY IN YOUR FAMILY? ADULTS? UNDER 10 YEARS? 7. WHAT DO YOU SPEND FOR FOOD AND DAIRY PRODUCTS PER WEEK? 8. DO YOU BUY IN QUANTITY FOR A FREEZER? OR FOR FREEZER COMPARTMENT? . . . . . . 9. THEN YOU, TOO, WOULD BE INTERESTED IN A BETTER : METHOD THAT WOULD MAKE SHOPPING MORE CONVENIENT WITH TOP QUALITY FOODS, DELIVERED FREE AND AT SAVINGS. UYCKLU 10. BY MAILING YOUR ANSWERS TO FOOD SERVICE BOX 2405, CORPUS CHRISTI, TEXAS. ' In appreciation for returning this questionnaire we have a gift for 11. YOUR NAME PHONE... ADDRESS CITY *. · i

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