The Sheboygan Press from Sheboygan, Wisconsin on December 12, 1949 · Page 19
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The Sheboygan Press from Sheboygan, Wisconsin · Page 19

Sheboygan, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Monday, December 12, 1949
Page 19
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xHE SHEBOYGAN (WIS.) PRESS, MONDAY, DECEMBER 12, 1949 19 JPR's Herman And Root Seize T T J . High ODOtS O Sheboygan howlers made all the headlines over the week end as pl.iv continued in the 19-11) Fox River Valley bowling tournament at the Playdium. Only three changes were registered among the leaders in all four divisions - and all three were recorded by Sheboygan keg-lers. Making the biegest splash was the crack .Hit five that smashed its way into second place in five-man action. Two nu mbers of ihat squad. Joe Hoot and Rollie Herman, toppled enough pins to take over second and third places in all events with their j-olid team scoring. The JTRs smashed a 2S2S that was just three pins shy of the first place effort posted last week by Green Hay's Rorda Motors unit. The Classic league five whacked an S!'C opener, then slammed hefty 97f and 957 efforts in their next tries at the line. Augie Stcmpihar's f23 and t-no .i, Hermans "- im- im- hj " - dividual marks in the performance. Herman's score gave him an all events mark of 1'',". while Root's 54S bnostod his all events total to 1S51 iust four pins under the leading score of Madison's D Tiet. rov ltl h IX V M l I V TOI UN AMI N I' I I. IH IC Vie Men Bogdfl Motor '.. ini'rn Bay 231 228 .7 p R Companv. s;ebo tran The Hamaebet k ' V, oc 2"1 N Reerea'. n fire, n Bav 276 Ilealv I tir Co MaiLs'-n 'JTHO Attention, Motorists! To Fnd Gas Line Freezing Add MEET To Your Gasoline for Sure,. Qulek Starts At Your Sprvirr Station And G i rage Menzer Auto Parts Distributors 1208 N. Ninth St. Dial 7779 iifoiiiobile 25 - 14 OUTSIDE CITY $13.20 WITH A NON-ASSESSABLE COMPANY S5,G00 Properly Damage S5,0G0-SI0,000 Bodily Injury U can also save I ire u lid Extended Si A. HIHZE, Agency 709 N. Eighth St. II. A. IIINZE. Dial 2-1567 Millions of botllcs arc bought bv men who like that clear gp eiean fyiii taste Mfi: iOTfa8te is wmyl Vith half tho V Vftyjp; 5!TOS words in Webster's Dictionary :: "Ws' '' ve just couldn't describe PM's jto si "clear, clean taste' . . . but here's the story in a nutshell. P I I I I l S P'm" orter ' ' an( $ Q 78 fy w" J I tl know why so many millions of 3 I f f I fs men are turning to P.M. TMto TTDTWfT tal mIcs tax National Distillers Products Corp., Vi- ma mint Second In Valley Tourney ! Doubles : E. Murphv-A. Moore, Sturgeon B.1259 II Hermn'n-J. Hutkauskas, Sheb. 12-17 i K. McviT-A. Zuehlke, Oshkosh. ... 1194 H. Smits-O. Mlkol. Green Bay .1193 L. Schroeder-F. Kosup, Oshkosh 1189 i Sinrles A. Zuehlke, Oshkosh 677 S. Parle. Green Bay T. l!.7i"nMn' J. Harkott, Mndlsnn fioS gan tvl 647 All Events D. Tletz. Madison 1R55 .T. Kutknuskas. Shebovagn 1851 K. HiTman, Sheboygan 1835 S. Parle, Green Bav 1814 A. Zuehlke, Oshkosh 1807 Five Men Wimpiin 793 8fi9 721 843 Bint rtcers Mart's Bar 803 24R5 7282292 8372358 84fi 24fi6 8772537 855 2594 8C.7 2579 736 2485 7832343 Appleton Mar Flex Floors 73F 786 Adler Brau 808 812 Sherwood Wkers8Tl 829 Hehnke's Oothes.925 814 Pastvme Bar . 954 758 Basset t Refrl. 847 902 Kheboveiin Fall Fit9 Tavern 722 83S Ostiloh Fnlvcrsal F'drv 75 79 Eagles 759 7S5 Manitowoc Jack's Rppr O. 815 788 Miller High Life 746 895 Crystal Ice 834 94fi Fond dti I-iir Wis. T. A K. Co. 813 S70 Obie's Service S. H54 Ml Iron Ridge Harry's Tavern hOO 842 Watertown Rnnsch's Cowl 8"0 927 Old St vie Lager 938 822 Crosby Squares. 828 S3o Blntz Beers 911 W.t; Shflmvgaii .T P R. Companv 85 fiTfi 7D2331 802 23-lti 7742377 874 2515 S5ft 2;3t"; PI 5 249S 9202588 JtS.V- 2527 9312711 847 2H07 SKH 2546 891 26KS 957228 8t;.3 2731 Si;s 2fi!3 95 1 27 0 875 2o,5 8-11 2H51 872- 2K3ti rt.-fS 259ti 855 2571 7792393 lOi 122739 934 2t;o9 8052573 976 2C.71 7832333 Sheb. Baklne Co. 928 9-13 Sheb. Sausage Co 922 873 Charlie's inn Playdium Alio Sii.i 8S7 ys 904 S'jt; ifooi au Cesar's 893 871 Sr-oreboanl S57 801 Wis. Oil Hefin'v 901 818 Sleepv's Kavem 801 813 Fnheiifi "UiO" 850 SS7 Sheb. Kalis Cr'v 7S'J ,s93 Miesfeldt S. T. I. 802 90fi Heaver Dam 1.1 f 85S H37 Lake Mills Miller High Lake Theatre 792 758 Doubles ShehiivBiin E. Lorens 504. M. Her herg 550 Appleton R. Crane 510. W. Rohhlee 519 1051 1059 1046 1049 llOO 1013 strut n,9. w. uesselyoung 467. M. Buck n.O J. Klimek 479 F. Altman 520, E. Grassl 5S9 VV. Stnrh 462. R. Nehls 551 M. Weener 5 17. R. Deuster 490 1037 H. I.esselvoune nM, Tornow ,-n0 1114 R. Srhmiflt 474. II. Brock 529 1003 C. Trettin 525, W. Runge 457 982 OshUosh J. Soslnskl 456. V. Berrell 4S3 .... 939 G. Zabel 50S. Ed. Baker 564 1"72 D. Binder 447. D. Teela 460 ... 907 C. Welk 514. K. Rothe 494 100S E. Below 43S. E. Strvzewski 529 967 L. Srhroerler 568, F. Kosup 621 11S9 E. Nlgl 4.31, F. Stelzner 465 S96 Dahms 496, T. Dlueolenskl 455 951 Fond lu R. Mend'.eskv 574. R. Danor 46S 1012 L. Rotfman 526. llemmann 529 1055 C. Kalupv 5-11, I. Mohr 5S3 1121 V. Lehner 569. C. Zim'erman 513 10S2 R. Pomplln 574, J. Wollin 565 .. 1139 ; W. Keip 486, C. Klrchoff 527 1013 i Manitowoc 1 P. Kohls 497. A. Bruins 474 ... 971 iL. Kramer 5 IS. J. Seitz 535 .... 1053 C. Haver 533. R. Grlebling 491 . 1024 insurance FOR 6 MONTHS you up to 15 on C overage Insurance Dial 7033 TED IIINZE, Dial 3832 N. Y., N. Y. Blended Whiskey. 86 N. Shimon 481. S. Shimon 392 873 E. Vnuk 528. S. Tomehek 555 ...1083 D. nemnski 587. P. Ziarnik 562 . 1149 F. Frozena 500. H. Herzog 503 1 003 J C. Jorgensen 474. E. Koebke 500 . 94 Watertown . W. Schumann 462. S. Cuccla 497 959 C. Schu ann 515. H. sAu'nn 557 1072 C. Bittner 540. J. Lange 533 1073 P. Baer 630. W. Dollase 460 . 1090 S. Golper 518, G. Zim'erman 609.1127 J. Hartunc 535, A. Bentzln 490 ... 1025 E. Kemp 578. M. Powell 511 1089 W. Belsner 581, E.- Raasrh 556 ...1137 S. Stoll 590, R. Gustaveson 558 ... 1148 W. Rupnow 533, E. Volant 439 ... 972 Mueller 502, I Brusenbach 549 .. 1051 I-ake Mills P. Wolff 506, E. Dettman 487 993 C. Strey 502, T. Lees 498 . 1000 A. Mills 540, M. Metzker 542 10S2 Iron Ridge H. Lange 506. M. Christian 512.. 101 S H. Bllgrlen 597. Wersonske 544... 1141 Single Appleton E. Lorens ... R. Crane V. Roblee ... D. Strutz ... Lessel voung M. Buck J.K llmek ... F. Altman . E. Grassl W. Stach . . 518 . 563 487 . 592 481 635 602 48(1 594 527 M. Herberg .. 42 610 538 531 54 S 569 40S 5;8 k. jvenis M. Wegner ... R. Deuster R.Lesselvou'g C. Tornow ... R. Schmidt .. H. Brock C. Trettin ... V. Runge 502 I 485 Fond du R. Mendleskv 5o3 V. Lehner 631 R. Da nor 577' c. Zim'erman 537 L. Rottman 0. Hem'ann C. Kalupy 1. Mohr 532 i R. Pomnlin . 503 1 JAVnlltn . 505 I W. Keip 569 I G. Klrchoff . Manitowoc 5U I E. Vnuk 495 S. Tomehek . 530 ! d. Oempskl 534 ! P. Ziarnik ... 506 F. Frozena . 503 i H. Herzog . 485 ! C. Jorgensen . 557 ! E. Koebke . Oshkosh 452 E. Below 466 1 E. Strevzp'skl 502 ! L. Srhroeder . 570 ' F. Kosup . ... 523 I F. Nig! 535 I F. Stelzner .. 519 : L. Dahms 595 ! T.DIugolensk! 537 513 5i4 5-iT P. Kohls i A. Bruins L. Kramer J. Seitz . . C. Hover R. Grlebling N". Shimon . S. Shimon .... J. Sosinski . W. Berrel .... G. Zabel Fd. Baker ... D. Binder .... D. Tee la ... . C. We lk K. Rothe ...... 4 SO 524 527 476 43s 517 593 522 45 495 4 IS 456 491 47 594 560 519 573 ntrrtnwn C. Srhumann 615' i A. Bentzin ... II. Schumann 4S9 1 E. Kemp W. Seh'mann 5-19 t M. Powell ... S. Cue.-ia . 53S ! V. Belsner C. Bittner SOS I E. Raasch P. Baer 53S ! C. Stoll W. Dollase 55s ! R. Clustaves'n 607 S. Golper 54S V. Rupnow 559 G. Zim'rman 539 ' E. Volant 567 J. Hartung 516 R. Mueller 49 L. Brusenb'ch 514 Lake Mills P. Wolff 45 I T. Lees 567 E. Dettman .5-14 ; A. Mills .. 524 C. Strey 53S ; M. Metzker . 535 Iron IJi.lee IT. M. Lance 504 11. Bllgrlen 539 Christian 531 I A, Wersonske 565 3Iae Young And Dot Dotson To Wrestle Tucsdc ay Women wrestlers the biggest attraction pro wrestling has had over the years will be the special bill of fare for local mat patrons Tuesday night at the Playdium. Here for the big event will be Mae Young and Dot Dotson, two capable feminine grapplers who are expected to put on a real show. Mae is well known for her j scientific and rough-and-ready j wrestling know-how, while Dot j comes to town with a fine repu-i tation. George Drake takes on new-comer Wild Bill Brook in the ' semi-windup and Bill Parks and Joe Feroni meet in an all new- ; comer opener. i Ben Honaii Posts Nifty 71 And 72 Fort Worth. Tex. &) Ban tam Ben Hogan hasn't lost his touch. Sidelined for ten months be-! cause of injuries received in an j automobile accident, the former I king of America's professional I golfers played his first golf over j the week end. He shot a 71 and ; 72 over a par 70 course that's considered one of the toughest in the Southwest. J3LEJVDED WHISKEY Proof. 67Vi Grain Neutral Spirit? Muskies Rally To Take 52-48 Win Saturday Mission House's Muskies eked out a tight 52-48 victory over Thiensville's Lutheran seminary Saturday night in a npn-confer-ence clash. Seminary's tall squad zoned up against the Muskies and gave them trouble throughout the contest, but a strong second half gave Coach Marinus Kregel's club the victory after a dismal start. A hefty 16-point scoring performance by Ed Grosshuesch paved the way, while Ibe and Nanassy turned in good games along with him. I Thiensville moved out front by , a surprising 14-4 margin at the : outset and kept up its fine play ; witn a aavantape minvvay j through the first half. Then the ; Muskies started hitting with ; more frequency and with Pluim 1 and Grosshuesch loading the way it was 29-24 at the intermission. Gierke tossed in a couple, then Pluim one to narrow the pap to 32-30 as the second half pot under way and when Ibe looped another it was 33-32 seconds later. Bill Wietzke connected for j Thiensville to boost the lead to ! 3.1-32 at this point, but then the ! Muskies made a fast spurt to j take over and once out front they stayed that way. Twice Ibe ; sailed in buckets, twice Grosshuesch matched him, and that ' four-bucket spree moved the count to 40-35. Before the game ; was over, the Muskies, led by as much as eight points before i a late seminary rally closed it ! to 51-4S. Gartzke's free throw ' made it for the finish. Mission House Lutheran Sem. FC. FT F' FG FT F 3 0 1 B.WIetzke 3 4 2 Gierke Plutm Ibe ! E.Gros'ch D.Cros'ch Nanas sv Grat7ke Kuenntng 4 1 5 Srhlei 3 N'om'ensen 1 W. Wietzke 2 I fuebner 2 Rirkholz 0 Kock 0 Ka!pP . Tlarltng Totals 22 8 15' Totals 17 14 14 1 Leaar urove Posts Victory The newly-organized Cedar Grove Athletics romped to a 49-36 win over Howards Grove last week in independent ball. Huen-ink and Nyenhuis pacing the win with 11 and 11 points to offset Klokow's 11 for the losers. It was the Grovers' second sue- cessive win. Howards irove 36' Cedar Grove 49 Fg Ft P Iluenink Somph BrucRink Klokow Olm Manz Strassh'g G-iSsett Siegert 5 Meinen 2 Vnskuil 4 DuMez 0 Mevlink 2 Kusch 2 Nyenhuis V. 12 19 19 11 15 V - Score by quarters; ar Grove ... . S in 13 10 18 49 13 36 Howards Grove . 11 f OI.I.FCK SCORES Oklahoma 55. Illinois 47. St. L,nuis oO. South Dakota 39. l.aSalle 49. De Paul 41. I.alce Forest 49. Klin hurst 37. Iowa State 64. Drake 58. Kansas (0. Purdue 52. Lawrence Teeh 54. Iowa 49. Colorado 67. Northwestern 63. Ohio State 67. Butler 65. DePauw 62. Millikin 53. Minnesota 60, Oregon State 44. Toledo 57. Mirhipan 36. Indiana 73, Michigan State 5S. Valparaiso 63, Ball State 61. Chi'-ago L'niv. 60. Illinois Tech 45. Central Michigan 63. Western Michigan 45. Illinois College 55. Quincv 46. Monmouth 65. Cornell da.) 61. Iowa Tchrs. 69. Iowa Central 47. Piver Falls (Wis.) 50, La Crosse Tchrs. 42. Kiporr 81, Knox 40. St. Nornert M. Michigan Tech 57. Plateville (Wis.) 61, Winona (Minn.) 4S. Wheaton 56. Southern Illinois 54. P.eloit 98, Carleton 49. Superior fWis.) 53. Stout-46. Stevens Point (Wis.) 55, Whitewater 54. Scrap ADD lim&s of Wietall HIGHEST CASH PRICES PAID BRING IT IN VSfUJ 2821 N. 19th Street Glenbeulah In 43-21 K M Loss Glenbeulah High school dropped a 43-21 clash to ueaar urove in K M ball Friday as Theune and Titel matched 13 points for the two clubs. Trailing 7-8 with a minute left in the first half, the Glens permitted their foes to take a 14-7 edge at the intermission and faded in the second half. City Schedule BASKETBALL SCHEDULE FOB WEEK OF DECEMBER 12 TO DECEMBER 18, 1949 Monday, December 13 Weiss Tavern vs. Kohler Recreation, Major AA, Central gym, 8:15 p.m. George's Clippers vs. Jung's Clothes, Junior A, Washington gym, 7:00 p.m. Kofste's vs. Mosch's, Junior A, Washington, 8:00 p.m. Longo's vs. Mickelson's. Jadet Practice, Washington gym, 5:00 p.m. Tuesday, December 13 Wonder Bar vs. City Club, Major AA. Central gym, 8.15 p.m. "99" Super Bar vs. Sheboygan Glass, Major A, Junior High gym, 7:00 p.m. 1500 Club vs. Lamar's, Major A, Junior High, 8:00 p.m. Amvets vs. Bob's, Junior A, Washington, 7:00 p.m. Avenue Exchange vs. Duke's, Junior A. Washington, 8:00 p.m. Bartzen's Butchers vs. Dead Eyes, Junior B, Longfellow, 7:00 p.m.. Hoekstra's vs. Kuether Studios, Junior B, Longfellow, 8:00 p.m. Plastic Rockets vs. Rovals, Cadet Practice, Washington, 5:00 p.m. Wednesday, December 14 Wegmann's vs. V. F. V., Major A, Junior High. 7:00 p.m. Hornets vs. Snafu Club, Major A, Junior High, 8:00 p.m. Companv D vs. Quick Cleaners, CIF. Washington, 7:00 p.m. Oehler vs. Plastic Rockets, Washington. Junior A, 8:00 p.m. Optike vs. Service Garage Junior B, Longfellow, 7:00 p.m. Bethlehem vs. Immanuel, Walther, Longfellow, 8:00 p.m. St. Clement vs. Strains. Cadet Practice, Washington, 5:00 p.m. Thursday, December 15 American Legion vs. Lutz's, Major a a. ;sorin, :uu p.m. Terry's vs. Dick' s Club, Major AA, North. 8:00 p.m Armour vs. Executives. CIF. Junior High. 7:00 p.m. Quick Cleaners vs. St. Paul's Ref., CIF. Junior High, 7:00 p.m. roVilof'e . r- O w. . t- Timing A Washington. 7:00 p.m ' " George's Clippers vs. Plastic Rork- ets. Junior A, Washington, 8:00 p.m. Trinity Troop 56 vs. West Side Gunners. Cadet Practice, Washing- j ton, 5:00 p.m. i Our Redeemer vs. Our Savior, Wal- ther, Longfellow. 7:00 p.m.. Amvets vs. DeMolay, Junior A, JL,ongiellow, 8:oo p.m. Saturday. December 17 Shooting Stars vs. White Shirts, Vollrath Shop. Junior High. 3:00 p.m. Globe Trotters vs. Sharpshooters, Vollrath Shop, Junior High, 4:00 p.m. Immaculate Conception vs. St. Clement s, CYO Cadet, Longfellow. 1:30 p.m. Holy Name (2) vs. St. Peter Clav- . eTLl?Se-,V?nreiiow. 2:30 p m ; Cadet, Longfellow, 3:30 p.m. Sunday, December 18 ' w.1.nVirBar vs- Weiss- Major aa, North. 1:00 p.m. Terry's, vs. Kohler Recreation, Ma- jor AA". North. 2:15 p.m. Lutz's vs. Citv dlub. Malor AA. Central. i:oo p.m. cfar Club' Shebovgan Hornets vs. Lamar's, mv1q':, A,JM"rto;.3:30 K ,T "99 Super Bar vs. 1500 Club, Ma- jor a. North. 4:30 p.m. Barbara s Bar vs. V. F. V Major A, Central, 3:30 p m. Armour vs. Our Redeemer, CIF. Central. 4:30 p.m. Executives vs. Garton. CIF, Jun or iiiigh. i on p.m. company d ys. st. Pauls Rev., CD-. Junior H:gh. 2:00 p.m. Prange's vs. St. Paul's Lutheran. cif. Junior High, 3:00 p.m. Shebovgan Naval Reserve vs. S. S. , Cyril, CIF. Junior High, 4:00 p.m. We Make And Repair All Makes Of CONVERTIBLE TOPS See Us For A BETTER Job For LESS PAUL G. KRUEGER CO. 1510 1520 Calumet Drive 0 Biroini Waste Paper IMli & raETflll GO Open Saturdays Until 5:00 P. Badgers Trip Loyola Squad In 68-55 Game Madison, Wis. UPl Wisconsin's basketball team staged a j comeback to maul Loyola, 68-55, at Chicago Saturday night. But the Badgers face another tough assignment when they play host to Notre Dame Tuesday. The Wisconsin team looked like an altogether different squad than the one which turned in a ragged performance in losing to Oregon State, 49-36, last Thursday. The Badgers jumped off to a fast start, rolling up a 15-0 lead in the first six minutes of play and stretching it to 39-15 at the half. Al Nicholas, a sophomore guard from Rockford, 111., poured j in 19 points to lead the Badger scoring. Forward Fred Schneider fol lowed with 16 points, and big ; Don Rehfeldt ran third with 13. Rehfeldt made all three of his free throw tries, ending a streak which saw him miss 13 shots from the free-throw line in two games. Loyola's senior guard, Raloh Klaerich, was high point man for the night with 22. and his team mate. Frank O'Grady, junior forward, added 15 more. Wisconsin made pood on nine of 2S shots in the first half for a .370 average. For the entire game, the mark was 25 baskets in 71 tries and a .352 average. Lovola's ramblers Klaerich and O'Grady in particular be- gan to roll after the intermission j and outscored the Badgers, 40-29, in the second half. But the Wisconsin lead was too well established by then and the Badgers coasted on to win. Loyola Wisconsin FG FT F1 FG FT F Farle.f 3 3 4 Bencris'o.f 2 3 3 Cladis.f 0 0 3 Markan.f 3 2 3 Bluits.f 2 14 Schn'der.f 6 4 0 O Gradv.f 7 12 Rehfeldt.c 5 3 3 Dawson. c 0 13 Mader.g 12 4 Hen han c 0 10 Moore.g 0 11 Michol.g 0 0 3 Nicholas.g 8 3 3 : Collins.g o o 10 3 i Htlde'nd.g i Kla'lch.g 10 2 4 j Totals 23 9 28! Totals 25 18 17 Half time score: Wisconsin 39, i Lovola 15. i Free throws missed: Loyola Earle ; 3. O'Gradv 2. Dawson 1. Collins 1, I Klaerich 2; Wisconsin Bencrlscutto j 2. Schneider 4, Mader 2, Moore 1, Nicholas 4. Hilltop Wins 69-64 Clash Milwaukee. The Mar- j quette university basketball team ! moves on to play Loyola at Chi- ! caso tonight after trimming the ... , rT . e ; University of Houston. 69-b4, in o catnrriav niht thriller 3 .atUIv.," S Ti,'nne i Big Dick Peterson of Thiens- ville Wis who replaced Joe Faupl as starting forward for j Marquette only a week before, ., TT-n4. i.: ,,,;v. ' the the Hilltoppers' big gun with . 21 points. , , r ; Second in line for Marquette scoring honors was Pancho , , . Ramirez, a center from Puerto RjCo, who contributed 13 points. , ,, , TT , . , . , Forward Lloyd Hendnx was high mas for the Cougars with 20 . . points. Dial 8651 OR PHONE 5067 M. Phone 5067 Packers End Season With 21 To 7 Loss Detroit. The unhap-piest season the Green Bay Packers ever spent in the National Football league ended Sunday with a 21-7 loss to the Detroit Lions. The final league standings show Green Bay in last place in the western division for the first time since the loop was organized in 1921. The Packers salvaged two victories in a dozen league games this year. The triumph enabled Detroit to finish one notch above Green Bay the first time the Lions have been out of the cellar in four years. Detroit's Left End Bob Mann defied the slippery footing and slick ball by nabbing eight passes for 182 yards, including two touchdown tosses. The other Lion score was racked up by speedy Bill Dudley on a 67-yard punt return. The first Lion touchdown came in the opening quarter on a pass play from Frank Tripucka to Mann which covered 64 yards. Green Bay tied the count in the second period when Dan Or-lich blocked a Tripucka punt on Detroit's 24 and Glenn Johnson recovered the ball in the end zone. Ted Fritsch converted. After a scoreless third period. Detroit broke the Packers' back in the final quarter as Mann caught a 41-vard touchdown heave and Dudley went on his jaunt with the punt. Green Bay's two victories this season both were squeaks a 16-14 decision over Detroit and a 7-3 triumph over the New York Bulldogs. On the other hand, the Packers lost to the Los Angeles Rams. 48-7 and 35-7; to the Chicago Bears, 17-0 and 24-3; to the Chicago Cardinals. 39-17 and 41-21; to Pittsburgh, 30-7; to Washington, 30-0; to the New York Giants. 30-10, and Sunday's loss to Detroit. Your best protection against cold weather is an ample supply of coal in your bin. If you think you will need coal before long, order our next load today. Don't wait until the last minute! That is the adice of your Coal Heating Scrx ice coal merchant who is always anvious to sere you in the best manner possible. By gi ing our coal merchant plenty of time to fill your orders for coal. ou will help him to keep you supplied with the coal you want . . . and you protect yourself against discomfort and uncertainty during periods of extreme cold weather. So Check your coal supply! If it is getting low-, order your next load of coal today. Emergency service on your coal heating equipment at any time, day or night! Just call your Coal Heating Service retailer, or . . . Phone 4730 Adell, Wis. Adell Co-operative Union Galloway Feed & Supply Co. Cedar Grove, Wis. Cedar Grove Lumber & Coal Co. The Co-operative Exch. Grove Block & Supply Co. Cleveland, Wis. Vogel Lumber Co. Wagner Yards Glenbeulah, Wis. W. D. Scott Co. Elkhart Lake, Wis. Farmers' Mercantile & Supply Co. Laun Lumber & Furniture Co. Haven, Wis. A. L. Wagner Co. 0 McMahon In National Pin Meet Victory Chicago. James (Junie) McMahon, 37 year old Chicago bowling instructor, is 1949 national all-starr individual match game bowling champion. McMahon, a native of Passaic, N. J., won the title last night by finishing the 64-game round robin schedule with a record of 44 victories and 19 2 defeats. He collected 13,712 pins for 318.37 points under the Petersen scoring system. His 318.37 Petersen total was a new record for the tourney. The old mark of 314.16 was set by Andy Varipapa of Hempstead, Long Island, in 1946. McMahon has bowled in Sheboygan several times with the Chicago Meister Braus in the Elks' club charity bowling matches here. FIXAX STANDINGS (64 Games) W Points Junle McMahon, Chicago 44 U 31S.37 Ralph Smith. L. Angeles 37 307.17 Lee Jouglard. Detroit 37 304.32 Buddy Bomar, Chicago 37 301.33 Fred Bulark. Detroit 37U 301.14 Chet Bukowski. Detroit 38 300.24 C. Srhwoegler, Madison 32'i 293.48 a. v aripapa. tlempstead, 31 291.00 C. O Donnell. Detroit Pete Carter. Detroit Wm. Lillard. Dallas Joe Norris, Chicago 28 290.32 27 U 288.30 28 'i 287.03 27 28:5.21 t-a taster. Detroit 24 '2S3.16 C. Johnson. Bavonne.N.J. 28 278.28 l. sparantlo. Woodside 25'i 282.32 Rudv Pugel. Milwaukee 29 282.06 Extra half pnjnt for out-totaling opponent although losing majority ol games . Snafu Victor Club Snafu made it four straight in Major A ball with a 33-19 drubbing of 1500 Club. Willy Bretzman's 10 led the way. AN IDEAL GIFT FOR HIM "Martin" or "Chris-Craft" OUTBOARDS WOLVERINE BOATS Also Used Outboards Buy On Lay aw ay Anger & Sfeinhaus DISTRIBUTORS S. 14th at Ind. Ave. Dial 2-9452 7 Coal Jf eat uBetU BECAUSE More Comfortable! Mora Plentiful! More Healthful! Mere Adaptable! Safe! end IOW IN COST I tihminout roof, cofcc, bnqutt MillersviUe, Wis. Bitter-Xeumann Co. Oostburg, Wis. Oostburg Lumber & Grain Co. Stokdyk Truck Lines Theune Brothers Wykhuis Co. Plymouth, Wis. Barker Lumber & Fuel Co. George T. Rayne Lumber Co. Random Lake, Wis. Random Lake Co-operative Ass'n. Sheboygan, Wis. The C Reiss Coal Co. The Sheboygan Coal Co. Sheboygan Falls, Wis. Falls Lime & Stone Co. H. Koene Coal Co. Waldo, Wis. Wierman-Louret Co. Edgar Born for better home heating

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