The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 13, 1940 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 13, 1940
Page 9
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CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Daily rate per line for consecutive insertions: •One time per fine... ....'i(Jc Two times per line per day....03c ;Three times per line per day..06c I'.;Six times per line per day.:.-.-.-05c Month rate per line .;....60c Card of Thanks 50c &• 75c Minimum charge 50c. Ads ordered for three of six times and stopped before expiration. will be charged for the hiiihber of times the ad appeared and adjustment of bilTniade. . All Classified Advertising copy I submitted, by persons residing out- Bide of the city must 6e accom : panied by cash. Rates may be easily computed from the above table Advertising ordered for irregular thsertions takes the one time rate ,No respqiisibility will be taken fpr more th'an one.incorrect insertion of any ckssified ad. Reconditioned USED OARS Buy Now 5 room house. Mrs. C. H. Wheeler, 809 Hearn St. 13-ck-12-13 4 room furnished apartment. Frigate ,bath. Desirable location. Phone 280. . 12-ck-tf FARMERS Inquire it ShMM-Henry Hactfwar* Co. about FHA and REA terms M GOULD'S WATER AT PRICES! Coal & Kindling H.W. 6i No; Opp. Jcyner Oil Co: 13-pk-12-i3 SEE N. T. WADE PHO&E .912 Air-tight Circulator . Heater. $150 Value. Will sell for $25. ..J. V. Henderson, Dell, /Arkansas. FRYERS. Crushed Corn 'and. Meal. Marilyn Hatchers, Highway 61 • North. Phone 742. l2-pk-f2-12 Three nice junior Duroe-Jers'ey Boars. By Wavelinc. I. M. Gast- lio,. Luxora, Ark. 12-pk-19 BOATS 16 ' foot Inboard 12 mouths old. PowereU Dodge Marine Conversion. Speed 35-M.F.H. Full V-Bottom. —ALSO— 16 foot outboard. Full V-Bbttoin. 32 H.I*. Johnson motor or 50 II.P. Johnson racing motor. Barksdale Mfg, Co. • - . 12-ck-l2-i2 We've priced f em- /y right down your alUy" -^ mowed 'em down for fast movement. Our long terms and liberal allowances on good ii led can, •ii '' * -»i '' , • will strike your fancy. $459 $349 $447 $243 $575 11939 FORD DELUXE TUDOR . .......:... 1938 PORD DELUXE TUDOR . ;........;.. 1939 FOR'D 85 TUDOR '..... 193? FORD DELUXE TUDOR 1939 PAGKARD 4-DOOR SEDAN . —TRUCKS— 1936 FORD PANEL . 1939 FORD PICKUP . I-TON 7 1938 FORD Vj TON STAKE PICKUP ... $172 $389 $348 Purnishecl two-room and batn apartment, prefer gentlemen. Lights and water fnnii'shecl. Frank G. Douglas, Phone 383 or 454. 12-ck-tf Modern, 3 room furnished aparl- ment. Newly decorated. Corner Main and Second. F. Simon, Phonu 764.- 12-ck-U Available- .soo"n--twb"-rqoi\i office suite, windows on Main street, Sudb'ury_ Bldg. Phone No: One. " Apartment 1032 w. Main. Reasonable. Phone 520. ll-ck-if 3 room furnished apartment. 2'<M Dugtm. Mrs. Wcrl. ii-ck-ti' Nice/large bedroom. Double or iwm beds'. Phono Number 2. Ock-i2-9 3 room; office suite with waiting room.yAir condiiiohed heat. Apply at Hubbarcl Furniture Store. ' " ' • 7-ck-tf Comfortable jroiit bed room. 6iit- 'side entrance. 515 Walnut, Phone 351. ' . 7-c-k-tr UnfufniSlie'd •apartment tor - rent • 900 Walnut. ' ; 6-ck-tf Desirable bedroom adjoining bath. 1017 Walnut. Ptiorie 102. 5-ck-tf 2 or 3 room nicely furnished apartment.' 914 Hearn. 2-pk-12-2 FOR SALE: Two 40. acre-tracts of cutover land. D. R. Gamer, Ar- inorel. • , ll-pk-12-il 640 acres cut-over land. Just over Arkansas line in Missouri. Alright price. Rollison and Caglc. lnc..- : lLi. Np. Second, phone 112C. " " ' Tlii¥<j - iabro. Pool Room. ' Good equipment. T. W. Markham. Luxora. 7-p-k-12-7 1,082 acres cypress land. 450 Jn. cultivation. Balance 'cut over. 7 houses and 4.barns. Mo. laud. $30 per acre. Roili&bh and Company, ill No. 2nd. Phone 1128. 6-ck-tf 1938 FORD l\i: TON STAKE BODY TRUCK.. PHILLIPS USED CAR LOT 5th & Walnut One store building across street from Ritz Theatre. See Mrs. Webb, 1011 Hearn St.- ' 2-ck-12-2 4 room apartment. Private batn and'eTitrance. \'.- block off Malr.. Call 627-W - 31-ck=tr TWO ROOM APARTMENT. UTILITIES FURNISHED. PHONE 1129. 100 W. KY. 24-pk-ll-24 Personal Arouse Sluftuh uw, work off the bile to rid yourself of oomtt- patlon, gat pains, and that tour punk feeling. T»ke 6c« box of UVEB POU Repairing Expert gun repairing, see E M. Dainon it the Blythevill* Armory on Wednesdays arid Thursdays. Nursin Hospital trained practical Kurse. Will leave town, plga Jackson, 1000 Hearn. Phone 1139. 23~pUn-20 WARNING OKUEK In the Gliahcery Cou'rtj Chickusaw- ba District, Mississippi County, Arkansas. James .Smith, Plaintiff, 'vs. No. 7352- Tbmmie Jones Smith. Defendant. John-Morgan, Defendant. .The defendant,, Tommie Jones Smith, is. warned to jipear witliUV thirty, clays in the court named in the. caption hereof and answer the complaint of the ^plaintiff, Jambs Smith. . Dated this,6 day of Nov., 1940. HARVEY MORRIS, Clerk; By Elizabeth Blythe, D. C, Percy A. .Wright (Alty. Ad Litem) Partlow & Bradley (Atty. for pitf.) 6-13-20-27 A small animal of the Ph-enees, Lhe^ desJiian; lias-sucii'n long-,• md- bile* hose that it can thrust' it^intd its own mouth. • ' Wert Optometrist "HE MAKES 'EM SEE" Over Joe ISMUM* < Phone 540 SAVE 4" on GAL 2 every car to yow car. (Teiraethyl Gas) JOTOER OIL CO. V. S. Rich way «1, Nwth 24-Hour. Service _ ^yc^ee^.draftcd sooner and you later i" W&KMNG OHDFK In tho Chancery Court, • ba DLstrtct. Mississippi County. Grace Pinion Morgan', Plaintiff, vs. No. 7353 '•.'•. :• The defendant. Joith Morgan, is warned to a))pcni- within thirty dny'.s in Uie court tinmccl' In the caption hereof and answer, the complaint of tlic :plaihtiCf, Grace Pinion Morgan. '-. s•/. • • -^ Dated Uil« G day of Nov.., i<J40. HARVEY MORRIS; Clefk. . By Biixabetii Blytiie. D. G. Piuilow «fc Bradley ..'(Atfcy. for Pltf.) Pcay A. Wright "(Ally. Ad iiitem) • New Tax Record Set •:' CLYMPlA, Wfisii. -{'UP)—Revenue Jr'o'ih Wrislilngtoh's sales and Ijusi- hliis taxes sot ft hciv nil-time ruc.- •OH! in the .fiscal "yciVr ended April 30. the' -state trix coiiiniissipn reported, income \vns $29,935,773, coin- jinrcci ; to ^23,294,561 the prcvloiti ;.vent-. HeiU'ie'r Ici'ies nnd thiprovct 'business; coiuUiidns ncc'ouhied foi ihc ; increase, the coirimissioh stvltl. Roiiiford, EngUihci, hits only ori' mdriiber Mn the House of ment, although It has -230,111)2 habitants.' PRESCRIPTIONS— Safe - - AcciirtU Tour Prescription Drugglit Fowler Drug Co. Mala FfcftlM 141 PRESCRIPTION Freshest Stock , Guaranteed Best Prices Kirby Drug Stores Corn Dog America'! Newe* THY ONI TODAY Ole Hickory (m Acfoii From Blfh Sclu»i FOR SALE , Nice 4 room residence oh Franklin Street. Ttlet $800. THOMAS LAND CO. H. C. Campbell, DANGERS OF HEMORRHOIDS Hemorrhoids do not and cannot correct themselves. Relief friim ptiit'mcnts Is niusivc and temporary. Neglect resUHs ^Jn further niici more serious and dangerous, coiiditions -sucfi. a;? cancer,. Muhi, rissjife, ci-j'ptitls, thrornbotlc piles, etc. • 'From •Ihcsc. .diivclpiS : ihc-;fpUo\yhiK J'Cfiexc.s: tiewousness, sl^plessnw, constipation, despondency, hc^anche, back and leg a«te/«fe. All types of rectal diiieaRes tvru tnken cafe of in our , office witliout hosphnllzatloii. All accepted eases guaranteed. DRS. NIES & NIES Oliiitc 51'i Main St. Blythevlllc, Art. BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES DON EDWARDS "The Typewriter Man*» Scllliig ROYAL WORLD'S NUMBER ONE TYPEWRITER ROYAL PORTABLE WifH MAGIC MAMOiN GLENOdE HOTEJVBUILDING rPHO^ til / i (Every Transaction Must Be Satisfactory) ' * Getting Nowhere ill All in. Nice comfortable room. Close .Mrs. Nolen. 310 W. Walnut. 18-ck-tf BY EDGAR MARTIN SPRAY PAINTING PRICES REASONABLE Ca!j Me for Estimate EAftL SHEPPARD Phone 711 Nice, large .furnished room next to bath. Outside entrance. Close in. Phone 988. ' 15-ck-L* Welding 7-ck-12-7 Wanted to Buy Want to buy. land: We have buyers lor tracts from 20 acres to 40 aero 40 acre farm. $2100. 5, W. of Cos- \ nell. Rollison and Company. .Ill No. 2nd . phone' 1128 •2-ck-tf 6, room nice modern resideiice and 151 acres of land. Roiiison and Company, ill No. Second St., Phone 1128. • 31=ck-tf 4 pieces antique furniture. Singer Sewing Machine. 108 - Diigkn. : 3o-ck-tf room house and b&th. Bargain at $1250.00 V/illow Street. Rollison and 'Co. Phone 1128. 28-cfc-tf USED STOVES Good Used Siiperfex, Gcleman. International OIL BURNERS $17.50 up HARDAWAY APPLIANCE CO. 206 W- Main , Phone 233 Washing, Ironing 7 quilts or blankets.. .. Expert Work Done Willie Bell Green, behind City lee Plant, H.W. 61 North. 9-ck-l»-9 f EXPERT ELECTRIC &'. ACETYLENE WELDING D r :\ g 1 i.ij e and . h,ea vy weldinj a " . . v Barksdale Mfg. Co, Phone 19 or Res, ., .101,9. Expert El/ctric and "Acetylene WELDING Fender and Body Work and Lawn Mower Sharpening D. W. CRANFORD Defl, Afk. CONCERT VIOLINiSf These Must Be Seen to ireciated HORIZONTAL Answer to Previous• Piuzlc I Pictured violinist. J 2 Decorative rriesfi. ; l ' 13 Elee trifled particle. 14 Officer's" .. assistant. 15 To prevent 16 To spread. 17 Tb moisten with 'dew. 10 Fish. 20 Billiard rod. 22 Epoch. .23 Stir... : 24 Guarded. 26 Jeers. 11 Long grass. . 15'Hc'has mastered a • " "-- i —- or'Iiard • inslrumcht. 18 This, artist'has. '^^ fame. 21 To Deprive- oi ,'• a seatr 24Dyewood tree. 25 Goddess of discord. 27 Fold or string. 28 Indian. 40 Musical note. 4! Ever (conlr.). 42Beverage. 4* Tea. 29 Plural-(abbr.) 47 Gull 1939 Chevrolet Town Sedan. This one is in wonderful condition throughout. Has practically - new tires.-. 3938 Chevrolet Sport Sedan.. This i-s H one-owner car thai, h;is had excellent, care. Make a dandy family 30 Jot. j 31 To eject. 34 Natural " power; 35 Dove's call. 36 Gessalioh. . 37 Southwest (abbr.). 38 Above. 39 Pistols. performer. VERTICAL i 1 Ran away. $579 1940 N 7 Hsh Coupe. Almost same as new in every- respect. —.' 1940 Plymouth' Coupe. Very mileage.-targe push button radio, large heater... 1934 psdgc Coupe, radio .motor overhauled.... .Many Others Lo Clioosr, I r rnm Open Nights & unriays Kasy G.M.A.C. Paymchl Plan TOM LITTLE CHEVROLET CO. Phone G33 49 Widow's right 2 To appraise. 51 Otherwise^ 3 Frozen 53 Mine shaft '." hut. 54 Stranger. 55 Rumanian .coins. r 56 He is an •=•=*: . by birth. 57H6 is a ^.-- 32 Genus of or magnificent sables. ' 33 Car<f combinatidn. vfi Nominal value 39 Civet type beast. 41 God of love. 43.Irel.and.: 45 Assistance. 46 On ih c lee. 48 Small .-shield. 49 Japanese fish. dessert. 4 Triplet. 5 Soared. GFish eggs, 7 Completed. 8 Hemp textile. 50 Being. 9 Falsehood. 52 Courtesy 10 Norse myths. . title.' • COP". IMP BY MCA S« RED RYDER BY FREJD^HAKMAJN ^COfft W XY HtA MHVICC. IHC. T. M. HCC-'l/.«. r>T.'0»».'i ALLEY OOP Ah Obedient Kitiy 'GIT .fN NW BED you-Bie bbpe/ GV/AM GOTTA WHV'NCHA ....,... , 1?40 BV NEA senvict'. INC. WASH TUBBS BY ROY CRANK WELL, VlCKlj MV, LITTLE , WE'VE .$AVBD OH,I PUT A LfffCE 1 PIECE 6UM OVER.THEVEWT , HOW THE THE 5ABC-na-SERS'CAR BE 6P0KEW DCWW JUST TOWN? MAYBE WE'D SETTER. -. lUCtPEMT OUT OF.OUR ftEPORT, HADN'T WE* THE SABOTA6ERS, VALUABLE FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS A Little Irrigation BY MERRIU, /&OSSBB ( r ~ • I'M COMA STAY 1 UWTlL M BOMES RETURW TO OUST—AMD ILL BECOME PART OF TH^S VERY EARTH / WELL > NOTHIM6 IT ALONG " BLAST.j }F YOU' DOWT OUJ. OH MERE, I'LL CALL THE POUCe/ IGMORE PAPA — MES JUST f' AND , DAY W(LL UP, AND HILDA WILL KNOW PART OF SOUL BLOOMING

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