The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 30, 1933 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 30, 1933
Page 2
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(ABK.) CQUBLEB NEWS Ffr»t'Pr«i>y- mwtlng-11 ,.••'.- WT8 EVENTS City'Council P.TA., high school ' EV5NT6. rnfftiog, 8 a. m,. Hotel fkwrir . . fit*.-. John 9oi*e we* the guest oT bqaiH- v §t V»rty given. Friday s(temoon by . tyrs, Qlon AUIsqn, Mr* iwi3rTTi<<i* »ii4 Mrs; vick. Brown >t the BrovnhpnK on Lily ' ' ' ' . .. The 20 present ;were 'served sandwiches, ~ aim *nti hot choco. '' ' stl Perwnal COMPENSATION «1 HELEN WEUSHIMER THEY Mind >t Joan >nJ wait, choic quid women 1 Who h«vc few lulci beyond llic inomi ilicy keep; Tkty watck UM toad for ow» num'i r»u<r coining And In their cyei, unfathnmcil. tiran^cly deep Slir drcirtll <hn Eve petclun« surprised In lili-;i, WkKXtal »to tearncj llir«uc)t Klf InflifttJ Tale, THMMK ride out at JWn lo win new bttiltf, \V|& ««<n«p lew; the hearthi bright, sUan-anJ will. CO, of it jv I h«ve seen them »ilk>uciicJ, ^ Peep MetHedr ejser-cycA serenely cay, \YhJb WKpf ihep ll« rhvilim i-f (he firc Thru\>i Upetlty on rooms where cliifJrm play. ouilinn a womin'i |uuern, rejouineyln^ ID mtct Tht one the )ovcf, when I; U dink mil evening Hiflfi yellow Itnpj alonp itie iviltim) sired- W.-H[»lnes to attending to business In MtmphU today. .The H«v. £ K. Latlmer «nd two daughters gpenl ytsiijrday.'in Memphis with Mrs, Lstlrher-who Is at C»mpbeU'» .clinic. #rs. Latirner, who is In. »' cut .because of in- fUmmation ol the spine, U resting very well. '; .. . .Vats .SMvep* hi* returned from MemRWs where he . I«L$ at the Bapjtet. hospital (or a. ..mnjpr operation. He is how .convalescing. Anvonjt tho>e .from this city who attended the funeral of R. E. Lee I \Vllson a> Wl.lwn yesterday were f Mr, and Mrs. M, FHzslmmpns. Mr. »hd - Mrs. Park Hatchett' and' Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Elklns. ''Miss Ida MaruTBample, of Capo GIranJeau, Mo., -Is the guest, of Judge- and Mrs. O. E. Keck. • Miss Marguerite Matthews and Dr. W. K. Owen and Mr. and Mrs. Earl -iBucklcy .have gone to Chicago Jor, a two weefe visit with Mr, and Mrs. John Brodericfc while attending i'ne" fair. Mjrs. Broderick wig formerly Miss Kttlieryiv Buck••*%•' : ' • ' "' " 'Mra..Bak«r Wilson has returned from Meniphts where she visited. her- sister, Miss Elizabeth Crews, Tho is ill at the Method 1st hospital. Miss Crews Is bettor. '; Among, those who 'went to Cnr- uthersvllle last rilf ht for th« boat dance on the boat "The president" were Mr. and. Mrs..f, '.B,' J°yner. Or. and Mre. "W. '" j. Mr. SISTER MARYS KITCHEN BY SISTER MARY NEA btrrke Writer Coo! mornings demand heartier trcnkfssts than those which have been,served during the hot roe.r months. School ' " :HES ...... - -. '... .. 'J. SATURDAY, SEPTRMIiER 30,' 1083',^' =WEEKLY SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON — Saul la Tarsus drcn o| Little Rock arc euesls of Mr. and Mrs. Max Parks. The Methodist Missionary Soc- Itty Ij holding a food sale today. Mrs. Fred McKay and Miss Kii- nlce Block of Flint, Mich., arc visiting Mr. and Mrs. Max Parks. Hayti Society — Persona! . and 'Mrs. Harry "Klffiy, Mr. and Mrs. Oliver W. Coppedgc, Mr'.' and •Mrs. Lee Medlln, Mr. and Mrs. 0. C. Wbod, Mr. and Mrs. Russell Parr, . Mr and Mrs. Rives Allen, Mr.- and Mrs. Joe Watson, Misses Minnie Matthew*,: Ruth Whitworth, Margaret Cross: Mary: Catherine Martin, Sunshine Adanis, Mrs. G. E. Keck. Man .- Smith, Farmer .England and Frank • Whitworth. Mary Lou Joyner, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. • F. B. Joyner, and her nnclc, Fred Bonlfleld. have gone to Olcemah, Okla., for a two weeks stay. with :r>latlves. Ijeachvillc Society — Personal •Judge J. E Duncan and sons Chirles Edgar and Riilph .Hugh drove [o Memphis Tluirsday, where Sr.lph reccivcit medical treatment Br his eye. Charles Edgar rcgls- 'trcd at. thc University of Tcn- iifrsce while 'here. Ralph remained In Memphis for further medical In-nlnient. wh'lc Mr. Duncan nml (l-mrlcs Edgar veturnrtl home Tlvtrsday evening. Mrs. GcolTroy Johnson has revived a mes-sagc from her husband, who Is in the Bupllsl lins- piltil at St. Louts, stating lhat lie underwent a tonsllectomy ami al- o had his ati-.nolds removed, anil 3 getting along rule. He will-re- urn home Monday. Mrs. E. H. Hcmphlll and Mrs. Heads Auxiliary Member Drive in particular must have a nourishing meal to start the day. A substantial dish which combines both «re»l and eggs, for ucakfajt is-a rice oawlet;. ThU s splendid (or school 'children Incc It's hearty and of hi«h food value. Served with a tomato sauce, the whole furnishes all Ihe elements neoeteary for prgper nu- rltlou. Crisp toast should be included the breakfast ujenu for the. $4ke of the teeth If for no otfier- re»"n. Dentist? tell us that the te*th need exercise quite as much at the muscles of tht body. You will (ike to serve a rice omelet because it's easy to. prepare and is very attractive'. The rice should be cooked the" night before. No extra tune Is rewired in the morning for the cooking pt breakfast in, as much u the rice omelet cooks as quickly as «ny omelet and two dishes are corn^ blued In one. ' Rice Omelet One cup cooked rice. 1 cup milk 1-2 teaspoon salt, 1-8 teaspoon pepper, 3 tablespoons butter, 4 eggs Heat milk and add cooked rice 2 tablespoons butter and salt anc j pepper. Beat well and a.dd the wel' N>atcn yolks of eggs. Fold in whites I. eggs beaten-until stiff and dry Iclt remaining butter in a ho', ron, spider or omelet p«n. T/urn wn until thoroughly coated wit) utter and make sizzling hot. Poll n omelet mixture and let cook 01 op of stove for two minutes to Mown thc bottom. Then coolc in il hot oven until well puffed and firm to the touch. Fold and ttlrn ">ut on a hot platter. Serve with omato sauce or fresh tomatoes' qut n slices, dipped In melted butler and broiled. CHURCH OF TIIE NAZARENE Second and Vine R, 8. Hiubtef, rvtM Sunday school, 9:45, E. L. Evnns, 6upt. N. Y. P. S. 6:30 p. m., Mre. J. C. Crlner, ptetldent. Preaching IF a. m. and 7:30 p.m. The pastor Ttill preach at both Ktrvlces Sunday, which will be h,is last service with this . church as IHustor. He his accepted a call to the. North Little IJock (jhurch apd will take up his duties, theft Immediately following the' pfetrlct As-. serably which convenes with thl* church Oct. .4, to 8th, All the Church, and friends arc urged to be present Sunday for thew last services together. FIRST METHODIST CHURCH Mai* u4 Smath streets F. Q. Marie. Fmitor. Church school, »i*5 a. m. Worship and Sermon,/ il a. in and 7:45 p. m. "Fair Deal" subject mornin: sermon. 'Hidden Treasure" subject eve nlng sermon. Young People's Union of Miss slppl County w>U meet at 3 p. n t the First"Methodist church. Board of Stewards : Monday, 7:3 p. m. Prayer meeting Wednesday, 7:3 p. m. Choir rehearsal. Wednr-sday, 7:3 p. m. This Is the last month of th conference year. Mrs. W. J. Pollard is chalrnrai .. Lacej- of Xennelt were Bursts ol tllc memerslilp tuininlUcc which if'Mrs. J. S. Compere Thursday Mon<Ul * wl " be * i!n the - Hnmla ifi*T«oon. tlrive of tllc A'ncrlenn Legion MIX Mrs. Alice B, Davis of Jonc-s- mro. A.ik.. who Is attending to (arming interests here, Is staying Iliary. No quola has yet been set to thc group but il will be npproxim Mrs K B. Byrd will be in charge oJ the 'Mtoifing progiam to be given at the • clubhouse at 2:30 Thursday afternoon, October 5: Song. Smiles. ' Outline of books for winter reading.';" ' '•-.••• Th* most remarkable event ot the month. " -'••• An afternoon ' with Edgbr A. Guest. Piano number: ' This program" will be followed by a social meeting.' with bridge, rummy "and 'rook'..! '•"• .'''"' -^ . • ' • Mr. »nd Mrs. Oeorge Bauman of Memphis, Tex, arrived Thursday night -to visit Mr. and Mrs. L. O. Byerley.- • • : • Mrs."W. P.-'Orr of Pine Bluff arrtvieji Thursday to be at thc bedside of her brother. Archie A. Anderson, who. la seriously 111 with heart trouble.' : Don Choate of Trenton. -Tenn.. arrived Tftursday night to be with his f»th«r-ln-la.w. Archie Anderson. Dt. and Mrs.- A..K. Robinson and <laa«hter, Mi»s Dorothy, will attend a family celebration in -Memphis Sunday In .cteetvance of the 74tH>iversary of 'Mrs. J.,L. , Mre,' Bobinson's mother. Hn. B. K. Bfyril : surprised her huibarid FriffaV evenirij by Inviting • number ol. his'btuiness assocH aVes. in to .dinner-In.'-hrnip* of his btrttKUJ- Conn: were laid (or L. -p.--BrijtMd. fte* Akxiio'drU, Dr. A; B, Bobta»cn7.J, ; C..01bbins. E. H.. TrtW^Piif.-W. W. Cox, Leslie Brown.'.- .. •• -,. -,:-...-' v L. .B. Hubbard, ML<V Dena . John .-Hearten, Bni j " Wednesday " Pieklns and-little are the Mrs.- Denrile ••:•:.•• • B. t Lee Bcarden of ' V" tptndlns 3 few Bearden. id c. L. li'ttJe Rock Frl- the propos- and 1* frock will v. the home cf Mrs. Wolf Khou-] ntcl >' *• tfc ^ believed.-Last-year- lie, quola was 81. i Mrs. Pollard p:.ins to make A pledge to save two cents per. j active drive for members the firs day per man lo help cut the mil-I of the week so lhat a large rniot road overhead has been made by I may be turned in nl the Whit tlie 21,000 railroad employes at House conference in Little Roc Victoria, Australia. nest Wednesday. Ptcrlpss High Intensity Arc Light and Is said lo be the most up-to- date type of light used In thc McCutchcn only one other Arkansas theater has this system It theater business. According to Mr Is located at El Dorado. He said the system I s used In most of thc j large metropolitan theaters In the Expert Play by Defense ^ Shiart Declarer Detects Text: Aeis tlBFY-J, 27, 2«; »lKf' ttit International Uniform Sunday School Lcaton for October 1. . j. . BY WM. E. OILROY, D, D. E4tt«r of The C«cjre|illonaU»t Prom the Old ! Testament stories of national development and struggle in Israel, we make a long Jour- ey to study tlie life of the apos- e Paul. But though the journey kmg in time and brings us into larger world, the essential prob- ms arc much the same. In this great missionary apostle of the arly church we have an opportun y to study the fruition of all that as 'great in the courage and faith f Israel. The world had changed 'In the enturtes that had elapsed. The ews themsclvs had become dispersed throughout the world, and rom an area left to the struggles f tribes and minor kingdoms the and of Palestine, after having been long pawn in the game o: uutendlng empires, had now be : an ImiHiriant political ant omrncrclal fi.ctor. a link between Eattsnd West In a unified worl under the domination of Impcria Rome. The glory of Persia and o "-MCC had risen and departed, an: toine with it.; iron hand had at alned the zenith of its power. Th fie.d was ripe for world vision am a world movement in religion, am FIRST CHRISTIAN CHURCH E. K, LatlBicr. Minister Chutch school, 9:45 a.m. . -rteaent«(on of this year's a tendance awards. Holy Comrpunlon and Scrmo U aul of Tarsus, soon lo become tlwir.caco and of justice, do not inter- •hrlstlan Par:, was the man of here with llic inti'iisity of ills loy- abliny torn to serve thc a;je. * » • Our sludier. begin wllli Saul in is native; Tarsus. By piecing lo- ctlier various sections of the Acts Epistles, we haye brought be- oic us a ra-hei vivid and fairly irtcqtiatc picture of Paul's cany Ife. He was a Jew of Tarsus, jro.'Jght up in llic strict PUarlss- vn of a devout Jewish home, but i Hoinan citizen in an age when :luU possessior was limited and iljhly prized, and evidently a man whose family was of some sub ilunce. That Paul. rhould have been a rrt ranker .am! brought up to erve a trade'.was not unusual. II IP'S the distinctive quality of Jcw- .ih teaching ami custom to instl habits of Ind'iElry and to attach 1 roper honor to all labor. It was Iso a Jewish quality to lay great stress upon education, and Paul's ally to liLs own lac; nud lili; own :• .'leion. * * * Aftn 1 a loir; iieiiud ot trrrililu 'i^efUtiou t''C .lc\vs umlor the Roman Empire had Sound a incis- of J|-.:rcloni. II \\:is en'.ir-'l_v (•o"Sit-lont \\il!i Ihe I'xei'ui-;!' ol Paul's religion lit should ad- n^re llic system (hat Iiad brouslil co:n.|:aiativt> |>eaoe and lib;'rly lo Hi: Jews anti thai had made pas. i i'-le Ihe of parents had ' to It that tie hod wn well schooled. He had been tent -even to distant Jerusalem tha', he might have thc benefits of sitting under the great teacher Gamaliel. The result of all this background of early environr.'.cn', and .training is that when 1'aul appears in our tcime we have a man of intcus: rrr.viclions whose pride in Roman cilizemhip awl whose admiration for a great empire, in •.vliich he sees an instrument of in various pavls of the empire. But living in p:igan and llc?n- lio.'s Minouudim's Paul had mads no compromise with llio evil of il:c ancient v.'f.rld. He was. u:; lie described hlimflf, "a Hebrew of Hi? Hebrews," a man of strict:iml (icvout practice, well disciplined ill what he conceived lo be right, u-'ci so stron;: cf will that even :ii I or lie had coma to set' tho errc: of his lit" and to call liim- rcl; "thc chitf of shiners." lie couid, none thn lesG, look back upon his past career with Ihc cl:c- Isiralion Hint he had lived i:i all yixl conscience, striving ulu'iiys to do ihc right us he saw it. This is the man whose lite ca- ^ recr w? are rn study in the Ics- this quarter. H is thc n world citizen with MI-TV of v.orkl vision enlarged into a •de cf glory of fie eternal world i;on:"; forlli in ;i yri'at cntErfrisc of Christian Imperlnllsm. i/'lucy Wallino L ' -* TornorrowTs Menu '.' DREAKPAST: Orange Juice, 'rjcc omelet, qrlsp whole wneat loSj't, milk. cofTec. ™ LUNCHEON: Vegetable crowxjer crontona, stufled nppie salad, nut bread, nllcd cookies, grape Juice DINNER: Planked ham, melon Mlad, pumpkin pie. Sacct potatoes and cauliflower accompany the ham. Pumpkin .pie Is chosen to rdesscrt because the meat course is light and low In protein. TUc pie with Its milk and «egs brings the meal into good bal- Ncw Equipment at Kit/ Theater to Be Used Tonight New screen IgTIing equipment, costing approximately $2100 has been installed at the RiU Theater by O. W. Mccutchcn and will be in use for the flrst time tonight The system Is known a s the Veeper Service. 8 p.m. A cordial welcome always. CHRISTIAN SCIENCE SOVIET . "UNREALITY " is the subject of the Lesson-Sermon to be read In the Christian. Science service, Sunday at H .o'clock. The Golden Text is, "The Lord brtngeth th* counsel of the heathen to nought; he raaketh the de- Ytce* of the people of none effect" (Psalms 33:10). , ... . 'Among the' citations from, thc Bible is the following, "And Jesus answered .• and s&ld unto, him, Get the* behind me, 3»tan,; (or it Is written, Thou shall worship the Lord thy God, and him only shall thou serve" (Luke 4:18). The Lesson-Sermon will also Include passages from thc Christian Science textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures," by Mary Baker Eddy, ono of which "reads, "The 'man of sorrows' best understood the nolhing- . ness of material life and Intelll- I gence and. the might of all-inclusive God. good" (page 52). The Christian Science reading room is open Tuesday and Friday trom 3 to 5 Hotel Noble. All are cordially invited. LAKE STREET METHODIST Corner Lake and Johnson Sis. W. J. Uroy, Pastor Special Rally Day Program, 9:15 a. .m. Classes enrolled and organized. All old members and as many new ones as can be enrolled is the goal. You come and get a new Today's Contract Problem Norlh and South arc vulnerable, Kast and. \Vesi aro Jint vulnerable, holding the following hand. South onens thc contracting willi ene spade :md West makes a Sims negative' double. How would you yro- cied with' tlie North: ^ Q VtfV « (J 5 . I »AQ5.#KC52 Kast: A.S 0 2 ; V A 7 ?. *> C'i 3' 4 A Q J South: * A K J 10 7 5 f Non* >KJ10S72 t >5 West: 4 Nono »K J 1J;1 S - ' 0 i; " 4 None 4 J 100 7 I Solution in next issue. ;10 j pass, and South'* prmwr resjionse i is two no" trump, to which North '- responds "with 1 three no trump. AKQJ53 ¥Q65 10 5 + J02 Thc.T.lay West's proper opening - is the CHAPTER JCLVIII TT was the day of th« May festival In fine Forest, Eve awak- euctl at dawn, with tbe drat chimes ol the church hells, and looked out ttie window. Already lights were burning In tlie basement of the little rchlte church at the Four Corners. She aroused Dick. "Bright May day now is dawning o'er us!" Sbe sang th» words of a cong Elie had : learned in grade Ecltoo). They went to breakfast In the c'tijreh that morning In accordance with a custom brought from New England by the first settlers o! Fin a forest. Breakfast wau served from five o'clock until nine and although Eve and Dick were among the first to arrive they had- com- rvinj. The owner ot tha general store sat at their table and the general manager of the paper mill was nest to Dick. Opposite sal the village tailor, polite and attentive. The men discussed business con- fllllo -i. Before Eve iiad finished the delicious pancakes served with netv mnple sirup a group of teachers came In. "After breakfast we are jiolng up into tlie woo's for May flowers.' Another jear ot aucli loneliness as sha had known for tlio last eight months. Her mother's words came hack to her, "You're not being fair to your bushRiid!" E member to come with you. League Union meeting at 2:30 VE drove the roadster slowly over the four-mile stretch back (to the village. She felt tho charm ot tlie countryside and iougcd to rela.t and become a part of it. Yet she fell jinotlipr urge which drew her awuj- into llic turmoil of life In Lalsc City. Sho ;ii!;>t::il at tho liltle noil ot- lice and (uiunl a Idler from Ar- leuc.. "Kve. ilt-;ir, we are married," .TOtc -Ai-tcnc-. "Snin ami t Itolh ireadeil the (lisa and excjlcnicnt ot . wecUlins so. wo ] iway and wcro niarrieil at Saint lames' church last -Saturday. Sam's brother and my cousin wero tlie witnesses. "We drove to Niagp.ra Falls for our honeymoon. Vi'c-li—why nol Viagara Kails? My parents and holr parents, too. went to Niagara ['alls for their honeymoons. Any- low Sam wasn't In a hurry it get buck so we diiln't return until Tnes- they loU l join vbrm. \. :«d invited Evo to But slia declitisd, al- she was touched by their -iipyflil fulness. "fx 1 (lay she bad set aside lo •pcn^ .>Uli Dick. Soon slu would b£ lehruc and she wanted lo make Ihe most of the short time remain fc-S. They lingered over Iheir cot fie anil thec iilt tuo church, in tier t>roblcms and analyse Ik-Sin I* personally. Alter a long while she arras ani with one lianj liruslicd back- hor lioiiey-colored hair. Tliera was » shining light in her amner eyes .ind licr firm tittle ciiin w«s held tiistli. tli detcvinination in fccr ste;t *-°.i% returned to the car and djc^'C b.ick to tho village. She wrote tlirco letters fiui did not mail them, then drove to Ute camp again for Dick. While she bat in tho roadster waiting fo? liira doubts once more assailed tier. Uld Dick really want her to go Ixicli lo Lake City or \vonlcl ho rnihcr Jnve lier stay here? Ho iiad told olheis as well as Aunt Sonhronia tliat Evo was reluming at tho end ol two. weeks. And ho bad said It in a voico BO certain that It left cause for doubt. Surely if no fc« icjlcmcnt ot wnnicd'licr lo stay lie.would have list sllpilei] implied it. Ln suiuo way!. . ., - *••"-'. TJUT Dick looked so scnninely Klacl to tiud licr waiting fnr n'lm that Rve felt a responsible glow of pleasure as their eyes mot. "l.ovo mo a lilllo?" Eve asked wistfully as they th'ove over liie iiill. "Love 3'on—oil, ll:c least li'.tle hit!" ho tended, smiling. After dinner Mvc askctl liiin to read tho letters slio lind iichlri>.-!.i.Ml (lay night. We're claying willi my| l o Jlr. Biiby. Mr. Hnrncs ami 10 parents until wo fiud a ulacc of our | Arlcno anil Snm. The letler 10 .Mr. wn. Ui.xby contained her rc£lgn:i!inn "San, refused to let n!D go to Ihc J 1 " 1 fSsestcd [hat he consist ofiico Wctlncscliiy anil !'::i not going l banl for the vacincy. Sam l!,:ie- riii;;c, olio wrote, was In licr estimation tictter (]iialifietl to take cl'arrc. of Ri\hy's ailvcrtising than Iwclc at all) i called Mr. Uarncs to tell him i was married and lie waa very sweet about it. I sness he thinks well of Sam. "We'ro looking for a hoiiEO now. Wo want a little white one with green blinds and a wido red chimney out in one of tho suburbs. Sam i says he is tired nf apartments atnl the tall wblti steeple the chimes | (or years lie's been ambitious lo were ringing again. A sense ot] nave peace seemed to surround them. Eve slipped her arm through Dick's o'cloclt at Firat Methodist church | tnd as U)W stroned past tbe n i on to Previous Contract Problem BY WM. E. McKINNEV etary, American Bridge lt*K U has trtily been said that real king of spades -Which South must i refuse (o win. The queen'of spades is continued and again South j must refuse to win. \Vcst cohtlri- ! lies with the nine of spades. A club | is discarded from dummy and South i s forced to v.ln the trlcH with the ace. South then cashes 1 his king of diamonds and leads a final! diamond, finessing the jack e which East wins with the queen, a What lead looks "to East's best .... advantage to I (heater-goer is the fact that casts a soft blue-white light on the screen Instead of the pure white light ordinarily used Tills feature Is raid to relieve eye strain and create a clearer view Its automatic control provides a' light o( constant intensity and eliminates what Is known as a "dark screen." Another feature claimed for the new system is lhat it provides a more uniform screen view from every position in thc theater. • system includes a large 16 horsepower generator which replaces thc old T.4 horsepower generator. New "light houses- containing the arc equipment have iven installed on bolh projectors. More than do'ibie thc amount of electrtc current is required to operate the new system. The old required from 28 lo 32 am- isercs while the new uses from 'Jo to 75 amptres. Preaching, 7:30 p. m. Subject: "itasks Off." Not so much to see ourselves as others sec us" but "as God sees us." Hear this message. * "Gospel Songs" — "Gospel Sermon." "Open Door"—Friendly Clxurcli. "Welcome." rose garden." * » • B eat still for a Ions while after sho re-ail Arlene's letter, was exprrieacing a conniti ol j "iv, ti !01 j s | lt ,i le , , v | ln | a any other person in Lake Cily. I'hc letter lo Arlenc anil Sam si;*?--.;r.i iiiiineiliato application tor UK inn. Dick was aiuazcil ns lie lo-!"'.-rt up from thc t>a;;c ho had hco:i rc:ul- "Uut arc you sure," he n.-l:ril "tiiat 1 hiiveu't Inl'iienreil you ii) do this, Eve?" "N'c. you didn't influence me. You (Liiln't even encourage UK- 10 stay here." Kve told him Ern:::Jy. real bridge player is judged by chance to defeat the contract? We now well he can play thc rtrtciue.! know lie cannot lead a diamond But generally a smart declarer can and certainly Smilh, wilh his bid i> fhy .so.much ,c \'. .successful defense. is given lo; ace of clubs. have the tho ,, gh _.. it". ' i *t IUVIA.I ,:.i t iiuu 1,1.1 11 iu IJI11Y In tho-preceding-problem hand.' defeat the contract Is to ; smart defensive return was dc-: rind West with thc queen of Iwarts. ed by smart an often-1 Therefore East's best return 1s the .play and the hand at three no.kinc ot hearts, ! Or course a smart declarer will -.'South should piss wilh his hold-'play low £om dummy. Now.'re"• in this .hand. And West should, eardless * what East returns, the *"" North will'open third declarer p-lll win the rest ol the . made. The Biddin, ,, also JOrr and chll- hand with a,diamond. East will t r i c ks. . Hospital Notes Admitted to Ihe Blytheville hos- yl-.M: Harry Gordon, Rosclarid; Howard Jackvm. Route 3; Sum L'icas. Caruthersviltc. Mo.: Mrs. Hauler Crook. Route 2: c. D.'Baum, city. Dismissed: T. o. Cas- tV.bcrry. Willis Point, Texas. FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH \V-ilnal nee! Hjhlh Streets Alfred S. H»nteU, Pas.tor 1'ible school D:« a.m. Alvhi Holly, supt. 3ermort. U a.m. and 7:45 p.m. Mornlne subjett "The Final Words cf a Faithful Fellow Chrlsllan." Evening subject: "Where Is Your Faith?" B. Y. P. U. 6:30 p.m. Mlss.LunS Wllhclm, director. . Orchestra music (rom 7:30 to 7:« p.m. Everett McDowell, di- reclor. Dorcas meeting in connection wilh the mcr'? meeting Monday nt 7:30 p.m. W. M. S. metis at the church at 2:30 for missionary and so lal. lawns on Main s'.reet they watched ' emotions and lic-r mind was the sun. red-gold, ccme up over Ihe j ' vitb -ludeelslon. She was 31.11! (or j reaching the son!'I Vad'sct' t j lc ' ----- --- lor lop of Eagle. Hill. Birds wero twit- I •"7"" '» . l " nt '' or fnen ' 1 »'^ jmyceK. Von and I and a tew U n.«,.-. , . , , , ,, : so '"fW'. and yet slio envied thai i know 1 co:ikl liavc become adv,- terlng In tlie tree tors and In Mrs. : happiness. Because o[ her own Using m!lllasc r or tlio store. 1 il,,n t Williams' garden the pink flower- overwhelming ambition. Eve teal- (P5 almond was tloomlnr; Hanked ' lzcc1 ' sill) Ka3 thrusting c.?[i!e thc by yellow"forsytnla. !; oy - " iat , ""f 1 " bclons to " cr alui That morning Eve rode on, ^^ Ma there n,,, 5 , S ""lo^ l^ ll ^ It-^ camp with Dick. The hospital | bo with Loth Arlcne n:nl iicracll i wo canio so close, lo lusiir; e.:cti bulldiuga loomed up attractively ID ! absent trom Ihe oliicc. L've felt Alie I other!" that tast wooded area; Dick took i 5 ' 10 " 1 ' 1 BO bark Immediately. S!ie ; ",\ 0 . wo ilidn't," ho afrared licr tisin:; niiinagcr of tlio store. 1 dun t -•" think anyone else would have til:CI i''f|.<{ mucli interested. Stuyln^ i:i l.aV J e -'J* Cit} wouli' ineani i IM||-.I:I» "Jf f I lurncil the cnr ahum and clrore in |ei::phaticnl]y. "I Sunday school ofJIcers and mett Wednesday. 7:15 service and business meeting of thr church Wednesday, Choir rehearsal Wednei- teachers p. m. Prayer 7:45 riay, > p.m '. 8:30 p.m.. Mrs. Paul L. Tip- Skunk Didn't Thank Rescuer MONTOUR FALLS. N. Y. (UP) —An Infected finger was the reward Melvln Smith received after he attempted ' to aid a skunk. Smith dropped a rope around the pole cat and hauled It to safety when It was discovered trapped In a drep hole. While removing th« v ope the skunk bit erntlh's tor. leader. The Mississippi Ooun ty Baptist Association meets at Kclser Tuesday 10 a.m. SECOND BAfTIST CHURCH J, U Ntwsom, rutor Sunday school, 0:4S a. m. Sttmon U a. n\. subXct "Neg^ (Read Ccmrter Wnnt Ads) B. Y. P. U., G:30 p. m. Sermon 1:30 p. m. Subject "JIo Difference." W. M. S. Monday 2:30 p. in. The Mississippi County Baptist AfsocUMon meets at Kelser next Tuesday, Oct. 3 at 10 -a. m. Tlie Ev« ra a lour of inspection and she i lh( , ^^ ;, [|lc |iu]e felt an Increased resnect tor Hie j where Dick Inil tal;cn Her Um tlr:.-. powers that were bringing Into be- j Sunday. Iligli up m Uio hills slic log thl« great Inatltullon ot neal- i slopped and wnlkeri tlironjii the irjg. By midsummer the uospllal was to be opened. Dick, however. wooils. kicking up plue needles as she went. When she came to the edge where she could look dou-u at wauled >uu in work out yon* problem in your '.'V!i way. I've never believed in ro:r!:.s anyone into decisions. Hut I wns willing to wait. I thought ilia; H you cared enough (or me you'd como to mo In time." "Cared for you—7" echoed Kts. "Are you sure, darling, thai yc;i would rtmala th«r« to begin work the water below she slipped to the on mor« buildings to 09 added to'srowml and gave herself up'to en- Bill bo contented hero?" he aa!:ol. th( unit, Tbit meant tbat In all likelihood be would cpend another Tear it Plat Forest Another long year without Dkkl ioylns tho golden sunshine. - ] And Eve answered firmly. "V-.v Here, with the fragrance ol thc | Something had lo be sacrlliccii ;>::i3 pines carried by the gcnllo spring breeze, U was easier to think. Eva (elc able to take a detached view of it couldn't be you!" Dick tftol- 1 ber in his arms. <THE KXD) Rev. J. L. Newsom will preach the •' Vail, superintendent. There will b npnual sermon at 11 a. m. Tucs- j special program for the Rally Day j day: B. L. Cole of Osccola will i CNCrcises. Razor Oicr 101) Years Olil WINSLOW. Ark. (UP) —it; : Turner stlir uses a razor over" preach on Missions at p. Christian Endeavor society. G:45' years olrl. The article was ivir- chascd by his grcal-grandfa'.iicr has been carried by ihc Tuesday and W. K. Horn of Man-' p. Ha Till preach Wednesday at 11 .. . . 3 m. and Doctrinan. Dr. Ben| J'lLGKIM LliTIIFHAN C1IVHUI i i!y t^roi:gh the Rcvoiulnir Bridges of Little Rock will speak i on our Slato Work at 2 P- m.' Tuesday and Dr. J. N. Mallorj of, Jonesboro will speak on Chikstian : Education Wednesday. 9 All of Wednesday evenir given to the B. Y. P. U. der the drccllon of J. P FIRST PRESIIYTFRIAN The Rev. William Orr. Bible at southwestern Memphis, will occupy thcfpulplt of the First Presbyteriai: church Sunday morning. 11 o'clc c. Sunday school, 9:45 a 0 a. in. will be :'ork un- Friend. 1!. .1. KtfimlieivM, IMslor Mission Rahy Sunday, itinday sclicoi 8 a.m. Two special services: at 3.30 p. | War ol 1812. Indian, wars. and Civil, i * V. Kleclric nnlb 25 Vi-ars in and 7:30 pin. Hcar ( Rcv. K. G. | HU.MBOLDT, fa. (UP)— An nlr-r- Lango, formc-r pnslor of our iric light bulb placed in ihc dui- cluirch and new pastor of Trin-1 ing room of (he home o! MIS j. ity church In Pine Bluff at the | H, savage 25 jvara ago .still js in j iftcrnoon service. Hear Rev. Vic-1 use. Mrs. savage Kta'tcil tiie bulb " it i CHURCH • tor Di-y.'ige ol Trinity church ot: is Just as efficient as (he day achcr of I xicmphis In rhe evening. "Come was installed, ilversity.j rcu wilh us !>nd we wl'.l do Ihcc pulpit of| tlX d." -Num. 10, 29. m. S. B. Read Courier News Vmnt Ads. : There is a population o[ 12.0115.300 in thc metropolitan arcn of • New York.

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