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Oakland Tribunei
Oakland, California
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1 'if r' 4m 'yr' 7 'i -20- OaksPadres KIBBY STRANGER IS CLOWN PRINCE OF SEMI-PRO BASEBALL Series 0 Open i Antics, Contortions of Bercovich Manager AmusA Fans Wherever Continued from Firs Sports Pagt inch flychase'r is not overweight at 211 pounds, but he needs bat- ii ff- 1 IVV; Ivy ting practice to sharpen his eye. He hasn't been in uniform sines he refused to report to Chicago a month sgo. That was when tha Yankees, to use Dick's own words, "sent me off half dressed," with-out an opportunity to prove him-self. He refused to report to tha -White Sox unless a $5000 salary cut was restored. "The Yanksea are potential champions again," Wakefield pointed.

The money he asked A for was the approximate difr ference between playing with winner and a lower division club. "I'm out here to do my best," Team Plays Anderson League. Kibby Clares his greatest teams have been uMer thrTJinner ot Al tarr. riritlut, Continued from Pint Sports Pje won.44 of 17; The Yankees, boast ing a two-game bulge on the Tigers, hive a 14-4 mark on the road and a 10-v record at borne. TIGERS, INDIANS CLASH Wlille' the Yankeei and Red Sox were battling it out at, the Yankee, Stadium, Detroit 'was playing host to the fourth place Cleveland Indians.

The Tribe, three games over the .500 mark, were five and a half games off the pace. In other American League dou bleheaders, Bucky Harris' astonishing Washington Senators engaged the Athletics in Philadelphia while the St Louis Browns were host to the Chicago White Sox. The third place St. Louis Cardinals, baek on the beam after three-day "nightmare" at Cincinnati, can climb on the backa of the leaden with a doable, triumph In Pittsburgh today. They trail the leaders by a game and a half.

Fourth place Boston, three cam0a behind the pack, took on the seventh place New York Giants at Braves Field. In the only big league game played yesterday, the Chicago White Sox came up with six runs in the last two innings to come from behind and outlast the Si Lotus Browns.l2-:;PM. Mast veteran White Sox catcher, drove in five runs with a single and triple. Eight pitchers were used, five by the losers. The victory went to Howie Jud-son.

It was his first trjurnph of smjii, svt vveu aaa iiaa tweiHwi4-4i April 21, 1949. He lost 15. con-j secutive games between those i triumphs. The slimmest gathering! of the year 424 paid admissions watched the game. CHICA00 XbH OA- ah A 4 1 2 0 Uplonjw i I CXrwkl.H 4 14 PMWrt-tl Ml MiehMh.Jb I 4 Kskcx.rf tilt Mt3iijh 4 1 I Wood I I I I l'THomMjb 4 111 Mm SIT LihmtJ 111 CrMicl.M 4 1 rriemJ Jb 4 9 1 Cumpfrt.p I fl Judton.p 1 6 OSwn.p- I Cin.p, 1 rm.l.

1 a Totit Sun ti Totl Bckfr wtiktd for Judxm in tth. Wood at rue out tot in win, emeu SSr St. Lsult 120 SM 0O0 Stunmant: tmromtUU Fhiucy 4. v-aiai UiMikl 1. Oaltlabwry.

CiTM-i BOwr. Ctn. Upton 1, Ctoin i-h LMiurtH a. rin: Buny.ii Amazina Phil Team in Lead Wakefield said. "I expect to go back to the majors, but first I've got to make this team." OCT-OF-SIGHT BALL Bill Sweeney, manager of Portland, ssys Dick hit an "out-of-sight" ball, and Bill ought to know because he was a Detroit coach when Wakefield was playing with the Tigers.

The Oaks could use a couple of out-of-sighters this week against I the potent Padres. Rirht now Artie Wilson and George Metkovich, with some able asaUUnce from Roy Zint merman are carrying the club. as team players Jimmy Dix (second from left) and Lenny Gabrielsoa look on. When the Bercovich team travels out of town, fans want to know first If "Klbby's coming." Kibby Sprcmqer Uft). the "Qown Prince" of aeml pro bosa-boIL givts out with ono oi his contortions as Ha watches his E.

Bercovich and Sons team la He played with the Portland Beavers a long, long tins 090, and has been the Bercovich' pilot the past Ihroe years. In the right photo. Sponsor Sam Bercovich deft) chats with Spranger (right) Peterson's Liquors. Sacramento, collecting 17 hits in The Bercovich firm has been 39 times at bat, and boosting his one of Northern California's average to .355. That's a 53-pioneers in sponsoring semi- em two weeks.

ro-baebsH eansrYr Hatten, Bill Wight, Ferris Fain, Buss Leiber, Fran Kelleher, Will Leonard, Ray Ferry, Ed McGah, Ernie Sullk, Ernie Bonham, Billy Rigney, Len Gabrlelson, Bill Mathison, Jack Albright, Will Hafey. Hugh McCall, Eddie Kearse, Milt Cadnlna and Don Osborne. He has managed the Bercovich team for the past three seasons. At present the team is competing in the Rose and THE BULL good manager, Spranger is hailed by the fans as the "clown prince" of semi-pro baseball Or haven't you heard about his stunts? "I've got a million of them," exclaims Spranger, who started "chaslrti" baseballs reached the peak of his diamond career playing in the Pacific Coast League with Portland. For the past 20 years he has been a serviceman for the P.G.

and E. Tarns about Spranger's escapades In baseball sound as if they were written for comics like Olsen and Johnson. But Kibby has newspaper clippings to support them. Take the times that kibby Bercovich started the club in 1931. The Bercoviches have won five league championships.

The furniture men also support basketball, softball and bowling teams. PEN By ED SCHOENTELD Professional baseball might be missing a bet in Kibby Spranger, the Oakland semi-pro manager. He's knocking em dead in the A pick "up Kibby checks, the Bercovich brothers, AL Harry and Sam, Oakland furniture dealers. Spranger skippers the E. Bercovich and Son semi-pro nine.

It's in that capacity Kibby has brought about an unusual situation in the semi-pro ranks. Before the Bercovich team is booked in cities throughout California, the people demand: "Is Kibby coming?" Aside from being just another LAMOTTA NOT KING SAYS PENN BOARD nurr a TrT rTjT 1 fn tn T7i Fennsvivania Ainieuc Those are Just a few of Spranger's stunts. You have to see and hear the guy to appreciate him. His facial expressions, body contortions and continual stream of chatter help cram the semi-pro parks when game. How good manager is Spranger might be indicated by the fact that Bobby Mattick, scout for the Cincinnati Reds, aought him out to use Bill Gear, University of California star recently signed by the National Leaguers, on the mound for the Bercovichs.

A few of the name players who have played under Klbby's direction are Augle Galan, Joe I'ESPEE NIGHT' SET IFOR OAK-SAC TILT June 9 has been designated a 1 1 w.n I i than 3000 railroaders from the inin .1 1 11 fi ra minpn irnm uiri Continued From Fage 19 Oakland and show up the Yankees," he began with a shrug "Were you quoted correctly when you said you wanted to help the young players on the Oaks?" he was asked. "Yes," he answered. "I've always tried to help young players." On Second Thought Continued from First Sports Fage i "Like Augie Galan and Cookie Lavagetto?" "I didn't understand about the Oaks," Wakefield parried with grin. "I'm a young boy out here for my education." ers looked at Dick in a puziled wr noMihl Wkfilrl rihhinB them adroitly. inn yvaKeneia wants 10 mane incite cr.

uuudi 1 iiiiim. cnnwiiMir opton. rnnL ra is, Friend. RBI jtsiu. ti ma.n inAmv no! Several times during ttie meeUng wafceneia spone oi pniioso M'd t''yJt it Cm.

-vnt th. former Miehican University student' ine 1 1 1 1 a nn X.Atx recognizes Jake a. middleweight and h.mse an na eur Ba7 reg0n and Sacramento wu! win nTr the big Yet Laws yesterdav and were pres. 'nt atUie Wakefield pres. 0OUl convrreauon rt.i.

u. wtheotmau j-rujs, the winner of the June 3 Jtayi c-. u- wkvw iinyyvua wuxi dc so very imponani even VineHe rncucated he had created his own philosophy from observation -en the Oaks and Solon, on to Dkk um pitching Wf. jTSi main bout will take over the title. experiences in college, in baseball, in the service.

I Lou Renner district passenger1 A fine philosophical viewpoint, perhaps, but how many philoso- ages will be found in an adjoin-fLliSS-Srt ftale fi-mtsp-h4 asked; lVben asked what be and CommissiMer Cbandler spoke fl-ent for Southern Pacific, hve cut the mustard on the ball field? in column. l- V- Off Gmp in i to strm LaMotta of his Judmn "Mr. Chandler convinced me I should come to Oakland. He's one swell guy. What else did we talk about? Oh, religion and philosophy.

Other things, but if I told you it might embarrass VACATI i f. TIME Artie had another big week in 12 points to hi swing average and is now hitting .313. He also leads in RBI's with54. although Zimmy led in that department against the Solons with 10. Artie is top man in the circuit in runs scored, 64, and in hit.

92. Best pitching performance of the week was Ernie Groth's five-hit shutout over the Sacs Saturday night? MARSHALL VISITS Although no official word was for'hwmmg froin the Acorn business office today, it looks as if Jim Marshall, a hard-hitting yeune first baseman from Comp- will shortly be in the Oakland fold, although it may bo several years before he is ready jfor Coast League competition. Jim and his father were in eonference with Prexy Brick vviuvitu aaaaaaaaaaaa vaaaaaaa. a aCGISTKATION TTt 1 Influx -a Ba Ma. Became so disgusted with hii team's showing he decided to go into the grandstands and hustle peanuts.

He did so well, the ball park's concessionaire wanted to hold him over for a week to sell more peanuts! bings, inserted himself as a pinch when his team trailed, 12-2, in the seventh inning. He not only made one out in that inning, but came to bat THREE times as a pinch hitter and made all THREE outs. Displayed his happiness over a victory, by doing the hula In grand Hawaiian fashion all the way across the diamond from first base to third base. manner, asking themselves if it -v- prior vk aecuion py -ij. generally cnargea.

ne suppressed sum I wound up with he dies." ira opuonea ivansas city exhibition game. 'tor, was printed. Wnler the charm which briefly had is runnine out. Mvfw th r.a4. has been written about the contro- j.

ii 1 1 1 m' stirr in is: MrhH in Pi: Fin 1 In SHI rmeB i Hubbwd. SI. RUETZ TO ADDRESS DADS CLUB GROUP CoSch Joseph pri! "7" r' Py-r -n-; vrif? vitiwo, ueciareo. n. wouus PV lmnor leuf cn be assumed Chandler did most of peaking, Wakefield most of the listening.

HE waiceiieia is a iai-neao, as nic an. rmmr tr TnTOPntr The NBA rejected the idea. title match but Insisted the winner defend the championship itain -witlilii fO the victnr of the Robinson-Ville-1 main bout i Vine of Pennsylvania is a ntrmtter oj ihn MR A hut it' hm rpfused to BO slong with the parent association on LaMotta issue. A an rtCQ HACtC I IwJIJ 1 1 I Hot K0(K Onifini 9 California's three roadster rac- ing at-sociations wiU compete to lir thC f. vuauonai aweeDsiaaes ai cmn Tht big fellow combined humility and humor telling of his tl i 1.

1 i iinanciai naiui, ni iinf v-Hiniiu ojiie win imr mm, uiai ne wm do an acceptable job with the Oaks. And that someday he can return to we majors, speeiiieaiiy the American League. to their respective dugouts, received $52,000 for signing with Detroit," Dick said, gazing ner announced. reflectively at his cigar. "Of that Mary's College will be the prin-einat sneaker at Father and Scout i.

7.iv-. MM Ca-hI cipaUpeaker at rather Night sponsored by the Dads Club Our Lady of Lourdes School at Ihr Lakeshore- and' Boden Way at 8:00 o'clock Friday evening. Ruets will tell the dads about tne prospecw ior me uaei team snd the Scouts about hJs Al 1 1 cxperience as an explorer and anthropologist According to Chairman Wallace Colthurst, all Girl Scouts, Boy and Uncle Sam got the rest But people think in terms of the larger amount not the smaller. They figure a fellow who gets $52,000 has salted away until the day Hot Under the Collar PROTECT YOURSELF AND YOUR FAMILY AGAINST TRAVEL ACCIDENTS FOR ONLY $1.00 PER YEAR The Oakland Tribune Travel and Pedestrian Accident Insurance Policy underwritten by LLOYDS OF LONDON Is available to all Tribune readers and menv bars of their families. Policy holders receive up to $10,000 protection against injuries resulting from many kinds of accidents bus, train, automobile, boat, air, pedestrian and others.

Value of insurance increases 10 per year for 5 years upon regular renewal. Also, weekly benefits are paid for disabling injuries. No physical examination is required. Just fill out the coupon below and mail it in. Ages 15 to 59, Inclusive, $1 00; ages 6 to 14, inclusive, and 60 to 74, inclusive, $1.25 per year, 0nly once yMterday did Wakeficid to gtt hot under collar, but he bit off a sentence inmddie; togtred and relaxed.

Scouts, Brownies and the Memorial Day Hot Rod In Dick had been asked if it were true he and Billy Martin, the 2m' naa had words during a spring Nof fo. 2L JSS" r. i 10U Spr" He stopped, then turned on school are invited. Special guests at the meetine will be members ttk HSK Choot C.ltf Are av ak 1 i 1 1I JIIICI3UA MUU I IV Win Oyer Pittsburg By United TreM A fleterminea KeTrrr teamDatTea bounced today that railroaders; in: interest in the game and a record crowd is expected for the affair, Not to be outdone, Sacramento lu! fwiuii. nmu a hot timt St the bail park "Southern Pacific Night.

pt.mjeniciiiiiiii-juipiBiiiicu for the affair and a Southern official wOT Has 6iit thenfirst ball of the game. A special miniature train, piloted by Jack H. Collier, will carry the ball players un. Lea oil a MBS-' Una mfM. 1.

Tijuana La Vwi Ml S00 OOlS I I BatUrlet: Garcia, Ochoa and VUla-neuva; McCarthr, Kadclifia (Si an. it tStZSS'T" JJtiS anTwa-wie AMCSICAM ASSOCIATION Minneapolis St Paul 3. Louisville 1. Indianapolia 4. Milwaukee at Kaiuaa City, rain.

Only gamea scheduled. postponed COMPUTI SAFETY CHK.K 4 WHEEL BRAKES ADJUSTED MUl fMIfCTfOM I4 SHOCK AISOSMBS STIUUNa STITIM WMIU AUCMMItdT F4 I been extinguished. "Billy is one of my very best friends. We were confused fielding a fly ball, but there were no harsh words spoken. Billy is a great little fellow." There's a Jot more that could be written here about Wakefield's Travel Pedestrian Accident Certificate gocial debut yesterday- but snace? jers' patience, too.

An awful lot u-l kakll U7. APPLICATION BLANK 4vuu 4--. nu.imu, 411 ymi. wecw, mnnuu a i NCRRA have resolved their diffi NCRRA have their d.ffi- culties after three years and Will their top drivers to the invi- tation.l With the three associations combined, one of the largest fields of cars in local racing history is expected for the show. wo 2X-lan main vvnt will nrAsented in addition to the reeu.

SfJO Sal 5 1 a IM SOS I i Batwr-fwid J. Water, and; Sirma. Boh. arwl Artm. una vjj oil 7 7 SSSS0 --w 1A 44y "CtoirnverTlar program of time trials, heats, Wttburgh last night to chnch a 1inBi heBU and troph, lifkl-7lgit.

iw. sUrtS at 7 m-' I first event at 8:15. scheduled game. 4. 1.

1 1 uiuhcv in ma email. IlK weeks of the Pacific Coast Leatue pennant chase. Dick hye on hif yestsrday) employ. his Partv manne-- Tryinf to make a good impression with his new neighbors, and that sort of thing. Perhaps he won't ptfv in ANNVAL SI S4 lor aaaa Data California.

i OAKLAND TtlSUNI Inauranr Otnatan Uaklana I aoplT for rh rntan at I lvl ana Sufl4aa and (IH.Wi lrael Umdon Uii-ifh Irtlk Ban tha and Pedei'tj'ian Aerident Cartilirata imied Dt loaelal arranaa rat mHib M.a C. Turn la ratular ra.dar. to, OAKLAKtT niSLW rAn. Refiatntlon Tn of II 00. TitlBVSfB Ditlf I rrr tne ceuar-aweiiiriK ouver- fm sox Tony Filippo pulled four VtOJUt i clubhouse lawyer, a prims; ionna.

But I'll to alone with the fellow, and nrediet he'll hit man- hnm la cmatataratwn af aalrf earudeata a I hereto- aire, and certify a. lallovi: 41 1 for six to give the home-town xans we win. But the Highlight of the game 1 icnow ana prove a box oiliee Boon 1 1 4 1 w.n uic bhi to the Oaks. Ari provide newspapers came In the eiahth frame CkKt lift Chttk Hart I ant oreaent raniaf lubterth, the Oakland Trfti.m. Dn and Surida and will aurk for a period of not It, thaa ana iZt iVlt anbaeriouoa rata Wr earner ieuia, I am a reauiar reader a.

a Oakland Tr)ir Dally and Sundae amd a 1'lx whara deliver- oi Tha Tribune mUl ka ae-l tta ued' Ztmml rear from above data la tha name af Pittsburg's hard-hitting -t e. exciting, controversial subject local baseball has lacked for a long writers and radio men with an boy. Vine DiMaggio, came to the plate anc, LeBlanc.l Boitz. I with: the bags loaded and twoj0 (Subeerlber'a Mame) TH JHStSAKCT SHAU. WOT COVEII INJUM FATAL 0 KON-FATAL SLTTTRBD DIRBCTLT OB M.

omxcTLV CAtisro by was or nrvAMoN i BRYANT MOTOR CO. rn rxwv i tna Welcome to Oakland. Dickie ri a I andej-ftend ae-eral a are Sftatlr" ulred la laaue and wall me eeru Urate I afree that ane Inaneaiiee IKat ahouid I the mo, eertf-Iii uTIwacTSTSS NOW OFFERS rAf. rpnii wnrr vu NAMf or pruCArT iovtr BIHTI.NTH-D A T-VsJOT IK I MKV a- wia. IIX I Via I I I STRKCT AODRtSj" "While You Wait" Mitch am.

Dtrtanc (Si and 4: rntta, tatr 111 ana T1M Navy Hi-nk Made' of bMy wfcito duck tMiai Nw. Ordar by price btcfvsW psstaga. Mil, rdtn r. i il iw-. il ii 'mi i I I Hammocks 95 dowp, we score standing at 11 to 10.

-Reno's little Bill Seward struck out DiMaggio, who had rapped out two circuit blows the night before. TK Hnescore: -'ptttuMintt sn aic ia 4 Ren- IS IS IS 11 3 raltnatto. Annl a4 rraaer, Wl- tora, Sear 4l ami Drat. Pittsburg Defeats Acblanes Nine, 7-2 Pittsburg Outfielder Sal Cardinal! slammed a four-run homer in the seventh toning to hand his team; a T-J victory over the 'Acs-lanes Don! in their finsl Contra Costf County Athletic League game yesterday at Aealanes. 7h line acore: a lNMabuft 11 I I Aa-aM 4 tanmtm flwy and Acmlvari Cram.

lammini 0t mt Carter! CONVENIENT GUARANTEED CB1 "UfJBw" WU-AllflVfWTJ- (of I'arlirlcaU WaV Rirl Matanei Mr turj Brnlth. Bat Mrs. a aaoer entittea a earttftcata Or aeytna tna aaoutm- OAKUND'S LEADING Jft'Ult'lAIt 'Pre km Reeeivad A MABBltD WOMAW aetould John AvtilH fkia atfef to old and new FAST 5 Phone fANdover 16400? FORD DEALER Br Apol.rani dive her ewn name not her ioand'a far entvarrtbert alike Tour auterrtpttftn to thla aciat k) delivered, la set auBecriber'a lamilr Bvtitd the aMreaa wnara the uw aaa im Tk radiatrat-aaj la tm Urn Ma la perenne nauranca jartll a jartll am eever (1 railroad ana aJoTaea, paranne FiltirS keta tna aaea to Ineluaiva and ta 14 veara trtaluarve la SI St. TMa Hav lt an ar. U.TKriAfi!? bt the a.

13050 EASTMth STREET 4 eeaaaaaBasadeaaaaaeaaaaaaeeoBaeaaaoaaaeaaaaaaaaeaaeeaeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa -4 aaaa-av -u.

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