Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on February 15, 1950 · Page 31
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 31

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 15, 1950
Page 31
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Oakland Tribune, Wednesday, Feb. 15, 1950 D 3j V -1 V .5 iv ff '0 J 1, 7 V Safe driving awards to Tribune drivers were preaenied last night at a dinner In' the Athens Club. J. E, Hutchinson, . W. W. Boucher, A. TL Musgrave, John O'Conner, and Lewis Fels (left to right were among award winners. Participating in the ceremonies were Shorlfl H. P. (Jack) Gleason second from right) and Police Chief Lester Divine (right). 107 TRIBUNE DRIVERS RECEIVE SAFETY AWARDS Karen Wallen, 5. of the kindergarten, breaks ground for the, - new Srookfield Village Elementary School Assisting are Otto Hieb Oeft), of the Oakland Beard of Education, and'. Mrs. lenneth Anderson, P-TA presidentTribune photo. ' Groundbreaking Rites Held At Brookfield Village School Residents of Brookfield Village i Mrs. Anderson, Berg, snd Board gathered with school officialsjDirector Hieb. yesterday afternoon for ground- The Rev. Wilbur Cheney, pas-breaking ceremonies of Unit I;tor of the East Fourteenth Street Alii i In t,it; . J ...'.? The Oakland Police Officers Wives' Social Club entertained at a tea honoring wires of policemen throughout the state : yesterday at Hotel Leamington, Mrs. 'Walter Hawldnson (front left), president, is shown with some of the guests: ' Mrs. Harry Schroeder (front right), president of Contra Costa County unit of the California Federation of Women's Clubs; (standing, left 'to right) Mrs. J. G. Maasdatt, state motion -picture chairman, CFWC, and Mrs. C. C. Storey, Alameda County president of (he CFWC Tribune photo. - OAKLAND 'FAGIN', 2 Funeral Rifes for YOUTHS ARRAIGNED Oonner Survivor Kin of the new Brookfield Village School, David Schrutz, sixth grade student, represented the entire student body in. a welcoming speech which opened the program. K A flag ceremony followed David's talk, with Gregory Re, another sixth grade student, leading the flag salute. Mrs. Hazel Sack directed the choral group. ' GUESTS INTRODUCED " Hugh Herrington, Brookfield Village School principal, introduced guests of honor following a speech by Otto H. Hieb, director of the Oakland Board of Education, and Selmer H. Berg, superintendent of schools. Honored guests included J. E. Hood, recently retired board di rector; Frederick Confer and Ray mond Willis, architects; John Marr, city planning engineer; Robert Crawford, superintendent of recreation; Lew Galbraith, president of Oakland Recreation Board; George Taylor, Chamber of Commerce; Bill Hay, president of Brookfield Village Dads Club; Ed Yates and Jake Myers, past presidents of Dsds Club: Mrs. Kenneth Anderson, president of ; P-TA; Ed Costa, president of; Brookfield Improvement Club; Capt. Fred Barbeau, Oakland! Police Department Eastern Eta- tion; Capt Bill McTigue, Engine; "No. 27, Oakland Fire Department; , Lieut Norman Danielson, educa- t tional director of Oakland Police ' Department; Officer Walter Ken-; nedy, supervisor of Junior Traf- " fie PstroL BENEDICTION GIVEN Actual groundbreaking was perfermed by Karen Wallen, kindergarten student assisted by S.DVtSTUtMENt SAN JOSE, Feb. 15. ' Three Oakland men, surprised early Monday in t downtown market, were arraigned yesterday on burglary charges before Police Judge Percy O'Connor. Charged, were Ferritin L Bene-vides, 34, described by police as the "Fagin" of a gang of teen- GALT, Calif, Feb. 15, un Fu neral services will be held tomorrow for, Olive A. Wilder, Awards for .safe driving fori Four vearsr F..M. An7i J w i A E. Ramoone. F. V. Stearns, L..H, periods ranging from one to 13- Boxtic, A T. Chattock, J. S. Clark 0. Ward, D. L. White, G. R. Hous- ley, J. F. Cashen snd C. J. Yost; years were presented to 107 Tribune truck drivers and circulation men last night at the anual Trib- Jr, D. Downing, P. J. Doyle, J. R. Felts, B. A.'Fromme, G. H. Mc Donald, H. A. Meek, E. Page, G. F. Pens Jr Jess Russell, John Sheriff H. P, (Jack) Gleason participated in the ceremonies. Top award went to J. F. O'Connor, who has completed 13 years without an accident. ' OTHERS HONORED Others honored were: Twelve years: A. R. Musgrave; 10 years: W. W, Boucher, Lewis Fels, J. E. Hutchison; nine years: Frank Pisciotto; eight years: J.C. Truscott; seven years: S. C. Koe- vary and Ira Marshall; Six years: M. G. Broadstone, R. M. Cornett, H. C. Hurst, L. L. Lloyd, X. H. Viada, O. D. Alves, L. DeBonis, D. J. Wood, N. M. Nielsen; five years: M. G. Arm- stronir. W. J. Barrv. W. T?urhnsn aaugnxer, oi a survivor i im;j, Kimball, T. O. Norville, D. une Safety Dinner in the Athens! Serpa Jr R. N. Townsend, R. L.I Club, r . jWard, G. D Young, W. H. Baker, Police Chief Lester Divine andiF. Espina, S. J. Huyter; , THREE-TEAK AWARDS . Three years: - F. E. Abert, H. V. Andreasen, F. M. Casey, M. Govnik, T, H. Ivary, J. F. Lamm, L. E. Larrabee, I. E. Ligon. L. J. Maguire, W. T. Ortman, B, Piels, Baptist Church, pronounced the benediction. The rhvil unit ai Hosiirneri hv Confer and Willis in hav ,sgers; Toby Montoya, 19, of 869 floor area of "31,700 square feet and a capacity of 385 students. The new building will have 11 classrooms, an auditorium and a library. It will be a one-story structure of wood frame construction. Dormer party. She died here Mon day at the age of 90. Miss Wilder was the daughter of Eli th Donner Wilder, whose father, George Donner, led the ill-fated party, many of whose members starved to death near what is now Donner Lake in the winter of 1846-'47. Willow Street, and his brother, Aurelio Montoya Jr., 20, of the same address. Benevides has re- Preliminary hearing was set,"" Jieomuoai rwei for February 27. There were no wood yards be- j Four other youths, one another, tween Alabama's pioneer settle- The new-school is a part of the Montoya brother, are being held ments and early steamboats had $16,000,000 building program nowjfor questioning in a purse snatch- jto fire their boilers with trees ing. They were arrested the same, which crew members Zeued along night ithe' river banks. under way as a result of the post I war bond election four years ago. L. Reese, A.M. Sauer, J. J. Ternes, W. K. McMullen; Two years: A, W. Bold, W. D. iCorbett, P. C. DonstL J. Feduloff, L. H. Moore, C. L. Pedrazzinl, D. R. Reese, J. R. Sawle, M. G. Wells, M. R. Wier. J. F. Cerelii, G. De- Mello, R. L. Norton, F. Ratto, A. R. Shepard, J. P. O'Draln, A. Col-letti, E. H, Johnston, J. A. Springer; One year: R. C. Gottschslk, J. F. Klnsner, M. Rizer, D. C. Sher man,, R. H. Temple, X. K. Vigor, E. Allen, R. Catano, Gerald Housley, A. M. Lyons, L. E. Mauch, E. C. Perrin, S. B. Purdy, J. P. Sohm, H. W. Bartle. T. W. 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