The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 5, 1937 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 5, 1937
Page 3
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[WEDNESDAY, MAY 5, 1937 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS PAGE THREE Mclhodist i Conference Host All City Employes Arc Re- appoiiUed by Mayor and Council FLAPPER FANNY'«8W By'Sylvia iC. r.M.R[cTu.s.p*i.orr- CARUTHEIi.SVILI.E. Mo. — Al ths monthly meeting of the city council, the first since two new nldermen, Gordon Wright and J. W. Tipton st., took olfice, His board and Mayor L>. D. Pinion made appointive otTico sanctions for I'ns new administrative year. All Incumbents vrars rL'l;:'n:d to office for another year and lliree employes were voted raises. These were: Illicit Eti2l:in:l, street commissioner and waterworks superintendent; Jolin Gruldy. waterworks )>lant engineer; anil Sain Haves, assistant engineer. Othf-r.s returned t/> offi';" iir:l"'li: Victor Mnlloure, fire chief; Howard Sparks, fire truck driver; Mrs. Tlielma llaijiei', water works bookkeeper and collector; Will Medlin, assistant police elilef; nnd A. lio- hannn, Albert. \Va)ker and tec Cunningham, policemen. Mayor Pinion announced appointment of the following committees: Finance—T. J. Medliu, J. H. Lewis, J. w. Davis; street ami alley— J. I,. Daniel, J. Davis. Obye Cbker; waterworks— J. I, Daniel. Gordon Wright, T. J. M»:l- llnn; building— J. w. Tlpton, L. W. Dillman, J. L. Daniel; cemetery board— N. W. Helm, James Aliern. J. li. LaForge; library board — Jas. M. Reeves, Jas. T. Aliern, J. W. McCloskey; board ot health— City Physician G. w. Phipps. and Physicians J. R. Pinion. J. B. Mc- Kinncy and Pi'cd Ogilvic. It was reported \>v Uie mayoi that the city was S12.500 belter ofT financliilly Chan the previous year The council ordered ail ordinance prepared Instructing stores (dvj goods and grocery) not to remain open later than 9 a. in.. Sun:lu> mornings. Several weeks ago. thr council ordered all .stores closed on Sunday, but after a petition was offered in protest-, the council decided to reconsider its action. A tax levy of SI. 15. same ns last year, on each $100 of assDSSMl valuation was approved. The council voted to widen t^e South Ward intersection point with Highway m, south, which is now a right angle curve, making it longer, and more gradual, affording :i clear view of approaching cars. I(. -,vas also voted to purchase materials, , at an estimated cost of about $1500. ' to complete Ihe paving or Ward Avenue, the town's main thoroughfare, out to the Highway 84 intersection. This project was started with WPA funds, which were exhausted with about seven blocks iinfl'i'sho.-]. 1 ' . Alderjneii~> W.i'hlit. Medlin and Daniel 'were namfd to confsr with tile Junior chamber of Commerce committee, composed of Hcv. Wayne Gray, Jack Hopke ana Clyde Harper, in an endeavor to secure a swimming pool here this year. Revived Interest In Dairying Shown - By Club Members Renewed interest,'In dairy demonstrations is bninj taken bv North Mississiopi county'4-H 'club boys and girls, according to D. S. Lantrip, county aacnt, who reoorts (18 now enrolled for such projects. Arkansas dairymen believe in 4-H club work, and through the Arkansas Jersey Cnttle club arc offering local leadership and substantial premiums for outstanding wor 1 ' on project completion';. At' le^s' 12 counties are expecting to mi:\li- fy for the gold watches tint are Mng oflercd by the cattle club to those counties doing enough 4-1' club dairy work to justify special recognition. The Arkansas Jersey Cattle club will also give 10 registered huU calves to the 4-H club member ranking highest in dairy club work In each of the 10 cattle club districts. T!ie president of the cattle club will cive a registered bn'l or heifer calf to the highest ranking 4-11 club dairy member in tin 1 state. •J> Tn addition, several civic clubs and other organizations are olter- iiig medals, educational trius, and other prizes to ciiconrnzc dairv i-H club work in ICOT. The value of Ihc premiums will total nt least $750. R. C. Mfiorehi'iul Tile Rev. R. C. MooreliKi:! of His First Methodist church of Osceola will be host to the district con- ference'which meets at Osccola nt 10 o'clovk Thursday. Conference will be in session tv;o days. The Rev. 11. II. Griffin will preach fit 11 o'clock Thursday. Tl'.e Rev. II. G. Ccok, pastor of the Madison Avenue Methodist church uf Memphis will preach at 7:30 Thursday, and the Rev. II. Lynn Wade, pastor of the BlylruH'ille First Methodist church, will preach at 11 o'clock Friday. The following delegates from the First church, Bly- thcvillc. will te in attendance: A. O. Hudson and E. D. Ferguson, Mrs. H. Lynn Wade and Mrs. W. P. Brewer. The alternates are Mr. find Mrs. Paul E. Cooley. • '.-/ J \/^- \c \ tt ,c T-T Slop Pt,,p!rattan O<tar IWlA Tidy Deodorant Three Safe Effcctloi/ Fornn Admiriicion T<m1c VVM H'ilh New Admiration " Ea cH . .49° LIQUID. CI,,cV,r,c»,,! lt P'<i|.ii>l]oi> lioiiHtlo ?i llOUII. . live 43 lu Jl houil. POWCER.Inluiei J.-.irli- ne*i for 12 lo H Koun. DEXTRI- c^cG ..._, .. oil,..,. is.,. . O«S S -£JfA) MY,BABY'S 1QCJ f&m i 7u/^ n iy i MELLEN'S C-JcB /ooJ. 10... . . . O«$ I ||| CLAPP'S act -k_J'/ GLYCERINE' •» t*os ALTEP IW " M "" " IS S MILK S1JO I'aluc For 53c lifflfflSbliffiisi ^ALCOHOL ^;^. s .... MALTED BORIC''' .- i oc} /<>».<.»>. ... . JLO ^;ft-!!'..94 c | 1'A.V/TA ?IJ VE 43 C ' An ttiir/i//c S/.<W Silt—Ho:,,. l.lniH Oni "Kn you catiKlil il yourself, huh? Kunny Ihe fox tised I I ho same kind of perfume your hijr sister docs." Garutliersvillc Society — Personal Counly Agent's' Employes liven Visit Jail to Deliver Payment Payment of benefits under (lie 193G roil conservation program lins been slow but County A;;cnt D. S. Jessa Cook and Ralph Bray of Mnyflt'ld, Ky., spent Sunday In the city. Mr. Cook visited his wife and Mr. Bray attended to matters )f business. Mr. and Mrs. H. E. I'uckett of Fulton. Mo., arrived Sunday to viy't Mrs. Puckett's mrcnls, Mr. and Mrs. Prod Williams. Mr. Puckett rnliirnfd to Fulton that afternoon, but Mrs. Puckett remained for a longer visit. Miss Minerva Phllllns. who js in nurses' training In Memphis, visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. week Lantrip believes that office tins broken some speed records in selling (he government checks into the liaiuls of the ter they reached the county office. A batch of checks, mostly for tenants . on one large farm, was received ai,the comity agent's office at' 11 o'clock one morning recentlv: Tlie farm operator ' was ncliflcd .'by telephone. He passed Uie word nround and between 4 fi'ncl C o'clock Hint afternoon ,78 of the !)8 'checks were' delivered to the payees at tlie farm headquarters. On another faun 32 of the 40 checks were delivered to ten- •xtits between the hours of 12 and I p. in., so they lost, no time from tliuir work. One man, notified that hi: check was awaiting liim, sen word that lie was in tlie Hlythe- ville jail and could not get oil' to get it. Tlic check clerk, the man's landlord and the jailei paid him n call and delivered the check to him through the bars. Police Rout Starlings MANSFIELD, O. (UP)—War was , . Warner PhiUips, over end. Mrs. Cora Ellis is sufiirthijf thi7 week in Kennett visitln? her daughter. Mrs. Ford, she has tak- uatlent al we Methodist hospital Miss Edwards, who sullered fractures of Ihe pslvls In a cur wre:k several weeks ago, was put In n cast last Friday unil Is gelling along well. Clayton Sdmllx returned Monday evening from SI, Mills, where tie had spent the week end on business. Lone Oak News Elder J. F 1 , Manning preached here Saturday night and Sim- day. The Ladies' Auxiliary met- at the home or Mrs. Willie Powell Monday afternoon. Proceeds of the ice cream sti|i' per given Friday night were presented the church. Mrs. O. N. Forrest has been called to Dycrsburg, Tenn., because of the serious illness of her mother, Mrs. Dora Hitnserford. to Kennett Sunday afternoon Mr - nml Mrs - Kcnncrd Walters by Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Hayclen, [ cntertaine(i Ul . B who spent a few hours there visiting with Mrs. Ford. Fred Smith of Osccola, Ark., spent Monday In" this city attending to business matters ami visit- in" his sister, Mrs. Warner Phillips. Mr. and Mrs. Joe nil! and sou, Joe jr., spent the past week cnj in Memphis vtsltlnir Mrs. Hill's mother, Mrs. A. Iloldcn. They al- FO visited Mr. Hill's mother, Mrs, J. C. Hill. L?s Hopkins'of Campbell, Mo., spent Sunday in this city visiting with his 'daughter, Mrs. Joe Wyatt. He was accompanied home that afternoon by his wife, who had spent, the week here with her daughter. Mr. and Mrs. John Schwietlcr and Mr. and .Mrs." L. J. Jonas of Stecleville, Mo., spent Sunday in this city with Mr. and Mrs. Lilbourn Green. Mr. and Mrs. Schwieder are the parents of Mrs. Green. Mrs. s. H. Edwards returned Sunday from Memphis, where, she had spent a few days visiting her daughter, Miss Lorcne, who is a ! this community Thursday night. The eighth grade people of will) a party graduating class program will be held nt the school Thursday night. Besides easing functions! pains of menstruation, Cardui aids in building up (he whole system by helping women togetniore sirengtli from tlicir food. declared for a sriort lime here! when droves of troublesome starlings besieged the town. The bird 1 ;, numbering into 'Hie thousands, suffered more than 1.000 casualaca when police atlackcd will) shotguns. Read Courier News Wa... «as MfjplGEER/BETTEB EXTRA GOOD Boy, 9, Has Attended 21 Schools in Year AMARILLO. Tex.. (UP>—Nlnc- j-cnv-olcl Doolin Pierce, fifth grade elementary ?clicol pupil, is attending classes al ward sctiool licro—the 21st school he lias attended. Due to the fact that Doolis's father U a circulation field man for an Oklahoma publishing company Doolie's stay in each of Ihe series of 20 schools has ben brief. DooHe said lie believed he holds tlie record lor the numter at .tended in om! year. Tims far this term he has attended KCliols at Oklahoma City, Entd, Chandler, Stillwater. Shavvncc, Okemah, Au- ndarko. Ada, Chickaslia, Pauls Valley. Cordell, Clinton, Lccdcy, Elk City, Sayre, all In Oklahoma, and Shamrock, Memphis. Clcrcn- cipn and Pnmpa, In Texas. A IG-day-old robin can eat as many as C8 earthwornis In a sin- Rl» day. *• -=~ , r '** OIXES that cost more, as well as *>J sixes that cost the same or less, fail to stand up against tlie Stude- bakcr Dictator under the spotlight of comparison. The low-priced beautifully contoured Dictator has the world's strongest, safest, quietest steel body. Its exceptionally spacious interior 13 richly styled by Helen Dryden. Its big trunks are by far more capacious than those of any other six. It's the world's first six to offer the dual economy of the Fram oil cleaner and gas-saving automatic overdrive . . . the world's only six with non-slam doors. See and drivo this sensational 1937 Dictator! SIUDEBAKER'S C. I, T. BUDGET PIAN OFFERS LOW TIME PAYMENTS BROADWAY SALES CO., Inc. 1>honc HI niytheville, Ark. 100 HINKLE PILLS OLIVE TABLETS Pin I Hydrogen Peroxide 23< Tooth Powder 25c (<rt, si». 19 C •••H C.Mwetl 1 . SYRUP PEPSIN *.'•*<> ga< Sue . fV SM Hish Grade [Absorbent Cotton Lb. <s <i Hoi!. 4} I VEAST &" IRON Tiblelt _ollle f°t "250's O« 55c LYSOL Dulnfcctant 7 o,.47« .'iliiiiitj TEA KETTLE Calalin 4 07 Extension CORD. SET NEW! Tyso RUBBER GLOVES TOILET TISSUE Wool Sponge onj MxtSfnch CSamoii "°"'. 57 C Electric FLAT IRON Oa Sale at «l09 b ulior.* cJ tily. 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EmpeiTn Ccm- poundTjblili,l3-| . 9lc Baumi fltngui, 1 ei. . 47c HOUSEHOLD Hind Bruih«,*itorled.Sic Flon-Tcx Tolltl Tiiiue . Irolli ()c Drino, 1i ounccl. . . , 21c 3Sc Simolint Cluntr . !?c It ti^Mhouic Cl««ni.r tlaitt Bon AmiCiU, 9'i o,. . 10 t 10c ProduiB Dyct. 1 for f Ic . MolhBilli, 11 01 1Ic SPECIALS «£ Ftenimint 5U 50c Bubiiol Cttim .. J9c Phillip! Milk Of M* 9 nei3i, soc Sin ,. lie Gilletlt Bfido, to 1 * . . 4»c *0c Enoinllt, 4 01. . . . 47c H«ivy Gride MTnvnl Oil, pTnt ,,. IJc Mill. Migntiii, pin I . . 19c 1.00 Liyorii 7fc For BEAUTY SSc Pond'iCrnmi^mid.^Ic 50c Ctmpint Ditibin , )9e SOe Wnodburr Cr««mi . He.' Mi>t>iliine (Solid) Bltclr, Brown, Blu* . S9c IDcJ. t J.T.It ..... ]o c 7Ic Filch Snampoo . . . i?e. I.M Msr-O-Oil . . . . 67c Vi!<ntin< Hlit Tom . 3>e Itvcndu Lotion.6.01. , 39c SALE! FRESH SMOKES! 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