Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on August 10, 1950 · Page 51
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 51

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 10, 1950
Page 51
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MsttfTM Mercury 1949 4-Door Radio, heater, overdrive; tot lights. $2045-Bank Ttrmi Apex Motors US East ltth. Oakland. MERCURY. iM fordor aedan. hkt new, enly 740 miles. Prmium white sldewsjl Urea. 41M seat covers, -tub radio; original dn. Aik for Mr. While. Tttnpleber -44M MQ.. 1MI, beautiful dark green finish, with ganuin leather upholstery, low nvjleege. Immaculate condition, 4HT4. LA kehurst t-WS M G.. 1444 convertible, green; green laatrer. radio. 135. LA kehurst 1-S7. NASH, 1444 Ambassador 4-does ai luxe aadan. radio, cllmittoer. ovtr-. drive; actual mileage .1M; I3jO; no trade In; excellent condition; must ee to appreciate. Call evenings alter 5 pm. GLenrourt 1-4594. tM Heridon Road. NASH, 1947 Amhanador coune: radio, heater, overdrive; tervlceman going overseas, muit sell. TE rnple-har J.7054. NASH 100, 1M1 1-door aedan; good condition; radio; $450. W eetwood -paesenger coupe, har-gain; owner leaving. TW lnoaki 1- VI7I. NASH 1S 1 coupe, 1!H4 motor, good paint and tlrea. 1360. Call after 4. Kt Hog 4-4MH NASH. IMG I d oor aedan; good con. dlllon; extraa. 4300. GLencourt NASH. 140 four - door, exreltent condition inaida and out. LU ceroe I Hit. 1444 "71" sedsn. hydramatic and all. glistening jei black paint, I.M7 down. Oaklaad Car Ce . LOrkhavan 4-3424: 10444 Kast !4th Street OLDSMOBItl. llV da lux, c'ub coupe At. Hit sulea; nvton us-holtery, aelf aelector radio, whi'e walla. 401 Jtth Street, Apartmrrt H GLencourt 1-4040 OLDSMOBtLE. 1947 cTiib sedan", hydramatic, 7g, $1444. Curt Campbell's 1031 San Pablo. Albany: l.A r.dsctne 1M.1. At.BsMiBttK is convertible. 1949; Rocket engine; mutt aell before Fri-dev. GL tncourt 1-5343 between 6 7 p m. "oLMMoflfll hot rod." motor include raring cam. pistons, fly wheel, good tlrea; going to service; ran be een tfr East Hlh Street 1941 club coupe, new motor, tlrea. Interior; excellent condition. 140 Bay Place, GLencouit 1-HJ4, before 4 pm. 1444 da luxe club e-dan M; like new; low mileage. f:27 Mate4H Avenue. OLDSMOBILF. 1940 i-pa.cr,rer coupe; very clean; 1500 eoullv; full price 11800. LA kchurat 1-M44 OLDSMOBILF. A, 1037. a buy, new paint, everhauled. 1JS. AS hberry 3-4A4A, OLDSMOBflJ U. 1MT 4-door eeo: excellent condition; all extras. AN-dover l-gajt. OLDSMObIlE. IKt convert;b1c. ve-y good angina. ne pa'nt, good bodv, IW LA kchurat 8-AM1. OLDSMOBILE. 1040; radio heater. e?9S; goad condition. TB inidad ?4 PACKARD 194 '$ 4-do-.r aedar.; need! Utile work; mutt sell. Fe. ningt. 1023 Jtiam'.a Dr;ve. Sn V;-lev Ettate. Wairut Creek PACKARD KM ciub edar. f ..; v equipped; Kaj overdrive, very n iage, hue new. Qualilv Mr :r-r "" . 171 Park Street, Aiamerfa; l.A kehurtl 3 74i7 PACK ABO 1941 Clipper idu.ii m--dan. excellent condition; one-owpfr car. Quality Motor Co. 171 P.k Street. Alameda; I.A kehurit i.74'7. PACKARD l4a 4 door tedan, ,,d condition; reaaonahle. Call Saturriav, Sunday. LA kehurat 3 3380 Mandana Boule"vardi GLencourt 1- 74. Plytaaatk Clak Caapaa 1949. early 4!S4 194". Immaculate (; 7M 1947, ipotleai .. tiTSS Take your cho;r. Bank lermi, guaranteed. fleta Meter flalet. a- 377 Sha'turk BE rke'ev 7 ?;nn PLYMOUTH Sedan. 19J New motor $10 Down On Credit Approv al See Oklahoma Joa 3Sh Broadway Ifcvtf. club coupe, by owner, lfl.ooo milea. heater radio, ail extras. 177M Sea at MS San Pablo Avenue. CI Ccrrlto between in a PLVMOtTH. 1947 aedan. ipeciti at only 11193. hurry for th:t one. Otkraa4 Car Ca . !M4 tat 14lh Street. LOrkaven 4 t3 Pl.VMOl'TH 1947 club coupe, or:i-nai owrer. 25 0P6 mHes. rad.o. heater, ether extrat; rrutt sell 1731 Cnrtit. Berkeley, evenipgt PLYMOITH 1947 convertible f il'y equipped mechanlcaPv A 1; pew 'op, !JJ, terma. 1300 Shattuca. TH ornwa.l 3 3300 AUTOMOTIVE SALE! 50 Fine Late Models Beautifully Reconditioned in Our Own Modern Shop-Featuring the Finest Selection of NASH Can in the Bay Areal Look These Over! 1950 Nash Rambler Convertible . . .$2295 FKy j!jirpd. than (KV rr. ei 1950 Nash Statesman Sedan $2250 1949 Nash 600 Airflyte Sedan $1850 With Bvirdm-i, radio. WMthtr-atyt. tf. 1 948 Nash Ambassador Convertible $ 1 800 Fully rupr4. 9tutom modtl. A rir .nd. 1948 Nash Ambassador Sedan ... .$1650 Fa'.v e3 .'rpd S ipT rrnv4l. 1948 Nash 600 Club Coupe $1375 1947 Nash Ambassador Sedan $1495 Ltkt pujw Motor cmpllly vrKttadi. 1947 Nash 600 Super Sedan $1250 Economy modal. Completely everbauled. And These ... 1948 Chevrolet Club, Fleetmajter, Radio..... $U50 1946 Ford Convertible, Real Sporty $128$ 1947 Pontiac Convertib'e: Radio, Heater "J1485 1949 Ford C.-om 2-Door Sedan; Smart looking $1595 1946 PontiaK 2-Door, A Jet Black Beauty $1245 1941 Old Club; Hydramatic, Rebored $795 1941 Pontitc Sedanette; Modem Styling $695 1941 Dodg; Radio, Heater. Fluid Drive $550 1 940 Qhtvrolet Coupe, No Extra, $485 Webb Motor Company 2471 Shattuck Avenue-Berkeley A5hbrry 3-441 M-AUTOI PLYMOUTH, 1M0 41 oor aedan: new anotttr, I hew tlrtt, mechanicall perfect: 4374. HI gbgata 4-1041: Ut Ninth Street. PLYM6DTH 1M; exceptU. My good ajondlttsa: radio, heater: new Ures; low mileage: original owner. LO ckhaven 8-3090 PLYMOUTH. 1M4 Special da luxe club roup; very clean: radio, heater, four new tlreai 11474. HU mboldt 3 rit. PLYMOUTH. 1941 aedan; tlM down; many other work cars. Midway Motora. 1S3S San Pablo, Berkeley: TH ornwall 3-1932 PLYMOUTH 1940 coupe, radio, heat, er; excellent vendition. SW eetwood 4073. gW eetwood 0-W48. PLYMOUTH 1933 4-door. good nio-tor. body; new brakes, KI I- l-g 4 4781 PLYMOUTH 1939 town aedan, clean, rebuilt motor; radio; perfect condition PLYMOUTH, 1933 coupe, good trans-porlation, only 145. 2427 San Pablo, Oakland. PLYMOUTH 2-door special de luxe sedan, price 8I2AO. LA ndftcape 3-6334. eenlngt I.A ndtrape 8-3743. PLYMOUTH, 1842: good trantpor-tation; 3193 or best offer. KI Hog 3-0381. PLYMOUTH mi 1-door aedan: gord condition; $83. LO ckhaven 9-7218. evenings. PLYMOUTH, 1944 4-door aedan, lm-maculate; I13B5. LO ckhaven 4-707. PLYMOUTH. 1931 coupe, good condition, 3170. KE Hog 3-89f2 PONTIAC 4. 1949 Chieftain deluxe aedan I239S I49 Chieftain deluxe club 1194 White Auto Salea, 171 University. Berkeley. PONTIAC 8, 1947: excellent cond u tinn. all accessoriea. tee to appreciate. Call between 6-9 p.m . LU-cerne 3-!4.V. PONTIAC. 1947 Streamliner: low mileage, perfect condition: extras: 91393. Days. KE llog 4-3454. evenings. i n ckhaven 4-0M0 POS'TIAC 1949 4-door aedan 9. radio, heater, 13.000 miles: excellent con-dilion. Owner, after 3, LA ndacape fj.gv.ti. l'OitUAC 1938 coupe; good condition; 1110. UK Evelyn, Berkeley; l.A ndvape 4-08M. PONTIAC. 1936 sedan, radio, heater, excellent condition, 8123. LA kehurtt 3 1919 PONTIAC 1939 sport coupe, tires, motor, paint good condttlon; 8330. Walnut Creek 4W8 after 7 30 pm PONTIAC 1937 4-door. radio, heater, new paint: excellent condition. 992 4?nd Street; OL ympie 3-0181 STUDEflAKER, 1943 Champion Regal Reflsri, sll accessories including overdrive. Special thia week only 11393. Rets Moter Kales, 2H27 Shatturk. BE rkelev 7-3208 STL'DEfiAKER. 1940 4-door, radio, heater, oerdrive. excellent condition, new pulnt. 1425. P It C Auto Sa'ev. 3009 Shattuck, BE rkelcy 7- 8MI ' .CT1DEBAKER. 1940 Champion. to-dofir, overdrive, radio, hea'er. im-n-aculate thmuahout: trade, f'.- ranre. 8:14 OL vmpic t-?2ft srt'DEBAKF.R, 1937 4-door sedan; reb.iilt engine, 18, 000 miles. 1 owrer; a real buv. LA ndvape 3-1439. TEKIt APLANE. 1937: excellent 194 moi.r. 3 new rayon cord white sijewaPs TT rrpleber 2-8984 W.ll.j 1948 Station Wagon Be .:',:! condition: alt steel bodv; ref ert. excellent care from owner: s-sll mileage, new tire: sacrifice. $".3BV hark !erm. 253 Shattuck, Pe-lce'.ev TH ornwall J-JITJ. W.livs, 1948 Jeepster Pea,i-.;f.:l ronvertibie phaeton: r:g-' al flnth: mal mlleaie radio, hea'er. overdrive, while M llre. 11395. hank terms. 23SJ Shf irk. Br'lrln Wll l.YS 1949 s'atloo wagon overdrive, radio, hester: like new or- .ighout: $179. terror 2360 Sia'turk- THorpall 3 730" A-l CARS now OI,nMOBa.E 4. 1944 Cl ib 940Q Hvd'amatic radio, heater. BVICK. 1947 Super Club 9430 Radio, hea'er. PACKARD, 1946 Clipper Sedan 40 Leaiher Interior; radio Reyro'd C. Jchnscn Co. eV.rK AsYD PE ALEB 2.171 Broaday TW lnoaki 3 380 CONVERTIBLES! CONVERTIBLES! 1944 Ruick. super DynaIow !94 Cadlllaca IS' compere "eje'' 1947 Cadillac, leopard skin covers 1348 Buirk. yellow Super. 147 Butrk. black Super. 1947 B uck, green Supe- 104" Qidtmnhiie Hf-Mvd-ar-al-c 1947 Merrurv'. black, vhi'l mailt. 147 Ford A nice one' 1942 Cadillac, yellow "3 1941 Ford super de hue. 194C De l-xe. new top A'! readv- to go; radios het'e' or rew top., easy baok te-r ' trade In allowancet. R.ch Motor Company A ' LOT ' Or GOOD CARS l:7 San Pablo. Berkelev . l-od .-..gh- AUTOMOTIVE 8 -AS hberry 3-4419 li-iUTOI ABC Motor. 81M East 14th Stmt Attention, Car Buyersl Cloaiix cut it oca. Cadillac, 1949 convertible eiub etrupat . Sharp Pert). 1941 club coup Sharp Ford. lfl fordor 4M$ Tord, 1440 fordor 3J Tord. 14 tudor U Ford. 1M fordor tJU Mercury, 144 four door sedan $545 Mercury (Ji 1441 four door each 48S Mesrurr. 141 club coupe . . MSS . Mercury 1440 (11 club coupes Sharp Mercury, 1144 convertible club coupe 4341 Butrx, 141 convertible coupe . 149 Oldtmoblle. 1440 4 door 4449 Pontiac. 1941 club coupe ... 4549 Pontiac. 140 club coupe . Sharp Chevrolet. 141 two-door aedan $79 Nash. 1411 -door 4H9 Cheapies Good Transportation COIini AND IIDAN'I $50 to $250 rtiMi Phil Davis East 14th at 26th Avenue CLEAN CARS STVDERAKER 4. 1139 Sedan I34S Overdrive, heater, covers. DeSOTO. 1937 Seden . 9241 Radio, beater, spot light. PACKARD 4, 141 Club 444 Extra clean car PACKARD 4. 1441 Sedan 449! Radio, coven. STUDEBAKER 4, 19J1 Sedan . US Reynold C. Johnson Co. PACKARD DEALER M3I Broadway TW Inoakt MH FORD TRADE-INS 13 Ford convertible 4M9 Molded bodv, Carson tefc. radio heater. 141) Pnnt.ac " J-door 44 Sedan, new paint, tire. seat covers 140 Willys 4-door sedan $255 Very clean and excelled transportation. 141 Tord club coupe 959S New paint, radio, heater. 144 Pontiac '4" 4-dnor 41199 Sedan, low mileage, radio, heater. 147 Ford "I" fordor SI 193 Sedan, very clean, radio, heater. TtT NOW Bl T NOW ALL THE ABOVE AUTOMOBILES ARE MECHANICALLY GOOD AND EXCEPTIONALLY CLEAN. Alameda's Ford Dealer Morris Landy Tao locations 1S1 AN'P 1M7 TlvBK STTEET ALAMEDA. LA KEHL'RST S r Grenfell A'aec'a's Hudson Cear 19.0 urosns -i" jrios Purernakajr 4 lvr: Taio. n Uc d:rfcfsoneil itifni! H.'no rliial milM new car fuarn' 1349 HVDSON "6" Brrs.jham ledan pIatini:,T finish: radio: 14 000 actual m ft dav uncoditirinal guarantft. Cnmmodorf aedan: ran; tado, heater J50 HI iTfrni.. 1B4I HUDSON "r L Radio, healer: Peacock freer; 30-dav unrnndittona ruaran.ee. nTHr.R l ATi; Monri. hvdsons TRANSPOlTATfON OEPAKtMEST H7 CHEVROLET I5M Club eouw Stvlematter. cui'om Mat fivem. You can't tH 11 from the '48 1941 RUICK Sptoal M45 Sedan: radio, new paint. wn;: fc)de all. 1M1 RUICK Special $541 Club coupt; radio. :4I BUICK Super $T4S C1Jb Cfupe; mechariic'i spena!. 1&41 OLDSMOBILE $495 Sedan. The motor was com p'etely vtrhaule4 m cur Jiop. iMO POXTIAC ' t " . $225 Sedan 1W7 PLYMOUTH J-dor $ p 0 ? MOII TO CHOOSE FROM H. - B. Grenfell 1828 Park Sfreef-A!irrec' AI AMrr4 HI paON prAL4 1'SED CAR nrrARTMENT IN REAR I. A kel-'jrt 3 M7 LA i"i"t MM' NO MONEY DOWN os approval or crr.DtT Pav- Prire me-vta 1444 rn rolet sedsn . 4' 45" 140 Chrysler sedan J4S 14 74 1444 Chevrolet club coupe 55 3" 19 141 Ford tudor 444 MM 144 Dodge 4-door 4S 30.43 141) DeSoto 4-door ... 4S 3d 43 140 Tord convertible MS I 0 141 Chevrolet convertible 44S 17 74 Ut Chevrolet aedan 14 19 41 140 Dodge club coupe .495 30 43 14M Oldsmoblle sedan 15 14 10 140 Studehaaer sedan 343 11 T4 137 Oldamobile coupe 145 14 41 19J Ford sedan 14 15 II 140 rord aedan 14 14 2446 East 1 2th Street Nothing Down Approv al of credit- 141 Tord sedan 141 P'.vroouln coupe 4 140 Dodge aedan 445 13 Buirl sedan t3S Many others, good cordition. 0V!ar.d Mcior Sa'ei 4Q7 roothlK. NOW that youTe getrmg better, fester trenrportauo you teas gel that out-of-town boane you want. See Class 44. BaryvarsL Lafayette, alt I4A AUTOS WANTED ANT and all ea-a wanted: whether firvt or lat see Rich before yo'i tniv. aell or trade; ahsoh.tely top allew-encee for clean cars. Rich Motor Co. A "Lot" ef Good Cars 1 1 KT San Pablo, Berke'ey. LA nd- acape 4-4111 Automobiles Wanted Will pay cash for care, 144 144. Horaetrader Ed' S0 Eatt 14tli: KI Ilof l-earT4. AtToitifitlli. 104 Late moTO needed tmmeehatery. WW Pay Taw fries for Immaculate, low snlleare cere. ntr ghattucei, Btratetey Attention, Privtte Ownersl Inveatlgate our eocatgnment plan I Get more cash I Three alaya required. e Joe Donham. 34B3 Broadway All Canh lrnmdittely Aavy snue. spena Itrmg n aut af atate cars, tlti thattuck. Berkeley. AT once by private Individual; lati model BvaMk; geod eonditioei; prefer right color; all caavh. OL ympie t-4TW A pelves party, tats) model can sj eaveh. XOctnaeen -C. AH elder wodal week car. rsaaoei able. LO cthaven -44P Berkeley ! leading Auto Dealer 4s eeferteig a snip ywu ear ear ssstt H an canatgn merit haaU For free appraisal call BE rkeley 1-374. Berkeley AAoton, Inc Uaeeea-Meeeery Beaters Lsed ran leA. BI rfceaay 1-MT1 Blake anal ghattviclL CADILLAC 141. O. 4-teor: win Cy gyra; prrvra party. Tl sapee-r 1 W. M. UA-AUT8I WAITID CASH TALKS Paying $100 to $300 OVER WHOLESALE fOB CLEAN CARS. UM.iMB: eautuea baugbt, out-of-state car clear ed. Phone PI ednont 4-4171 VICTORY MOTOR SALES 375 Broadway Can Wanted We peed late model cars quick; paid for or not; no delayi get 9U1 price last Reynold C. Johnon Co. Packari Dealer. 1311 Broadway, TW Inoaks 1-3440. Ckcvrelela Late Madtla Highest caef) prices for clean. kr mileage. Heaa Motor Salea, Ml Bhatluclt. BE rkeley 7-3300. CHEVROLET aedan. clean 141-144; pnncipala only; cash. OL ympie 2- 7553 CHEVROLETk ana bulcks, 141 to 130 models; we lop all cash prices; try u today 744 Eaal 11th Street CHEVROLET, 150; from "private party. TW lnoaki 3-4574 after 7 p.m. CK03LEYS wanted. A. L. Learner, 3400 Ban Pablo at MacArthi; phone OL ympie 1-I83. rar4a Use M.4sls Hlgheet cash price for clean, low mileage. M17 Shattuck, BE rkeley 7-3300. FOR, isSO, 1. private party. TW in-oaka 3-8174 after T p.m. LATE model clean ear; have cash. TH ornwall 4-13H: anainga. OL ym-pic 1-8717 LATE model coach or aedan. fully equipped, 11301) er leaa. Box PllW5n. Tribune. LADY wants 144-144 Cadillac. Fay cah. TR Inidad 1-3417 ; LOO KIN" for top dollar You can get It at Norman's. Beat 14th at 7th Avenue. Now Is The Time To get top dollar for your late-model used car; premium prices for clean cars ail makes and models Murphy Motor Co. "rear lledekaker Dealer" 3744 Broadway, north of MecAPhtir PRIVATE party -ante 141-141 Chrysler f club toupe. Call Pi- nole 71. PRIVATE party wants 141 Chev-rolet club coupe; pay caah. TE mple-bar 4 40. PRIVATE party wants any good car for cash. TE mplcbar 4-014. PLYMOUTH. ISSO: from private party. TW lnoaki 3-4374 after 7 pm. SPOT CASH FOR YOUR CAR We will buy your rar outright 01 take It on our lot and sell it lor vou free BONDED DEALERS orr.s 1 TO DAILY HI' mboldl J-0M4 or HV mboldl 3-I1M. 3799 BROADWAY "See Oklahoma Joe" Get SI 00 Mor In rash for your car or eqmtv Ort ot state cars wanted. Joe Dorham, 30V5 Bioadwav SALESMAN ceeds essl reliable late model car in bualneae; cash. LA ke-h irtt t-8744 SEE Garland In Alameda: top prices. Garland Chevrolet Co. 1434 Santa Clara. Alameda ICO CARS-LATE MODELS CADILLACS. FORD. POVTIACS. LHEVHOLETS. MERCL'RYS needed lir.nir distelv for customers. Hishest 4330 "EAST 14TH STREET Walter W. Anderson Co. It-HiiM Trilltrt r Salt ATTENTION vaeattoners: Terr Rambler. Kenaklll. Dixie. tS4 bp: ued house trailers. 45 up United Trailer Sales. 4434-4500 Foothllli SW eetwood 1-164 CA.VrPING trailer, sleeps four. 743 Wet Broadmoor Boulevard, Saa Lesndro CUSTOM built; 14 feet; 1 roomi; sleeps four: butane: 4350 cash. AN-dover l-434 D.a L KisakaU Your Bay area dealer for Pan-American. Universal and Viking. Now on display. America's finest. Terma to 3 rears 104 San Pehle. BE aeon 3-1131. El Cemtc; 154)04 Eat 14th. San Leandro ML'ST sell this week: Custom-bum. six-sieeper. 194. cottage type- best rah offer over 4500; No . 141! Eait 14'h Street MA1NLINER Silver Lodger. l-ft: nee-, four: 474S. AS hberry 1-773. Sv'Hl l.T. 144. IT-foot. electric re-fr ferator. hot water, interior tlfrtr; reasorahle 1711 Foothill. San Lesn- 0- V" 17 SCHI'l T. 14. XI foot evcel'ent condition: hath. T Eat 14th. San 1 es"dro Spare 107 CNlVF.nSAL 1M T7 foot. 3 rooms, perrranent bed. butane. Venetian hl-nds, ma",y other extras; partially furnished: lot No 1. Alameda Trailer Court. 1715 Webster Street 'key next doori. 30-foot housetrailer, stood condition, will acred reasonable offer. 1431 East 14th, Trailer 4. AN sever 1-40. 15 foot cottage, almost completed, leaving for aervlee. Be at IMS afsc- Arthur; meke offer oyer 1300. M-foot Kory Coach, KM. aleeps t OL ympie 1-74S. MA-Hbim Trtllan Wilt ATTENTION, tra'lers wanted: spot cash or consignment Phone SW eet-wood 4-1444 HOUSE trailera, cask or eooslgiC ment; low everheed: email oommts-aton: ajuick eelea. LA adsrape 4-83 tT-Nmi Trtlltrt Fir Rtit A de luxe vacation? House, teardrop; boat, utility trailera. Berkeley Rent . A Trailer. 1151 San Pablo: pr -Veley 7-T34. TRAIL Hut camp trailers, equipped, iniured. 41 weekly LA kehurst 1- Wi VACATION house trailera; aleeps L Oakland Track Baattal. KlUaf Iw-AlrBlaBwt, Sarll, IhM ERCOtTB M341 for aale er trade for hoet Harwerd Airport, ar 1 O ckhaven t-7411 RYAN P T 21, completely recovereT 171 hours en engine: rellcensed on P'irrhaw: heet offer over 445 Ll'-re'- 1 57lt RYAN Navion 14 105: angina leaa ' ti-.sn 100 haairs: perfect condltloa; ' V H F radio Lafayerte 1 after 4. U-TRAITim CATERPILLAR D. late model, with tilt doxer. guaranteed Stahl and Shattuck. J74 A Street. Harwaed. LO ckhaven sV-Mll. LU feme 1-1411 CATiRpfLLAR Wer, B-i. -.ta blade and trailer; reasonable KI I-log 4-449. C 101T BRACELET. gold Identihcatioo, Initialed F. E. 8, vscinrty lltb-Broadway: rewarel. TB tntdad 1-317. BAG. contenta valuabie papers keep money; vscimry Shattuck A venue. AN dovee l-atHtS. COCKER spaniel, red-white with freckles:' Uttsa red cellar with pad-lock and bell: vicinity Coins Vicente Berkeley; rewarel. LA n dace pa 4-4414 COC KIR craw, black and white: Lake dlttrlctl aista eie sa aaroa "Shag"; reward. OL trarotrrt 1-431, DOG, raraalo akaap. snedluia ataa. aae atari to Bpasaf. LJt keavarat 3 aa DOG. black anal, aneauura siae arraighl haatr; "Black le." AN dover 13344. Reward 414. PIVTNO all kw. gray, ilppand: Monday, aejaasnta Besflah Bea4 Home. Reward h yen pre 1-4S1I. COLD bracelet, small diaammd. I ruktea. eoeraved faastcte: downtcwa Baturdav aftarnoen: keapaaka. Bo-ward. HU mholdt 1-43P1. LAPEL watch, vicinity Lakestvore, Monday! reward. Tl iplaVir 1-4447 artar 4. e-LMT XXYB It rlngal, 1 large. 1 gmal): tinder alaaaa rttua; rpwarci, pa questiona aaked. Box P11S1U. Trtb-un. TEmplebar l-30 camera ana eaal at MickoB Park, Bvchaaend; reward. BE aeon 4-n. Please return Btm, U31 Barrett Avenue, Blchmond. PARAKHT. blue: reward tiered" ; vicinity Ban Leandro. SW eetwood 4 AJ SPANIEV type lemala dog, white and mahogany wltk speckled neae: lost In vicinity of Marin County: reward for return or information. AN dover 1-4151 after . SIAMESE female, hllnj. under Joe-tor'a rare, vicinity Montclatr district', if picked up cell HU mboldt 1-0M or HIghgate 4-4111; reward. SOUTHEJU4 Pacific annual pan A 33433; finder please phono owner, TWInoake 1-351. SMALL black dog, abort tali, vl-clntty Cast 13th Street! Ueenae 1707. KE Hog 4-I4. TOY Shepherd, brown-white lan-awere to Cutlel, vicinity Frultvale and Poothlll: reward. KE Hog 4-M71. WATCH, lady't Omega, black beni!, yellow gold; lost vicinity Park Boulevard, MacArthur, route St bus: 45th, Telegraph: reward; treasured gift KE Hog 4-4741 WATCH, wrist, diamonds, ledy'a; will Identify engraving; reward. AN dover 1-4400, D FOUND IRISH setter. Owner Identify and pay for ad. KE Dog 1-1717. F-FMTE-IUl COLL'MBrs. Knighla of. OakJand Council 7S4. meet at 14M Alice Street, Aloitus F. Dulfy. grand knight. KXllog 1-3434. Oarence M. MeAleer. financial aecretarv, AN-dover 1-554. Next meeting Auut W KtotJSk Oakland Lodge fla 14 LOO M meett Mooae BeiL M Alice Street SUnlev A Burgraff. aecretare Boy A Cowlea eovenior. Regular meeting August 11. Oakland Births Born to the wife of BOBBINS. Burdrll D , boy RICHARDS. Rov D . girl FERNANDEZ. Frank, girl MADEIROS. Alfred J , bov MORGADO, Superano F . girl SADEY. Garod L. boy. WEICHEHT, Phillip S . girl GILLETTE. Lee T . boy FOWLER. Charles S . bov YOUNG, James A., boy GALINDO. Melvin C . boy BUSKTRK. Leo J. Jr. girl TIMMONS, Herman E . boy FLEMING. Alfred, girl FEATHERSTONE. Claude, boy MrCollum. John G . girl WERTHMAN. Walter C . girl MANRIQUE. Vincent J , girl HAWKINS, Franklin H.. girl ESCOBIA, Anselmo B . bov SPROl'LL, Raymond D.. girl CHAVEZ. James, girl SCHABERT. Arthur J . girl WIMAN Jones, bov FARMER. Harold, bov ARREDONDO, Felix, boy CHANNEL. Porter B . boy BARATTA. Jack, boy ALARCON. Gregory G . girl TURNER. Eugene M . girl HOFFMAN. Frederick C . girl ROGINO, Louis, boy SLATON. Frank N . girl REED. George R . boy PALMER. Lerov B . boy SANTOS John P . hov KAISER. Edmon V Jr . hoy FIRPO. G'tldo B . bov CATON Earl C. rirl B'F.BEBnORF, Clarence E girl KENNERSON, Vernon R . girl OUAN Guer. K . eirl CURTIS Hubert W hov MILF.HAM Richard W . hov MANOfSOS. ten E w l.A WHENCE. Harold W Jr girl HYUN. Harrv Y . bov F.NO William V . r! GARRETT. Jack H . bov STOCKS John O . bov MATTHTWS Robert S arirl JOVES. Charles J . girl I. EE. Robert, hov ALT Rev-mood K . hov MOREHOUSE Clark E girl KREISS. Ra'oh L.. hoy EUBAVKS. WiPlam H gir! STEVFNSON. Charles D boy Btl.ING Aletander lirl WHITEHEAD. Cecil E . boy irvPEv, F.1win L. bov nwr.NS Billle R . bov STANSFIELD. George E . hov PTPKTN. Thov O , hov BARNARD. WlMlem E . girl KELLY. Da1d C . girl GTT.BERT Norman, fy PEACOCK Charles E. hov BAIRD, Alexander A girl METZ. Donald L. bov ABOUAP. David A . fir DE VRIFS. Philip J . girl BUCKLES. Charles J . bov WILLIAMS Buseell B . bov B1CKENBAKER. Carl R . bov TEMPLE. Rov E bov P1NSON. Robert F . bov FAGUNDES. Anthony B girl S.F. Licensts DARRAN - ANDERSON Flov d 4.7, end Tereva. 13. both Fresno FERRETUCHTENHAGEN Henr. 11. Concord, and Jacqueline. 31 4 McAllister FI'LHORST-HOMEWOOD George 23. Saa Bruno, and Chariene. 14. 11 lMri Avenue KAVANDER KANE Carl 7! San Franciacn, and Emma. 44. Healds- burg. RECTOB MORRIS - Thomas 13. U S. Navy, and Margaret. 11. Berkeley STELLING - GORDON Henry. 14. 711 Anaa Street, end Bernice, 34. Bacramento Thursday's Crossword Punle ACftOM 1 Rearrangements ei aequenre. IS Confirmations. IT Artificial language. It Checked. I Steed. 90 Social group. ZI Kmolov Araotf a Trojan beauty. U rortllj-. Vow. Withdraw. U Headgear 34 Chess pier. It Avoid alylj M BlaiJng 40 Generation. 41 Abounding In li it !""" 7 i t io ii il " it p "",rr""" " rr- n im jr M it " aiprr v iT 57" ar" ri i saa. " 3" "4lT 14 b M Jl H " M ' III jiT M H -a BOWW 1 Siamese. S Uncivil 3 Lying on. 4 New tnglartd state; share I Weight of India. I A breath. T Cornelia Iktnaer ( Geoenstrkt fumtaaaa I rraeee. 1 Vrrbla. II That thtnf. 11 CommarciaJ aaaeL 1) knot ml fiber. 14 nomard. 14 Baak at Use beach. Jl Slow. Abnor. 15 Caddoaa Indies IT Psiiii Ume. M Bntieh ftolasnajA. OW!4 11 Aira. XI LaTfesI of the Society M Landed eetata Place of 44) Thai girl. M 1 Igltrneaiee tl Anaartteete. U ggTai 4e- M rWstef burden. S3 Soueltd natfrtborhood. M Pviebki Indian XI M Turidelka. Waiiraad. s Array, a Canal. 41 Wings. 0 Canasta BAY COUNTIES VITAL STATISTICS Lictnm Issued BONH AM WELCH -Perry Bonham Jr . IS, San Loreruto. and Elizabeth Welch. M. Havward. WlLLIS-JOHNSTON Gordon Wll- . Ha. 34. HaywareJu' - and Juanlta Johneton. II. Berkeley. CUNNINGHAM - PATTTLLO Andrew Cunningham. 34, and Betty Pattlllo, both Berkeley. YODEB-LOMBARD Donald Yoder. 39. and Sldonla Lombard, 30. both Oakland. WHITE-FLOE Carroll White. 1. and Thelma Floe, both Berkelev. HOUOHTON-MEYERSON Harold Houghton, 35, Richmond, and Sara Meveraem, Oakland. WADDELL-ROMINE--Freddy Wad- detl, 3ft. and Marv Lu Bomlne. 10. both Castrn Valley MI'R RAY-BURGESS - Edwin Murray. 31, and Gloria Burgess, 14. both Haywaed. PARNELL-KELLY Edward Par- nell, 34, Enclnltas and Karen Kelly 33. Del Mar. DEATHS rCKWITH-In Oakland. A must f, 1M: Chrl H. Beckwith, blovid hunband of Kathermr BfrVtwuh of Oakland, father of Mrt. Marr Jn Quick of Castro Valley and Mm. Btty Ann Street of Walnut Creek, grandfather of DoujEla and Stephen Quick of Castro Valley: a native tf California, aced 6ft years: a member of Foothill Uwiee No. M4. F&AM: Oakland Lodge N'o .Vi, of RT. Fnendf arf invited to atiend ervice Saturday. Auu$t 12. at 3 pit. from Hotchkiss Mortuary in Traey. Interment, Tracy Cemeter ROTH ABES In Oakland, August 10. 10.i0. Anna Bouhaben. beloved wife of the late Joseph Bouhaben lo. truj mother of Mrs Irene Uth and Emtle Bourtalen of Oakland, grandmother of Joyre and Emile Bouhaben Jr ; a native of France, aft 73 var. Friends are Invited to attend the funeral from the Teletrraph Avenue chapel of Grant Miller Mortuaries, M'O Telegraph Avenue. Oakland. Saturday, August 12. 1950. at o'clock a.m.: thence to Our Lady of Lourdei Church where a requiem high mass will be celebrated for the repose of her aoul commencing at C 30 am. Interment. Saint Mary Cemetery. Recitation of the roary Friday evening at I o'clock. Bt SHELL-In Oakland. August I. I9M. Emily, dear friend of Edith and Alvin Gruecwald. A native of California. Friend art Invited to attend funeral aervicea Friday, August 11, at 136 p m.. at the Frultvale Chapel of the Clarence N. Cooper Mortuary, 150 Fruitvala Avenue. Phona KE llos 3 41 14 i I SNINGHAM-Tn Piedmont. August I. 1950. J. Brady Cunningham, beloved busbnd of Ronatea Cunningham, father of William I. Cunningham, grandfather of Patrick. MichMl and Joeph Cunningham; a native of Pennsylvania Ftnda are Invited to attend erv Ices Frtdav morning, August 11. 1SW. at 10 30 o'clock In the Chapel of the Chime, 4499 Piedmont Avenue. Oakland. (Albert Brown Mortuary . riCtlLF.K In Oakland, August I. 10 Alfred A.. belo ed Wband nf the late Opal Fichlet. loving lather of Lowell Eichler; son of EH?abeth and the late Frank M Eichler; brother ot Frank J and Edward Eichler and Mr. Gertrude Fgen-hoff Friends are invited to attend the funeral service Friday. August U. J950. at 10 o'clock a m . at the Tower Chapel of Mountain View Cenie-ter Friend may call at the Piedmont Memorial Chapel of John J. Cox. 3479 Piedmont Avenue. Oakland FINCH -In Berkeley, Augutt 9. 195 Anna Nairn Finch of 3126 Eton Avenue. Berkeley, beloved wif of Howard W, Finch, loving mother of Elizabeth MatUon of Pasadena, California. Mary Catherine Flint ot Berkeley and Howard W. Finch Jr., of Berkeley , grandmother of four grandchildren, sister of Miss Ceiia D Nairn and Mrs. William Wagner of Alhambra. California; a native f low a, age SS v-ir., member of the NoVh Congregational Church of Berkelev and P E O. SUterhood. Chapter A P. Friend are invned to attend services at the Berkelev Hilla Chapel Page and Oden, )02 Stoat-tuck Avenue at Cedar, Berkeley. Saturday, August 13. I960, at 1 pro Dr. Witlieton Wirt officiating. F IT EGt BALD 1231 Ath Avenue. Oakland. August 7lh. 1950, Michael John Fitzgerald, beloved husband of Amanda Eunice Fitzgeraid. loving father of Mrs Helen Mae Dean o? U'htting. Iowa, grandfather of Beeilv K. Dean, dear aon of Mrv R::dget Fitrgerald of San Leardro, hnh4.r of Mrs Cecelia M Kind a-d Mrs. Anna Scnnell of San le- 'drn and Patrick Dewtv Kitigeaid if Ogrten. L'tan a member of E-t (-aklattd Aene N.. 1.775. FOE s d W B of C it J No 311 of Oakland, a nam e of Colorado Spring. Colo, aged &4 ear Friends are inited to attend the rnarv at the new F-t idillo Chapel of Santo 4 Robinson. 160 Estudiilo Avenue, San Leendrf, Tb-ifday, Acmogf ACBOtt S3 Egg-layer. evararreeru. 41 Husk 4J Winter etorm. 44 Consumed. 45 Nab. 44 Tally. 47 Affirmative. 44 Small pier of butter. 4 Symmetrical. SI Harmony. M lirajlsiv ST War got 54 Dutch cheese. 43 Aperture 44 Vanet of cat 47 Rubber tree M Extremely fiendish. Tl Belled. OWN M Frott jraneti. Ptneh pomn 44 Maaneef m "Cakea and twn. abkw -" Tf iScpOMtda. JaUe to Teeteetfar4! ft Oakiaind Tribunt, ftiursdiy, DEATHS Aiigunt 16, 19M at I, p.m. ftemakta will be forwarded- to , She Hon. Nebraaka, for aervfcea and Interment, For fuHher information please call TR inidad J-aT78. GAU.AGHEg.-tn Sn Mateo, California. August 9. 1950. Grace K. Gallagher, beloved niece of Annia Goodrich, cousin of Augustus G., Harry E and Clinton F. Goodrich, Alvena Moarher and Annia Mac-Donald; a native of Oakland, California, aged b9 yearn A member of Unity Chapter, O E S. Friend-, are respectfully invited in attend the eer vires Friday. August 11, 1950 at LOrO n clot k p m. at the chapel of Albert Engel and Company. 3J0 Telegraph Avenue and 31th Street; interment. Ml. View Cemetery. GAVELLO In Oakland. August 8. IBA0, Cele&tina, wife of the late Milmo Gavelto; loing mother of Mra. Maxine Wvdn. Mm. Edna Ghelardi. Edmund M. Gavello. and the lata Halo .Genet Gavello, Mr. Ermima MeJ Jughlan sister of Mrs. E C. Rial, Mrv L. Rinem, Mr. J. Capra; grandmother of Edmund and Harold Gavello, Thomaa McLaughlan, Joanne Wydo. and Linda Ghelardi. A name of Italy. Friends arc Invited ? attend the funera! Friday. Auut 11, 1950 at 9 o'clock a m. from The Chapel nf the Oak. Oakland .Mortuary. 3W? Telegraph Avenue, thence to $i Theresa Church where a reque'm high mas will he celebrated fog the repo?e of her iviiil a! 9 o'clock a.m. Interment St. Marv Cemetery. Recitation rf the rnary Thursday evenmgi at R o clock JOVNE91 - In Oaklar.n. August 9. I91W): Jotveph Kie'ciier Jnyner, dearly beloved husband of Catherine Joyner: loving father of Earl Fletcher Joyner; brother of Henry Jovner. Robert Joyner and the lata Mm. France Vq Evesy: loving grandfaTher of Painc;a Marie Joyner; a natn e of Tetas. agd 97 yeart. 2 mOT.th; 17 days, a member of Teamtter-. Cr.ion Local TO. Friends are mvired to attend lervices at the East 14th St i eft Chapel of Grant Mtller Mortuariea. Z3T3 Eat Uth Street. Oakland, Friday. August 11. 1960. at 11:30 o'clock a m. Inurnment, Chapel of the Chime. MrKlNNON-In Oakland. August 8, 19jtt. Edmund Dame!, bfloved husband of Grace MtKinnon; loving father f LaRue firnith; brother of Ban McKinnon: gTandfather r f Deme and Sydney Ann Smith. A native of Prince Edward Islasd, Canada, aged 71 year. Friends are Invited to attend funeral service Friday, August 11, 1950, at 9 W am. from the Frutt- ate Chapel of the Clarence N. Cooper Mortuary. 150 Fmitvale Avenue, tnence to St. Lawrence O Toole Church, where a requiem mass will be said for the repoa of hii oul. commencing at 10 a.m. Recitation of the rosary Thuraday evening at I o'clock. Interment, Hi lv Sepulchre Cemetery. (Phona KE Hog 3-4114 ME VCR - In Berkeley, August I. 19V. Eme-t C Mf i rr of Lemoore. Calif . helped huiband of the law Anna W Meer, loving father nf Edith Meyer of Lemoore. Caltf., Dorothv Hutch!rson of Berkeley and ErneM W. Meyer of San Francisco, io mg grandfatner of Fred and Tom Hutchiftton of Berkeley; a native of Ilimoiv aged 93 years; a member of the I O O F. and Re-bekah Lodge and Independent Order of Foresters of Lemoore. Fnendf. are invited to atiend the i nm at the Tower Chap! of ti.a? Mountain Y.ew Crematory, terminus of Piedmonl Avenue. Oakland. Fnda. Augt 11. 195A. at 2 o'clock P m , Rev. William H. R jhi officiating. Berkeley lilii Chapel. Page V Oder service). MILLER In Oakland, August I, I9S0; Mary A , wife of the lata .Washington J. Mtllei ; loving mother 'of Mrt Mary Fliiaiheth Ballrd at Winchester, Mass , and Suzanne M. Miller: grandmother of Mary Susan and John Stanley Ballard; a native of San Francisco. Friends art invited to attend the funeral Friday, August 11. J9S0, at 9 30 o'clock a m., from the Chapei of the Oaks. Oakland Mortuary. 3007 Talegra ph A ven ue : thence to St. Vigustme i Churcix wbtra a r--quiam man will be celebrated for the repo&e of her soul commencing t 9 am. Interment St. Mary' a Cemetery. Rwltatlon of the rosary, Th'f'day evening at o'clock. ATLOB -In Berkeley. August 9, :95fl; Anita M . dearly beloved wifa of Victor R. Savior, lowng mother 5f Mrs Kathryn Fenton and Ricb-a-d J Navlor. loving grandmother 'f R.Chard J Naylnr Jr ; loving vter of Mtv Harriet McKeUar. V: . Fie .rence Ye-.:. Edward A , Lfnurd M a-d E.lt E Patter-r. . a r.ame rf Oregot:. a meTihdar of Tl-'jrd 0k t'.apicr. OES F:i4-id ae r4-iev tfiiily inied rtT.d e irvifr? Fncia . A j-k U 1Ri at 3 1" n .u n r m . ' i- an of A!he;t Engci and Co-- pan . 3M Teiearapf. A rnii a-n 3Tth Strerr OIAEN-In Sama Cm. A -igutt 5. 1S0. trgehorg M Oin. beioved wife nf the ta'e Jacob Oien: living P'o;her of GerTrude Roirestad, Marjnne Wimr.gri. Sigvald and Howard n ; grandmother of Gerald and Ru'h Roiolw'ad John and Dennis WamwrisM, Susan, Diane and Sandra Olen . sister of Bertha Sater A name of Norway. A member, of Daughters of Norway. Friends are mvita-d to attend the services at The EaU 14th Street Chapel of Grand Miller Mortuaries, 2.72 EaU 14th Street. Oakland. Friday, August 11. 19V at 1 o'clock AOVelTltirwtKT Flowers express your sympathy I I 0UeVU 2930 Teleejraa Aea. I aieasa 4 444 '" " f icratArx of the Board of 1 ROUND UIIAC.I kr ,Af Cirajctora. Copiea of a p. aMgaW;aerMeaa JVa;! & '' aiovi ai CoaaTOgnNC dupels, donrCTte weJks, cotofful prdcos with Barfing fountains sad singing birds . -.. . 4 trcasairt Isoeu ol spawn, so ift4ft unhand' sagaea,arirAt IB IgsjacSspbcR of pSSsCC. Cl ills I IsretM sssf last . ; . tn IHsrVesMlCwMcsssaeaea. . . M WltAe4gn ttlsJITIAtl l4l III! Ctotl ofttrtCtiimtB i i Aug. 10" 1950 D STT DEATHS p m. Interment; Evi lery. 1044 -In gjithurg, Austria. Augus 4. 1S90. in an automobUe aecidant, Ian (John M Knee, he loved eon rat Elizabeth Ferner and Donald I. Rosa, loving brother of Donald t, Rnss. devoted grandson of Mrs. Katharine Rosa Smith. Age H years. Service time and place to be an-nniinced later rmi.lU In Concord. August t. 1430. Olga Mathilda Piitjer, belored wife of the late Louie H. Pfltaer and loving mother of Mra. George C. McKay. Detroit, Michigan, and LeRor M. Patterson of Concord; grandmother of Mary Anne McKay of Detroit, Michigan, and Stephen and Virginia Patterson of Concord. A native of Nebraaka: aged M. Friends are invited to attend funerel services at The Chapel of The Guy It Blackwell Mortuary. Concord. Friday, Aufuat 11, ISM at 3 o'clock p.m. Inurnment at The Chapel of The Chimes, Oakland. HANTINOUIn Berkeley. August I. 19X1, Sara, dearly beloved wife of Peter Santlno; loving mother ol Tom Trengale. Peter Joaeph San-lino and Matthew Sentino; errand-mother of Oery Trengali. Lucy. Mary and Peter Santlno: loving eis-ter of Frances Rlrzo of Loa Angeiee; io4.ii! of Joseph Rarbarotto of Sae-ramentn. A native of Trolna. Providence Catena, Italy. Friends are invited to attend the funeral from Caporgno c Co. Mor-luaiv. 1727 Grove Street. Oakland, Friday. Augul II. IBM. at 4 a m. Thence to St. Joseph's Chareh, Berkeley, where a requiem masa will be celebrated for rhe repose of Iier soul, commencing at 4:31. Recitation of the roaary, Thuraday evening at 4 o'clock. Interment, SL Joseph's Cemetery. M1TH-In Alameda. August I, lifts, Charles K , of KM Btrena Vtete Avenue, beloved husband of Ruth Smith: loving father of Mra. Thomas Boone, Marjorie and Allan Smith: brother of Arthur J. Smith, Mrs. ). C. Brown and Mra. W. C. Seigrtst. A native of New York A member of Alameda Lodge No. lliiS B P O Elk. Alameda Mooae No. SO. Master Plumbers Association of San Francisco. Friends are Invited to attend funeral eervtcer Friday, Auguet 11, 150 at 1:30 o clock p m. from the Elka Club. 2295 Santa Clare Avenue, Alameda. Servlcea under the auspices of Alameda Lodge No. 1014 B P O. Elks. Friends may call at George Murphy Chapel, 2311 Central Avenue, Alameda, until noon Friday. UTIWAIT-In Berkeley. August 10. 1450. Will lam A. L. Stewart of 4124 Chabot Boad. Oakland, beloved h uaband of T r a n e I 4 Margaret Stewart, loving father of Audrey Poulter of Los Altoa. Calif . Joan MarDonald of Berkeley and Dorothy Schroeder of Manltnwoe. Wla-tynnam. A native of Scotland, age 4! years. Fnenda are invited to attend the aereirea at the Berkelev Fills Chapel iPage aV Oder. 14X13 Shattuck Avenue at Cedar. Berkelev. Saturday. August 13, lMo, at It a m. Inurnment at Crurnal of the Chlmee. In lieu of flowers eontribu-tione may be made ts Amertcaa Heart Society. TrTft-In San Joae. August t. 1M, Samuel G . hutbard ef Clara L. Teter: father" of L Hulen Tatar of Burlingame and Mrs. George Hoyt of Berkeley. Private services will be held Thursday at one o'clock p-.m. at the Sunset Mausoleum in Berkeley, under the dlreetkm of Darling-Fischer Mortuary. Sam Joae. EII.Kt In Oakland. August t. MM. Henry Zilke. beloved husband of Olga M. ZUke: father of Over lee T. Zilke and Arthur A. ZUke: grandfather of Gloria Jaaa and Carol Ann ZUke. A member ef Disabled American Vateaana, Chaatar No. 1: Oakland Aerie No. T, F O t.. and American Laanoa ef Ldl. CalHse-' nia A veteran af WerVl War L FYienda are Invited to attend thai aervtcea at the East 14th Street Chapel of Grant D. Miller Mortuaries, 2371 Cast 14th Street. Oakland, Friday, August II. 1440. at 12 44 o'clock p.m. Interment Golden Gate National Cemetery. Cord ef Thanks WE wish the ateatd our heartfelt thanks to all who ao kindly aagtstad and tor the words Of ajmgaathr and beautiful floral offhrtsgS eBtaatdad ' at the death of ear baleved husband and father. MRS. KYRAN CnrTNOfg. JT-TTN, GERALD. STAJflAY. MARGARET AND ANTTA. In Memoriam BACCO-John Our family circle has been broken. A link gone from our chem: Bit though we're parted for awhile. We know wa'll meet again. Some dav we hope to meet yo . Some day we know not when. We shall meet in a better land and never part agein. We shall meet with many a loved one That was torn from our embrace. We shall listen to their votcee And behold them face to ece. MRS. MADELANA BABCCO. TOMMY end LUALLE. and DAUGHTER. MARGARET VI RONDA and CHILDREN LJlOAL 41 0 TICK NOTICE TO TAXPAYERS .. NOTICE IS HERF:BT GIVEN that ,tha Preliminary Buderet for tha innnty oT Alameda for tha fiscal year 1 S 0 5 1 vaa adopter) by the Hoard of Supervisors on Thursday. Aunust in, 1930 and Is now available fnr distribution to any taxpayer desiring a cope thereof notice, is herebt further ifilVEX that the Board of Supervisor will meet in Regular Session or Tuesrtsv. tha 22nd day af Auguat. lT.n, at the hour of 2:30 o'clock p,m. 'of ald dav in the Meeting RTiom of said Bvid "( Kuperviaora in the 1 mirt House in the City t"f Oakland, '"unty r.f A'arr.eda. Stat of Call-1 forma for the piirpoe of fixing the Final B'ids:t and at which time and IP's a anv taxpayer may appear thereat and he beard regarding the in' rease. decrease or omtaaion of any item of said hrrdget. or for the tnelu-s'-'o of additional items thereof. Pv order cf the Board of Super- " HAHIiT BARTELL '"halrman of the Board of ; .ipe' v tjorp of the Covrfity . ' t amed. Slate of Call- ; forma . :' y. w pi:. '. i"t a -id Kt officio rierk ..f - lt...-.rd of aeervianra of the ' f A,a-e.la. Stale of Cah- r tl t ron Pins fr one ant ON FT-HALF TON STAKE BODT Tl:i OK The Hoard of Plsyground Plree-tors of the CHy of Oakland will re-ceivg aeald bide ai II office in the MurrtrlpM Aidltortum Building. II Uth Ktrel. Oakland, prior to 4 p.m. on Wedneadaf, August 14. 1110, for fays4taa. t tha Recreation De- dNr A y (TONE-HALF TON STAalC ROPY TRl'CK (ONE ONLY) tn ac- rdance with specifications there- Pia ipec d apoa Karh proposal shall be accompanied by a ceitified check upon a responsible bank for an amount not less than 14 of tha amount of the bid. aald check being; made payable to tha Clt Clerk of tha City of Oakland. Nl bid will be considered without such chock. No cash or currency trill ha received. Depoalt chock forfeited If bidder to when asrard is made falle to antar Into tit contract. Tha successful bidder shall tarnish a faithful performance kend In the aura eat i of the amonat of tha contract, at the time ( execution of the, contract. Contract to be made wttala M days after award Delivery to ha within 44 day after lecutloa of the contract. ROBERT W, CRAWFORD, SecretaUT. Bo rat i jtreend Dtreeterm. So. T - Aag. l bo re ot nsr- M) ttl4

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