The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 24, 1949 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 24, 1949
Page 3
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MONDAY, OCTOBER 24, 1949 THf NATION TODAY— U.S. Prepares to Deliver Arms To 8 Western European Nations Holding Front Against Russia BT Marlow WASHINGTON, Oct. 2*. i/P>~ Thta week the U. 8. government begins th« job of helping r«-arm Western Europe. Tills briefly explains it. First, the Senate approved our joining the Atlantic pact, made up )f 12 nations: U. B., Canada, Portugal, Iceland, Britain, Prance, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Norway, Denmark. : They agreed to help defend one another from attack. Russia wasn't Mentioned »s the possible attacker but Russia was meant. But If the Atlantic pact countries* ' . nearest Russia were going to stand - while, a Russian at- BLYTHEViLLE (ARK.)' POURIER NEWS olf, only fir _ _, „ - _- •ttack, they said thye needed amis .-from us. • Three counlries not near Russia —Canada, Portugal, Iceland—did not ask. for help- The other eight did: Britain, France, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Norway, Denmark. Then Congress voted 11.000.000,000 to supply them arms. Actually, they will receive from us arms worth about tl,«0,000,000. This is why: We'll «end them three kinds of military equipment: excess stuff, reserve stuff, and brand new squip- ment. 1. Excess — Now we have on hand a number of items of military equipment over and above what our military planners think we may ever need, even in case of war. This is considered unneeded, excess material. We'll send some of that. But—Congress said \ve cannot send abroad excess equipment which, altogther, originally cost more than $450,000.000. .That same excess equipment, If made now, Cor Thief Converts His Stolen Auto into Diesel-Burning Job LITTLE ROCK, Oct. 24. Wj— A Tampa, Pla., owner may decide to thank the man who stole his car last May. Stale Police Lt. H. R. Peterson said Ernest G. Roberts, 32, told him lie had converted a 1948 model car stolen in Tampa, to burn Diesel fuel. And at the Pulaski County Jail Roberts boasted that on a trip to California, he obtained 15 more miles a gallon than he would have on gasoline. Peterson checked the fuel tank and It contained Diesel fuel. He said he Is having mechanics investigate details of the conversion. Roberts said it was done by-run- niug the luel line through the exhaust manifold and a "square box" but added, "you'll have to tear it apart to find what's in it. That's my secret." Peterson said Roberts who served I a four-year term in Texas for em- might cost double the $450,000.000 bezzlement and three years in federal prison tor car theft, also is wanted in California and Texas for when It was made.) Tr> Furnish ExcesK Equipment We'll send Europe the $450.000,000 in excess equipment allou'ed by Congress. This, added to the $1.000,000,000 voted by Congress for the program, will bring our total arms help to Europe to around $1.450.000.000. 2. Reserve Stuff — We have on hand now, but stored away, a lot of equipment which or military planners figure we'll need in time or war, but don't need now. We'll send some of that reserve to Europe. Bue we'll have to replace it. Some of the $1,000.000,000 car theft and forgery. Baby-Sitter Takes Time Out to Have Own Child PORT ANGELES. Wash., Oct. 24 WV- When Robert Covault called Us married daughter to baby with her four-year-old sister while Mrs. Covault kept a date with th stock— he started a chain reaction Covault arranged with his elder Daughter, Mrs. Vern Iredale, to stay voted by Congress will be used to have brand new reserve material manufactured and kept in this country. 3. Brand New Material — Some of the equipment we'll send Europe will be brand new. We'll have to get that made. The rest of the Jl.000,000,000 fund will be used for that. This week State Department people start talking with representatives of.those eight countries which need arms. They'll . talk here : \n "Washington "and' draw up^'agree-f' ments. .. .. v ..,, Must Ajrrte tw Keep Secret ; The eight must agree to a num- ger of things, under the law passed by Congress, before we can send them arms. For example: 1. That they'll use our arms in accordance with the terms of the law. 2. That they won't hand over any of our arms to another country, without our permLs^m. 3. That they'll keep secret anything w e send them—i n cases where we want secrecy. Secretary gk>, of Defense Johnson says any west^ ern European country with a Com- muist in Its cabinet will get no arms aid or military secrets. 4. That in turn they'll furnish us—or any of the other eight— such assistantce as we or they require. For example: We might want Belgium to give us certain kinds of raw material in return for our keep. • . ' When the .agreements are signed here, we'll send teams of American political, economic and military experts to each of the other eight countries. There, with, the European experts, thye'll work out in detail what each country needs or wants and what \ve can send. The talks will take week; they are being figured on to be finished by Dec. 1. So a real flow of arms to Europe may not tart before Jan. 1. In additvn to the assistance f ; for Europe, congress voted $314,010,000 in help for Greece, Turkey. Iran, Korea, the Philippines. Truman's Recess Appointments of 3 U. S. Judges to Renew Senate Fight FIVE KILLED IN AIR CHASH-Part of the wreckage of a B-26 light air' force bomber lays on a mountainside near Riverside, Calif., Sunday after it had hit a high tension wire and crashed: persons ,vere killed. One body is shown in fore B roui,d. The wreckage was scattered over two sides of a small mountain peak which was heavily shrouded In fog. <AP Wirephoio). Atmy Checks Story Of Man Wl.o Deserted Post in October, 1908 FORT LEWIS. Wash., Oct. 24. (/1'j —The Army turned to 41-year-old records today to find out whether white-haired Ray H. Wheaton is listed as a deserter. Wheaton, 65, says he's been a deserter since October, 1903. Turning himself in Thursday night, Wheaton explained he deserted at Newport News, Va., to avoid being returned to duty in Cuba. He said he enlisted at Sioux City,-la., in 190B. v Maj. P. D. Lowe, post adjutant general, said the statute of limitations has run out on the case.--If Wtieatbn's story is confirmed by the records, he will be given a dishonorable discharge and erased Irom the Army rolls as a deserter. Hasty Marriages Invoke Ire of Judge LOS ANGELES, Get. 24—</!>)— loim is a hollow word today. Judge Henry M. Willis, berating modern easy-come, easy-go mar- EL DORADO, Ark.. Oct. 24. M'I— ... —..„ — ,-„„ .„,.,- Uon O' 1 Company's'net Income for riagcs, annulled the 1048 wedding ' e '" 0 " llls "f 1949 was S2.74 of Thomas and Norma Jean Lucero slm: in Yunia, Ariz., with these words: "Elope used to be a romantic U'cird—a full moon, a ladder at night, the father in a night shirt. "Now tlic couple lakes Lion Oil Company's Income Shows Cut for Nine Months of 1949 to Ymna or Las Vegas <Nev.) They find a preacher an dare wcri nude/ a neoti sign advertising mania^c facilities. "There seems to be something fatal about Yunia and Lss Vegas marriages. They go on the rocks," Mis. Lucero charged her husband did not want children. .re, President T. M.. Martin said Saturday. Martin said the company's In- conic for the nine montlis was $0.208,320, with provisions for fed- thc bus I eml Kml 5lnlc ta!tcs ln l »e sum of ' 52,735,819 leaving net Income of 5H.-iaa,'l41. For tlic first nine months of inia, he said companv net income was $8.438,943, or 53.00 a share PAGE THKEE Uixora. Cemelery in charge of th« Home Funeral Home. Hy Jack Bell WASHINGTON,' Oct. 24. (/!>) — President Triminn's recess appointment of three fctieral judges opposed by Senators forecasts a new fight over lite I'n the next session of Congress. Mr. Truman proved again lie doesn't give VIH easily \vhcn he named Carroll O. Swilater lo take over as judge in the Southern District of Iowa, succeeding Judge Charles A. Dewcy, retired. Senator Gillette . (D-Iowa) had previously called the nomination of Swltzffr a "persona! affront" to him. By raising a "personally obnoxious" objection to a nominee, a Senator usually can bring about Senate rejection of an appointee from his stale. The Senate Judiciary Committee didn't act on Swil/er's nomination in the last session. When Mr. Truman sends the appointment up agnln, as he must, Gillette will have an opportunity to voice Ins objections. Tiie Iowa Senator recently talked with tile President about the nomination and Indicated he Ihougnt some siuisfiiclory solution would he reached, Friends said, however, he Absent-Minded Football fan Nearly Loses Car HOUSTON. Texv Ocl. 24—M'j— , ^.".V^" 1 - — - <•«•!••* ill fan has , " ng a new devlce that K' v « in un nas them clear ' , his fight , . , with sister Joan, 4. He then took Mrs. Covault to the hospital. Early yesterday morning outside the delivery room his eyebrows did nip-ups. Attendants were wheeling Mrs. Iredale into the. room where only a few minutes before Mrs. Covault had given birth to a 6 pound 2 ounce daughter. Five hours later the iredale's had 6 pound 8 ounce girl. Ijttle Joan? she's still without a, legular sitter. Covault's looking outside the family circle. -. Arkansas Congressman Will Go to California WASHINGTON, Oct. 24. WJ— A House Banking Subcommittee headed by Rep. Brooks Hays of Arkansas will begin a hearing In San Diego, Calif., next month. The hearing will be on disposition ol about $1,500,000.000 worth of war housing projects. Most of the units are on the West Coast. Indians In Canada classed as minors. are legally Mexican-American Provides Scholarships U)S ANGELES —<flV— When Francisco Bravo was a young medical student, he worked nights at a gas station and could study only In the intervals between cars. He wondered then i! there wasn't some way of lile could be made easier for ambitious Mexican-Americans of limited means. Now, as Dr. Francisco Bravo, he has found the answer. .He helps them himself. Last year he gave $10,000 of the earnings of his Bravo Clinic to finance a scholarship at, the Stan- lord-University School of Medicine for Rdclolfo Ponce, of Rivera^ Calif. Recently he gave William Diaz, of Riverside, Calif., $2,000 to cover a four-year course at the School o( Pharmacy of the University of Southern California. : Dr. Bravo attaches one string to these awards. The young men he befriends must promise to aid other Mexican-Americans who desire professional careers. Destroys Building At Arkansas Feed Mill DARDANELLB, Ark,, Oct. 24. IX'i - Fire destroyed the main biiilrt'itis of the Arkansas Valley Feed Mill here Saturday. .Manager Harold Snydcr estimat- , cd the loss at morn than $75,000. i Ti^e burned building wns one nf four making up the plant located in Pope County across the Arkansas Hiver from Dardanclle. It con- not likely to iiiii'lnst fSwil/.er. Mr. Trinmin nlso gave recess appointments to M. Nell Andrews as Judge of the Northern District nf Georgia and Williams W. Rlttci. to be judge for Utah. Senator Russell (D-Oa> has opposed the choice of Andrews, who ivns mitncd lo succeed " lor's bi sell. Tl firmed Jnrttc Ri'sscll's appointment to the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals. Hitter's appointment Is being nn- nosed by Senator Watkins (it- Utah). A» »l>«riit-inliidcd foofba come forward to take his place beside the well-known absentminded professor. According to police department, lie Is Nelll T. Musterson, Jr., Houston investment broker. In his rush to gel on a train for Austin to attend the nice-Texas foolball game Saturday, Maslerson parked his car near the Southern Pacific depot, left the molor running and the key in the ignition switch Detective Foy Melton or the Auto Theft Division look the vehicle to the police station svhere lie announced It will be available to Masterson when 'he returns from Au.siin. A football fan himself, Melton observed, "Aw. this sort of Ihlng ball season." Negro Deaths Funeral services were conducted in the Zlon Chapel Church in Luxora yesterday for Jncfc Talley. wtio wii.s reported to he 101 years old. He died last Tuesday at his home on llth Street in Dlythcvlllc and Is survived b.v -Ills wife and New Hearing Device Hat No Receiver Button in Ear CHICAGO, 111— Deafened people - '•-••'-- a new device that gives hearing without making tliein wear 3. receiver button in the ear. They now enjoy songs, sermons, friendly companionship and business success with no self- conscious feeling that people are looking at any button hanging on their ear. With the new invisible. Phantomold, you may free yourself not only from deafness, but from even the appearance of deafness. The makers of Beitone, Dept. JO 1450 W. 13lh si., Chicago 8, III., are so proud of their achievement they will gladly send you their free brochure (in plain wrapper) and explain how you can test this amazing device In Ihe privacy of your own home without risking a penny. Wrllc Beltone today. „ Kvt'n if oiht-r medicines havt- failed to relieve your COLD MISERIES YOU OWE IT TO YOURSELF TO TRY 664-IT'S DlfffRfNT 666 ., . . He attributed the comparative reduction of earnings to lower prices, the Missouri Pacific strike and reduction In allowables. Martin said the Lton C' r* >1 Plant, located on the. Missou* Pacific, has curtniled production. itnca to succeed itie sejin- ' ' >LVI "-' ~ '"-^ ""'' " Jnl " JI "^L.. y 'wii»iin^af.f;iiii^^» rother. Judge Robert L, Rus-!' 1 ' 1 "' services were conducted by Rev. j »^_||^||- - . he Senate already has con-' 1 - H. Harvey and burial was In the ' I',7* ^B ^k JuctTC Rrsscll's annolnlment T.'TTT^— ^~1 ' — - — YOU CAN COMPLETE Monotony, Not Nutrition Causing Diet Trouble LONDON —f/P)— A Universitv of Edinburgh expert on nutrition sn"- tained storage equipment. tanks, grain and Reds Stressing Claims In Antarctic Territory MOSCOW -<H'i— "Red Fleet" says the Soviet public will permit MO one lo divide Antarctic territories without the oviet Union. "And," it adds, "they will not recognize as valid a single decision concerning the Antarctic taken behind the back of the Soviet Union. .. -| Note Left on Doorstep Convenient for Thieves BATAV1A. O.. Oct. 24. M'J—Mrs. Barbara Smith left, n note on the door of her home telling her son where lo find the key, police said today. A few hours Inter she returned to find the house had been run- :ackcd, with money and jewels estimated at 51,700 missing. Police Chief Edward Colonel said he believed llic burglary might have 'rcen carried out. by boys who gained Rested today that ten years of bit- • ' rcen CIUTicd "ill by boys who gained ter austerity mav be netting the v ttcce * s *>y following direction* British people down. "The fatigue ! 'Q"'"hicd In the note on the door. HIGH SCHOOL- Now—Al Home—l.tiw Payments All liooUs Furnished—No Classes DIPLOMA AWARDED Write for Free IJooklcl and I'rce Trial Lesson • -AMKKJCAN SCHOOL- lfc]ur[iiici;f I), Box 1050, Memphis, Tcnn. Address and lassitude so otfcn complalnrd of in this country," Dr. A. p Meiklejohn wroie In "The Practitioner," a medical journal, "ar: much more probably the result of the common monotony and frus- tintiou of post-war life than of underfeeding." "There is no objective reason for thinking that normal people receiving'the average diet available in Britain, nie likely lo suffer from malnutrition." he said. It's more likely, he added, that people arc just tired of eating the same old thing.. Hadrian (122 A. D.) built the Ro- I nun Wall in England. London Housewives Shop to Beat Tax Hike LONDON, Oct. 24— (iPi— Housewives went on a shopping spree today alter rumors spread that the government will' raise purchase taxes to fight inflation. Stores In London's fashionable west end reported the busiest morning of the year. There was no confirmation or denial of the rumors. Prime Minister Attlec plans to announce today a series of economy measures necessitated by the nation's financial crisis. Details still are top secret. Dangers of Rectal Troubles Free Book—Explains Many Associated Conditions Backache, headache, "constipation, rliMlnrss, nausea, abdominal soreness, stomach and intestinal conditions are often caused by Piles, Fistula or Colon Troubles. 40-page FREE BOOK explains the nature of these ailments. Write today—a postcard will do.xrhornton & Minor Clinic, Suite 2272, 911 E . Linwood, Kansas City 3, Mo. Miss Whitsitt's Shop ' 'FEEL vigors?'? I- tne e* '$*&?* Bertha Yander Waa! will be here: Wednesday, October 26 .. TViis is a special invitation to you, and you,' AND YOU ... to personally m«et *Gossard's Figure Analysis Expert. She will be here to give INDIVIDUAL figure and fcuhjon advice . . . and her . skilled attention to the selection and fitting of your new GOSSARD! Of course, there is no charge or obligation for this advisory service! DO r«m*mb*r this DATE! — the GOSSARD Line "of Beau/y___ BLYTHEVILLE Wednesday, Oct. 26 FAIR GROUNDS Plenty of Free Parking *EW AND « FEATURtS Of T»« xwvti. nc Kami snows. nil* nnn cwKK'titiKc COHOUCSTI STUPENDOUSLY PRESENTING THE WORtD'S IIGGEST »HD GREATEST FEATURES . *L TI * IT *-«OO PEOPLE—JO CLOWNS SO MUSICIANS-S3.270 DAILY EXPEMSU TRIUMPH OF COLOSSAL ACHIEVEMENTS IN TENTED AMUSEMENTS .™ MncMtaM teri* THM iitn rt ••CITS THAI-IB XIMM CflKVS T»«ume Meet MO mm- COM1FS1I V*iY;rV,V>"™",';""""" ^"^^ '»« rnr.-wrtu PRICES CHILDREN 50c — ADULTS $1.00 - PLUS TAX "Tlic H,-w Quetn'i Lace is tlic pillmi for me because it's sucli an exquisite reproduction in silver of old Irish lace. It is feminine, gracious anil regal." "I like tlic IWOOlll,»TcI«/nl lino of the \Vil(i Rose pattern. It his just tlie right amount of decoration for me., I liked it the minute I saw it." . . . and tticsc arc only a few of the superb liHurn.ition.t] Sterling patterns! We'll be. proud to show you all of them, and we'll explain how easy it is to bc«m your solid silver with one or two place "I like a hit!« cmrmrnbr lion, !>MiiliJi<!ly done . . ; RiclidcUils.cxquisitc- ly carved, reflect painstaking craftsmanship ia Its silver foliage ctowiis a graceful plain shaft." service Own Your Sterling the Easy Dreifus Way — You may purchase any number of pieces for your starter set and pay as little as 50c per week per place setting at absolutely no extra charge^ of course. " Meet Mrnifus . . . Wi!:ir Diamonds 3I6\\F.ST •*T««_ IN •mHfVltlt. MEMPHIS AND DVMflURG

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