The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 30, 1933 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 30, 1933
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Served by the United Press VOL. XXX—NO. 168 •|MB^'^^^^^^^^-^•^MMM4BMB~raMiMHVHifm^'*^Vi^^»^^Mtf"~*^^HM^&'* i VMVMK' -M3^* .^^k. ^^MmB^uttc i ?;^a^^^^^^Mr^3=^h_. " BEOHEVILLE COURIER THS DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI HOME EDITION URSCHEL £u«y '££*,. w BLYTHEVILI.E, ARKANSAS, SATURDAY, SKPTEMBBU 30, 1033 SINGLE COPIES FIVE; LUER KIDNAPERS CONVICTED i p. . i ' Oiers Ot Otratosphero. Typhoid Fever Fatal to Miss Helen Keesee< ' unenil services \vill be held . iday for Helen Kcpst-e. KJ-yenr- . diiuyliU'r vf Mrs. ,1. C. (Jliirk, [ i cf this city, '7hn 'dkil yi'-At.'i'ilny ; iiiu.'iilnii aflcr M-VII-A! nicks 111- r.i'ps of t>|)l!OlO ftvor. ' ' . She Is survive^ by hi)r mallipv ! i-i'd two broilierjs, Houston and Cui:on Kccs*t. InltrineiH will i .b,' made al Nonh Suv.'.m romctc-ryi THESE L'LASSES WOULD GAIN BY INFLATION- In HeioKt n( Over Iol!owl »B services Sunday after- : _™ » » co " « the Na/aicnc- cluirth. Eleven Miles. MOSCOW, Sept 'JO. (UP)—Tlii-ei- . ?i.".b» •-ripir. i -t" <--.||^.----.. •••stratosphere soared 11 miles, 150 ;(irds ii;i),i67 if.uii lulu nit air today in Ihe government ualloon U. 3. 3. R., ur.d shattered all al- Iti.ide records. . - The previous record of Prof. Au- p.ait -Piecard and Max Coslns wtts 5:;.153 feel; Cruising comfortably in the air^ -fight gondola of their ualloon Ihc 1 ! s-lcnllsts siudiKl ihcir inslrunicnts. at a temperati're of 71.6 degrees, •vnile the atmosphere outside was ES belov, zero. Starting at 8:43 a.m. from the iccal' airport the 'b]>ace explorers rrj'sed' obout u'nlil 12:50 p.m.. w.ien tltf radioed that they wwc aLout to descend. They tiad drifl- td 11 miles 5oulh;2st. Soaring rapidly they had sur- p[i r Eed all previous records within •tt minutes ofer Iheir slart. Prof. George P. Prokofiev, pilot. Ernest Birnbarm, engineer, and C. D. Godunov comprised the crew. The ballooni:ts carried scores of tiuy parachute^, planning to drop messages, should their radio fail. I.. G. Muss >s In cluiruu ul fnnt.r:il JVUx-sof Tiinn |>r(MluvtH woultl M>nr, ii ViOllM 11:11 his ili'l.t wllh vllf«pvr ilullars. jimi Jubs iiv <| hi I'l lil IM; ilullars; Ihe |LI>IIIC buyer l Iw ulKinph.yrd. THESE CLASSES WOULD LOSE BY INFLATION— CREDITOR LOSES, Insull Charge Enrages Singer Writer F.xuln'iis Results Currcnrv Exi:an s i o n )t IS EEB Po.litical Friends of Service Circuit Judge Grants Men Called Danger. Greatest CHICAGO. Sept. 30 IUP) — A ) Etnrlllng slrugBle between Ihe Am-j ,%.-:..,,- j,-,;;(, r an( i over-generous j congressmen who seek to buy thnir I way back Into Hie veterans' favor I was revealed today on the eve of j In? Lotion's greatest nssemhly. I As hundreds of thousands of! fonner army men poured into Chi-; cago and turned loop streets into a slruggling mass of military uniforms. fla?s. bnnners and pennants, leaders drew their battle plans for the cxiKctecl controversy. Without exception responsible Legion chiefs cxncct the 193:! convention to approve Ihc four point rehabilitation program adopted nf- i*nr [-!]:!slii^ |ti»\UT <if ^lHl:ll^ \ul[i rhc-iilK'l; ilnll lKS \voilld be <-ut xvllh a i-lt livhn; cosls \\'Ollhl !'!;«.• ras <lollal'; bund viilui'S Kiu '.vilgi-s iiinl ^uljirl j.ri: llxvil mid M'OUlU • •! c » j lier President Roosevelt's economy Liberty More Appeals >bill wiped out all existing veterans' , Circuit Judge G. E. Keck issued an order today directing the clerk cf the Blytheville municipal court to lodge transcripts for appeal of five cases in which tbe. Liberty Carh store wcs fined a. total of 5500 foe false, weights and meas- "-" "urfimerrts.""Snid'"one 'case In *liicli B. L. Ross, store manager, was .Iried $50 on a similar charge. .The order was handed down at ' n special hearing asked 'by at- '.orneys for the grocery store who r-oaght successfully to prevent levying of an execution against legislation. This Is the weapon which the veterans hope will halt treasury raids. "It U the most dangerous situation we have ever faced," said a Legion .executive. "Almost every congressman who voted for the Roosevelt economy bill is out promising 'everything under ' the- sun in an effort'to win back veterans' votes he fears he lost through the. economy vote When congress dssembles these icsislatcrs will Introduce every rnrt-of measure that can be im- nglned. .They will press strongly [Monk Rut ledge Given Seven Year Sentence^ | Monk Rutle'dgt, former resident of Blytheville, was sentenced to'' :even years imprisonment on his; plea of guilty to burglary and was. given a five year suspended san- 1 I ROLE CflLE in v mill r* I e" c » « ILIL /^"* ^iw^mji-u .w.i- i U-Year-Uld Harry IjOrdon ' tence on hl s plea of guilty to grand. Unconscious at Hospital Here. The condition of Harry Oordon, 10 year old son of J. W. Oordon of Rbseland, who was struck, hy n car on Highway 18 yesterday afternoon remained' serious today. He war still in an unconscious condition «l the Blytheville hos- pilal this afternoon. The boy was struck while play- 'ng on ' the highway with a ball, .irxordinp; to renorls. The car, said to have teen driven by a Manila larceny by Circuit Judge G. E. Keck at Marion this week. Both guilty pleas were entered in charges growing out of u $5,CCO safe robbery al Turrell. ( Three companions of Rutledge Rerl Cross Chapter Plans Its ; Proeram for the Coming Year. The executive board of Chlcka- were given five year terms' andjsawba District Chapter, American seven year suspended sentences. • i Red Cross, last night elected A. •Rutledge-had -served, portions ol several terms in the state prison, inuinK been convicted of burglary in safe robberies and other thefts here on two or more occasions. lylJM'ft u* «i. t.^t^nuwti » b i*>»,ot . . - - .. - - nj uttM; u::|-.l VU.VLJl u} u .tlulultl the .store for fines and costs in [or passage of these laws m order [ sa!) L , cd the ta , v r nls ^ . .. . ..' In lip nn rpmrd inr tlto IOTA nlnj, . ._ . f. th- flye cases and .commitment of Toss to jail fur his fine and costs. A deputy constable, to whom the executions vnr given, was order- Ed 'to viithliolr. levying or jailing of Ross. Municipal Judge C. A. Cunningham had ordered the executions issued oh the grounds' that the store company and Hoss had fail- Ed lo perfect their circuit courl pppeals within the time required by law. head striking the concrete. Officers here said they had : received no leport of the- .accident and had made no investigation.. Truck, Kidnap Drivers to lie on record for the 1934 elections. • • "Nothing could be worse from Hie . standpoint. of the Legion. 1 ' It. was just such action as this which) brought the crippling economy act I «j. r , u L j. of last spring. We plan every ef- Hl-JaCK Merchandise fort to halt this insane legisla-! lion." • About J400.000.000 wr.s cut from "o-ci-nmcnt benefits lo veterans BELLEVILLE. III., Se|il. 30. CUP), by the economy act. Modifications! —Four bandits hi-jacked a valua- by President Roosevelt restored| ble truck load of merchandise to-1 The body o'. a new born baby Officers Without Clues to B. Palrfleld chairman of the committee that will conduct the cAap- ter's annual membership roll call. Date of the roll call, which lias as its goal 1.600 members, will be fixed by Mr. Fairfleld and his committee, but It will probably commence November 11. simultaneously with similar Red Cross cam- palgas throughout the country. ' It wa s decided last night that during the period of federal emergency relief the chapter will not maintain a paid executive sccrc- Froduce. ThU- Is thr wninl of two si.irks un IntlMlim, in which it hlRhly cdinpllrutri] vubltct cf current in- liu-sl Is printed In simple fiwm KV KOIIKRT TALliKV NBA Srrvlce Writer WASHINGTON, Sept. 30.—If In- fliitlon comes, how will ' it affeol you? Notody cun answer that quc.s- lon, because nobuuy really knows. Even ninung uxperts there Is encl- ,csf dlsnuli! and controversy us lo lli« melhod by which Inllallon should be iiUemiitcd, to wlini ext*Mil II shoulil be tried, how far U cnuld be conlrollcd, and. ubove ull.j opera uluner, who Is wluit results 11 -woulil bring. One set of eminent economists can pnlnl for you a glowing plc- Inrc of how cheapening of the nation's dollar would electrify lugging business and sweep us out of the depression doldrums. Other economists. Just as eminent, can paint for yon a dismal canvas of chnos anil financial ruin, as was the case In Germany. So many complicated factors enter into this problem, laden with the possibility of all sorts of economic dynamite, IhaL It is impossible lo make answers except In erncml terms. i Mr-f't Effect on Vim 1 But let's suppose, lor Ihe sake of n simple Illustration, that President Roosevelt should start the printing presses whirling - tomor row antl double the amount of money In circulation and that, as a matter of reaction, the flow of >y>nk - credit- likewise' would dou ble. Here's where you likely would gel on. IP YOU AHE A SALARIED MAN—You would find, perhaps that your cost of living wnuld double as prices went up. Theoretically you would get a raise as your employer's business improved—but If you are making $50 n week, how long' do you suppose It would be before your boss raised you Lo $1007 tar}'. Mrs. Harmon Seford, who IP You ARE A WAGE EARN- has been the -executive secretary ER _Your chances for getting a for two years, Is now with the fed- r ,, se nn( , k h wlth t)lc pro . wn ' DI J years, is now wiui uie it*u- Pei'SOnS ' Who r laced Irral emergency relief organisation Tiny Girl in Wat ater. Clotting Stock Prices A. T. and T 120 1-4 Anaconda Copper .... 15 7-8 Pethlehem flrel 33 5-S Chrysler 40 3-4 Cities Service 23-8 General American Tank 31 1-2 General Elestric 19 3-4 General Motors 28 5-8 Tnternational Harvester 35 5-8 Montgomery Ward — ID 5-8 !,ew York nenlral .... 37 3-8 Packard 4 Phillips Petroleum .... 1C Radio 75-8 fiijnmons P^ds 20 3-4' St. l.ouls-S?.n Francisco 3 3-8 Standard of N. J 39 1-4 Texas Co 26 1-2 U. S. Sleel J5 3-8 $96,000.000 in payments, leaving; a total annual savings of a little more than $300.000.000. Careful estimates of the cost of | Icasini; Ihc drivers. day. kidnaped the two drivers, unleaded tire truck in an unknown garage, and then abandoned it, re- thc tour pnint T*gion demand wore between 000,000. $150,000,000 and $200,- Salictuary for Bob \Vliilfs MAQUOKETA, la. (UP) —Bob The drivers said they were R. w. Eggcrs and A. L. Hendricks of Indianapolis. Grid T«m Btnedicks FAYETTEVTLLE, Ark. !UP>— While quail will have a 2,344 acre ! Four members, including Ihc cap- refuge here next year, according to plans recently made by Jackson j County farmers.' The farmers organized, and obtained permission New York Cotton tain and sub-captain, of the University of Arkansas eleven are married. It is the second time within three seasons that the team of the State Pish and Game DC- j has been captained by a married partnu-iil to set aside the land. • mmi. l.lri was foui'il floating on the v.iriace of the Mississippi river by fishermen at Barfleld, 12 miles (iist of here, early this morning. The body cculd not have been ir. the water over 48 hours. Cornier W. H. Stovall and officers \vl-.o investigated agreed. The body was unmarked except for a bruise on one shoulder. Of- ::cers said they were without any cli.t5 as to the parlies who placed ihc body In the waler and could nt.t ascertain whether the baby u-.-r. dead or alive when the act Aicurred. Burial was made al the rounly farm near Luxora. Where Ransom Money Was Found NEW YORK. Sept. 30. (DPI — Cotton closed very steady. ope;, high low close 966 %9 963 9GO 9S>, 095 980 OT3 992 1001 9U6 1001 1012 1017 1005 1017 1027 1033 1021 1032 1047 1049 1036 1049 Oct. Du:. Jan. Mar. May J-)|v tpots cosed steady al D95. up 5. New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Sept. 30. (UP) —Cotton closed steady. open high low" close O.I 9«2 962 952 962 Dec 986 991 914 990 ,Ti!n 991 995 983 995 Mnr. ... 1009 1016 1001 1015 May ... ItRS 1033 1014 1033 July ... 1039 1043 1039 1043 Spots closert steady at 912. up 8 Chicago Wheat Dec, open high low 8S 1-4 9f. 3-4 88 1-4 May 93' 3-8 D4 7-8 92 1-8 close 90 94 Chicago Corn May for Ihls county. Her offer lo continue as executive sccrelnry as a volunteer, wilhoul pay, was accepted. This change will permit a substantial reduction in the chapter's annual budget. H was pointed out, however, that while ordinary requirement of those In need arc now being met by the federal relief program, Ihe demand for hos- pltalizatlon and other special services not within the scope of the federal program is Increasing. The chapter will undertake to meet needs of this kind, and for Ihls purpose plans lo raise not le-v; than $1,400 for 1934. It will receive 50 cents from each $1 membership taken in lls territory, and the balance will Itf raised by subscriptions, as in the past. Virginians Will Vote on .Prohibition Repeal RICHMOND. Va. CUP)—Vlrgln- . will express themselves at I 'lie polls Tuciday, Oct. 3 on the iv 6 questions of nullonal and state prohibition of liquor. They will be the 32nd state to vole on Ihe question of whelhsr to relaln the 18lh amendment to fie federal constilullon. In addl- ti"n they will voice their opinion on the continuation of stale prohibition or a plan of liquor control. cession would lie somewhat better because wage scnles usually respond to economic changes more quicklv than do fixed salaries. IP YOU ARE UNEMPLOYED— Your chances for gclllni; n lol) would Ire very much better indcet as business picked up under tii< spin- of inflation. IP YOU ARE A MERCHANT- IP you could keep your price flexible and advance them as Hi market rose, you should prosper Merchandise would bo more deslr able than money and It would be to your interest to acquire slock of goods. as Hie debt could b paid off laier with chcniur dol lars. If your prices are Inflexible you will be out of luck. Should Help Farmtr IF YOU ARE A FARMER— Tin farmer was first lo feel the dc flntlon. was hardest hll by II. and conversely, he should be one o the first to feel the effects of in fiatton and enjoy the greatest ben efits as commodity .prices soar Tills increased Income should maki It easier for the farmer to pay of his mortgage ami other fixed debts IP YOU ARE BUYING A HOME —It should be much easier for you to pay out (assuming you get your share of the new dollars), because your old debt could be paid off with these cheaper dollars. IF YOU OWN YOUR HOME— You would neither gain nor lose; if you should sell It, probably it but "Prlnne M'Dlvniil li n mnmiulto, the world's worst Rliiolo, ind lin» n peanut lirnlu," by Yerdlcl of Mary McCnrmic, above, famed. ! hor Umlu for divorce. Tlio bliiEor'a ouihnral wan occasioned, by the cr!llcc'n clinrccs that Kho was too frlcudly with Samuel Insult, fiJIou utilities magaatu. J. BAILEY MtTFfFlT lirce o( Six l.iier .Case Defendants Are Given Life Sentences. • '-'•' 3ne o( Pair Arrested With Machine Gun Identified as, Hart Austin. CHARLOTTE. N. C., Sept. 30. iUP)^Chlcf of Detectives Frank N'. announced today he had Identified on«. of|,the two ?J&& captured here Thursday"' wlth',"'a mrlilnc gun In their possession as Jlart Austin of Memphis, soulli- ft'M-tern desperado and man of many aliases. Ills companion had been Identl- fcd as George P. McDonald, of iprlngflcld, III. A third nrn'i who escapee! as of- !T"rs soiighl him at the same lime Thursday Is beilcved lo be Charles wanted uLCam- dcn. Ark., for u b:nik robbery. Chief Lllllcjohn said he believed he had a irood 'line on Chr/man and expected to catch him loon. The- chief recited n lony crlm- '•"sl record foi Austin, starting in 19.M and extending; IhrouRh manj ctnlcs of the south and soulh- \vosl in which. Ihc man used a variety of aliases. -'dentily was nuutc in Loth cases Ly fingerprint?. 'The fedpriil government is ranking ti so hot for tliose fellows around Mcmr.'ils that they are al scattering all over tlic country,' Use chief sale' OKLAHOMA CITY. Sept;{.30. Ill')—Seven defendants' wcpj-..':.' "ouiirt tjullly ImRiy In Ihe kidnap- - ; "j n« of Clmrli") F, Ursehel, Okla- '. . m;ii« City millionaire. .. -=.; Tliiisc convicted-were Harvey..J. Dilley, Albcrl L. BalM, R:- : -'G.' ; : Sliani'on, Mrs. Shannon, :' '.I'.tl son, Arinon, of Paradise," Tex., V> mil Cllltcrtl Hktlly and Barney . • Bi'imnn «r SI. Paul. ' '-'• / V -.'•;•: '/hreu otlisf St'-I'aul men, Sani '" Krcnlck, Sam Kozbcrg, and :Isaf ': ilnrc UUuiitinflcId, were acquitted. \ 'Ihe nvc SI Paul men had been inrsed with participating In-.UiV - i'JwiplnB conspiracy, for their .il- "tcA purl In changing part of Uie $200,DOT ransom i»id (jy.Ur- schel. . ...... Bailey and Hales were pictured us thu leaders In the abduction, .. • nlrng wllli Grorge "Machine, GUR-' ' •• Killy and his wife, who will'.be 'r «l lulcr. " :'-,:•' f.lft Terms Possible. .-.; The court iinnbunced sentences. on ihe convicted defendants would . Lc iw.Eicd next Saturday. ' . >V LUc imprisonment \vas the max- ••' irr.iLm |)C!iiiRy posslBleL Those con- : vicicd were given .a few days'-to enter motions for new--trials. , " The verdicts were.*returned ;.un- '.'. dcr the new federal Lindbergh anil-kidnaping law. ' . ... Jn amxninrlng sentences would ? deferred a wl-r:--l«wt"JJurtf^BVc :iu defendants time to Jlle mo- '. cas tor now trials and''appeals.- '• II wer^ given three' ,days in .whlcix •. o llle such motions..-, ;.'• .y'.,"- ' ; Motions for new trials were.. 81- »tes. ' Mofidrts ' ; to" i! Repeallsls forces claim lhat the f'alc voters will reject ihe prohi- >it;on amcndm?nl and keep unan- Inious the decision Ihus far of ilatcs In rejecting prohibition. Re- pejlists claim a 2 to 1, if not 3 to 1 victory on the national ques- •ton. While the rt.-ys also arc claiming victory on the national issue has been evidence of a split- ticket fight resulting in giving up Intense opposition to national re- ptal and directing all of their sliength and resources toward the preservation of state prohibition. Tills may result In a very close cmslon or, the laller question. Joe Pouns of Coleman. Tex., points [found in a cotton patch cache on Ihe spot rhere' $73,250 of the Ursche Iransom money was ich owned by Mrs. "Boss" Shannon's brother-in-law, where w»uld bring a higher price, this would be offset by the lower purchasing power of the dollars you received. IF YOU ARE AN INVESTOR— Your common slocks (representing paitnership in the business) should rise, perhaps sharply. Your bonds (representing merely debt owed you) would remain about stationary, or more likely decline slightly. because bonds would be less attractive as their value is set In a fixed number of dollars. Preferred stocks and mortgages would react very much the same as bonds. Savings Would Lost YOUR BANK ACCOUNT — The purchasing power of your savings would be cut to the extent that the value of the dollar was reduced, YOUR DEBTS OF ALL KINDS —It would be much easier lor you Visitors Will Attend Lutheran Rally Here Visiting Lutherans from Mem phis, Sike.slon, Mo., and Late, Ark arc cxuected to attend Hie an nual mission rally here tomorrow The Rev. G. Lange o Pine Bluff, for nicr local pas tor, and th Rev. Vlcto Brugge, pasto of the Trlnlt I, n t h e r a i church at Mem phis, arc to be the prlhclpn speakers at3:3 o'clock at th Pilgrim Luther an church. The Rev. Mr Langc, who Is also field secreta of the District Dalther organiza tton for young people, will sponso such a group to be formed here to morrow afternoon. He will be as slsted by the Rev. H. J. Klein dlenst, local pastor. This organ! zatlon has 60,000 yoxuig peopl enrolled. Rtv. Victor Old Dry Billots Found , VANCOUVER, B. C. (UP) — When the Clark County auditor was rummaging in the courthouse YOUR COST OF LIVING — to pay out with the cheaper dollars—provided you got them. SfsV 5« 8 3-* 49*1-8 "HM-H hncl ^"'hidden by George "Machine cln" Kelly. In the other picture Sheriff Fnnk Mills stands 7-8 583-8 M S*! 1 ' 11 " 1 Cass Coleman, on whose farm n.|.- Coleman ihe money was found. Cole-man was arrested.' prohibition; basement for additional ballot boxes to be used In the recent repeal election, he-found some con. when ratified Prices of food, clothing, etc., should go up immediately; house rents a little later, as rents usually lag behind the economic parade. Charges for telephones, lighls, gas, (Continued on P««e Three) Russia Is Obstacle to Wheat Control Prop-am LONDON, Sept. 28. (UP)— Th threat of wheat dumping by Rus sla endangering the recent, \vorl wheat control plan, was 'brough nearer today when Russia refusec a compromise submitted by John McMurray, American delegate to the wheat advisory commission. McMurray made an effort to effect a compromise between Russia's demands and offers of the other exporting nations as to Russia's sr.dre of the total world export quol« : . idgmehts 'so . the case .can be nken to the Denver •Iclreoit'.' ewct •'•: I nppeals, and also to trie. U. ; 8. ujireme courr, also were enterea; Attorneys foi- the Shannons 'and. : or Blumenflelrt and Skelly r an-" ounced they also would flle mo-;' Ions for new trials. • -- -~ '• ,'. The case hod gone to the jury-. t 4:10 ycstc'.day afternoon.- -The'' c-dlct was reported lo have been'! ' c.inlii*d anil 'glil.- some time 'last ' Woman Gtls Life ' ' EDWARDSV1LLE, III., Sept. 30 OP)—All six defendants in ;the - \ujust Lucr kidnaping case w£j5; mind guilty today by a Jury ..In '•ladisotr county circuit court. -"•*•• Three were sentenced to life irti* prlsonment. - -II" Included among those sentenced : a life was Mrs. Lillian Chessen, £1. who alleftidly collaborated In writing a ransom demand. • •'• : - -" Tho other two sentenced to. Uie cims were Rrindol Eugene NorveU', 2i. East St. Louis gambler, -and.' ."ercy Mlcharl Fitcgeruld, ex-St. Louis convict. .; __'. Mike Muslaln, 49-year-old farmer, who owned the St. Clair coun- • tv farm to which Luer was taken • :md cast into a damp dugout- . wl-rre lie wn"! held for five days; S sentenced to 20 years Ini- orUonmcnl. • ' Flvt years each were given to Charles Cheswn, 57. husband of Mrs. Chessen, and Christ Gitch'b, (55, Madison, III.-, grocer, In the Diisemcnt of whose store Luer'was - • held for severnl hours Immediate^ ly after the abduction. ' " Kelly Still in Memphis ' ; MEMPHIS, Sept. 30. (UP)—Bureau of Investigation agents 's«m .. icday lhat Owrge "Machine 6un"' ICi'lly will not te removed to Ok-' "ahoma City before tomorrow. ;';' Kelly, suspected In the most dar- .nn of American crimes, and his •Jlic, Katherinc. are In jail here D'.valllng return to Oklahoma City to answer Indictments in the $200- Oin kidnaping of Charles P. Ur- .-c'.-.el. multi-millionaire oil man.- Carried .\s»«lt Into Court . WASHINGTON (UP) - Jainea Otis Smith beat up his wife at home several times. . She took him Into .court on assault charges. While she was testifying at the trial, he struck her again, and only Intervention of : court attendant^ saved, her severe punishment. He now is In j»ll for a year. WEATHER cloudy tonight and Sunday except local thunder- rhowcrs arid cooler in northwest putt ion Sunday. Memphis and Vicinity—Partly clor.dy and cooler tonight and Sunday. The maximum temperature here jihtcrday was 82, minimum M, cloudy, according to Samuel P. N'orril, official weather obwrver,

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