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Great Falls Tribune from Great Falls, Montana • Page 8
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Great Falls Tribune from Great Falls, Montana • Page 8

Great Falls, Montana
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I. I See: $211,734 Lowest Figure Quoted on W. Side Street Project BIRTHS A daughter to Mrs Terrence 8 Great Falls Tribune Tuesday, July 10, 1962 G. E. Frye Stricken Fatally runs lonsirucuun vum a fa I US DEPARTMENT of COMMERCE lJr4j 30.

y- ill jRadcliffe, Fairfield. I A daughter to Mrs. Charles C. McCahon, 2004'? Sth Ave. N.

A daughter to Mrs. Robert iFrank Smith. 1123'i 1st Ave. S. i A son to Mrs.

Bruce Bredeson, which he said he had heard he was going to be sued because "I was digging too deep into things in Great Falls." which ne saia ne nau nearu iic bid of S211.734.83, was the ap! parent low bidder for construe- tion of curbing, gutters, storm 1 drainage and pavement in a West! magistrate is adding more Information each month, Mrs. Erdmann said the only addition is a "pending" category, which she said includes those tickets formerly lost. Alderman John Obstarczyk said is miuuig mure uir Maxwell's 24-p age double- Side project, according to statement said he learned cpenea at tne uiy council meci-of the possible suit from a "very 1522 7th Ave. N. Glenn 48 im A I A son to Mrs.

Alvin v. iMt. View Trailer Court. s- died unexpectedly Monday A son to Mrs. Daniel Wittmier.laner being stricken while 7th Ave.

N. 'ing at Havre. Frye, who had been I Twin son and daughter to Mrs working in Havre about a week, Frederick L. Galloway, 2117 9th, in iwonaay nini. g00(j (rjencj," to whom a cityjMagistrate Anderson is keeping Other bids were from Utility employe "just happened to make his records in the man-j Builders $217,593.52, and this remark" Friday evening at aW in which the State Examiner i Robertson Cave gathering of friends.

i asked him, and said the examiner! 403.90. Maxwell, who appears regularly had mentioned that he had the: The project, called Special Im-at City Council meetings, said same problem in other cities. provement District 1032. is on "Each and every citizen of this Thomas also asked why the Sixth, Seventh and Eighth Ave-great nation is provided with pro-Meter Maids here can't wear uni-' nues Northwest between Ninth tection and if I have signed any forms as is the practice in Mis-! and Sixteenth streets. The bids letter which I cannot properly soula.

He said, "It gets just as were referred to the council's substantiate my remarks with the hot here as it does there." A daughter to Mrs. Douglas hospital. The body will be for-Ertz, 1226 1st Ave. N. warded to Croxford's Mortuary 60 rrmiry- CONATIONS AT 2 RM MONDAY WARM FRONT --r-COLO FRONT committee public records of this city or coun The council referred to its judi STATIONARY public improvement and the city engineer.

ty, I say I should be sued. Arrow Fl virh wind Wt wm5 A son to Mrs. Dennis Nelson, today 527 4th Ave. S.W. i Frye, an operating engineer, LICENSE was born at Havre 11, 1913: APPLICATIONS He had been living at Absarokee i Gerald Winter, 30, Malmstrom for some time and had recentlj Force Base, and Helen Lois nicved to Havre.

Schavrien, 28, Fairfield. was a mernlwr of VFW Post i Gerry Kenneth Winner, 23, the American Legion and Charlene Helen Fish, 23. both Volunteer Fire Department, JCreat Falls. of Absarokee. John Joseph Mclnerney Survivors include the widow, Malmstrom AFB, and Peggy lcie, Great Falls; four daugh-IWebb.

29, Great Falls. tcrs. Darlene Fiye, San Fran- cisco; Sharon and Betty Frye. and DEATH Richard (Delores Moms, ciary committee the matter of; residents of the Southwest Side-protesting activity of polo and ro-j deo games at 700 14th St. after hearing from a member of the protesting group, and from! "It is with interest to not someone thinks I have been digging too deep into the activities of Great Falls.

M.BH. The matter of letting the Great Falls garbage hauling out on bids was postponed after a "commit- tee of the whole" meeting, of thej council before the regular meet-; "Actually I haven't really gone ing. nf.orc Don Cable, who spoke on behalf The postponement came at am cn fecord as having of the users of the polo grounds, request of Alderman Robert vnvwi.ll said I Although 19 residents originally WEATHER SUMMARYRefreshing streams of cool dry air spread out of the midwest into the northeast early Monday afternoon, the forward edge of which was bounded by a fast moving cold front oriented across eastern New York state and Pennsylvania through Virginia. Clusters of thunderstorms broke out near the front. Farther down the Atlantic coast, thundershowers were imbedded in warm muggy air covering the Carolinas, Georgia and Florida.

In contrast, sunny settled weather ranged from west of the Appalachians all the way to the Pacific, marred only by occasional thundershowers in Kansas and Missouri and by showers along the eastern slopes of the Rockies into the adjacent plains. Bothwell who asked the time to sajd the protes, Cable said five, allow the city comptroller to pre-be dissemination caed 0 request their pare facts and figures on the BIT1 h.B -names be withdrawn, and two Agnes Foley, 82, 113 2Gth St. S. all of Edmonds, one son, Great Falls; two brothers, Ray and Cecil, and a sister, Mrs. -1-H Clllb Horse SllOWj Francis Peterson, all of Lander, present operation to be presented to the Council in two weeks.

j'lanneii efinestiay JlliUl 1.1 1 lit, Mill UUUI By OUV.U 11.1 i ti I as a scare tactic," that he caniers the ctlerK, i only sav that "Mr. James W.I Demed was a request of Mon-; I Maxwell does not scare easily." Lumber Co. to install adver-i He added he was surprised to mtatenal and lags across i Ifind his inquiry and letter writing hth Avenue North in front has resulted in "such importance firm" lh2 sad 11 1 ito warrant such a scare tactic to ad dmed a 1 1kh i'ler thls 'ear- and usually only; Above 04 In preparation for showing their 63 James Frank, of Superior Sanitation, Glasgow, a firm which has garbage contracts both in Glasgow and Shelby, spoke during the meeting in behalf of the bid proposal. Mayor William H. Swanberg Zero at Midnight FIVE-DAY FOBECAST Kalispell 1 East of divide temperatures through 'Saturday will average about five degree rT ibflow nurmal in the northeast to hmrmal in the southwest.

Warm at first 1 hnl trlrfau anrt SalnrHav elloWStone horses at the State Fair, members Tjiof 4-H horse clubs in Cascade County may participate in a spe- at The Tribune building Parkin tlokou ain riisJallowed civic g.xups to hang ban- r.rpai full. Pi.riK- ri.mtiv thinnnh 'should lie mostly 80-92 and Urns mostly, Said he Was not in favor Of COn- cu.ssed. both from the audience PI8' during" afns Snd Sunrise today 4:38 tract haulins for one reason hv C.rap Thnmas anrt nn Hip! Request 01 the Great falls baa-: lllght, hish both days near 80. low to-veninss. Total precipitation should Sunset today 8:22 p.m.

'cial horse show Wednesday at 6 p.m. at the Fairgrounds. The event will be conducted in front of the 4-H barns. Mux. Min.

range from less than .05 of an inch to 'the present one is going along by Alderwoman Marian uuo lor Permission to FaJli Precin'latiuu pretty well. The lore are times when 'Erdmann. Danner across central Avenue Great fi NATIONAL City Max. Mln. City Albany 83 68 Milwaukee locally .35.

West of Temperatures through 'Saturday will average near normal. "'liarm at flrut hitf fiirilpi. G.ut. 7i so! Laurence treoescn oi uuuon the city denartment does things Anchorage 59 55 Minneapolis 80 fjwill judge the show. Classes will 'at Third Street was granted, as hours to last midniKht iwas the request of the State Fair year aboard of directors for permission Normal tins month to date j.

Jan. 1 to dale thus year .5 G.nullr, unri fhiMLioruhfiwora 75, include yearling colts at halter peeled in afternoons and evenings. To-i Bismarck tal pretipilation should be Horn little or Builalo nune to locally .20 of an inch. no ew urieans so 8i) 5li New York 95 90 57 Omaha 84 73 65 Philadelphia, 89 Phoenix 108 75 A3 Pittsburgh 75 69 59 Portland, M. 77 95 55 Portland, O.

66 75 69 95 Tlimuas asked the council liat had become of Mrs. Erd-mann's request for more information on the monthly report of Police Magistrate George I). Anderson. When the reply came that the 10 COnuuci US activities prior lO Jan. 1 to date last year and during the lair.

iJan' 1 t0 30rar nornwl 111 iniMiniTriririramiiiimitii MONTANA FOR1XAST 75 for first-year members and two-1 year-olds and three-year-olds un-65 tier saddle for second and third-5jj year members, respectively. Rib-fii bons and prizes will be awarded i winners. The recommendation of the' Traffic Commission to make the City Hiuiriv East of divide Pait'y ..,.,1. ....1,..,... IliS that are not in the simply to get things done." Asked whether his firm, should it be awarded the contract, willj participate in "clean-up Frank said "No, because it's' cleanup week every week with! us." A letter was read from Shelby; authorities in which the officials said "Everyone is pleased" with! the garbage contract of Superior Sanitation.

.100 block in Third Alley North a mK, ur evening 'thundei storms i not so Belgrade 60 Richmond 93 57 St. Louis 81 Til Salt Lake 97 70 San Uieno 77 one-way westbound for 15 months warn' nu'th, tonight; highs botr. both iCalgary Chicago I Cleveland Fl'P- Denver 'lies Moines 84 Fairbanks 74 .07 Kort Worth 98 Honolulu 82 Indianapolis 78 Jacksonville 97 Juneau 61 Kansas City 83 Angeles 83 -Memphis 87 Tr. Miami 91 days 80-95 i lows to- MONTANA Max. P4 89 81 8i C9 111 R5 Ii8 87 61 S.

Francisco 57 Miu. 39 48 ti 44 47 41 41 57 50 54 53 approved, as was a report night 45-50. OU11I. Dillon 61 73 Seattle from the Zoning Board of Ad Wt of divide ly cloudy today Drummond Auto, Washers start at $199.50 Wringer Washers start al 94.50 Auto. Dryers start at $139.50 with trade APPLIANCE SERVICE CENTER 714 Firat Ave.

Ho. Ph. 45C-I34 8'i 91 91 82 Kis.527 4th Wednesday with scattered alter-'Glasgow memiiL' Ihui'ilrshnuHrs: little tlri-ut Falls justment to change Spray Of the Falls 50 Sokane 64 Tampa 62 Washington 77 Winnipeg 79 from area Use to temperature change: highs both days Havre Ave. 80-KH; lows tonisht Jo-oj. Helena 'area general industrial use.

Because of a 71 per cent pro- No Confert'iice WASHINGTON (UPI Presi-' dent Kennedy will not hold a news conference this week, the Wliite House said. The Chief Executive met with newsmen at a televised session last Thursday. At the close of the regular meeting, James W. Maxwell read a prepared statement in uc test, a resolution to create an SID Mr. and Mrs.

Ross i nnA rv, l. for curb and gutter on Eleventh: and Lou Ross, all of Crookston, p. Avenue South between Eighteenth: and reter Harlman, East i c)i- 'and Nineteenth streets w'as killed. Former Music Slore Owner Hobbyists Will Have vti uuu ruins, atv viaiiiu Why Don't- You, Too, Avail Yourself Of the Maximum at Great Falls Federal? Fair Display Mr. and Mrs.

Donald A. Bartsch, Kte. 1 South. The Schmidts are Mrs. Bartsch's parents.

Hart-man is her uncle and Miss Ross, her great-aunt. T. F. O'Connor Co. FUNERAL DIRECTORS 2125 Eighth Avenue North Telephone 453-7257 SIROI.A The funeral for Sam S.

Slrola, 2064 4th St. will be held from O'Connor's this (Tuesday) morning at H. san.4 at Our I.ndv of Churi-h 17th St. N. After attending Denver Kenyon R.

"Ken" Kaiser, Great Falls music store own- uhivv am. u.c Hobbyists of Montana are being S. Sirola Funeral Is Today SAVINGS ACCOUNT in the Navy in World War to display their individual Mr. and Mrs. Walter Westman and their daughter, Anita, of ACCOUNT NO jer, decided life was better when I vru did something you really like.

Ken really like 3 wood sculpture, land this summer he is deep in After his discharge, he received -hobbies at the 1962 State Fair his bachelor's degree in music juiy 29 through Aug. 4 according education from MSU. He tauqht lto Carl Seltzer superintendent at 8:15, when Requiem Mass will bejDowney, are here visiting offered. Burial will be In Mounts. olivet Cemetery.

her stepfather and mother, Mr. 'and Mrs. W. M. Poncelet, and It' $4 Sam S.

WITMORAWAU went into business with his fa-iof we hobby show which Wl11 iSirola, 67. former Stockett-Sand uiai lUM luve Ul brothers, Al and F'riday aid DoukIbs Knoepke. infant son ofiliei Mr. and Mrs. Edward Knoepke.

2012 Thv nkr. pro vicitino'Cnulpp miner who died here Sat- He IS Working WlW a cnain SdW in Tr wa natural that presented again in the school I the business be called "Ken 'building. tVsAvhis Tesyhef mother. Mrs. Ellen Wday.

will be held today at 8 to carve "giant-sized" figures for i ts. and at Highland Cemetery at 2.. hi; nnH a.m. from the T. F.

O'Connor'a tourist attraction in CalifoiTua. Kaiser Music." He left in 1959 to, Seltzer pointed out that, during Ken, according to an article in; 10 an dllicie Kev. Ulen 1). Hammers iu otticiate. sister, Mr.

and Mrs. Arlo Tver-jCo. Chapel and at 8:15 at Our cf-nlnturo nnrl his father i tho nacf tivn vears hnhhv HiKnlnvc and other relatives. They Lady ot Lourdes Church. Uunai me laiesi issue oi ruunc business.

Ihave croved to be an outstandins irt." ine lunerai ior oieve i Rukavina. 38 620 3rd Ave. will lieiM01 ..,,1" Irt a of the week oe in luouui uuvci iunu mnap numcu lit-ld from O'Connor's Wednesday morn-Uyjl eave at the eild O.ZA n. A r.lhul.ul Kaiser was called one of the; attraction at the fair. iwooa carver, hi nis youto in iuoit-1 before returning to Califor- itery at 9:15, when Requiem Mass will be land 1I 1 Urvilfnrtl r- CT Sening as pallbear CIS win ne la.

wiiiie i muuv.u irnivprsilv nf Oregon. His wm-th shnu intr Sflter saiH "Rvl nlfered. Hurial with military honors u.i W'llicnpll hv the rrte n.mlv Veterans nla' Wl" Vli11 tdnaOa, KJIlSpell Polich. Leo Stilge ArnoldjState University, and later while ft amazine to inHivirlul holihies on and the Seattle World's Fair. cil will be in Mount Olivet Cemetery Rrntnskv.

Mikp Cinki Ed Eul-1 operating music stores. hnw hp fiJlire tn nilhli(, i I -1 jurs. tayior oi and Rufjy Moze Sirola isi In 1959 he studied art in the K-v tnr an, hrtK.i Kricnds will meet at O'Connor's this Tuesday) evening at 7 to recite the Kosary. KKSSKY The body of M.SKt. Alton B.

kMuv Malnulnm AVR iv nl ll'l'nll. vams. is visiting ner a sisttr. Kmilv. in: University of Oregon in-law and daughter.

Mr. and! Yugoslavia, and a niece. 'Mrs. i He is the sou of Mr and Mra. worked in clay and metals.

With right along with the hobbyist." a recent purchase of a large The model railroad will be in metal kiln, he plans to do a great operation again this vear withi nor's. Arrangements are pending and Mrs. Yem DoiTlOgalla, 2421 7th I ini. Wilbur Kenyon Kaiser 708 Main, Great Fals. Ave.

whose son, Kent, recent Ideal of metal sculpture this win-(many added improvements, Selt-i Kuneral services are pending jly visited the TaylOl'S in Cor- ter. zer said adding that a "large doll! st. who died Monday niBht in a.vallis en route to San Francisco. One of the most interesting collection has been promised for local hospital. Young Domogalla has been as facts about his sculpture work showing is that he has advanced so fast.

The hobby superintendent said signed as special investigator with the Treasury Department in San Francisco. He is a 1962 graduate of the College of Great He did over 40 giant figures in is interested in displays of nine months. TODAY'S THE DAY "GOTTA HURRY" To Save by July 10th Earn from July 1st A friendly welcome awaits you. All size accounts welcomed. coins, stamps, old glass, lamps, music boxes, Indian relics, guns, Falls.

He'd never used a chain saw until almost by accident he discovered early last year that it bells, models, miniatures and Carol Boetcher, daughter of other collections of all types. Arrangements for displays can 1307 Centrol 453-0315 Mr. and Mrs. Harry F. Boetcher, 3017 2nd Ave.

is attending the Transylvania Music Camp of the Brevard Music Center in North Carolina and is scheduled to eom- is perfectly fitted to his talent. He gave up his piano business, the article says, and toured Oregon for the chain saw distributor, exhibiting his artistry at such WOOLERY Funeral services for Agnes C. Woolery, 68, 501 Parkdale. will be held in the Rose Room this tTuesday) be made by contacting Seltzer, Fraudulent Check Charge Dismissed s.t.rnnnn ni 1.10 uith Rav IMI fflll I Sargeant officiating. Interment will'plete more than six Weeks' train- events as the Portland Rose Festi Cemetery.

Aug. 5. She is a violinist in the Ililltopper Symphony. Miss val and a major logging congress. He then was commissioned by Smith, 38, of Cor- George J.

I I r. unci hi villus nn viinui 1,. in one concert Ray and Marylee Thompson to vallis, who was returned here Frye. 4, 1809 7th Ave. are pending uuciciici Jiaja Wo 85th Consecutive Dividend to be Paid June 30th and will be announced later Mr.

Frye anfJ attends four Others, all fea-passed away in Havre Monday. carve his figures at the Thomp-jfrom Hamilton by Cascade sons' famous "Trees of County officials to face a fraud-grove, a noted tourist attraction ulent check charge, was released near Requa, Calif. custody Monday when the IIUW-'U CtlCII Wt-'t-'ft, addition to other activities. Otto Luther of Chicago is a local visitor. John Ohmen of Riverside, Maguire-Payte Chapel of Chimes FUNERAL HOME 4V4 on Bonus Savings lyf charge was dismissed.

Agnes Foley Dies i F- CorbalIf. immserl thf rharpp nn motion it Funeral services for Agnes' Benjamin W. Hilley, deputy visited Great Falls Monday. Justice of the Peace Pat W. Callahan is attending a traffic school conference in the Denver Law School this week.

The ses- 452-3131 1219 13th St. So. i Foley, 82, 113 26th St. who county attorney, who stated res-jclied Monday night at a local hos-jtitution had been made by Smith jpital. are pending at T.

F. O'Con- to Gregoire's Circle Service Inor Co. Miss Foley was born Aug. where the $10 no-account check 13, 1880. Survivors include a sis- was passed March 14.

Hilley iter, Mrs. Katherine Grady of staled the complainant no longer Great Falls. (wished to prosecute. TALLEY The body of Robert Talley, 77. 1130 17th Ave.

is at the Chapel of Chimes Funeral Home pending fu-si0n is designed for justices of neral arrangements. i Savings insured to $10,000 by F.S.LI.C. No fixed amounts required No fees or charges ever Your money is always worth 100 cents on the dollar To insure you high earnings, savings computed from the 1st of each month on oil money deposited by the 10th To insure you high earnings, withdrawals charged against most, recent additions Save as you wish" uie peace, police juuges ami other court officials. Discussions include coping with traffic violation problems and conducting Dk. eorqt traffic court cases.

MONTANA SCULPTOR Kenyon R. (Ken) Kaiser, former Great Falls music store owner, is now working on a gigantic sculpture project in California. Kaiser uses chain saws to cane huge figures which are used by a tourist center. This head of Abraham Lincoln is not one of his latest works, but indicates the type and size of the figures he does. 'Smoke1 Is Reported On Covote Peak A lightning strike "smoke" on Watch for THE HUB-THISTEDS Summer Tropical Morticians Since 1902 453-4404 Country Oub Addition JONES The remains of Peart Jones.

615 8th St. are at the George Co. Chapel. Funeral arrangements will be announced later. Hillcrest Lawn Coyote Peak, six miles northeast of Kings Hill, was reported by the Yogo lookout Monday afternoon, according to Zail Chapman, Lewis and Clark National Forest IfirA riknatrripr I Individuals, families, Corporations, Associations, Clubs, Trustees, may have accounts with us.

GREAT FALLS FEDERAL Corner 5th ond 1st Ave. No. I rUYYCK I KAPOVllddlVrl iurruici Memorial I Four men were sent to check; SI UST SAL Mausoleum Columbarium Crematorium the fire, started as a storrafj Ihrryidh tlm Halt lnlln. V-BELTS SHEAVES ROLLER CHAIN SPROCKETS BELT LACING PILLOW BLOCKS SPEED REDUCERS CONVEYOR ROLLS CONVEYOR BELTING SCREW CONVEYORS rnon. tains aDOut 3 p.m.

SOON OUR NEW BRANCH AT 25th AND 10th AVE. SO. El nnni lunec 1HM 9. 0A1 0 JHII Lt guild Beginning Wednesday Morning uHllL ilbldiHI PACIFIC HIDE ond FUR IRON YARD BUYING SCRAP IRON Ph. 454-2361 Ph.

453-0334 SUNSET MEMORIAL GARDENS The Cemeiery tt Tomorrow Visit throe beautiful garden. 15 mln-ui drive out Central Ave. West For information Phono 452-7472. FINANCED BY SAVINGS AND LOAlM 453-0301 Fourth Street South Look to future happiness in your home financed by us. On.

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