The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 12, 1950 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 12, 1950
Page 5
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TUESDAY, DECEMBER 12, 1950 BLYTHEVIXLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS A Christmas Carol PAGE The ot Christmas Present staved Scrooge streets full ef happy people, on their way to friendly holiday gatherings. TV Spirit took Scroogt te a lonely, dismal, light- hcUM, where the keepers forgot theif loneliness Igng enoujK to wish eoch other "Merry Christmas!" by Charles Dickens COPR. KM BY On a storm-tossed crolt, the steersman hummed a carol and every rmrd-biltcn member ol the crew had a kind word, one for another, because il was Christmas. Price, Wage Controls Probably Would Follow 'Emergency' Status WARHlNfrTflN rlPfV \'l IIP* lp n ef nrr 1n,. . . WASHINGTON, Dec. 12. v ,, — Senator Geori;e (D-Ga) predicted loday that'any national emergency declared soon by President Truman will be only the forerunner of ^price and wage controls next month. H George, who heads the Senate Finance Committee, lold a reporlnr he thinks the time is fast approach- yesterday. Meeting' Tomorrow 6. Mr. Truman arranged to meet tomorrow with a group of congressional leaders of both parties to ask them how far they think he ought to go toward all-out mobilization of the nation's resources to meet the critical military situation ne imnxs me ume is last approach- ""•" »« crjucai military situation ing when economic controls will be ln Korea and the ever-present clamped down. He predicted the threat of Communist aggression President will act during January elsewhere. The President spent most at the latest. . Of VeSterdaV In [rmfprpnr/it initVi tnrs at the latest. Senator Lyndon Johnson (D-Tex), chairman of a Senate Armed Services Preparedness Subcommittee. said the time already has arrived for such controls. Johnson was one of many members of Congress who have been urging immediate action. Administration officials have conceded that wnge-prlce controls are inevitable but there has been no authoritative estimate on how soon the machinery can be set up to handle them. Other Developments As all signs pointed to a speedup In home front mobilization, there were these other developments: > 1. President Truman was considering a nationwide broadcast within the next few days to tell the American people of the need for drastic action. There were Indications this might be linked to a declaration of a national emergency which, may come this week. 2. Chairman Maybank (D-SC) of the Senate Banking Committee said in a Charleston, S.C.. >peech last night that the Commerce Department probably will slap stringent controls on essential defense materials shortly. He said this may mean restrictions early next year on what manufacturers can make with materials^.allotted them. ,3. One new regulation, which will have this effect was issued by the National Production Authority <NPA) yesterday. NPA ordered a 28 per cent cut In the use of nalurAl rubber In automobile tires in the first two months of next year as compared with November quotas. The order will mean tires and more recaps. . fewer new 4. The Senate Appropriations Committee was told by Deputy secretary of Defense Robert M. Lovctt that more military funds than 'the $18,000,000.000 contained in a pending bill will be sought, from Congress for use in the fiscal year ending June 30. These would be in addition lo' funds asked of the new J"" 8 " 53 ' or ll!e ycar ^Binning approved bill to extend°the present rent control until March 31 ,_. — v " «*nn.ii 01. lu rtusirana named The House gave ,it final approval operator of the line. . n os of yesterday In conferences with top mobilization officials, but no decisions were announced. 7. Secretary of Labor Tobln called a. new 12-man labor-management- ogrlculture conference to cope with fast developing manpower problems of the war and defense program. Tobln. as the Truman Cabinet's chief mobilizer of manpower, would be concerned in any national emergency declaration which Involved suspension of Ihe . eight-hour day In defense plants. Senator Lucas of Illinois, the Democratic leader, told ' reporters tomorrow's While House conference will be the sort of real consultation on issues which the Republicans have been demanding. 21 Beauties Listed as Finalists . In Memphis Maid of Cotton Contest MEMPHIS, Tcnn.. Dec. 12. — Twenty-one of King Cotton's freshest beauties, representing 10 states, were listed today as finalists in the 1951 Maid of Cotlon contest. The seven-member jury will take its first official look af them Dec 27. The winner will be announced Dec. 28. She will be the cotton Industry's goodwill and fashion am- Marshall Seeks Wider ' Employment tor U. S. Physically Handicapped WASHINGTON, Dec. 12. OP)— Secretary, of Defense Marshall called loday for wirier industrial employment of the nation's physically handicapped as .an essential lo the national defense effort. "The physically-handicapped can contribute to the economic and military strength of our country " Marshall said, in,a statement for the president's committee' on' employment of the physically handicapped. "Their capabilities are strong weapons in our arsenal of democracy and reliable tools in our productive economy which we must exploit fully." bassador. And she'll be on the run from" the lime she's crowned until nexl July, touring more than 30 U.S. cities and eight European counlries — England. Prance, Cuba, Panama Peru, Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay. Martha Brooks of Springdale Is Ihe finalist from Arkansas. t^ LI S- E MAR CH-An anned balU.llon of West er strial police passes in review durinn training in a womK 7 BCr j in r' Ab ° Ut M ° ° f '"«« -bSne-Scd Too A A ,? r cmD1 ' BC " L ' y dulies in «ed-cn C irclcd Berlin. A-Acme photo by Staff Photographer Allvn Dnum.) Chrysler Customers Wonder If Price Increase Is Next Flying Tigers LOS ANGELES «-The office ? tabiliz!llion Agency to rescind" th'e of Robert. Preseott, president of the " 1crenscs - Flymg Tiger Freight Line, says Gen..Claire Chennault, who commanded the famed Flying Tigers in ^. ven DeforE yesterday's action, China during World War II has tnDre nati he en widespread specula- nothing to da with that company tion lhat Chrysler would follow Ihe A recent Associated Press dis- and Forli lend - Mos t of the in"-' T^ n -j ™ reccn t Associated Press dis- GM and Forli lend - Most of the ln- as rem^v^'i l tad ° n "l is desk p '" ltch tellin g how .the Plying Ti- d " Kl: _T s s °-callcd "independents" remits t-a „ ,.„„„..„-,, „.. _._„.. ^ __ - — ....,_ „ [lo LVII j>»ng leiutjKijs through Singapore from Germany lo named Chennault as y AJ low as 51.50 ' for lovely 15 denier, 51 gauge nylons This Christmas, more than ever, she'll welcome a gift box of Gordon Stockings in her favorite sheerness. Fin* hosiery... at r«asonabl« prit«i.. .with varitty of thad«t ond styles ... an attractive, "thrifty" 9if! id*al FAMILY SHOE STORE 312 West Main Phon«2342 DETROIT, Dec. 12. (fP)~ Chrysler*Corp.. again in step wage-wise with " General Motors and Ford, kept its prospective customers guessing today, whether It would fall In line price-wise. If it does, it will put higher tags on its forthcoming 1951 model cars. Yesterday Chrysler passed out $20.000,000-a-year benefits to Its 125,000 CIO and non-union em- ployes. Auto industry sldeliners speculated a price rise would follow. ^ • ^ Doth GM anil Ford boosted prices just a week ago. GM said its Increases averaged "something "less than five'per cenl." Ford's was 57 per cent Both firms rejected n request by the government's Economic Chrysler's new moaeis In Its four ines will be introduced next month. Who Is Drunk? Officer Frisks Suspect, Sees Strange Animal Himself * OKLAHOMA CITY, Dec - 12. W"j..-- Everyone scattered when «otitcar officer W. P. Paris frisked three hunters arrested on a drunkenness charge. t^aris U>ld police judge Mike Poster yeslerday that he arrested the trio carrying five bird dogs m Ihe back seat of their car. The startled officer grabbed hold of a squirming opossum in one prisoner's pocket. He ran one direction, the harmless animal (lie other, taking refuge in a Iree outside the police station. IN' THE' PROBATE COURT FOR THE CH1CKASAWIH DISTRICT, MISSISSU'l'l' COUNTY, ARKANSAS ESTATE OP DON EDWARDS, DECEASED j .» ju-mucu liiacpenaems already had boosted prices on their 1951 models. Chrysler rearranged its wage -•- -—>« ".cm,ui;j-.y 01 structure in a new five-year con- Blytheville, Arkansas tract with the CIO United Auto " " Last Known Address: wage 213 East Kentucky Street, Workers. Adopting the cost-of-Iiving wage control for the first time, Chrysler boosted Us pay rates one cent an hour, immediately and guaranteed an additional four cents each June 1 tor the next four years. It also raised maximum pension benefits from SlOO-a-month now to SI25. Including federal social security, by 1952; liberalized other pension an d hospital - Insurance benefits and granted, a modified unfon shop. A three-year contract signed last May after a bitter 100-day strike was extended to Aug. 31, 1955 without wage reopenings. Except for the guaranteed raises ™f s fw , ni ri « or fall only as the cost of living goes up or down. A penny will |,e added or taken away each three months for each rise or 'all of l.u points In the consumers' Blirca " °' RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. Lost Times Today CecileAubry Jack Hawkin: Michael Rerwie Wednesday & Thursday "TIMBER" DAN Aho News >n4 Shortu , Dale of Death: July 30. IS50 NOTICE OF AFI'OINTMKNT OF ADMINISTRATRIX The undersigned was appointed Administratrix of the estate of the above named decedent on the 25tli day of November, 1950. All persons having claims against the estate must exhibit them, duly verified, lo Ihe undersigned within six months from the date of the first publication of this noiicc, or Dley shall be forever barred and precluded from any benefit in the estate. This notice first published on the 5 day of December, 1950. Ruth M. Edwards, Administratrix 408 Chickasawba St. Blytheville, Arkansas 12|5-12-19 THEATRE 21)1 il West Main Open Weekdays 6:45 Show Starts 7:00 Saturdays & Sundays 1:00 Always a Double Feature Tuesday & Wednesday —— EARTof VIRGINIA » HPUBIIC MIME Also Selected Sliorlj Farm Bureau Asked to Lead Government-Economy Drive DALLAS, Dec. 12. Wj-A college dean suggested to the American r'arm Bureau federation loday'II ake the lead in R government- iconotny drive by relinquishing iome of the money Uncle Sam pays to farmers. This was one of several stig- icstlons by W. I. Myers, dean or the College o( Agriculture or Cornell University. He was a. principal •sneaker .today as the 32nd nnniial federation convention opened. 'Deferable non-defense expenditure* of government should be reduced sharply us an example ol the self-discipline expected of citizens," the dean said. "The American Farm Bureau Federation might u-ell take the lead recommending reduction in government payment* to farmers as part ol a broad program of reducing nonesscntlal expeditures In all departments of. government." Myers, echoing views of -several speakers In pre-conventlon conferences yesterday, expressed hope l>rice controls can Ije avoided. Myers' other null-Inflation recommendations; Increased Industrial production to relieve .shortages higher taxes and housing and consumer credit controls. The dean said mechanization and research Imve boosted farm production io the point where there arc "heller chances for survival In nr." "Modern wars are won (by-men who require not only rood and fiber but also planes, limits, ships and suns thai can be produced only by workers not required lor farm production," he said. Increased man-hour production on the farm has marie It possible to shift some workers from the farm to factoi ics. Formal convention sessions were opened at n a .m. with Allan i!. Kline's annual president's Whale ••Fillers" Ancient map-makers sprinkled their maps liberally with pictures ol whales, for the simple reason that illustrations of so enormous creature filled up large unknown areas that otherwise would he left blank. Air Conditioned By Refrigeration N E W "Your Community Center* MANILA, ARK. iMali.nees Sal. & Sun. I'll. 58 Tuesday "PRISONERS IN PETTICOATS" KOJi KOCMVKU, Wednesday & Thursday "Prelty Baby" Dennis Morgan Betsy Drake SLIPS and GOWNS by at PAT O'BRYANT'S FOR YOURSE1F>J)R FOR GIFT-GIVING Gotfnini Watches 'IM! (OR * IIFETIMI y*irCMct POST, LIFE, IOOK, COtllU'J ^UY »19" EDWIN M9« «trim up to $3,500.00 Pat O'Bryaiit Jeweler Just in time for Christmas \ \ .- . .1 U* only 4104 $, 00 each 4103 *,'' Juit « procficol o» they're pretlyl Miss Swontc'i fomouj Slmight-plui-BIai ilip d«iicjn cmur«i perfect fn . .. the exquisite gowni ore beautifully made (or long and fovely wearl Our special Xmai wrapping mokes this a luxury gift of o lillle (itlle pr/ce Gowns, sizes 32-33, in jink, jonquil, turquolw, Slips, sizes 32-40, in while only. 3751 •> 375? /^^^ . • / m ,i / ^i&\M$ A. fe^$*J$v ' '' • ' •) ~*^3®tfayit?>d ;W«^ / \ 1 "***"*^ < "*** WW ***** X ' < ** X ********<*^<< : «'< ! «'< l « 1 « l « 1 t-«'<'< 1 t'* ; <lt'4*i<*<l«l4<«><>»<l»i«i««5

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