Great Falls Tribune from Great Falls, Montana on March 27, 1961 · Page 3
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Great Falls Tribune from Great Falls, Montana · Page 3

Great Falls, Montana
Issue Date:
Monday, March 27, 1961
Page 3
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JFK, Machiillan Seek Ccase-Firc Proposal Kussiiui Army More Modern, Expert Says WASHINGTON (LTD - The chief of the Army'i modernization program said Sunday Russia's slabluJimcnt of an f nlcrnationat Macmillan while sailors and Ma- army Is more modem than this commission to police it and a call;rincs formcd an honor cuard country., in the tcnst ,nat u has wi nil filial HUllulltll lUUIVIVIllC lu Srce on permanent terms. Continued from pace 1 ment a 21-gun salute for Ken nedy and a 19-cun salute for Saving Bond Kales to Be Boosted WASHINGTON (AP)-The gov- Kennedys Plan Easier Vacation At Palm Heach WASHINGTON (AD - Mrs. John F. Kennedy leaves Monday with her two children for a Palm Sen. Mansfield Leads New Teamwork Plan WASHINGTON AP-The Sen- son wasn't in command of the "'Ji'JL Ureal Fall Tribune 3 Monday, March 27, 1001 next to Douglas. It w.h Hum phrey's overall responsibility to see that all went well with the bill while Douglas led the charge and countercharge of the dehate. works looks in a dif-on his a Beach vacation. According to the ate, used to one-man command, situation. White House, she will go alter a is seeing a new kind of teamwork , ernmcnt reports there w ill be luncheon she has scheduled in the m operation under the direction of I t."AMA.. J t I Isiact fAiif limn am manu f:hlrrhni" IntnrAct rntna anf Kirt rtAcisttnt !il minL'inn T)imrur:t( ir I Aft slot Mi La M tnc. " I'l Wtlj, Iff uith nniwiritrhwi h-.n ae the most un-to-date WMnoin. vrar extension in the mntnrifv nf Mn ivrtr,n,it, u ...t, field of Montana. the stratrcic job of crtting Presi .vans was asked n me urnisn ,ntu,H ir tk llnt'fll Ait I flvlrT C.i I niinama f I Insist In the savinns bonds held bv ahmitmiH in tu v.rrrii hunt mim f.i,wi intn i.iin.i dent Kennedy s iscw frontier pro-. have received any lndicMion;command panCi amJ ,nc ,wo sl(KK, 8aid the Uni(ed Slate has dcve.jI0 million Americans since the at the presidential retreat, Glen his youthful and peppery assist- K.m thro"sh ,he nie' H" ls when there will be a reply from!ti.!(, h u.hiU M.i, miiin rn. .a ..... .i,... ....,i! 1940s. !ora ,.n it,.!. u iinmnhrov f .willing, and even eager, to share ceived the salute. or superior to the Soviet versions.! Secretary of the Treasury Doug. I On Saturday, the First Lady Minnesota, on a schedule that will , 1;, dl V 7" , Uut Uussia excels in some fields. ias union saia me series . ana wimu numr, wiin uie urange i-oun-aiviae ncavy icauersnip worm y : : " i Pains In IACK HIPS IfCX ff I 1 J. t. It, h! nil l l. i I illIE'.M'U fli L'(IS IH'llJIC " ' B ii savmKS oonus ine I n si 01 '"'" niuiiimu miu luier iieiween mem. ' . r. in r i TUarfnatt IBM Of VIGO! ;.,ti.L i. M u -.. inrn.H .i, n: . l Senate. Chairman Paul II. Doug- lirtdntii, ion vt yiuok oj "niui "iu m 4u jtoii uiu uii iuoi -r - n.iiiiii ia-i ucyona mui, iviansiieiu nas the Soviet Union. "No. he said. "We have stressed that we would like to have it early." The Kennedy-Macmillan meeting was the first ever between the two men. Minister Meet Tuesday Foreign Ministers of the South- Troubltd with GUTING UP NICHTS They greeted each other cor dially, but had nothing to say for h "d. and in practically public consumption at their meet-, areas has a greater supply ing. although microphones were,modc"i weapons. ready just in case. Large crowds of Key West resi dents cheered and applauded the two men as they rode together in east Asia Treaty Organization an open car the 13 miles from meet Monday in Bangkok. Thai-jthe airport to the naval base, land, and a Communist summit, mrougn the heart of the city convenes Tuesday in meeting Moscow, The Communist meeting is prin cipally a conference of European- Then the two men separated Finch Jurors Still Dehating Their Decision las, Chairman Paul II. Doug- D-Ill., of the Banking Com- If you ar victim of thana, i henceforth will earn 3 per nounas poini io poini races in moved committee chairmen mnf Intorott a vnar ncaruv I DnerVIIlP va. .1 1 - a . J. u. ....v.v.ifc jvHi. 1- - -iintf 1111 t-ni irunu in mini, lie uc- , . . ti.. The bonds affected wer- Issued!. lne sidcnt IS expected to bate on bills sent to the floor bv ""'Y'V 7L. I. "... tion. f.Unrful.r i. a ----- - 1 1 1 . - m rnconon inr inn inmiu'nii ir a , vvcanesnay 10 join Mrs. ihir rrmmt ,,v ...... ron.Hiuutioni omm ni miirirM '",0 mittee plumped his husky frame : -ymptonw then your ui.u may ie de- A (Vwl , c.1ii I tri-Ki to Glandular Inflamnm- between May 1941 and May 1949.1'" imn M."- their groups. Already extended once, they now'"' " vauon, A of M , sha con(rast may be held for an additional 10 5,e,an om fu h with the methods used by Vice vo.irc III nn in " ' "vimi i . A bond which cost the investor S75 in Mav 1941 and was worth LOS AMiLLLS LPI' - The $ioo after the first 10 years will ; parents, Mr, Kennedy. SlL t it i fh k . lii . jury dclibcrati"2 lhe ,ate of Dr- be worth $195.04 if held until the fmE EhS i vR- Bernard Finch and Caro,e'end of this second extension of including British Ambassador SiriTrccoff rested Sundav and Dre-in .v, a . ..... ii . r i .i l r niaiuiiij, ju jvaia iiuill llic uuic du.ncu nit-iiiDtris ui me nmsaw ''" v-uw.a i.v. 'parea lo sian us second ween 01 of issue Pact, but Chmese Communists 'personnel How n to Key West from WOrk Monday morning. i imi and other Asian Red nations are Washington. reserved leader. 'that iv temporary relief will noi Mansfield moved back three remov th ctwe of your trouble, rows and left Humphrey seated Neglect of Glandular InfUmma- lion onen leaaa 10 prematura aentlity, and insurable maliirnanry. The pant year men from 1,000 communities hv tieen auctaaafully treated her at Kxreliior Sprinit. They have, found toothing relief and new et in life. rrn. t- i: r..i : t r::- J - statu in exneeted tn wind im itsl ' V."" Press Syndicate, has announced sinn pom .inhnson know uhprp'ra amt .ihh rwhtt ir i 0l'd.!o . lrff m'nt . "TTJ President Lyndon B. Johnson of Texas in the years when he was the Senate's majority leader. By nature, Johnson was a one-man nnenilnr. He was the com. BEIRUT. Lebanon f AD Afif niander who kept his finger on ev- noi. president 01 tne Lebanese ery development. As the expres WitlitlraHs State Will ltct In Corhrlt Case GOLDEN, Colo. (AP - The A Sim ar UOIIU UOUIU UVIWltrn i iuiumdi iiuill llie IIIH.III.1- a nl trip rw1lf upi-p hnriPfl in Ilittnpl fnnrl MnnHnv allor wiDriPir ii l. I xi . On Saturday the 10 men and 2 December 1948 and Mav 1949. will tional Press Institute, headnu.-ir-! &c th imr inhno.n inm.. ;r.i.i ..c nr tr.m., irh- unnw k.i .u. k.x .. ... . - - j - i ...i ki. .VMvv. wuii.Muii n itv w vli.HI UUJil VI IV.1111 . ....... i a.vw ...vv existed to have onservers pres-; They got together again shortly women on the jury requested per- have a value of $204 60 if held 30 tered in Geneva, in protest uhrn in nut nn thp m-pniP and' Thp m . vmr . nid nnntimo nm. trouble may be corrected bv proven ,u ,,u'r noon 'or 'he start of their mission to deliberate, rather than years. lagainst a conference scheduled in when to lift the safety valve to medical student is accused ot SEATO is an eight-member alii-formal conference, with a lunch-take the full two-day weekend About $13 billion of the entire Tel Aviv, Israel, in May. Tibi let members blow olf some of murdering Adolph Coors III Feb. ante, including the tnnea Mates, win ioiioin. on. iney naa necn scneauica lo $43 billion wnicn currently is out- also has asked other Lebanese their accumulated steam. But no 9 10 in an alwrthe kidnap at Rohlrn Assists JFK In addition to Caccia, Macmil- off. meet for a half-day but during standing in Series E and II sav- journalists to withdraw. lunch they asked and received ings bonds are affected by the normicvinn In rnnlinnp dnrine I ho now rprnlat innc Hillnn Kaid llil 1 1.1 Uil.ll .ll.V. . , . , . -v w. .w .w......u a ii'v liv" . v ...w. aw...;, m...u,. nations of Southeast d"s .di'cri """S10" afternoon. I "In addition to benefiting the inuuuia n. i. u. wu.ra. ex- This ,cd (o spci.uation they bond holder." his statement said. pen on Laouan aiiairs; utnnis mj ht have ncar a Verdicti'this action to encourage him to ureenmu, ncaa oi cnanccry ana flt the thjrd trja, o( Fincn 43 'retain his bonds will diminish the Air iwarsnai bir oeorge Mius,!and his 24-year-old red haired I Treasury's problem on reiinanc- neaa oi me miliary mission. mistrcss charged with the murder Kennedy brought along Charles of the doctor's wife. But at 4 p.m. E. Bohlen. special assistant to the the jurors were locked up with no was secretary of state and former am- indication of how they stood. Non-Surgical treatment. Thm hook may prove of utmoat importance in your life. No obligation. Britain and France, pledged to consider joint action to prevent Communist infiltration into the emerging Asia. Just in advance of the Kennedy-Macmillan conference, each received a cabled report from Bangkok. one ever got the idea that John- tempt. r trrUlar Mi-dlr.l (Hair, Drat. I lrrUiiir ptpringt, M. Rusk Sends Report Kennedy's, Salinger said from Secretary of State Dean bassador to Moscow; McGeorgej At the close of Saturday's ses-Rusk. Macmillan's. Evans said.lBundy, Kennedy's special assist- sions the jury had debated a total was from British Foreign Secre-jant on national security affairs; of 15 hours, over a three-day pe-tary Lord Home. I Foy D. Kohler, assistant secretary riod. The results of Sunday's dclib- of sta,e European affairs; and erations were to be relayed Christian George Chapman, of the Rusk and Home in state Department's Southeast promptly to Bangkok. Evans said that the two countries are in absolute agreement. "On every aspect of it?" a reporter inquired. "Yes." Evans replied. 'I think Asia desk. Chilian Airports Lacking Equipment One Candidate In Congo 'Race' ing the public debt." Ucscucrs Find Engineer Safe THER.MOPOLIS, Wyo. (AP)- I Rescuers battling blowing and drifting snow early Sunday found a young television engineer who! disappeared Saturday afternoon j I in a howling storm near the top of Wyoming's Boysen Peak, IS j BRAZZAVILLE, Congo Rcpub- miles southwest of here. ! lie AP Voters in this former) Harold Bohannon, 21, of Kin-! French colony trooped to the polls sett, Ark., had undergone extrac- WASHINGTON UPIt Scores under a torrid tropical sun Sunday tion of a tooth in this central that is evident from the com-' 0f the nation's civiian airports lack to name the country s first popu- Wyoming town ana was reiurn-muniquc " a , r u a 1 larly elected president. I ing to his job as transmitter en- TheTr meeting over the two Q ' ' I There is only one candidate-' gineer for KWRB-TV atop the nJ Lrrin i -a thn Fulbert Youlou, the coun-1 7.500-foot peak when he van- vlrniiHn uac rp.rn" Published Sundiiy- 'try's chief since it won indepcnd-ished. They found him huddled irS trTrinidadTo pic !p his The survey was conducted by'ence in 1959. He had held the of- in a parka in his stalled station n 10 lnnioaa 10 pick up nis in j j f Parliarncnt Sun- wagon. The vehicle had skidded ern-ptcd schedule of touring the airline Capt. Justus D. Campbell etaJtai was the first under off the road into a snowbank. e, me cimeu otdies dim as pan ot a thesis he wrote tor npw r0n,titution. About 420.000 Bohannon was cold and hungry the University of Miami, Fla-'nersnns. including 3.000 Euro- but otherwise suffered no ill cf- Canada. Kennedy, jusV beef 6 pick up your phone and enjoy a long distance call-tonight! (so much pleasure for so little cost) MOUNTAIN STATES TELEPHONE (2) changing earlier plans, arranced to fly back to Washington Sunday night after a brief stop at Palm Beach. Fla. lie had first planned to spend the right there and return to Washington Monday. The Kennedy-Macmillan meeting, announced less than 24 hours before, took place on a warm, sunny day with a 77-degree temperature and a soft tropical breeze rustling the palm fronds at this southermost tip of Florida. Kennedy flew in first from an overnight stay at Palm Beach. Fla., to which he had traveled from Washington Saturday night. Macmillan came from Port of Spain, Trinidad. Honors Accorded Leaders Full military honors were accorded the two chiefs of govern- U.S Population Relatively Low WASHINGTON - (UPD Density of population in the United States "is still relatively low and increasing at a modest rate," the Census Bureau said. Last year average density was 50.5 persons per square mile. Rhode Island was the most thickly settled state with 812 persons per square mile. Tokyo Blanketed By Spring Snow TOKYO (AP)-Tokyo was blanketed Sunday by unexpected late spring snow the first in five years. The snow totaled about Hi inches and fouled up traffic. Queen 'Expecting' TEHRAN. Iran (AP)-A royal court source affirmed published reports that Empress Fa rah is expecting her second child. Her first, the shah's first son, was born last Oct. 31. aviation administration program, peans, were eligible to vote. I fects from his 10-hour ordeal. I 'I " T I II I mn i i i ii .in i Siy...ajfett M , r n. nl 'wm..ui I, P ROSE BUSH 3.93 VEGETABK STORE HOURS: MotiJay through Saturday, 9 to 3:50 P.M. u,c in!!?! CAN YOUR CHILD READ? IF NOT HE WILL DEVELOP 1. A fear of failure. 2. Emotional instability. 3. Frustration and a lack of confidence. 4. Bad grades in subjects that depend upon reading. 5. Lack of achievements that he must have to succeed. An amaiing new PHONIC TECHNIQUE guarantees RESULTS in just 4 WEEKS American Institute of Reading GREAT FALLS COMMERCIAL COLLEGE 414 1st Ave. S. GL 3-0415 GLADIOLUS 1.79 MttfrilMMtiMli VT lit- I L t v Wm : , yajjl'iaai; aaiaati)'ll y-y'- tM , POTTING SOIL iYoic you can safely grow "atomic energized" plan produced by Oak Ridge Atom Industries, Inc. U.S. Atomic Energy Commission Cobalt License r tl-2540 1 Treated with a gamma ray, plants may show sudden well-marked changes. If they remain permanent you have an original mutation! Up to $50,000 is being offered by one of America's leading nurseries for unusual rose mutations. See these remarkable flower and vegetable seeds and plants today! Housewares Lower Level 1.49 continental designs for contemporary or period furnishings by DUCIIIN VANITY CHAIR, black . 5.99 brass 6.99 UTILITY TABLE, black 5.99 brass 7.99 SEEDS ... 2 for 1.50 black or brass... Famous Brookpark Melmac Dinnerware 21Piecc Scls 16 decorated contrasting pieces These are but four lovely decorated dinnerware sets from our new spring collection. Chip-proof, stain proof, sets include four 6-piece place settings: 4 each cups, saucers, soup-cereals, fruits, bread 'n butters, dinner plates. China Lower Level COMPLETE NEW PATTERNS STUDIO ROSE-with pink accessories LEAVES OF GRASS-with turquoise accessories WINDSWEPT - with white accessories FANTASY BROWN with brown accessories LIGHTWEIGHT STURDY ADAPTABLE ISEXPENSIVE Order Today: GL 3-1421 Ever-at-home wrought iron conversation pieces with the touch of practicality . . . both in usefulness and price! Racks and tables hold everything from albums to books to TV. Vanity chair doubles in bedroom or hallway! Stationery Street Level Dimiiiiimiiiiiiiiimiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii happy to present our complete, new I W PARTY 4CwuvL SHOP Original, year-round party items E for every occasion: center pieces, 5 place mats, napkins, paper plates, cups, party favors and in- r vitations. nlllllllllllllllllllllllilllllllllllllltlllllllllllllllllllllltlllllllllllr RIPPLING RHYTHM BAND STAND black 9.99 brass 11.99 r "I f V, i V mm ' 3 & ' - MAGAZINE RACK, black 7.99 brasi t.M i

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