The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 2, 1944 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 2, 1944
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS MONDAY, OCTOBIOR 2, 1044 THE BLYTIIEVILLE COURIEK .NEWS ' ' TJIE COURIER NEWS CO. H. W. HAINES, Publisher 8AJIUEL P. MORRIS, Editor JAMES A. GATENS, Advertising Manager Sole National Advertising Representatives: Wallace Wftnier Co., New 1'ork, Chicago, Detroit, Atlanta, Memphis. • Published Every Afternoon Except Sunday Entered as second class matter nt the post- office at Blyth'evlUe, Arkansas, under act of Congress, October 9, J917. Served by the United Press SUBSCRIPTION RATES By carrier In the city of Blythevillo, 20o per week, or S5c per month. By mall, within a rndlns of -10 miles, {4.00 per year, $3.00 for six months, $1.00 for three months; "by mall outside 50 uille zone $10.00 per year payable in advance. open on V-E Day,'" and turn our' eyes ;iwl our Cull effort nol only toward Her)in, but toward that distant V Day in Iho Kar 1'liist. L >••*.•- ,; ~'&>-afiit. •«/- ^ v •r»*'«i". > iflftw&§«j fr SIDE GLANCES iffiS* l; : "",_ " : ' ' V-E Isn't V The triumphant and exhilarating dash across France is ended. Fighting in Europe is taking on more characteristics of 1918 warfare. As the bliUkrieg weather nears its end, there is less talk about victory in October"and more of Ihc possibility of a winter in the trenches. The pace has slowed lo a point where all of us can revise any rash notions we may have had that because the Allies' tremendous momentum had curried them so swiftly to the Siegfried Line, it would hurl the on to Berlin at the same pace. The Kaiser's armies drove almost lo within sight of Paris in .September 1914 nnd never gol that close again in more than four years. And while France in 19M was nol the hopelessly isolated Germany of today, the fact remains that even the doomed German nrmy can offer a costly and delaying resistance. It is not belittling one of the greatest military operations in history to say thai the lightning liberation of France started this country on a binge of optimism which affected The Pentagon in Washington as well as Main ' Street. A solemn conclave of Pentagon generals, planning the announcement of victory, issued directives on what was to be done on "V Day minus 30," "V Day 'minus 25," and so on. That WHS only a symptom of the genera! feeling about sudden and conclusive triumph. Now some of ouv frantic prepara- ' lions for V-E Day look a little foolish. And the persisting feeling that "it's about over, so hurry up and give us gas, tires and top sirloin" is more than foolish. In the first place, there sire respon- • sible predictions that there may be no V-R' Day as such. The German army may disintegrate, and Ihc Nir/.i government may fall. But the collapse may be •, spread over a different times and places. There might very well lie no government lo negotiate an armistice. Sporadic fighting might continue after what should be V-E Day has passed. And then there is the obvious, harped-on but still under-estimated job of healing Japan. The Japanese high „ command is known lo base ils best Q hope on averting complete defeal on the possibility of our becoming tired and fed-up with a long war. If we arc too insistent for return lo peacetime living, if we are too inclined lo view the Pacific war a lesser matter than defeating Germany, that hope may be justified. • . i? 3,1] There must be another I) Day on the coast of China. And it won't be a mailer of crossing the channel from an immense storehouse of supplies. It is going lo be a long, tough, bitter fight. " So let's worry less about whether we should close the bars or leave them Childhood Idol Ring Crosby is swell. And it was a grand idea to have him in the movie shod tii'tfing kids to go back to school instead of staying on war jobs. Appar- ( willy Binjj is the boyhood idol who is listened to with most respect by today's younger generation. And it's no reflection on Ring or today's kids to think back to some other childhood idols—lolm L. and Jim Corbctt, Hob Fil/.simmonx and Shoeless Joe Jackson, Jack Oeinpscy and Bade Ruth, Ho McMillan and Red OranKC. H jusl shows yon thai limes and la.sles are changing. Child Labor Minnesota's attorney-general has ruled that rural school teachers in his stale cannot require their pupils lo sweep the floors, carry coal or water, or build fires. Does anybody remember back to our educational dark ayes whim some deluded and exploited children actually considered if. a pleasure to slay after school and clean the erasers? Wasted Effort Agricultural records of !K'. years ago have been discovered in Cnliforuiii which reveal that Golden Slate farmers in those days were growing king-.w.e carrots three 1'cct long, anil turnips that run 20 to the Ion. And not n Chamber of Commerce in the entire stale to tell Uie world! SO THE? &&Y t BY UFA SERVICE, tl.'C. T. M. SEC. U, S. PAT. CFF. By Sigrkl Schultz [111 I. l,y ^lurld Srl il !»>• MM Srrvtc,', As an American newspaper corresiioiulunt in Berlin front WIS to 1941, SiyrM Scliullz sniu at first hand (lie eucHls that led from World War I to World War II. And she saw the bcliincl-tlie- sccucs prcpurallon /or (lie com- iny "iiiiir-in-peiicc" dial slic loams vta'j culminate in World War HI. Tliis is Hie slory oj (Jcrmuny's plans to win the peace, plans Unit even nrno arc fceiny pul into effect. VII to protect ourselves flaring officers, Capl. Ernst Roelim, was in Munich. With the funds of lis okl regimental purse, which anti-IiepuWican industrialists re- olcnishcd whenever necessary, 1'nptain Koclini v, f anU'd to finance the most promising of the new parties to licl|> him build up n new secret m'niy, a lilack Kcichs- wehr. i In nn nrmy training course for speakers, Captain Koclim foiitul Adolf Hitler. Spouting his hatred of Jfv.'s and Marxists, Hitler scored an inslmil success with his ."Considering (lit way they me releasing women from • war work, maybe their niollicrs will start taking care of them soon and we can jigaiii use (he old tree as just a ' • pure lording place, as God iiitondcd!" •'. •THIS CURIOUS WORLD By Wllllftm Farguson- If you uon't find wlml yon vnnt, jiisl lot me know. And lay, it tlml Shore Patrol nets In your wny, just cult « city co|>. He'll licl|> you.—Mayor Fiorcllo H. UiOiinidins Nwvy-spousurcil recording welcoming sullors to New York. • • • T wnnt yon to !KI,VC Uiis ns n souvenir. Take il. H'.s got. .some i;ood nrtclresscs on it. Really l'.-ioil ones.—Dying Marine's lust words to Navy medic on PeleUu front. Tlic souvenir: a ciyarel with's iimi addresses. » • • This (own has been tlii 1 tanuliMt opposition VLT struck in France. Every house was :i little slroiiRliolnl, with tlie Germans firint! onl of doors, windows am! troni Ibe basements, /u .-me houro we llircw rifle grenades through each win- Cow and they still fired back—An ' America colonel at Hcmimuont, France. » » ' Foreign workers who are not members of or- gnnixccl cells ami who have iv>t already carried out my instructions lo go into hiding . . . will do so at once, r liavc already warned them llwt they arc in the Kicatest (longer it they remain In the factories.—General Elsenhower's broadcast to Germany. » » » If ... jobs are scarce, it is our belief that Congress fnlciided to give preference to ttie vct- crf.n. It must be mncmucTcd that the veteran made his .sacrifice KO liint others may continue lo enjoy tbe privileges of the American way ol life.—Ma).-Gen. Lewis II. licrs;\cy, Selective Srrvlce director. * « ¥ 31 will lake two to three times the merchant tonnage lo bring a weight of arms equal to thoie now blasting the Germans to brar nn tbe Japanese scattered on hundreds of islands ami the mainlu.nd of Asia,—War Shipping Administrator Vice Adml. Emory S. Land. * * » To request more than yon need is incllirKiit. To waste you bave l.s sabotage,--Kt.-Gen. Ben Lear to his Army Ground Forces command. * » * Even I he strongest fortifications cannot Have off successfully for an unlimited lime a ftroiii; enemy offensive-.—Li .-Gen. Knrl DUUnar, tier- man high command commentator. IN A FULL DECK OF PLAYING CARDS THE NUMBER OF AND THE SUM OF ALL THE CARDS IN THE FOUR SUITS PLUS ONE FOR THE JOKER, 15 THE NUMBER OF IN A YEAR.. SELDOM DIE Of To SIN& THROU6H YOUR NOSE, YOU CLOSE rrOFF/',%/ w. ALDERSCW LYNCH, .TF v;c from Hitler's system wo mus', thoroughly know his technique. There cannot he the slightest doubt Ihal hx the period of unrest and revolution following World War II, imitators of Hitler will spring up like toadstools all ovei the (^lobe, Ills method seems most n foolproof way to success for the man who can create enough uncci ti'.inly and chaos lo make a bewildered people lose all sense of responsibility nnd initiative. Soon after the Armistice of 1910, Hitler went to Bavaria to rejoin his regiment, possibly lo he demobilized. His first step toward becoming a politician made him that lowesl of political lools, an agent provocateur. As a spy, Hitler first went to the little Bicrstubo where the Workers' Party met, Munich, the capital of the beer-drinkers ot the world, with hi|! and little saloons all over the city, had at least one political faction in every Bicrs- tube. AH the factions felt certain that they knew how to iiandlc the problems of the day better than anyone in Berlin—n. city to be distrusted iinyhow, since it was inhabited by Prussians, whom ever} stout-hearted Bavarian hales. Each little faction jockeyed fo: position with ils neighbors, v/hil< the local leaders oi the dermal army watched closely, intent or picking the winner for their sup port. One of their most gifted aiv superiors and his comrades. He was less lucky with the Munich citizenry, until he worked out a tcchniciue of promising everything to everybody. A LTIEADY Hitler had developed \vhal is known in German initiated circles as his "als ob" 01 "as if" formula, based on the cory that you must act as ir on already had what you wanted. liller spoke lo the Munich mob if he were a great political eader. In 19-10, he boasted lo his ides that he had successfully used his technique all his life. Then ic ordered them to lake all ncces- ary measures as if Germany were it war with the United Stales. When Hitler started out as an orator, anti-Semitism was the 'ashion of the day in Munich, lussiuu Communists, employing Russian Jews among their agila- ioi's for their knowledge of Ger:nan, had made it possible for the anti-Semites to claim that all Jews Germany were Communists. None was more deeply convinced •iscn fiom dissolution during the •evolution to resume active work • n January, 19)9. Adolf Hitler went there to spy, and remained lead. The German Workers,' :irty before very long becamo .he hothouse ot National Socialism. It was nlso the proving ground for the Hitler system, WHO had money? Who had " power? Capl. Ernst Roehin controlled the funds of the Biaeli lieiehswehr. The German Workers' Parly contained a dynamic force malleable to Hitler's purpose. The little men who ran. the. Workers' Party welcomed Hitler us a member, bill 'hey naturally wauled to keep leadership >« their 'it own hands. He flattered this one and that, telling them what great men they could he, if they just, (j.ivo him a IH'.'.e more power, Ho had taken care to learn things about, each one, and used the information to alienate them from each other in his own interest. Hitler- also pursued Captain noehm witli lialteiy. And Roelim 'responded 10 nis glowing admiration. He liked the young soldier's "patriotic fervor and his eloquence, which, even when the grammar was faulty, stirred his listeners." At first the other ofll- cers (inspected that Hitler was just another abnormal friend oC the captain. Then they decided he had merely enlisted the "womanish technique" of all-out Ihiltery. Hitler didn't mind what they thought, as long as he got what he wanted. Hitler lavished promises bolh on Ihe Workers' Party and on Captain Roehm. He made himself bold to create the vast secret army and Ihe political machine his protector -.vRiUcd. To the Workers' : :han General Ludcndorft, who was Ihen directing the enemies of the Republic throughout Germany. When Hitler ranted against 'Jewish Marxists," his superiors decided tliat he would please General Ludendorfl'. They gave him special assignments thai could be used to build up a future career. The German Workers' Party assignment was, one of these. A branch of the wartime pan-German Fatherland Parly, it had Parly, Hitler promised inany new members. He kept ihe promise, thanks to Capfnin Roehm, who ordered Ihe soldiers nnd officers of his and oilier units to join the Party, with mslruclions always to side with Hitler. At first the Party leaders were delighted by the influx ot new members. By the time they discovered the newcomers' were to be used against them, it was too late. (To Be Continued) WDDIO'S URGESI SEtlEd AflO' "s e» NEXT: Is Ihc Grand Canyon ecttiiiE deeper? 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