The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 28, 1946 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 28, 1946
Page 6
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PACK 811 BLYTHBVILLB (AUK.) COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, MARCH 28, 1946 hel-statesman of Israel after the In thought and action. He warned * SUNDAY SCHOOL USSON A Nation Demands a King Scripture: I Samuel, Chapter* *-1», especially I Samuel, 8:10-'« BY WILLIAM E. GILROV, D.D. Was Samuel, the first great prop- Court Reverses 6-Year Sentence -. Testimony Of Wife Against Husband Is Held Incompetent RALEIGH, N. a, Mar. 28. tUP) — Tb? North Carolina Supreme OMtrt held Wednesday, in a case • "ctrlklngly similar" to the famous Williams-Hendrix divorce suit, that • a.wife's testimony against her hus- wis incompetent except to the fact of marriage. opm'io'n, 1 reversing a six year Ifnpoeed In Coldwell Coun- rjpFi.Court in August, 1945, est Raymond Sctzer, charging [bigamy, was one of two di- voefce suits heard today. Tlie state had brought criminal prosecution .against Setzer, charging "in substance" that he had married Claudia Earl Munday, in Clwrleston, S. C.. Oct. 4, 1942, and h»rtng a living wife in North Carolina, from whom he was not dl- torced. The court held that had Selzcr mwried his second wife In North ,th«l it was because Samuel, Blowing establishment of the people in Palestine, a failure or a success? He succeeded as a religious leader. He was a success as a man of integrity, completely devoted to the safely and welfare of his pco- ple. He made Israel strong, and it Is doubtful whether the disaster of being old and decrepit, Samuel appears, to have been still vigorous the peopl; in plain and terrible words, which for the' most part have had tragic vindication in the history of kings, of what their turning from his religious leadership to dependence upon a king would mean. •"He will take your sons, and ap- whtch came upon them in the de- point them for himself, for his chariots, and to be his horsemen he will take your daughters to be bakers — he will take our fields and your vineyards, etc." (sec chapter 8, verses 11-18) feat and downfall of their first king. Saul, would ever have' occurred if the people had been con- b c confcclionaries, anil to lie cooks, tent with Samuel's leadership. But Samuel attempted to what other able and sincere religious leaders have attempted do in the course of history—to coin- bine civil and political power with clerical authority—and In this he failed, as almost all of his successors In that effort have failed. Despite Samuel's apparent success, the people revolted against his rule, not violently but effectually, and demanded a king. The early verses of Chapter 8 suggest It is a vivid, and for the most >art a remarkably prophetic,•'- account of what kings have bten In History, as much oppressors and exploiters as rulers. And the words of Samuel were prophetic ol what happened to Israel, despite the itrong rule of Oavld and the glory of King Solomon. What, then, of religion and civil government? Must government be secular to bc successful? No. Samuel was right in his contention that religion must be at the very heart of a nation that would seek safe ty and the commonweal. 'But he was wrong In the idea that ecclesiastic rule is the necessary condition of good government. H Is principles of truth and righteousness, of that must bc a of the state, not church dogmas which may or may not represent those principles. Racketeering In Gl Program Is Charged Since veterans received subsistence while undergoing training, Stewart asserted, "there Is enormous pressure to designate all manner of enterprises as training Institutions." "Already various practices are a moral scandal," he said, and may lead to "an open scandal when MEMPHIS, Tenn., Mar. 28. (UP); 11 '? l >uhlic wakos u " to wllat ls ."Racketeers" are taking advantage of on-the-job training provisions of the GI Bill of Rights to ' perpetrate "raids" on the federal ' ' treasury, Dr. fl. B. Stewart, Veterans Administration advisory committee chairman, declared Wednesday. love and mercy. 'he foundation Carolina, the act "would have been punishable as bigamous." However, under North Carolina law, the charge, would revert to bigamous co-habitation In that the state charged that he "lived with" hli second wife in North Carolina. Since the state offered the testimony of Mrs. Lots Moore Sctzer, and on 'which he was convicted, Judge Wallace Winborne wrote that "under North Carolina law a hus- bmnd and wife cannot testify against one another except, to prove the fiCt of marriage as In a prosecution of him for bigamy." Winborne said in wirtlng the opinion that "to prove the fact of marriage, ns in in prosecution upon indictment charging bigamy, the teatlmony of Mrs. Lots Seiner... vent far beyond this statutory pro- Vision. ' .."Hence, under the statute, other than as to the effect of her mar- ri*t e to the defendant, is incompetent, and should have been excluded from the jury. ' : "It is appropriate to note that tjie testimony of Mrs. Lois Sctzer In (his case Is strikingly similar to that of the wife of the defendant, Wat. p. B. Williams given in the : trials ,in the superior .court" of that case. "In the light of applicable prin- *clples..'the state has failed to offer evidence sufficient to take the .cue to the jury on the essential have his sons, established old, attempted to rascals like Eli's, judges In his. place. Hut the whole account of the demand for a king and his selection, put together apparently from different soutlces. makes It clear that the people wanted a king "that we also may be like all the nations; and that our king may Judge us. and t'O out before us, and fight our battles." It was a distinct rejection of Samuel, and Samuel so interpreted it, and as a rejection of God's counsel and guidance as well. Instead of giving the Impression CHICK THEATRE "Wfter* Happiness Costs So Little" W«* D»j»: Btaite mt 7 •. m. element of a contract of marriafic between the defendant and Claudia Earl Munday in South Carolina..." Set?«r was arrested in Fort Smith, Ark., and brought back to North Carolina by Caldwell County deputy sheriff to stand trial last April 12. The lone other case was Lawrence vs. Lawrence, Cartcrct, affirmed. RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. Open at t:M, Show Starti ai (:la. Last Time Today DOUBLE FEATURE "ABOVE SUSPICION" Fred MaeMwrajr & Joan Crawford "WHAT A~BLONDE" Vlth Leon Errol and Elaine Rtlry Also Short Last Time Today "CAPTAIN CAUTION with Victor Mature, Louis* Plat, Vivian Osborne, El Brtndbl, Bruce Cabot and Robert Barrett Short: "Sagebrush Law" i Sportlight News .'Friday and Saturday DOUBLE FEATURE "Overland to Deadwood" Charles Starrett and Russell llayden "ROCKET MAN" with Tom Ncal and Jeanne Hairs 8eri*l: "Jungle Qnnn" ChapU K Friday and Saturday Moon Over Montana with Jimmy AVakely, Lee "Lasses 1 White, Jennifer Holt, Woody Woodel and His Riding Rangers SHORT: VSler.MaiJr Mongrel" :m< 6th Chapter of "Masked ••''Marvel™ New Theater Manila's Finest * Sinday, Mat. 1 •'rloek * Tuesday Nlfhto, S:W •'etoek An »tber nijchU. « •'<•!•<•*. OPEN 6:45: STARTS 7 p. m Last Time Today 'Col. Effingham's Raid" with Charles Cobnrn and Joan Bennett NEWS AND CdMEDY Last Time Today 'Frisco Sal' Susanna Foster. Turban Bey. Alan Curtis News of the Day Also Shorts Friday 'She Went to the Races" vith James Craig, Frances Gifford Serial and Comedy Friday and Saturday 'Gentle Annie' James Craig, Donna Reed, Marjoric Main Serial: "The Master Key" Also Short Lqycly gift... 1 c delightful duo .. stming Thought! of Lilac-Time. plui ftd. I DOROTHY PERU DUSTING POWDER and COLOGNE Sold ONLY at Penney's I ALL WOOL... ALL CARDIGAN... ALL AMERICAN..., Spring Suits 24." 29-75 Fine woolens, bright? ly colored, soft textured. All wool worsteds, neutral but dramatic. Cardigan •neckline—simple itself—directs eye interest to winged sleeve*, liny waiill going on.' He estimated educational and on- thc-Job training will cost the government Ijctween $10,000.000,000 and $1-5^00,000,000—'The Jargost. single appropriation for direct educational purposes In the history of 'civilization." Speaking to educators from 11 ^« VB ? * B Jl o1 ^L 01 ^^ southern states at a meeting of the Southern Association O f Colleges and Secondary Schools, Stewart said, thousands of "selfish, predatory schemes for personal gain" have developed in connection with on-the-job veterans training. Lovely carriage weather! IKFANTS' HAT AND COAT SETS •alnlng program, which has 50,'- of subsistence payments to befe- rans. Stewart said. State agencies which approve training agencies ar c beset by "racketeers of the w.orst order who would convert the Bill of Rights into a devise for chiselling on wage or salary payments to provide increases in private or corporate income," Stewart declared. He recommended more co-opeia- tion on the part of states and alteration of the program's regulations to, provide means for "effectively contiollng the evils ol this particular subsidy." Stewart defended the slates' part In the program on grounds that they do not have sufficient personnel to investigate fully employ- W) approved agencies, exclusive ofjers offering training. egularly established schools and • olleges, permits "grossest misuse" Read courier News Want Ads. Dog Gets 30 Offers BEND, Ore. (U.P.J—The Bend Bulletin published a story t,iiat police had in custody a golden cocker spaniel which'they did not wish to dispose of, if a good home could be found for the animal. Within a few hours after the newspaper was on the street, police had received 30 telephone calls from i>cople offering to take the animal. Impious Thieves CLAIRTON, Pa. (U.P.)—Candle^ light "ceremonies" acc looting of a pantry at the Hun Methodist church. Police said thieves lit holy candles in the small church, before stalking off with fruit juices, sugar and canned goods from the pastor's larder. 6.88 FJaby will be warm as toast and lovely as can be in a carriage hat and coat set. 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