The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 14, 1947 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 14, 1947
Page 5
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MONDAY, JULY 14, 1047 Ohioan Held for Firing on Bricker Mental Test Ordered After Assassination Effort in Washington WASHINGTON, July 14.. (UP> — William L. Kaiser, discharged former t.ipitol policeman svho fired two injilecrKe shots Ht Sen. ilohn W. Bricker. II O.. Saturday, today was ordered lo vi hospital lor :nejitai observation and exaniina- r l!ie order was issued by Municipal Judge Ellen K. KaeUy when Kaiser was arraigned on thart'es »f assault. wii.i> intent to kill ui canyiiu; a deadly weapon. Sis cant.inui'rt' the case for 30 days ]:cndin;: Kaiser's exiimim- I ion, and instructed officers to turn Kaiser over (,> Gallinger llo:i- pu il i:hy.-icians for observation. Kairc.T. a naiive of Columbus O. wus he'd without bond. .Indijc Ruecly explained she was denying bond b_'<::use of rjio nature of : her order. The case against Kaiser was ills- pesed ,cf fcr the time 'being in less Mian two minutes. ilii-iekcr. Republican vice presidential nominee ill 1044, \vn.s not in (he ,:-ourt r«cm. He had offered to i-piM-.iv and testifv if police ;:o desired. Hiie shuotinir took place in the cavernous inxirii'roimd siilnviiv Ihat runs tcl'vccn the cnpilol and the. S-jiiate office buildinpc Kaiser tired two .shots at Uri-ker with a .22 caliber pinol. He missed both limes. The incident bruuifhl demnnds for hnprowmcnls in Ui 0 eaiMtol police system. Kisser was picked up In his 'Wi.--bim.ion .ep-r'.ment within a short lime. He denied tiyln-j to hit he senator and Uf.<\ police he Jiisl wanted t:> rofrrsli his (Brick- n s) ,u-.i-n:ory." n. was believed he l.laine-i Che senator for the loss of his incncy in Ohio huildii)' .mo loan association 15 years ago. Club Women Plan Tour fARUTHFRSVrH.E. Mo.. July 14 ~i" - .c County Council of Women's Extension Ch:a.s will hold n, conn- ly-wide tcur 'Auui»a 7. it was an- iiounred here today. The tour will eiicciiyjass viricu? homes of the fwinly which have hnd improvements made in line with Hie lessons, the <rnb<; have <had in (heir legular meetings. Confesses Hi Duchaceck. Jr., 13-year-ciU iiewslwy, lias confessed to Ihe stranglini/ of Mrs. Dorothy swen- sen. 40. in her home. Duchaceck told Ashland. Mass., police that lie collected his paper bill irom Mrs. Swensen, and then returned laler asking tor ; , clrink of wale- before he .strangled her with '•>"»<'r.v bai/: INEA Telcplioto.) (ARK.V .±. S Wheat Ifimnfr/vn Player With Boston Deals Misery to Chicago Cubs The record wheat crop may be good news !o many people, but it's just oxlia work lo grain elevator operators. This scene in a Kansas City, Kan., elt-valor, shows :i helper liuiding 11 BCODI) toward the door of one of the 2000 boxcars that have arrived in that cily .alone. Flyinc wheat fills the air, swirlinK around likz uopcorn. Labor Leaders Storr Warring Among Selves Red Cross in Pemiscot To Observe .Anniversary CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo.. July - — The Pemiscot County Red Cross Chapter will observe it's 30th ASHEVfLLE. N C Ju;v H (UP) ' nnniversnry Wednesday, it was swi- — Six CIO organizers were due to l ',?. 1 " lcc<1 tl)c ! lly '«' Mrs - Agntlia try signing up menib?rs of an AFb Wllks ' -wretnry. union today in an open declani-! °" J»»e 2!). 1D17, flic chapter was ;lon of war between the two labor ril ' st organized and Hie tirst, offi- L-r.^anizaticns. j cers to serve were C. I- 1 Blokcr ^ Stale CIO dircclor Wills™, elinirman; Mrs. W. Ii. Lncey, vicc- Snvitih of icharlotlc fired n .'jhnrp cliairman (now deceased)- Victo- challenge after MO CIO leaders need, treasurer; Hyaian Caldwell crossed an AB^L picket line to at- secretary. tend . n statewide rally in the' The Chapter Charier Is dated on labor" used in |»intiiif: the building and accused the CIO of trying to raid API, .membership. ing National Chairman Major General Arthur Murray. Two Attend MidWest Farm Bureau Conference CARUHBRSVILLB, Mo., Julv 14. Three Missco Navy Men On Cruises in Caribbean Three Mississippi County men arc participating in a two-week Nava , ----- . — -- ... !-••• ."v,. t ,..n,i & 11, u Lwu-\vLeK naval — J. W, Shiuder of Ingram Hidac Reserve training cruise in the Cap- Connnun.tjr was Pemiscot County's bbean area aboard the aircraft us.S nffi- nffi-jial reprrscntallvc a-t the Farm h ,"^^ tenl tralnln* l, held this year at Sindusky, Osceola, Wright, They are- Carl A Mi and" Ronald J B. Stilwcll tall and R L Richard of .»s,s f Robinson of Scnathl and following completion of Hie training schoo they took ;a short vacation trip into Canada |.md points in Michigan. Pemiscot Rural School Open for Summer Term CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo., July 14. — Pemiscot Countv rural schools which annually' dismiss classes in the fall for the cotton picking vacation, began classes last week to "make up" for the time d's- missed in the Fall. Douglas and Chute Sixteen schools began classes July 7t.!>. Braggadocio schools opened today. as well as Hayward and Warden Schools. Cooler schools will be'in July 21, and it is expected that = by thai date ail th'e schools which have cotton picking vacation wi!, be in session for the regular Stni). mer's class work. Caruther.-iv Vie schools do not have cotton Dieting vacation, therefore will not, oeinn classes for the next term until th'j regular Ri; period. ID. C. Gen. A. E. Anderson. Carl 31ovcr, of Steelc, Mo , tins been need to electronic l'?Uir!cian'.'i third class. He is >tat'oncd nt. Naval Barracks, Washington, NEW YORK, July 14. (UP)—Just what starts 'ivuiiiny Holmes off on n hems run rampage mis o niy.'i- Ipry ti|-|i<, was banting sonic of Uie Ijost minas In Uic baseball business today, but while it goes unsolved the Boston BBrnves <jrcim- K Uieli- ixwlllon in me Nn- llonal League ix.'iinant picture. Holmes, a Brooklyn-born Irishman, who lias done little but menace IKM br-aiulful borouBh since seeiting ihls liiscball fortune with the Ilniyi's. lias hit five homers ihls month and before that he Imdn't hit uny all season. Last year he got only six for Ire cnliro rt'inpaign, yet in 1945 lie led both ir.njor leagues with 28, more lltiu twire as many as lie ever <lmd hit in one big league season. Holmes, who hus _been <i slugger since lie was live 'y«us old and won the national junior uas punching title in old Madison SqiKire Garden, fjuaslied a game] winning liomcr yesterday as the Biuvos took two from tlic skidding Cubs at Boston. 8 to 7 and C to 5. The blast with n. niAn on base provided the winning margin in the opener, 'while in the second game Boston came from behind with three runs .In the ninth, tile last of u'hlch scored on letief pitcher Hank TJorowy's wild throw. Bainti Rowell, Earl Torgeson nr.d Nanny Fernandez of the Braves and 'Andy Piifko of the Culis also hit homers in the double bill but the real hitting star was Mirry (Peanuts) Lowrey, Chicago Ihird ba.semnn who got eight hits for Hie day five of them in ft row In the opener. Dollars Spring Surprise The Dodgers came UD with n. surprise piiekape in rookie Clyde King who made his first start, of (he season nnd held the Reds to six hits 111 a 9 to 1 vlslory at Brooklyn. He also hit ii two-run double Ihit started n four-run rally in the seventh off Rookie Kent Peterson. It was Kinn's first victory. The Dodgers 'held the National League lead, tliree ganws allead of iBoston. The. return to form of Howie ; Follctt heartened the Cardinals, who otherwise iluul litd'c to 3ot fxciled about in a split ul Phila- delpiila. The Phils won the opener. 4 to 2. ns Ken Heintzclman held St. Louis to tive hits and two unearned runs, but Pollett. o. lia- bilitv aV season, sliowed up brilliantly in winning the second game, 3 to ,2 in 10 innings. He struck out nine and walked only one and 'had a shutout nf- tcr Hie first when Hie Phils made botli runs. The Cards tied it it. 2-all in the ninth when Whitey Kurowski tripled and score<i on n long fly. .They won in t'he 10th on Krv Dusak's slngi'e and Stan Muslal's triple. Tile Piiixtes split with the Giants at New. York, .wiiininir 0 to 3 with tv four rim rilly in the first that gave Fritz O3termueller all tlio '.nargin he needed, then losing 3 to 1 as Larrv Janstn held them, to six hits. Bobbv Thomson and Bill Rigncy gave Jansen the runs lie needed with 'homers. -Ruiph Klncr ol Pittsburgh tind Walker Cooper 01 I lie Ciianls hit first (jaiiw ho- The Yimkee.s. working their npw Pilcheis Bolw Newsom and Vic Kasehi won lo to a and 0 lo 4 dc- clsious nt chkxifio lo run tlieir winning sneak lo 14 (faint's ami iiu-Mise their American Lenxue lead (o 10 1-2 gumes. Newsoui, l:oloi1iB Clilcniio to five lilts, survived a shaky first Inning in which ho gave up an three runs, to win '[lie opener. The Yankees made 18 hits, niiiy Johnson, picking up five while Hill Rivzuto hit a grimd sbtn homer. Rasrtii. with roller help, won the second In which Tommy Hcnrluh led the way with n. double rind two pintles, 'lifers Move to Znil I'lace Five hit pitching by" Virgil Trucks In the 1 opener and n lle- l.'reaklng Jiotner by Hoy Cnllenbiue •in the second g!iii:e gave the TiR- ers 4 to 2 and 7 lo 6 victories over the Athletics at Detroit which Pill them ill second place. Eddie Mayo led the liUIIng in Hie ope:i- or with n donlVc mid ivvo sliifjles J. feat duplicated by Dick Wake- Held In the nightcap.,; The Indians deflated the Red Sox H lo 0 and C to a. old Mel Harder blanking M)em will, uln" slnples lor his fifth victory and first ."Inilout hi the owner while Steve Orciuck and Ed Klleiniih cnll'borated on a fivc-httter to win (lie second. Joe Gordon hit .1 first gums homer while Rookie Ed lioblnson und Ken Kn-tner hit f-rconii tinme homers for (lie Indians. A scven-irame .Brownie loslni: simile conic to an end with a -i I( J '2 . i econd tramc victorv at .SI Liuls after WaKlilnston took Hie cpener. 3 to 2. on Sid Hudson's fJrnv-liimdcd six-lilt pitchhiK. lie missed a -liutout only because Vern Stephen'! hit two homer*. Cliff FniiTihi was the second gdino viii'or and he also would have lUid n shutout, but for. homers by Buddy Lewis and Blckcy Vcrnon. Lewis cly Lewis and Mickey Vcrnon. I,ew!s Yesterday's star-Harry (Pen- nuts) Loarey, who made "eight lilts in 10 l.imes 'it. bat In a losing euusc as his Cubs dropped a ilnu- ble hrnder (o ihc iBraves. Oldest .Iiiikcy Dead at !)r> LA OROSSE, Kan. (UP)— The wonUI's oldest Jocket, Stephen I/'Vi :Hurlingame, died here, at the of 05. :IFc rode for fiO ycaiw. At CO, Burllnisaine mounted a horse in !v rase nt Stafford Tor what proved 'his last. ride. The horse fell nn't ihc Jockey suffered n fractured tec. Expensive Parking, COLJJMBUS, O. (UP) — Marcus W. Drillot drove downtown, parked 'his automobile, appeared in traffic court mid returned to find his car missing. It hud been Stolen in (he tew miniiles lie was In ronrt lo my a lr,.ftic ticket. 'Saucer' Fizzles . . . Army Sizzles .Around the -nwrM four ft single hour te the potential spe«d of tlio stratospheric, roiket-driven plane or the future. in TIM FOR: quick *rxl simp)*, y »t ittrac- liv« IM*I|. Tim. lor fr«$h serving ideas | 0 p«,k up vvrfMd lumnwr appelilej. So tak* not* of these timely fe»lur« in fhe July HOIIVM & G«fd«ns: I"** If >Mt rtKHMtt MUtl Your July Belter Homes & Girdons magazine ij a gala Issue-bent on speeding you thru summer doldrums in sparklinsl good health and good humor. " rrviiiB N.. Newton, wnrrnnt Olttcer. 'J. «.) with the 8th Air Force wcallu'r reportI.i 1; slntlon r,l r-\.rt Worth Army Air -Field, innta ]x>sl- Uvo idenltflcalton of the mysterious object picked up by W> W Ilrl-^ll of Corona, New Mv.slco. Tiie linfoil covered, licxiigonal object • hang* 12 feet Ix'low n weather Iwiioon whlcli is filled with hyilro«en. and released, Hndnr sets Ihet. lr,i« Us lll,iht. E ettl,, K d«l(i • for' "*ln<t.s, aloft.' reports. These balloons travel with wind currents mid ther-loro could not be the ,c,,s, m for ,m u, 0 .'riy|,, K ri | 5Cs ... ( NBA Photo i ON SAIE AT YOU* rttWSSTAND TODAY. Assistant to Secretary Of War to Retire July 31 WASHINGTON. July 11. (UP) Pre.ildcnt Trinrlm lodny accepted the rcsleimllon of Asslsluiit Sec.- ret.-iry of wur Howard C. PrlcrciM effective July 31. iPeterseii, wh:> lin.s been In Ibo Wur I^iiartmcnt inm'e Hiun six and a half years, the V.isl year and ft half as nsslsiant Kcurelnrv, said he (tell he Jiiust return io private life. H t > is pn attorney. "fn fairness lo my family I Imve lelnctaiitly came lo (he conclusion that I cannot afford to stay In I'.overnms'nl. .service longer." Pet- erscn wrote Mr. Trtimsin. Petcrsni 'has been In chai'ije of iivKHnry (!overnmeiit in occupied liroiis. He cave no ilelalls of Ills IiiLure plans. U. S. Plane Crash Lands In Soviets' German Zone IBERUN, July M. (UP) — An American Army 0-47 transport plane made n crash Cnmlliiff in t.lio •Russian Kniic of Oermnny BiUur- day, it un.i disclosed today. The plane vOas piloted iy Capt Walter 11. Bergfr, Wlni>nl.c. N, C. None of the ten IIWISOILS • ulxinrd v^lis Injured. Kour persons, Incliidint: a woman, paiacluiteil. Coroner's Jury Fr««* Slayer of Brother-in-law FOflFiEST CITY- Ark,, July] iH. (UP)— A coroner's Jury exomsniUd Will stlinixion « st, Francis County faraicr, following [lie sliot- Biin .ilnyliiK of his bfoth«r-ln-luw In Llie Slluvpson farm yard yesterday. Ctillcd by Coroner J. S. Parker, Hie Ji>ry termed the killing self defense. 'I'he dead man was identified us Ralph Rhodes Frozlur 34. Deputy Sheriff Buy Campbell raid that the shooting came aflor Fra/.ier followed his wile to Hi" Stlmpsou home l.vid attacked li«r. 6.1. MECHANICS » Ti a htt JttootNt to ti«ln*4 M crnlnn „„ I. || 2] „, .^, J o..J lo, C.I. lr«lnli> t . t.r. .Ml. , . Coll o t moll i,,f*, ,> ,,,j. ' ORAUGMOM s SCHOOL of MECHANICS Stock Show Buildings Started in Little Rock '•t - LITTLE ROCK. July 14. fUPV— Permits have been issued to the Q. W. May Construction Company for Ihc erection of five buildings at the Arkansas Livestock Show Grounds In Little Rock. The buildings will cost $219,400. Help Wanted Office Manager an d Bookkeeper. Man preferred, rood salary, good working conditions and permanent position. Job requires prr- snn that is A-l bookkeeper. Call 861 nr see Tom A. Little. Hr. BlyHieviMe Motor Co. For Your Vacation... When yonr l)iicl R et baffles yon. and a vacation seems Impossible . . . cover your needs with an easily gotten cash loan from us. The small, low cost payments to pay off your loan monlhly will hardly dent your income or allowance' General Contract Purchase Corporation Bring Your Car to Our Auto Clinic We'll Make It Run Like New! Don't fret willi n car that apullcrs and ,K)ps . . . have it rcpairorl in our auto clinic so thai it will run smoothly and quietly. Here you'll find the focsl in ntilo sorvic« at Ul,vllicviiic : a most reasonable pt-ices—lonjr term paymenln available on all repair work! Sales Service SHELTON MOTOR COMPANY 119 W. Ash Phone 438 COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHY • WEDDING PICTURES Capture the rapture of your wedding day forever with perfectly wrought pictures. • CHILDREN'S PICTURES Have their pictures made in the familiar surroundings of their own home . . . by appointment only / • BUSINESS BUILDINGS Record your business changes with accurate interior and exterior photographs. Livestock Photography PHONE461-ASK FOR MRS. OENNING The Courier Hews Co. Salesman Wanted Outside satesriian lo call «n nminu'rciiil and farm tnide. Apply FIRESTONE STORE 207 W, Main New Theater Manila", Flmtt EVERY NIGHT urn. c*ot I-ast Time Today "Alexander's Ragtime Band" ' w)th'' r All« r*,i, Tyrohe Powrr Aho Short S»bU.,.|. Tuesday "The Millerson Case" with Warner Baxter, Nancy Sainuicrs Scl«t«t Shorl Subjects RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. Monday Tuesday ft (IKTIWJ MTION MUSKAl DUMA f> ^•nnngw9Hm^^« SONG "SOOTH . tacit REMBI (In Technicolor) RKO News and Short Opr* at 7:N p.n.; SUrts 7:S« Time Today "GALLANT BESS" In Technicotor (The hone with Ihe human mind) with Marshall Thompson, George ToMa.1, Ckm Bevans News and Shorts Tuesday PAL NITS 'Blondie's Big Moment" ,'•( ' witt , rtn»r Stack***, Anite Scrbl: "The Alt* ShWta

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