The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 11, 1950 · Page 17
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 17

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 11, 1950
Page 17
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VHURSDAT, MAT it, >UT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams BtrTTHEVILLB (ARK.)' COUKIEK NEWS Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople TO TH 1 BRUSH, BOYS/ TH' THICKEST BRUSH WHERE THEY CAN'T SET-UP AMY OF IT, IF •OL) WANT TO GET AWAY FROM TH 1 CITY.' 1 THOUGHT HE ONLY HAP A VITAMIN TABLET IN THAT PILL 1 COME OUT TO ROUfiH IT AM' I'M BUSHIM' HE UNFOLDS TH 1 XJSE--1 WANT . _. UM.( WHIP YOURSELF „,.... .... INTO SHAPE r^ PROMOTION AT OMCe — |f.wm TgLLIrJG v^z ausr .JJ TUB PRESS yoo AtATCMED «3' ARE trie gfl.Roo WITH J3 OF BELFAST, KING <*%?> DESCEr4DAUT -,„ „ . - ,-i OF 'PISH PeeRS 3«< E 'S ^C—HAR-ROMPH/ c*oKI fACy RAPPLER/ OKAY, MA3OR.' . OFP 6A5& IN BELFA'&'r— I'WOME 0*-TrV BURKES MAYo/-i~euT, BELFAST ORCORK-.X'LL^ DROP osi TUKT ESklfAO LIKE: A BLIZZARD OF BRlCk- Tclevision on Thursday 1:30—Xeivs I'ouuclup 1:45—WMCT Ncwsrccl 2:00—MiilSouth News : 2:IS—Household Hints 2:30—Fashion Turadc 3:00—Spins & Needles 13:30— I lowly Dootly . [4:00—Cactus Jim j 4:30—AVhal's Cooking il:45— Xews Roundup [5:00—Kukiil, Fran * Oliie [5:30—Spinning Images ' 5:45—WMCT News-reel 6:0 <bz?l°P the Music 7:0<H£tay Kyser 8:30—Blind Date. 9:00—Murcy Amsterdam 0:30—On Trial 10:00—.News Summ:irv 10:05—Cotton Carnival Activities We offer complete Television service., supplying "anti installing General Electric, motorola, and Capehart models. FOR FREE ESTIMATES, TELEVISION* RADIO- SAIES AND SERVICE- USE. MAIN ST. BIYTHEVIUE, ARK. i''Our Telephone Number Shelfon Motor Co. Power Uwn Mower lytheyille Machine Shop 11 go. 2nd. Phone 2828 You'll Love Our Flowers! filylhcville FLOWER MART Memphis Hiwaj Fhnne 5002 lla tl . • nd Myrtr \nttirrlff •rho llvr wllk Jon 1 * Drolbcr f*lrr« IK Alirrrlft. Syrl* ana Wfirhrd CltimrmrJ €• avottf I'lrr* h*cnB»r -*kr alMABf dlHllur. vrnmrM.- Km <:irMr H r; lh]d» II nupo-nlblr to Nvold Mrrf* InK P!rr» rrom llm* I* tin* mm* w-lih him I* drrply r«- „•• |» wrHK- e • •<! 111-irM- clvpn [• drlnklne tterrd (.nrmrnfj **n f'lrrn, hill «1IH *br rrlra In arntd him nnrt uttfn be nnhft h«-T In dln^ wilb b1m. «hr- Imnnlnlvrly r«fDM-B. XIX * ND so Clcmenc? dined alone •--* again, and afterwards sat dawn to write letters It was no use: she could not concentrate She had never telt to reftless or so unhappj At last she gave UD trying to write Dome, and gettiriK up trom . tier chair, went softly Into her bedroom. When she passed through the night nursery. Baha was sleeping soundly Clemency (ound a cloak, anrt gutting it on over her white frock, went downstairs and out through the side door into the courtyard. The house nad suddenly (elt as though it was rhoklni? .her.'and she drew a deep, grateful . breath of the cool scented night air She sat tn. the courtyard, her eyes on the stars. And she wondered flair idly and Hair seriously which among thnse myriad lamps ot heaven, was the star whlrb oad | —if the ancient sages were right— ruled the hour of her birth, and what gifts it would i^ive her There wa-- one particularly bright one which seemed a little nearer the earth. And yet how tar away—as ; fai away as the man to whom «he had given her heart—that distant stai. "Are you reading the map of Ihe heavens?" asked Piers Decide ber. Somehow tt seemed natural that he should Be there, bringing a linai touch to the beauty of the night. and this time she did not siart "No, I was just thinking bow Do you know bright the stars were," she said- Think of the thousands and thousands oj years they nave had to grow hrighl in." he told ner •'While they watched the desert caravans taking 'the golden road to Samarkand, 1 Flecker?" ID that moment she only Knew the music ol nis exceptionally attractive speaking voice sending a soft, warm glow throuBh ner "Oh, yes 1 know htm well." she said ''What a heavenly poet." "And n* died young, as poets are apt to do." said Piers, snrug- glng his shoulders. "This to oo world (or them ITiey—by the kindness of Providence—slay out of it altogether in these days," was a bitter edge to his voice which nun hei 'Well. let's be thankful so many nave called or, as." she said gently. "Keats ana Shelley, and Flecker ana Rupert Sooke Then Swinburne and Browning lived to be old— He had been leaning oo als hand, and he straightened, giving hei a daif-humorous took of in- auiry Is It possible that the modern young woman reads Ihe poets?" "Lf you mean I'm a "modern young woman. 1 do." Piers stareo dowo at the glowing end ol his cigar, and Clemency watched him. a tittle pulse throb- oing in her throat, struggling with her shyness. .Then: '*! nope you didn't think 1 was very rude, Colonel' Amber- Icy." she blurted out "I mean- when 1 refused to come down to dinner." "Kude? No, ot course not" He pausea. looking straight into her face; she forced herself to meet that level gaz<j as calmly as possible. out it was an ordeal. And then: "Why do you avoid me so assiduously. Miss Norton?" he asked abruptly TaJieo entirely ofl ner guard, Clemency stared back at him tn consternation. •Bui _ Colonel Ambertej, I don't" •Uut -ou do And as an instnic- loc ol youth 1 hope that you realize truthfulness Is a most Important virtue- Then; was > note of amusement in nis voice, out ne was quite determined oo« to let her off "You run away from me as a I had the plague Has »ome- onc told you that I devour young women?" "No." forced to her natural truthfulness, she collected ber courage' '1—understood that rou didn't like people around." Ht frowned "Who told rou thai* Wa.« tl Syne?" Her look of dismay answered lira "O.K. I lust wondered. But like many of my clster-ln-laar'i statements, that Is a naif truth 1 assure TO« that then* art mme people whom I would—and do shun like the very devil, but I am not a misanthrope Honestly, am quite harmless—I wont eat you." This time they laughed together, and 3 barrier seemed to have been removed. "Have a clgaret," Piers said, and he pulled out his case. • • • (JHE took a cigaret, and u she bent to the flame oi DJS Ughter. he noticed—not for the first time but with a clearer consciousness— how beautifully molded ber h»w- e was. curving Into the lovely firm column of her throat But a» she straightened and glanced him you, with A murmured "Thank tie was staring across the starlit courtyard "Baba was thrilled with ride." she sajd. "I hope she reallj behaved?" "Excellently Children usually do il you treat them like human beings—instead ot a mixture lap-dog, angel and toy." "She's really a good little thing, blest her- She oroke oB. She dad been going to add that she thought she ought to go Dacfc to her charge, out ne had 'accused her of avoiding him. Be honest! ane told hersctt. know you donl want to go coulri just lit Here like this lot {To Be CvatUKd) *U**£r Com. IMP »Y HU UKVKt. INC. T. H «0. U. 1 Ml. off. PAGE SEVENTEEN FKKCKLKS AND HIS FKUONUS UY MERRILL BLOSSEB Coming lo Lif« YES, ALL OF SUDDCN/THEV'Re UKc A RCALTfAM AT HE- RCJUVfNffiO BOYS GBT THf SIDE our/scone:/TOO-G/KL'S/ PUT US BACK W THE GAME, PALI IF rrcc DARKER, PEGS T BALL WILL IMVISIBLE/ FAST I hours. Foot specialists report that children onlgrow their shoes every one to six months until they are fifteen. 1'ou'II Love Our-Flowers! , BLYTHEVILLK FLOWER MART Memphia Eltway Pbooc 6002 LOANS ON CARS, TRUCKS AND TRACTORS United Insurance Agency 1st ii Main Rrar City Drug Hlylheville, Ark. 'If it's only a matter of railroad (are that's keeping your mother-in-law here, why don't you get a personal loan horn GENERAL CONTRACT PURCHASE CORPORATION?" RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY DRS. NIES & NIES •All Types Except Cincerl Clinic 5H Main RIjIhcTille. Art , Phone mi SHEET METAL WORK. OF ALL KINDS Custom work for gins, alfalfa mills, oil mills. Custom Shearing up to 1/4 inch thickness. Frank Simmons Tin Shop 117 Sonlh Rroarlway Phone 2651 Hearing Aid Users Now, you can gel fresh, prc- tested Batteries for Any Kind of Hearing Aid al KIRBY DRUG STORES FOR SALE C>ncr;t« mlTCrU, IZ Inch U tt Inch, plain or reenforced AIM Concrete Kuilding Block* cheaper than limber for barm chlrkca house.!, pump ho«Mt, tenaDt houses tool iheds W> dellTer Call m for free e*llmmt«. OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. For Expert Laundry and A BETTER LAUNDRY Dry Cleaning—Call 4474 NU-WA Chamblin Sales Co. • Sales & Service • "Your Friendly Studebaker Dealer" RAILROAD & ASH PHONE 6888 "You're always telling me how you can sway the board of directors—let's see you use some of that dominant personality on these two!" A>*> THAT T ir s ALL up/ e-n I'RISCIU.A'S I'Ol' MY A I- VERMRKIt REMEMBER WHAT YOU SAID THB MORNING, POP? WELL, YOU OWE ME 65 CENTS I YOU ' SAID IF I GOT 10 O IN MY SPELLING TEST YOU'D VIC FLINT Another "Accident liY MICHAEL O'iMALLKY and RALPH LANB HOPE YOU DON'r MIND GETTING OFF HEBE " TUE FARA1HOU5E,VrC. NO WEED POR M3UTO AIL THE WAY INTO TOWN WHILE I GROUND'S MIGHTY DAMP, MISTER, BUT YOU'RE GONNA BE A-WIM' OH IT TIILYOUSAY WHO YOU ARE 5TABT TALKIN'/ /» chciuce to get caught up on some sleep, I was tliinl<in but as~l crossed the yard... CAPTAIN EASTi BY LESLIE TURNER WE BOTH THIWK THE PUGH BOYS WERE GEMUtUELV VJHEU I ACCUSED THEM OF PAVING ME3. COWDEEYTOKEEP THE HEAD: •,t FACT. THC-V SEL=*ED MI&HTV GIP, TO LEAEM ABOUT IT, ME.COBB! IT SOKTA MftKES ME UUEftSr... 1 BUT IFTHEV PON'T PftY KEB. HOW COME THEY BEEN Rftlslk!' FIU6 SIIVER EKEK.' MOUTH FOE. SOUMCS LOco VICHABOD! SOM& WOMAN TO M6. BUT MIT / VAMTS VOU O1J TH' PHOH6 COVVDCEVOeT£El SHE'S MftD AS KOPS.-BUl BS BACt FUOfA \ Wftn'LLVEE.1HKU TftLKlU' Tlf COUUIV SEAT /V AM' IX3BT A'HOLT Of VOil! MAYBE THE 1 / GOT 'EW FOE SOMEOHE ELSE... MOD DIDH'T KHO'H 31) ST HOVJ TH 1 USED! BUGS BUNNK Dressed for Occasion HEY, SYLVESTER / WHERE VA HEAPEP IN THAT S TUSH, AN ALLEY CAT BUM LIKE VOU WITH A PLUG HAT AN' CANE... WHAT A ^^/ IT'S QUITE VAX/ / PROPER/I ALWAYS DRESS SWANKO CLUB.' MUST BE BOOK'S THAT BOOTS AND HEU BUDDIES r?Y EDGAR MARTIN VOO . (A«. MJO ^fx'O'c.

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