The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 5, 1937 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Wednesday, May 5, 1937
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5 COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST-MISSOURI •- ']£'-< •>» '>! VOL: xxxiv—NO. 41 niythcvllle Courier Blylhevtlle Herald Dlythcvlllc Dally. NC,VS Mississippi Valley Leader BUYTIIEVILLK, ARKANSAS. WKDNKSDAY, MAY* 5,.'15)37 SINGLE COPIES FIVE ClSNTS Red Cross Rebuilding t Storm-Wrecked Homes BENTON, Ark., May 5 (UP)— The rebuilding and repairing of , l.<.,<ios ilemolislic'd and damaged in this city by a recent tornado i |>>»I. cnmcd i"r 0 deaths started today under the direction of tlie ! Hed Cross. : . ' According to J. M. Power, Red . ™ .. | Cross slate flood relief director. ACCOUlllaiU IdlS 27 of the 40 families affected by the storm have applied for aid. Rehabilitation'..of ihe families is expected to fce completed by June. 1. re-Coronation Portrait of Hotel Room Meeting al Monticello the trial LITTLE HOCK, Mav 5 (Wilt. W. ' PorVii-'i, accountant, cf Mfumliis. tenn.. lodnv wrs lh» nrinriivl wUiKss called lo .stand Iw ll»e sth'e in the of nt P. McDonald, former rclai'v' of slate. clmr"cd false preteiiEe in connection the V'l'ehn-e of Janitors' plies fnr HIP slalphousc. Perkins, uniler the close nucs-1 Honin't of . Piwi Donhr>m. told nf making a business trln to Little Hork last rummer, in company I with HPII \v>lsbiin;er to sell soafjl and disinfcclanis tn McDonald '— use at. 1'ie statehousp. ' ' I T e said the trin wns made in Welsbiif-cr's aulomobi'e end that 1hi>>' truwlert lo Monticello -More finding Ihe secretary of stnt». who al. Hint, lime was'coiidurlirie his 'cnmonloii fur the Democratic Asked To I.cin-e Koom : Tim nrcounlint s»id l'>nt M <im' Weisl'li>-"»r la'k'll lo MeT)OJ>i>H Ir Iho nfTirjal'K Imtol ronni .aivl *he>' v-ent lo their rnnni. ' vh p re p few inini'tes later McDonald joined theii. : "I w-i>s nsL-'il In si«i) out of (lie ronm hv Wohbnrgcr after M"- Honnld had signed some order that had Ivcn written in a Lilt'r Er-k lintel" Pnririns said. Perl-ins fa'tj that as he st"nned inlo Ihe 1'iithroom b n heard Weis- 1) d r«er t »11 McDpna Id: "I have a .little campaign assistance here 'for you." He said he heard no more of 1ho conversation, and on eincre- ! Britain's 'Royal F a m i I y Said to Have Agreed to Marriage Settlement for! MGNTS, Prance, May 5 (UP)— I Wedding plans and a marriage settlement were discussed at the' Chateau de .Cande today where tlie Duke of Windsor and Mrs Wallls Simpson wra-o. reunited after their five months separation It was undei-stoqd that the duke was advised by telephone from London that Hie royal fam- Iv asreed to provide a $500000 •nan-lage .settlement for Mrs Simpson, the income to be- hers for life should anything happen lo the duke. Tlie family agreed also it was reported, that the duke could ap- , •>1.V SIS.CfO n year [ o Mrs. Simpson's maintenance—to be taken from his .Inheritance from his grandmother. Queen Victoria—in event that he pre-dcceased her. Herman L. Rogcts. spokcsninii "or the duke and Mrs. Simpson "ilivmcd tliat there would be no 'imounsemcnt of the engagement ;o marry or of marriage plans until after the coronation of the _,._ -_ . , ..^. ,,., i_iiji_i|^- i •••<.%.* tuv; vuiUilLlLlUJ HIT from , the bathroom .a few duke's brother-successor ~ " r ' ' - he : found attlng;.^:-^'- -.-—'...'; " Saiii Robinson, chief defense atto'iiev Perkins shld that Standard Products company: operated hv • Weis- liurcer. and for which he kept hooks, later in. Hie summer returned funds to three Little Rock firms that hart advanced money on "drop shipments" 'of soap and • disinfectants to the state". "He hid allow nd the firms )r per cent for collecting the'•'sums cine firm the stole for the sup Dlies -ind they had piid us in advance iftei being iwnert thai funds for their ixument nerp ,- available at the stntehouse" Per kins said. He told of a"!in» for We;sbur<*er in getdn? the three firms to ic- cept tlie d 0]) shiL!n»nts and pay the Memphis commni fo the products is •won as they re ceived lopioiil from the- seer tir of stale's office. Ccmp.-ires Haniln-rrttn; Robinson, in his cross-examination, also brought an admission from Perkins that there was somr resemblance between 'the signature purported to have been niadr by McDonald .on the sales orderr and the handwriting on the tor of the ordn-s. which other persons had written. During the morning Dale Windsor, former auditor In the statr comptroller's office, who made an audit last September of McDonald's office, was recalled to tli r sland by the state to identify vouchers and auditing report' thai \\-crc first displayed night in a three-hour session of the court. Tlie court recessed at noon until 2 o'clock, when Robinson was scheduled to resume his cross- examination of Perkins. cige VI., on May 12. State Asks Donation of Used Sc'hopPBboks Parents of school students are being asked to donate school Sooks to the slate department of •duration, to be distribute! when free text books- are given, as was yoted recently in this state, it 'as been announced by Miss Win- iie Virgil Tmnei countv exam mer. The bhnks to be used by the vinous school distiicls foi the Jistiibntion of Ihese books In\e icen sent to pimcipnls of <=chools vho will fu, uui the nunibei need ;d and return them_to the state tepartment. Dcld Services at Steele for Mrs. J. Edgar German ^ ITKLK, Mo., May D.—Services we e hL'hl nl the Methodist church t'I aftoinoon for Mrs. J, Hdgurj daman, 4(i, who;died early Ihls morning at Iioi'.'hbih's near,this city allor .six' months illness 'with can' ' ' ' ''''':• A. Mnssej'.i pastor i li:e>Hev. M. f t 'church, was ns.sLs.teil hi the in . i IV --, I by tivj RCV. w. M. Dim- Ka|:id Kise Menaces rarnii can. retired Methodls( minister. Burial was lit Ml.' £!oii cemetery. Mrs. German was; the daughbr of .Sir. anil Mrs. Oscar Bailey, caily ^settlers in i'Clils ,. community. Il2i- Imsbnr.Vs fhinily also were ploneiTs and lier liome; a mile and a halt southeast of Stccle, was the | original horn; place of the Ger- I man family, one of the llrst farms to be developed in this section! .She Is survived-by her husband, , a daughter, Uuetta. 'two sons. J. 11. | and Tommle, and a brother, w. T, Bailey, all of Slccle. C.OFC.TO Committee Is Out Details in Meeting This Afternoon eiia toward HID or™anlzi- Operations - on Unprotected Lniicls C'AHUTHEHSVILLE, Mo.. May 6 —The Mississippi river, up 3,8 he 1 , shim Mnmh'y morning, was raphly approaching' (lood stage her,- anil IOMI pre:l!,':|lors were Hint the ei-jst will b; from three to 'fte feet nlXKi' llccd singe. -, Such n stage .would hohl na threat lo levees but would' furer i'Vi'ci'atloii of areas • without levei prntc:tioii and would destroy crop-s which Imvs already been plant'!:! and seriously disrupt farm opera- lions on unprotected lands. 'flit river here rose two feet from 7 a. in. Mondiw to 7 a. m. Tmsrlnv and 18 feel from 7 'n. in. TuevJay to 7 />'. in. this mornlm;! Its stage this morning was 30.8 feet. -LSI feel below flood stage, and local uredletloiis wore thai H would rea;-h 38 to -10 feet. ;;. Itur.H I,cvcc Work N r ''W MADU1D. Mo.. May 5 TJP>—More Ihmi l.nro workers, irection of u. S. army en- Ineci-s. today patched three points the Mississippi . river levc? j Woman Boan'- Member Resigns Her Position 1'Vni.K KCXJK, May 5 (UP)—. Mrs. M.'L. Siijmoii of Monllcellj} announced this u:u.-vnoun fmitl she was niiilltnj Ciov. Carl "S, I!al:ey a letter in which she rs- ElBiitd her i:ostllg:i us a member cf'the board or trustees-al the l-Tys industrial school nt 1'lne I i.'iutr, Hvr action follows action by Mrs. Ijiura I'ltuluigli of Augusta, who .resigned her place on the board some time ago. - Carle •Rather Than Bc "Further Humiliated" > _ __ EAKU!, Ark., May 5 (UP)—Paul Anaichists ifi Bloody Rebellion Against Valencia Government ' ll.v United Tress A new provisional four-man Catalan, 'dhcctoiy" government look charge today al Baicelona, Spain, In an effort, to settle an anarchist uprising In which "hundreds" were killed or wounded, dispatches from Barcelona reported. In the new government Luli Company was lel.ilnel as picnl- ,dent of the autonomous leftist Ciiliilonlaii .state, against which the moic extifine anarchist elements revolted. < He\ell Is Checked' ' n Bordei adilces Indicated (hat , u. I euchcr. who last November tliu revolt had been checked and ~ was convicted of violating federal! the Catalan government had tho " anil-slavery laws, toilny resigned situation undei conliol. Britain >s city marshal. ' . i and nance wcio conccined ,foi ill tlon of a farm division of the Ely- 1 • - • thcville Chambsr of Commerce were! 0 " tl>c Mississippi ... ['token last night at .a mectlm; of wlllc ". worc Hirenlcncd for the • tl c chamber's directors with n dozen or so representative farmers of foi their official Coronation picture King George VI wears the elaborate uniform of the Admiral of the Fleet while Qiieeij Elizabeth looks regal in a simply jeweled coronet and a multipie-slrancl necklace of pearls. For the Coronation, however, they will don the vestments dictated by centuries of tradition. Mother's Day Services at Lone Oak Sunday There will be all day services at he Lone Oak Baptist chiirch Sunday in honor of Mother's Day. Elder W.-P. Flowers will preacii it 11 o'clock and there will be a •pedal program in the afternoon n which singing will be featured. I attended the second A basket dinner will be served | enthusiastic in their .Agricultural Class Attends "Bride Wakes Up" at Roxy Theater Boys as well as girls can cook say •thc.'iboys of the first year a2ricullural class of the city high school who attended (he Roxy theatre this afternoon lo see the art of cooking demonstrated in a film, "The Bride Wakes Up" which is being ' Wednesday, and Disposition of $1,500 Lee Wilson Co... L i q u o r Slock Undecided Wilson company was fined 575 on a charge of selling liquor nitliout a state license by Municipal Judge Doyle Henderson yesterday. The court reserved action on the motion 'of the state to or-,.. dcr the sale of whisky, valued at sl'.o-,vn :nie«lav.| SJ,nO!>, seized by officers of the Tlnirsday aftrr-J stale revenue departmnt at the Ihe northern ptirt of the county. Cooperation between city and country for the advancement of the interests of the-entire community will bs the new unit's program, de- nils of which were to be developed ] .his afternoon at a.meeting of a 'inmittee named last night by c. Wilson, .Chamber of Commerce president. Mr. Wilson Is serving as chairman of the committee, which includes L. G. Nash, C. G. Smith Jesse Taylor,- of the Chamber of commerce directorate-and C.c. Langstcn O f Number Mine, c. K. | Crigger of Armorel, J. M. Stevens, M. p. Brownlee and T.- p. Martin [ of Doll, and Charley Abbott of Bly- thaville, representing the farmers. The farm division, as planned, will be an integral part of the Chamber of Commerce; . Endorsing Ihe suggcslion. made by a number of farmers, that .-establishment of such a division would be to the advantage of both farmers and business men, Mr. Wilson -pointed out at last night's meeting that inasmuch as this Is primarily an agricultural community any organization which lias for its pin-pose the advancement of the Interests of Blytheville must o f necessity devote much of its attention to advancement of the Interests of agriculture, ft can function mors 2fTecMvely, be said, if" farmers have a volca in determining its policies ind if possible points of conflicting interest between farmers and business men are worked out in facu-lo-fae<! discussion amonir members of the two, groups: iccoml time lids .year. Thcv officers expected vent serious damage aivl IIR Hooding river would bc held buck. Engineers, allied by WPA worfc- n-s and three CCC companies, completed a ring dike around Ihe 1,000 fcqt gap In the Jrpnt line 'even in Lnke county, Tennessee. Cln-jc Spillway Levee Clap .Other workers we're' pillnj sandbags high In a gap at Blue Neck near 'Bessie Landing. Tennessee. "I am told t),al i am not n cIliOTi of the Unllcd- Stales by reason of having been convicted Hi federal court on a peonage elmrgiy Peachei- Wrote the city lo lmlc council. "Howard Curlln, sheriff, of Ci-lllenden counly, contends Hint I. am tumble ' lo serve you any Ioniser by reason of the said conviction. The slate having nted charges against me and "I not wanting to be further humiliated .„ „,.„ ,, » '" UL tuiint-l uullllLUUCtl "nllivori! 1 ".. "°, I"" 1 '"' l lC " (1 l ° >' 0 " "«•>=- .,nllMo,l! wlth , cl(c ,. of . rra , gnatlo!1 „-„ sal(1 city .marshal, effective immcdlate- Atly, Gen. .lack llott had in- •lltuled Impeaclimeiil l>rocccdlni;s igninst Peachcr" The niarelial was fined $3500 and given a suspended ..sentence if two years after he was found •iuilly of arresting negroes r| - - n 1'vtjiuL.j (j(l false charges nnd enslaving tliem. Ihe safety of their subject's and lulcresli in Catalonia Biitaln sent wai ships lo stand by and the • nonch consul was reported asked foi Ihe landing of narlncs to protect the consulate In the wai between the Madild forces and Ihe insingents the loyalists stiuck. hard on six fionts irouiid Madiid with some •iiicce.s'i, Jdvlces from tha capital ^sald. i The flghllng icvcatcd for the '.t noon. Oily All Baptists . CHARLES, Ga. (UP)—There is ino religious dissension in this ticwly-chartercd city of a dozen inhabitants. The' reason: All" are members of the Baptist church. neons by the Courier Ncivs. ] company's Armorel store •AH of the several hundred whoj The defendant company was ac- show v.-ero 1 quilted of a charge of possessm" approval of \ whisky not obtained in conlorm- Accorrting to some eye specialists, within the next 50 years or less, eight people, out of every 10 will be wearing spectacle,?. '; York Cotton Closiiiff Stock Pricey A. T. and T An.icoivl.1 Copper P»th. Steel ......... . Chrysler Cities Service C'oea C"li Osn. Electric Gen. Xtolors Inf.. Harvester McKesson & nobbius Montgomcrv Ward N Y. Central I'nr.Vard ..... '. Phillips Pet Radio . pt. I, -,s. P Piimnons ttal Standard Oil N. J. ». Texas Co ... n. S. Smellinj n. s. Steel Stonile 5 1 ! 1- J 85 5-R 114 3-' 31-? 112 53 3-4 5fl 3-B 1073-4 14 51 7-P « 1-4 W 51 7-C 0 1-2 ^ 1-'^ 45 3-8 "7 S-8 GO 3-4 NEW YORK, May 5 (UP) - :otton closed steady. open high low close 1310 1312 1205 1312 Jul Del Dec Ian Mar .... 1317 1293 I2fll 1295 1298 1319 1294 1292 12SG 1298 Spots closed steady 10. 1309 1287 1283 1283 1292 1315 1292 1230 12fl3 1290 lie picture, which clcverlv por- • ily with the state liquor act- Tlie trays that cooking can be learned company gave noli™ of appeal nmckly If the proper methods and i >w\ the conviction ftesl ingredients are nsetl. Econp-i Evidence was produced al the cooing Is the- keynote .of j trial to show that salss of liquor n< u-«n '"',,,-' S S1 " l "'"»»»e!^"e made at the Amidrel store as well as nslrucliye. J after an application for a permit Amcng the guests today were had been denied by the state rcv- aiso siuiients of the home econo-lcnue department. -The company. w»h ci Jf |rs . 0 . ftlhc1B '"-«e«e school., which-operates at ieast one oilier « th Hi! r teacher, MISS Mary liquor;, Mcje.' contended that ii Gl ! lce I! l"- , had no Vkson.'. lo believe tlie A number of snbslanliiil prizes permit would' te denied when ap- be sivcn away at the close ilicalion-: was made. G C Carter of this afternoon's show and again tomorrow, when the picture will be repeated for the last time. Drars open at 1:45 and tlie show begins at 2:30 P. M. lead of the revenue department, said hat the permit, was denied because 12 liquor stores were already in-operallon at Blytheville, NEW ORLEANS. May 5 (UP) — :otton closed steady. open high low close May ...... 1202 1292 1292 1290b Cliicuc/o Corn open high low close May 133 1-4 m 7-8 131 1-2 132 3-4 May Jul 119 119 5-8 118 5-8 110 1-4'Jul Orleans Cotton ' - * <: ''' ' Van Buren Youth Dies Of Accident Injuries at 13G5 up! PARIS, Ark., May 5 cupi—Tom | McKinney jr.. 1!). died in a Van Duron hospital today of injuries received last night in an auto accident, on a highway 3 miles east of here. only ind Jul Ocl Dec Jan Mar 1305 1291 1238 1300 1302 1300 1292 1293 1300 1297 1284 1292 1208 1303 1238 Spols closed steady at 1343, 1302 1289 129G 1293 1300 up and oilier "mutters usually entered nto tli2 granting of 'permits. Hugh Wharton. attorney for Ihe revenue department, assisted fl. G. P.irtlow. deputy proseculor, trial of the caies. Shane and Fendicr represented the Lee Wil- Livcstock Chicar/o Wheat open high ] OW c i oso 1291-2 130 1S83-8 1291-4 1187-8 119 S-8 1181-8 1191-1 EAST .ST. LOUIS. III.. May 5 (UP)—Hogs: receipts. G.OCO. Top. 10.40. 170-230 ihs.. 10.25-10 40 HO-160 Ibs.. 7.50-9.30. Bulk sows. 9.40-965. Cattle: receipts. 3,200 Slcers. 8.15-10.40. Slaughter steers. 7.00-15.75. Mixed heifers and yearlings, 800 10.85. Slaughter heifers, 7.00-11.50. : . Beef cows, s'50-7.50. Cutlers and low cutters, 4.00-5.25 cf 'the beverage department few' nitles from Armorel, added that police protection There is such a thing as a person gettin' a break-and there might even bc such a thing as luck, but before you start cnvyin' a person that's gol a little bit more than you have, it would bc a good Idea son companv. C. H. Le'stcr acquitted of ured to plug a crcVasse In (lie southern part of Hie New Mn:lrld spillway, in Mississippi county, Missouri. : Army engineers were' conlldeni flocd waters would be held back from tlw northern area of the split- way hut back waters mny enter-th: southern part. Forty Missouri highway dcpnrl- menl Inicks carried farmers 'from the threatened southern half of the spillway. .The Mississippi counts- flood committee had ordered evacuation of the area. Many of Ule 1000 rural residents of Ihe section still were using lants loaned by the Hcd Crass after last winter's flood. Prallcls K.-ipid Itisc P. W. Brist. government meteorologist at Memphis, predicted a rapid rise there of the Mississippi, which jvas being fed by the swolhn waters'of the Missouri. Ohio and other smaller iributarics. The Memphis crest, however, was expected -to be 15 feet below the 50.4 hl?h of the winter flood. A 37-foot crest was predicted at New Madrid by nixt Monday. Refugee camps were established for negroes and whites at East Prairie. Mo. Thousands of acres In the spillway were newly planted in crops 'vhlch the levee workers were believed (o have saved. Tlie onto rivor .swirled over Hood stage In the "pocket area" of southwestern Indiana today. Trc river rose to 352 fejt. n=ar- ly three feet over Jiooj stage, alon? its side of the triangular area formed by the Ohio. Wabash and While rivers. Hundreds of acres of fertile lowland wer; Inundated. Union [oxnship farmers, w'ho fought with CCC workers for davs to raise earthen, breastworks atop the Ohio river levees, abandoned their hopes. They opened flood <?ales and ths river poured over 10.000 acres of rich farm land. to find cut through to what it it. he had to I suppose flWEB win Help A;F. of L Af- filiale Picket' Holly woocl Studios '•' , ..., May 5 (U PI—A series of minor disturbances occurred today when picketing was resumed at 10 major mo- lion picture : studios by striking members of the Federation of Motion Picture Grafts, who have accepted the support of the Committee for Industrial Organization in their dispute. ' At the Melro-Goldwyn-Mayer ^ studios two laborers. Jrtlnes Ru- low. 22, and RoberO Miller.' 22 were nrrestfd on charges of disturbing the peace. Culver City officers said tlie men became angered at the jeers of pickets and charge of obtaining money under false pretense in another C'.ise. Ezra Hampton, negro. was found not guilty of public drunkenness. lj. D. Davis was fined $10 lor public di-'unkciincfs and Charles Marian's bond was forfeited 0:1 a simitar charge. Sues {or Divorce Mrs. Fannie Henderson lias filed suit in chancery courl againsl Charlie Henderson, asking a divorce on the ground of dr'ertlon. Her attorney Is Kd B. Cool:. all start oul with about the same opportunities but some fellas jest seem to know how to take advantage of 'em I was always known as a pretty ?oo<i fisherman down home but the last lime I visited there. I wen: fishin 1 one day and couldn't seem to git a bit;. " Late that afternoon I got discouraged and started home OI1 <1 as I was tnidjrh' down the road I met Iny Cousin Pernell. He was carryin' one of the prettiest strings of fish I ever fr.v. I said "Pernell. where in the orl.'l did you calch that fine mess of fish?'' He savs "Well, you go down here till you come to a sign marked 'Private Kosd'. You take that road until you com; to a gate with a sign on it tl:al says 'Keep Out'. After you po through the sale you coma to a s:gn that says Philadelphia's Port History Has Salty Air PHILADELPHIA. (UP)-A history of Philadelphia's port, written in the crisp, salty Inn^uage of ••"•> m the sea, has been discovered in the | months, archives of the state Navigation I Tlie office first;.time the piesence in the war }f foreign lioops of anolhei un- ion—porlug'al. Basques Claim Victory , A dispatch from St Jean de Uiz said an Argentine obscivei reported 100 of a gioup of GOO Italians had been killed In action because of pooi tactics by their )fficers. The Basque loyalists, defending Bilbao claimed lo ha\e forced '.he Insurgents back at Amoicbleta, 12 mites southeast 'Of ^Bilbao. The anarchist revolt in Catalonia, \t, appeared, resulted from an attempt by tlie Valencia government to put one of Its officers In command of Catalan tioops It threatened a split In loyalist 'ie- I sistancc to Cien Francisco Franco's Insurgents. (Catolonln Is the heavily nidus-, trlallzcd northeast pirt of Spaln,- tncluding the country's chief sea-' port and laigest city, Barcelona It lias enoyed a semi-Independent slatus since the overthrow of the Spanish monarchy and is a slrojilp7_ bold of the leftist groups lojil to',~ I v '.he Valencia government.) Mrs. J. Frank Wilhite - Is Dead in Venezuela,. Mrs J Frank Wilhite, who visited here last summer, died Mon- an started making the rounds of pic- challenging tlie strik- to fight. A block from the Paramounl studios several men attacked two painters but both assailants and victims lied when studio police approached. Charles E. Leasing, strike leader, salt! that the offer of ihe lo send steel, auto, and workers into the picket lines around the studios had bc"n accepted. The offer had been made by John .Brophy, CIO na- lional director, who announced tnat labor should support this strike regardless of affiliation ' The F. M. P. o. is linked with the American Federation of Labor. County Offices Close Thursday Afternoons Mr Wilhite tMougrft his bride., here List summer to usil his sis- , ters. Mrs. Caudill, Miss Cordslln- Wilhile and Miss Josephine .wit- bite. She wns not feeling very well ' then and they spent some time ^iii Hot Springs because of her health' Mr Wilhife was reared in till-, city but has been living In Venezuela for a number of jcirs Mrs' Wilhltcv: relatives reside there. Following "ustom, all' county courthouse here closed tomorrow afternoon Thursday afternoon of t_he usual summer but one in the I be and every rnoon durlni nd Mrs Q. G Caudill received''-! radiogram today telling of hei 1- f Jones Granted Order Against Water Company County 'judge S I, Gladish issued a temporary order . yesterday restraining the Blylhevillb" Water company from discontinuing water service. to - Bufe Jones; local service station operator, pending final determination "of litigation In which Jones and the company are involved. Jones seeks damages for previous action of the company in discontinuing hts service temporarily, alleges that he was overcharged for service . because of a defective meter, and that the company wrongfully applied a check week following lurfng the ,.,mn er lvronBfull y a W lled «•<*«*.• h. ! months. summoi, sav e in payment of a specified 'Trespassers be prosecuted'. . keep on for about fifty yards until you come to a creek when n sign says 'Positively That's where I caught fishing', of the county agri- it VUIHIV.V UK1I- cultural agent and home demonstration agent will not be closed. Asks $5,000 for Injuries Commissioners. The records of the Board of Wardens of the Port of Philadelphia, on parchment paper, are being copied by WPA workers from their mouldy leather bindings The Port Wardens were or^an- ized In n?6 to control and judge shipping. Stephen Girard. Robert Morris and 'Alexander Hamilton --• ..... ••• belri office in the Port Wardens, | Io 8«lly sustained w-hen struck by a bottling month's bill to a disputed bill. Neill Reed Is attorney for Jones, and C. A. Cunningham and R. H. Allen, jr., represent the water | company. J. J. Couch has filed suit in WEATHER Arkansas - Rilr tonight and l> - 1V11 kYHUIl. K ll:>, which In low became the Navi?a- tion Commissioners. few years after the Unltl a American he was company truck on Highway 40, west of Osceola. Income from of salvaged Revolution, upkeep of j Couch claims thai he was walk- Ihe -•••• »vv, r 'JiuiUJll, U[)SCCp OI I vviuvii t;iit ILIIA njiii Jie \\rtS the port w as in charge of the war- i '"S "long the shoulder of dens. Most of them derived their j highway when struck by marine trade, anchors and Sale I truck, driven by Gobcv Young, finesjnnd permanently Injured. His. at- o~— ««<s,iivii> null 1I1H.-S j ">"•* jjvi uniijuiiLI^ iiijunu, 11 veiled the organization's treasury, torncy is Claude F. Cooper, Memphis and vicinity-—Showers this afternoon, followed by fair tonlghl and .Thursday. Not much, change In temperature. ' The maximum temperature here yesterday was 71. minimum 53. cloudy with .3! of an Inch rainfall, according to Samuel F.NprrLv.of- ficial weather observer. ., '

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