The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 29, 1933 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 29, 1933
Page 5
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FRIDAY. SEPTEMBER 29,, 1933 ,BLTSI1EVILLE, (AUK.), COURIER NEWS PAGE MVfc CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rate per nne rur consecutive inurUcfat: (Five »«r«je words to * Hue) One time per line 10o Two times per line per day 08o Thr<* tline* per line per day 06c Bix time* per Une per d*y .. tec Month rate per lln« ......... Wo ylnlmnm chtrfp 600 Auto Glass All Kinds Installed e Ark-Mo Ijimber Co. lOcklO-10 Day & Nigh! Service Swllou Complete Une Shell Products Repair Work nt Any Time IMiomt 005 Mlltou SVernteg. 13c klO-13 Call 308—Itcd's 1-Uce—118 E. Main For Aitto I'aiulins Hod)- anil Fender Service Formerly with SHuuse-l.itllc Co 20c klO- Ads ordered for Uuree or iU times and stopped, before explra- Uoa will be cbarged Jor the number of time* tbe »d »ppe«red aud adjustment ol bill mule, All Classified Aovertlslng copy lubuittted by peraons residing outride ol tbe elty must be iccom- pahied by cash. Battt; may be «oztly comDUW from above uole No responsibility will be taten lor more than one Incorrect to- •erUon oJ any classified. ad. Advertlsins ordered loi Irregu- iav insertions Uke the one Ume '"""Phone 306 or 307 '"SUsiNfiSSDlRScIoUY" SI W .nd Used TuTiuTurT" Bought and Sold , stoves repaired—Any MJ1L1MNG MATEKIA! HutJ man News V. Swell ol wrre here Bun- llic crop on Mr. and CMmpuell, Mo., ti'.iv looking ('. ('Ir (anil. Mr. and MrV. Vauci 1 Ctitnbiivn ot Rlpley, J.IUis., arrived here Vrst v.'i'e'ii (or an, exienileil tt'ih Mrs. Cainbuiirs mother, Mrs. A"nie Slokcs, Mr. nnd Mrc. (Jleso rorsylhe of Ripley. Tenn.; tti-rived here aim- Holland News A' NorthcuU-HIU. The man late ol Miss Carrie oryicull to Mr. Douglas Hill mis performed last Hutuiday morning nt Caiulhersvlllc by a JuMice ol (ho ix'acc. Mis. 1 liitl is UK' diiugiuer ol Mr. and Mrs. Noule Nurllieull. Mr. and Mrs. Hill will miiki- Uiclr home for a thin; with Mi. Hill's uncle, Ernest Weeks, ajul «ttir wjll eo to Drew, Miss., lo tiakc Ihtlr liotiie.: Mrs. A. A. Kiirnvood has returned to lu-r home In llnyti follosv- liiB a visit wllli rt'lnlivcs here. Mrs. 15. G, blevensoii Is rccov ering tioin u innlur oprriUlon, LtcrforiiK'd l^'idny ol hist \vcok at -.lie lilytticvlllv hosplliil. L. Y. Yales, Hob Leu Sinllh line SiiiiuldiiiK arrl humo Modtty utter u week's visit to lilt. Crnlury of I'roKtvss exposition ftt!,of Mr. und Mre, frncsl Week's, ami itiini, Mra.' Vf.'-lt. Robinson: {A Joo llingcsn ni!d son Lambert! licit Robinson returned to Mrs. John Azlblll of .Tyler ls< o [ nculnh; Ky., have relumed li) home at Memphis Wednesday-at;I spewlliii; this week -with her par-1 ilirlr -home' followliij; u lluvcitvr siH'inllilB two days with reUril ' Mis. Sinn Work-1 weeks vWl here with their ulsVrI lives- hero. , . • ;'j-.l ems, Mr. und man. Mis. Thelmu daughter llelh Jonesboro whero Thompson until Imvo Bone till Mvs. Thompson 1 - THIS CURIOUS WORLD will attend. A, and M. T.' V. Hill ol Ciilhoun. Miss., .s|x.'iil Hit! week end as Ihc guest WAI.!, PAPER Single room lots $1.00 MAYFLOWER line E C. UOUlf'aON LUMBER CO. 23c klQ-29 dnv for an cxlciulul stay •Xallons I Mr. Olid Mri. Cecil Oxford und son. Aisle, were Bursts over Ih: wcck-i-nd ol Mr. iiiicl Mrs. J. W. l?ubiiiH)ii of Canudy Switch, Mo. .lohnr.le Wehb, who has uccn c"iployed on a government sur- S "' "sue I voy tontl '* "' Ilo " le llere ' to i(K \ J fr anj Ml . s Ovvcn Mclhcny I clhldrai were Sunday guests 1 cf Mr. and Mrs. Jo? Blc-cboc, par- outs of Mrs. Mclhcny. Mrs. Fannie lluffiwm and dau- Chler. Mrs. Edna Harrison, 'and ilaughtc''- Mrs. Clive 'I'liiil:- irlcy and Mr Tnnkerslcy. of lil.v- \\ore guests Sunday ol Mr, and Mrs. Murrln Hulfinan. Rasl, wi:o luis been cm- FOR SALE—1D33 DC Luxe Ply-1 ii'uyed on a HOTOiiimenl survey iiioulli, almost new. If yon arc toil, is ;t( home licit; for ti visit. OUR BOARDING HOUSE By Aheni FOR SA1JB i GOOD MlijK Cows ami Calves, navn at Cumiinu Factory. 25pk2 The BEEIt wise arc drinking BUD- WKISKU, kins of bottled beer. thinking of buying a car, hero real bargain. Write Box M,| ourier Ne^s. 23c Alvm Haray 20p klO-20 BUDWE1SER tkd beer. ?Vater-Proof Tarpaulins $275; 8X10 $3.20; ' d weights ixl5 S6.00; other sizes and wcigu« ^ to order. Carney Awning to orde Co.. U3 S. First St. Tj-|ie»Titinir and Addln liepairmg. U. a 110 K. Rose, leistered Spencer CorsetUre M*-* T I navis Phone *^i Mrs. J. J- »»™ M( , klo . 2 KURNITIJKE New acd L'sed It. J. Dodson S'l L. G. MO" BljUMviUc's cot rate CLEANERS. TAILOUS REAL ESTATE Come in, list your real estate. See wliat He have to sell. K. M. Teiry, Licensed Denier, Terry-Worttiington Title Co. lylhevilte Phone Oil Johnny RDI^IIEOU of Memphis V.;>G here Monday. W. HoWnr.on o! Canafly t;v:itch, Mo., '.vas here Tuesday. Mis. Hulon Holmes Is at the home of Mr. und Mrs. Will this week. VANT LAND—We have buyers Jor •lO's, 80's and larger tracts. Can ell 640 tract. Bee THOMAS LAND OMPANY. 2Bckl2 Ycu can buy a home in Blythe-1 v.lle on monthly inslallinenU| .'S than it is renting for. I'd be elad to tell you how. E. M. TEKKY, Agent. Phoiis 611 or 346 8c klO-B| To Insure Your Cotton Call »7 Caudill's Agency GENERAL INSURANCE 106 North Broadway 4Cr ACRES 1 Mile Blythcvillc, eoodl building, 3-4, mile gravel road.| $3000.00, 1-3 cash, balance terms.E. M. TEHRY.Terry-Worth-] Ington Title Co. ' BE EC 5c - lOc • 15c BORUM'S 7*Hf WHATSA MAT, \OU CRKZ-Y V' ASKA TWtN'T A TX3LVA TOR *"' -DA, MONK J-SAY —LOOK y I GEEF A VOU EIGHT A "DOLLA TOR HEEhM •YES'^-AU.A T>ttS. WINT 1 MOOSTATRAINA. "DA NAONK TAKE OFFA WEES VAA1 AN'etTTA t>A PENNY OFFA'DA -<, K&ETS WEETK MY 6RINDA, '• WHATTA YOU BIGHT A T30LLA NO? NOT *W5)|j ALL OP THE Y£iLOW BAHAMA'S OF TH6 COMMON TYPE USED IN '(H6 U.S. ARB DESCENDANTS OP A SINGLE BANANA PLANT PtANTED IM.JAMAICA, -^ ACP.ESIiSO NORWICH =- CANARY IN DER&Y, ENGLAND, £ ;OLD FOR. £/SO. 1JS700.) "Tte NUTA\&AT or-A BRAZIL NUT CA^4 6B USED A3 A CANDLE/ . „ Tlio yello« bannna, used almost e.sdiisisuly In-the Unltoil Ststes, is known as the Ciros Mlclii'l, or il;n tiulqiic vnrlcly. • Jean'. Fran-. cols Poiiynl, ft Krencli botanlsi initl chuirisl, vim settled In Jamaica In 1U20, mitL' visited Martinique aiid urouclit'back n bnnaria plant, tt'lilch he placed in his gni'di;:'. From I'.ils one plant, have Ki'own the tcilHions ot Uanana pln!H^ in Jamaica. . . HOOTS AND HER BUDDIES FOR KENT MODEilN RESIDENCE, G or tnorc looms. p;nna:ient, rcliublc— or will exchange cheap rental Bly(hi villc iiroiirrly for good residence. Reply to P. O. Box 231. ,'Jiyllieville.' 27c k5 For Quality Cleaning Phone 188 Barnes NuWa Cl^ncr^ Hats Blocked Look Like Ne&' phcne 171 Unique Cleaning Service ^ BRICK BUILDING centrally located in business district. Apply O. E. Thompson, Lusora, 1 Ark. ,,- ...,.-.,. - .?8pk2 DRE^MAKING BE\V1NG, alternations, very reasonable. Miss Louise Crane, Plionc SPOKl^cTGOODS so o _ 86. We arc c „„ „,„ -.onlinuinsr our Golf Hal Sale OITer-Comc in aud m a uire about it. Hubbard Hardware Co - IjABlO SERVICE ONE BEDROOM for rent unfurnished, reasonable. Call 51C. •->8pk5 \\'n,LIE DOESN'T KOOK! r^' FOUR ROOM Apartment with Call 327, after C P. M., 55. 27p k30 Modern 3 room furnished or unfurnished apartments. newly decorated, over" Kirby Drug Co. Also store building adjoining Kosy Theatre. F. Simon, 120 W. Davis. Call 764. 27cklC-'27 FURNISHED v Bedroom. preferably Tar man, furnace hcuU 514 Main Phone 98. 5c'klO-5 ^EXPERT RADIO SERVICING Veil Equipped Shop in Blytheville HAROLD SUDBURY - PHONE 1 BATTERIES New Ford Batteries lU-lilal-ItccliarginE-Rer.lirinj; ,71 TIRK & BATTERY STATION ONE or two rooms on Norlh Railroad street, suitable for cotton offices. "Will fix to suit tenant on .lease. Apply Courier News, % Martiy: . . V.VAV" WN'T v.o\it GHNMO ?•" hti' WOT oott, nt oo aor «5 AW 0>ltW ^U' Pifsct Afi' 'j\SGW' OiOtAE o\'av MIOOT. Of WASH TUBHS ACKH IS I'HKVRD! iURNISilEU Bedroom. .Call after 4 o'clock. Mrs. Ed Hnrdln, 101V V/cuiut 21c klO-21 For Prompt Baltcry Service rhonc „ ^" 31 «S! 31 DOGS, PETS For Healthy l>°ss feed Miller's Rations & Quick I.unch HABRDWAKE CO. llcklO-11 AUTOMOBIM«, Attractive bedroom, G18 W. Main. Mrs. McMuimis, phone 627-W. 21cklO-21 WANTED TO RENT SCOTTV, VERY EXCITED, HOTUML6S IT'S NECF.SSACy\ BOVS. STRICTLY BUSINESS, THW'S WE. I'M MER6LV " FRJENP, PRETTIEST 10 MARRV OM6 OF THE BCVS ARE VWOOVIM6 DftMES EVER 80VS. OLD J HE'LL SODU CWftMGE IflMftT CHEAP CP,RD-5H/\RP STICKS HIS HOSE IM By Cra« SfOo'BEt'V" I WILL! gr riu jcrmcc. TNC. SALESMAN SAM MODERN RESlDEN'Ci;, C or more rooms, . pcrn-ancnl. reliable—or wi'l exchange cheap rental Bly- Ihi'villc pro|)erty for gonri resi- ilc' Reply '.o P. O. Box 231, Blvthcville. svsot' S245 S245 WANTED TO UlJ 'i sra:u i. I'KiCKS THIS \VKKK ONIA' '31 Chevrolet Hpnrt Coupe . '30 Chrysler Cnupc '31 Forrt Tudor •31 Fcrfl Coupe '30 Vord Tudor '35 Forfl Panel Trurl. •29 Oakland Sedan 516= '31 Inlernatiornl Truck S'ZUU >31 Chevrolet Truck S'-75 '30 Chevrolet Truck ' S135 t'sed Trailer, Nc« 24s7 Tires . 5125 ALL USED CARS CAREFULLY RECONDITIONED IK OUR SHOP. WE tiUAKANTEK BETTER t'SED CAR VAI.VES SHOUSF.-I-n'TLK CUKVROLKT CO. Open At N'Sht Blylhcvillc. Arkinsas HIGHEST pjltCES paid for Ures. inner tubes, iron, metals, magazines, hides, cars to wreck. Wolf Arian, 12B E. Main, phone 176. 9cklO-9 AT,!, KINDS Men. Women anc children's used clothing and shoes. Highest cash price. Leighton's, 320 E. Main. 9cklO-9, AUTOMOTIVE Gateway Gau^c Good Mcehanle - Work Guaranteed Prices Rlglit 19pklO-10 WANTED Brink the best for (he same price "" BUDWEISbR of bottled 2CK-K10-2C HELP WANTED TWO LADIES car.ible ot meelin' Ihc public. Full or spare tim v.crk. Character reference reqnir rd. Give phone r.nmbcr. Addr?s H H. Courier. 29p k COAL & WOOD F tTs SAM RKS1GNS AS A SHKKI.OCK". lUuTH' =^\tAe.Tf\ ^/OLjjSHeRiFP, uje.'t.t_ DROP .e f^ftTTe(a.5 <S-BT ^ofie OP •-{OUR ocuw tieM r f vceTcu THOSE Triie\/ BY BLOSSEj FRECK1.KS AND HIS-FRIENDS iTH UCTO- KVIOENCEl SMA'I; See Fi'licf Coal Co. /Before you buy coal—You ca fine money. Phone 179. Corn Roiiroad and Ash Sts. 29c klO-29 "Medicine Trees" McCRORY, Ark. (UPl—"Mcdi- TARGEST STOCK TTSE11 PARTS I cine Iroos" arc ou the boom n^ar | s'rtvrecn Mcmpliis and St. Louis •—- "••-- •••••<- -.-.-—.-^ Also Anto Glass •- Phone HO JACKSON' AUTO TAKTS CO. 2c kid- 1 -' here. The liiutcr so dcMgmlod is u c cd for chDrco^l. alcohol, and ot':- er chemicals, and ti in great demand al the present. THE gOYSVJAlT SOSMD OF ZSATlON ROOM TO.fH&t WE MR. HUFF HA? GIVEN TU5M IM HIS FP^CKLE'3 IS READY VJITH "' PAPER. is'=. JUST FOUND OUT I ill. USTEH AiT THAT THE ME^ AS£ |M / THE KEYHOLE ..-'-^> IUTIPFRECKLE9 S'-rbTaRSONTHE •.~.w,,u. ISTEM9S , , ^. • teO WE? FBKKLW (£J^°41 U. J — 1—FT J •5KO&T -—THEM, ONTHEcTliES g:OE OpTvit DODR,?L'iCK AND &1J5 ARE SUDDENI-Y „ JHV ^ UsTEN.'W :J AT\VAS\ T'.VT NO^?E ? 1 THOUGHT ViLl^r tOLOD?THSi"% NEXT DOOR v^> E.MPTY/ -ST OUT OF s^ ^ v ^ y^ty •^ /M M

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