The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 2, 1944 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 2, 1944
Page 3
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MONDAY, OCTOISHK 2, 10'M 13LYTHEV.ILLE ,(ARK.), fi NEWS PAGE lospiiai Plan Widely Opposed Hollingsworth Act Among Those To Be Decided In November llv JOHN II, llKl.FOHl) United I'ress .Staff Corrcs[H>iuleiit HOCK, Oct. 2 (UP) — When Arkansas voters BO to the polls this Nov. 1 they will have to r>clcle on at least six m-oposei (•iluted act.s. Of these, the so- cTlled Hnllinuswoith Hospitiil Act has received the most attention — and o|io.srllo!i. Medical associations, the Arkan sas Public KxHuliUircs Coiinoil and numerous OUILT ov^ani/ations hav Hie iict right and left ll'licy have luiwled "socialized medi Iclne" aiul oven "robbery," In a iiiitsliell, tlie act would creat la •-. slute-c-imtrollwl hospjtalizalio Iproeram—which would lie financed year lite DOPE BUCKET •X J, P. FBltNU hicks To Play At Lifile Rock Again Face 'Tigers' In Fir$t Conference Contest Friday Iby several million dollars a |from new tuxes. . Father of the controversial act •is Walter Hollinjjswoith, a lonner Inclnnry in the slate Insurance Dc- Ipanmcm. llollinyslworth claims he Ispent more than a year working the |*•' • plan out—and now everybody tell!-, 101 Ih'lin it is all wronij. Hollinjjsworth j°.> lo'esn'l Hunk so. The measure would create a coin- Imission for controlling the pro- Ipo'scd program. The commission's lihrec members would receive $5.- lOOO a year each and would have Iwiclc powers of admlinstraling the [hospital program and collecting Itaxcs. There also would be a general la'uditor at S5.000 a year and a see- T'S Till! NAVY. Two mcmtjcrs of Uncle Sum's blue nckct brigade furnish the inntcrlul or today's Bucket, Loiters ciunc the very same clay (rein Emil Damon S 2-c, nnd Thorn is L. Mnbry, MM 2-c, who lire sin- Lioucd at tho sumo place, San Diego, Calif., iierlmiis the largest Mural manufacturing cenlcr In the world. Neither mentioned the other in the letters so they may not know Ilia the other Is close by. Bctcha It won' be long now, though. Etnll, who reached the Tech Scr geanl rating with the Army over long period and was discharged be cause of the over-aye rule, receive ~ ' ' an the Sun Dicg his lire-training ut Galveston was transferred to base. Tom, who served 1 in any years the press room ol the Courier New was first, scut lo Parragut, Iclali before movli Coast base. Ui a seaman. To ot In the machine shop and is r civlng an education in the true irest lo his heart--mechanics. Mabry's Idler follows: Wed. 13 Sept. USNRH »!v. 1>1 San Diego 30 Calif. ear J. P.: I get the Courier and the Hop ickel out here and you know lialnly enjoy them. I Bel a let v from home every dny bill- U.KOO iper from home Is jusl that muc itter. \ MiVcuiNi; snor am working on the nmchii lop crew at Ibe U. S. Navy liepa ase here. Tills ship repair un verhauls and repairs lire dllfere ypes of ships to no out uualu ai II the different types of ships xed up here from a sub lo u ea ler. When I go oul lo the piers ai ec Ihe lillle Jap Flai; stickers n the bridge it makes me feel I i mid) nearer Ihc war than I was he base at home. Tell Mr. Rogers, Karl liucklcy, a Franklin Wurth hello ami I hi Iretary-lreasurcr at $4.200 a year original draft, revenues of some $ 000,000 a year would be derived fro five types of taxes. However, tin of these taxes—those on cha stores, soft drinks and' Insiiran premiums — were eliminated fro J'Hie commission would fix all olhei (incidental salaries. The proposal calls for the building •of a research laboratory and ad- Iministration building at Little Illock. Esliinaled cost for these two IbnilditiBS would be from $500,000 lo 1 $600,000. Besides that, five genera jxjspitals—to be located in five o state's larger cities—would b I ouilt. 'I he act scls forlh that thes I five buildings would cost from S500, 1000 lo $2.500,000 each. Each hospital would have a school I for nurses. And after one of the. [hospitals is built, the measure pro- lyldes that the commission begin to Jiniild county clinics and emergency •[hospitals iii 10 counties. Ten per Ijcent of the revenues In support the [{program for the first five years liwould be set aside to build the llMiiergcncy hospitals. I \ According to the act, every citi- 1 Yin of Arkansas would receive i.Wlmcnt nt any of Ihe hospitals '! clinics for balance of cost of ,/jrvice." The act specifies Uiat the ..ominissicn should formulate the "iianncr in which the balance" i'Vould be calculated, but did not Explain just bow this "balimc- Would lie figured. ' Hollingsworth said tliat under the :he revised draft. strengthened as long ns the dralt board overlooks Junln' John lloil- man, 200-nouiul llennal all-stale back who already has lurni'il III. Hoffman, IjlBge'r. faster, and better than ever, lias sparked the liiirnetlmcn lo easy triumphs over Ihc Foidycc llcdbiiKs, •llt-0. and the Joncsbgro Goliln lluri'leun, M-l). With a forward wall thai averages 115 pounds and a stiir-sludded backlleld, headed by Hoffman, (he Tillers are well fortified at every nosillon. In skilled, expcrlcncei Hope anil by big .scores, while the lirdbu^s have dropped a couple to I.UUe Hock ami Pine lUuff by '100 and '1-1-0, rcsprrtlvelv. Over In the West the Iliisscllvlllo 1 Ciulden 'iviin-iiin Is Kiiiii'd Jor a u;h .session from rival I'ails. liolh d easv limes last week, Facing Tiwers un Friday nl 8 IUs Is'. I'fmcls. and an CNjTllenl crop of 10- •ItliB to be a luiblt-a" nuvU un- elves. Only a mlraele or uiter c«l- leisanl disaum'abl, habit - for "I** due to Internal strife such as 11. Hlvihi'vllli- rhlck'naws lllst V" 1 ' ''"" POssU'ly ""'''I 1 then ll> lil.UIKMIU. V,mth.lMt«.s, ,.|,,.,,,.,I,,, ..i.i,, (,, il,, ll ll 111 I he first, uame of the season 10 Chleks look H on the chin from he Cinulheisville Timers, 10-0. A •cck liili-i- the I'aiklii 'I'lgei-s eame, aw and conquered, 1-1-7. Now the trlbi' takes on another Ji-ngal Ijiind this Friday niuht.Thls tun 1 it will Liu (lie iMWcrful Uttlc fock Tiner.s. ciiirciilly the No. 1 cam in the Arkansas lliuli School Conference championship rai:c The l!«mo will be. held at Ttiu'i Stadium In the stale capital cits and, marks the first conference en counter for the luimellng.s, a nom, too brliiht Ihounhl. Tiscis Ayjii'iir SlroiiB Moklns llu'ii first season nnde Ihc liilorshlii of Couch "Habbit ISmnetl, former Stale Teai-hers Col U'Bi! star, llii 1 Tigers appear head I'd for their first conference i'ham plonshlp In several yeais. The chances for the flag will •inn Hie championship, In ilu pinion of able critics wlm liavi een most of the tennis Ln nctlon, \Vllilrats an' ll|isi-l Three oilier conference names in on the curd for this week. T'h North Little Hock Wildcats, nlve llilte n flKlit by both llcnlon nil rexaikann on consecutive week •nds, travel to Caimlcn to test Km Coleni:in's Cainden Panthers. I Dorado, held to n G-li lie by It Hope llobcals In a .stunnhu; upsi entertain Hie I lot Springs Tiojai and arc exiiectcd to bounce bac The Trojans dldn'l have Ih. peeled easy lime with Heulon Ki day bill did manage to sc|iice/.e o n M-li vlclory. I'lnc liluff, wlilch wllli HI norm Ultle Hock, nnd Hot Springs, rat at one of tlie WK -I lakes on stilt competition against Foil Hint The 2eln as had a mere cukewi o see yon all again when tills seta s over. This S. li. U. is made up of all irades from men of every stale in the union and I nm gcltlug an education in the machinist trade. Good luck and best wishes. Sincerely, Tom. times a week, used as a Church on Sunday. And once a week we have a USO .show. 1 don't i;o to town much. Han Diego Is too crowded and also UK) expensive for a seaman 2-c. Just a plain hot do|; is 20c and any kind of drink is lOc. A short order of ham and cugs ranges from HOC with I'Vidyce, winning 41-tl, wli e defeating Matislleld 33-0, lle Paris rolled over lioonevlllej •10-1). Henlon, lioaslini; one of Its mart ixnverlul loams In yenis, may be pushed lo defeat Uauxlle, while- lli'lnkley In due to nlvrj Foriest City a busy lime In the other two clash- es. nol Spoil tva Dir-Oil all« il KOW 'Don't put off getting C-2223 to re- I Jieve pain of muscular rheumatism I • a'nd other rheumatic pains.Caution IliUse only as directed. First tiqUlo : piirchase price baclt if notaatisiicd . (iOc and $1.00. Today, buy C-2223 . It's easy us pullins ut fair up in cuilcts. Yuu'll (iud lo in Vuilu \sryll . ui: you need in the 1 PERMANENT, WAVE KIT 1 lircs no lical <>r clrctricUy. Salt, for c ir <' l 'cr H uiillion sottl. C.el [lie ^.i wrm-Ktii-l IVrmrmcnl Wave Kit l.xla jy Bros. Drug Store and all dru As it now stands, the mcasi would levy taxes on several n ural resources. Including limb The schedule includes a tax of cents per 1,000 board feel, log sea on sum, hickory, elm, oak and pine. Petroleum would be taxed five cents per barrel of 42 gallons on that, of '22 gravity and below; gas. three- tenths of'a cent per 1,000 cubic feel measured at 10-ouiice pressure, and coal, nine cents per ton. The act would also lax sulphur, gnitu. marble, building stone, gw- sand, potter's clay, bauxite and other ores." Electric power manufactured ithin the stale would be taxed at our-tenths of one mill per kilowatt our. All laxes would be in addi- on lo those now in existence. According to Holltngsworlh, the ct would appropriate $5,000,000 foi 'ic program for one year ending •eb. 15. 1946. Of this, $3.500.000 •ould go for capital expenditures 900,000 for general operations 500,000 for salaries and $100,000 or research. One paragraph of the measure vould exempt the system from pro 'isloiis of Act 214 o! 1943 — tin mdeetary control and prc-audi aw. Also on the ballot will be Oo\ Homer Adklii's proposed act to re peal legal horse and dog racing i' :lic state. , Before the elections, Adkin s promised an all-out campaign in support of his act. He even went so ar as to promise that wiicn elected U S Senator, he would attempt passage of a bill forbidding wire service to horse race book-makers. However, since his defeat in the senatorial race, Adkin's hasn'l mentioned his proposed act except to sa v that it would be up to the state's newspapers to carry on the fight. Since Adkin's apparently has given up bis pel act, political observers believe that the proposed act will fail to receive the vote needed to outlaw horse racing. In the joint. Ha. It would do your heart good lo ee what goes on ill a Navy repair ase. This is the second one 1 have eon In. I walked In us a civilian a 1 * Mare Island Navy Yard. After ecing both, you don't have to guess •here the money goes from War ionds. I inn here every day, but lill like to go down to the pier and vatch the dilferctit types ot ships The base from a seaman's eye is I to SI.25. Uepemls on the finiiiline contained in Emll'.s letter: u. a. N. R, n.. niv. IC-A San Dlcyo 3G Calif. 13 Scpl. 44. Hello, J. P.: 1 must say lhat you keep the Dope Bucket" full. I enjoy cvery- ne of them and have got the ad- resscs of several friends from same. Vould like to know another. 1 won- ler if you could give me the address f Ens. Bill Godwin, or his brother, Boyd. f wrote Boyd at his old ad- Iress at Vallejo, Calif., but the Icier came back, marked "Unclaimed.' (Bill's address is Flotilla 44 AliC No. 2, Fort Pierce, Fla.) I have been here about a montl nit as yet huvc not mrjt anyone from home whom I know. I me one sailor from Rosie, Ark.. "Beard" and one from Flat Lake. His nanu. was Grant. I did nol know eithei of them prior to entering the Navy YOUNGSTERS GKT HKKAKS So far, the Navy has not been toe good to me, but I am not crylnti But just thought I would pass it 01 lo you. The younger men gel llr breaks, and alter all I guess the; are the ones who deserve Ihcir Prom here, it looks like I am her for Ihc duration. I still like Arkai sas and think it is a good place I be, and 1 don't mind telling 'ei that I am. from Arkansas., Our living quarters here arc nic and the food is okay. Our PX is no so hot, because at present this has is crowded. We have a picture slio (free), change ot .programs Hire the Grizzlies had It Just as easy lor revenge and would like nothing bettor than to I rip the /.elnas ant! alone for the 20-18 defeat of l!il:t that robbed them of their bli: chance lo win the championship, which the striped mules eventually won. May Chock Ti>rii:nb> Plenty of opposition Iwims for other members of the conference for teams oul.slde the Din 10. Ks : pcc-ially Is thai Inic of the miiuh beaten Fordycc Kedbug eleven They take on the bucking biirka- roos from Smaekover. The l)iick.s already have defeated Fordycc and hal put In there. All of my spare line, and I have plenty of 11, 1 spcnc dong Ihc water front. I started out Jiisl lo ask for HI address, bill there is so much to write about 1 am sorry I can't do i better job, so please excuse my >en. Our bunks are 3 high and I am silting on a to]) one trying to write. About all the exercise 1 gel is climbing up and down from my bunk. Some time I'll tell you whal job is. Thanks for Hie "Dope Bucket" and hope you can send me one o! hc addresses. Sincerely, Em II. P. S. Just got a card from my broth- ei, Owen McKay. He has arrived In Camp Cooke, Calif. On my next 72- hour liberty I hope to see him. Yes, Emll, I had a chance to talk lo Owen for a few minutes just a short tUni! ago. "You know, he was stationed near Alexandria, La., and told me aboul paying a visil to my Alma Mamy, La. College. 1 loo, had a card from him at Cookc. Seems to be getting along line. IRRITATIONS OF EXTERNAL CAUSE Arno pitiinlrfl, ercotim, fuctury ilprnm- SKIN , , litLH, niiiljitoriiiK^vnirii, toid'r, n;ib , l>uiii|Ui, (liliiiikhniuln), mill ill;')' li'rokcn- (jut Bkin. : Million!) icliovo ili-liin^. IHITII- hi nnil Hotpnotw of (ln..3u itii^ra i H wiili plt'liDHio iryiitiiionl. Ooc3 let work ijt oiLCO. Atda lii'iilin^. wiirku Ihu ailli.^cplLi) u-ay. UKelllark JLILI! \VliituOiiitniuut Hilly us dirccli:.!. IOc, '^fji:, GOt: t*m:u. 'A r i yi-inji' itucce.iH Mitnuy-bauk i;iiaruii(un. Yitul in ck'niiHliiK in ( Bony. Knioy fn- moua IJIuck iiad Wliito Bkin buiip daily. J.iy.7 FRED LIMSBY Duyirr, l.vl'iiiiiin, In ilnK-s like these, the traditional economy nml reliability of 1'oril cars arc more than ever appreciated liy milliuns of l ; »rd owners. And with cOicifnl Fnril ProtcctivuScrv- icc readily available everywhere, it's small wonder you so often hear il said, "Sure ylad I've yoi « l ; ord!" "I COVER GOO SQUARE MILES buyini; liiiilicr I" hi; imnlc into plywood fur i'T |H);IIN, pliuics ami olIuT \vnr ils. It's rugu^l CDiiiury but my 1!M2 lurd Hikes it in siriilc." "II'S 1RRVCUO 75.000 HUES im die- rouglicit roilils jniii^iniibli-. hikes 11 licaiinn bin il Maiul* u|t fine. Am) though unit'li tif my ilrivin;; i% in Iciw iic'iir, 1 RCI Koo>li;"5 mik'iiiic." "A CAR'S HOT TO BE GOOD 10 measure up u> unij;h giiin^ like tlmt. '^My Toril's bitn swell mid (o keep it so I liikc U ID my I'ord denier regularly for n uiccku[>. ll cctinlnly pnys!" HEV/S NOTES: r« ,K,i,n,uh nmieriat. *uun n, a R auac of foul, 25 mile* of roitilwuys uiiJIOO niilci ol k , muamimn mn nil MU , .jnm TDK ro»T Pcn*i-Co!tt Company. l*>ng Island Citg.,N..¥. Dottier: 1'epsi-Culii Uottlint; Co. of Blytheville ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES- GIN AND MILL SUPPLIES AT' PRESENT our stocks of repair parts are as com- nlctc as during pre-war times! Put your plants in shape; for Fall NOW. WE GIVE SERVICE— call us day, flight or Sunday. * Belting * Belt Lace * Steam Packing * Pipe Fittings * All Size Pipe * Crane Valves * Gin Saw Files and Gummers Hardware Co. Bcrvlnj Blythevlllo 25 Tear* 10 Year Guaranteed Moothproofing Protects CLOTHING— RUGS—FURNITURE— PRAPES—BLANKETS—etc. Ask for the schedule of reasonable prices. SON Cleaner—Tailor—Ciothfer he has 184,999 sisters Tlicrc are 185,000 telephone operators in Hie Bell System—Ihc largest number in liislory. As telephone calls liiive increased, more people have been added lo handle them. Service generally is good but sonic Long Distance lines to war-busy centers get crowded. Then the operator may say— "Please limit your call lo 5 mitmlcs." ,.,...,/.,,,-•••-,-<•«• ••vSrf-'V 'We appreciate the way you're going along wilh that suggestion. SOUTHWESTERN BELL TELEPHONE CO. : , Moie llun 39,0011,0110 Font, Kt:t'.i( ill llncnln cm-iiJ fold I PAPER IS WAR MATERIAL —Ptemo lol<o oood " r8 of youi telephono dir«c- lihordlo replace. Rectal and Colon Sufferers From All Parts of the United States Express Gratitude It's not an ordeal — the treatment is mild, and you are likely later to think of your trip to Excelsior Springs more as a vacation, rather than a necessary trip here to regain your health. Piles, Fistula and certain colon conditions and often rectal troubles are in many instances dangerous. There is no other word to describe it. So why take chances? Why not do as thousands of others have done —secure treatment before more dangerous complications may be brought on by unnecessary delay. Send for our book. It won't cost you a penny except for the postage you use to send us your name and address. It contains 122 pages of charts and information that will answer your questions and tell you about The McCleary Clinic Dl 022 Elms Blvd. Excelsior Springs, Mo. this institution that is regarded by thousands of-,fpr- mer patients as the foremost of its kind in the world. Send for This 122-page FREE Book to Show YOU the Way to Relief - Reading the book should give you a better understanding "^ of rectal and colon disorders. It may be just what you need to make a decision that will mean improved health and happiness for you-Why not wnte for it-now Use the coupon, post card, or a personal Idler describing your conditions if you wish todoso. THE MCCLEARY CLINIC, "" ' Elim Blvd., Excelsior Springs, Mo. Gentlemen: Plc«o send your Fc.o Book describing mild FISTOLA D STOMACH DISTURBANCES SUcct No^ Ciiy- Stale-

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