Argus-Leader from Sioux Falls, South Dakota on April 17, 1960 · Page 47
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Argus-Leader from Sioux Falls, South Dakota · Page 47

Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Sunday, April 17, 1960
Page 47
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MARTHA HYER'S MAKEUP REALISTIC HOLLYWOOD - TLe make-up Martha Hyer used for her portrayal of Richard Burton's 40-year-old wife in a sequence of "Ice Palace" was so realistic that he drew appraising glances from other actresses at the studio when he passed by. "I can almost hear them thinking Martha's getting old," chuckled the 30-year-old Texas beauty. UUUUiAJUlSU SIOUX FALLS COLISEUM SAT., APRIL 23 0-9:30 DJB. HW!1 Sunday, April 17, 1960 Sioux Falls ArgosLeader 7D 'Wake Me When It's Over Due af State Wednesday TWO SHOWS fitf BRENDA LEE Direct from the top TV shows, a lour ot Europe and South America, Singing hr Number oi record nit 'rSeet Nothing". Sings vp itorml HANK SNOW mid V ft- I- 4. i wem $ as:- On of Amerl- t. cat best CW If ill eneiners, t k a "Sinaina Ranger" singing hit after hit. Including "Rockin, Rollin Oceon", "It Oon't Hurt Anymore" and "I'm Mo via On". Carl Butler Add his aw long styling for variety ic Billy Grammer The "Gotta Travel On" star. Hear kirn ting hit newest. -TWO BANDS- The famous Rainbow Ranch toys of Hank Snow, and the entertaining hand of Billy Crammer. Advance tickets Adults 1,U, Children Me Odland Music Shop Ray's Drive-in Mall Order Sioux Falls coliseum Box Office Adults. $1.50 The Last and Biggest Jamboree Grand Ole Opry of the Season, Don't Miss It! A Verl Themson - Big "K" Woslera Jamboree presentation By RALPH GREEN Argut-Uader Staff Writer A movie which seems destined to be rated among the best comedies of 1960 is scheduled to. begin Wednes day at the State Theater. It is "Wake Me When It's Over," with a top-drawer cast that includes Ernie Kovacs, Margo Moore and Jack Ward en. Producer-director is Mer-vyn Leroy, who has such hits as "Mister Roberts" and "No Time for Sergeants" to his credit. The wacky film tells of a Manhattan barkeep, a World War II veteran, who is shipped to a tiny island in .the Pacific because of a mixup in Air Force'serial numbers. He and the other GIs form a corporation and erect the wackiest resort hotel ever conceived a swanky hostelry made of cast-off Air Force items. "Wake Me" will replace anoth er comedy "Visit to a Small Planet." In the top role is.a comedian by the name of Jerry Lewis. He gets some help from Fred Clark and Joan Blackman. Jerry plays a visitor from outer space who has fun among earthmen, his mental inferiors. He has fun showing off reading minds walking on the ceiling and confounding beatnicks. HOLLYWOOD "PLEASE DON'T EAT THE DAISIES" (Today) Doris Day, David Niven, Jams Paige, Ricn-ard Haydn. Famed comedienne Patsy Kelly returns to the screen in the film. Miss Paige has the role of an actress who is on the make for Niven. Most of the trouble stems from the panning, by drama critic Niven, of a Broadway play. Miss Kelly plays a maid who finds work in a household of four boys can be a night mare. "ONCE MORE, WITH FEELING" (Next) Yul Brynner, Kay Kendall, Gregory Ratoff. A styl ish, sophisticated movie that makes the most of the talents of Brynner and Miss Kendall Bryn ner is cast as a famous egocentric conductor and Miss Kendall i r -St -?p - h IN COMEDY Yul Brynner and Kay Kendall keep the laughs coming In "Once More, With Feeling," scheduled next at the Hollywood. as his long-suffering wife. She Aurora," "Sleeping Beauty Song" keeps the career of her tempera- and Tne Skump Song. mental, self-centered husband going as long as she can stand it. She leaves him after she finds him "auditioning" a sultry young pianist. His career goes to pieces without her and is refurbished only after a dearly-won reconcili ation. EGYPTIAN "BOY AND THE. PIRATES" (Today) Charles Herbert, Susan Gordon. This adventure fantasy tells the delightful story of a 20th Century boy who is transported back in time some 200 years and finds himself on a pirate ship, as Blackbeard's cabin boy. "LIBEL" (Tuesday) Olivia de Havilland, Dirk Bogarde. Here is a suspensful courtroom drama. CONTINENTAL DINNERS You'll enjoy a wonderful dinner at the) Normandy'. Delicious food and pleasant surroundings. All you can eat. Adults $1.93 end Children under 10, $1.25 33rd end Minn. Ave. Sioux Foils wmmmmm'mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. TOWN 'N COUNTRY CAFE (Duuwi Wjuui April 17, 1960 W. Wish You Joy On Thlt Easter Day r : iav:4fillliifllHM ' il tudsih 1 As Choirs Sing Alleluia!!! On This Holy Easter Day May the Beauty of the Season Bring Much Happiness Your Way. SERVED WITH, DINNERS: CrlsR. Relishes, Choice f Tomato or Pineapple Juice or Homemade Chicken Rice Soup ROAST PRIMI RIB OP BEEP Am Jus. . .Hot Platter. Your ehoice, Rare, Medium, Well Done 2.75 FRENCH FRIED JUMBO FANTAIL SHRIMP Hot Sauce . 2.00 ROAST LONG ISLAND DUCKLING Wild Rice. Orange Glaze Sauce 1.95 BAKED TENDERIZED HAM (full of flavor) Sherry Sauce 200 ROAST YOUNG TOM TURKEY-4ender moist slices. Savory dressing, Giblet Gravy, Cranberry Sauce .... 1.90 ROAST CAPON (the pride of all chickens) Sage Dressing, Homemede Cranberry Relish 1,85 VEGETABLES (select two) Cendied Sweet Potatoes Buttered Fresh Asparagus Baked Idaho Potato Whole Kernel Corn in Cream Whipped Potatoes Hickory Smoked Homebaked Beans SALADS (select one) Molded Easter Soled en Crisp Lettuce Chef's Tossed Spring Salad with choice of Dressing Old Fashioned ColeslawLettuce Cup Creamy Cottage Cheese Bosket of Homemade Assorted Rolls Chocolate Bread Beverage Olivia de Havilland It revolves about a suit brought against a British newspaper by a young baronet. The news story claims a baronet is an imposter, that he has assumed the identity and wife of a dead man. "GUYS AND DOLLS" (Thurs day) Marlon Brando, Jean Sim' mons, Frank Sinatra, Vivian Blaine. An inveterate gambler woos a Mission lass and a chor ine captures the proprietor of i floating crap game on old Broad way. An entertaining musical. Companion show will be "The Bishop's Wife," a comedy star ring David Niven and Loretta Young. STRAND "SLEEPING BEAUTY" (Today) All of Walt Disney's splen did talents have been combined in this famed fairy tale. Many elements are combined fantasy, romance, villainy, song and beauty. The music of Tchaikovsky's Sleeping Beauty.Ballet, as adapt ed to the film, keynotes five songs: "Once Upon a Dream, "I Wonder," "Hafl the Princess "GUNFIGHT AT DODGE CITY" (Tuesday) Joel McCrea, Wright King, Nancy Gates. Mc Crea plays Bat Masterson, new ly-elected sheriff of Dodge City. 1 s tf k - ! m , v t I "mi " 'ii wiiiiiii r l tl . A At Coliseum Saturday The season's last Grand 01' Opry jamboree will be presented at the Coliseum at 6:30 and 9:30 p.m. Saturday by Verl Thomson. Entertainment will be headed by Hank Snow, "The Singing Ranger;" Brenda Lee, Carl Butler and Billy Grammer. Featured will be two bands Snow's Rainbow Ranch Boys and Grammer's group. Snow and Miss Lee are well known to country music fans. The latter, only 14, recently returned from entertaining in Europe and South America and has appeared on the Ed Sullivan, Steve Allen and Perry Como shows this season. Tickets for Saturday's show are on sale at Odland Music Shop and Ray's Drive-In. Joel McCrea He is succeeding in cleaning up the wide open town when he runs afoul of the law himself. STARLITE LAST TRAIN FROM v GUN HILL" (Tonight) Kirk Douelas Anthony Quinn, Earl Holliman, Carolyn Jones. When his wife is assaulted and killed, a marshal (Douglas) tracks down the killer (Holliman), who proves to be the son of the marshal's old friend, (Quinn) a powerful rancher who controls a town. The marshal and his prisoner make it out of town on the last train. t "PLACE IN THE SUN" (Tues day) Elizabeth Taylor, Montgom Bishop Sheen Gave Assist-To Carl Reiner HOLLYWOOD (AP)-Few peo ple outside the trade know it but Carl Reiner is a top comedy writ erand he has Bishop Fulton J. Sheen to thank for it Reiner, who has scored in com edy roles in movies and as Sid Caesar's TV sidekick,, now is one of two writers for Dinah Shore. "Caesar used to ask rr ' :' in on writers c o n f e rencc. Re i n e r recalls, "but the other, writers would never a c c e p ti me. l was lusi, another comic. Sheen "Then one day Sid did a skit wherein he played a fly buzzing around. I contribut ed a line where he buzzed arouna a supermarket. He stopped at a counter filled with DDT, read a sign that said: "Kill flies instantly." "My line had Sid the fly com menting: 'My, but there's a lot of hatred in this world.' "The next night on TV, Bishop Sheen used the line in his sermon. I was accepted after that." im, ft Angie Ripe for Kissing Contest HOLLYWOOD Angie Dickin son's torrid kissing scenes in "Ra chel Cade" set an all-time Holly wood mark. She got more kissing done with her two leading men, Peter Finch and Roger Moore, than most glamor queens can accomplish in twice the time. All because of the nature of her characterization. In keeping with her portrayal of a missionary nurse in the Congo she wore absolutely no lipstick. This means that she could kiss for hours on end with no time out for the customary make-up re pairs required under ordinary circumstances. . Australian university professors, in Sydney are seeking a mini mum salary of $194 a week, with $154 for associate professors. $r , $ ' r - v j 1.1 i - X M. 3 awiliwimfaiiiift'iilliiftniiiT iTimJ . Joan Evans ery Clift. A factory worker is corn oetween two loves. A crisis prompts him to contemplate mur der but he changes his mind. But the girl drowned and he is found guilty and is sentenced to be ex ecutes "NO NAME ON THE BULLET" (Thursday) Audie Murphy, Joan Evans. A gunman terrorizes a town. The man he has come to kill dies from tuberculosis before the killer can find him. "The public, alas, is not fright fully interested in corruption," said Geoffrey Powell, secretary of the British Bribery Prevention League, in London. I M I i . i FOR A "SPECAL TREAT-MAY WE SUGGEST???? WILSON'S TOWN V COUNTRY-SPECIAL CHOICE CUT STEAK 3.00 Choice of Potatoes Choice of Salad (listed above) Basket of Homemade Assorted Rolls Chocolate Breed Beverage Easter Sunday Desserts Fresh Apple Pie 20e Custard Pie. .... .15 Prune-o-Nut Pie. .... ,20c FRESH STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE , 45c EASTER SUNDAY SPECIAL DESSERT ANGEL DELIGHT 25c (if this Desurt pleases you give your name and address to our Hostess and we will mall the recipe to you) Fresh Ripe Strawberries end Cream 35c Whole Baked Apple with Country Cream 25c No Sugar Cup Custard . . . . 1 0c Cup Custard . , . . 15c ONI HALF CHILLED CANTALOUP! 25c EASTER TREAT FOR THI KIDDIES DECORATED COOKIES 10 each Breakfast Served 4 e.m. to 11 a.m. Dinner Served 11:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. TOWN 'II COUNTRY CAFE 2104 WEST 12TH STREET ALWAYS AMPLI PARKING SPACI An EASTER treat for your family CONTINENTAL BUFFET DINNER Choosa from - ROAST TOP SIRLOIN OF BEEF-Baked Ham and Turkey featuring Shrimp Bowl, Luscious Salads and a variety of Hors d-oeuvres It's Delicious! end only $2.20 Per Person - Children $1.50 Served Sunder 5:00 p.m. to B p.m. Coll ED4-9911 For Reservation "Watch for the Opening. April 20fN SHERATON -CARPENTER HOTEL Clifford M. Johnson, Mgr. ' SLEZAK TO TOUR NEW YORK (AP)-Walter Sle- zak, who created the starring role in "The Gazebo," will fill the same assignment during the sum mer as the show takes to the road. The comedy is set for an eight-week tour, with key engagements in Chicago and Detroit. 8 RIDES 8 Open Every Night Saturdays and Sundays Kids Dime Anytime, over 12, 20e PLAYLAliD PARK EAST 8TH AND 'NDIANA TODAY MATINEE AND EVENING MATINEE MONDAY 12:15 P.M. NOW.... 2ze cffe ()fM&Jedt4vet4&Mx becomes Walt Disney's Newest, Most Wonderful Motion Picture! As, i WALT DISNEYS 7r TIdw Showing "VISIT TO A SMALL PLANET" 1:15, 3:15, 5:15, 7:15, 10:50 State. "PLEASE DONT EAT THE DAISIES" 12:45, 2:55, 5:10, 7:25, 9:40 Hollywood. "BOY AND THE PIRATES" 1:40, 3:40, 5:40, 7:45, 9:45 Egyptian. "SLEEPING BEAUTY" 12:15, 2:05, 4, 5:50, 7:45, 9:40 Strand. . "LAST TRAIN FROM GUN HILL" First show at dusk Star lite. -OLD 1lMt II v vir"jji--j W PIP X metro Golpww-. MAYER prtScn(33 The UPROARIOUS' MOVIE FROM big best-seller .It's all about) Love and Marriage- and how to mix the twof BORIS fteSgf;' lAViDf p)"; Jf?Q KlVENf h&-'vHK 7 EUTERPE X - Ji I wVf I? SF ll L UCHHUM-iii.ta-EiiKW ADDED UFFS TOM W I? JERRY Duck Doctor ' 7 fir! 1 Ma V jf.V-VM YES! WE WILL HONOR QUAKER OATS TICKETS 7 W ; Alt jk texhAiki; -y--piit,'-iiiir-;iiiiti- itFTiESHty ot 8:40 P.M., . STATE The funniest picture since fun was born and it all happens on a tiny island In the Pacific Starring one of Radio and television's most hilarious personalities with a newcomer that's sure to make a hit . . "Visit to a Small Planet" shown before and after preview at 7:15 and 10:50 p.m. ha ' s$n4ii HE! -T NOW A HAPPY. LAFFY Our-Of-This-World COMEDY FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY! V NN ' ... i 1 I , . ' CO-STARRINO) 1 fell'1 ,0AN BLACKMAN EARL HOLLIMANTp V' PLUS Walt Disney Cartoon j HO! V1 " '...!:--'v:-1. :" J'J i ADULTS 65 o KIDS IN CARS FREE! COMI AS U ARE The moment of moment of VIOLENCE- ' was here ! LAST TRAIN MMMOUNIPICrURE TECHNICOLOR win VZft 2 COLOR CARTOONS! BOY AGAINST BUCCANEER THELSKS AND THE DLrD EASTMAN COLORS CHARLES HERBERT-SUSAN GORDON MURVYN VYE g Today cent, shows Irom 1 a.m. Mondey mat. i p.m. Eva. 7 ft m i i ii ii TODAY & MONDAY DONT SI OOLEO... jf HE ISNT f TUB (ASTIR BUNNY BE I i 1 f WEDNES DAY T a a Raucevs, Riotous. Cock -eyed story asout the Air Farce Funnier ttian "Don't Ce Near The Water" and "No Time tor Sergeants I" J t; MERVYW LEROY'S SUrrinj ERNIE KOVACS MARGO MOORI DICK SHAWN A -a - ? ,TBFifra::sm

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