The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 11, 1950 · Page 16
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 16

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 11, 1950
Page 16
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f AGE SIXTEEN BIATITEVTLU5 (ARK.) COURIER NEWS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION 1 lime p*r iln» J*o 2 ttmM per lln« per day lie I nm«* *tr lin* pet d»]r ...... K I ttmr* per line pel dijr It 17 llrncti per lln« p«i <S»y fee Montfi per line DOc Count Mr« ftr<Ti$« words TO th« lint Ad ordered Inr three or *li tlrne« ADO Btoppect oeio/e eiplratlon wUf be chare ed lor the number IT time* the »d kppr&rd and adjustment ol b'.IL oifcd* Air classified Advertising copy «ub- mitien DJ person * residing outride ol th« city must be accompanied by CHsn Rates may cull) be computed from Uif Abate ikOte Adrmising order 1oi rreuJmr low Wane iafc« the one time ttble No responsibility wlJl tie IB Km toj tnor« man one incorrect insertion ol BUT classified »d AH n[l5 are restricted to trieti propei clAuiflcatlOD «ly.e and type The Courier Ne*n reserrw tar r IK Jit to edit at reject uny &d >4pa/-fmenf for Rent Modem 3-room unfnr. apt Ph. 3665 or 4267. 3] 11 pfc s. H 2-room furnished upt- Electric stove <t refrigerator 103 W. Ky. PJi. 3100 s;u pk s;n Small /urn. apt. J'h, 2523. s;n Five room ap.irunpiit. Furnished or unfurnished. 62J Clilckasawbft. Call 3576 i'6 pk 5' 1 5 Furnished upstairs duplex $42 50 Utilities not fur. I'h C3V7 or 2380 5;5 pk 5112 2 room aparimrnt. Furnished or until rnlshed. Abraham Tourist Courts 4 ck If 2-room fur ant with FrfKldnire Couple only. M09 W. Ash, 5;3 pk 5JIG 4-room unfur dpi. Ph 3305 Api. 140-00 Four-rooms A; bath, fct rmbro Th 717 after G o'clock 5[5 pic 5[12 3-room Bi>artment, furnished or un- lurnlstiert. Ph. 2087. 5]10 p* 5JI3 Furnished apartment. Close In. He- fricerator. H water. Utilities f»r. Pl>. 2062. • 5|10 pk 3|13 Apt. 401 E. Ash Furnished apartment, 3 ro«m» and bath. Newly decorated Butane fre». electric rcfrlgerntor, KOOd furniture T Simon, ph, 3373. •*!« ck tf Auto Supplies and Services Don't endanger your family with faulty tires—BUY LEE TIRES CHAPMAN SERVICE STATION Main &. Division Phone 2563 12;i:j ck if Services TYPEWRITERS DON EDWARDS 111 W. Walnut Fhnna 3382 Plenty of Parking Space J|H tr WATCH AN D~~ JEWELRY REPAIR 1-Day terylct on Jewelry—3-day3 on watches and .clocks Guaranteed work done by expert repairman Lowest "PATO'BRYANT, Jewelry Main & Second ck ATIENTION For brickInyers contact local union No. 10 C. B. Klcnc Kecret.iry Phone 4656. 5;a pk 5|15 Curtains Fhouo 6259 tumid red ntrelcheO awrence 4|M pk i;H FURNITOKE UFHOLSTERU4O QUALITY WORKMANSHIP PROMP1 SERVICE THK HOUSE OP CHARM. DIAL 61»0 1|2J ck W Wasnins manhlnrs tepalretl All makes Blythevllle Machine Shop Ph '828 11 [a C k xr AUTO AND rURNITURK LOAN'S Prompt PersonA| Sorrlre OenerBl Contrnct Purchase Corp 106 6ouib 6lh Phon« 6S03 4;5 ck tl Will do alterations. Turn collar*, citils. Mending etc. Kern Carey, 302 Poplar £t. |i jik 18 1-AWNMOWERS SliARPENKD The factory way \Vestljrook's Mnchinc Shop RKXAIH Bale* & xerrlcea Why not l>uy the very beil. Kree demonstration I'h 4835 5.3 pk 6-3 Hare those slipcovers made nov ^'or free estlmftt* cal] Mrs Hooper. Ph 371V 5.3 p* it) KOI PacknKe Uf lit try cull HLYTMB- VII.LB COMMISSION HOUSE ph «4* 4|11 ck tl PLASTERING BOB MALONE Call 2771 Blytheville 4-1-1 pk 5-M WK MAKE OLD KURN1- TUKE NEW RE-BUILU STOVES, CAR RADIATORS. GIVE US A TRY. iMAC'S PLACE HIGHWAY 18 W1CS1 PHONE 3975. 4-18 ck 5-18 RUHS cleaned In your home. New Cfin'ptnptu. No mesa. aaUsfaclLoii Clu- aratileecl. Call Deals 61^0 The House ol Charm S. Cl Across From nuzurbiiek 5:10 ck tr Floors rennlshed. Quality worXnmd- shlp. counc-oua prompt service. Heii- sonable prices. Authorized rienlers of Keiullc doors. Bonnie Makl. Versullle Free fsllmiues. Deal's House or Chnriii. S, }IKvay 6] Phone 6190 5:10 ck tf CJustoin picture rramUnf- We offer quality — .<e,Tsrmat)Ly preierl — llrmil tinted Mats. Diplomas framtxl nt special rates. The KoUGe o; Chnrrn S. Htwa? 61 -Ph. 6150. 5 10 ck tl For Sole, Misc. Jug flslilny cans. Ready to KO 20c each. Tom's Service station. Ph. 3919 5;o iik SilG 1 1949 Massey Harris VI. New tractor guarantee. 1 1SM9 Case VAC. New tractor guarantee. 2 19<16 Massey Hai-ris 6 cylinder 101 Supers. Guaranteed. 2 Massey llama 101 Jrs. Guaranteed. 1 A His Chalmers W. C. Priced to Sell. 61 Implement Co. N. Highway 61—Ph. 2142 4-1 ck tf Girl's used hike, IV. Good condition Cheap. Cult 2410. "5J11 pk 11 Simmon Htudto Conch, rojln'wny hf<t, und 5-burner New Perfection oil stove. 2120 Kenwood Drive. 5]1 tin Want to buy a farm? We have it. Karm 40 acres up to large plantation in Northeast Ark. and Southeast Mo. See us for a farm loan CATES-WIGGS C0= REALTORS 115 So. 3rd St. Blytheville, Ark. U«on« W Wl;rgp. 01 W C Cmt*» Pu 1751 1U.2A ct tt FOR SALE Soybean Seed iloQ tests E0% R. D. HUGHES GIN CO. Phone 3141 or 4-100 5-3 CX 17 Trailer house, good condition HAR GAIN 201 Holland 4;29 pk 5!12 NOW YOU CAN ORDER YOUR New CHRYSLER New PLYMOUTH THE STRIKE IS OVER! H's hccn a long 3 months that the Chrysler Corporation has heen on strike. . .and we know you people have nol enjoyed wailing for your car to come. Uul they'll soon he iierc, so we invite yovi to call and place your order. And to I hank you for waiting so patiently, we will see that you Get a Big Trade-in Allowance on Your Present Carl T.I. SEAY MOTOR CO. 121 East Main Phont 2122 WHERE THERE'S SMOKE THERE'S HIGHER, £OST! M5TON SlINC Induding cnaplet* MgiiM tm*» i Here's what yo« 9** ... • All piston rings replaced with new Genuine Ford Rings: • Carbon cleaned from cylinder heads. • New cylinder head gasket installed. • A complete engine tune-up: WE USE ONLY GENUINE CORD PARTS Y 5 J7 A*i No [ ' ;Nln ' l " lllor To . I TfJ.^J install Rod Hearings DEPENDABLE FORD SERVICE ; GooJ os the Best—Better Than the Beit" empanq Egfr * x ** 5th at Walnut Phone 4453 iTATli CERTIFIED Ol'L 78 COTTON SEED BURUE'lTE PLANTATION PHONE 782 2-13 ck tf Fryers 207 W. Roosevelt St. Will icCellan. 5.8 pk 5;i^ Tnmalo plmis lor sale 2001 W Mnln I t.'tb pk 5|25 One Wliccl Ctalr, SM: SIM 38 Tl]»:!o, (10. Cull Mrs. p. W. Tnrrentlne J5 or GS9 Osceolft. 5;9 pk 5[I3 Clntlers for drive ways. Nn mills, h. COn. 5 B pk 5.22 Small Cnblc Ncl.son nittiu In first loss condition GviarRiUeed Call 2071 US 205*3 4-21 ck 5:24 Anhydrous ArmnonlR Cnstoin work yrs, experience John Brlylit. ph SCO 5;2 pk 6;2 2 fuc al.s. slv State Registered (Purple Tag) Breeders, Fuundatiu: stock. Hale Dcltapine No. 78 Cottonseed Cercsan treated 90 percent germination. Plan the host by Test. HALE "SEED FARMS I3UKUETTE, ARK. PI1. 7D2 4-18 ck t Florence ot] heater, nearly new lor half yrlte. Ph. 4HO. 5]1U pk. 1 \Ve have ready for immediate delivery International M- 57 four row planters 11-448 four row cultivators. Rotary hoes and rotary weeders. Farmers Tractor & Truck Co. Manila, Ark. I'll. 91 5-11 ck 18 Speclnl Prices nn Building M;ilerln] IR7 II). llexaiioti .slilnjileti. 44.50 Kq. II lu sq. Initt sliltnrles. 5S.75 .sq any more lo'y isrlce.^ oil building lalerlals. At NOAH LUMHEIl CO. 10 S. Second St. Ph 6712 or 6S74. s;io iik e;io Small HjirlKht. plrtoo. Plume 3fi51. 5JIO pk 524 KIRSCH DKAPEHV ^nd curtain land'ACiven. A i s [i Klr^rh Vencliim ILiids Cnsldm ninilf and elandard ires. Traverse rtitls. Kor Laiinedlate cllvery. call Deals •rile House ol Charm S. 61 Ph. 6190 5-10 cfc tr Late Model \VCAC tractor |with cultivator, new battery, distributor, ignition, new model stecrinj,', new model power lift. ?7!>5.00. Excellent tires. Farmers Tractor & Truck Co. Manila, Ark. Ph. 91 o-ll ck 18 for Sole, Real Estate BABY CHICKS CUSTOM HATCHING DLAYLOCK HATCMKRY NOHTH 61 PHONE 3172 12 ck tf FAKMKRS NOTfCE 1 1 x 38 roar tractor tires <16.<>5. All tax indiulcil. 'armors Tractor & Truck Co. Manila, Ark. Ph. !11 5-11 ck 18 Will sell equity In my home- Also some rtirnllure. Reflsoimble, I'h, 6078 :>.[0 ;i:--. 5 in Uirge lot on Highway 61 North inside ity limits Suitable for residence rn ommeicliO purpnsc-s Write P O Box a71. UlyLhcvlllc 56 pk 6:6 One live-room WHIRS low dwelling, (rout and hack yorcli. In cTccllcnt condition with room for h.uh: no fixtures, on one acre [ami on firfivrl In Ihe town of GosneH An excellent buy for n home and chicken ranch Will C. I. price 33.500. One five-roo in dwelling on East j Vino wttli bath for thn PKlremely iovv prlr« of F3.500- AV. M P.UKNS, KKALTOR PHONK 3361 CHECK YOUR SPEEDOMETER! i)ocs Your Car Have 12,000 Miles? Then You Need This Cnmplpfp brake inspection iiH-liidiiiL' repacking of (he \\hcfl hearings. . . Hinkcs rrlined, rcjjanl- Icss iif Hie make or model of your car $1.00 $1495 THIS WEEK ONLY Noble Gill Pontiac, Inc. 126 So. Uiiv I'hon* 4371 •M. W. "nill" Spencer, Mgr. Looking For A USED TRACTOR! CHSCK THESE REAL BUYS: 1 Allis-Chiilmers "YVC", motor overhauled, good tires, has cultivator and plow i [••arniall "A" In excellent condition, has plow, blister, disc, planter, & cultivator. .. 1 John Deere "H", it looks and runs lik« new, has cultivator and buster I Case "VAC" equipped wilh planter, eul- livalor and mower, a big value at Several good Ford-Ferguson Tractors that are reconditioned and guaranteed $745 $500 $625 $450 $650 FALL TERMS CAN BE ARRANGED Russell Phillips Tractor Co. South Highway 61 Blythevill* HOMES 2 and 3 Bedroom Quality Homes At Economy Prices KENWOOD DRIVE 100% F. H. A. AND G. I. FINANCED - Holly Development Corporation Phone 4445 4-27 ck tf Business lot 01. mway 81 North, across from Crunp Moultrle. 50 by 150 It deep. Price 52.000. (4 down will Handle. Ph. 2957. 53 ck If ON EAST DAVIS. 100 BLOCK. A 1 B E D H O O M. NICELY ARRANGED HOME. 2 FLOOR FURNACES. PAVING A: SEWER RATKS PAID OUT PRICED TO SEI.l. QUICK. CAN S.I Olt P H A CHOICE VACANT LOT 111) X ICO FT ON Gl NORTH, CLOSE IN. PRICE KKASONABLE. 2 OTHER GOOD LOTS NORTHSIDE CAN Ci, 1. OR P.HA. NEW HOMES TO BUI' OR SELL a. I. ,t FHA. PHONE FIELD 239A.. S'lo p k 17 FOR SALE 7-rooni brick home in one of Ihe besl locations in Blytlie- villc. Bath & \/.,. 3 large bedrooms with extra large closets each. Large living room with gas heated fireplace. Gas floor furnace, day & night control. This house has 21-10 Sq. Ft. of floor space, and is in extra good condition. Garage, servants house and out door storage. Good shade, lots of flowers on 1/2 acre lot. Good terms or will take in smaller house or small farm close to Blytheville on trade. See or Call JOHNNY MARR Phone 4111 Res. I'h. 2506 5-10 ck tf Insurance Call 3545 For Complete Insurance Protection W. J. Pollard Agency Planned Protection 124 W Asb t>1 OUNCOI HOTIL BU110J1NO 4!*-ck-lt FARMERS INSURANCE GROUP Sa*e With Safttj Without Sicrificinf Protection W. I,. WALKER— Phone Zllj RAYMOND /ACHRY Photir Z366 ZOO luao Buildint, phone HBO For Sale, Cars and Trucks JIGHEST PRICES PAID BURNETT AUTO SALES 503 I UslD Phon. 20TI Jni7 Mcrciirr vlll Inulc or Bell Good •ontlltlon. Ph, 3iff7. 5.9 pX 5|12 CALL OR SEB CARL PAUL Hew Pontlivcx New Pickup* NOBLE GILL PONTIAC, Inc. Phone «330 or 1371 3|4 ck m Used Cars—All makes and models. From ?50 to 51595. 61 MOTOR CO. Hwy, Gl Norlli—Ph, 2142 2-4 ck tl ID*5 Oroslcy Station WRROH. Good trniiRportaUon Sa50 I ml'lp N. Air Base Road. Mattlx Oro. 5'iQ pic 5'13 Wonted to Rent War*house or gnraRc wilh good floor. SLr« 18X24 or IftTRpr. Clicnp rent. tre« or rals Ph. 2D62 between 5 ^ $ p.m. 5,9 pk 5|I2 GROCERY STORE ]{igrhway 61 South AL Dogwood Buy Atock, rent bulldln? with Hrln qunrlers anc fixtures Rent very r*» FAKDKKCY'S GROCERY rh «w 3,5 pk 13 Lost tyost from Iniclc. bctw«en Cecil fx>we'j aro. k ChntHfs Elrarlc. one powpr mowpr wHh oul motor Plc notify Willie Bcasity. Ph. 2377 ... «,« P* for Rent 3-room house with hdth Apply alter P.m. 924 Ullj- St. 5;lo ,,t S|ia New 4-room house. Ph. 2995 I-UK KENT rtoMo naa »jJoc*'n Hlgbway t] Phouu 31 Stora and fixtures for rent Phone " 28 - S;2 pit 5J15 House for rent or sale a N Need- num. 325 N stu St. 5.3 pk n Bcdromn. convenlcat to hath 511 West. Main, ph 3325 4 7< n v vu Cotnfortabl* bedroom ph 2G75 *|13 pi 5)13 Coraforlaon bedroom, conyenlent lo town Men only 310 w Walnut 4113 p* 51J3 Vincennes was the early capital or Indiana Territory. 2-fur roo ur 48.00 wk. with balh. nlllltle.i I-. 1255. s;g p )t Wanted to Rent or A room unfurnished house Phone 3563. 515 pk 5 | 15 Notice no longer responsible for *ny dehls other than my own. Cecil Con- nel1 - 58 pk 5JI2 for service Registered blonde coclet male Stockdale peill^rce or cba[nplOD> fbone S719 Don Wllhelm LIVE STOCK MEN ATTENTION FARMERS Dead, fallen and cripple< animals picked up fre« < charge in sterilized trucks. Call collect, 6142 Blyth ville, Ark. ARKANSAS DEAD AN [MAI DISPOSAL CO. 11121 ck UlllX Loans THURSDAY, MAT 11, 1950 RECONDITIONED MONEY-MAKERS t Th«i« Trucks Checked from Bumper to Bumper 1919 Chevrolet >/ 2 -Ton Pickup Truck, driven only 12,000 miles. It'« a steal at.. .$1045. 19-18 Chevrolet 1/2-Ton Pickup Truck, hot water 'hdjfc' er, low mileage,..only |S45. 1939 Ford '/j-Ton Pickup, a good one...$395. 1917 Studebaker ^-Ton Delivery Truck, txtra clean ...$695. 1917 International ^-Ton Pickup ruck...$695. 19(7 Studebaker long wheelbast Cab & ChassU, 1- speed axle, 750-825x20...$695. 19(6 Ford long wheetbas* truck, 12-foot body...ta perfect condition. ..$ .695. 1910 Chevrolet long wheelbas* truck with 12 foot grain body.. .today'* price.. .$395. MANY OTHERS TO CHOOSE FROM EASY GMAC PAYMENT PLAN Remember, You Can Alwayi Get A Good Deal at SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET COMPANY West WalnKt 878 Private Rooms cfl fur. bedroom. Prlrate entrance hone 6306, ' »[!<> p^ S|13 i^e hftdroom adjoining: bath. New Gentleman preferred. Ph 2480 515 pk 19 Bedroom adjoining bath Men only 13 W. Walnut, Ph. 2496. 4129 pit 5[2S 2 bedrooms rot rent Private an- rance Ph 2818 4|35 pk SI2J Houso with F.H.A or O.I 111 pay equity Ph. 4326 Room with kitchen privileges, for onp]e or single lady. Mrs, J D Mc- K>w«H. ph. 2331. 5[u pfc 14 Wanted to Buy CHICKENS BLAYLOCK'S North H\vy 61 I'h 3172 1J ck « st pnc<™ pam rur CHICKENS— AER Street Urncery at Ukrkc» Highest Prices Paid for HENS & FRYERS Nabers Gro. & Mkt. Pnone 301 STAMP COLLECTIONS 0. B. or Foreign, old 0. S Envelopes Coctederale or Civil War Envelopes'. Duck Stamps. Good prices paid. Call or write: T. L. Scott. c> Telephone Co.. "tt 531. BljthcTllle, Ark 5:5 ch »'8 P*OTfCT roUR RIGHT TC' DRIVE . . . fOOR MRNIN61. ...HOME...MNK ACCOUHl (••in wM P«ni*n SAVE MONEY W.L. Walker, District Agent 200 Isaacs Bldg. Bus. Phone 34SO Real Estate Farms — Cily Property LOANS It tatcrtfttea ID or acng «e* Noble Gill Agency REALTORS Cecil E»rls — Glencoe Bldg. Ph 6868 «X> ek u Instructioni PIANO LESSONS For as low as 50c FOWLSTON SCHOOL OT MliSlO Ffiou. »W til* t* »,ia Peach Crop Down WASHINGTON, May II. (,r>— The department ol Agriculture us predicted that Arkansas will have « 1950 peach harvest ol 1,800,000 bushels. Last year's harvest was 3,412,000 bushels. What Kind of Truck Do You Need! 'WHETHER ITS A 10-TON DIESEL OR A '/,-TON ^ PICKUP, HORNER-WILSON CAN SUPPLY YOU SEE 1 US TOR NEW CMC TRUCKS OR USED TRUCKS ' IN EVERY SIZE AND MODEL. WE'VE GOT WHAT YOU NEED. Used Trucks Now on Our Lot I9J7 KB6 International Tractor wilh KB7 motor 2- sptcd axle, 900x20 tires, clean. ' 1917 KH7 International Tractor with 2-speed axt«, 825x20 (ires all around. 1918 Chevrolet 2-Ton SWB, 825x20 tires, 2-sp*ed heater. 19IS Dodge P/ 2 -Ton LWB, new low price. 1919 Chevrolet '/ 2 -Ton Pickup, deluxe cab, heater, only 8,000 miles, exceptionally clean. 1949 CMC '/2-Ton Pickup, radio, healer, licensed... just like new: 1918 CMC '/i-Ton Panel at t real bargain, And Many, Many More! Factory Guaranteed New GMC Truck* foiy GMAC Payment Plan HORNER-WILSON MOTOR CO OLDSMOBILE-CMC TRUCKS SOS E««l M«ir Ph(mt

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