The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 13, 1940 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 13, 1940
Page 5
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WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 13,. 1940 ELYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS ILL WILE Director Banished From Own Set-For A Very Good Heaspn Hellenic 'ladies*' Most Ib- ladylike Toward Invad- ; ers From Italy By MILTON BRONNER i NBA Service Staff Qorrespoadeut • Just as the Scotch regiments, ot ; .he British army—called "The La- |-;iies Prom Hell" by. the Germans 4n the last World War—became favorites, so these, days 1 the''gallant Evzones of the Greek army, bat- filing Mussolini's hordes- in the mountains between Greece and Al- | cania, are fascinating, the, Ameri-j :an imagination.. ! It is not. only their preliminary ' successes against: great odds that J poum, but also the-way they look. JFheir costume • t^ .if. anything,, more bictuiesque,than that of the kilted 'Santa Clans College' Boys Their Animal Lessons BUFFALO, N, Y. CUP)—A. night school to train raw recruits into a corp of Santa Clauses opened here. He lists as essential requirements •of. the trade a. liking Tor youngsters, an active mind, knowledge of how children's minds work and If successful, the year soon may j physical fitness, arrive when every jovial, red- i' '."The last," Howard says, "is especially important. This is n •hard racket while -it lasts." Prize Fashioner garbed street corner bell-ringer's whiskers mask a Bachelor of Santa Clans Psychology. The school has a one-man faculty, Charles W. Howard, of Albion, N. Y. Heavy-set. round- cheeked and in his 4&V.,"Professor" Howard has been teaching the art of impersonating- Saint Nick since 1935. He achieved some fame in 1938 when he organized a school' -WASHINGTON," Kov. 8.—John Q j for professionals at Santa Glaus, Citizen, drafted into the army and ind. i assigned to the infantry, coon In the past, most of Howard's,> learns this branch of the service is pupils have been sent by depar.t- 'far. different from, what it was when ment stores, ' which paid $150 tuition fees so their Santa Glaus might handle with utmost diplo- Rookie WiH Be Tii uglu How To Use Army Weapons 1 , "'-• • ./' j. macy the complex situations that arise during Christmas sale inter-' his father served in if in the World War. Army officials have drown various lessons ti'om the World. War arid the conflict now raging in Eu- tana Turner . . .all the men were carefully led oulsJde while she got into her soapbubble bath. By HARBISON views. Santa Glaus college, grad- Tope. As a result, the fire power uates, for: example, ' know . the i O f( a. modern American Infantry answer to the question, "Can you.. regiment, when, completely armed, please bring me an elephant, for:.will be far more formidable than Christmas—a/ live one?"- It should was dreamed.of. In 1917-18. be. the. professor teaches, "Now. I Th additioir to certain Ujchnlca 1 my boy, I just don't see, how- X 'companies, each infantry regiment could possibly get that' elephant, in: W HL consist of nine companies of your stocking—or even in your riflemen, three handling heavier house." , , .-; weapons, and one handling anti- This year, Howard, is volunteer-':tank guns. - ing his services to make better- Drnflees will soon -Jtarn that rifle Santa Clauses of men who. lack companies handle far more than financial .backing. The school Is • the name implies. In each company sponsored by the Buffalo Goodwill 'three platoons .will train, with light Industries', Inc., a charitable or- machine guns,' light: mortars and IOWA crnr, ia.. Brown, 29,. Dall»v It, operations in .the put hronic osteomyelitis;--^ which causes abscwses -oat- -the bones, has brought him back-loathe university hospital,, here, at, Jeait twice a year since. 1926. " - * v Read Courier \tews Beware Coughs ' AMA^BBI Af^^B^^gm^^pm A^^KflYfl^i ••••H (•••••••••••••• faBBBBB^BV ' • W WW W^F»**J>^^^PWi WWA^F That Hang On Creomulslon relieves promptly because it goes right to theaew c&the trouble to help, loosen «nd/ expel germ laden phlegm, and aid nature to soothe and heal raw; tender,,in r flnmed bronchial mucous* membranes. Tell your druggist to sellyou a bottle of Creomulslon with the understanding you must Bkeithe^way it quickly allays the cough, or you are to have your money back., i "-'•• CREOMULSION for Coughs, Chest Colds. Bronchitis ganization. nmomiUic. rifles. An Evzone> bugler wearing: regular dress of the Greek "Ladies From Hell." HOLLYWOOD, Nov. 13.— All over the lot: Your correspondent was chased off a sound, stage today,' and L had plenty of company. Director Robert Leonard, his assistants/ the camera, crew, electricians, prop men and grips all had. to. evacuate the set. The inside watchman protested. ) he. wasn't supposed, to leave his post under any circumstances, but i they took, him along. . When.' every male creature was safely and definitely -outside, Miss j.Lana Turner took off a negligee and stepped into a bathtub. Ordi-. aai'ily the . move could have . been accomplished modestly with a creen or two and some protective fluttermgs by maids holding-' sheets. But there was too much; sound, and lighting equipment around, this bathtub to get screens anywhere near it. So we left while; a . maid and a makeup woman and a lady aairdresser got Miss Turner nicel> iixed under a. layer of soapbubbles The picture is "Ziegfeld Girl 1 nd Miss Turner is one of. three 'allies/ _ performers whose stories j-e told in film. .Hedy Lama'rr is a showgirl; Judy Garland a young inger whom Ziegfeld brings. t\ prominence; and'Lana is the Stair way Girl who poses at. the top o the brilliant production- numbers The bathtub sequence took; plac n the Stairway Girl's-' apartment and judging by. its DeMillish. ' ele ;ance and the .dialog, she miis have been doing very; well for herself. Miss. .Garland was there ress.- in town right now;., and the chores she's performing leave no doubt about Metro's; estimation of her: Not yet able to - begin her ; role in "Ziegfeld. Girl," she is 'working with Jimmy Stewart in "Come Live With Me." >:.'•-•'.' •':• In-the picture with Stewart : .she's an alien who in a'businesslike-way; acquires citizenship, by .marrying: a tarving writer and paying : his expenses while he whips.- up, a novel oo. he writes and sells, it. and when j are much more desirable." 1.. was on the set.she vvas : demand-. ^^ ing a divorce. But the novelist • was | insisting, that first th'ey'd have tc make a little trip—not to Atlantic City, but out to his dear old grandmother's place. - : "It's., perfectly all right for twc complete strangers to get married." he was arguing, "but they /ought to know each other before they get a divorce." Septs, for the- Greek battlers, wear a." peculiar singing;skirt called by them "foustanella." • Not only: that but in ordinary, times they affect a .peculiar shoe with upturned toes said--footgear of tea"'being- dyed, in gay colors.. The,outfit-, makes them look' more- like b'allet dancers than Howard's course - of instruction j But even riflemen will have to includes-lessons ; on makeup,' chiid, ioarn something about the other psychology, how- to greet children'•;. weapons so that in wartime they toy construction and the stage j ccnuu replace men killed or in- settings for a department store Santa. Students also are . required to study the history of the St. Nicholas legend' and nursery rhymes about Yuletide. "A big•;.. stomach;' Howard says; "is not. a necessary qualification •for a Santa.. Padding will : fix '.hat, and children don't -look at stomachs anyhow: Twinkling eyes jjured and .so carry on with the heavier weapons. •' The three companies in each .Jregiiiient, training with heavier weapons, will learn to "handle 81 ^mm, mortars, .30 caliber machine 'guns and .50 caliber anti-tajik ma- 'chine guns. There will also be- one company handling 37 mm. antitank guns. The draftees, .during their 13 In a; recent New York competition to encourage American designing talent, 18-yenr-old Miss Mary Urquhart. center, won first prize v?KM her entries, left ami-right. A student at the Fashion ACUCI- emy. Miss Urquhart calls the two-piece swim suit of candy-stnpea pique, "peppermint sticks" and the playsuit for tennis, right, "Forrest Hills." Complete Dairy: Business including- Pas- teurizer, Bottling' and sell dairy cows, a n*d separately. Craig's Dairy Phone 74 weeks: of. preliminary training will know only their platoon, and company.. Later will with battalion, regiment, brigade, division and army corps. By the end of: Lhelr year, drnl'tecs expected to. be infantrymen who know their jobs. Dr. Salibtfs Clinic EYE, EAR, NOSE «nd THROAT} 128 E. Kentucky AVR.. .Corner Franklin & Kentucky GLASSES FITTED .1. A. SiUilm, M.U., M.E., ph.G. Office Phone 418, Res. 410 pleading very, earnestly;, about something: and concluding-, that "tr make good in this business you've got to keep your head."'' And the other girl -said airily: "My head, is the one. thing that- I have kept, aaVd. it's got- me just BUSINESS AND PLEASURE '•i ^Bl^ck. M-G-M's staff censor ^aos&'task is anticipating the ais- 'r—--tat^ ui .cue nays Office, was called out to Stage 18 to consider the /sheerhess r lowness and other reveaiing qualities of a slip in which: Maureen O'Sullivan •- was tc be photographed. When he got! there she was wearing''a/dress over the slip, so Block said, "Well, peel off- the.dress and I'll have a look-" She peeled and he looked. "You get:paid for this, don't you?" asked the. actress. Block said yes and kept, on looking. Presently she said "\Vell, ; what do you think?" • He. said, "I think I'll refund a day's'-pay to the studio." Heat and Cook The Easy Way — The Florence Way F T Y^YRP LJ W11 £• IM LOW FIRST COST- LOW OPERASING COST -LASTING SATISFACTION A bittterfly is said to be at even-times. born where I. want to be." bullet' handlers. Just, as at one time most highland. Scots -wore the kilt as part of their everyday garb, so. up. to about 100 years ago, most Greek highlahders wore the. "foustanella/ Tod ay; most of them wear ordinarj pants.and coat just- as do the Scots The" name-:'Evzones" is said to conie from'., "Eu"; : meaning ^"well" anc "Zone" meaKing "belted." In other words, the.vEvzdnes are well-belted This; because they wear a tight bcl around • their waist which,- witl the skirt, makes them' look rathe: slim at the body's equator. LED REVOLT AGAINST TURKS •• After the glory that once - wa Greece, the nation fell upon cv times under various conquerors un til they became the vassals.of Turkey, in ,1821 -the Greeks, in the southern tip of-the land rose in rebellion. ; .Many of \ the volunteers were mountaineers. As a matter of course they wore their skirts They took, part;in, all the troubles, of Greece clear down to the time when peace finally came, in 1863 with ; the choi-ce of a-Danish-princt us George the First, King of the Hellenes.; It was then, that regiments of Evzones became t part o' the 1 ' regular conscripted' Greek army. The Evzoncs also became the principal, guards of the. royal palace and person. Tn ordinary times, there arc about. 10>000-of them. In war their regiments • are- :i? greatly expanded They : are .largely recruited from tlie " tall.' men of the 'mountains vrho are great climbers and walkers and dead shots. "-Thrsy are mostly farmers cultivating small patches and shepherds. ,' 1 ' KNOW TKElil MOUNTAINS Their; uniform, in "addition: to. the white skirt- and 1 queer shoes, is a short jacket.. , In 'wintertime : some of-them a blue'instead, of a white skirt. In- the present conflict the Evzones are said to have, camouflaged,-their skirts-'by rubbing them', in the mud. . '.;• Their big advantage is thorough knowledge of-' the • frontier mountains.. ,'A11- their -lives they havu-i been familiar with every pass and path and every cave and hiding place,, .... ....._- FRIENDS AT PARTING Hedy Lamarr is the busiest act- MINOR SKIN IRRITATIONS MOROLINE ,a •T| WHITE PETROLEUM JELLY \ W BEFORE BUY YOUR 1941 CAR the briUiant Hudson owners Knovr leakage due . lect),. Ju5t push same- foot:pcd4 of Hudson's m chrtch Seethe FLORENCE OIL STOVES Before YQU Buy! CONSOLE OIL RANGE Here is a practical open froniy range at an extra low price. It has five burners, three beneath the cooking top and two under the oven. Roomy cooking top. Accurate oven thermometer. - Florence Table Top Oil Knnge One giant and: two, standard wickless; burners. One standard burner at each end of cooking top, the extra-powerful . giant burner beneath the oven; Fully insulated oven. Porcelained ovea linings. A beautiful, lo unit. •113 W. Main Phone 30-i Blythev-iUc FLORFJOE DRIVEN AIR OIL HEATER The huilt-jn d?:ctric rotor unit oT this super powerful healer maintains a constant and thorough "driven" circulation of warmed an;l humidified air. It draws wirmc«l air away from the hot inner chamber, nnd 1 sprays it in an abundant gentle (low throughout the hcmc. '..--•. F L O R E N C E Radiant Oil Heat $1)195 I In (his type of heater the body forms a sealed com- luislion chamber. Of circular design this model is distinctly designed for utility. The body is of drawn steel wilh welded lop. The draft is operated by a.R automatic control. - This ha ndsoaie white - porcelain model has red.'•"chromium-trimmed handles. Three surface 1 , burners. , two oven burners. Its extra big oven provides space to cook a whole meal at one 11 nvc. Smooth paneled front, .fold,back top''cover. Large utensil storage space. Table Top Oil Han#e

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