The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 12, 1950 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 12, 1950
Page 3
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TUESDAY,.DECEMBER 12, 19S« Business Leaders Develop Worried Minds Over Outlook for Next Year JLB, (ARK,) COURIER N! l»,v BAM DAWSON ' «• NEW YORK, Dec. 12. l/>'|_The time for the free-wheeling prediction Is upon us. These are the days *'lwn the industrial leader or busi- .ness executive ponders publicly -J»nat lie^ ahead next year. ~ He Issues a statement. It, is intended to be reassuring to the stockholders. But frequently it also views with alarm what, Is going on in Washington, U usually promises thai the company will do all lit ils iwwcr. to hold down costs, to raise prices only as a last resort, and to stand four square behind the American way. If at all possible, the typical year-end statement, predicts business will be big- eer and better—wilh plenty of expert hedging thrown in. This year, however, there are signs of a poor season fnr predictions. Some companies are reliably reported planning to leave the crystal ball in (he back of the drawer, and admit they just don't know what's in store for them— or for you. The . once-a-year sucsscrs -are plagued by several things. For one, rarely before has It been so difficult for them to control what lies ahead, either for their company or lor business in general. The shots are being called elsewhere. For another, there arc conflicts -.that can't be reconciled easily. The fcjhatural tendency for business in ^ihe next few months would be to soar. This tendency is going to be curbed by government controls— and few can pretend to guess accurately now how this is going to work, Humor .-Mill Grinds And for still another, this month finds the rumor mill working overtime. It's a rare day (hat some rumor doesn't run through Wall Street. "Full mobilization within 43 hours" is a favorite one. "'Wage' and price controls ordered within two days" is another. By the time the deadline expires another rumor with a new zero-hour is being given a play. If.the current crop of year-end statements ! s bclighted by'(he uncertainty and the rumors which mark this month, the loss to the counry may be sustained with some show of courage. 'But the uncertainly and the rumors are no Joke to the businessman. He literally can't Icll which way I-c- jump. And he has to guess and guess well, .if his business is to prosper, and not go under. Merchants. Worry Some merchants who did a little too much -scare-buying of their own last summer are worried now. They ordered stock widely and in volume. Some of them are wondering if^theyjcan move this stock off (heir shelves before it is obsolete. Pre-Christmas sales In some stores reflect this worry over heavy inventories. :. • . • , ,. : .-... , j£ Some o manufaci.ur.ersXire. .yonder^ •ing if they can^keefr .production' high in face ot raw material cutbacks . for civilian use, ordered by the government before the letting of defense orders'which would take up the slack. Many metal-working companies are predicting that next month will see machlnes""idlc and workers laid off because of this. Others expect to be 'told what defense work they are to do and what civilian goods production they must drop. But they don't know when the order will come.'or how soon thev must start retooling. «-^™ R f U NIOK-The Duke and Duchess of Windsor exchange NVw v"^ »* "V rcu " lon aboard th * SS Queen Elizabeth in New \ork after his return from Europe. The roval courfe laughed off rumors that their marriage, for which the 'Duke gave up the throne of England, had become shaky. Russia Calls 258th Meeting on Question Of Austrian Freedom . LONDON, Dec. 12. (AP)—Ruwla has called a meetine of: the Big Four deputy foreign minister next Friday to resume consideration of an Austrian independence paol. It will be their 238th meeting in the fruitless negotiation*, which have continued since 1946. Oeorei N. Zarubin. the Sorict representative, called lor the meet- ine as the group's next chairman The last session was heW Sept. 7 when no progress was made on the ^ five relatively minor clauses whicl block final agreement. Woman Is Dead For Second Time NEW ORLEANS, Dec". 12. (AP) — A New Orleans woman died a second time yesterday. Mrs. Lloyd C. Borgstede, 35, had been revived lasl week when she was pronounced clinically dead'aft- er her heart stopped beating dur- Ine a nerve injection. At that time a surxcon, who would not allow use o( his name, performed an emergency operation, massaged Mrs. Borgstede's heart and revived her heartbeat. Kcr death yesterday wa-v attributed to brain damage suffered during the stoppage of h'eart action last week. Traffic Violators Fined Dale Hogan was fined S40 and ? os .! 1 Vfl . MwlpiP" 1 -^ Court yesterday onts t charge^rbi »drlvjng '(. «-n'ile. -mi- dor the influence of liquor:, : 'In other action Jesse Allen WHS fined $20 and costs on a charge of operating a motor vehicle with improper license. . • • .-. -- \— : '• : : ' The estimated daily population of Rockefeller Center in New York City is 160,000. One Souvenir Not fnough, So Man Takes Them AH And Owner's Car to Boot GASTON1A, N.C.. Dec. 12. W|— An automobile sales company held open bouse Saturday as It proudly unveiled a shiny new 1951 ['Chevrolet) sedan. Hundreds o[ visitors streamed in, , helping themselves to souvenirs of candy, perfume windshield wipers and other sifts. One man came back that night. He connected the wiring, of the new car. siphoned gasoline from several other vehicle: to (ill -its tank and loaded it up with (he remaining souvenirs. Then he drove away. With the Courts Chancery: Betty Jane Kendrich and Den son E. Kendrich. Jr.. suit foy dl MAN WITH PLAN-A'b del Rahman Azzam, secretary general of Ihe/ six-nation Arab League, above, tells reporters al Lake Success about the League's plan for a 30-day truce in Korea and a three-month truce in the "cold ivar" to lay groundwork lot a meeting between Picsidenl Truman and Marshal Stalin. Grandmother Keeps Busy; Feels Good; Takes Hadacdl HADACOL Supplied Yitaminj Bl,' 82, Niocin And l_ron Which, Her System Lacked Keeping with two small grandchildren as well a.s doing your housework can keep one woman mighty busy.'And Mrs. B. R. Battle, 807 Archer. .Houston. Texas, does just that. There was a time when Mrs. Battle rlldn't, (eel up lo all this, Ihoueh. She was bothered with stomach disturbances and vasue aches and pains. Then she heard the news abpul HADACOL and began taking it. Now .she .<ays she feels fine. Mrs. Battle was suffer- In? a deficiency of Vitamins Bl. B2, Niacin and Iron which HADACOL contains. Here Is her statement: ' "I had been troubled with Indigestion and aches and pains. I heard about HADACOL and began taking it. Alter the fifth bottle I began to feel better. I could eat better and rest belter and the pains and aches were less. T have now taken 12 bottles and can truthfully say that HADACOL has helped me a lot." Why HAIMC01, Gives Such Kine Results HApACOL does not bring Jusl symptomatic relief. HADACOL now makes it possible lo actually relieve the cause of vague aches and pains, certain ncr, ous disturbance,.!, and a gci:cral run-Hown weakened condition when they are due lo deficiencies of Vitamins Bl, H2. Niactn and Iron in your system. HADACOL not only supplies rie- ficrnt systems with extra quanti- ol Vitamins Bl, B2, Iron »nd j Niacin. but also helpful amounts of -important Calcium «t:d Phosphorus— elements so .vital to help maintain good health and physical fitness. • " Why Tht«i Vitamins anrl Minerals Camt In I.lduirf Form There's a very good reason why HADACOL comes in special liquid form. These precious Vitamins and Mineral,-, arc more easily and quickly absorbed into the Wood stream this waj— ready to go rlijht lo work. A bie improvement is often noticed within a few days. l>nn'i Be 'A -Donttinf Thomas' After reading Mrs. Battle's wonderful experience with KADA°°k— how can you doubt that this great new nutritional formula will help you if your system lacks vitamins Bl, B2, Iron and Niacin? What HADACOL did for Mrs Battle, It can do for you if you're troubled with vague aches and pains certain nervous disturbances insomnia when due to an upset stom- ash, stomach distress and « general run-down weakened condition when Ihey are due to deficiencies of Vitamins Bl. B2,.iron and Niacin. *o wliat. arc yon waiting for? Don I you see thai HADACOL is 'i\e kind of producl you necd-the Kind you should buy and the kind yon should • • • - alelyj Sold On A strict Money-Buck Gnaranler HADACOL even helps build up "" hemoglobin content ,of your cn Iron (s "ceded t to rough your body, carrying ' start taking immcrtl- o ourse !T dcrf great , health-building ele- - No won fcci won * fa ' r ta yourself! Oive.vour- f a break If you hav t such dc- u«er S Why C0 " lim ' n '" dr « uiself around-a burden to vonr- ml u ^ J ' ?Ur fa ""l>'-R'hen 'relief may- be as close at hand as voiir nearest drugstore If you sufler a dericlency of Vitamins Bl. B2, Nia- m,i .. ,? m8unl ' y *'•*•• I , , Iron - Thls Is Inexpensive, too- co .us ria - v - , family or hospi- lil - . ™'Kt- irtiimy or nospl- l«l SIM, M.50. If your druggist does not have HADACOL. order It ril- r«l from The LeBlanc Corpora, "on, Lafayette, Louisiana., "JriEhi 19M, IKi Uulanc Cot mitt' State Group May Consider Schools Today LITTLE ROCK, D*c. 13. M'J—The .rkansas Legislative Council ye.ster- day passed discussion on Ihc State Education Department's request [or WO.000,000 (o operate during the next two years. ' The departments budget probably will be discussed today. Education Commissioner A. n. Bonds appeared before the council last week to request approval of the appropriation. He said the noney Is necessary If the schools re to continue operations on their present high level. The council yesterday discussed ion-controversial budget requests. These included Negro Boys Industrial School and state claims commission. Herin Noiihcult, director of the council's research staff said he would submit Friday Ills proposed plan for redistrictiiiK the state's congressional districts. Arkansas stands to lose one of its seven congressional districts because of a drop in population during the past ten years. Tlw legislative council reccntlv instructed Noi'thcuH Ui prepare a plan. The council hopes lo submit - workable plan to Ihe 1951 Icgis- lature for approval. ?AGT5 TKRB1 BACK AT OLD JOB—Ste\c r.nly, ns,ht bns ictumed temporarily In his old post as press secretary al the White House, in the omer- pency caused by the sudden death of diaries Ross. Karly. seen briefing reporters on the Tinman-Alllcc talks, recently resigned Ins nuit as uiidcisciTclaiy ol riclcn.,> i, roiiiiii n. privnlc business. Me served Im many years as press semtliny and special assistant to tlie late President Franklin D. Hoosevell. Egg Prices Up In Pittsburgh , ore. ia. <f> Housewives hi piltsburcli area are paying fi and more for n • dozen CGB-' today. Choir* r Kf! , „„ the - market are moving at 60 centt a dozen. Retailers usually take on •flboul 22 more cents. Had weather and a move by HIP U. S. Army to buy up several thousand cases are blamed for the price jump. F ir«m«« VI$H Horn*, Find Smouldering Ham Burning from > baiting ham at the home of Don Haley, 301 East Kentucky, K3f the cauw of a fire alarm yesterday. No damage, resulted. Hint to Motnrlsti In lueparini? the car for irfnttf itnvlns. bp. sure to check the [pillion distributor, Including cap md breaker points, and distributor shaft bushing. "PETE" Residential Scrvic* Commercial Servie* Heating & PlumbJng All Installations THE PLUMBER Phone 2731 'ELEANOR' 17-JEWELS *45°° Fiery DIAMOND BRIDAL PAIR 3-DiAMOND ENGAGEMENT RING 10-DIAMOND FISHTAIL SET 52-PIECE SERVICE FOR 8 LADY'S 2-DIAMOND BIRTHSTpNE RING t T <J Qr ti.oo'w MAN'S 2-OIAMOND TIGER EYE CAMEO HOC Wt,Uy $12.95 REMINGTON CONTOUR DELUXE (I 00 Weflrly Choice ol 5 lovely ptitlerni. Chest included. Jl 30 WfccXLY I $23,50 RONSON POCKET LIGHTER $6.60 4-PIECE PERCOLATOR SET MUSICAL POWDER BOX 52-PIECE SERVICE FOR 8 Choice of 5 cxquiiite pal- terns. Chesl included. i , I1JOWHK11 BUY PAY NEXTiVEAR

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